Lakers Epic Fourth Quarter Comeback In Game 7 | NBA Classic Game 

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2000 West Finals- Game 7: Lakers vs Blazers - Trailing by as many as 15 points in the fourth quarter, the Lakers stage an improbable comeback against the Blazers to advance to their first Finals since 1991.
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23 mag 2023




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@NBA 6 mesi fa
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@thedood7859 6 mesi fa
Lakers in 9
@shawnevans4959 6 mesi fa
@onscreen933 6 mesi fa
Celtics in 8
Props to the NBA for not cutting out the possession at 1:28:30, where Shaq fouls Steve Smith, which would have made it a one possession game. It is damning evidence of how fixed the NBA was in those days. Surprising the refs didn't call a foul on Smith. The company man, Dick Bavetta, and his African American, balding clone, were particularly bad in this series.
@@ryanpatrick4920 oh yea so fixed. So sports are always fixed then. How many times did Jordan get superstar treatment? The answer would be all the time. And Duncan. And Bird. And Magic. And lebron. And Kobe. You know how ridiculous u sound. A missed call means the nba is fixed smh lol
@G00DFELLA 6 mesi fa
That Kobe and Shaq alley oop connection is just so iconic ! Rip Mamba!
@lemmyhead8578 10 giorni fa
Tim Donaghy.
These two teams were absolutely loaded with talent! The western conference was DEEP this particular season!!!
@DwellsSouthern 3 mesi fa
Blazers had 2 cracks at it wen they got to 2 straight WCF
Nope only portland
@giofelix8849 6 mesi fa
That LA crowd is insane man. That reaction from Kobe to Shaq gave me goosebumps lol Iconic moment
This was back when Staples didn't dim the lights. Now you rarely see them go wild. Hell, even that roar from the crowd on that ally oop was somethin else
@zorankostur 6 mesi fa
Goosebumps?🤭🤦 You have gb for 40 free throws of total 90 points in game? I realy dont understand la fans...i have goosebumps from refs,specialy with Sacramento next year 🐑🤮
@Folam 6 mesi fa
​@ZoranSkopje If you're going to make a repeated blanket judgement, at least get the year right for when you're referring to.
@JD-cg2qb 6 mesi fa
I guess it was before all these ig models and fake fans came to watch the games
@redman6790 6 mesi fa
Coming back to this after the Playoffs to binge historic games
@darryldeas411 2 mesi fa
Tim Donaghy
@17x48 6 mesi fa
I was at this game. Place went nuts when kobe hit Shaq for the alley hoop. Kobe saved us with his outstanding defense and big plays down the stretch.
@bgstv10001 6 mesi fa
Sure you was
@Glanzern 6 mesi fa
Nah it was Shaq with his clutch free throws and blocks. Shaw with his threes. Kobe sort of choked at the end.
@kevinderr5256 6 mesi fa
@@bgstv10001 were* “Sure you were.”
@bgstv10001 6 mesi fa
@@kevinderr5256 thanks sweetheart
@Jacobnokes9 6 mesi fa
Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, This Blazers team was the one that could beat the Lakers and win the title. We were confident they were going to do it. This team had it all, Mighty Mouse, Sheed, Pippen, Sabonis, Steve Smith, Schrempf, Greg Anthony, Brian Grant, Stacey Augmon, and Jermaine Oneal. Watching the Blazers ball out for 3 quarters and then give it away in the 4th was probably the most heart breaking game of the Blazers franchise. Lakers went on to win the title.
Same here bro I was 25 yrs old in 2000. Born and raised PDX Heart breaking, going into the 4th with lead, playing solid D, then Sheed gets that tech! Momentum changes and fall outta sync. Some funny calls by the gambling refs, scandalous years later. No excuses, just observations. Great games in those times😎
@protestant8419 6 mesi fa
They choke like nothnig in 4th. I mean total choke.
