Lakers vs. Heat | 2020 NBA Finals Mini-Movie FULL Compilation 🏆 

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Watch the best of the NBA Finals in cinematic fashion with this mini-movie compilation.
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23 feb 2024




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@camctrail 3 anni fa
Both Jimmy and LeBron proved wrong the ones who said they went to Miami and LA for some nice weather and not for winning
@dwyanewade8742 3 anni fa
i thought LeBron went to la for his son's school application
@Inigo Bantok bro you stupid, he can still do all his shit in the offseason as he always did, he went to the lakers because magic and rob pelinka told him they would do all to make the lakers a great team to win
@evaclark73 3 anni fa
Big salute to Miami Boys..."They're not suppose to be here but proves they are worth fighting for"
@OnewYork 3 anni fa
@@dwyanewade8742 *as for LA* .. lebron became a resident of LA in 2015 wayyyy before he became a Laker
@dwyanewade8742 3 anni fa
@@OnewYork Bruh I was talking about lebron not jimmy
Jimmy butler tried everything he can,respect to him
Jimmy Buckets is going to get his chip one way or another.
Facts mate
😂 but when LeBron loses and does the best he can they use that as ammunition. 🐐 🤴🏾
Bro that’s so true
Big salute to Miami Boys..."They're not suppose to be here but proves they are worth fighting for"
@qebejed6874 3 anni fa
eric spoelstra is madly underrated yo. Everyone thought he was just like tyrone lue
@tongasamoa89 3 anni fa
💯 that team was never quitting
@dpolar86 3 anni fa
Unsure if you’re a Lakers fan but congrats to your squad if so. I don’t think enough has been said or written about how dominant was the Lakers playoff run. As a heat fan, your love and salute is appreciated. Hoping we’ll see you again sooner than later.
@YoungMell03 3 anni fa
Wth u talking bout. U must've lost ur marbles. We were suppose to win. We won to get there. Wasn't nothing giving. Spo failed us with the small line ups, three games in this series. We should've been champions.
@@YoungMell03 1 word for you, toxic.
@MambaBreezy24 2 anni fa
As a Lakers fan, I admire the Heat's grind and determination, especially Jimmy Butler's, limping from soreness after giving it his all. Much respect.
Me too the heat put up a great fight against our lakers but we still 2020 champs 💪🏾
@us8124 3 anni fa
Props to the NBA for having ZERO positives in the bubble 👏 🎉 🎊
@TheEclipsadoYT 3 anni fa
@Micheal Jordan W
@us8124 3 anni fa
@Micheal Jordan W
It was a positive for the young players
@whyfootball 3 anni fa
@@manuelgutierrez3747 i think he is talking about zero positive COVID cases...
Yeah, NBA did well, to be honest
@eethaw164 3 anni fa
“Heat are not meant to be here” ??? Bruh.. they beat 3 teams and only lost 3 games in the process, you just mentioned it. They do belong in the final.
@kickrocks3542 3 anni fa
I think what he meant was that they had little chance of getting there, but once they dogged the east, that was different
@NeykongTV 3 anni fa
he mean before the playoffs miami wasn't even in the conversation of getting in the finals. open ur mind my friend
@SuperWizzle85 3 anni fa
Yea as a die hard Laker fan I never slept on Miami I love how they play I actually wanted them honestly we would’ve swept anybody else out the east in my opinion
@SuperWizzle85 3 anni fa
@@NeykongTV after they beat Milwaukee you kinda knew Miami was foreal and was going win the east
@SHOWMEREAL 3 anni fa
@@NeykongTV actually a lot of people thought of them as a dark house
@karaoshii8877 3 anni fa
Rondo winning another ring:😁😆😜 Chris Paul:😡😡
I have the feeling that he will be remembered more for his 2nd ring than for his 1st but still mad respect to him for winning with us and winning with our enemy
@karaoshii8877 3 anni fa
@@aldozanoletti8166 true
@Patrick Posadas but he became immortal and legendary in the Big 2 of all time and champ with them and with us
Carmelo Anthony: 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Idk why people say it was one sided They ragged everyone in East being 5th seed But congratulations to Lakers And deep respect to HEATS
@NoVisionGuy 3 anni fa
they werent 100% in the finals
@NoVisionGuy 3 anni fa
i like the lakers but i feel bad for the heat they probably gave it all, great finals tho
@TheRealist1. 3 anni fa
@@NoVisionGuy the Lakers weren't 100% the entire playoffs. Even if the Heat were 100% they wouldn't have won, it just would've been tougher.
