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Lana Del Rey - Live at Lollapalooza Brazil 2018

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// lana del rey performing live at lollapalooza brazil on march 25, 2018. like, share and subscribe. ♥
(brasileiros colem o link do youtube neste site para assistir: www.atozproxy.com)
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thanks to: horizonte conteúdos and multishow
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26 mar 2018

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reh Anno fa
*T R A C K L I S T* 13 Beaches 1:06 Cherry 5:40 Scarborough Fair 8:47 Pretty When You Cry 11:15 White Mustang 15:35 High By The Beach 19:32 Born To Die 23:40 Blue Jeans 29:17 National Anthem 32:57 West Coast 37:00 Lust For Life 41:58 Change, Black Beauty, Young & Beautiful (Medley) 47:34 Ride 53:35 Video Games 57:55 Ultraviolence 1:01:34 Serial Killer 1:06:35 Yayo 1:12:50 Get Free 1:17:15 Summertime Sadness 1:21:36
Brandon Thomas
Brandon Thomas 6 mesi fa
Thanh Chu no fool
bluevelvet 7 mesi fa
reh die äganze
hitesh sayan
hitesh sayan 7 mesi fa
Thank you
Laura Del Rey!
Laura Del Rey! 10 mesi fa
Te amooooo
Hidayatur Rahman
Heena Grover
Heena Grover 5 giorni fa
Ok plz someone tell me what was the audience chanting after every song?
Zach Parhamovich
Zach Parhamovich 13 giorni fa
I saw her in concert before front row and I died that night and came back
Christian Muñoz
Christian Muñoz 13 giorni fa
Lana del rey la más guapa y talentosa
llahmitswr 20 giorni fa
SHE IS SOOOOO CUTE!!! It's like at times she wasn't even concerned about singing. She was having a blast. It was beautiful.
Nice little buddy Fuck you asshole
This is crazy
Oziel Lopez
Oziel Lopez 23 giorni fa
La verdad sí me dijeron a dónde ir iría me dan ganas de irme al parque y que pase a alguien se estaciona enfrente donde estoy yo yo me subo y nos vamos como ustedes quieran
Ivan Arsov
Ivan Arsov Mese fa
People living in the countries of South America truly, are the best at concerts. Love them
Nice little buddy Fuck you asshole
Ivan Arsov didn’t know that Brazil is a country of South America
bushibayushi Mese fa
Best crowd, you are great Brazil!
Artpop Mese fa
She can and can't sing at the same time
Barbedwire Kisses
ok, youtube- i watched it (as much as i could take). verdict: an insta selfie self-obsessed walmart-ish (poor) copycat attempt @ Hope Sandoval that misses hard with none of the effortless, unrivaled je ne sais quoi. now leave me alone!
forealz18 Mese fa
Real fans.
Helmi Slimi
Helmi Slimi Mese fa
Ana Lenna
Ana Lenna Mese fa
Kayrns Mese fa
1:10:20 “ahh”
I want her Scarborough Fair on ITunes! 😍👍🏻😍
Jenny Laverde
Amazing Concert!
Ms.muffin NonBussines
She looks a bit like selena Gomez
L'impie 2 mesi fa
That woman knows the difference between sensual and vulgar, which makes her terribly attractive.
Luis Quevedo
Luis Quevedo 2 mesi fa
That awkward moment when Lana gets rejected by a fan.
Stas Kraunoff
Stas Kraunoff 2 mesi fa
Отличный концерт, красивое выступление)
watchingponies 2 mesi fa
Awesome crowd.. Energy off the hook ! Lana absolutely loved it. And it's a festival right ? Awesome
skippy skipmcgee
the brazilians aren't playin around when they say "come to brazil"
Komang Putra
Komang Putra 2 mesi fa
Cry in asian :((
leyla heshmati
leyla heshmati 2 mesi fa
Elías sanchezv
Elías sanchezv 2 mesi fa
R I D E is the best part 😢😢
elnombre 2 mesi fa
She sucks live, that's for sure.
MIRA 2 mesi fa
She is very amazing! I love her! She is my favourite singer! It's was cool!
JIM Husky
JIM Husky 2 mesi fa
With 🤪🥰🤣❤️🖤🍑🤔😂😍 🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Naya Nt.
Naya Nt. 3 mesi fa
She is so effortlessly hot..is she even human?🙏🏼
Mohammad Al Shamsi
Can we talk about “ride”??? This version is sooo gooood and so is the original!!
