Kyrie Irving on Mavericks Playoffs Hopes, Postgame Interview 

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Dallas Mavericks vs Philadelphia 76ers - Full Game Highlights | March 29, 2023 | 2022-23 NBA Season
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29 mar 2023




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Commenti : 381   
Ayeitsme399 2 mesi fa
Imagine Kyrie saying "i'll only answer questions if all of you read my cap" 😂
James Edouazin
James Edouazin 2 mesi fa
😂Dawg why Kyrie trollin them still? lmao
Fred Savage
Fred Savage 2 mesi fa
@James Edouazin He’s not trolling. He’s a nut case.
GoldMo242 Mese fa
@Fred Savage he not sheep
luv Mese fa
@Fred Savage legitimately a nut case
sdadsada 2 mesi fa
I am not even a Mavs fan but i hope that they will make it into play in because that play in tournament will be crazy if they end up there playing against Lakers or Wolves for the final playoff spot.
Unruly Rebel
Unruly Rebel 2 mesi fa
Nah they not making it, OKC has 5 easy game left and the mavs have like 2 tough game left
Mason Mei
Mason Mei 2 mesi fa
@Unruly Rebel OKC going against Suns with KD, Dubs that just came back from down 20, and Grizz with Ja😅😅 easy games sure bud
Rok Prijatelj
Rok Prijatelj 2 mesi fa
@Mason Mei 😂😂
. 2 mesi fa
@Mason Mei Dubs that are also fighting for a playoff spot
Mason Mei
Mason Mei 2 mesi fa
@. yep also at Chase Center 😄
Christopher BF1
1:33, "it's been a scramble since i've been here" damn that's tough to hear but it is obvious that there are some flaws. i miss the days when it first went down & Luke & Kyrie were joking around just being okay with the losses. But now it's clear that they respect each other and that there is more at play to their losses. i hope, if Kyrie decides to stay, that next season is one where the proper pieces are put together to make the Kyrie/Luka duo the superior offensive duo they could be. hoping for the best MFFL
Sam Calkins
Sam Calkins 2 mesi fa
I been saying this about the Mavs. When they did the Kyrie trade I laughed out loud and told all my friends that they wouldn't be able to do anything because they lost the only players that played defense lol. Javale is deadass the best defender on the team bruh by a mile how did they expect to get defensive stops against anyone lmao
Did you play basketball competitively growing up?
J Smith
J Smith Mese fa
Hell yea bro.all they do is shoot 3s drive and kicks and two players that iso…. NO DEFENDERS OR POST PLAYERS.
Dats a paddlin
Dats a paddlin 2 mesi fa
Welp at least the Mavs will have some cap space next year 😂. They need some defense asap.
Popcorn Mese fa
Even if they get some defensive pieces, Kidd will just bench them and proceed on playing Powell more 🤣
Popcorn Mese fa
Even if they get some defensive pieces, Kidd will just bench them and proceed on playing Powell more 🤣
Deric Harris
Deric Harris 2 mesi fa
They are too predictable on offense at times especially in the clutch
Napoleon Bonaparte
Dwight Howard will save this team.
Austin Fischer
Austin Fischer 2 mesi fa
@Napoleon Bonapartein another universe maybe
Skyylife ENT
Skyylife ENT 2 mesi fa
​@Austin Fischer just 10 years ago
Jay 2 mesi fa
I said it before and I'll say it again. The Offense flows better without Luka. Nothing is going to change until Luka change the way he plays and stop dominating the ball, hence the reason why the last 6 minutes of the game was when Luka got back in the game. All the role players play better when Luka is on bench. Nobody noticed Jaylen Brunson until Luka got injured in that Utah series. Which is why Jaylen Brunson is playing at such a high level now.
Sharp Sevens
Sharp Sevens 2 mesi fa
Bahahaha. Mavs were 4 in the west just 2 months ago. Luka can play whatever offense when he cares. The real problem isn't the shitnyour saying it's the refs. The league is against Luka and starting him down is exactly what refs allow players to do. PERIOD
CULLEY Mese fa
@Sharp Sevens you dont understand bro respectfully too but fam listen … just like in football with RG3 . once you go through a couple years doin the SAME thing.. the league as a whole (especially if you’re an MVP type player) picks up and studies your tendencies and everything you wanna do so until the player in questions game changes.. the league is clamping that shiii up MOST IMPORTANTLY AND ESPECIALLY IN THE PLAYOFFS.. that Solo Luka shiii was not finna work brudda i’m sorry but it’s true. just like wit James Harden in his days.. they just need another BIG MAN piece and they’d go crazy. KAI is the PERFECT MIX but interior defensively they lost .