@NoVisionGuy 3 anni fa
@@TheRealist1. i agree either way they couldn't win, lakers bench is crazy good and i believe 5 or 6 players on lakers have gone to the finals no way they gonna lose
@paok3131999 3 anni fa
@@NoVisionGuy avery bradley and demarcus cousins were absent and demarcus injured for the lakers, i think they would be stronger at least with avery bradley
@fightnight14 3 anni fa
Imagine not making the playoffs the previous year and then you ended up 1st seed in the west and won the title
@rensenpai8100 3 anni fa
Both Miami and Lakers didn't make the playoffs last season but now both teams are in the Finals
@ia6619 3 anni fa
Two words: Anthony Davis
@ChangeGunz 3 anni fa
i told people they wouldve been 5-3rd seed last year if bron doesnt get hurt and probly go to second or wcf
@ChristianJ18 3 anni fa
I A more like a total roster change and the previous year injuries play a caused as well. Don’t think the lakers would have won the championship in 2019 but dedicated making the playoffs and probably western finals against golden state
@nuntetevo1771 3 anni fa
@@rensenpai8100 both were 10th seed last year. miami and lakers. add ad and butler instant final
@Fj3 3 anni fa
Laker here through and through, but I love the confidence Jimmy Butler showed here. And he backed it up too, as we all know.
No doubt
You’re a laker and a CM Punkster my man you got some taste 🔥🔥
@wardkun1219 3 anni fa
I really love Coach spo. He deserves every ounce of respect from everybody, and with him consistently making the heat culture alive, is just unbelievable.
@s4xtt 2 anni fa
2000:With Kobe 2010:By Kobe 2020:For Kobe The last part is still heartbreaking to say
You mean to comment
@bean.223syt5 2 anni fa
2009 with kobe. They won back to back with pau gasol
@dirty jo cuz he didn’t say it he commented it
@MarClipzz 2 anni fa
@@bean.223syt5 he was going by 10s bro
@indefax7130 2 anni fa
He never died, he lives in all of out hearts still
Who said Fans weren't allowed look at JR Smith and Meyers Leonard Cheering the lights out for their respective teams.
La pioche par défaut du chapitre 1 sera de retour, il faudra la récupérer dans le jeu entre le 4 novembre et le 15 janvier. 👍👍 et ca veut dire que mercredi il y aura une mise à jour Je la mettais tout le temps avec mon skin elle allait trop bien 👴🏻
Atleast they in the league, jr is way past is prime
@Gouwop 2 anni fa
@@realhoodbaby1023 welp meyers isnt anymore 🤣🤣
@Sk8rJayman 3 anni fa
@nb7462 3 anni fa
yo lebron wassup. ayt. gotta bounce bye
You did it for Kobe big up’s to you and A.D. LBJ you the best
@@larryhughes9027 yessur
@Bilaldinho1 3 anni fa
LeBron just had one of the best seasons in NBA history at age 35. Put some respect on his name
@wtfyoutube4873 3 anni fa
Should’ve won mvp
@joyfulhvh 3 anni fa
@@wtfyoutube4873 lol no
@@wtfyoutube4873 He won the finals MVP bro..what else you want????
@Ascendment 3 anni fa
@Jayson Brady lol straight up raw basketball, no traveling, no home courts, just basketball. Worth as much if not more than any chip ever
@jdiestro09 3 anni fa
How can respect be demanded by a “king”?
Andre iguodala and lebron james meeting in the finals for how many times its kinda epic
@hknkvrz 3 anni fa
I love how Butler enjoys every moment. Respect to that man and The Heat.