@17x48 6 mesi fa
Blazers were down 3-1 in this series without home court advantage. Too big of a hole to overcome vs the best duo In history.
@miscmeme 6 mesi fa
​@@natoratorbiz6738 Well the NBA was trying to push the more we're "a family friendly NBA now" narrative compared to the previous decade at the time. And the Blazers were currently known as the Jail Blazers and were becoming extremely popular with certain high profile celebrities that had a high influence amongst the youth in ways that countered the NBA's self proclaimed image. And the Refs made so many calls or lack of calls in the Lakers favor by game 7 that triggered an official 3rd party investigation into possible corruption and collusion. And the NBA needed a new cash cow franchise with a younger roster with a few superstars and the NBA's new golden child they moved from Orlando to build off of after the Bulls era... I'm sure no strings were pulled to change the trajectory of the series at all costs... Especially after the Blazer's made a few adjustments after game 1 and by game 2 the Lakers lost by almost 30 points. I guess at least the King of Technical Fouls eventually got a ring at least.
Them refs cost us this game
@roquejn 2 mesi fa
This is not only a classic game.. This is legendary..
@thedon1570 Mese fa
Not really..🥱🙄
Sabonis 5th foul was key to this match. He was a monster against shaq!
@Kingqubaent 2 mesi fa
let's be honest here... nobody was a monster to shaq! Lol
@@Kingqubaent 14:33 Shaq had 0 FGM and a couple TOs before they gave the second foul to Sabos. Refs knew what they had to do to give Shaq some area to breath. There was no foul even by the modern standards.
@@Kingqubaent and he had 0 points for 8+ minutes on the floor.
@josephnono8161 2 mesi fa
Man I can’t stop replaying that alley-oop. Such a legendary moment, this was real basketball!
Would've been no alley oop had it not been for a fake foul on Sabonis. Sabas was fouled out.
@damikadiri3730 6 mesi fa
What a difference in playing style, long 2s, not that much spacing, crowding the paint, the NBA has evolved so much
@Chris-wq3pe 6 mesi fa
i don't know about evolved. Changed, is a better word. Jacking up 3 after 3 after 3 is plain boring. I love watching these old games, the game was tougher, more physical, more driving to the hoop, the mid-range game was alive and well.
@zod548 6 mesi fa
@@Chris-wq3peo it has evolved, they shoot threes because it’s efficient and spaces the floor for guys . It didn’t “change” just for fun Not saying it’s better or worse but I do believe it’s an evolution more than a change
@outkast978 6 mesi fa
@@Chris-wq3pe it's definitely evolved, and saying that you think this older style is more entertaining is irrelevant. Teams these days would easily run those early 2000's teams off the court.
@mdc1342 6 mesi fa
@@outkast978 meh. Watch the 4th quarter of this game and tell me that todays game doesnt play with the same tight, slow pace. Triangle with Shaq and Kobe as ISO options in a close game would kill many teams Teams are different now but not better. Players back then knew how to counter when there wasn’t 3 or layups available
@Whales1992 6 mesi fa
@@Chris-wq3pe Of course it has evolved... The game might not be as entertaining to watch, but it doesn't change the fact that it makes teams much much better at scoring for many reasons with efficient 3 point shooters. A lot of the top teams in the last 5-6 years would demolish early 2000s - 90s teams because they would have no idea how to account for so many players playing long range.
This game was a masterpiece it seems like the Lakers was down by 100 points
1:26:54-1:27:02 One of the most iconic moments in NBA history.
@MrGenexxx 6 mesi fa
Kobe does most work. Shaq takes most credit.
@jonb2756 5 mesi fa
​​​@@MrGenexxx Shaq absolutely carried Kobe. Shaq has much better stats in the regular season, playoffs, and finals for the years they won titles together. That year alone from this clip in the 99-2000 finals, Shaq averaged 38ppg to Kobe's 15ppg, and Shaq shot 61% to Kobe's 36%> Lol Kobe only averaged 23ppg less than Shaq. So I can see why you would say it was Kobe who did most of the work. 😂
@Enneti 5 mesi fa
​@@jonb2756yup, looking at this whole game, Kobe was missing everything tbh
lol, this series was nba bordom. This was the weakest 'modern' era.
