Kobe Captures 5th NBA Title & Lakers 16th In Franchise History Vs. Celtics!

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Relive the 2010 NBA Finals as Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers capture the NBA championship!

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19 mag 2020




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Commenti 1 051
thelegendary1 2 anni fa
One of the greatest NBA Finals of all time
Buckanaga 6 mesi fa
@be my lady a
Just Nahayo
Just Nahayo 8 mesi fa
Nah it was Mid
Beastmode12 9 mesi fa
Hard nose defense from both teams
Bangey Boi
Bangey Boi Anno fa
@william galloway lebrons sht team was good enough to make the finals doesn’t matter
CJ Bariso
CJ Bariso 2 anni fa
Can't believe that we're on the verge of winning again after 10 years. We had to endure the dark era of the team and Kobe's passing. We do it for Kobe!
The Hadal Zone
The Hadal Zone 8 mesi fa
rumar spencer
We had to and we did.
whips8 2 anni fa
I remember going to the 2010 Lakers parade in downtown LA. It’s something I’ll always remember, everyone was getting along and united. Man those were great times. Rest peacefully Kobe.
whips8 2 anni fa
In about a month I will be posting a video of about 120 different Kobe murals in LA and LA county that I personally visited (with addresses). Subscribe if you want.
derr mann
derr mann 2 anni fa
it was always a different feeling going to LA after the lakers won. The city just had a aura about it. This year that feeling will come back. NBA is back people and the lakers have won the titles in the beginning of the decades. 2000 and 2010. We will win again in 2020
Faceless and Nameless
I went in 2010 as well! I was also at the parade in 2000.
LA is truly the happiest place on Earth when the Lakers win a championship. NO CAP AND RIP TO KOBE AND GIG AND THE OTHER BEAUTIFUL LIVES LOST IN THAT TRAGIC ACCIDENT 🙏🙏🙏
MVP 24
MVP 24 2 anni fa
I don't want to be second to Jordan. I just want to be Kobe Bryant. -- Kobe Bryant. Miss you …
jason moukala
@Rawdogger jo no
jason moukala
@Rawdogger jo yeah no
rumar spencer
@nick wagar Don't let anyone come between your opinion, you have a right, I agree Kobe edge over Jordan.
Rawdogger jo
Rawdogger jo Anno fa
@Bangey Boi Kobe never said that he couldn’t guard kd he just said that he wasn’t really Able to figure him out. Kobe would’ve had another 3 rings if he moved around like lebron did 💯🤷🏽‍♂️
Rawdogger jo
Rawdogger jo Anno fa
@Bangey Boi Kevin love was an all star do yo research 😂😭 search up yo factz first before talking.
Ares 2 anni fa
This is one of the best basketball series I ever watched. It had all aspects: beautiful offense, hard nosed defense, and crazy hustles from both teams! RIP Kobe & GiGi tho. Such a tragic ending for their stature.
Kenny Hill
Kenny Hill Anno fa
@kyrie1 lol im not even a Celtics fan..2002 vs Kings, Dallas Vs Heat in 2006, and this series...they wouldnt let Kobe lost twice to the Celtics
kyrie1 Anno fa
@Kenny Hill still mad lmao 12 years ago
Kenny Hill
Kenny Hill Anno fa
Series was rigged game 7 was the worse.
Charo Pacia
Charo Pacia 2 anni fa
Beautiful offense? No on avaraged 45% Fg pct inthe series
Trenton Pearson
Trenton Pearson 2 anni fa
Honestly, I know the 2013 and 2016 finals were phenomenal but this has been my favorite NBA finals series all time. The rivarly, the redemption and every game was close and hard fought except for game 6 and the final series of the greatest player of all time in Kobe Bean Bryant. RIP :/ to him his daughter and the victims involved. I wish I can go back in time and prevent January 26 from happening.