Ivan sanks
Ivan sanks Mese fa
It’s the pace luka plays halfcourt playoff style basketball and slows everything down
Jake Leflair
Jake Leflair Mese fa
Luka plays too slow man. He’s gotta stop whining after every play. We need energy on defense
doublez_2423 Mese fa
Bro kyrie isn’t saving anyone. Wtf kind of take is this. He’s a stat padder at best. He does not know how to carry or win. It’s been Lebron. Always been Lebron. Foh
Gloo-packk1 2 mesi fa
He leaving in the off-season
Gavin Anderson
Gavin Anderson 2 mesi fa
Fa sho
JeRon Jackson
JeRon Jackson 2 mesi fa
apierre6 2 mesi fa
Where would he go? I don't think any team is going to offer my big contract. The Lakers already said they're not interested.
trixie vicente
trixie vicente 2 mesi fa
@apierre6 Jeanie buss and Rob are smart enough to discern this!!!
Doucheboggy 2 mesi fa
The problem with kyrie is he cost a lot of money to have on the team so Brooklyn and the mavs had to give up there defense and bench depth to get him.
Kwistiano 2 mesi fa
He just needs to call out Luka for being selfish, man would literally choose to pass it to an open bullock over an open kyrie. Pretty fucking sad. He keeps looking him off when he’s asking for the ball. And everyone knows how crazy his court-vision is. And the reason he wasn’t smiling the past couple games, was cause he was battling against his ego. He doesn’t want the spotlight to be focused on Kyrie. He needs to fucking grow up and defend more, his head’s getting too big, he’s had a lot better attitude back in his rookie szn, defending better. Just sad to see. The team shares the ball better when he’s out because of injury, everyone gets to touch the ball, creates better shot opportunities. I guess szn’s really over.
Not a Left YouTube Channel
Never understood why they added another ISO player along with Luka. They need a big man and depth
Aries love
Aries love 2 mesi fa
They need a couple of big men that can play
Unruly Rebel
Unruly Rebel 2 mesi fa
Everyone and their momma said this wasn't gonna work even sports show didn't fall for the hype, they said it too two ball dominate guys didn't they learn nothing from Harden and CP, Russ and Harden smfh, luka with buddy hield and Myles turner would've been way better the pacers were asking for 2 picks I'm sure the mavs could've made that happen
N Y 2 mesi fa
They need defence too they're getting scored on by everyone
Rezzylite 2 mesi fa
Reno Leeora
Reno Leeora 2 mesi fa
Kyrie be so original with his attire. That hat 😂
jason j
jason j 2 mesi fa
Yep ain't gon help him win no games just help yall kyrie fans talk
Kthafinnese 2 mesi fa
I saw a play luka looked kyrie in the eyes and didn’t pass it to him 😂😂😂
Kinbawa Mese fa
Yeah on one fast break he had bullock to the left and kyrie to his right. He passed it to bullock rather than kyrie and he missed 😅
Kthafinnese Mese fa
@Kinbawa lmaooo
facey Kad
facey Kad Mese fa
Kyrie did it again!! destroyed 2 teams in one season. now thats impressive🤣
Jaylen Brown Fan
Good thing Luka is only 24. Has time to figure it out. get the chip later in his career like Dirk. Only takes one for everyone to forget the early years.
Anonymous 2 mesi fa
That L was not kyrie fault, man passing to reggie that brick a wide open 3, kleber too...mcgee and wood still not playing together or getting enough minutes
Dee Gee
Dee Gee 2 mesi fa
So are we going to ignore what’s on his hat 😂
Taichou_Exe 2 mesi fa
Kai & Luca got mad open shots for teammates down the end just couldn’t knock ‘em down
jaron payne
jaron payne 2 mesi fa
They haven’t knocked them down in a. Few games now. THJ keep taking late game threes like he got the green light
Str8 & Narrow
Luka be straight hating on Kyrie ever since he got there. Luka is spoiled… immature and isn’t willing to do what it takes to win. He is out of shape, a cry baby, quits on plays and refuses to play defense. He is not a leader on the team and his teammates don’t really respect him like that. They would all much rather follow Kyrie. FrFr… It’s really that obvious. 🤦🏽‍♂️
Mr Campbell
Mr Campbell Mese fa
Fans and media ruining our chances of getting more stars to come play. A lot of blaming
Bullock couldn’t shoot all game. Kidd had the wrong squad in the game going down the stretch which seems to be a repeating story
Mavs going on summer vacay early. No urgency here, they can't win like this. Not all Irving's fault. They just need defense!