@luisvelez8096 6 mesi fa
One of my favorite all time Laker games. Harper, Robinson, AC Green, Frobe, and Shaq were such a fun team to watch.
@overseer707 3 mesi fa
robinson? no robinsons on the 1999-2000 lakers haha
Mr velez is on juice
Ladies and gentlemen, the true 2000 NBA Finals. And what a series it was. I miss the Kobe and Shaq days, was so lucky to see them play in Staples back in the day
@902chicnstu 21 giorno fa
Me and my brother were there. Sound had feeling on Kobe to Shaq. Still get goosebumps! 💜
@jamesmorales4735 3 giorni fa
This was the birth of the Lakers 3 time champions run. Unbelievable 🎉
@Eazy-ERyder 2 mesi fa
1:26:56 Down by 15 with only 10 minutes to go. Amazing. I'll never forget watching live that Kobe to Shaq alley-oop which I remember like it was yesterday. Just like game 7 of the 2002 Western Conference Finals in Sacramento. When my Lakers had returned to the top 3 years in a row. What memories!
Kobe’s defense was phenomenal in this era
Great defense but It was better when he wore #24 .. this era his athleticism was better
exactly. one thing many people fail to understand is that kobe may have been the best on ball defender of all time. I always laugh when people say lebron is a better defender than kobe. It tells me they never actually payed attention to kobes style. If you are only focusing on highlight blocks sure lebron was a great defender but if you pay attention to on ball defense it is not even close. Anyone who wants to proof, watch this game as well as what he did to AI after he torched them game 1. He completely clamped peak AI up for the remainder of the series.
@@loverofhumanity if your a real Kobe fan then you would know Tony Allen is one of the greatest defenders of all .. that came from Kobe himself on a couple interviews & no one truly thinks of lebron on defense .. that’s not even debatable but if we’re comparing MJ to Kobe .. MJ still takes the cake
@@raheemcollins7335 Tony Allen is a good shout, but he also didn’t really have to exert any energy on offense. Of the all time superstars, I’d say Kobe, mj, and Kawhi are in a league of their own as on ball defenders
@spezkay81 6 mesi fa
I grew up in Portland. I remember watching this game at my homies house. It was such a heart breaker man. Reminded me a lot of the Michael Jordan shrug game. Which was also against the blazers, but it was the finals.
@MrFreakazoid24 6 mesi fa
Kobes defense on Smith in the 4th cannot be understated. That dude was on fire in the 3rd and Kobe said no more.
Sabonis has the announcers laughing at him for his build and the way he played slow and passed first even as a big man , not realizing he was actually way ahead of his time as a big man . Jokic is literally just Sabonis (Sr) with much more technical skills and scoring skills , just funny to see how things repeat and change over time they could’ve used him much differently
@mkmngmpt1635 5 mesi fa
Underutilized indeed. Instead they are just happy with their PG dribbling their possession until the end of shotclock that will result to Kobe block or a deflection by a Laker player.
@@mkmngmpt1635 😂😂😂 funny af but it’s true aye it is what it is what can ya do . That’s Mike Dunleavy for you I guess . 😂
@onscreen933 6 mesi fa
What an iconic game, can’t wait to watch.
@lemmyhead8578 10 giorni fa
Tim Donaghy.
@verbalkint3447 4 mesi fa
Lakers always got the calls or no calls when they needed it
Sabonis had like 3 phantom fouls on him
The Shaq-Kobe tandem makes it possible for them to win! What a classic game! Unfortunately LeBron didn't make his team to the Finals but the feats were amazing tho 🏀
@lemmyhead8578 10 giorni fa
Tim Donaghy made it possible. Credit where credit is due.
