Kyrie Irving 57 points @ Spurs (Full Highlights) (03/12/15) UNBELIEVABLE!

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SAN ANTONIO (AP) Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star Kyrie Irving left his superstar teammate LeBron James in awe. His spectacular play overwhelmed the San Antonio Spurs.
The guard collected a career-high and NBA season-high 57 points and his fadeaway 3 sent the emotional game into overtime where Cleveland rallied for a 128-125 victory over the defending NBA champion San Antonio Spurs on Thursday night.
"The kid is special, we all know it, we all see it," James said. "For him to go out and put on a performance like he did tonight was incredible."
His 57 topped his own NBA-best 55-point game against Portland on Jan. 28. He scored nine points in the final minute of regulation to tie the game and added 11 more in overtime to snap San Antonio's six-game winning streak.
"A few of those shots, it just left my hands and I kind of threw them up at the rim and I was lucky enough and blessed enough that they went in," Irving said.
His point total was a Cavs record, too, topping James' 56 against the Raptors in 2005.
James was back just in time from a one-game absence to be part of Irving's stellar night in what everyone said was one of the best NBA games this season.
"It was such a fun game," Irving said. "The crowd was into it. They sold out, they came to see a great game and it was. Once Bron gets into those step-back 3s, we were just looking at each other, `Man, this is just so much fun.' "
Irving hit a 3-pointer in the face of heavy defense from Danny Green to pull Cleveland to 110-107 with 31 seconds remaining in regulation. After the Spurs' Kawhi Leonard missed two free throws with 4.3 seconds left, Irving made his 3, falling to his right over Leonard to tie it at 110.
"I know I lost the game," Leonard said, "but (missing free throws) happens to everybody. So, I've got to keep moving forward and know that I made big free throws and big shots before."
Irving made all seven of his 3-point attempts, was 20 of 32 from the field overall, and made 10 free throws without a miss.
"He was outstanding every time we had an opportunity to beat them," Manu Ginobili said. "He came up with crazy plays."
James added 31 in his first game at the AT&T Center since being blown out in five games by San Antonio in the NBA Finals in his last games with the Miami Heat.
He was 10 for 20 from the floor in a physical battle with Leonard, but his struggles were lessened by Irving's wild night.
Tony Parker had 31 points for San Antonio and Leonard added 24 points.
Irving scored 11 points in overtime, including a crossover, fadeaway 3-pointer against Boris Diaw with 1:20 remaining to give Cleveland a 122-118 lead.
Green's 3-pointer gave San Antonio a 104-95 lead in regulation, prompting a timeout by Cleveland and a technical on James for arguing a non-call on an earlier miss.
"We Just try to regain my composure, including myself, which we did," James said. "We had to get some timely shots and some timely stops."
It was part of an emotional night for James,
He and Leonard battled on both ends of the court, with King James nodding his head and Leonard staring at him defiantly after the two exchanged a series of elbows to the chest and pushes away from the ball early in the second quarter.
Cavaliers: F Shawn Marion (left hip strain) did not play but was working out at full speed about 10 minutes before the game. ... The Cavaliers are 18-16 on the road. ... Cleveland was 12-1 in its previous 13 games against Western Conference teams, outscoring those opponents by 11.2 points. ... The Cavs are 34-5 when scoring at least 100 points. ... Tristan Thompson had four offensive rebounds in becoming the ninth player in team history with 1,000 career offensive rebounds.
Spurs: G Manu Ginobili played even though he is still battling gastroenteritis that kept him out of San Antonio's previous game. Ginobili told the team he was OK to play after participating in warmups prior to the game. He finished with no points and just one field goal attempt in 10 minutes. ... The Spurs are 24-8 at home this season. ... Duncan, Parker and Ginobili have 718 career wins, leaving them within 11 of tying Boston's Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parish for the most victories by a trio of teammates.
Cavaliers: Visit Orlando on Sunday.
Spurs: Host Minnesota on Sunday.


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Commenti 1 318
Sean McCarthy
Sean McCarthy 6 anni fa
When they say unbelievable this game actually was unbelievable.
