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With Shaquille O’Neal fouled out, Kobe Bryant takes over in OT, scoring a clutch 8 PTS on 4-5 shooting to lift the Lakers in Game 4 of the 2000 NBA Finals. #20HoopClass
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4 apr 2020




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NBA should do these together live during the off season. I’m digging these archives from the 90s-00s
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They do NBA TV
Watching this all over again truly gave me a different perspective on how truly amazing and confident Kobe Bryant was during this game and seemed laser-focused once Shaq fouled out in OT. 22 Years later I'm sitting here thinking WOW I didn't understand the weight of the situation that Kobe was under. The future superstar of the team separated himself this night, showing he wasn't just a 21-year-old kid playing Basketball in a grown man's world. I appreciate his performance, even more today than I did 22 years ago. I was 27 years old and an arrogant fan thinking OH yeah the Lakers got this in the Bag. Kobe and all the rest of the Lakers are gonna get the job done ✔️... This was a great preview of how great Shaq and Kobe could be when they played at their best... as well we got to see the Birth of the Laker's future Superstar and Hall of Famer... and how the Black Mamba was created once Kobe was the Leader of the L.A. Lakers 🏀 Franchise & Team. I LOVED watching this and reliving the emotions of it all, Especially now that Kobe is no longer with us anymore. 💔 RIP 🙏🏼 🪦 "Black Mamba" #24Forever #Lakersgreatest
@DillonBRICKS 10 mesi fa
U didn’t have to say all that😂 just say “it gave me a new perspective on the situation”
@LynxStarAuto 9 mesi fa
Not just that, this was a really good Pacers squad.
@sonic6506 3 anni fa
I vividly remember this series coz this was the time I started playing basketball. I was attracted by this number 8 player and after watching him played, I went to the court myself to shoot around and since then I fell in love with basketball and Kobe Bryant. Rip Kobe and thank you for all the great memories 🥺
@jamo2798 2 anni fa
I have a story very similar to yours
@whips8 Anno fa
My story is the exact same as yours man. He gave us some of the best memories!
@jjdaze4162 Anno fa
Same here, so much that my nickname on the court was Kobe💯
@Pigaroulettes 3 anni fa
Shaq's a monster, Kobe's an assassin... But damn, Reggie Miller's offball game is a work of art.
@bconni2 2 anni fa
yeah, but that "work of art" wasn't good enough to beat L.A
@Pigaroulettes 2 anni fa
@@bconni2 of course it wasn't. In today's NBA Reggie would be a 3rd option, just like Klay Thompson...
@bconni2 2 anni fa
@@Pigaroulettes i appreciate Reggie Miller. i'm a UCLA fan so i remember him in his college days. but the "work of art" in this video was the pure dominance of Kobe in the clutch.
@Pigaroulettes 2 anni fa
@@bconni2 Mate, I live in Paris, France. I have absolutely no ties with LA, or the Lakers. And yet I wake up at 4am to watch the Lakers games since the early 2000s because I'm a Kobe and Shaq fan. I still remember how I arrived tired as hell to a very important meeting after the game 7 of the 2010 NBA finals. What I want to say is : why loving a player should make me blind of other player's talent ? Of course Kobe is awesome. But watching this game, I realized how exceptionnal Reggie miller's off ball game was. Everyone know exactly what he's gonna do and he still managed to get open. Whether Kobe is great or not has nothing to do with this fact. I don't even get the point of replying to me how great Kobe is when I'm talking about Reggie as if Kobe being great means that Reggie can't be too...
@whoakiddy433 2 anni fa
@@Pigaroulettes everyone’s style is their “own work of art” but yeah bruh chill the dude was just acknowledging Reggie Miller which is deserving of the very least of this man.