@darryldeas411 2 mesi fa
To words to describe this unbelievable... improbable... historical come back... TIM DONAGHY!!!
@getplayed7272 6 mesi fa
Show their game against the kings. Epic rigging
i loved the double unskippable ads every 3 minutes watching this amazing game 👍
@danmsmith21 6 mesi fa
u ever hear of an ad block?
@jondoe-du2fr 6 mesi fa
2023 and you don't have an ad blocker? Shame on you.
2000's NBA Era is the Best Ever.
@ak_buckets7962 6 mesi fa
90s though
@Westbrook__ 6 mesi fa
@@ak_buckets7962 this era we got right now is the greatest. like 10 different teams that could easily be seen as championship contenders and multiple others with great young cores being developed.
@ak_buckets7962 6 mesi fa
@@Westbrook__ honestly facts
@pangaea6united 6 mesi fa
How loud the crowd is
@mackytv1513 6 mesi fa
1:26:52 the most iconic moment from kobe and shaq starts here.
“Bryant…to SHAQ!”
@giofelix8849 6 mesi fa
The atmosphere is insane damn.
@rowee017enzo 6 mesi fa
This Blazer line up is a monster.
@mrg1168 4 mesi fa
23 years later still hurts, blazers went ice cold
Progress or no progress, i feel like both of these team would smoke all current NBA teams. Prime Shaq&Kobe would crush since teams barely defend nowadays. Also the depth of talent on Portland roster is insane. Sabonis would fit in in modern basketball so well with his range shooting and passing abilities complementing his size and skills under the rim.
@KennyboyGM 2 mesi fa
This game brings back memories
@Jukeboxster 6 mesi fa
I was rooting so hard for Scottie to win a ring on his own team, would've changed a lot of conversations today.
@taylorb7191 6 mesi fa
Nah he was just a role player at this point. This was Sheed’s team
@lild5470 6 mesi fa
Everyone knows if it weren’t for him mj wouldn’t be who he is today
@Jukeboxster 6 mesi fa
@@taylorb7191 doesn't matter, he would always be able to say he won a ring without MJ
​@@JukeboxsterInstead he showed that even with the most stacked roster in the league, he couldn't be a leader.
@@lild5470nd without MJ, Pippen wouldn’t be who he is today either. It goes both ways.
@terrylee773 5 mesi fa
Damn I never realized how stacked both these teams were
@mdmallari1828 4 mesi fa
Smitty was cooking in the 3rd q this game! It’s amazing to see how the Lakers offense fell apart in the 3rd Q when they did not have any counters for Scottie Pippen when he was defending the entry pass for Shaq in the post. That lucky banked 3 by BShaw at the end of the 3rd was crucial
@jerami3639 6 mesi fa
the foul calls on sabonis defending shaq. unbelievable.
@user1164 6 mesi fa
These throwback vids really just be taking you to the past NBA and reliving the greatest moments.
@lemmyhead8578 10 giorni fa
Reliving a fixed game. Magical!
@19dmf17 5 mesi fa
What an amazing game . Kobe took over man. Saved the dynasty
Never will I ever put anyone over Kobe. Shut down Steve Smith and Mighty Mouse and was plenty of help on Pippen and Rasheed. That dunk on Pippen at the end of the half…and the crossover on Pippen to set up the famous lob to Shaq. 🐐
Yeah he wasn’t even over Shaq. Now idiots try to put him at #2 all time smh
@darkvanilla187 6 mesi fa
So watching this now as I’m older, I noticed a couple things. When I was younger, I always thought it was just the Blazers choking the game away and some questionable calls. Now I can say it’s questionable calls, good Lakers adjustments on defense, and bad Blazers adjustments on offense. First, the fouls from Sabonis were killers. Him getting in foul trouble is what cost Portland the game cuz it allowed Shaq to sit in the paint and block any shots towards the rim. 2nd, Lakers did a great job doubling Sheed. With Sheed doubled, it basically turned Portland into a jump shooting team. This is where having more 3 point shooters on the floor could have benefited Portland. Instead they had Bonzi Wells and Scottie Pippen who were below average outside shooters. Smith was a great shooter, but they were covering him on the perimeter. Schrempf wasn’t nearly the shooter he used to be. They shoulda put Damon Stoudamire or Greg Anthony back in the game to space the floor. Cuz all Lakers were doing was doubling Sheed and making everyone beat them from outside. So great adjustments by Phil, bad adjustments by Mike, and questionable calls on Sabonis are what cost Portland the game. Lakers really didn’t play that well on offense, but it felt like Portland was just trying to hold on instead of put the Lakers away.