MooNwALKER 2 mesi fa
Yea he's gone in the off season 😂😂😂
Big Sweet C
Big Sweet C 2 mesi fa
Kyrie left LeBron because he wanted his own squad. He left Tatum and Brown the best young duo in the NBA at the time. He got to play with his best friend and they got everything they wanted and finally were having a good season went 18-2 and KD goes down Kyrie cries and inevitably gets traded. I think the Mavs were firmly in the 4-6 seed when they traded for Kyrie and now they are 11th. So all the Kyrie Stan’s out there… what is actually the right team situation for this dude? And when will he take responsibility for his role… 🤦‍♂️
Brendan Bloom
Brendan Bloom 2 mesi fa
Kyrie left the cavs cuz they tried to trade him before hand and Lebron was already gonna leave. How did he want to be the man hen he put a list of teams he preferred and one was spurs with kawhi and the other twolves with butler? He left Boston cuz he had a chance to play home with his friend who happens to be kd. Injuries and Covid bs ruined that and nets management hated him over it and weren’t gonna pay him. Best situation for him is a place where he has a good coach and supportive management and he’s surrounded by size and defense and has high iq versatile teammates who can shoot and playmake.
jaron payne
jaron payne 2 mesi fa
They were in the 6th seed when Kyrie got there. Only 2 games above 500. Wasn’t nothing firm about that. If they were in a good position there wouldn’t have been a reason to make the trade
Jay Anthony_GnG
Jay Anthony_GnG 2 mesi fa
@Brendan Bloom love this comment
Martin Iyahen
You watch too much Stephen a smith
ashley j
ashley j 2 mesi fa
Idk if it’s kidd or the others not bein able to not knock down any open shots 😬
TMNL EGGY 2 mesi fa
They have no small forwards. gotta have a small forward to win in this NBA, at least one thats a defender
Grant Lucas
Grant Lucas 2 mesi fa
if kidd would use josh green right and consistently, thats a pretty good young defensive small forward
Jordon Mese fa
As a Suns fan, I am LOVING the downfall of the Mavs, Thank you Kyrie for that! and for getting us KD! :D
Sosa Mese fa
I’m sure you loved game 7 last year too! maybe that’s why you care so much about the mavs
Harden Xx
Harden Xx Mese fa
You probably cried after game 7 last season lmao
Ptahhotep Tmu
@Harden Xx It doesn’t matter now lol
Eren Yaeger
Eren Yaeger Mese fa
​@Ptahhotep Tmuoh no it still matters lol. The suns haven't won a championship yet. When they get bounced in the second round it'll matter.
Dunkirito Mese fa
@Sosa Bro still living in the past. Live in the present dawg. Suns >>>
Brandon Weatherly
Why aren’t mavs fans talking about the first time kyrie was in Dallas it was a disaster
Ryu Ken
Ryu Ken 2 mesi fa
He is asking for max contract next season
BullyG Mese fa
Dang, he turning into Uncle Drew right before our eyes...........he's aging fast, looked so young when he was on the Cavs...........
George Blackwell
I need one of those hats asap
J Smith
J Smith Mese fa
All this interview really says Kyrie is outta there this summer…. He going to the Lakers.
LeGM 2 mesi fa
If they make the playoffs they better hope they avoid the Grizzlies otherwise my man Dillon Brooks is going to cook them 🔥
Unseen Otto
Unseen Otto 2 mesi fa
You talking for the grizzlies and having a lebron profile😂😂
Harvard Brown
Harvard Brown 2 mesi fa
Kyrie really the rebel of the nba 😂
ThatRedDude 2 mesi fa
He finna be out the NBA
Unseen Otto
Unseen Otto 2 mesi fa
@ThatRedDude why you want something like that ?
jaron payne
jaron payne 2 mesi fa
@ThatRedDude why because he has his own mind lol
DrWho 2 mesi fa
@jaron payne No, because he is not just a player but an employee. The NBA is not just a league but also a business, it also means he can be replaced. If you can replace an owner like Sarver, you can easily replace a player. Just because you have the freedom to express yourself doesn't mean you are free from consequences. It's that simple.
william rhodes
william rhodes 2 mesi fa
Ngl his hat kills me every time idk why 😂
C Leigh
C Leigh Mese fa
Mavs need a coach upgrade- Kidd is a lot of their issues.