@Madman-en8db 3 anni fa
That OT shows who Kobe was, that determinations and will to win. It’s absolutely beautiful
yup. those terminations were legendary
@@cameronlane111 😂
@GinkgoPete Anno fa
mans thought determenation is that termination 😭
@ko7577 6 mesi fa
It's a lot easier to win when the guy you're playing with grabs 21 boards in the game lol
@Madman-en8db 5 mesi fa
@@ko7577 but its more easier for ppl to be a keyboard fighter
Crazy. I knew this was 2000 finals. I watched this finals and many more before. I kept thinking how this was a young Kobe still learning the game. At times he crowded the lane and kept calling for the ball instead of moving, although he did have a bad ankle. But then I started doing the math about the end of the 3rd and realized this was the kids 4th year!! Regardless of having things to learn he was absolutely clutch when they needed him. Let the game come to him even though he was visibly frustrated at times. Miss watching this type of greatness.
@atlien1988 Anno fa
Doug Collins’ commentary during the game is awesome. It’s so bizarre watching and reflecting on these historic moments over two decades later. I’m happy I saw the journey and was able to root for someone who helped change the game of basketball while donning the iconic Purple & Gold. Rest Peacefully Kobe.
@dj1835 17 giorni fa
Saw this game 20 years ago. Still can feel the thrill of it. Heartbreaking for the Pacers but heck its Kobe. Gets four fouls, MAMBA MODE ACTIVATED!
@@WhoAreYou905 that was an unnecessary thing to say
@dethtron Anno fa
@@WhoAreYou905 damn, you young and you have a video game pic. crazy.
@ytcgking 3 anni fa
Shaq told this story, he was mad at himself when he fouled out and Kobe told him don't worry I got this....we have so many great players today that choke when it counts, we all miss you Kobe
what's up L existence.
@@awesomesause1116 lmfao
Davit M 4 rings and one of the clutchest players of all time
Davit M lol as if Kobe could have won any of these first 3 without shaq. He averaged like 33 over 3 finals and gave kobe easier shots because you had to pack the paint against shaq
@konnecthd8797 3 anni fa
Kobe always in our hearts!!
Those are called, memories, Lol.
@duckboy5725 4 mesi fa
Kobe is a one of a kind player we will most likely never see another player like Kobe Bryant.I expect clutch performances from Kobe like these especially in the playoffs it just what Kobe does period. #MAMBAMENTALITY
@z-ro34 3 anni fa
To be fair, we said this about Jordan and then Kobe arrived. Every iteration gets better!
@jr-pn1dt 3 anni fa
will all respect to kobe he played similar to jordan but hes still one of the greats
Clifford your big red God 7
During the lockdown these games were one of the few things that kept my sanity. Shout out to whoever at the nba decided to stream these
@KyngAAA Anno fa
I watched playoffs from the 80s to the 02 lakers 😊
@TheSands83 5 mesi fa
I see all these comments about people in lockdowns 😂 I live in the ozarks . There was literally none of that. Life went on same as always
What a game! Kobe we still Love YOU! Rest Easy MAMBA!
That's the moment Kobe was waiting for 🔥👑
LA will never be the same without you Kobe Bean Bryant... We miss you everyday Kobe... Forever 8/24 Los Angeles Lakers For Life!
@kenney0313 Anno fa
I hear a lot of guys tell funny stories about Kobe, but he was READY to own the moment in any game at any time or for the whole game. Even on his off nights, he didn't cheat the game because he filled the stat sheet and did all the fundamental elements with the same vigor as he would when shots are falling early & often.
@Coach2K 3 anni fa
One of the best played finals games ever. Glad I got to see it in person although still ticked my Pacers lost. Game 5 was a fans dream but we knew it was over in 6.
Lotta people forget about moments like this. Def cemented Kobe as a goat contender for so many people
@yinyang3720 Anno fa
@ko7577 6 mesi fa
The dude averaged 15 PPG on 36% shooting in this series. When you're playing with a guy averaging 38 PPG, 16 RPG, and 2.7 BPG, everything looks like a goat. Shaq could have won with any guard in the GD league this year and did.
@riscebo 3 mesi fa
@@ko7577 False because Shaq never won until he played with Kobe lmao, They needed each other and Shaq couldn't get it done with Penny, Wade carried Shaq in 06 and Kobe was able to win without Shaq twice.
@z-ro34 3 anni fa
S/O to AC Green, Won with the Showtime Lakers in 87, and these Lakers in 2000 (with meaningful playing time). Amazing.
