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Lana Del Rey - Live at Lollapalooza Brazil 2018

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// lana del rey performing live at lollapalooza brazil on march 25, 2018. like, share and subscribe for more. ♥
(brasileiros colem o link do youtube neste site para assistir: www.atozproxy.com)

thanks to: horizonte conteúdos and multishow


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26 mar 2018

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reh 8 mesi fa
*T R A C K L I S T* 13 Beaches 1:06 Cherry 5:40 Scarborough Fair 8:47 Pretty When You Cry 11:15 White Mustang 15:35 High By The Beach 19:32 Born To Die 23:40 Blue Jeans 29:17 National Anthem 32:57 West Coast 37:00 Lust For Life 41:58 Change, Black Beauty, Young & Beautiful (Medley) 47:34 Ride 53:35 Video Games 57:55 Ultraviolence 1:01:34 Serial Killer 1:06:35 Yayo 1:12:50 Get Free 1:17:15 Summertime Sadness 1:21:36
Brandon Thomas
Thanh Chu no fool
elly 2 mesi fa
reh die äganze
hitesh sayan
hitesh sayan 2 mesi fa
Thank you
Sam Peterson
Sam Peterson 3 mesi fa
You’re the real hero
Gabriel Braun
Gabriel Braun 6 giorni fa
Sunshine I don't think they will ever be illucid from my memory of my mind I miss my bullwinkle I still love you very much don't worry what emeilia banks said to u your very special u hearts beautiful emeilia banks heart is bad she will spend eternity in Satan's realm Elizabeth your hearts pure urgency name Elizabeth is in the bible your already going to heaven from your sunshine freckle face plz ring me on mobile number 0412963077 if u don't I don't think I'll survive this eternal hell
Gabriel Braun
Gabriel Braun 6 giorni fa
Sunshine the only thing is if u want your sunshine back we have too have separate beds because I still don't trust females after I was raped by the women that I have very very bad nightmares about the nightmares never go away from your freckled face sunshine
Danilo Ribeiro
Danilo Ribeiro 7 giorni fa
I died with Pretty When You Cry
Alex Papasozomenos
Alex Papasozomenos 8 giorni fa
She must be high. Love it 🙈😂
julius923 11 giorni fa
Hard to believe I've missed this talent for this long. (Made aware from Apple October Event)
Mamas dickebubu
Mamas dickebubu 14 giorni fa
many smartphones....
Sinead Bales
Sinead Bales 15 giorni fa
WOW - you deserve this Lizzy
ibanez thresher
ibanez thresher 17 giorni fa
Blake Strathanan is a great guitar player, always plays for the song
fabienne coiffard
fabienne coiffard 18 giorni fa
Özgür İlkimen
Özgür İlkimen 20 giorni fa
please dont yelling while she is singing, you ruined a lot of great performance like yayo !!!!
iannah lim
iannah lim 22 giorni fa
so this is what brazilians mean when they say "pls come to brazil"
Leticia Gonzalez
Leticia Gonzalez 23 giorni fa
Alastair Munro
Alastair Munro 26 giorni fa
Think I had an ear organism!
Catherina ceci
Catherina ceci 26 giorni fa
SitiMahirah Hossain
SitiMahirah Hossain 27 giorni fa
omg that guy so fucking lucky,i'm so fucking jealous :') 26:54
T R 28 giorni fa
Lana & her girl squaaaa
Al Jim
Al Jim Mese fa
Violeta Vilka
Она такая лиричная и душевная, просто неповторимая детка)
J. L.s
J. L.s Mese fa
tantos arrepios.. tanta vontade de ver isso pessoalmente.. ahhhh, quando lana, quando!
Cindy O
Cindy O Mese fa
Lol, her drummer was really cool
Maroš Luby
Maroš Luby Mese fa
Lana's music just nourishes my soul. Nothing else does.
Mountain Mese fa
She kisses a guy at around 27m that guy is the luckiest mfucker ever
NF7NF7NF7 Mese fa
1:10:20 I died.
alia cook
alia cook Mese fa
She’s great 💜
Dionisio Zucca
made in plastic...it's fantastic
A D Mese fa
I died and cried several times someone send help please I can't stop crying 😭
Elizabeth Hubbard
Scarborough not scarsborough for those of us thAt will cover it later
Elizabeth Hubbard
shdhas coke bloat. im sad
Hunter 787
Hunter 787 Mese fa
Was she headlining?
jens devries
jens devries Mese fa
Love you girl but I’m glad that I stayed home
GIMFangela Mese fa
Sooooooooooo perfect
Stephano Mese fa
Queen 😍👑
Alicja Grysztar
...ale fałszuje
Макар Mese fa
video games
Lonesome Doot
1:10:20 THERE IT IS
Kay Tee
Kay Tee Mese fa
I watch this every night before I go to sleep
Nice! My girl Lana slaying it!