KJ 05
KJ 05 2 anni fa
“And the Lakers repeat back to back titles!!” Best words for me in basketball
Xenonmaster 666
@Davod Hashimi if it wasn’t for the 05 pistons amazing godly defense in game 6 and 7 Shaq would’ve def made one more final
C Pete
C Pete Anno fa
Emmanuel Bernardo
me too my first ever finals to be watch was 2008 and it was my childhood , but that sweet revenge in 2010 is the best ever nba finals for me so far
Brian Rose
Brian Rose Anno fa
Amen brother
FRUIT FACE 2 anni fa
It’s unfair that his life was cut short and I’m saying that as a Celtics fan Rip KOBE We don’t comment for likes we comment to tell how we feel We feel like like we should respect Kobe
SlyCooperRN Anno fa
If you guys really felt bad you would’ve let Kobe win in 2008. Trash organization.
carsisbest 2 anni fa
@ohhh yeahhh of course, it’s a permanent hole that will never be healed in the heart of Los Angeles.
shah lakshmi
shah lakshmi 2 anni fa
Shut up kJ I am not a lakers fan still I miss Kobe RIP
johnuel 2 anni fa
ohhh yeahhh I don't live in LA and I hyperventilated. And I was on a trip. LA fans and LA residents all felt that pain most than other fanbases.
paysonfox88 2 anni fa
It says a lot about the universal respect Kobe had even at that time. You hear Doc Rivers tell his team to stop everybody else except for Kobe. Even the coach of the Celtics knew that Kobe was unstoppable.
gboy7 warriors
gboy7 warriors 2 anni fa
This was the first finals i watched as a kid. My favourite kobe moment. R.I.P Kobe 🐐
Katherine Robbins
lebron will soon bring another ring for the lakers
ccae07 2 anni fa
Lmao I was in my junior year of college 😂😂😂
ccae07 2 anni fa
Ab Nice u feel old too Lmaoo
Jordan Boteler
Jordan Boteler 2 anni fa
gboy7 warriors me too I’m a Celtics fan this was the first finals I started watching basketball when I was 4 I was 4 in 2010 I started watching in the playoffs than the first full season in 2010-11 when shaq was a Celtic but I was mad I never got to witness a championship when I was 2 I didn’t watch but I heard I was happy
Brian Rose
Brian Rose Anno fa
This is still my favorite finals ever . I loved this Lakers team so much!
Betty Jean Stokes
Kobe was amazing. He played, like nobody business. What a team, what a player, Kobe, and the Lakers.
MrZahsome Anno fa
This series was legendary and everything came down to the very lost shot. Every game was insane. One of the best Finals series ALL TIME.
Moriessentials 2 anni fa
Kobe the goat! This finals is one of the best moments of my life! Go mamba! 💪🏿💪🏿
LaMont Melrose
11:52 - I've seen this look from Kobe often, but in the Finals and in the Playoffs, I've seen it 3 times. Here, Game 2 of the '04 Finals against Detroit, and Game 4 Finals against Orlando. The beat downs he performed from this look tell you what kind of champion he truly was. #RIPKB24
One Last Ride
One Last Ride 2 anni fa
Rest in peace Kobe Bryant. Legends live for ever. 😭
Marina Aliongco
Marina Aliongco 2 anni fa
Came back here after the Lakers won 2020 title..this is still and will always be my favorite championship 💛💜 #MambaForever #RIPKobe
Ben 2 anni fa
This was when I first discovered basketball. Kobe made me a fan of the NBA. Thanks kobe
Indraneel Karandikar
As good as the 2016 finals were this was clearly the best finals series of the last decade 🤘🏻
jason moukala
jason moukala 2 anni fa
What about 2013
Rei Joemar Lopez
Kobe is my forever GOAT. My childhood SUPERHERO. My INSPIRATION. RIP KOBE AND GIGI..FROM P H I L I P P I N E S 🌟🌟🌟🌞
ronie robledo
ronie robledo 2 anni fa
I miss you Kobe. Rest easy GOAT
Kyle george王家俊
KOBE and GiGi forever Lakers mentality and Legend never died, Rest in peace KOBE and GiGi❤💛💜🏀
Kyle george王家俊
@jason moukala mean is his is a good father
jason moukala
jason moukala 2 anni fa
@Kyle george王家俊 wait what
Kyle george王家俊
@jason moukala ,I think not enough ,He also a great father to protake family good husband
jason moukala
jason moukala 2 anni fa
@Kyle george王家俊 So that makes him more important?
Kyle george王家俊
@Christian R because KOBE is the legend on basketball and all World
Gerardo Berdin
Kobe one of the all time best player in the world, we will never forget you.
