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Lana Del Rey - Mariners Apartment Complex

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Music video by Lana Del Rey performing Mariners Apartment Complex. © 2018 Interscope Records


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12 set 2018




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Commenti 25 107
Ruaa Hakeem
Ruaa Hakeem 55 minuti fa
I honestly don't know how this isn't a hit yet
Ruaa Hakeem
Ruaa Hakeem 55 minuti fa
Luz Ramos
Luz Ramos 5 ore fa
Thanitta In-Eak
David Rivero Diaz
This is a Sad Song! I was crying in my beddroom every day with this melodic, is nostalgic and art.
Isaac Ramirez
Isaac Ramirez 7 ore fa
This video is so very iconic, i love!!
Sh 13 ore fa
Yanis La
Yanis La 18 ore fa
1080 p ---> what 144 p ----> lana del ray ❤❤
Janete Alves
Janete Alves Giorno fa
eu nem sei explicar o que sinto ouvindo lana. ❤
neljan tayag
neljan tayag Giorno fa
I'm so fucking mad. My sd card got corrupted and all of my songs of lana and mariah got deleted😓😒
Morgan 600
Morgan 600 Giorno fa
You took my stabbing out of context at the Mariner's Apartment Complex.
Blood Red Rose
Blood Red Rose Giorno fa
Blood Red Rose
Blood Red Rose Giorno fa
A M A Z I N G ! ! !
b.m. Giorno fa
Shinigami Kitsune
Imagine walking on a deserted beach all day and night, either alone or with your lover, and this masterpiece starts playing....
Endigeer Carrillo Carrillo
lana te amo, como me gusta ser lanalovers
Jason Pigue
Jason Pigue 3 giorni fa
Does anyone here the similarity between this and never is a promise by Fiona Apple. Not a bad thing just pointing it out.
Santiago Jatib
Santiago Jatib 2 giorni fa
+Jason Pigue Hahahaha... I think Emilie's song is earlier than Fiona's. Anyway, just want to see it as a beautiful musical intertextuality. No plagiarism insinuations nor anything of that shit. Just enjoying music and seeing artists find themselves holding hands creatively even without knowing it. Thank u for letting me now about Fiona, loving her!
Jason Pigue
Jason Pigue 2 giorni fa
Santiago Jatib I just listened to that song. omg someone influenced someone here. Just got to figure out who’s was first now? lol 😆 thanks 4 that.
Santiago Jatib
Santiago Jatib 2 giorni fa
Maybe the use of the keys. If you found similarity between this one and the Fiona Apple song, compare the last one to Ever by Emilie Autumn. You'll freak out hahaha
Con stantina
Con stantina 3 giorni fa
Rahul Jain
Rahul Jain 4 giorni fa
This was holy!
Linn Palmgren
Linn Palmgren 4 giorni fa
akash chauhan
akash chauhan 5 giorni fa
This song is a masterpiece
José ;
José ; 5 giorni fa
You took my sadness out of context At the Mariners Apartment Complex I ain't no candle in the wind I'm the bolt, the lightning, the thunder Kind of girl who's gonna make you wonder Who you are and who you've been And who I've been is with you on these beaches Your Venice bitch, your die-hard, your weakness Maybe I could save you from your sins So, kiss the sky and whisper to Jesus My, my, my, you found this, you need this Take a deep breath, baby, let me in You lose your way, just take my hand You're lost at sea, then I'll command your boat to me again Don't look too far, right where you are, that's where I am I'm your man I'm your man They mistook my kindness for weakness I fucked up, I know that, but Jesus Can't a girl just do the best she can? Catch a wave and take in the sweetness Think about it, the darkness, the deepness All the things that make me who I am And who I am is a big-time believer That people can change, but you don't have to leave her When everyone's talking, you can make a stand 'Cause even in the dark I feel your resistance You can see my heart burning in the distance Baby, baby, baby, I'm your man (yeah) You lose your way, just take my hand You're lost at sea, then I'll command your boat to me again Don't look too far, right where you are, that's where I am I'm your man I'm your man Catch a wave and take in the sweetness Take in the sweetness You want this, you need this Are you ready for it? Are you ready for it? Are you ready for it?
ton 6 giorni fa
this was my anti depresant song😇💞
Kerrieanne bounday
Kerrieanne bounday 6 giorni fa
Amazing woman this music helps me through life
Fabiana Durán
Fabiana Durán 6 giorni fa
the only defect of this song is have a end and I have to repeat again. Lana is goddest and no one can say the otherwise.