Kelvin Majano
@Russell 94 kobe dunked
Allen Gian
Allen Gian Anno fa
@Russell 94;;;;;
Allen Gian
Allen Gian Anno fa
@Russell 94;; ;
bruhhh Anno fa
when I say the food is good the food is actually good
K.O.D. Holdin_It_Down
I Was Watching At CribN Kyrie Was Giving The Spurs The Business 🏀💯
Stephen Ishola
I always find myself coming back to this game, in my opinion this game Kyrie’s talent was on FULL display.. I want to go as far to say this might’ve been the best performances of his career. From the tough/clutch shots, passing, to his ridiculous handles and his ability to make tough shots, as I watched this game I was just in aw. Kyrie is truly gifted at basketball one of my favorite players definitely will be in the hall of fame when it’s all said and done.
Vegeta King
Vegeta King 8 mesi fa
@Rxlo_jay It has to be game 5 bcuz dude poured in 42 points along with LBJ to create that very hard record where as they’re the only duo to ever scored 40 or more points in a Finals game. They both scored 42 points each on the road down 3-1 aka in an elimination game.
Rxlo_jay 9 mesi fa
@Kobebeabb2481 nah game 5 in the finals was his best game
MrZaetiggy Anno fa
Remarkably one the best performances of all time. It was truly amazing to watch
Stephen Ishola
I couldn’t agree with you more bro… from start to finish dude was putting on a show… pure art I can watch this all day everyday.
Bro this is one of the most incredible individual performances in NBA history, this is a master at work
Carlton Abosi
Carlton Abosi 7 anni fa
This video gave me chills because of how great Kyrie Irving is as a player.
Denzeil Nettles
Denzeil Nettles 2 anni fa
Easily one of my favorite players I ever seen play I’m 28 now
Stephen Ishola
Stephen Ishola 3 anni fa
He’s truly gifted bro
Vize 6 anni fa
Russell 94
Russell 94 6 anni fa
that last 3 gave me chills
Jalen Daniels
I don't care if he dropped 60, THIS is still his signature game! 🔥
Luis Moreno
Luis Moreno 28 giorni fa
@kennysdead500 plus it was against pre load management Kawhi
Ivica 5 mesi fa
Spurs were MUCH better than the magic lmao
League was in way better shape back then Plus the Spurs could actually play defense
Maurice Humphrey
This was Kyrie's "SIGNATURE " game.
Shameema C
Shameema C 9 mesi fa
@ReelCrib 60
ReelCrib Anno fa
now there's a new signature game
Jalen Daniels
Good times 😩
David Hanson
David Hanson 6 anni fa
GloMan Capo this was a way better game from him
Jaxton Jr
Jaxton Jr 6 anni fa
57 points 7/7 from deep... Only player to score 50 or more against Coach Pop at home.
courtney gates
courtney gates 6 mesi fa
Kyrie 1st career win against the Spurs.....
Khalid E
Khalid E Anno fa
@Danang Dwiatma Kyrie just dropped 60 tonight too 😉
Danang Dwiatma
@Khalid E I know u would re-watch this highlight bcause KAT dropped 60 on spurs tonight😂
Khalid E
Khalid E Anno fa
KAT just dropped 60 but this was way prettier
ThatzE3 Anno fa
Brian Scalabrine*
IAM-Highlights 6 anni fa
his damn sweet spot is really that upper right corner of the court. that shot against curry was no fluke.
Dolo Mese fa
Really what it is, is it’s that shot is easy fade. I guess cause of the angle and that goes for anyone who knows how to put the ball in the net but with him being a nba player it’s just to easy.
Z Anno fa
hot zone
Cody Eble
Cody Eble Anno fa
Perfect since Lebron's is the upper left wings lol
Ernie Simms
Ernie Simms 2 anni fa
And Lebrons is on the other side
Jc 3 anni fa
It was lebron in this video
gor9027 4 mesi fa
I miss Cavs Kyrie. The guy we’ve seen the last few years is a completely different person who clearly isn’t passionate about the game anymore.
Everybody just going to ignore that Kawhi choked in the end with two free throws?
godzilla0974 3 giorni fa
Is that the same interview where he had the funny weird laugh?