Joerg Maiboeker
I Love you Lana you are not a Diva come out on time not waiting and make a great Show
Alex Papasozomenos
What an amazing crowd. Bet she felt the love. bless them
Ana axx
Ana axx 2 mesi fa
"I mean now that my lawsuits over, I guess I can sing that song anytime I'd like" Fuck yea Lana!
Prajakta Kalbande
OMG 😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️
Bruno Mora
Bruno Mora 2 mesi fa
1:20:10 QUEEN MOTHER throwing some tea!!! #RIPme High key Get Free and Love are my fav songs and im sad we didn't get both :( but my queen slayed !!!
Michael Blair
Michael Blair 2 mesi fa
She is grate crowds suck
Christian Garcia
Is it just me or did she kinda lose her voice form smoking cigarettes
hitesh sayan
hitesh sayan 2 mesi fa
Beautiful is when she transitions from black beauty to young and beautiful
sergsfault 2 mesi fa
i am a lana del rey fan but evrytime i watch her live i get the feeling she hasnt found her singing voice yet....she sound sgood on the record and i am huge fan of her lyrics...i mean her lyrics are evrything...but she sings bad...she tries to sing in these different voices and hit those high notes...but its just not her!...she sounds real on her lizzy grant album and on some of lana del rey songs..like recent venice bitch and some others...she needs to find her real vocie and stick with it and not try to be this lana del rey image she created......yes i know who the hell am i to critisise her? but the fact is that she does not sound good live...you cant deny that
Danilo Ribeiro
Danilo Ribeiro 7 giorni fa
I think that if this is the way that she likes singing its what she must do, she doesnt have to has the same voice if she doesnt wants it, its what makes her unique
Raafz Morelli
Then how can you say she doesn't sound good live? Simply you don't like her voice because she does a great job here
Raafz Morelli
I think it's a taste thing. I really like her voice switches and I think they make the performance even more interesting! She has her flaws in the performances but she's great, she's true and this is the most important thing. Notice also that she has a big vocal range and this voice is not built of nowhere, then she also got older and she smokes, even in her normale speech you find a different and tougher voice confronting to her as Lizzy Grant
Ares Thor Mars
True! It is just a little bit bothering me when she would shift from one voice to another.
for those that don't know, She's a dude
Luis R.
Luis R. 2 mesi fa
justice for Love :(
dancr boi_91
dancr boi_91 2 mesi fa
She’s a goddess!!!!
The most unnecessary cigarette ever. Kinda irresponsible in front of all that kids.
SS 105
SS 105 2 mesi fa
I am gonna get a lot of hate but is this really a live concert?? SO MUCH BACK VOCALS ! Love her a lot but here she is only dancing and mouth-lipsing!!
Raafz Morelli
Let's talk about it with you too. Back vocals are in every world concert. If you ever followed a concert of her, you would know she always has them for some parts. When she has no back vocals she is singing. Don't mistake watching her lips: there's a problem of synchronisation with the video, if you don't believe me look at the fans, so they're also doing lyp-sinc? You can tell she's singing also because she changes her lyrics and talks to the fans and she is spontaneous, there are also flaws in the performance so it definitely is her. Then she sounds great
Emily _1234
Emily _1234 2 mesi fa
SS 105 well yes it is, and she does have backing vocals here but she is singing you can tell because when she get tired she takes a few breaths in between and she lets the audience sing with her.
huh? 2 mesi fa
She;s so effortlessly beauiful
huh? 2 mesi fa
Carmen x no
Carmen x
Carmen x 2 mesi fa
Hey! I make videos on Lana's songs. Check them out sometime :) itvid.net/video/video-HW0go423pkA.html&feature=youtu.be
gary wagner
gary wagner 2 mesi fa
WOW her stage presence is incredible.....she used to be so nervous back 2012...now she OWNS the stage....
Cindy O
Cindy O Mese fa
Beta blockers
ricardo martinez
When she went down I got the chills 🤤
Китти Невская
Really. The best bad "life voice" ever.
Gina Simonetti
Gina Simonetti 2 mesi fa
Does anyone else get really emotional watching her sing with the crowd? Like holy shit they love her so much and she loves them. It’s amazing.
Danilo Ribeiro
Danilo Ribeiro 7 giorni fa
me too, the only one who can make me cry just by been the beautiful person she is, I love seen his lives, I get hypnotized
z3ro7o Mese fa
Yes the only artist that makes me emotional lol
Gina Simonetti
Gina Simonetti 2 mesi fa
Also, I’m every person in the crowd they show crying.
Helena 2 mesi fa
Honestly...I think i wouldn't survive her concert.. I think my heart is too weak for this
Melainie 2 mesi fa
Love to see this, reminds me of when I saw her this year in Belgium
manutei chawhte
manutei chawhte 2 mesi fa
I love you Lana 😭
Fera Rusli
Fera Rusli 2 mesi fa
Did she kiss that guy? Wow! Lucky dude!!
Psychokitten113 2 mesi fa
Lana is the most seductive female to come out of the us since Marilyn Monroe
Kat Gaby
Kat Gaby 9 giorni fa
Okka Sion You think lana is ..fat? ._.