@nab_tm Anno fa
I’m miss this team so much. It hurt seeing the team break up after their championship. It’s sad how the 2022 Lakers went out and didn’t make playoffs. The 2020 team was amazing. They had great chemistry, energy, motivation, defense and so much more. I really enjoyed watching them. They played like a family. Wish we still had this team today. We would’ve been unstoppable. So many dawgs on that team🥲
Vogel got fired and Austin reaves is young and great Lebron and da boiz need to stay healthy and Westbrook gotta be better or be traded as of to right now I think he’s going to be traded at this point pretty much hope for FA and the draft and without frank vogel this should be a better season BY ALOT no matter the BS and remember we are 17x champs stay strong
@talal3c Anno fa
@@Jake-2-litty they're keeping russ lol
@@talal3c I have heard but it’s kinda interesting to me because of how darvin ham was hired so maybe Westbrook will be somewhat better tbh I really don’t care becuase lebron AD and reves finna be takin the show again
@Isaac43. 10 mesi fa
Now in 2023 they're about to make the Playoffs and they already look for a team that is going to the finals.
@vishalbharti07 10 mesi fa
@@Isaac43. we are good to go , 18 th chip is coming my man
@austincruz5757 3 anni fa
As a Miami Heat fan I hated losing but I’m proud of this Heat team people said they wouldn’t be there and fighting for a playoff spot but yet that championship DNA kicked in this postseason just 2 wins short with a young team they will learn from it
@anggaihza3074 3 anni fa
Props to the Miami Heat as an organization man. It's really an unexpected final appearance from them and they fought really hard. Great future ahead for the Heat for sure. Respect from a Lakers fan!
@jmltheexplorer 3 anni fa
they really exact a time frame of 24 minutes and 48 seconds about the compilation in honor for Kobe. Never forget.
hey if you love lebron, you should watch this video. itvid.net/video/video-Xt4rpmbYNm8.html
@mew2o635 3 anni fa
why 48 tho?
24 Kobe's number multiplied by 2 which is Gigi's number.
@dylancohen7418 3 anni fa
@mew2o635 3 anni fa
@@markenziadalla4255 oh damn thanks
@Black14825 3 anni fa
I hope Jimmy wins a ring, he's an amazing player and he showed it in these finals. This year the King had other plans tho
If bron retires early, portland, dallas, and nuggets would be a good match up against the heat.
@Black14825 3 anni fa
@@loristnorton3723 Idd
@kingjay7923 3 anni fa
@@loristnorton3723 I Think Lebron.will retire at 40/41 because he will wait till his son makes.it
Gets another chance this year. But against the Nuggets with the Joker it's gonna be a tall task
@jasan_o3633 5 mesi fa
@@theboxingboy7422each time he made it to the finals he had to go against the fucking avengers man😭
@imrvivek 3 anni fa
I'm just happy for JB - he finally found his home. Seems to be enjoying himself
Bro who’s JB?? Jimmy buckets ?
@offtop5784 3 anni fa
@@mauriciohernandez1457 yea i think he’s talking about jimmy
@suaveswoosh 3 anni fa
Yeah man. It’s nice for him to be where his energy is reciprocated
@mrjd918 2 anni fa
Justin bieber
@mappcanrapp 3 anni fa
The Heat really were great to push this to 6. Ultimate respect shout out JB
its all good lakers fam, were gonna get back here next year
@wl2313 2 anni fa
Yeah I hope so dealing with injuries all year didn’t help but I think we will better next year and not lose to suns
Respect to y’all from Phoenix
@wl2313 2 anni fa
@@rajiba7115 what tons of teams had injuries this year lakers nets Celtics so it’s not like the injuries only effected the lakers
Not with LeBron, he cant carry like he did in cavs. He won only one chip tbh
@Eu12017 2 anni fa
@@jordanzdebski5132 dont blame LbJ, he's not the only player in Lakers
@SuperBC1975 3 anni fa
NBA Finals Mini-Movie: The Return of the King James.
@josevictor175 3 anni fa
@djtimesaj4811 3 anni fa
LeBron needs to retire
itvid.net/video/video-WSVGfbbitlM.html Lebron tribute song.