Parker Portlock the Brett favre of the NBA (Iron man)
@razkable 3 anni fa
a.c. harper grant rice shaw samaki get forgotten during this era ..they all were important pieces...heck ty lue in the 2001 finals proved his value too
@luisacosta3433 3 anni fa
Don't forget Mark Madsen he was the GOAT.
With load management, no one will break AC's consecutive game record
@dgdeni 3 anni fa
When the world needed him most he was there a world without Kobe hurts us but he wants us to live on and become legends in our own right.
The world? not really
You're a weirdo for this one Diego
@packersfan-25 2 mesi fa
I was 2 years old when this happened! Now Im not a big nba fan but I am fan of seeing legends! Watching Kobe Bryant games on YT, really helps me understand why he was so special like he was the Micheal Jordan 2.0
I became a Lakers fan in 2000 after moving to LA. Watching these games i was hooked
@fredulanday 3 anni fa
This is just pure Clutch Factor by Kobe. Prime Example
Man I miss that Pacers team. They were such a deep and well rounded team. Sucks Reggie missed that last 3. He deserved a ring.
With Victor back, I thought they might go deep in the playoffs, but he don't seem to be 100%, and without Sarbonis..oh well, next year...
@qqw743 2 anni fa
Watching it live, they showed Phil Jackson in the huddle before the play. I remember it perfectly because it was so calm and accurate. He said, "I've seen this before against [I forget which team]. They're going to run Reggie off of two baseline screens. So let him through the first one, then make him fight through the second one and meet him at the top to defend the three." Phil gets too much "zen wisdom" credit but not enough simple basketball memory.
@@bconni2 wow u must be a genius FOH 😒😒
It hurts to think that we'll never see him standing on the podium in his hall of fame speech.
That Is a very narrow thought....I will miss loves encyclopedic knowledge of the game...
@@thunderhammer593 huh???? English please
You're absolutely right
@@mikerusso703 exactly
I came to this 2 hour video to find this moment.... 1:50:38 ...when Shaq fouls out, in the last minutes of overtime and it all rides on Kobe, even the announcers say it beforehand....and boom, he nails that long tough 2 pointer and that MAMBA look afterwords..."cmon man, y'all can't touch me. You have no chance to win this game"
Love watching Kobe and Shaquille. RIP Mamba
@jbrobele 2 anni fa
Good lord I can’t believe this man left us😪😭
@lilpapi9059 3 mesi fa
@SuperDave30 3 anni fa
Lakers vs. Pacers, one of the best NBA finals game back in early 2000’s R.I.P. Kobe Bryant, you truly be missed in the basketball world!, you always be Laker for life! 😣😢🏀
David Price please get over it
@ahndeux 2 anni fa
What a blast back to the past in a bygone era.
The Game 7 Portland series alerted me Kobe had arrived.This finals match versus pacers captured me as a kobe fan forever
@er1ck24 3 anni fa
Kobe came up BIG. RIP Legend.
@ruchpat1 3 anni fa
Rest In Peace Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant and all whom we lost on the Sunday January 26th, 2020 Helicopter Accident. Gone but not forgotten. Thank you both for the Mamba Mentality.
@GatCat 2 anni fa
I wish Kobe could still be here with us...
@corycarter4689 3 anni fa
The game that made kobe a legend in my book.. Im a pacer fan but this made me a kobe fan forever!!
@Handysoccersc 2 anni fa
Yep . Probably his most clutch performance. Maybe game 7 the round before was more clutch .
Kobe Bryant is a great player, hall farmer and one of many Lakers greats...RIP my brother God bless you & family..
R i p to kobe, I'm still a big fan of you. You are a true legend Kobe!!
@soulwarsnerd 3 anni fa
Please don't cancel the season just live stream the games please. I've waited so long to see the Lakers in the playoffs again
@paolofussbol 3 mesi fa
Rest In peace Kobe , my 🐐🐍
@nnamdi602 3 anni fa
Got so many feels from watching this game... wow.
@yisroel5556 Anno fa
Let’s appreciate shaq’s performance because he has gotten many fouls and fought for his life for his team god bless him
@handlybey Anno fa
We miss Kobe so hard! Remember him as one of the best ever!