Heightsfynest 3 mesi fa
@BrotherlyLove12 😂😂😂😂😂
Rondu Bynum
Rondu Bynum 4 mesi fa
Facts thou
Jay Onkfire
Jay Onkfire 7 mesi fa
Tim at to tap him on the chest after the first miss😂😂😂
kayshaun 8 mesi fa
I remember shaq saying something about it
Raymond Sanchez
Raymond Sanchez 2 anni fa
Best individual performance I've ever seen in person. That game and Kyries performance was crazy. That shot to force overtime had that arena shook!!!
MrZaetiggy 3 anni fa
This is and will probably always be my favorite highlight. Kyrie was in his bagggg all game. Epic performance
Adri Anno fa
Kai was in that special place this game. The place where time stands still and everything just flows. He was in the zone! I remember watching this live and it was incredible. Kyrie pulled all the tricks out of his bag this game🔥
J O 3 anni fa
3:43 his balance/ball control/foot recovery skills is special to see! One of the reasons I love this game from a fan watching the game I love. 🏀
naggedd 8 anni fa
this is a game i'll never forget
All-Jock 3 anni fa
naggedd facts
The Tool Enthusiast
I don't leave comments but for this I have to. This is imo one of the greatest performance in nba history.
JPK Clutch
JPK Clutch 3 anni fa
That move at 3:44 was amazing. Truly unguardable.
SlimTarHeel 2
SlimTarHeel 2 5 anni fa
Best game of his career! Never will I forget this performance
Steve Meyer
Steve Meyer 7 anni fa
when cleveland plays like this they're the most exciting team to watch
Cavs2003-2010 & 2014-TillLBJLeaves
I watch this live and that was one of the most intense regular season games ever
Cody Eble
Cody Eble Anno fa
I loved watching this live because Kyrie went off but so did TP and LeBron and Kawhi were going at each other all game too.. felt like a throwback
Charles Warren
Charles Warren 3 anni fa
This was an absolute Marvelous performance by Kyrie and a an awesome game.
Marcus Wilson
Hands down in my opinion one of the best games I’ve ever seen and one of kyrie’s best games ever
Tumbleweed43 9 mesi fa
What a Great game for Cleveland that Night. Considering everyone’s history playing against the Spurs.
Vinny Pucella
Vinny Pucella 3 anni fa
Whenever I wanna get hyped or feeling down I watch this game, gives me goosebumps every time
Soza Anno fa
Always will be my favorite game by kyrie
king_has_no_cloths kul
Aaron Szeto
Aaron Szeto 2 anni fa
He's just on fire... When an already amazing player is playing at the top of their game like this, they're practically immortal. Just gotta say, too good! Yep, he won it for the Cavs on this night, and deservedly so!
D 3
D 3 Anno fa
I watched this live on tv as a 18 year old in Cleveland & it’s easily the best basketball game I’ve ever witnessed
That Nigga Tomioka
My favorite game from Kyrie of all time. And just recently, he dropped 54 and was 80+ from the field. Now he's injured again...
Benjamin -
Benjamin - Anno fa
He can dish out some magical performances
Damian Avila
Damian Avila 4 anni fa
This is one of my favorite games I’ve ever watched in nba history
swirl 6 anni fa
this is just a flash of what he will be playing like in 2-3 yrs from now if he stays healthy, dude just keeps getting better
Gil Ribeiro
Gil Ribeiro 2 anni fa
Monstro joga muito!!! 🇧🇷
theBlackBear 6 anni fa
I think this was the game where everyone was like "wow Kyrie can ball". this is when he elevated to the next level. kinda like how LeBron did when he dropped 48 on the pistons in 07. this was it
At 3:43 Kyrie hit a sequence of moves I don’t think we’ve ever seen
Ja Rinxcii
Ja Rinxcii 2 anni fa
For an all Spurs defensive team Irving is just too amazing
Jorge V
Jorge V 6 anni fa
Drop 57 on the best defensive team ? Just A Kyrie Thing
Siddharth Mahajan
The warriors were the best defensive team in this year
MixonDEO 2 anni fa
@GoodMood was going to like your comment but it has 57 likes so imma just let it be lmao 🤣
Jorge V
Jorge V 2 anni fa
Frankie Vegas tru i dont even know why i said that shit back then 🤣
Mama there goes that Man
Slideshow Bob
Slideshow Bob 3 anni fa
@Marlon Gaines Yeah, goat, epic, monster, shocking, everything is suddenly a superlative
James Nichols
This is probably the single best game he's ever played
Martin C
Martin C 23 giorni fa
Still the best performance I’ve ever seen
James Worthy
James Worthy 6 anni fa
that 3 kyrie made on the finals vs curry on game 7. remind me of this 3 he made to force OT.
