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Pain Dreams
Pain Dreams 2 giorni fa
Geçmişten gelen acı boğuluyormuşum gibi hissediyorum. ..
Jenny Hiraki
Jenny Hiraki 3 giorni fa
there used to be one for beautiful people beautiful problems to this movie and i used to watch it all the time but i think it’s gone :(
Jenny Hiraki
Jenny Hiraki 3 giorni fa
if you can find it please send it to me
оксана смирнова
Izabela v
Izabela v 3 giorni fa
She is probably 60 now wow
Austin Austin
Austin Austin 7 giorni fa
Anyone who’s been in a twelve-step program knows exactly what this song is about
Sizakele Gabuza
Sizakele Gabuza 4 giorni fa
Austin Austin so true
Tropical Girl
Tropical Girl 9 giorni fa
It reminds me of The Society (netflix series)
Onur Taşkıran
Onur Taşkıran 10 giorni fa
2:03 The song starts and I die ‼️
Fuck You And All Your Friends
Everything in Life is beautiful when you look at it with Love. That's so true❤ It's hard to do it but once you started looking with love, you can't stop☝️
Billybloodyhell 13 giorni fa
2:04 me running to my room before my mom notices that I didn’t put my plate in the dishwasher ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Rohit Prajapati
Rohit Prajapati 16 giorni fa
The physical things are just a small part of pressense, there are a lot of things that exist in the brain, or you are aware exist in reality. Can we appreciate with love, what we see. Depends on what exists in the mind by preference or compulsion. But I appreciate you.
Tribe of Dan
Tribe of Dan 18 giorni fa
I think this song is about nano tech and chemtrails. Nano tech changing us. It's in the wind, in the blood, in the water. I bet. Sounds crazy but I just bet this what this song is about.
Lahsik Ayoub
Lahsik Ayoub 20 giorni fa
Best arrangment ever , with these slow beats and that angelic voice we can understand more the uncanny meaning of valerie's movie
Maria Geovana Rocha
Maria Geovana Rocha 20 giorni fa
What is the name of this movie, please?
Andrés León
Andrés León 19 giorni fa
Valerie and her week of wonders
Audrey’s daughter
Audrey’s daughter 21 giorno fa
people are powerful beans
Rob Taylor
Rob Taylor 22 giorni fa
The video has the look of Bardot with her big hair and seductive smile. The song is very dreamy too a lot of nostalgic sentiment and young first time musing. The dreamy lyrics is like honey to me, so sweet and endearing.
Luna Oo
Luna Oo 26 giorni fa
Это из какого фильма ?
Edson Luiz
Edson Luiz Mese fa
Andrea Bossolono
we know what only the girls know (wink wink)...kiss kiss ..love u guys dre
exo’s Love shot
This made me watch ‘kedi’ and im thankful for that. I’ll probably watch the movie too, ever since I’ve been listening to her, I’m finding myself to be interested in these ‘old’ films, i can’t quite explain why. Maybe cos of videos like these. 💛
Anastasia Tsoukala
Powerful lyrics!!!
lasvidra Mese fa
This song live, performed in Krakow, totaly blew my brain out of my head :-)
Pretty P
Pretty P Mese fa
Türk yok mu
Justiz Rios
Justiz Rios Mese fa
If anyone can tell me where I can watch Valerie and Her Week of Wonders with English Sub for free, please let me know!
Mônica Aparecida
É um filme ? Se for alguém sabe o nome?
Norman Grant ❶
Norman Grant ❶ 23 giorni fa
Valery y su semana de maravillas
Michelle Mese fa
davidlang80 2 mesi fa
Lana is a amazing musician. She understands what is happening in America today. But I hope that she is not swayed by the left and right paradigm!!!!!
Yes it's a class issue! The sociopathic 1% and their war against the 99%! Or the wiping out of the middle class and the war on poverty! Socialism for the rich and brutal capitalism for everyone else!
Orlando Ennis
Orlando Ennis 2 mesi fa
Her music calms my soul.....
Shay M
Shay M 2 mesi fa
oh god this is perfection
Carla Bestard
Carla Bestard 2 mesi fa
my favorite movie and song from lust for life wow i’m in heaven
SUNSET DRIVE 2 mesi fa
This song and video is BEAUTIFUL!!!! We did a cover of it because the lyrics really hit home!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Ребята с нашего двора
Ненавижу баб, но иногда они норм смотрятся.
