Lady Gaga On Method Acting And Her Italian Accent In "House of Gucci"

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Much is being said about the way Lady Gaga prepared for her role as Patrizia Reggiani in "House of Gucci." In part three of this interview with Stephen, she explains her methods in her own words, comparing it to how she prepares for other creative endeavors like singing jazz.

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24 nov 2021




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Commenti 692
TJ Martino
TJ Martino 7 minuti fa
You did better than a good job, the movie is MAGNIFICO BELLA👌!
Epha Janke
Epha Janke 15 minuti fa
Nice spoiler, Mr. Colbert.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 19 minuti fa
Great singer, songwriter, dancer and actress!!!!
Chahine Bin Saleh
Chahine Bin Saleh 22 minuti fa
She received bad reviews from the critics on this role though!
Rysa Chibana
Rysa Chibana 22 minuti fa
From Dive Bars to International Movie Screenings! Gaga! A Superstar!
Ste.B. Ora fa
in 6 months she couldn't even pronounce the name Patrizia Reggiani properly, I'm italian and I can say she has not an italian accent, not even close. Even the way she says MAurizio is wrong, she says morizio. By the way on youtube there are the real Reggiani interviews, she really was an interesting crazy funny woman, in spite of what she sadly did. She has 2 daughters and she's not happy about the movie, which I found boring and full of stereotypes to make it more italian.
Jak Mihoff
Jak Mihoff Ora fa
I thought GaGa was strange but now I know she is just a strange freak...
Stefano Ricciardi
As an Italian, watching two Italian characters talking in English with a fake Italian accent is silly. It would be less distracting and more realistic if they just spoke English with their natural accents.
Tom Hallaert
Tom Hallaert 3 ore fa
I liked her better in the frist days and more Manhattan, now she fell into the Hollywood Trapp and LA and the fake lips… too bad
Jefferson Gonzaga
She's so articulate and eloquent the way she explain stuff. I forgot for a moment that this is Lady Gaga The Actor is speaking. Not as a singer.
Snap Shot
Snap Shot 4 ore fa
Really not impressed. She’s here to sell this movie. As in her singing , she misses the mark in her acting skill. I Cringed watching that scene. I don’t see why so many don’t ’see how much she is lacking. But just like many in this plastic industry, she knows how to sell with empty babble. But I must say, within that small scene they showed, you can see the strength of Adam Driver’s performance. With so little lines he carried that whole scene. Really great actor. 👍 Need more like him in the movie industry.
kitty-Corn Sisters
Every second actress now has started looking frozen faced like Kim Kardashian 🙄
K Lu
K Lu 5 ore fa
She kinda looks like Donatella Versace.
Rbak 5 ore fa
He sounded like Ross Gellar when he said "Patrizia they are my family"
Raymond Redington
The movie is shit but she can act
note2owns 5 ore fa
I'm glad she stopped dressing like a chandelier. It was unnecessary..
John Marlowe
John Marlowe 5 ore fa
What the fuck with her lips??????
Boenvel Cas
Boenvel Cas 8 ore fa
Her hand gestures are very Italian
Elmx12 8 ore fa
Am I the only one who truly enjoys Stephen Colbert as host? Like he actually listens and lets people talk, let's other shine ⭐
Witchypoo Rose
"I think art is the second most beautiful thing in the world. I think Nature comes first." 😭🥰👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🖤💜 I love her SO much! This interview is giving me LIFE!
Raveena Khan
Raveena Khan 8 ore fa
Everything is fine with her I just don't want to see more cosmetic surgery on her face. She is slowly turning into Donatella 🙄
Burt Kahpit
Burt Kahpit 9 ore fa
Accent is aweful
nwmusic2010 9 ore fa
Love love love her
Albert Odillon
Albert Odillon 10 ore fa
Good actress and good singer too
vcastik 10 ore fa
And she is done a very excellent actresses job as melt her physical self to adopt complete different persona from the past to try reach those who dictates world-wide fashion design for reach and famous people! ☺All cast, for this story must study very unique pieces of history step-by-step instructions guiding themselves as much is possible visually and mentally to rich believed levels for us to go and see movie, about mystery that hits Gucci House to keep them running as best of the best in the world's largest demands in any aspects in development trade market and advertisements progress in new hanger in self-esteem lines for rich and famous marketing to sale cheap item's legally on speculative leveling by placing -"Made in Italy" by Gucci House.
