LaMelo Ball Playing Streetball in the NBA 

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LaMelo Ball is one of the most exciting players to watch in the NBA. Today we will feature his moves that looks like he is playing in the streets. Hope you enjoy the video.
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@elitehaxxor8025 10 mesi fa
Watching Melo makes me smile, kid absolutely earned his spot in the NBA and he's so comfortable being there. To ball like this against the elite is insane.
@jaseallenson316 10 mesi fa
Yeah ive always been a fan, but most games he takes too many shots.
@kingkyrie5140 10 mesi fa
@@jaseallenson316 his pure talent alone will keep him in the league forever. But he’s gotta learn how to play winning basketball ultimately if he’s gonna be one of the greats. You’re taking 26 shots but your team is losing plus usually 4+ turnovers
@swimzy1639 10 mesi fa
@@kingkyrie5140 reincarnation of melo anthony
@Keviekev115 10 mesi fa
And no college at that. Truly proves some people are just “ready”
Don't forget, instead of college, his dad took him to Lithuania to play against grown ass pros in Europe. Bro came back with that x-factor
@tonydorsey11b 10 mesi fa
Melo plays as if he’s in the school gym during free period playing with his homies before going back to class. Just pure enjoyment & I love watching it.
@YTTopia 9 mesi fa
@@nicklauschristofonoXXII Bro it's the hornets. no one is winning shit on the hornets
​@@YTTopiahe ain't winning s***bwhahaha 😄
@@damienbender213 maybe put the right pieces around him with a good organization and who knows, but right now he ain’t gonna do shii in Charlotte
@MagnetDzn 6 mesi fa
The charlotte commentators amping tf outta some basic ass moves he does 😂
I love that he sacrifices his own chances to score to let his teammates shine.
And the way he does it still makes him the star, it's too fluid
That’s what basketball is about tho
@aaronlo313 6 mesi fa
Nah he’s just being flashy nothing special You make it sound like he’s passing the ball to the disabled kid at break time and telling the other team to let him shoot
@@aaronlo313 well i mean he is making his point stats lower than what it should be by setting his teammate up when its a free shot for him
@bqrsti802 6 mesi fa
Melo is bringing good vibes to the team and thats also important for the win.
@CheersToYou007 10 mesi fa
I must say, watching Melo is more entertaining than watching any other NBA player. He's quick and he's witty. And he scores! And his ball passing game is on point more than anybody else in the NBA.
@BorgMater 10 mesi fa
As if Derrick Rose and Gordon Hayward had a child
@moltenpros 10 mesi fa
But is his team winning or are they near last place?
@user-rq2cz2dl6y 10 mesi fa
OBVIOUSLY it's CLEAR you haven't seen Mr. KYREDICULOUS but I will 4GIVE you
@CheersToYou007 10 mesi fa
@@user-rq2cz2dl6yYou mean kyrie Irving?
@brianpino5962 10 mesi fa
Used to hate Lamelo for no reason ..but seeing him make it to the NBA is something special . The kid has talent , heart , and brings great crowd reaction. I hope he stays in charlotte for a while . Never seen the arena so packed and hyped in decades . I hope he wins an NBA title in the future
@Shine13373 10 mesi fa
His father made all the Ball brothers easy to hate.
@kwilson2783 10 mesi fa
Agree, not for No reason. His father’s antics turned most people away but I say this kid is fun to watch and a good player
@1saamor897 9 mesi fa
probably cause he was successful
I disliked the way he played in high school but he's transitioned to the NBA really well, way better than his brother tbh.
@keilanlong5198 9 mesi fa
@@1saamor897 nah cuz he was a chino hills rich kid and his dad. He’s matured tho
The Kid is honestly a genius, his passing, IQ, Hustle, shot, Drive, Handle, and Heart its all there... that family created a prodigy, even his Brothers said it repeatedly "the best out of all of us is Melo" crazy cause we saw him grow up through Chino Hills since he was like 15 playing Varsity as a starter, and winning championships, Insane!!.. I hope he gets a Title..
@pyramidion5911 Giorno fa
Man he was balling back when he was 30% hair.
@NoahZeus 10 mesi fa
Dudes game is just crisp, crazy seeing him from a small kid to developing into such a natural player.
@prolad8151 10 mesi fa
crisp. yes . that is the word.
@skairi 10 mesi fa
@@prolad8151 its called slang
@ItsYaBoi888 10 mesi fa
right on. "crisp". that's too good.
@al1410 10 mesi fa
Crazy to see how 90 percent of the basketball community that clowned this kid and said he wouldn't make it sneak into his wagon. Lol
@ItsYaBoi888 10 mesi fa
@@al1410 ummm idk anyone that doubts LaMelo but i know many who doubted his brothers.