@beezy22 5 mesi fa
Classic And Fantastic Game 7…..The True NBA Finals…Jermaine O’Neal And Brian Grant’s final game with Portland before they were traded in the off season…..RIP Kobe And Jerry Buss…..
@PSgameFilms 6 mesi fa
This is real basketball. Stiff defense, no easy layups, no easy threes. NBA today is unwatchable.
@msknbro3710 2 mesi fa
after this video I went to play basketball, retro games put me in the mood to play and make me play well
@JackAssetsBakin 26 giorni fa
Impressionante como antigamente não se chutava muito de 3, isso deixava o jogo mais emocionante.
@qqw743 2 mesi fa
Rasheed was the best player on the floor. Strong defense, inside play on offense, outside shooting. Sheed was the man.
@dapper892 Mese fa
See now you went to far lol
@ScytherKB 6 mesi fa
1:32:16 a beautiful smile by a beautiful man… knowing of his passing makes these scene that much more 😢😢😢 love u mamba
@user-li3km1dl3h 27 giorni fa
that season was amazing
These men were real giants of this game. Even if Jabbar was one of the youngest, the centers of this era were really monstrous and dominant centers, not this kind of technical players who can play center or power forwards or big forwards. Imagine that a the same era you can have Chamberlain against Russell, or Chamberlain against Jabbar, or Jabbar against Walton or against Moses Malone... Each game was really physically painful for their opponents, and the referee were very good.
That no call when Steve Smith was clearly fouled at the end of the game was the reason the Lakers won the 2000 nba finals.
Ridiculous amount of talent on these teams. The East had no chance in hell.
@weixiong1.0 Mese fa
These two teams had the top ten players of the league that year. 8 of them play for Portland, #3-10.
This is why I miss the 90s and 2000s NBA basketball, look at how bright the Staples Center used to be, not like how it is nowadays all dull like I'm looking at a ritual or something; the crowd were live and energized on every possession, NBA on NBC broadcast is the GOAT, I would pay my life savings just to go back in time and relive those days
NBA on NBC was my jam for sure
@zbt62 6 mesi fa
Bro this is the playoffs. It’s always this loud even today. The lighting looks better now it’s like a broadway pllay. If u don’t like it there’s 27 other teams that still use this lighting
@rudyg323 6 mesi fa
This my all time most favorite moment ever in the NBA.
@lemmyhead8578 10 giorni fa
I enjoy watching fixed games where the refs had money riding on the outcome, too.
@ap6160 Mese fa
This game proved that Pippen was nothing without MJ. Considering he was the only star with a ring in that team, he didn't take charge at all, he could have baited for fouls and gone to the line during the Lakers run. Instead, he was reluctant on offense and kept passing the ball. And to think, he was being defended by Shaw!
@dapper892 Mese fa
@JOEIAC9 3 mesi fa
The nba needed the lakers to win. Some of those early foul calls were atrocious. The palming call on Steve smith…WOW
@usapinas8864 6 mesi fa
The Blazers missed plenty of open looks in the 4th, the two possible missed calls by the official in the 4th in favor of the Lakers was when Smith was fouled by O’neal and hooked elbow by Shaq to Sabonis. Overall, Wallace missed a lot of good looks and the Lakers rallied and deserved the win! By the way, I am not a Laker fan. This is one of the most heartbreaking moments in Blazers history.