Sam Ailbe
Sam Ailbe 3 mesi fa
Wow she got better at singing live
jorkatabs1 3 mesi fa
Gorgeous Lana!
Syahrain KUS
Syahrain KUS 3 mesi fa
Syahrain KUS
Syahrain KUS 3 mesi fa
the best audience i've ever seen in concert..... good job brazillians
dark diamond
dark diamond 3 mesi fa
the fact that Lana is a superstar in Brazil makes me happy 😢😍
General Games Center
Best crowd i have ever seen
Del Slay
Del Slay 3 mesi fa
Yaaas queen yaaas
General Games Center
Baby heaven in lana's eyes
diserio 3 mesi fa
The crowd is so connected to Lana
Kamila Muratova
Kamila Muratova 3 mesi fa
If I ever become an artist, the first place I would be on a concert is fcking Brazil, these people are insanely supportive and just fucking awesome in general.
Shamshad Sheikh
Shamshad Sheikh 3 mesi fa
Lana keep imbuing us. M mad about you, your dark pop chord, thoughts, your undercurrents n more I feel you have been copied by many artist but keep manning up cz Your are untouchable 😊
Fanny Garcia
Fanny Garcia 3 mesi fa
The guitar in the beginning of Get Free sounds very similar to the opening of Twin Peaks by David Lynch.
#blesse d
#blesse d 3 mesi fa
I loved how she changed the lyric "Wanna kiss you hard in the pouring rain" from born to die to "Wanna fuck you hard in the pouring rain"
Hajar N
Hajar N 3 mesi fa
Oh god help me plz ... +I’m cryingg
Mr. Gold
Mr. Gold 3 mesi fa
100k people and 99.9k phones in the air. So fucking sad.
Dennis Colins
Dennis Colins 3 mesi fa
1:16:41 “are you saying Get Free?” “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS” 💞
Dennis Colins
Dennis Colins 3 mesi fa
1:01:26 “we love you, we love you, we love you, we love you, we love you” 😍❤️
Fabiola Ontiveros
Wooooo beautiful😍😍😍😍😍
Hueman Prints
Hueman Prints 3 mesi fa
yayo give's me chills
Justward 13
Justward 13 4 mesi fa
Great crowd great concert
Gino7lord 4 mesi fa
Out of all the performances, yayo was easily the best, its so pure when she plays it, i really hope she will do it at benicassim this year
Sone6 66
Sone6 66 4 mesi fa
Ugh ultraviolence was performed amazingly love my queen 👑
Blue Sky
Blue Sky 4 mesi fa
I wouldn`t believe that she could leave the stage without Summertime sadness, I mean this is one of her most beloved songs. And finally I heard it... I love Lana so much.
Leslie E
Leslie E 4 mesi fa
I came here to listen to 1 song and now I’m crying and watching the whole concert
Sierrah Glass
Sierrah Glass 4 mesi fa
Serial killer is a heavenly experience
Irvin Suarez
Irvin Suarez 4 mesi fa
¡¡¡¡8Amo a lana del rey!!!
Alissa May
Alissa May 4 mesi fa
Lmfaoooo I literally wanted to scream with the crowd when she walked out
Jeff Kittell
Jeff Kittell 4 mesi fa
Wow she's pretty fuckin terrible live. Can she sing a note in time or on key?
Оксана Туркина
I would like to be there😭😭😭
Ксения Юрикова
I want to kill myself because of Lana Del Rey!)))She is God!)))It’s impossible not to love her so much!)))
Offroad Gunner-Pups
I guess phones replaced lighters, and matches
Hannah Conwell
Hannah Conwell 4 mesi fa
Unm LaBu
Unm LaBu 4 mesi fa
I love how happy Brazilians are. I wish someday in the future I could live there
David vozquieli
David vozquieli 4 mesi fa
Lana del Rey !!()«» maravillosa artista voz dulce y bella presencia escénica
Andrew Williamson
Omg 54:40 where Lana says “I’ve been trying tooo hard with just one hit song” NO LANA ALL YOUR SONGS ARE HITS WE LOVE YOU 💕🌸💕🌸💕🌸
tefo c
tefo c 4 mesi fa
Loved when she asked if she could do two more songs. 😍
Sukanya K.