22 Years later…and it seems like yesterday that I watched this game…KB gone but not forgotten‼️🥲🥲
@cormafiano Anno fa
And he was only 21 here
@ra3jay576 3 anni fa
The more I see these the more I miss him.
@ReTheMi 3 anni fa
Yeah same.... but it feels good being able to celebrate his greatness by watching these
That boy Koooooooooooobeeee!! RIP!!
magic johnson
Man, me 2. Like, fk man!
@GatCat 2 anni fa
Glen Rice, AC Green, Ron Harper, Robert Harry, Rick Fox, John Salley, Devean George, Brian Shaw, Derrick Fisher, Shaquille O’Neil, Kobe Bryant. Such a great team.
@sjsupa Anno fa
A lot of old players on their last leg. But the difference is that Kobe and Shaq, the 2 most important players were young. Unlike the current Lakers, the core is old also.
Kobe shaq and em🤣🤣 ok fisher too….George 🤣🤣🤣🤣
@sports3117 3 anni fa
I miss Kobe so much now!!!
Sucks huh
@yatuaman6476 3 anni fa
That was tough for Reggie when he missed the game winner 3.
@Cahluvca 3 anni fa
Never discount what Kobe did during the three peat journey!
No one's discounting that...but don't discount shaqs monumental role either....
It was a superteam of two monsters, no one can discount anyone of the two, cuz if they did they gotta admit LA wasn't a Superteam, which is stupid...2000-2004 Lakers are the only 2 men Superteam in NBA history, thats how great Shaq and Kobe were.
@@rukundobikangaga1413 thats what Kobe haters would say, they will say Shaq carried Kobe yet it was a superteam...big contradiction from these idiots. LA was a superteam tanks to Shaq and Kobe been monsters. Give me another Superteam with only 2 allstars and I'll wait.
You have poisoned basketball discussion with your foul mouth!
Never discount Kobe on this journey. His love for his life and his passion for the game of basketball kept him grounded and focus. His love for the game will always stand out but never overshadow his love for his family and the great businessman he had become. Kobe was an amazing man his zest for wining was relentless, never a dull moment when he was on the court making plays.
@paulharris9250 3 anni fa
The hug Shaq and Kobe after the game... I’m not crying you’re crying
They hated each other...don't get it twisted cuz one is dead
@@mikerusso703They literally buried the hatchet during their interview together years before Kobe’s death.
Love seeing that moment again when Shaq went to the bench after fouling out...he says to kobe, "you ready?" Kobe was
WOW...How GREAT was Kobe!!!
@spvnka2869 3 anni fa
Kobe was actually hated during these times I remember people hating Kobe I got sad because people underistmated Kobes talent
Definition of CLUTCH! Kobe
Another great Kobe moment
As a Lakers fan it was unfortunate that Miller31Time didn't get to have a ring cause he was a victim of an era. Had to face two legends such as MJ23 and KB824.
We all miss kobe may he fly high in basketball heaven 🏀♥️
How people quickly forget just how good Reggie was.
As a first-generation immigrant that grew up in LA, sports was the outlet that made me feel American. It was the avenue where it didn't matter where your parents were from or how much money they made. If you were good, people respected you. Thank you KOBE for inspiring me to be the best I can be. RIP MAMBA
@ljplanet5727 2 anni fa
@ljplanet5727 2 anni fa
@ljplanet5727 2 anni fa
Kobe, the man of the hour. The greatest player that ever played the game of basketball. Thank you M.J. for mentoring Kobe and thanks Kobe for mentoring so many young players who seek you out to get your advice. Thank you for never giving up when it seems like the odds were against you to win. Thank you for never saying never.
@jason-twin8299 2 anni fa
Bullshit. LeBron is killing kobe in so many categories. Let your mind open up & stop being close minded. People won't let anyone surpass Kobe or Mike because their minds are stuck on them & them only. LeBron is the G O A T & STILL PLAYING!!!
@cjdayne3033 2 anni fa
Kobe was a 12x ALL DEFENSE. Lebron is no where near that. Imagine how much better Kobe would have been on offense if he didn’t work so hard on D. Fool
@Cincinasty Anno fa
I remember watching this game. When Shaq fouled out I thought it’s over we lost. Then the world watched Kobe activate mamba mentality.