moshiii 7 mesi fa
@Joey_BK_86 💀
Joey_BK_86 Anno fa
@James Worthy 2021 ballin like crazy. Gonna bring Brooklyn to the promise land. 2021 finals championship Brooklyn nets 💙🤍🖤❤️🖤❤️🤍💙🖤❤️🤍💙🖤❤️🤍
Drows3y_Tiger34 2 anni fa
James Worthy That comment aged well didn't it
Reny Nuñez
Reny Nuñez 2 anni fa
Jeremy uban superable Jeremy
Yes galing
Ej Stew
Ej Stew 6 anni fa
Saw this classic live. Greatest game I've ever witnessed.
Mr. Badass
Mr. Badass 4 anni fa
Still waiting for the day to top this performance of his he had complete control of the game and Duncan's token of respect says a lot.
steve smith
steve smith 2 anni fa
Watching this several times in lockdown Manchester UK ! fantastic! God bless kyrie and our cousins in The USA!
Davon Knight
Davon Knight 3 anni fa
I missed this game that year but wow thanks for the highlights what a career night for Irving to upset the defending champs they were hungry all that year definitely was one of the best singe performances and nba games in the modern era
Nancy Concha
Nancy Concha 5 anni fa
i miss the Cavs so much...especially LeBron and Kyrie...i've watch this clip maybe a thousand times already...😍😍😍
Joseph 6 anni fa
That buzzer shot in the same spot he killed the warriors.
Stefan Milinkovic
Rafael Mertin yes
Rafael Mertin
Rafael Mertin 3 anni fa
Jalen Daniels
So you’re telling me this Kyrie Irving guy isn’t one of the best 75 of all time?
Omar Serch
Omar Serch 8 mesi fa
no, he’s not
Lorenze Rosales
One of the best Games of Kyrie Irving...🔥
Christian Paul
Christian Paul 4 anni fa
He is so good that makes me wanna cry
Max Adjin
Max Adjin 5 anni fa
Damn im going to miss seeing these two OG's play together 😥
DillyDilly —
DillyDilly — 3 anni fa
Watched this live, one of the best games I’ve watched
I remember seeing this live. What an experience!!!
NLV LOLO 3 anni fa
I still watch this game, because i love Kyrie so much as a player. and ik hes been getting alot of hate these recent years, but they cant take his talent away 🤘🏼
Frosty Fire
Frosty Fire 5 anni fa
What a phenomenal performance
가나다 2 anni fa
3:41 that move is so dope.
Brother JAAY
Brother JAAY 4 anni fa
As a Cavs fan, I still get emotional watching this video!
Justine Caraballe
if kevin love and kyrie is not injured I'm sure cavs 2015 champs
Matrix Seven
Matrix Seven 8 mesi fa
@Melvin Cuaresma Draymond never cried to KD, he was the one that actually told KD that Warriors never needed him
Melvin Cuaresma
Melvin Cuaresma 8 mesi fa
@Matrix Seven ok but LeBron didn’t beg for KD to go to Cleveland, who was the one crying to get KD after the 2016 finals? Pretty sure it was Draymond, and then he went on to get Demarcus Cousins two years later
Frank Hamm
Frank Hamm 8 mesi fa
FACTS it was literally lebron against the warriors smh
Matrix Seven
Matrix Seven Anno fa
They wasn’t injured in 2016 & still damn near lost until Lebron cried to the refs to get Draymond suspened
Matrix Seven
Matrix Seven Anno fa
@ReyJae_ Refs cheated Warriors in game 6 && they injured the Warriors starting center
Tafari TVlive247
One of the BEST GAME I’ve seen these two play
Et 4 anni fa
i remember watching this live late at night. that 4th quarter buzzer from kyrie was just unreal. prior to all that, im knowing kyrie was gonna have a great game i just felt the energy but that fuckin buzzer beater almost made me think this shit is scripted lol too good. then when it went into ot iknew cavs would win as long as that man uncle drew didnt get hurt. good moment🔥🔥
Thomas Hicks
Thomas Hicks Anno fa
Kyrie Irving is absolutely LEGENDARY, just simply smashed Spurs defense with Kawhi Leonard on the floor, nobody could guard him!!!! Greatest skilled player ever!!