@Jwalkiin 6 mesi fa
Dammit i miss Kobe man..... so glad i got to grow up watching him play. RIP Mamba
@drew_lg2132 6 mesi fa
can someone explain why the blazers coach never called timeout by the time the lakers went on a 10-0 run in the 4th to cut the lead down to 5? He literally let them keep the momentum going
Finally, someone else thought about this! How do you not call a timeout and run a set play to get them back in sink?
@jasontran250 5 mesi fa
Actually, I had to rewatch this game later on, but I came into my neighbors house down the yuKon street, to watch the game. Amazingly, I was schedule to go home and see this game, usually, I would have to be at work, and this game didn't start normally at 12:30 like 1st round laker games would on abc. Everything was scheduled perfectly for me to watch this game.
@DonLee1980 6 mesi fa
That was perhaps the largest choke I've ever seen in a big game.
@cousinpac 4 mesi fa
Watching this classic game while doing my night shift. Thanks for the upload!
@bizonc 3 mesi fa
My senior year high school. One of saddest days as a Blazer fan. Actually this was. We get a ring that year.
I was recommended this after the Lakers/Suns IST game, and man, some things never change.
@triodesrbetter 6 mesi fa
Some quality role players. Would cost an arm and leg today to get a vet that plays 2-ways, has length, can pass and dribble. Lakers had like 5 of them.
@bakuvian 4 mesi fa
So many experienced players @ Blazers. Pippen the most experienced one. Schrempf, as well. They should've been able to close out the game. Sabonis getting fouled out was crucial. Sheed got his revenge in 2004 though.
@gifi11 3 mesi fa
And the fact people say Kobe was carried is literally INSANE. If Kobe didnt lead the comeback. The narrative would of been can Shaq ever win the big one. A young 21 year old came and saved the day tho.
@swat686 2 mesi fa
By me reading all of these I why we all here for. KB too Shaq alley-oops moment. I come back for that too. At 1:31:39 gotta be my favorite moment of the game. The way Rob looks at Harper when Harper pushes him gets me all the time😂😂😂😂
@octo20 6 mesi fa
1:16:55 When the crowd starts to get into it. You can feel the Laker magic!
@satchelito1514 5 mesi fa
Damn I never realized how big of an assist the refs gave the lakers in this one lol. Blazers totally choked in the 4th but would’ve still won if the game was reffed properly
Lol here come the patheic "hUr iTs tHe rEfS fAulT" excuses from the armchair "expert" 😂
@jonteham3514 6 mesi fa
Something to ease my pain after being swept
@brotha1984 6 mesi fa
Facts 💯 💯
@Pirategod23 6 mesi fa
Lakers hit us with a remember when upload
@lewd8967 6 mesi fa
@bigz3283 6 mesi fa
@bigz3283 6 mesi fa
Go Celtics
@CR-mq9kl 5 mesi fa
I literally jumped off the ground and broke my boys ceiling fan when that alley oop happened.
I miss the game of Shaq, and half court plays... refreshing to see. unlike now all players want to shoot from half-court
Im 25 yrs old at the time and wanted to see Kobe and Shaq get that ring the 1st and they obviously did eventually. But yes credit Portland taking the Lakers to 7 and was up by 15 before collapsed and LA came back and won with some help from Blazers going from hot to cold suddenly.
@beastgoll54 6 mesi fa
Its amazing we need more full game🙏🙏
@JordanJMyers 6 mesi fa
So much talent on both sides.
@robbereal1982 5 mesi fa
That Lakers team didn't have a lot of talent.