, thanks manze u❤️❤️❤️🤗❤️😌😍🥰😜🚶🛌🏃🧗🧘😂😂😍😌🖨️🔋🔋🖨️🖨️⌨️🛒
@cmarmolejos0 3 anni fa
Kobe was a awesome man dude it sucks he died he was only 41 years old and Gigi was 13 years old she loved basketball that was her future life I can’t Imagine how sad his family is man RIP 🙏🏻
@huncho5005 3 anni fa
REKT_KENZI it’s ironic that he was taken out with 4.1 seconds left in his last game. And he passed at 41. # LongLiveMamba💜💛
@altzyko 3 anni fa
Real Corona stay right where you are I gotta call “someone”
@huncho5005 3 anni fa
WhoIsThis124 [GD] what?
Being that Vanessa is a colossal "witch" I don't feel one ounce of empathy or compassion for her.
Life passes us by so fast 20 years gone by in a blink of an eyes
1:28:40 what a move by Reggie against Kobe!
This game was the defining moment that I knew… that Kobe Bryant was destined for legendary status. He single handedly carried a Shaq’less Lakers team to a much needed win. And the most amazing part is: HE HAD JUST SPRAINED HIS ANKLE DAYS BEFORE… like what the actual f*ck?!?! 🤷🏽‍♂️🤯🤯🤯 Kobe will always be MY GOAT. Idc what anyone says💜💛🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🐍🐍🐍🐍🐐🐐🐐🐐 #mambamentality #blackmamba #kobebeanbryant
@athrinean 2 anni fa
I watched basketball because of Kobe. My brother and I started watching basketball during the Shaq and Kobe era. We screamed and celebrated when the lakers were winning. And cried when they were loosing. Thank you so much KOBE, for being part of our Childhood. And millions of others who you inspired over the years.
@JonesyDivine 3 mesi fa
I'm unsure how Shaq's free throw technique transformed during his time with the Lakers. While he had a smooth free throw style with the Magic, what I observed during his time with the Lakers was an awkward free throw that lacked in elevation.
I miss Kobe, the only way I get to see him is when he's playing ball. He has such a gentle spirit. He's never selfish, always sharing in his game and Shaq the two of them play so well together. The Lakers are a great team, all of them pull together and Kobe the finisher and the go to guy. Every team need a go to guy, the Lakers are grateful they have Kobe. Thank you NBA for sharing. I only wished you guys appreciated Kobe more when he was playing instead of disliking him. Kobe is Kobe and nobody plays like Kobe, He train hard and it shows. So, you guys need to show more appreciation for Kobe. Thank you Lord for blessing Kobe and the Lakers to be the TEAM OF THE YEAR. I'm making them the TEAM AND KOBE THE PLAYER MVP. Now how do you like those apples? They taste real good don't they. Thank you God and thank you Kobe and the Lakers and last but least Mr. Phil.
what the heck is this person even talking about???
Kobe was gentle with his family. On the court there was nothing gentle about him.
@ko7577 6 mesi fa
He beat up a teenager in a hotel room and mentioned Shaq's name to the police. This is the opposite of gentle.
@coachcraft Anno fa
You saw the last vestiges of the center oriented offense...and the passing of the torch. You could see the Lakers spread the floor and give Kobe the room to operate that he didn't have in regulation.
@ZZ-yw5sh 3 anni fa
Great game by Shaq; Kobe had a sprained ankle and it hampered his game.
@kofioppong2934 3 anni fa
Kobe is Insane Shaq is Incredible
America will always have a love affair with Kobe Bryant! He's the one these young cats want to be like, play like, act like. It's always Kobe, the hardest players I know that ever played the game of Basketball, and the hardest working player on the court. He trains the hardest, therefore, he will rip the greatest rewards and get the best results out of his game. Every time Kobe set on the court, the man he knows how to bring the game and get everyone involved on his team. There is no comparison. Kobe is in a lead by himself because knows what it takes to win and he had a great mentor MJ. So Kobe left no stones unturned while he was training or playing. His first passion. R.I.P. Kobe Love Yah!