Tricky Dick Johnson XXXL
She is an absolute genius
Mirela Ioana
Mirela Ioana 7 giorni fa
Jacob Schott
Jacob Schott 7 giorni fa
i love you.
Randy P
Randy P 7 giorni fa
I didn't see how Lana could possibly top the Ultraviolence album. It seems I'm wrong. This and Venice Bitch are 2 of the best ever.
I want it all
I want it all 6 giorni fa
Laura Hernandez
Laura Hernandez 7 giorni fa
Lana cured my depression ❤️
Rick Aguilera
Rick Aguilera 7 giorni fa
Canta minha diabinha favorita 😍
steveatboston 7 giorni fa
Beautiful video, beautiful music
dhurjati mishra
dhurjati mishra 7 giorni fa
I go 'wow' every time I listen to this track.
Chris Evans
Chris Evans 8 giorni fa
love you and your all songs lana...💖💖💖💗💗💘💘❤❤
Van Durán
Van Durán 8 giorni fa
Sıla Yılmaz
Sıla Yılmaz 8 giorni fa
Evet yıl 2019 burdayım, 5 yıl sonra da burda olacağım 10 yıl sonra da.
Dakotta Mathews
Dakotta Mathews 9 giorni fa
The queen we wanted but didn’t deserve ❤️LANA❤️
Laura Warren
Laura Warren 9 giorni fa
Lana says don't look too far, right where you are; that's where I am....I can feel that.
Clarianna Almeida
Clarianna Almeida 9 giorni fa
Yohana Ramirez
Yohana Ramirez 9 giorni fa
Like si eres latino😃
Yohana Ramirez
Yohana Ramirez 9 giorni fa
Billie eilish canta parecido a Ella Jajaj
Fernanda Lima
Fernanda Lima 9 giorni fa
Quem veio pelos stories da Lili?
anita 071083
anita 071083 8 giorni fa
Yes me😂❤️
alanasilvachaves 10 giorni fa
Miguel Ramos Angel Azamar
Belle Femme Zeppelin
I am a woman who on paper has the ability to sweat all kinds of verses a woman with her own saints, without eyelids, immersed in their own creeds I am a woman who drowns in the middle of its seas Can a girl do the best she can? Dedicated to my favorite poet of this generation, Lana thanks for being vulnerable and strong at the same time,for your voice on my sundays, for being art, for being you. Visual poetry: itvid.net/video/video-cCDqDoofYy4.html
Daniel99oslo 11 giorni fa
Elisabeth is my dream girl.
Tamara Gekon
Tamara Gekon 11 giorni fa
0:37 she starts to SING
The Last Strangers
The Last Strangers 11 giorni fa
Take a deep breath baby, let me in ...❤
Lost Soul
Lost Soul 12 giorni fa
B Bi Bit Bitc Bitch Bitc Bit Bi B
Lara Correia
Lara Correia 12 giorni fa
This is actually a typo, it was supposed to be *Marina's
Bernardo Lopes
Bernardo Lopes 12 giorni fa
Hi Lana, hi everyone, just dropping by to say this is one of the most beautiful songs out in the world. I get the goose bumps every time
Bold Motherfucker
Bold Motherfucker 12 giorni fa
lana is our cult leader
Jack Pandalord
Jack Pandalord 12 giorni fa
Lana: Yes.
Iakovos 12 giorni fa
This is angelic. Please make more. First time I'll buy music in 10 years.
A K 11 giorni fa
Iakovos she has like 500 songs you can listen too
K I 13 giorni fa
I started listening to this song when it was released on Sept of last year, then on late Sept my old stepdad dies of cancer, and now every time I listen to this I think of some shit in my life but i also think of him......nostalgia knocks me down man....
Brandon See
Brandon See 13 giorni fa
That’s a March command
Brandon See
Brandon See 13 giorni fa
Omg steak is on the 3 for 10 at Chili’s, join me for margaritas Wednesday the the 13th
Drumin Rebel
Drumin Rebel 13 giorni fa
My venice Queen and masons Lady
Block Rock
Block Rock 13 giorni fa
At the end where she's like "Catch a wave and take in the sweetness. Take in the sweetness. You want this you need this." 🔥 🔥 Fire!!!!
Амурр Амурр
Она пиздатей стала
Irwan Aidil
Irwan Aidil 13 giorni fa
Honestly, this song makes me feel sad and reminded me of Brokeback Mountains... the background guitar playing and both of them spending times riding horse by the mountain and the ending where Ennis cried in deep sorrow after reminiscing the mountain postcard which holds sweet memories with Jack
Buba Ganoush
Buba Ganoush 14 giorni fa
0:52 yams in luurve 😻😙💕💓
Buba Ganoush
Buba Ganoush 14 giorni fa
Lana makes life just so much sweeter ....