Rashed Ali Alejandre
4:08 very underrated play
BJ TheNeophyte
BJ TheNeophyte 6 anni fa
Thank you 23 for being the king I knew you were. we would have lost without you. I hate losing. 82-0 or it's a failure. Kevin Love for MVP!!!
E___ 7 anni fa
Cory Joseph's face at the end was like: I would've locked him down...😂😂😂
Truzz Prod.
Truzz Prod. 3 anni fa
@Rudy Aguilar dawn y'all was right
1980starjustice 6 anni fa
hahaha...more like "DAMN, that boy good"
John Moreta
John Moreta 7 anni fa
Rudy Aguilar I know
Rudy Aguilar
Rudy Aguilar 7 anni fa
+John Moreta don't worry about the haters one day we'll be good.
John Moreta
John Moreta 7 anni fa
+Sheree Levi what
That Nigga Tomioka
0:24 he dropped the ball in front of him so that Tony couldn't pick him after going on top of the screen. People think ball handling just has to do with how well you can control the ball when you're pounding your dribble. Nah, it has to do with so much more than that. craftiness, reaction time, hand speed and coordination. YOU NEED TRICKS WHEN YOU DRIBBLE. LITTLE SMALL SUBTLE TRICKS.
Jalen Daniels
He’s the best ball handler on planet earth
Joshua Howard
Joshua Howard 3 anni fa
I loved watching this game live 🔥🔥💯💯
CST 6 anni fa
Who else think that Ky is the most clutch player in the league? If I can pick any guy to take the last shot it's Ky. I mean.. when has he ever screwed up under pressure? Sure, everybody misses once in a while but he never panics or anything like that. I swear Ky is gonna go down among the all time great clutch players. He has got that Reggie Miller, Jordan instinct.
Stephen Ishola
Only other active player who’s just as clutch or maybe a little more clutch is Lillard. It’ll be hard to choose between them the two when it’ll come down to the last shot 😂
JRStewart5 4 anni fa
This dude might be the best pure basketball player I've ever seen
Nathan X D
Nathan X D Mese fa
I was at this game live and when i tell you classy it doesn't get as good as San Antonio. When this game ended i tell you we were all on our feet and clapping no leaving early or anything. I remember i was in a box seat and kyrie was at 20+ at half time and i said this was gonna be a game. Every time Tim switched up on Kyrie it was elderly abuse... Amazing game all around.
AlucardYGO 3 mesi fa
Come back to say this might have been a regular season game for the ages 🎉😂
yl l
yl l 3 anni fa
Fascinating ball handling and cold-blooded killing finishing
gdc615 7 anni fa
Incredible! Now if he can just stay healthy..
Anonymous 2 anni fa
Even as a diehard Spurs fan I watch this a lot.
King Wilbur
King Wilbur 6 anni fa
That crossover at 0:31 OMG
KALIM KALIM 2 anni fa
Best game ever from kyrie !!!!💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
N H 6 anni fa
His best game ever beside a couple of his 2016 Nba finals games. Like game 5 and 7
ace 3 anni fa
Mike Miller had that look at the end of the game at kyrie like "boy you was killing tonight".....definitely a Kyrie classic here
Paul Chalokwu
Paul Chalokwu 2 anni fa
How come nobody ever talks about that lebron dagger at the the end that sealed the game ? GOAT 🐐
ZeLegend 6 mesi fa
that happened because of Kyries first clutch sorry
ToddthaGod 3 anni fa
LeBron and Kyrie played so well together I don’t know why Kyrie wanted to leave
Nee Doc
Nee Doc 3 anni fa
@TWrLD23 Kyrie wanted to be the man. Look how that worked out. He will probably regret not staying with Lebron. They said that even after winning the 2016 finals, kyrie was not talking to anyone during the playoffs. Especially in 2017
TWrLD23 3 anni fa
he knew the cavs didnt have the right pieces to beat warriors w kd n he prob knew bron might be leaving aswell. Cavs were super top heavy
doinksauce 6 anni fa
kyrie may go down as one of the best clutch shooter in basketball when it's all said and done, superior shooter.