Karen Anabell
Karen Anabell 2 mesi fa
Mariam Pkhakadze
I cried sm
Chongtham R.
Chongtham R. 2 mesi fa
Same. I have cried many times to this song.
Ibr Nar
Ibr Nar 2 mesi fa
she is an angel
Ma Mro
Ma Mro 2 mesi fa
"People are powerful beans."
WHOSE TRUth 2 mesi fa
Lana's voice whispering through the boughs...the lyrics lifting the leaves...forewarning the approaching storm. Blind in the mundane leaving one no recourse to the curse.
M J 2 mesi fa
maria veronica caram tapia
canta igual que carla morrison
sotirako 3 mesi fa
Betusia Merkviladze
Who dear to dislike this video and song?!😎😎😎he has no taste who did it! Its marvellous😍😍😍😍😍
Mihaela Marin
Mihaela Marin 3 mesi fa
Carmen Cobain
Carmen Cobain 3 mesi fa
How many nice people here Enjoying a masterpiece
Mariana Ferreira
It’s hard to be an empath
robb pratt
robb pratt 3 mesi fa
why not main stream then again i can understand. This artist is cool as can be. Always gone to music when stuff go wrong. Her music pulled from a bad place my blessings
BMW M5 E39
BMW M5 E39 3 mesi fa
Lana Rey's videos are amazing... also Lana Rey's music is amazing to have sex to.
Vanessa McKibben
Her voice with this melody is purrrrr....beautiful, just perfect.
Fede 4 mesi fa
Nothing like this songs reflects how I feel at this point of my life.
Honestly same
ashley c
ashley c 4 mesi fa
Everything in life is beautiful when you look at it with love. If you can enjoy the presence of a cat, a bird, a flower... what can I say, all the world will be yours. ♥
LES DALZELL 4 giorni fa
Yes but what about neoliberal capitalism killing us!?
Julia Ronyai
Julia Ronyai 2 mesi fa
+ashley c it's from the movie Kedi which is apparently about cats in Istanbul? that's what a quick Google search showed me :)
ashley c
ashley c 3 mesi fa
i dont know, it is just from the video haha
Krakatau 3 mesi fa
Who said these words?
hope 4 mesi fa
My uncle is friends with the girls husband! her name is Jaroslava Porada
Kalilah 4 mesi fa
1:28 this just gotta be the best scene ever
lizzy moi
lizzy moi 4 mesi fa
Malina Weissman looks like her.
slow dancing in the dark
omg that’s what i thought too!!
Mermaid Motel
Mermaid Motel 4 mesi fa
soo true, but also mixed with emily browning
Layza Rocha
Layza Rocha 4 mesi fa
Que viagem mano
pUsSyKaT 4 mesi fa
one of my favorite music videos for sure.
WHOSE TRUth 4 mesi fa
"There's something in the water"
asama alabide
asama alabide 4 mesi fa
استرحال واستهجار وستهرابات وهروب يستمر ويتكاثر وينتشر ويتوسع ويتصغر ويتباعد ويقترب ويبتعد ويتواصل وينقطع وينفصل ويتصل ويقل وينتشر ويضيع ويسكن ويهيج ويموت ويتحتيون وتموت وتنمحي وتلغي وترجع و
Reema 77777
Reema 77777 3 mesi fa
و ؟
asama alabide
asama alabide 4 mesi fa
استرحالات وتهجرات وهروب عام خاص سري علني وهروب المقام الاستكرامي والاستشكاري وهروبات المقامات العليا والكريمة من دولات الاستصباحات والاستزرع والمستزراعي والاستزراعية ومن عواصم وشعوب الفوانيس والسفن الابالسة والملائكة والاستشباح و
asama alabide
asama alabide 4 mesi fa
هروبات المكانات العالية من الاستزواجية والاستفرادي والاستملاكية والاستصباحيون والاستغرابيون والاستعصاريون والاستظهاريون والاستمسائيات والليليات وال ليليون والفجريات والسحاريون والشهاريون والسنويات و
asama alabide
asama alabide 4 mesi fa
استرحالات المراتب والمكانات والاعالي والعالية الدرجات والمقامات الخطرة والعجيبة من الاستصباحات والاستزراعات والكفلاء والملائكيات والمارديات وال
asama alabide
asama alabide 4 mesi fa
زرع يحرق زرع ومزروعات تحرق مزروعات ابالسة تحرق ابالسة وشياطين تحرق شياطين ومردة تضرب مردة وجان يحرق مردة وشيطانات تحرق ابالسة و
Tranceattic / dj substance
not a bad track but Gods n Monsters and Blue jeans is where its @ dj substance [tranceattic.com
Adni Lopez
Adni Lopez 4 mesi fa
Viene soplando sutilmente sobre las alas de una bomba...