Canal IndigenteZ
Canal IndigenteZ 14 giorni fa
Love you, my baby
halihorror 14 giorni fa
Lana, you get better and better with the years! I love these lyrics!
Junrey Puerin
Junrey Puerin 15 giorni fa
When I was in Saudi Arabia only songs of Lana i listened until I'm sleep
Tom Del Rey
Tom Del Rey 15 giorni fa
I'm in love with this new age.
Jenny Nuth
Jenny Nuth 15 giorni fa
K Parker
K Parker 15 giorni fa
Was this on an album? Why do I not know about this?
LRrunaway96 15 giorni fa
K Parker This song with venice bitch and hope .. will be on her future album called « norman fucking rockwell »😊 She didn’t promote these songs so not a lot of people know about them
Monster Blister
Monster Blister 15 giorni fa
She is like the greatest ones who didn't get the praise they deserve in their time, like Lou Reed, but i believe she's happy with her true fan base
Lexa Coryes
Lexa Coryes 14 giorni fa
You're so right
Syahrain KUS
Syahrain KUS 16 giorni fa
thanks for all your songs, Lana.
Lisa B
Lisa B 16 giorni fa
I listen to this song every single day, it makes me feel happy, relaxed, free. I'm in peace because this song is heaven and Lana is an angel ✨
A L 16 giorni fa
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 17 giorni fa
Lana is.... Write down what you think about her
Willian Vieira
Willian Vieira 17 giorni fa
this reminds me a person that i love so much, but she's gone away.
Gerald Giovanni
Gerald Giovanni 17 giorni fa
Already an ICONIC and powerful song.
yagrlkenz 18 giorni fa
i m s o g a y
Vishnu SJ
Vishnu SJ 18 giorni fa
Anyone From Kerala ?? Lana Del Rey 😍 Out of the World.
Fake Smile
Fake Smile 18 giorni fa
Heryani Ariadi
Heryani Ariadi 18 giorni fa
Sexy !
M M 18 giorni fa
The guitar riff sounds like a Radiohead song
richard pabon
richard pabon 19 giorni fa
Bárbara Zurita
Bárbara Zurita 19 giorni fa
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith 19 giorni fa
Around the time this song came out someone at my school grobed me and I reported them and no one wanted to help me so I posted something about it on my snapchat and the person seen it and reported me as a cyber bully and this song has helped me ever since the day it was released Lana Del Rey is my man ❤ and no mater what happens to me I will just Ride ❤
Lana Del Diamandis
Lana Del Diamandis 20 giorni fa
I think this is going to be the best song from Normal Fucking Rockwell. it's going to be hard to top. It's just so powerful and makes me really happy and peaceful.
Adam Taucher
Adam Taucher 10 giorni fa
This album is going to be a masterpiece. I can just tell.
Don't look at me, im sparkling
Lana Del Rey is the best😍 We need at least 26 albums from her in 2050,,,,Good Music
Lourdes Suyai
Lourdes Suyai 20 giorni fa
The intro reminds me so much of the Smashing Pumpkins' Mellon Collie era...
P D 20 giorni fa
1.5x speed and this is one of the best things ever recorded. living
Jen Cameron
Jen Cameron 20 giorni fa
Deserves more views...
Jared Jones
Jared Jones 20 giorni fa
You haven't lived until someone dedicates this song to you.
flynn vs. the world
flynn vs. the world 21 giorno fa
An underrated timeless masterpiece
Petit Marie
Petit Marie 21 giorno fa
Essa música é tão anos 60 ❤
Iuri Leonard
Iuri Leonard 21 giorno fa
I love the song of this sad guitar.
Ester Hudson
Ester Hudson 22 giorni fa
She’s got the Wicked Game sound going..
LPS_Angel _Daschund
LPS_Angel _Daschund 22 giorni fa
this is so soft and pure
Maggie theiring
Maggie theiring 23 giorni fa
Dangit Lana. Make a grown man shed a tear
Daniela Chocuediaz
Daniela Chocuediaz 23 giorni fa
is art 🤯💓
Jhonnattan Eilish
Jhonnattan Eilish 23 giorni fa
Brasil 🇧🇷
Buba Ganoush
Buba Ganoush 23 giorni fa
F*ck ! I love this song ! =D If Lana's gonna be my man, well ..... Ok - I s'pose I'll just have to turn gay !
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