Cyndy Kated
Cyndy Kated 10 ore fa
She is beautiful, humble and amazing!!❤️❤️
Lvu24 10 ore fa
Hmmmm sounds a lot like when my Hispanic spanish family speak English
Lady Gaga Viva
Lady Gaga Viva 11 ore fa
I watched house of Gucci and damn it was amazing and Lady Gaga’s acting was amazing and everyone else’s
Savanna T
Savanna T 11 ore fa
It’s so cute how she starts snapping her fingers and dancing as soon as the jazz music plays.
Thomaz Nogueira
Thomaz Nogueira 11 ore fa
K 12 ore fa
As an Italian, she does a good job with the accent, but it does sound more Russian than Italian.
Mark van S. - PHANTASIA
So, Gaga is the next Botox-Blown actrice??? I mean, seriously Gaga, was that really necessary, that top-lip?
fuzzycublb 13 ore fa
When she said staying in character (method) works for her, but it's not for everyone really speaks volumes on her open mindedness. So many actors who adhere to a “method” usually believe they're doing it right and every actor who doesn't apply the same technique are amateurs and posers.
Mr Moshe
Mr Moshe 13 ore fa
Oh She so deserve the Oscar. She rocks the role genuinely..respect.
This Girl
This Girl 14 ore fa
Watching this is hard. Because Colbert is such an awful talk show host.
Teri Thom
Teri Thom 14 ore fa
God, I love that woman
Gretchen Zwicker
I love Lady Gaga! She is amazing! I’m not a huge fan of her music, but the visual presentation is out of this world. She is very cool 😎
Seraphim Prophetess
What a wonderful film 🎥
Beatrice T
Beatrice T 15 ore fa
The Patrizia accent sounds fake. Not a fan of it.
Jon Ratchford
Jon Ratchford 15 ore fa
She is one of my favorite artist.
Kimberly Bohlman
Lady G. is a gift. She is a wonderful, incredibly talented person. Oh and down-to-earth.
FranIsLove 16 ore fa
I love her ❤️
prazanautobus 16 ore fa
She was actually very interesting and seemed genuine. Well done Gaga
google gal
google gal 16 ore fa
Talk about "bee stung lips"! Why does she feel the need to do that? It's a wonder she can form words.
$Collinstarot 16 ore fa
Cellular level as she rubs her arm where the vaccine goes all for 5 g network watch her 911 video if you dont believe me
MihutMethod 17 ore fa
I love her talk about method acting, I wish she did it in the correct accent Italian not Russian. I love lady Gaga in ‘A Star is Born’ there she had the real method actor Bradley Cooper to guide her and direct her. I wish she had a guide in this one too.
wael ffs
wael ffs 18 ore fa
I’ve known gaga for as long as I remember but this the first time I’ve heard her speak
Barbie Blue
Barbie Blue 19 ore fa
Her accent is so bad. It cannot be said enough. Not musical, ironically
Barbie Blue
Barbie Blue 19 ore fa
Decades ago, no woman would have had their bodies tattooed. Ugly.
Barbie Blue
Barbie Blue 19 ore fa
She looks like a bad version of SNL Versace
Barbie Blue
Barbie Blue 19 ore fa
Gaga is too harsh. Gaga sounds like a Russian in NJ. Listen to the real Italian accent here. It is soft. The consonants have a vowel effect added. If you've ever been around Italian people, that's how they sound. Gaga's imitation is fake, not authentic, not pleasant, wrong. I could do a better spontaneous accent, and I am not Italian.
Barbie Blue
Barbie Blue 19 ore fa
Sweet tea
Hussien Alsafi
Hussien Alsafi 19 ore fa
What Was That??
What Was That?? 19 ore fa
Now i wanna see her as donatella lol
Marina Pico
Marina Pico 19 ore fa
Loved it!!
Mischa Rabbitt
Mischa Rabbitt 20 ore fa
Two people involved in child sex trafficking, and a bunch of idiots who idolize them .....for what?
Tenzin Gyalpo
Tenzin Gyalpo 20 ore fa
God she’s so talented and eloquent!
Kingu Lingana
Kingu Lingana 20 ore fa
I love how she pointed out the musicians
Mohamed Farouk
Mohamed Farouk 21 ora fa
I like her. Looks like a fine lady to me.
moonystar101 22 ore fa
You mean her Russian accent? LOL
Yarelis Acosta
Yarelis Acosta 23 ore fa
She’s amazing 🤩
Sarcasticron 23 ore fa
What a wonderful explanation of method acting!
Edward Lopez
Edward Lopez 23 ore fa
I wasn’t a Gaga music fan until I heard her speak onHoward Stern. Now I appreciate so many things about her - starting with her intelligence.
Doug Dellwo
Doug Dellwo 23 ore fa
She is a vey balanced person. I so appreciate her.