aria mayfair
aria mayfair 4 mesi fa
asama alabide
asama alabide 4 mesi fa
لازم يطلعون ويطلعن المهديات والمخلصات والمنتظرات والمسكينات والمهديون والمخلصون ال سرقوهم وسرقون واغتصبوهم واغتصبوهن قبل م م م مليارات السنين والى هاي ال لحظة ووووووووووووو
raee shams
raee shams 4 mesi fa
So nice song the video and voice really lovely and amazing
Amanda Sheehan Singer
Leonardo Borges
Leonardo Borges 4 mesi fa
O nome do filme é: Valerie e Sua Semana de Deslumbramentos.
Vanessa McKibben
Mariyam Usmani
Mariyam Usmani 5 mesi fa
Marcus Nederlundh
Playing this during my awakening gives me the hope I need. Thank you.
scrappy notebook
Lana the dark souls queen forever
Luiz Berg
Luiz Berg 5 mesi fa
S e n s i b i l i d a d e 🌹
What movie os this
Ermina Gruda
Ermina Gruda 5 mesi fa
Loveee this songg 😍🦄
nilson morais
nilson morais 5 mesi fa
concórdo claudia!!!!!!
Terry Nama
Terry Nama 5 mesi fa
Who am I to sympathize when no one gave a damn ?
Luiz Berg
Luiz Berg 6 mesi fa
toda mulher é uma garotinha, um anjo que perdeu as asas, a beleza das flores às vezes acaba pisoteada, mas tem volta . 🌸 🐝
Lukas L.
Lukas L. 6 mesi fa
Ich liebe dich :) Sie ist perfect!!! ❤️
demi has a opinion
Is anyone else not skipping Gucci ads in case of Lana or just me ?
Shamash 25 giorni fa
me too
ROCK GODDESS 6 mesi fa
"Ive been thinking its just someone elses job to care, who am i to sympathise when noone gave a damn" HITS RIGHT IN THE FEELS.
oh man, I know right!!! 😭
Renê Carvalho
Renê Carvalho 6 mesi fa
minha vida é regada pelas canções de Lana... .😘🌸😘...
Mailson Costa
Annie Buteau
Annie Buteau 6 mesi fa
Magnifique ♥️ superbe voix chanteuse au talent exceptionnel
Alicja Mikrut
Alicja Mikrut 6 mesi fa
Don't know Kedi,but loved Valere's week of wonders
Christophe Lamoureux
Dear Lana same i Love you more than the world,me the best music lover in my country,i can change this planet cause the earth is like this since an eternity and the people are so sad,the beautiful nature is too soon ruined from all the humans who are doing a fucking shit galaxy in her face.
Mohite komal
Mohite komal 6 mesi fa
Those words💜
Xavier U
Xavier U 6 mesi fa
people are powerful beans
Califonia Freak
Califonia Freak 6 mesi fa
Is there any one came here from D1etpussy?
Canal da Fran fran Evangelista
Sou apaixonada nessa música
Joel Avalo
Joel Avalo 6 mesi fa
💔 m.itvid.net/video/video-iAqZKkI8iVs.html
Валерия Павлова
The most beautiful movie I've ever seen. There's something so nostalgic in it and this song is perfect for that, Mermaid Motel does great job as usual
Logan Russell
Logan Russell 6 mesi fa
which movie is this?
Justiz Rios
Justiz Rios Mese fa
Valerie and Her Week of Wonders
Laburnum alpinum
Spring’s here.......
Liya Grigoreva
Liya Grigoreva 6 mesi fa
What's the film?
Justiz Rios
Justiz Rios Mese fa
Valerie and Her Week of Wonders
Gabriela Vašková
This little girl is from czech movie, Valery and week of wonder (Valerie a týden divů)cz
MR. BLUNT 7 mesi fa
Its coming in softly on the wings of a song, WOW!
Osiris Rodriguez
Definitely I love it 💛
siriusisastar 7 mesi fa
Sounds like Hawksley Workman circa 2003 - Lover/Fighter album. Go check him out... you're welcome.
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