@@djtimesaj4811 he just won a title he shouldn’t retire
@Londonguy1987_ 3 anni fa
i'm a lakers fan, but i'd really love to see this miami heat team win a championship one day. jimmy butler and erik spoelstar deserve rings. they worked their asses off. respect.
@DIGITAL7Media 3 anni fa
I know. I LOVE my Lakers but it would have been an honor to lose to that Miami team. I wouldnt even be sad about it. Jimmy totally earned my respect. BUT...sooooo glad we won ; )
I’ve been waiting for this. Mini movies are always fire 🔥🔥🔥
hey if you love lebron, you should watch this video. itvid.net/video/video-Xt4rpmbYNm8.html
@sonialange1081 3 anni fa
Just imagine how powerful the Lakers would be now with the power trio AD, LBJ, and Kobe We love you Kobe, Respects♥️
Been in basic military training since the end of round 1 of the finals I’ve needed this
@JimKrause1975 3 anni fa
Thanks for serving. Much respect!
@person-xd3wb 3 anni fa
Obviously, you love your country, the NBA, and it's players. Thank you for your service and integrity.
Congrats soldier, what's your MOS ?
@shazzar756 3 anni fa
Stay Strong Soldier ✊🏿 Thank you🙏🏿
@joejett5084 3 anni fa
I remember I was in basic when kobe dropped 81. Drill sergeants always playing around, I thought it was a joke.
@jcmunoz8688 2 anni fa
So proud of these guys 😢😃 Glad I saw it all last year, it was so precious
@_rgrtht 3 anni fa
butler my man, dont be sad, u have time to become a champion. Keep it up you can do it
@tedbundy1503 3 anni fa
He could of Ben a laker but he wanted his own team and he will have the same results as Allen iverson and Charles Barkley just known as a good player champions are never forgotten even tho Allen iverson is the goat who change the game of basketball as we know it forever
@doink3570 3 anni fa
@@tedbundy1503 so what if he wants his own team? that fact doesn't make him a forgettable good player lol there are nba legends with no rings who are as good as your lakers lol
@@tedbundy1503 dumb
@tedbundy1503 3 anni fa
@@doink3570 bruh he avg 20 point jimmy ain’t being known for shit that’s the case that’s like saying Brandon Roy was the goat 🐐 before lilard a lot dnt even know who that is my point just a good player nobody remembers
@tedbundy1503 3 anni fa
@@doink3570 who not bring up only get credit for being a good player
@MasatoDaily 2 anni fa
KCP: 1x Champion AD: 1x Champ KUZ: 1x Champ Kobe: 18x Champion *Heaven*
@101jhante 3 anni fa
I love how the Lakers say mamba 💜💛 rip Kobe and Gigi we will always keep you in our heart miss you both so much #mambaforever💜💛
@spjoo7 3 anni fa
As a Lakers fan Icant ask for a better ending to this season. As a basketball fan, love seeing Jimmy Butler become a legend himself
@PopsStan 3 anni fa
Thank you very much NBA for combining them. I was sick of having 373837372837473736272736373737 mini-movies.
My Gooosh. This give me chills. They all are Champions. I was a fan of Buttler since Chicago and I knew he would be something else someday. Mostly, I am so happy to se LBJ win and earn another title. I wish this kind of moment would also happen in my life. Mind blowing. Pure Joy.
@NoOne-lc1ue 3 anni fa
dude LeBron appreciates AD so much, I love it :')
Jimmy butler smile after he said I LIKE OUR CHANCES was priceless
@jhappp185 3 anni fa
Why some people put hate on this man? we are lucky to witness greatness just be thankful to see a living legend like LBJ.. #RESPECT
Who hate lbj is gsw fans or clippers fans
@stuff9834 3 anni fa
Im a Bucks Fan but no offense I dont like LBJ but I dont hate him bcz.I think its not Interesting anymore to watch him play you will always exoect him to like do this stuff and that stuff u feel me I dont hate lebron just to be clear
@benaug2071 2 anni fa
i just dont like some of the fans that just worship lebron like its their own religion
@@benaug2071 fans do that with every player look at the media an jordan by your logic you shouldnt like anyone then bro cause its common for folks to idolise players
@benaug2071 2 anni fa
@@kobetrotman2484 bro i dont even know i commented this what we talking about
I’m here reminiscing about these good old times.