B Lovett
B Lovett 2 anni fa
This Finals, 2013, and 2016 were the best Finals of this decade and among the greatest ever! Such great competition 🏀🏆
christian vaye
christian vaye 4 giorni fa
​@ohhh yeahhhwrong. those finals were great too. Heat spurs in 2013 had some great basketball and 2016 had that epic 3-1 come back
jason moukala
jason moukala 3 mesi fa
@ohhh yeahhh those finals definitely didn’t suck and they were definitely physical
jason moukala
@ohhh yeahhh Um 2013 heat, 2013-2014 and 2019 raptors played hard defense
ohhh yeahhh
ohhh yeahhh Anno fa
@jason moukala huh? You must be high or drunk to say from 2012 and above teams actually played hard nose defense.
jason moukala
@ohhh yeahhh oh please 2013 had just as much physicality and defense as 2010 finals. It’s close af
Nemz 2 anni fa
That shot of Kobe in the end stretching his arms and all those confetti coming down wow what a moment, Man I miss you, Rip Brother...
Aaron Lopez
Aaron Lopez Mese fa
Here in 2023, still unbelievable how hard this championship was for Kobe and the Lakers to achieve against such a stacked Celtics team. #RIP24🙏#YouLiveOn!
Daniel Sandoval
Daniel Sandoval 2 anni fa
The Greatest Rivalry in the NBA Finals History between Los Angeles Lakers & Boston Celtics.🍿🏆⭐️
Rawdogger jo
Rawdogger jo Anno fa
It was crazy being a kid in la those years. Kobe got the last laugh at the end of the day coming back to beat a super team Celtics. 💯🔥
Betty Jean Stokes
Those were the best words, best game, between the Celtics, and the Lakers. I'm so happy for Kobe and the Lakers to have won this game and all the games they won. This is by far the best game ever, Kobe best player ever and Lakers, best team ever. I love this game, thanks NBA for allowing this game to be posted, thank you and please keep posting the games that Kobe played in with the Lakers. We're still quarantined and watching these games of the Lakers with Kobe just lift our spirits and help us to get through this by the grace of God we will the same as Kobe and the Lakers won their championship. We all love to see Kobe work his magic and win the game. We're dreaming right now but we wish he could be here, with his family/with all of us his fans, young fans, and old fans. Nobody can do it like Kobe, nobody can make it happen but Kobe. Love you man. Thanks, Queen Vanessa for being Kobe true love and his Queen forever, thank you. To his little Princesses, thank you for sharing your dad with all of us, thank you and thank you God for blessing Kobe and the Lakers to be the winner. God, we need this right now, and thank you Lord for answering our prayer. Thank you for being God and for being there with Kobe and the Lakers, also thank you for the Celtics.
It’s just so crazy that you could instantly feel the Kobe to LeBron shift after this finals, both have their own decade 🙌🏾
LeBron James-I abandoned my team
@igethighhighhigh Barely won 2 after I said not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7 and not 8...ROFL!!!
Regal Banks
Regal Banks 2 anni fa
@igethighhighhigh idk...imo teaming up with Bron n Wade had a lot to do with the shift in power as opposed to actual surpassing
Sir Banks20 a shift, they tried but failed the first year not knowing it’ll take lebron to have the ball as much as Mario (most likely more) but they worked as a team,won twice and was truly unstoppable
Regal Banks
Regal Banks 2 anni fa
shift? or Lebron went to Miami?
D L L 2 anni fa
I know of Magic, Kareem, and Shaq, but when I think of the Lakers I think of #KOBE #8
rumar spencer
@Rawdogger jo His memory will live forever.
Rawdogger jo
Rawdogger jo Anno fa
Factz ! Kobe is LA that’s why his death will be the most tragic to us. It was like losing a family member no cap, everyone shed a tear and cried forever MAMBA 💯
Ramon Jr Dolar Lazaga
Goosebumbs! This LA TEAM built to last. Kobe got his 5th ring and kudos to all LA players and organization. WITNESSING GREATNESS by Kobe Bryant.
Dayzconfused 2 anni fa
The possibility of these 2 teams facing each other again at finals this year is kinda high right now and that’s exciting af 😂
Dayzconfused 2 anni fa
Also the fact that Rondo is a Laker this time around
Jamie Murry
Jamie Murry 3 mesi fa
What a time man 😢 we miss you Kobe
ajp vcreations 🎥⚡
the best series in my opinion in the history of NBA. best rivalry, best finals.. always a great time to re-watch this series. kobe we miss you!