@smurphas6119 7 mesi fa
i honestly didn’t realise how crazy his highlights are already, he looks incredible while he plays. he makes the hornets look like a championship contending team
@LaCabra787 10 mesi fa
Idk what’s better … The LaMelo Highlights or the Hornets Commentators 😂😂😂😂💯
@ant23ny 10 mesi fa
Foreal ,,, screaming meanwhile loosing by 20 lmaooo
@sandralang9289 10 mesi fa
LaMelo highlights, 💯
@sandralang9289 10 mesi fa
Commentators ALL DAY LONG!! Hum diddleee deeee!!
@woodah33 10 mesi fa
I love dudes energy haha he is committed to the team's well being
@sjb7963 10 mesi fa
Dude!!! Look at how often LaMelo will pass before taking the shot! Seeing how much he includes his team mates in his success and how often he uses his skillset to make his teammates shine has me like "Man! I would TOTALLY want to play ball with someone like that!" The leadership skills are undeniable!
@MyOhMy69 6 mesi fa
I'm not a huge basketball fan, but Melo makes it so much fun to watch. Some players just have that "it" factor and he's definitely one of them.
@@zainaldeen509 I can tell. Bullies point out what they don’t like about themselves. You didn’t make one single point in your entire statement. Waste of space. Contributed absolutely nothing.
He has this unique and unpredictable style. Not boring to watch unlike those big names that don't pass the ball for them own fame.
His playing style is fun to watch.
@joebauers3746 10 mesi fa
Nearing the 30's field goal percentage wise is fun to watch too, when you are not a fan of his that is... LOL!!! The least he could do is gather up all those bricks and build a house for the underprivileged.
@@joebauers3746 certified hater💯💯
@@joebauers3746 actually i am not NBA fans. I just play basketball for fun sometimes. So, i dont really know about the player. I just found this video on random alogaritm and watch it. And i found this player is fun to watch. So, yeah. I cant argue with u
@HotMike 5 mesi fa
You can tell LaMelo simply trusts he's playing with teammates who fully understand they're all professionals at the highest level of the sport. The flow is sick!!!🔥🤩🏀
The crazy part is that we all watched him grow up doing these same moves, and he still catches them. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
@robcorn470 5 mesi fa
If he can stay healthy, elevate his game from this to even something more special, there is no doubt he will be one the best marketed players ever in the NBA. He's too fun to watch for people not want to throw their money at the franchise he plays for.
@zeejustin6 8 mesi fa
Lamelo's full court passing is incredible...you can see he had that skill when he was like 15 and in high school. I'd tell my brother he could make passes nba guards can't make. Obviously he does a lot of stuff a lot of other guards can't do, even good ones.
@areareare9953 10 mesi fa
What I like about his playing is a) stealing/blocking ability - he has fingertips like a gecko b) he's not greedy with the ball, some of the passes are just better options, some are just flashy, but he looks at passes as valuable as points. I'll take his 3D ball playing over the 3-point ball game any day.
Like Jokic. A great team player if need be and not a ball hog like Harden or Westbrook
@isstrip1002 10 mesi fa
I'm rooting for LaMelo to be the next "GOAT".. I wanna see rings, season MVP's, all star MVP's, all that... Such an exciting player with tons of potential.
Joy, joy, joy, thrilling, creative, prodigious, team oriented, entertaining, real basketball! Carry on LaMello!
You can tell just by watching him play, he passes the vibe audit. Creative, open-minded, and with joy.
@mjcs6399 10 mesi fa
I went to Charlotte to see the Sixers play the Hornets, and LaMelo did not play that night, but before the game, they worked him out. It was JUST a workout, but his shooting and handles were off-the-charts. Just amazing! I love the modern game.
@blitzcomet 10 mesi fa
i feel like a proud father watching these kids grow up and mature into the ball players they are becoming. all solid balls.
@babyboycat 10 mesi fa
@escamunicha4276 10 mesi fa
😂😂😂 solid balls
@@RedTsunami on offense, but lonzo’s defense is elite which makes up for it
@marcmaza2821 3 mesi fa
Watching him in high school was crazy! Then Australia was good route he went! Amazing perfect passing! Deserved a nba ring one day!
@Cellod98 4 mesi fa
One of the most artistic players in the nba, especially when he drives to the rim
This truly shows you that Melo was ALWAYS that kid growing up playing with the way older kids.. and he always held his own, same as today!
@captainmcl 4 mesi fa
His energy level is 2x anybody else on the court, and 10x a lot of them. And what an incredible handle, laser-like passes... some violent poetry in motion!