@rafikz77 Through advanced metrics he’s the 10th most clutch among active players. Check CWPA stats. Making the finals for 5 straight years makes it easy to have moments like that. Are you old enough to remember when he scored 16 points over the final three minutes of Game 6 in Houston to end the Rockets' season? Or simply the fact that he has more game winners than larry bird and ray allen and reggie miller? All clutch shooters? The narrative that curry isn’t clutch is as stupid as it is uninformed
Xavier Vega
Xavier Vega 2 anni fa
@Callum Aston Kyrie shoots over 40% in clutch situations. For all his flaws, the man is clutch
Stefan Milinkovic
rafikz77 ok and ?? It’s not like that’s the only shot kyrie has made like in kerr’s case, go look at that whole playoff season and the one after. Kyrie was always the one making clutch plays
rafikz77 3 anni fa
Steve _Clips you made a point about LeBron being saved by a teammate scoring a clutch basket , thus my reply.
Stefan Milinkovic
rafikz77 you’re funny 😂👌🏻 you must be kidding. Kerr is the only one u can consider clutch and even he isn’t as clutch as kyrie
Vic Giran
Vic Giran 3 anni fa
One of Kyrie’s best game besides the Game 7 finals.
MoneyOverFame 7 anni fa
He's an amazing finisher around the rim in traffic.
Woah What Is This
Shout out to Kawhi for missing those FTs. Still come back and watch these highlights
Chris Hite
Chris Hite 6 anni fa
Corey Joseph face says it all 💯😂😂
G. Coleman
G. Coleman 6 anni fa
Man i dont know who is or was the best iso player kyrie Irving or allen iverson! Its so damn hard! Irving is damn near magic dribbling that ball man, pure freak of talent!
JJ Lee
JJ Lee 4 anni fa
i love kyrie, and i love duncan too. 9:24 he was recognizing greatness, and not resenting the loss. he's a good guy.
Malakai Thedemigod
Man…. Those crisp net swishes 🏀
Samuel Moffen
I've watched this game 3 times back in the good old days
Cesar Carbajal
Cesar Carbajal 6 anni fa
Much respect, uncle drew and wow what a great game
Rafi M.
Rafi M. Anno fa
Can't imagine how Kyrie and LeBron was such a great duo.
ButlerSzn Anno fa
Oh my God this game was unbelievable
Lol at 5:03 Green just throws his hands up like wtf can I do about this Kyrie
Aaa Bbb
Aaa Bbb Anno fa
I miss kyrie 😭😭😭
AriraK Anno fa
The Kyrie + Lebron combo was a fucking beautiful watch while it lasted
Russell H
Russell H 3 anni fa
Amazing performance my god
Carlton Anno fa
Man Kyrie and Lebron were so clutch down the stretch
Rustan Chavez
Rustan Chavez 7 anni fa
Unforgettable game for me
Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball 6 anni fa
every great player needs a sidekick like this to win championships
Tyron Wells
Tyron Wells 4 anni fa
@ATX Gaming lol
ATX Gaming
ATX Gaming 4 anni fa
Yeah I'm glad Kyrie had a great sidekick in LeBron
The Human Highlight Reel
This is no sidekick performance
Abubaker Alzuaree
exactly, kyrie is what kobe was to shaq... a teammate who is able to take over games when it mattered
Ali A
Ali A 6 anni fa
a sidekick know but will be a top 3 player in the league very soon
Nas Holston
Nas Holston Anno fa
Kyrie and Bron were such a great duo
Mulugeta Ayalew
Mulugeta Ayalew 5 anni fa
One of my favorite Kyrie games
Xavier Rainey
Xavier Rainey 3 anni fa
My junior year of high school ... back when the NBA was worth watching and life was good
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