Oh Okay
Oh Okay 2 mesi fa
Just become an artist bro.. it’s all good you don’t have to play the press
Andrew Fenichel said the mavs are winning the west 😂
Jay Anthony_GnG
Jay Anthony_GnG 2 mesi fa
In my opinion-Kai has been a breath of fresh air in Dallas. I think we all knew they would be terrible on defense, offensively they’ve been great but Luka and Kai can’t do it themselves. If their shooters aren’t hitting AND they can’t defend how do you expect for them to win games? Also, Luka needs to get his head out of his ass. It’s not just his show anymore, and Kai is definitely on the same level as him. Let that ego go, play some defense for once, stop complaining to the refs every single play and get back on defense! He literally leaves his team hanging when he does that. If anything, Kai being in Dallas is exposing Luka for the type of player he is. He’s awesome but not the greatest teammate.
Jfromstate 2 mesi fa
Yea I’m starting to see his change in demeanor and he looks pissed more than usual lol
DrWho 2 mesi fa
Breath of fresh air....more like BAD BREATH. They were in the 4th seed before the trade happened, now they are out of the play in tournament with how many games left. That duo is the same when Harden joined up with Westbrook. They should have kept Spencer and Dorian. "If anything, Kai being in Dallas is exposing Luka for the type of player he is"🤣🤣🤣🤣Golden State already exposed him last year in the playoffs. What more can Kyrie expose? "He’s awesome but not the greatest teammate". Tell me how many teams did Kyrie leave in shambles because of internal disputes he caused with other players [Brown and Tatum] and coach [Nash] and owner [Tsai]. How many did he violate his contract by not showing up for work. And "let that ego go". 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Kyrie has the biggest ego out of anyone in the NBA ever. Hell! you can even argue that he is clinically insane.
Oz Man
Oz Man Mese fa
I agree with you, it’s laughable how most people blame both players as if they can compete with the other 5 and bench players by themselves. Powell has to sit his ass down and let Wood play. I honestly don’t understand how an NBA player plays for 30+ mins and score less than 10 fkn points..
Martin Iyahen
Lool whatever seed they were in, Kyrie made that team better. No one was checking for the Mavs
Jay Anthony_GnG
@DrWho tbh I was with you until you said he had internal issues with JT and JB. Clearly you don’t like kyrie and are on the hate kyrie bandwagon lol every single time he’s played Boston those two guys IN PARTICULAR show him love. SMH. They were in 4th, barely when Kai got there. Luka was hurt as well, but the fact still remains that the team AS A WHOLE, plays no defense. I don’t think you mentioned that at all though, just going on and on about kyrie this and kyrie that. I’ve got a suggestion for you Dr. Dumbass-apply for a job as analyst at espn, they’d love you up there. Kyrie’s been keeping the lights on over there for at least a couple years now 🤣 clown
Matt 2 mesi fa
the mavs gutted their team for this guy. i wonder if he will bail on them or help
Erick Hernandez
Tonight he will show up save my comment 🎉
Nathan Ruh
Nathan Ruh 2 mesi fa
Idc what anyone says. That hat is dope asf and I’m a white dude. I respect it
Smartkingpants 2 mesi fa
real, hats too tuff
Jaren 2 mesi fa
Who wears that style of hat anymore? This ain't 2014 lol
MGtv 2 mesi fa
@Jaren 0/10 Joke
Jaren 2 mesi fa
@MGtv wasn't a joke. It was a serious question. I used to wear those when I was 10 lmao
JTG 2 mesi fa
@Jaren i feel bad for you 😂😂 wont wear something unless others wear it cause you scared to be you lmfaoooooo then again, you dont leave your room anyway so i doubt you wear actual clothes
Storm Mese fa
It's going to get to a point where Kyrie will get booed no matter what team he plays for.