I just hope he keeps playing with freedom as he does. It's never always going to pay off but the entertainment is the best in the nba. Thank you Mr Ball Sack.
I just love his playstyle, it just looks like he’s having fun all the time
@NP-hj6qm 10 mesi fa
This kid just makes me want to pick up a ball again
@Parkerawsome 5 mesi fa
I never watched or played basketball all growing up. Only started plying the sport in college but Lamelo was always somebody that caught my eye even not watching the NBA at all. Family is now in NC so hornets are my team! It’s because of Mello mostly but he truly is fun to watch. Opened my eyes to the sport and now it’s fun to watch NBA games and play. Excited to get better overtime cause I’m 6’5 so I just gotta learn to jump 😂
@tonelocc5824 10 mesi fa
I like how it doesn’t seem like he had to change his game if anything he just perfected it. He’s just too crafty. A lotta his decision making just seems so natural. I love the chemistry the hornets have with him, pj, miles, and I know it’s gonna happen eventually but I hope they don’t break up this young core . Even tho I do see him fitting into a few other teams systems just as well.
@KennyDavinci 10 mesi fa
2:13 “DESIRE! HE JUST WANTED IT!” 😂😂 facts
@teamgitusome 8 mesi fa
Man lol them commentators got me dying
@4dlvnn 4 mesi fa
yo this had me cryingggg
I want him to recreate his point at half court shot. It would either be legendary or a meme
@sandralang9289 10 mesi fa
He plans to…
@@sandralang9289 Thank you Sandra Lang
@tomatoesofdoom 10 mesi fa
he was most likely told not to do that, or suffer consequences of its failure
@sandralang9289 10 mesi fa
@@tomatoesofdoom he was! By Borrego
Maybe at an all star game
He's going to change the game. This new era of hoopers who've been making highlights since high school...it's going to be fun to watch
@ThatWrapperDude 10 mesi fa
This kid is crazy good the passing shooting dribbles I mean he does it all for real. A real point guard
Like jokic passing but more creative
@boogieWithRell 4 mesi fa
I really didn't know LaMelo could pass like that. He has a special feel for the game fr
He's moves look so fluid. It's awsome to watch
Very nice ball handling.He brings his own class into the game. -LaBall-
@zdframes 9 mesi fa
this makes me want to watch him live! what a beast!
It’s so fulfilling seeing him when everyone said his play style wasn’t going to translate to the league
@davidwill7183 10 mesi fa
He’s definitely a lot of fun to watch! Love the video!
@Ghost-27X 9 mesi fa
This guy is Brilliant.. Definitely an All Star 💯
@RiverDragonz 10 mesi fa
Imagine having Melo and Zion on the same team! Those alley-oops would be wild!!
He is just so fun to watch.
@sananto6896 10 mesi fa
LaMelo is so smooth he looks like slow motion, but opponents can't keep up.
By far the most entertaining player to watch when he's on the ball. Insane IQ, handles and he plays so freely against elite players.
so good they won 27 games, HAHA
@@gregoryeverson741 You do realise it's 5 people on a team right...
@GhANeC 8 mesi fa
Awesome to watch. Hope his stats and defence match all that showtiming. Then he’ll surely be all-star
@cybersteel8 9 mesi fa
Oh man I've heard of this guy but I've never watched the Hornets play. I might check out their next game, because holy moly, this guy can BALL!
@donlitt 10 mesi fa
Lamelo passing and dribbling is just insane plus he can score
This guy is actually PLAYING. Everyone else too stiff and serious. Great to watch.
Can we also admire the Hornets court designs? Simply beautiful
Lamelos court vision is so good. Melo can literally do perfect passes and pull the attention from other defenders so his teammates have a open shot. He definitely is gunna be a 1st team all star soon
@thecolcifer 2 mesi fa
"Desire! He just wanted it!" literally defines Melo
@Deknis 9 mesi fa
I’ve been saying for years if this dude just gets around the right people, he would dominate.
@devincase3091 10 mesi fa
I need announcers like this for my daily activities
@CheersToYou007 10 mesi fa
The announcer is just as excited watching Melo as some of us are.
@agentwilsonre 10 mesi fa
The pistons announcers just are the worst lol
@AyoBaby 10 mesi fa
DRIES those dishes!!!! PUTS that trash out...OHHHH BABY MAYBEEE!!!!!
@giancarlo1905 8 mesi fa
Then FINALLY he drops it off inside....HUM. DIDDLY. DEE.
@thomasevans7810 10 mesi fa
Glad to see dude actually balling against all odds🙌🙌
Man I hope he stays healthy I’m not a hornets fan but I like watching him play.