August25 2 anni fa
As a laker fan I never lost hope, because I new we had Kobe.
Jeff 2 anni fa
10 years later Lakers are champions once again this is for you Kobe 🙏🏽
Alex Panferov
Alex Panferov 2 anni fa
Great series! Great final!
Luiz Felipe
Luiz Felipe 2 anni fa
Muito bom reviver essas finais, ver grandes jogadores em ação...só a NBA para nos proporcionar momentos assim...
DDE Riichy Savage
Pau’s energy fit perfect with Kobe Rip to the goat 🐐 of my generation
Danald Joseph Capili
I miss you Kobe. It's been 8 months since you left us.
Michael Scott
Michael Scott 2 anni fa
AJ MAMORA 2 anni fa
This is my 4th finals that i watched when i was a kid this was so intense from game 1 to 7
Edward Prather
This finals still hurts I was a die hard Celtics fan back then
Kaiden Gervais
R.I.P to the legend himself Kobe Bean Bryant this was one of the greatest NBA finals in history
Shadow 2025
Shadow 2025 2 anni fa
I remember this day! As a Spurs fan I’m glad Kobe and the Lakers were able to get their revenge against the Celtics! Great finals!
Ehren Sohn
Ehren Sohn 2 anni fa
2010 was just a great year. We miss you kobe 🙏
John Ganda
John Ganda 2 anni fa
Man, so many smiles on my face reminiscing on this. A few tears as well. RIP Kobe.
darealkdotbillz 2 anni fa
I’m literally crying rn rip Kobe and Gigi that’s 5 rings baby 5-0
Rawdogger jo
Rawdogger jo Anno fa
@Jemas Adobas not saying you liked him. Lol I brought it up Bc bronsexuals be watching the comments.
Jemas Adobas
Jemas Adobas Anno fa
@Rawdogger jo How is LeBron in this conversation? Get a life dude
Rawdogger jo
Rawdogger jo Anno fa
@Jemas Adobas lebum 4-7 lmao how you lose more than won. Kobe and Jordan goats 💯
Jemas Adobas
Jemas Adobas 2 anni fa
crosta 2 anni fa
Harvey Lacdao
Harvey Lacdao 2 anni fa
Would be fun to see another Lakers-Celtics finals matchup
Paquito Edep Labrador Jr
Nostalgic ❤️ I miss you kobe 😢
Trenton Pearson
Trenton Pearson 2 anni fa
This is best NBA finals series in the past 25 years. All time rivalry, star power, games were hard thought and close. Only one game was a blowout and Game 7 will have always have a place in my heart. GO Lakers! Let's hope for a Lakers-Celtics rematch in Orlando.
S!feX 2 anni fa
Kobe was such a legend too bad he had to go too soon
jason moukala
jason moukala 3 mesi fa
@Los Angeles Times no he wasn’t
Los Angeles Times
@ohhh yeahhh Super Facts, And Kobe was most definitely more skilled than Jordan on Offense*
ohhh yeahhh
ohhh yeahhh 2 anni fa
@POg L I like how people say he wasn't as good as Jordan defensively when the man had 12 all defense and tied jordan with 9 1st all defense. For 12 years kobe played supreme defense no other shooting or non bigman averaged that many all defense ever. Only tim duncan/Kevin Garnett/kareem had more or tied kobe for most all defense.
Don Tundra
Don Tundra 2 anni fa
FlippingPhysics01 I’m from LA, been watching the NBA and the Lakers since I was 8 years old and I’m about to be 37.
PelikuLAGOM Mese fa
This will always be my favorite Laker team. Not a superteam but great duo with solid role players.