Sharp Sevens
Sharp Sevens 2 mesi fa
texanfootball96 2 mesi fa
Mavs fans mentally tryna accept that kyrie won’t be back 💔
Grant Lucas
Grant Lucas 2 mesi fa
he will be back
Wipeyonose🚦 2 mesi fa
@Grant Lucas nah
RAMZ LifeStyle
RAMZ LifeStyle 2 mesi fa
Shane Powell
Shane Powell 2 mesi fa
I'm fucking with the hat 💪💪💪💪
Furtive Pygmy
Furtive Pygmy 2 mesi fa
And you fucking with yo ebt card too 💪💪
brandon Williams
@Furtive Pygmy goofy.
deedeecurtis Mese fa
Luka and Kyrie never should have agreed to Cuban’s decision to tank. They’re getting blamed while he’s getting a draft pick. This is all on Cuban.
Jin Kim
Jin Kim 2 mesi fa
The hat left me wanting some Ho neygrow for lunch tomorrow
kfarns 2 mesi fa
So I got flamed for saying this 2 months ago. Now all of a sudden people are getting it. I said that as the lakers I would keep Austin reeves any day over kyrie. Winning is more than just dazzling dribbles and offense.
Bare Mohamed
Bare Mohamed 2 mesi fa
2 months ago Lebron was sad lakers didint get Kyrie, and he still wants land kyrie lakers
kfarns 2 mesi fa
@Bare Mohamed that is what the news took from his comments when he complemented kyrie. This also occurred when the lakers needed to make trades and were trash. He didn’t want Westbrook. So yes I’m that state he would have been happy to get anyone.
Draco🕷 2 mesi fa
Casual clown take
kfarns 2 mesi fa
@Draco🕷 cryrie irving fan spotted??
Neil Edd Jose
Neil Edd Jose 2 mesi fa
X 2 mesi fa
Yeah cuz the Nets haven’t been a meme for years 😂
Daniel K
Daniel K 2 mesi fa
He will resign in Dallas and then once he has the money he will cause all kinds of issues for us Ultimately demanding a trade.
What’s The Deal?
They need like a third option. Can’t just be Kyrie and Luka
Grant Lucas
Grant Lucas 2 mesi fa
jaden hardy can be that in due time. hope jason kidd will play him. christian wood only averaging 17-18 pts, playing 15 mins on some nights. we need to fix the lineups because it is a clear issue.
Gmail Gmail
Gmail Gmail Mese fa
They have one already
Eman Sanders
Eman Sanders 2 mesi fa
Love the hat😂
DORAEMON 2 mesi fa
It is Kyrie. When you add a player like him whose priority is not about winning basketball games. It becomes contagious to the rest of the team. At least Kyrie is not under contract next year so the Mavs have the cap space to find Luka another dance partner.
Haven The Groomer
U sound crazy
jaron payne
jaron payne 2 mesi fa
What’s drugs you smoking ? Kyrie worked with superstars. Luka hasn’t
Just Browsing
Just Browsing 2 mesi fa
Kyrie had the best stats on the team last night. How are you blaming the player the performed the most?
Grant Lucas
Grant Lucas 2 mesi fa
ppl just dont get kyrie man
Grant Lucas
Grant Lucas 2 mesi fa
dont know how to read elite basketball statistics either
Max Ketchum
Max Ketchum 2 mesi fa
Kyrie a clown for leaving Brooklyn just when they finally had something good going he blows it up.
Neil Edd Jose
Neil Edd Jose 2 mesi fa
Orson Jacques
Orson Jacques 2 mesi fa
Kyrie only chance to get to the finals had he stuck with the nets the season and asked for more money next year lol. Now he’s about to bounce like he always does lol.
Staten Island
Dallas will never ever win a chip with him on the team
Mark 2 mesi fa
The hat 💀
TekkenToshin LTJ
It’s crazy how people would rather a player leave if they don’t win in the first 20 games rather than stay committed for a year or 2. That’s how accustomed we are to players leaving teams and going to a better one. Look what Lebron started lol and if you think he didn’t start that truly, you weren’t around watching basketball in 2010 and before
Kendall Smith
Kendall Smith 2 mesi fa
Yeah but this situation won’t work
Itzdaniee 2 mesi fa
Lebron stayed wit the Cavs in 2003 to 2011 😭
chasse* Mese fa
Bruh just say you hate lebron. No need to go roundabout way.
Justin Herbert
Justin Herbert 2 mesi fa
NBA Owners and GM's BEWARE: offer kyrie the veterans minimum with incentives based on how many games he plays in. If you give him a max contract he will start acting up, missing games for personal reasons and various injuries and stop playing in 50 percent of your games once the ink is dry on that max contract, bringing anarchy, chaos, drama and distractions to your organization, just ask the team owners and fans of the Cavs, Celtics and Nets. The Mavs are 6 wins and 14 losses when kyrie plays with Luka - the trade is a massive bust, the Mavs would be a playoff team now if they had not traded for kyrie irving and kept the players they had and just added a rebounder and rim protector instead.
