Kyrie Drops 57 PTS & Buzzer-Beater To Force OT In W |  

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Kyrie Irving finished with a career-high 57 PTS, including the CLUTCH buzzer-beating 3-pointer to force OT, as the Cavaliers defeated the Spurs 128-125.
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15 apr 2020




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Sankalp Yadav
Sankalp Yadav 3 anni fa
This is easily one of the best games I've ever seen: superstars, strong defense, and almost fair refereeing.
imskyhigh Anno fa
I've never watched a full basketball game on ITvid but this game I Remember watchin on tv and I swear this is why I don't like lebron for the way him and Kyrie fell out...LeBron should of stepped down and made Kyrie step up from here on out and gave him all the credit he deserve this was a young man with extreme capabilities and demonstrated leadership and the heart of a warrior and had there not been bad blood I don't doubt they could of eventually landed another piece and won more then one ring together...kyrie has had nice games since but none like the moments he had as a cavalier... best pg period...
Turkey Anno fa
Shut up dude refereeing is fair all the time, 99.9% of the time the players dictate who wins people just complain about refs that don't know the game.
ObZz Lucc
ObZz Lucc Anno fa
@Turkey def not all the time lol
C L 3 anni fa
Kyrie brings so much intensity to the game especially in close games
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan 2 anni fa
Kyrie Irving's performance in this NBA game is UNSTOPPABLE.
Marco David
Marco David 6 mesi fa
Well they did keep him from scoring 12 times 💁
Mr Q Ceaz
Mr Q Ceaz 3 anni fa
Outside of game 5 of the 2016 NBA Finals, this was the best game of Kyrie Irving's career period
Mr Q Ceaz
Mr Q Ceaz 3 anni fa
@Oleek29_lovescars I got this in the top 5 maybe 4th 3rd I have the game he dropped 47 on Golden State his 1st year in Boston
Varun 2 anni fa
I mean... You gotta have the game where he actually won the championship at the top of your list. Game 5 was 2nd and this was probably 3rd.
Corey Lofton
Corey Lofton 2 anni fa
Darrin Moore Lebron dropped 57 before..
mfigspriv 2 anni fa
his 54 point game a bit better in brooklyn
Daniel Linares
Daniel Linares 3 anni fa
One of the biggest games in the history of the regular season. Thank you for making it available.
Eb 2 anni fa
The way kyrie play, he makes you believe anything can happen. Just magical
Lotus Life
Lotus Life Anno fa
Kyrie cant guard a single person on the floor, but anything can happen.
Savy Benjy
Savy Benjy Anno fa
@Lotus Life lmao
tylerslynch Anno fa
lebron better!
Miguel Ariño
From my point of view, he's incredibly skilled and makes a lot of plays that make you want to watch them again, but he also does a lot of questionable stuff.
Noah Poetik
Noah Poetik 8 mesi fa
This is without doubt one of the greatest games ever played!
Bo Gib
Bo Gib Anno fa
Two of the best finishing point guards in nba history. It’s fun to see the two of them go back and forth.
James T
James T 3 anni fa
The main thing watching this game that stands out was actually remembering how badly Blatt coached these Cavs. Uninspired iso ball, benching Love late, weird rotations...no wonder he only lasted a year.
OldSchoolECW Anno fa
Benching love latte was something he did for defensive purposes. But keeping love stretched out at the perimeter all the time was definitely questionable on his part.
Cody Cliffton
@OldSchoolECW 1
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo Anno fa
Its because he came in thinking he was gonna be allowed to coach if you saw his overseas teams you'd know how he likes to run his schemes but hard to convince LeBron not to run the "LeBron system" you asking to get fired it was a lose lose unless they just somehow won the ring regardless
Miguel Ariño
yeah, it looks like they don't know how to use Love at all.