@cryptonator1988 10 mesi fa
Omg lamelo is such an amazing player why it seem like nobody talks about him that much. Hes the most exciting player too watch so much style, and skill and is a true team player.. it really shows how happy he is too just play basketball he respects the game more then most of these players and it shows hes electrifying and just absolutely brilliant too watch.. 👏 👍
He gets talked about a whole lot, considering he plays in Charlotte on a team that completely blows.
Guy has such a unique rhythm to his play, glad he's around.
Lavar must be so proud of all his sons he raised, he raised them to be successful. It’s a shame that not every kid in this planet has a real dad like Lavar.
I need to see part 2. But this time to see how his defense is.
@mikeables 9 mesi fa
For some reason it looks like he makes things harder than they have to be. I hope his love for the razzle dazzle doesn't hold him back from becoming the best he can be. Certainly fun to watch. He has his own style.
@jesusg853 6 mesi fa
Who cares
the more experience he gets the better he becomes
@rogerjr416 10 mesi fa
We need more streetball style in the NBA
@bsweat 9 mesi fa
5:11 big ups to isaiah stewart, keeping a hand on him as he went down and helping him up.
Warms my heart seeing melo in the nba
@diplomatikghost 10 mesi fa
This kid is so gifted he’s the best of the ball bros. Very talented
Wow that kid got mad skills, he was tearing that net up !!
@stikki8493 9 mesi fa
One of the most entertaining point guards in the league right now.
@TheTallRaver 10 mesi fa
Future MVP, no doubt!💪
@tenaki8 Mese fa
Even the players receiving the ball are shocked
@alfblue4734 Mese fa
this guy makes me wanna play basketball
4:22 insane awareness of his teammates position with his back towards them
@eyesyc 10 mesi fa
Looks like he's dropping dimes and making incredible shots. That's a rare combo playing street ball.
Being the younger brother helped him out a lot. Always a challenge now he’s better then both his brothers.
I love how he makes this money run show actually fun to watch
The energy difference between the home and away clips is astounding
@newera5238 5 mesi fa
I think he’s the perfect fit for the Charlotte Hornets! I mean they’re not even my team, but they give the best highlights night, and at night out🔥🔥.
Can we all thank LaMelo Ball for bring back street ball excitement fun entertaining basketball, and not the boring curry era of shooting the whole game dumbness and boredom... LaMelo thank you for bringing fun basketball back
October 20th 2023. Been watching Lamelo since high school. His game is too much fun to watch
@kwalex6882 10 mesi fa
Craziest highlight tape in the league. If he finds some consistency and better teammates they’ll go far.
Yeah, sad that the hornets is tanking right now after they managed to be playoffs contender but I hope they can start play reall ball next year
@SebScudz 10 mesi fa
This man’s highlight reel is gonna be insane
@cali-ed2808 9 mesi fa
Lamelo is the definition of Just Play Your Game
@HammerLLJW 10 mesi fa
He's only been here 3 years and he has so many amazing highlights
@kylelei93 8 mesi fa
He’s playing like the era I grew up on. Actual sauce
@bdrplnt_gaming 10 mesi fa
After 2 minutes I saw all I needed to see. Legendary.
@TheTopStarz 10 mesi fa
This is someone who's played basketball his whole life !
@hondomajor7139 10 mesi fa
Lemelo just looks like he's just out there having fun
@mattyice-ph4cm 6 mesi fa
I love how the charlotte announcers go absolutely crazy every time he makes a play 😂😂
@Zenki8118 6 mesi fa
10% LaMelo plays 90% Commentators' reactions 🔥
Lamelo is honestly underrated no cap
@b3a5t1n4ct1on 10 mesi fa
Just having fun out there, bet them guys love having the youngin on the squad. Melo can blay all around and definitely is a play maker forsure. Hard to find players out there anymore that are just happy to be there and be part of the team💪
@BlishBlesh 8 mesi fa
6:25 cleanest step back ever🥵
@darenevans2828 10 mesi fa
Pure talent and desire
@headhuncho89 10 mesi fa
Melo must be from Jersey or NY because we really hoop like the street ballers. I love to see him shining in the NBA, give more hope for people who come form “the streets” or urban areas to excel their way into the NBA as well. 🙏🏽
@felpszinn9 4 mesi fa
A salvação dos balls , lamelo carrega aquela família por muito , os irmãos dele nem de longe se comparam a ele
@jerry4012 9 mesi fa
Feel like I'm watching a Kobe Bryant highlight reel. Unreal skill and potential.
@antwanpk 10 mesi fa
Still hard to tell if he takes basketball seriously or just having fun
Can't believe he isn't talked about more than he is.
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