@davidem759 3 anni fa
Thank you for uploading this in 720p, good job.
2020 Bubble will go down in history as one of the greatest NBA seasons/events of all time. They’re gonna have to make a documentary about this in the future.
@wxvy7554 3 anni fa
Last time I watched one of these was 3 years go with the warriors
hey if you love lebron, you should watch this video. itvid.net/video/video-Xt4rpmbYNm8.html
@math5393 3 anni fa
Look at Meyers Leonard cheering skills man so inspirational.
Yo wassup flight hahaha
@math5393 3 anni fa
@@jayteethehitman4930 sup
@math5393 3 anni fa
@Mushroomstamp thanks man
@ia6619 3 anni fa
What time stamp
Was about to google "what is wrong with meyers leonard" but you answered it for me lmao
@ericatom393 3 anni fa
Heat Nation stand up! Nobody expected us here and we fought hard even with all the injuries. Congrats to LA, but the Heat's future is bright!
@Dylan Crowley they need a player like Giannis to get that ring. Although if Lakers get another piece they ain’t losing guaranteed
@@kadenblankenship6060 we dont need a giannis we need more depth and shooting in the PF/C position, and then a more experienced PG to playmake and defend.
@@DraftyDragonGMinecraft true.
@Dylan Crowley they have Oladipo noow the reinforcements have arrived
@Dylan Crowley yep Celtics primed when Kyrie was there and lowkey disappointed when he left i mean i seriously thought last year would be a Lakers vs Celtics finals but it didn't happen lol and now y'all are below .500 i think but i sincerely hope they can turn it around
Its crazy how the finals use to be with all the people in the stadium to now that’s in a bubble like all the mini movies were in a stadium which made the movie better with all the team colors😭😭 This has been one of the greatest and most entertaining finals I watched in my opinion💯
These full finals mini movies always hit different 🔥
@digimon4334 Anno fa
Great mini movie I'm happy to see the Lakers win the chip for Kobe and everybody that work so hard to become champions, congrats!
Theres one thing I got in this Mini-Movie : GOOSEBUMPS.
@cannedkitty 3 anni fa
Pure ecstasy. I’m living this moment over and over again as a laker fan.
@sihookim9811 3 anni fa
Imagine when our grandchildren search for 2020 NBA Finals and see the arena 😂😂😂😂
Then all of sudden your grandchildren ask you " Where is your team Grandpa? Why the warriors is not on the lists?😅
@@musiclover-lm5yi l
@@musiclover-lm5yi hahahaahahahahah!
@Sk8rJayman 3 anni fa
Man Us Laker fans . We miss this fucking monstrous AD 😢 . It's been 2 seasons since he gone Fragile
Fr bro now we might miss the playoffs 🥲
@18incheswide89 3 anni fa
It gets never old to see greatness. Shout out to Mayeyo and their run. Bron and co, that was a great team effort too. I love this game.
@trixsijean5838 3 anni fa
Title: King James still sits on the thrown like he never left
who's gonna tell him
@SG-we9gq 3 anni fa
Are you forgetting that he was sweeped last season by GSW and is 4 for 10 in the finals? God you ass kissers get on my nerves.
@butwhytho1811 3 anni fa
@@SG-we9gq are u forgetting that lebron was injured last season? And is 4/10 because he faced a superteam? Lmao haters gonna hate. U can only blame lebron in the 2011 finals.
@@SG-we9gq oh no.... got sweeped being the only decent player on the cavs going against a team with 4 all stars.
@@curiouslife6601 tell him what. That LeBron spent a second more than you have on an NBA floor
@zeditv2230 2 anni fa
Everytime i watch this. It give always a goosebumps kudos to this both teams deserve a respect!
As a lifelong Dwight fan, I really wanted to him win a championship. What a way to do it in a Laker Uniform.