Murunga BMW
Murunga BMW 2 anni fa
Twenty years from now, we are gonna come back and we are gonna have this reunion party, and when we shake hands, let's make sure our rings touch ~ Doc Rivers 35:41 RIP K🏀BE
Sidney Eubanks
Sidney Eubanks 2 anni fa
One of the greatest players to ever play the game - KOBE BRYANT R.I.P. and to his daughter! 😔
Samual Johnson
Samual Johnson 2 anni fa
I feel in love with basketball and kobe via watching this series with my little brother, last time I was home. RIP mamba..legends never die
derr mann
derr mann 2 anni fa
crazy when you see these players and tell myself that most of them will be in the hall of fame. I don't think any other finals had this much talent. Only one comes to mind was the Heat vs Spurs when Allen hit that 3 in game 6. I'm almost in tears because I remember this series like it was yesterday. im getting old and we ended up losing the mamba himself. It hurts watching these
Rico Loeak
Rico Loeak 2 anni fa
Everytime kobe talked to Pau he turned up!! Great leadership
bunny santiago
bunny santiago 2 anni fa
2020 .... Memories bring back Best finals game ever And no.1 team ever ❤❤ Kobe
Andrea May
Andrea May 2 anni fa
#Mamba4Ever Heroes may die, but Legends are forever. - Kobe
Samuel Gonzalez
Samuel Gonzalez 2 anni fa
The most hard fought Finals I’ve ever witnessed. Two great defensive teams, it was such a sluggish effort series, games ending in 70 and 80 points. Sheesh.
jason moukala
jason moukala 2 anni fa
What about 2013 finals?
Ernesto Alonzo
Ernesto Alonzo 2 anni fa
The passion in this video is amazing For both teams.... It was fun to watch this series, even this video got me feeling pumped.. #lakernation
Bunni 2 anni fa
Jaz 2 anni fa
Im glad my first ever finals were watching Kobe in the finals against magic at the age of 10 ❤️
Kevin Horry
Kevin Horry 2 anni fa
So many big-name players on both sides! Great times!
Patrick Yu
Patrick Yu 2 anni fa
The best NBA finals rivalry ever👍👍
Justin Nyumbaiza
I love how this highlighted the other role players, the supporting cast and bench players instead of making it mainly about Kobe vs Garnett/Pierce
jason sanga
jason sanga 2 anni fa
Still the best final series to this day
Kwijiboz 2 anni fa
Pau Gasol was a beast in this series, close to being the MVP
Prime Josh
Prime Josh Anno fa
@FlippingPhysics01 ugh your one of those🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Prime Josh
Prime Josh Anno fa
@Kwijiboz he did have a broken finger or something like that that’s why he wasn’t shooting as well but he stepped up in every aspect
mata hari
mata hari Anno fa
@Arka _C Kobe is the goat next to MJ he struggles in game 7 due to injuries but he's smart he grabs 15 boards with 23 points and assists rip idol #4evermamba.ph.
CellGeist First of all, it's Kobetard* not Kobe fan. A true fan doesn't have any bias and uses evidence and facts to back up their point and respects the reality, a Kobetard is someone who simply uses emotions. Second, Kobe isn't even in the top 5, but he's in the top 10.
Tyron Pouncey
I love this team Kobe clutchness Gasol yelling after every layup or dunk Ron arrest shooting bad shots, but making them Derick’ fisher timely 3s Phil Jackson coaching
Forgotten Son
Forgotten Son 2 anni fa
*Ten years ago, the Lakers are NBA Champions once again!*
Af pollo
Af pollo 2 anni fa
I'm about to cry😢😢 R.I.P.KOBE AND GIGI FLYHIGH
KingClipps 2 anni fa
Maikol AA
Maikol AA 2 anni fa
Davod Hashimi
Davod Hashimi 2 anni fa
Billy Wright
Billy Wright 2 anni fa
I'm a Celtics fan and even though I was born when this finals happen I didn't watch it cuz I didn't care about sports then but I got to give credit to Kobe and both teams for a great series
Brandon Wimberly
@29:48 That will be the greatest lines ever said that’ll live forever!! #LongLiveKobeBryant 🐐🙏🏾🕊😢
Sarc4sm 2 anni fa
36:40 look at that crowd standing up because there was going to have a big plays. I wanna feel that feeling again. Watching nba without a crowd feels so different.
Erick Cruz
Erick Cruz 2 anni fa
10 years. Haven't seen a championship like this one ever since.
Cameron Gerdes
Cameron Gerdes 2 anni fa
Odom was such a talent!
Ciaran Boland
Ciaran Boland 2 anni fa
Man Rondo was a baller back in the day tho
S Irwin
S Irwin 9 mesi fa
Rondo was the engine of this team and was arguably the most important player in that window from 2010 onwards. Along with KG of course.