Math Jones
Math Jones 9 mesi fa
He benched live cause of tony Parker killing everybody on the switch and k love is slow he couldn’t keep up
Billy Fresh
Billy Fresh 3 anni fa
watching what kawhi has become as a scorer in the last 3-4 seasons compared to what he was his first few seasons, it's night and day. he's so much more fluid and polished now off the dribble and in the post
Troll King
Troll King 2 anni fa
Sadly he's not the same defender
Joey_BK_86 Anno fa
@Troll King it’s extremely difficult to give that kind of effort on the defensive end when your that offensively gifted. He’s decent enough on D that’s all you really need in todays game.
jrdb19 Anno fa
@Troll King thats bound to happen when u become the offensive focal point ur defense will naturally decline with the effort u put in on both sides ofcourse there are those rare people like jordan but generally that tends to happen and he raises his defense in the playoffs anyway
Duff Man187
Duff Man187 7 mesi fa
I remember watching this Live... easily one of the greatest games I've ever seen😎🍻🍺
Navakash Gill
Seeing prime Leonard as a defender vs prime LeBron was spectacular. Such a high level chess match for both guys.
Patrick O’Hennesy
Thanks bro
Esteban Bermudez
Never get tired of this classic
Edidiong Edemeka
Edidiong Edemeka 22 giorni fa
Insane performance from kyrie in this game
Sade Alabi
Sade Alabi 3 anni fa
Tim Duncan is such a sport he helps the other team's players up every time he is near them, amazing class
Jittski Anno fa
Nobody cares about that lol he plays clumsy as hell ……..nvm just saw that putback dunk at 9:30 lmao
Elijah Nakumura
@Jittski Ya First statement still stands tho lol
Brian Buckman
@Elijah Nakumura He's 38 in this game bro, man's collecting AARP payments while he's on the court
Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan 3 anni fa
I love Kyrie Irving like damn it’s beautiful to watch him play. I hope the off the court stuff won’t continue to mess with his career. I just wanna see him play.
Matthew Anson
Did not age well!! lol
Asher Apel
Asher Apel Anno fa
@Matthew Anson fax 😂
Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan Anno fa
@Matthew Anson pain
Anthony Volpe
Anthony Volpe 10 mesi fa
2 years later LOL 😂😂
Ricardo Tobias Sosa
Jalen Daniels
Just absolutely incredible. Signature game for sure.
lvnarb Anno fa
1:35:52 one of the best shot in kyrie's career
Lovemy3babes 8 mesi fa
…one of the best shots in anyone’s career
Forgiven Sinner
Fantastic game. My favorite of 2015 regular season. Both Cavs and San Antonio were peaking.
ÂSCE 3 anni fa
Daam what an intense match... Both teams were on fire 🔥
Doubleg3 9 mesi fa
I’ve been watching basketball a long time.. this is the greatest offensive performance I’ve ever seen. Clutch shots, nasty moves, efficiency, shots from everywhere at different angles, both hands… it’s crazy
Vaughn808 7 mesi fa
I’ve watched this game so many times, like a favorite movie. It’s always just as exciting and amazing.
Haje7 3 anni fa
What a game, Kyrie is awesome!! Lets keep Nets rolling next season!!
Healthy Andrew
And he hasn't played a gm.
Silas Marion
Silas Marion 3 anni fa
Kyrie and LeBron just went off in the 4th quarter and overtime
Harold R. Bettencourt III
One of my favorite NBA Player KYRIE IRVING. LOVE YOU, MAN!
heddu you
heddu you 2 anni fa
But kyries never had another player he could pass the ball to who could make those big shots besides Durant 🙄
Sean Henderson
Sean Henderson 2 anni fa
@heddu you lol
Bahneetza 2 anni fa
@heddu you yea you took it out of context too
lacko 3 anni fa
Fun fact: kyrie averaged 29, 5, and 5 in the 2017 nba finals‼️
W O 3 anni fa
ladji bamba I honestly didn’t know that. That was the most forgettable finals ever.
lacko 3 anni fa
W O yea even tho the series went to 5 games kyrie was still going all out
RapistKobe arrested on July 4 2003 #AdmittedRapist
Lebron had a positive +/- in 2017 finals and when he rested the cavs had a horrible +/-.
Bron and Kyrie were lookin like Shaq and Kobe for a minute
Big I3oy
Big I3oy 3 anni fa
@RapistKobe arrested on July 4 2003 #AdmittedRapist what are you tryna prove exactly, just because of the +/- it means Kyrie was shit?