@MaxAndersonn 3 anni fa
Give the Lakers and Lebron the damn respect they deserve they earn this championship fair and square.
hey if you love lebron, you should watch this video. itvid.net/video/video-Xt4rpmbYNm8.html
@mcxavier3781 2 anni fa
Nobody is disrespecting Lebron. Pls shut up
@jokimbuenafe13 2 anni fa
McXavier they are man people still trying to put an asterisk on this win by saying it was the easiest route to a dub all cause of the bubble
@DeeManGamez 2 anni fa
@@jokimbuenafe13 it’s stupid people always say “mickey mouse ring”. Not every championship is the same but every championship is a championship. I think there’s defs some asterisks on this chip cause there’s no fans so there’s less pressure, but there’s also no home court advantage, but then there’s also no travel between games, but then again you could say because of that players are much more well rested and conditioned. So there’s many things that could be said but at the end of the day, Lakers had the best record in the west and were playing so fkn well before the season went into the bubble. They deserved the 2020 chip and deserve the respect that should come with it too. Just sucks seeing how shit they are atm. I feel like if we had kept the same squad we could’ve repeated.
@Violet-ss7nd 4 mesi fa
the smile by jimmy was epic, at the end of game 5. just goes to show you how much passion he has
Let’s go I can’t believe it never thought I’d see another one congratulations Lakers also rip Kobe this is all for you
@newthrash1221 3 anni fa
As a die-hard lakers fan....jimmy deserves everything coming to him. Hopefully it’s a champion soon.
@mekz_n3505 2 anni fa
Man I miss this Lakers so much ffs
@umonunki 3 anni fa
Miami really showed they have a character as a tough team - Really tough respect
@runizu819 3 anni fa
LeBron is not in the thumbnail cause we know he CARRIED it for Kobe! RESPECT!👊
hey if you love lebron, you should watch this video. itvid.net/video/video-Xt4rpmbYNm8.html
@lebronjames215 3 anni fa
Him, AD, and Rondo(KCP hit some big shots too)
@homesecrets494 3 anni fa
You weirdo
@mackstacks8913 3 anni fa
Game 5 was an instant classic.
i love watching mini movies of nba finals
Yo it’s my favorite point guard Chris Paul
hey if you love lebron, you should watch this video. itvid.net/video/video-Xt4rpmbYNm8.html
@amadeux5471 3 anni fa
I wonder how many people will get this reference 🤣
@aarontanjuan 3 anni fa
@@amadeux5471 thunders fans probably
The 40 million dollar man.
@aarontanjuan 3 anni fa
@ひShogun and we got a winner
Gotta give respect to Jimmy for trying to keep spirits high and rally the troops to 2 wins at least. Just too much to overcome from the Lakers.
beautiful video, in tears for a moment. what a journey in the bubble!
hey if you love lebron, you should watch this video. itvid.net/video/video-Xt4rpmbYNm8.html
Got to respect Miami heat they played amazing. And this video is fire 🔥
I loved how rondo played during the playoffs and finals I didn’t except it
@khashmoney6985 3 anni fa
Expect not except
@enzono5267 3 anni fa
Respect to Miami Heat and specially Jimmy Butler. The man just changed the way we looked at his career in one year
@Cooe. 2 mesi fa
We hadn't seen nothing yet lol.
NBA FINALS 2020: DC : During Corona 🔥🔥☕🔥🔥✨☕🔥 I miss NBA already.
@colenunya9815 2 anni fa
I still come back and watch this, back to back hopefully.
@Rich-wi1qx 3 anni fa
Anyone else notice how the video is 24 mins long?!?! FOR KOBE!!! 💜💛
hey if you love lebron, you should watch this video. itvid.net/video/video-Xt4rpmbYNm8.html
24:08 should've happened
People need to know how special this final really was.
@NoxiousWolf Anno fa
this is the most memorable & best NBA finals ever
@fr3ycash381 Anno fa
Not gonna lie that gold and black Lakers uniform tuff🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😳😳😳😳
@9ossayalha169 3 anni fa
Heats not suppose to be here..wtf is this?? Respect to miami from morocco and congrats to the lakers
@jefflawhk 3 anni fa
I feel the same too, WTF in his mind, haha.