@saitamad100 5 mesi fa
Based on my research Lakers had 5 talents Shaq, Kobe, direk Fisher top draft class, Fisher was a reliable point guard and a clutch performer for the Lakers. He hit numerous important shots throughout the playoff runs and provided leadership on and off the court, Robert horry He made several game-winning shots in the playoffs and earned the nickname "Big Shot Rob.", Rick Fox: Fox was a versatile forward who provided solid defense and contributed offensively. Horace Grant: Grant, a veteran power forward, brought experience and toughness to the Lakers' frontcourt. He provided rebounding and defense alongside Shaq.
@saitamad100 5 mesi fa
​​@@robbereal1982blazer got great 7 talents while Lakers got 5 great talents
@robbereal1982 5 mesi fa
@@saitamad100 the Lakers had 2 good talents
@saitamad100 5 mesi fa
@@robbereal1982 based on my research, statistics and video don't lie.
I watched every game Kobe played and you won't find another game where he missed as many foul shots as in this one. Unbelievable!!!
@JohnjOcampo Mese fa
He was crashing the boards, he knew that would be key to winning the game, everything else was lacking except his defense and rebounds.
1:26:50 that was a magical moment
@spyroswho6370 2 mesi fa
😂Walton on Malone: he always grabbed people's hands, about Sabonis: one of the greatest in the history of the game ( true) 😂 , well some things can't be forgotten 😂 🏀 I ❤THIS GAME
im loving these uploads of the classic games. Hope to see them upload more kobe and jordan games
I love Scottie pippen but you could tell he wasn’t even really trying here. He was like “eh whatever I already have 6 rings, I have a bad back, I’m just gonna try enough so I can get this 15 mil a year from Portland lol.”
@clearclub 6 mesi fa
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dawg wut💀
@Zoomyi 6 mesi fa
@@dominorider9879 don’t hate on the grind my g
@zain23r 6 mesi fa
As die hard Lakers fan: the refs favoured the Lakers in the last 5 minutes of the game. On another note: that alley at 1:26:55 marked the beginning of a dynasty!
@vizzyjay1357 6 mesi fa
I like this playstyle threes were strategic back then
No delay of game, no coach's challenge, players not wearing knee support, low scoring game. 00's basketball at its finest.
Its crazy how the end of the 3rd/beginning of the 4th the aura of the crowd, magic johnson being pissed, and announcers/commentators were all like "wow they really gonna lose"
Kobe 100 % defense.
Pippen was super passive in the 4th quarter, that's why he is a few levels behind Jordan.
It's extremely sad to see Kobe play this game knowing he passed away
Oakland's OWN BRYAN SHAW👍. DAMN he was so pivotal in this game 💯
@veroviewer 2 mesi fa
Watching this back u really get to c how fixed the nba is Portland should have won but that wasn’t in the plans the ref made sure to send a message to anyone playing defensive on shaq and called next to nothing for Portland
@rudyg323 6 mesi fa
Rasheed Wallace was a monster. All the PF in Western Conference were monsters during this time.
@gifi11 3 mesi fa
Facts, all the bigs period were out West, hint why Shaqs numbers were inflated in the finals. It was no more Robinson, Timmy, Weber, Wallace, Sabonis etc.....
@JayTee553 6 mesi fa
back when the LA crowd was the best in the league. every seat filled, the place booming after every basket. rare to see that anywhere in today’s game, much less los angeles. such a shame i wasn’t alive to see this.
@heatprod2413 6 mesi fa
the score is crazy game has changed so much
@criXstreet 12 giorni fa
“Bryant to Shaq!” Man that iconic.
@Boss3Nate 4 mesi fa
Can't believe Portland pissed that game away. I was in college then.... was always a huge Pippen fan. Does anyone know if he had the chance to go to the Lakers instead of Portland? Just curious right now while looking back. How crazy would've that been... plus he would've fit that team perfectly. Playing for Phil again while teaming up with Shaq and Kobe.. That defense would've been crazy. I'm guessing he would've cost too much money..?? He would've won 9 rings if he would've went to LA. Hahaha
@TheMrtony7 5 mesi fa
I remember running out my house after that alley oop
Il prossimo
Neymar 💀#shorts #neymar #funny