Ethan Lugo
Ethan Lugo 3 anni fa
I miss this spurs team. I remember watching this game live and going Crazy because Tony Parker was wilding. TP is the 🇫🇷 🐐 forget what y’all heard !
V 3 anni fa
What about turiaf...
Fleazo 3 anni fa
Facts I was going crazy for Kyrie tho lol
YahBoiHammy 2 anni fa
Outside of game 5 of the 2016 NBA Finals, this was the best game of Kyrie Irving's career period
Tzutzuu 2 anni fa
@YahBoiHammy last season his game after kobe died.. 54 points.. he missed 3 shots only
Awkwardsossige 3 anni fa
13:51 Oh my lord, that pass. Simple but deadly offense.
Exactly omg
Joshua Indoha
Joshua Indoha 3 anni fa
Back in the days i remember this game in march 2015 i was so happy that the cavs won against the san antonio. great game, fun 2015 season
Gabriel Bunag
Gabriel Bunag 10 mesi fa
1:15:55 just amazing ball handling skills right here going through a tough defense by Kyrie Irving
SnO 2 anni fa
Fact: Leonard not only missed free throws to win this game but he also did it in game 6 of the final just before Ray Allen hit his 3. As a spurs fan this haunts me always. At least we got redemption a year later. (its not a fun fact because iIm a spurs fan)
Just came back for Kyrie Irving!!!!!!!He is the best🔥
Yupadej 3 anni fa
Man Kawhi is arguably the greatest perimeter defender ever. He is out there locking down monsters like LeBron ,Harden ,Giannis among many others .
Ramel Hill
Ramel Hill Anno fa
Literally my favorite all time regular season game
Joseph Aluko
Joseph Aluko 3 mesi fa
LBJ + Kyrie tandem was so amazing wow. Haven’t seen players fit so well together since Shaq + Kobe
jonathan 2 anni fa
I attended this game, left with two minutes left in regulation when Kawhi was at the FT line. My famous last words were, "oh he'll make these, spurs got this"
Nick Fisher
Nick Fisher 3 anni fa
“That offensive rebound seals the game” a minute later “We are headed to Overtime”
Quan Boy
Quan Boy Anno fa
Guy missed 2 free throws, really threw the game 🤣🤣
Rohan George
Rohan George Anno fa
NerdJock Anno fa
Remember watching this live, one of my favorite games of all time
Patrick O’Hennesy
Legacy 11 mesi fa
Ah yes, NBA Classics at its finest.
Big OX Uchia
Big OX Uchia 2 anni fa
Legit one of my favorite NBA games ever as both a Cavs fan and a NBA fan.
Patrick O’Hennesy
Mr Sir
Mr Sir 3 anni fa
This game was amazing 🔥🔥
Patrick O’Hennesy
cool kid
cool kid 3 anni fa
Is all chuck gonna say is "that's a bad possession right there." Kyrie just dropped 57 on Timmy D, Tony Parker, and kawai
Joey_BK_86 Anno fa
Chuck always been a Kyrie hater since the jump
He's annoying to listen to
Jhay De Los Santos
that's a bad comment right there
Joe Jonas
Joe Jonas Anno fa
He's just pointing it out. The cavs does have some flaws you know. Sometimes they don't look for good shots and just straight up iso without any plays set up. They're really good at iso but it's bad if that's the only play they do unlike the spurs.
ChrisPrettyB 2 anni fa
Omfg! Kyrie went insane this game! I was watching this one live lol Kyrie was in his bag frfr🥶
james heart
james heart Anno fa
“You cannot win by threes”- Charles Barkley. Game has truly changed.
yisroel weiss
Probably one of the craziest games of all time 😱
tsukinomeh 2 anni fa
This matchup is what I want way back in 2007
Mare Haimona
Mare Haimona 2 anni fa
I remember watching this game at my University cafeteria in Hawaii during my freshman year. I was the only one watching going crazy in the 4th quarter!!