1:47:54 this is why Reggie is legendary. This whole fourth quarter and overtime are insane
@hopegaming867 2 anni fa
Reggie Miller is that guy who you give the ball to keep you in the game.
@@hopegaming867 but not the guy to win it
@@jerryjessup9192 0 chips Nuff said
@jaybrown7811 4 mesi fa
​@@mikerusso703no basketball IQ he's way better than you think he is you don't even know how hard it is to win a ring in Indiana
The more I see Kobe Bryant and the Lakers play the more I think about Kobe Bryant. He did so much for the Lakers and winning was he had to do. Kobe the Untimate player. Man do I miss him. He will be the only one I want to see play. So please keep the Lakers and Kobe barbies coming my man 👨 love 💘 to him play.
Kobe was just awesome. Miss him
Honnestly, Shaq is one the best basket ball player I have ever known, he's gigantic.
Who else coms back to watch this video and starts tearing up, RIP MAMBA
Saw this one live, brings back good memories! 17× champion! R.i.p. mamba
@mra-firm 3 anni fa
The commentators are literally coaches. 😂 Amazing game RIP Kobe. May you and Gianna rest in Heaven. 🙏 God bless.
@Mercurial. 3 anni fa
Yeah only Doug tho who actually was a real Coach in the league. #MambaOut 🙏🏾
@jamaal5557 Anno fa
R.I.P Kobe🙏... Truly one of the greatest💪💯
Love it watching these old game brings back memories 3 how happy our house use tobe rest in peace my dad and two brothers of whom I miss along the way watching NBA games are not the same without them
@Michael-md1zj 4 mesi fa
It's crazy to see how little to no complaining and crying the players do after every call compared to today's game its like night and day
@shaft9000 Anno fa
These Pacers were one of the best shooting teams ever - EIGHT players shooting 80%+ FT that year! I still don't understand how they failed to make the Finals in '99.
Love watching the old school NBA vids like these
@chrispy9736 2 anni fa
Always appreciate the history
@stuffylamb3420 2 anni fa
This ain't old school zoomer
@lukamagicgod 2 anni fa
@@stuffylamb3420 are you joking right?
@@chrispy9736 tss so started t try s
@aesops52393 3 anni fa
More Kobe playoff full game videos🙏🏻
@l.r9655 2 anni fa
Reggie Miller taking the Shaq and Kobe Lakers to OT is so under rated. Reggie had no hall of famers on his side
I'm always going to respect Kobe Bryant because he played hard like Michael Jordan on the court and he was a good man and husband and father to his beautiful daughters and beautiful wife
My cousin used to come through and hang with us as kids and I didn't have much time to enjoy his company back then, but I remember him watching this game with us and turning him into a Lakers fan. RIP Cartlitos. We miss you.
When you grow up watching this style of ball as a kid it always felt normal always enjoyed the half court style more with the straight man to man
@mikelee7679 3 anni fa
I miss the early 2000's when I was a kid 😔
That shot at the end probably still haunts Reggie Miller to this day he really needed that one to drop
Yea...lifelong choker
@@mikerusso703 Nah that's James Harden
These make me sad...I really,really miss the GOAT and his daughter.RIP Mamba,RIP Kobe
Kobe has always been in our hearts. I believe it must be the childhood of many people. Thanks to the NBA
@lennyb1969 2 anni fa
Wow Shaq was really a powerhouse
@bunduman18 Anno fa
thank god for youtube. this is like a time machine. it doesn't feel like 22 years ago. feels like i watched this game yesterday. rip kobe!
@JonEnitro Anno fa
Kobe will always be one of the top 5 to 10 players of all- time. The only player that deserves to be #2 to Jordan, period! We miss your game Mamba. R.I.P.
He 4 all time for me
@strong2172 Anno fa
Sure is nice to be a top player.
@curmidgeon8 3 anni fa
1:59:38 I love this.. Partly bc im a lifelong Laker fan, Partly because i miss Kobe & Shaq combo Partly bc social distancing...
@smapili Anno fa
36 points and 21 rebounds in a finals game? Shaq was something else lol
The greatest basketball player to ever step on the court
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