MrZahsome Anno fa
Rondo kept the Celtics alive in this series.
Kyle Neuman
Kyle Neuman Anno fa
Hey at 21:35 does he say anything can happen or it ain’t gonna happen
Evan Byers
Evan Byers 2 anni fa
@LONZO BULL lol aged well
Jacob Nunez
Jacob Nunez 2 anni fa
Best series I've ever seen. I've been watching since 1999, when I was only six years old. Honorable mentions: Spurs Pistons 05'. Spurs Heat '13.
Jerwin Bendo
Jerwin Bendo 2 anni fa
Such a beautiful series.
Faceless and Nameless
As a lifelong Lakers fan, it’s crazy to think that it’s been ten years now since our last title!
Mat Eli
Mat Eli Anno fa
My favorite finals to rewatch
Karthikeyan Loganathan
Derek Fisher was a Monster 🔥
The Knick Fan
The Knick Fan 2 anni fa
And now I’m sad. “Mamba out” 😞😞😞
Hunter Games 2006
The Knick Fan, now I’m also sad. Also, I like your channel, nice job.
Mc Cervezas
Mc Cervezas 2 anni fa
Me encantaron esas finales...
Da'Shaun Tasker
Da'Shaun Tasker 2 anni fa
All the finals should have mini movies 🔥🔥🔥
Joe B.
Joe B. 2 anni fa
That was a awesome series!!
Renell 2 anni fa
Damn this gives me goosebumps and brings me back to when i was 10 years old watching the live score at school.
Master Jedi
Master Jedi 2 anni fa
Kobe kept the world together. It’s been plaque, looting, and rioting since he passed. We miss you Mamba!
Alexis T
Alexis T 2 anni fa
I'm just happy Kobe eliminated Billups in 09 in WCF and Rasheed in 10 NBA finals
Rawdogger jo
Rawdogger jo Anno fa
@k1ngzesrel Santiago not really I been a Lakers fan all my life. You think with Kobe we cared if a team beat us? Lmao we were 5x champs with Kobe 💯 never mad when all we did was win 😂😭
Damon Dutrieuille
He got his revenge on all them
Afro Mamba
Afro Mamba Anno fa
@k1ngzesrel Santiago wonder when the Pistons will be back in the Finals. We’ve won 3 since then :)
Marvin Lynch
Marvin Lynch 2 anni fa
Yup! And the Pistons ain't won shit since, while we're just a couple wins away from title #3 since
Jimmie Parker
Jimmie Parker 2 anni fa
We smashed L.A....that year lol....but even then kobe was my favorite player
Nathaniel Augare
Kobe Bean Bryant, my inspiration for basketball, and my hero.
Michael spotted
Michael spotted 2 anni fa
When doc rivers said “In 20 years we r gonna have this reunion and let’s make sure our rings touch” I thought of Kobe and I just start crying 😢
Carlos Prado
Carlos Prado 9 mesi fa
Love how Kob let Brown get his dunk off, and got Rondo out the way at the same time, he gave Shannon his moment. His family will play that forever.
Ayporos 2 anni fa
Kobe, you did it , you did it your way. Mamba forever
AyeJamie 2 anni fa
This exact game broke out a fight in my house. GO LAKERSSS‼️💛💜
Louie R
Louie R 2 anni fa
When Allen said “I love being the enemy and hated. Especially when you win” THATS why he went to Miami?! 😂😂😂😂😂
John Batiste
John Batiste 2 anni fa
Hy you right😂😭💯
Seal_ow 2 anni fa
10 years later, the Lakers are back ON TOP. Right where they belong.
MarMax Gaming
MarMax Gaming 9 mesi fa
This didn’t age great but congrats on that win!
Vhen Andrie O. Salvidar
When Derek Fisher being a clutch I got goosebumps
William Arcamo
William Arcamo 2 anni fa
Sweet 16 indeed 🏆 and the LAKERS did it against the Celtics. 💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛
Kobe John Roi
Kobe John Roi 2 anni fa
Zay 2 anni fa
Everytime I look at Kobe I get more sad rip kobe💛💜 and that Kobe and pual gasol and Kobe duo was goated rip kobe💛💜
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