@pedothebear314 3 anni fa
Been waiting for this since the 2010 finals mini movie
this series was fire every one trying there best to win but the lakers came on top chef kisses
THIS is the A.D. yall need.
I miss this lakers team
@pachirsiis 3 anni fa
when butler said, "I like our chances ", and then smiled, I cried man .....
@andrerocha9924 3 anni fa
Congradulations LBJ and the Lakers !!!
hey if you love lebron, you should watch this video. itvid.net/video/video-Xt4rpmbYNm8.html
@andrerocha9924 3 anni fa
@@stevenjohnson1232 Thanks bro,i Will watch right now 💪.
@@andrerocha9924 Thank you. ;)
@andrerocha9924 3 anni fa
@@stevenjohnson1232 You're welcome bro, Lebron is one of my favorite players of all time.
@synraheim17 2 anni fa
This Lakers squad was fire. Props to the Heat for playing hard.
this NBA championship won by the Lakers is indeed historic and memorable. So many things happened. Losing Kobe, Pandemic, BLM, and other negative stuff. Lakers winning it not only making the LAL proud but for sure if KB was alive He is the number 1 guy to be extremely happy. I AM proud of LAL ever since younger. For me, this season is the hardest season to play with all the troubles and problems in the world Winning the championship means so much to all of our fans. It's a message for everyone to never ever give up even after all the struggles that happen. There is always a rainbow after the rain. Congratulations LAL! 17th win championship. Keep it coming. Thank you to all the teams who fought hard to make this season more exciting than ever.
@nour11-7 3 anni fa
Have been waiting for thissss🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💛💜
@abhishek4758 2 anni fa
Jimmy is so inspiring man. That smile on Face every time believing. And Bron is my GOAT.
@hasmoon 3 anni fa
Finally ive been waiting for this video!
@jwolf7274 Anno fa
I miss this roster 🥲
They didn't have to do Tyler Herro like that with the slow motion 💀
@Joemight13 2 anni fa
JR even play
@jhappp185 3 anni fa
This is the most meaningful and remarkable champion ship of all time !
@mcxavier3781 2 anni fa
@PGGodTV 9 mesi fa
2023 Finals I can feel it
@NotebookLives 2 anni fa
This is what cemented LeBron as the greatest player of all-time. The win over the GSW had me won over, but not all of the way. I still believed Jordan was the one with the crown. People said LBJ was too old and would never win another Finals, but once he won his 4th chip and came out in Year 19 averaging 30pts, 7 assists, and 7 rebounds - playing more like 27 than 37 - that was the icing on the cake. This man is the 🐐 for me.
Jordan = Goat Bron = King
I super love the intensity when you watch this mini movie 💕💪🏽
Ngl game 3 was legendary. Dragic and Adebayo were both out. The rest of the team stepped up in massive ways, but Butler just left everything on that floor. Inspiring stuff.
@amare1cro 2 anni fa
Damn, the Heat were really major underdogs in this series and played really well. Mostly due to excellent gameplan by Spo, who realized that actually Jimmy cannot be stopped. Funny how an undersized SF, with short-ass T-Rex arms, and no 3-point shot, managed to become a mismatch in this series. Actually Bron could shut him down but they rotated off and forced the switches. Major wins by the Heat in games 3 or 5 of a series which realistically should've been a 4-game sweep or at best a 4-1 Laker win. Spo had a great series but damn, Bron is Bron and Ad is Ad. Hope to see the Lakers back in it this year
@Kai-lah 3 mesi fa
Damn this was such a backhanded ass compliment 😂
@jvostudio 3 anni fa
The fact that Mcgee might end up with more rings than Shaq gets me excited
@ShrekStoliosis 3 anni fa
McGee’s redemption arc
Yep and mcgee always on shaqtin a fool
That's something to think about 🤔🤔🤔
Why does that get you excited
Kawhi owns Lebron😆. Bro won a Bubble Mickey Mouse ring😆
Still crying about it though 😂
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