Robert Motión
Robert Motión 2 mesi fa
hurts, but i have to agree with you. /Bklyn👑
Anitra Richardson
They have a rebounder and rim protector and won’t even play him.
Justin Herbert
Justin Herbert 2 mesi fa
@Anitra Richardson kyrie has not won nothing since he bailed on lebron -- then he bails on two of the best young talents in the league tatum and brown in boston and then he bails on KD and the nets -- and the players on Dallas know kyrie is gonna bail on them too -- that is why they have given up - if the Mavs do not make the playoffs blame it on the kyrie trade
Caleb Brill
Caleb Brill 2 mesi fa
If anyone is surprised by this you shouldn’t. Kyrie wants his money and he will get just that in Dallas I don’t think he’s gonna leave. Mavs weren’t supposed to be good this year because there defense is awful give them a year or two to build over the off-season and they will be able to contend.
J1538 2 mesi fa
They were in the playoffs before kyrie came … so this is false
Semaj Mese fa
How much money y’all think Kyrie lost since being traded for BK? Y’all think he regrets it?
Kai6 2 mesi fa
12: season of ancient aliens on DVD featuring NBA superstar kyrie Irving and his beliefs.
Rok Prijatelj
Rok Prijatelj 2 mesi fa
If you listen, it's looks like he's willing to stay with the Mavs...
Dr-ddh540 2 mesi fa
I don’t think that they want him.
Rok Prijatelj
Rok Prijatelj 2 mesi fa
@Dr-ddh540 it's all about $$. But if Luka would want him, they will give new contract and they will add one good big man and it will work. I am more concerned about Kidd after this season. Kyrie has more chances to stay, than Kidd. He does horrible mistakes this season.
Psychotropni Lachtan
They have to offer him whatever he wants. Nobody else coming, Its Kyrie or bust.
Dr-ddh540 2 mesi fa
@Psychotropni Lachtan kyrie is not getting a max contract. Anywhere!
K B 2 mesi fa
This guy wishing he never left lebron.
Muscle Machine
This is what happens when you chose to leave Bron Kyra, you pray for the rain, you got to deal with the mud too I still like you though 😉
Anitra Richardson
Dang Kyrie…shade much? 😂
Gmail Gmail
Gmail Gmail 2 mesi fa
😂😂😂 most skilled player ever doesn't make teams better
wzup77ify 2 mesi fa
Of course it wouldn’t work they both PG they both need the ball and we now get to see how bad Luka be on defense
Luciano Martinez
I don’t see ky playing for another deal and if he does no one is going to give him a long term deal
Anthony Robertson
Kyrie.... Do it all now. They are going to erase you from history.
Unruly Rebel
Unruly Rebel 2 mesi fa
I love Kyrie but him and Luka was never gonna work everyone and their momma knew except Mavs owner, Kyrie Playing style only suits Lebron when will people understand this, this is like the 3rd try of trying to find someone to suit kyrie game...people it's only LeBron the only player who ever got the best out of kyrie, I've never seen kyrie reach that 2016 level since he left Cleveland even he knows it now hence why be wanted Lakers so badly
EuropeanDream 2 mesi fa
most mavs fans convinced themselves this was gonna work
Joji Is Your Homie
The pairing works. What they ended up giving up to get them together is what fucked them. The Mavs knew Ky was unrestricted after this year their rush to trade for Ky fucked them over so hard when they could’ve waited till the off-season to give him his money which is all he wanted. Then they don’t give up DFS and have time to go for other players who can defend
Bare Mohamed
Bare Mohamed 2 mesi fa
Kyrie was star before lebron didnt return Cleveland and was one the reasons he comeback.
Julian R.
Julian R. 2 mesi fa
Kyrie’s style only suits Lebron??? The Nets were the 1st seed this year when KD and kyrie were health. And in 2018 before he got hurt, the celtics were the 1st seed. Those teams failed because of kyrie’s off the court issues not because he cant fit in.
Brendan Bloom
Brendan Bloom 2 mesi fa
This is absolutely false. Kyries best seasons were in Boston and Brooklyn but had injuries in the playoffs and if not for that he probably has a finals appearance with Boston and a championship with Brooklyn. His best series not season was in those finals with cavs. The competition brought the best out of him.