Murker_Mike Anno fa
One thing you guys failed to realize is Kyrie had 55 just a game before this one do the math
NewProvidence32 3 anni fa
This was A #Great Game. 🥇
Teko416 3 anni fa
Kyire was so clutch this game holy, that 3 he hit to tie was crazy what a game
j'monte Anno fa
the buzzer beater was one of the best 3pt shots ive seen. That stutter step by kyrie was clean assf
Anan Lama
Anan Lama 3 anni fa
Playboi Carti's sock
I remember being in 6 grade watching this game live so I bought a pair of Kyrie 1 deceptive reds the next day because of kyries performance then went straight to the YMCA to get buckets
Darryl Turner
Who’s here after he dropped 60 now!!
Kd 03
Kd 03 Anno fa
Kyrie be putting on shows in march 💯
Roger Ambersley
Roger Ambersley 2 anni fa
Bruh this is game is so beautiful to watch. I forgot how good basketball used to be. Nowadays games are filled with flopping, techs,jacking up threes , isolation and free throws and its really painful to watch. The physicality in this game is nowhere near the 90s and 80s but its still great. Man movement and ball movement beautiful also
Torey Townsend
Torey Townsend 8 mesi fa
This the first time I have heard Chuck host a game at the game. Hopefully, just maybe, the whole "Inside the NBA" cast can host a game before it is all said and done. #GoodDay
I am Okita
I am Okita Anno fa
Imagine if these were the finals that year?🔥
Gseric47 Anno fa
It's crazy that KI's game in this finals series would directly translate to what we see today.
korby calhoun
korby calhoun 10 mesi fa
I miss this version of kyrie. He was one of the games best at this point.
Confus1ng 9 mesi fa
he still is lol. hes 10x better now than he was then
Vera Wallace
Vera Wallace 3 mesi fa
He recently gave it to the warriors, he's their Daddy
N e l s o n ‘ s   P o d i u m
Wowwww what a great team Cleveland what a great players and Kyrie Irving what a great player and a sharp shooter for 57 points!
Where is the LAMB SAUCE
1:15:54 i watched this move 100 times already
zfy 3 anni fa
Fariborz Tah so smooth
Kenny YV
Kenny YV 2 anni fa
I was looking for it, yeah I had too, I even practiced it
ObamasLastName 2 anni fa
That play is a perfect example of why kyrie is special
Anthony Long
Anthony Long Anno fa
Before he messed up his knees doing that
Sports311 3 anni fa
Charles Barkley watching this game in the booth made this game even more exciting
Juns Man
Juns Man 2 anni fa
Time stamp?
Black Bird
Black Bird 2 anni fa
He was probably there, scoping out them big ol women of san antonio in that arena
YVES MIJA 2 anni fa
charles “why would you beat a dead horse” barkley
YourPage Anno fa
I miss Chuck commentating games. They’re like a rare sight lol
Zack Anno fa
@YVES MIJA underrated comment 😆
One of my favorite NBA Player KYRIE IRVING. LOVE YOU, MAN!
Tunewurld 3 anni fa
@biden hates blacks and mexicans FeelTheBern An amazing second option first option depending on games. The moment he lets LeBron run point he's a deadly assassin the dude moves like a mouse going through defenders then gets the ball handles like a God then shoots it. Dude is lethal but....I haven't seen that ever since he left Cleveland. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving together would be a weird one because they're all shooters well....we will see how it works but Kyrie and LeBron are really good.
Xboxlove1 3 anni fa
@Tunewurld yeah kyrie ego huge it sucks man... if he was just super humble and silent killer he would have more success, fans etc
GamerMode Twenty-Three
I wish kyrie didn't left like when we saw him on the court he was happy but I felt like he wanted t be the number one guy now he is the best point guard in the league and he was on the same page with his teammates and it was just a dumb moved to request a trade which was shocking but what a game by kyrie and lebron he always make sure to get his teammates going and continue to move the ball and play unselfish also put on a great performance every night.
Manish Pun
Manish Pun 3 anni fa
God of handles Love you kyrie
Jay Figgs
Jay Figgs Anno fa
The one I'm looking for was the Game against the Mavericks this same year, it was such a thriller.
Sigmundy Freud
Sigmundy Freud 3 anni fa
Patrick O’Hennesy
All good
Robert Newkirk
Robert Newkirk 11 mesi fa
i remember watching this game and thinking...WOW great game AND Charles and Chris on the MIC....this is NBA!