Jonathan Cineus
Jonathan Cineus Giorno fa
I’ve never heard Method Acting being explained this way. Well done, Gaga. Now I get it!
Daria Takova
Daria Takova Giorno fa
Unpopular opinion: Her face is full of botox, whyyyy??!?!
Smallstudio Design
🥰I’m gaga over Lady Gaga‼️✨💖✨👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
John Kim
John Kim Giorno fa
do you understand ? - - USURY INTEL has been selling murder - - murder of one's own - - for decades and decades now - - ?
John Kim
John Kim Giorno fa
USURY and its ever on the go eye con jobs - - BEHOLD !
John Kim
John Kim Giorno fa
INTEL run mass Medea basting - - basting INTEL run mass entertainment - - and in 2021 - - even Rockefeller MAO is reaching for the remote - - guess selling the program for self inflicted genocide really ain't so cool after all - - -
Shere Khan
Shere Khan Giorno fa
I guess I’ll have to see the entire film to judge her performance but from the short clip I can tell that she didn’t nail the Italian accent. She sounds more Russian. She can’t even pronounce Versace properly…Versaciiii..that’s American. I would have cast Salma Hayek as Patricia Reggiani. And what’s with the Donatella Versace look? Btw having Italian DNA does NOT make you Italian.
Ed iPad Pro
Ed iPad Pro Giorno fa
Driver looks like a young Harrison Ford here ... as if he was his son or something
Regents Park Music
Dear lady gaga: Stop stealing songs from Madonna. P.S. Please keep your head coverings on... Kids may be watching.
Gerard Mc Ginnity
I see she has bought herself one of those Hollywood faces. She's only early 30's?
As an Italian American from the Bronx, how pray tell did you pull off the Italian accent? FML!
Firewind II
Firewind II Giorno fa
Lady Gaga, you're beautiful. But you're going to need holsters for those earlobes!
Johnny Smith
Johnny Smith Giorno fa
Watched the movie. Lots of hype about nothing.
Cappie Rising
Cappie Rising Giorno fa
I hope she returns to host Saturday Night Live again
Mani Veiszadeh
Mani Veiszadeh Giorno fa
Amazingly talented and humble. Love her.
Luis Alcala
Luis Alcala Giorno fa
Neewwwwww Yooorrrrkkkk!!!!!!!!! I did it my way!!! No door so cooperate!! Look at history and the battles of Saratoga! Etc,...
khoo chee peng
khoo chee peng Giorno fa
No one knows that she could comes so far.... Hardworking girl....:)
Mighty Love
Mighty Love Giorno fa
The plastic surgery is insane Not good
Angelika Florioli
She have bigs lips.. When she do Patrizia she was different.. Maybe better
Cindy S
Cindy S Giorno fa
The first time I saw her on late night TV several years ago I didn't even know who she was. But when I heard she was such a big Queen fan. I liked her right away.👑🙂
Randall Hahn
Randall Hahn Giorno fa
She’s so charming. She could be a cult leader.
Mendoza Art Studio LLC
Part of being an artist is sharing constructive critizism. All due respect to Ms. Gaga, they paired her up with a Julliard alumn, one of the greatest actors of this era and 2 living legends. Perhaps her next performance will carry more weight.
Foxbase Alpha
Foxbase Alpha Giorno fa
Why did she method act as a Russian though?
Adams Cease
Adams Cease Giorno fa
The first time I saw lady Gaga she was singing at Disney land or Disney world wearing a skit made out of what was supposed to look like bananas I think that it was on good morning America or something on par with it.
Gso Gso
Gso Gso Giorno fa
The house of Gucci 😳👎
isabelle suave
isabelle suave Giorno fa
D Giorno fa
She's building neural paths to take on another persona. So you're not acting you're just being someone else. It's what the best actors do. Now what's up with the fill in her lips. Pretty obvious when you compare her with the clip.
C.A.K. S.
C.A.K. S. Giorno fa
Italian actress Francesca De Martini - who worked as the on-set dialect coach for Salma Hayek on the movie - thinks Gaga's accent could have used some work. 'I feel bad saying this, but her accent is not exactly an Italian accent, it sounds more Russian,'
Оля Сулима
I think neither, just a thing of it's own
Erika L Garcia
Erika L Garcia Giorno fa
Lady Gaga looks like Donatella Versace right now.
Marilina Flores
Marilina Flores Giorno fa
She looks better than she has ever looked
Omnifarious Channel
an amazing artist
M C Giorno fa
one of the most horrible acting never seen... i really dont understand how people can appreciate this stuff... there is no italian accent
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