Sukanya K. 5 mesi fa
A mulher a 8:17 é uma ITvidr brasileira? Acho que vi alguns de seus vídeos.
Shot by Metin
Shot by Metin 5 mesi fa
17:43 you're welcome
Турбо Стрим
how much people?
Rainbow_Max :3
Rainbow_Max :3 4 mesi fa
Олег Юзвяк 180тыс)))))
Velvet Music
Velvet Music 5 mesi fa
What a beautiful human ♥️
Swarnima Singh
Swarnima Singh 5 mesi fa
I liked her older lives more. Up until 2016 she had an essence that was just brilliant. I don't like her new set either. If you want to know what I mean, check out her 2013 Vicar Street and Olympia performances and also her 2016 Vielles one. Now she hardly experiments or properly demonstrate her outstanding vocal skills.
Unm LaBu
Unm LaBu 4 mesi fa
the honeymoon and lust for life eras have been a mess. i think she was struggling with her creativity during that time and probably was going through a hard time. this next album seems VERY promising though so im excited for that !
gaimer hola
gaimer hola 5 mesi fa
National atlem 😘😍😍💗
David Abisaí Gomez
Amethyst Angelina
Gabriel Braun
Gabriel Braun 5 mesi fa
Sunshine I don't think they will ever be illucid from my memory of my mind I miss my bullwinkle I still love you very much don't worry what emeilia banks said to u your very special u hearts beautiful emeilia banks heart is bad she will spend eternity in Satan's realm Elizabeth your hearts pure urgency name Elizabeth is in the bible your already going to heaven from your sunshine freckle face plz ring me on mobile number 0412963077 if u don't I don't think I'll survive this eternal hell
Gabriel Braun
Gabriel Braun 5 mesi fa
Sunshine the only thing is if u want your sunshine back we have too have separate beds because I still don't trust females after I was raped by the women that I have very very bad nightmares about the nightmares never go away from your freckled face sunshine
Danilo Ribeiro
Danilo Ribeiro 5 mesi fa
I died with Pretty When You Cry
Alex Papasozomenos
She must be high. Love it 🙈😂
julius923 5 mesi fa
Hard to believe I've missed this talent for this long. (Made aware from Apple October Event)
Mamas dickebubu
Mamas dickebubu 5 mesi fa
many smartphones....
Sinead Bales
Sinead Bales 6 mesi fa
WOW - you deserve this Lizzy
ibanez thresher
ibanez thresher 6 mesi fa
Blake Strathanan is a great guitar player, always plays for the song
fabienne coiffard
Özgür İlkimen
please dont yelling while she is singing, you ruined a lot of great performance like yayo !!!!
Mark Chappell
Mark Chappell 6 mesi fa
In the USA, they say, you ain't going to take this gun out of my hand. In Australia they say you ain't taking this meat pie out of my hand or at least half of it. If you going to die may as well have a meal first.
iannah lim
iannah lim 6 mesi fa
so this is what brazilians mean when they say "pls come to brazil"
Hidayatur Rahman
just wonder this is just video. How much charged would have for someone physically there. Just love Brazilians 💘💘💘💘
TheAtheistTürk Fuck Allah and arabs
Brasilia poor country
Komang Putra
Komang Putra 2 mesi fa
:(( cry in asian
Jocimar 3 mesi fa
Re Hon
Re Hon 4 mesi fa
We outta start listening to them when they say so
Leticia Gonzalez
Alastair Munro
Alastair Munro 6 mesi fa
Think I had an ear organism!
Catherina ceci
Catherina ceci 6 mesi fa
SitiMahirah Hossain
omg that guy so fucking lucky,i'm so fucking jealous :') 26:54
T R 6 mesi fa
Lana & her girl squaaaa
Al Jim
Al Jim 6 mesi fa
Violeta Vilka
Violeta Vilka 6 mesi fa
Она такая лиричная и душевная, просто неповторимая детка)
J. L.s
J. L.s 6 mesi fa
tantos arrepios.. tanta vontade de ver isso pessoalmente.. ahhhh, quando lana, quando!
Cindy O
Cindy O 6 mesi fa
Lol, her drummer was really cool
Maroš Luby
Maroš Luby 6 mesi fa
Lana's music just nourishes my soul. Nothing else does.
Mountain 6 mesi fa
She kisses a guy at around 27m that guy is the luckiest mfucker ever
alia cook
alia cook 6 mesi fa
She’s great 💜
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