Carlos Luis Syquia
I've been looking for this game in FOREVER thank you!!!!
JamesWang 3 anni fa
Classic game!! Irving in "ZONE"
Optimiste Prime
Optimiste Prime 2 anni fa
Kyrie Irving & Lebron James are the Golden Tandem !!! We love it everyday !!!
Kyrie is a legend!!!!!
Le Angelo Saravia
We gonna ignore chuck repeating himself about the 4 best players 😂
Mr. Zaku
Mr. Zaku Mese fa
Jeez, that kawhi free throw choke gives 2013 game 6 vibes
Crocker aka hops 90,s jumpman Texas
This might be the Greatest 1st Quarter start ever !!!!
Juv Red
Juv Red Mese fa
Kyrie during his Cavs' years-he's a beast..
Elijah Foggy
Elijah Foggy Anno fa
1:15:56 yo how do you guard this? Kyries handles are just too smooth. The way he did the dream shake to get the defender to run into the screen and then a quick right cross to get past Splitter, and then the awareness to use the euro step to finish WITHOUT TRAVELING with contact. That's just handles at it's finest. Edit: WITH the left hand finish, bro
LoveSkyLost! Anno fa
One of the craziest plays ive ever seen and he did it so smooth.... AND FINISHED LEFT, ridiculous
John Griller
John Griller Anno fa
Just, otherworldly
Mark Walshe
Mark Walshe 3 anni fa
Tim Duncan was such a beast on defence, in his 2nd last year
Alexm2007 3 anni fa
This game was crazy
Anh DN
Anh DN 2 anni fa
I felt like someone punched me in the throat when Lebron dunked, power and sound it makes
Sonmalachi 7 mesi fa
Miss these days boy what a time to be a cavs fan and from Ohio
Glendson Gomes
Glendson Gomes 3 anni fa
Kyrie irving monstro 👊🏽😜
A Skeptical Human
Tristan Thompson's dunks are so funny. They kinda remind me of someone doing a pencil dive into a swimming pool the way he just comes straight down vertically.
Kemond Collins
Imagine a playoff series!
King Austin
King Austin 2 anni fa
Lebron James and Kyrie was legendary in this game I can remember it like it was yesterday
dayday 2 anni fa
I miss Kyrie and lebron on the cavs 💯😭
Lauren Mixes
Lauren Mixes 3 anni fa
Best game in nba history.
BlessKonquer Anno fa
2016-2017 season were one of the best seasons
Darius C
Darius C 3 anni fa
I dont know what day of quarantine this is, but the canceled NBA season brought me here. Taking a walk down memory lane 🚣🏾‍♂️
Truly 2 anni fa
1:48:52 defines lebrons greatness
Ishmeet Singh
Ishmeet Singh 2 anni fa
1:22 now that's what I call ICONIC
The Goat
The Goat Anno fa
Saw this live and man. Kyrie is the greatest PG I ever got to watch especially Cavs kyrie.
AliciaJolley 3 anni fa
THANK YOU for posting Cavs games!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼
YVES MIJA 2 anni fa
one of the main things i remember from this game... “why would you beat a dead horse?” - charles barkley
g_superson1c 2 anni fa
bruh chuck was annoying me all game 😂
Christer Dayle Gonzales
I miss this team so muchh😭😭
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan 2 anni fa
The 2015 NBA match between Cavs vs Spurs is epic.
Bijoyer dhoni
Bijoyer dhoni 11 mesi fa
One of the best game for all time
Harry 3 anni fa
1:49:11 he went from a high five to a salute
Daniel Ally
Daniel Ally Anno fa
One of the best games of all time!
Mike Ndikumasabo
What are you doing here?
Kae Anno fa
@Mike Ndikumasabo tf r u doin here dawg?
Sipping Soda
Sipping Soda 11 mesi fa
Not at all
Boi Day
Boi Day 3 anni fa
This match up was intense
Mars the One
Mars the One 3 anni fa
This one is so fun to watch. The beautiful game vs. Twinstars
Il prossimo
most savage start to a fight
No comparison ☕
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