Okka Sion
Okka Sion Mese fa
The average not-fat white female in America is more attractive.
Tigist Alebel
I agree hehe
Feren Fadilla
Feren Fadilla 3 mesi fa
Franco Oropeza Quezada
She's a fucking Goddess!! Love her so much!
Ice 3 mesi fa
I can't get over the fact how fucking hot she looks, almost always. If my close my eyes and think of how a real life Goddess might look like, it'd be like Lana Del Rey. Idk, something about her is so damn fucking attractive. Just oozes sex. She's a big time freak, and super talented
rb y
rb y 3 mesi fa
How could those audiences survive this?
Hannah Rose
Hannah Rose 3 mesi fa
SUCH AN ICNOIC SHOW yayo was amazing omg
Dima b
Dima b 3 mesi fa
Brazilian Audiences are Extra Needy,Thats a Turn Off,And wow had no idea Lana can Barely hold a tune when she sings live :0 she needs to practice to sing more,I can sing Better Live Honestly
Dima b
Dima b 3 mesi fa
Put your phones down people and just enjoy the music
levanter 2016
levanter 2016 3 mesi fa
yup she was so *ucking happy to see you guys, did you hear that?
Martin jean.pierre
beautiful LENA you are perfect women
JoinThe_Fandom JM
I saw this exact show in Denver and I SOBBED the whole time!! She is so amazing and it was the best concert I’ve ever been to. I value Lana for than I value my soul.
Meg 3 mesi fa
Dumbass bitch didn't even sing "I love you so much" what the hell
V.I.P 1971👤🔫/ALLRIGHT.
melissa Herrera
melissa Herrera 3 mesi fa
Alana Brogan
Alana Brogan 3 mesi fa
lana is god there
Mrs Valo
Mrs Valo 3 mesi fa
that girl at 22:27 is absolutely stunning oml
Rachael Djordjevic
Love this music, it's so nostalgic n dreamy, but has anyone noticed Lana's head to shoulder ratio, very muscular legs, Prominent collarbone, large hands, protruding brow ridge, and sharp jawline??? If in doubt look closer when she sits down during 'White Mustang' - No judgment here- I love ya Lana, Or should I say Larry?........
Jenny Linda
Jenny Linda 3 mesi fa
greatest concert i have ever seen!!!
Franciszek Drobiński
What’s the name of this song playing before lana’s performance?
reh 3 mesi fa
Henry Mancini - Experiment In Terror :)
Marko Quintos Lo mejor YOUTOBE VIP
Mi sueño verla en vivo
Super Fruit
Super Fruit 3 mesi fa
Brazil KNOWS how to treat and love artists!
LeahKrollHauser 3 mesi fa
"It hurts to love you...but I still love you." ♥
윤슬김 3 mesi fa
she is everyone's ego at least mine for sure
Helen Bird
Helen Bird 3 mesi fa
she is an incredible talent....beautiful, creative...I'm completely spellbound by her voice. this is an awesome video of her live performance with an audience that she deserves. thank you for posting
James Willis
James Willis 3 mesi fa
Great concert!!! I love the cut over from Black Beauty to Young and Beautiful
David Datura
David Datura 3 mesi fa
She’s definitely more confident on stage than she was at the beginning of her career. But her live singing chops...still not good. More Karaoke club than Celine Dion! She’s one artist that I’d still prefer to purchase the albums than see live. And I don’t get her, she’s put out so many fabulous iconic songs, yet when she does live we get this! 7 years on it still just beggars belief!
Christina Lopez
Christina Lopez 3 mesi fa
how is this chick famous, she sounds like crap.
super vvv
super vvv 3 mesi fa
I'm on the edge of crying at Ride...it's just so perfect, makes you feel a lot of powerful sensations...thank you Lana
super vvv
super vvv 3 mesi fa
What is the crowd chanting?
super vvv
super vvv 3 mesi fa
God exists and it's Lana del Rey
aladar bukovics
aladar bukovics 3 mesi fa
Lana,fantasztikus vagy!!! Köszönöm,hogy létezel!!!
Ruth Barr
Ruth Barr 3 mesi fa
Why are so women against Lana Del Rey, the most feminine women of our generation is filling stadiums and people are transfixed, this is a form of feminism.
Amber Loves Mystery TRUE CRIME
Ruth Barr I ADORE her 😍😍😍😍
Slam Show
Slam Show 3 mesi fa
in South America the best of the public. Always sing along with the artist
Hari1017 3 mesi fa
best crowd ever.
Krist S.
Krist S. 3 mesi fa
Serial Killer!!!! ahh dsjkalsd
Анна Щуплова
I wish she came to Russia this year(( we adore her so much
Mar T Music
Mar T Music 4 mesi fa
the best performance ever!
safia bella
safia bella 4 mesi fa
I always find her performances boring tbh
Prossimi video
Our Cats :3
3 giorni fa
Alef - Sol
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