Basketball God
Basketball God 2 mesi fa
Organic negrow 😂😂😂😂😂😂 bruh I’m done with kyrie
CULLEY Mese fa
listen … just like in football with RG3 . once you go through a couple years doin the SAME thing.. the league as a whole (especially if you’re an MVP type player) picks up and studies your tendencies and everything you wanna do so until the player in questions game changes.. the league is clamping that shiii up MOST IMPORTANTLY AND ESPECIALLY IN THE PLAYOFFS.. that Solo Luka shiii was not finna work brudda i’m sorry but it’s true. just like wit James Harden in his days.. they just need another BIG MAN piece and they’d go crazy. KAI is the PERFECT MIX but interior defensively they lost .
Dawud & Hyati travels
Kyrie is my favorite player since Jordan
Coach Jackson
Coach Jackson 2 mesi fa
His bags are already packed
The Old Man 63
The Old Man 63 2 mesi fa
This diva need to concentrate on getting his team in the playoffs instead of trying to get fans kicked out every game
DEV! 2 mesi fa
Shutup !
playwitseann 2 mesi fa
@DEV! oh yeah that'll get the haters to be quiet, nice one bro
Squidward 2 mesi fa
“Organic Negrow”😂
Dizzzyyy Mese fa
Hes acting like he got put into an immposible situation. He asked for a trade. Then got traded to a 4 seed with one of the NBA's top players.
Chauncey Holman Jr
He gonna leave
Orson Jacques
This dude said he didn’t get a chance to finish the season with the Nets when he asked to leave the team. This dude got serious issues lol.
Gmail Gmail
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CULLEY Mese fa
Yal stay tryna blame Kyrie.. WHOLE TIME they’re 3-1 with KYRIE.. and the Mavs look better through him.. because he can dribble and create shots for other players… he can score wit the ball in his hands, he can come off curls and pin downs and shoot.. like no offense to Luka but respectively he hella ball dominant much like Bron in the sense that he really only valuable with the ball in his hands.. so how bout check that. not KAI.. but frfr we all can see the Mavs need mf interior defense that’s why all they games b close 💯 come on now think 💡
Lv, Prada,Gucci
Lv, Prada,Gucci 2 mesi fa
Kyrie I should of stayed in Brooklyn with my man 7
Chino Brooklyn 1
He on his way to the lakers 🤦‍♂️
Christian Davis
Christian Davis 2 mesi fa
Grass ain't always greener ...........
ninjedi Mese fa
Compared to mud, yes it is greener
Grettel Kelly ❤️
Bluelantern29 2 mesi fa
Guy is poison where ever goes now it seems lol… aka maddog had it right
Naim Shakur
Naim Shakur 2 mesi fa
Rico Love
Rico Love 2 mesi fa
theyre no change lol even beat last few games if they lose miami heat will be over
Kyrie definitely leaving. Watch lol. Don’t bank on him staying lol. I can just tell by his body language
Senormoola Mese fa
Free Kyrie
Anthony V
Anthony V 2 mesi fa
What a shame how these guy get so much attention unbelievable
__Redacted__ 2 mesi fa
After the Mavs beat the Lakers in the play-in, Lebron will join the team.
Jrock El
Jrock El 2 mesi fa
Lol nice hat bruh!!!
Catcus Nate
Catcus Nate 2 mesi fa
Only way kyrie stays in Dallas is luka plays off ball next season kyrie is the ball handler takes all the clutch shots or makes the play a in clutch time and trade everyone except hardy luka kyrie maxi and get bigs that can run and rebound big wings that can defend only small player on court should be kyrie trade all the picks if have too if not hope kyrie leaves
Adam Nehal
Adam Nehal Mese fa
Wherever kyrie go it’s shambles
yolo yo
yolo yo 2 mesi fa
Enjoy your ramadan
Justin Herbert
Justin Herbert 2 mesi fa
kyrie has not won nothing since he bailed on lebron -- then he bails on two of the best young talents in the league tatum and brown in boston and then he bails on KD and the nets -- and the players on Dallas know kyrie is gonna bail on them too -- that is why they have given up - if the Mavs do not make the playoffs blame it on the kyrie trade
Ivan Viera
Ivan Viera 2 mesi fa
Mavs are DONE.
JOKER 2 mesi fa
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