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Lana Del Rey - Terrence Loves You (Official Audio)

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New album Honeymoon out September 18th. Pre-order now:
iTunes: lanadel.re/WrQNwc
Amazon: lanadel.re/XiYh4J
Official Store: lanadel.re/XWI6ZD
Sign up for updates: smarturl.it/LanaDelRey.News
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Commenti 8 213
Brian May is Hot
Brian May is Hot 6 giorni fa
Saxophone? HELL YEAH!
Ivan Iraheta
Ivan Iraheta 6 giorni fa
Who is Terrence?
3h34 am
3h34 am 7 giorni fa
3:05 my favorite part
Daniela Sarahí Mora Caro
Maeve is dead inside
my religion is Finn Wolfhardism
3:25 ❤️
Ivan Iraheta
Ivan Iraheta 13 giorni fa
4:18 ummmm 💔
TUBO SIDE 14 giorni fa
Anderson Yaquian Vidaurre
2019 🖤
Aggie Barton
Aggie Barton 18 giorni fa
I love Terrence!❤
Jose Diaz
Jose Diaz 20 giorni fa
R023 G0ld
R023 G0ld Mese fa
"Terry loves 'Love'"
Aidan Karnal
Aidan Karnal Mese fa
Than you Lana for this beautiful song.
Brooke _
Brooke _ Mese fa
My ears orgasmed simultaneously
r. xhelili
r. xhelili Mese fa
That bridge is the reason I live!❤️
cha Mese fa
"i lost myself and i lost you too" lana, you speak to my soul. & im thankful for that.
Pretty Little Liars
Just here to remind y'all that this is one of her best bridges ever
Вячеслав Малевич
Lol, me too
Pretty Little Liars
Pretty Little Liars 19 giorni fa
+Вячеслав Малевич *I-said-what-I-said.gif*
Вячеслав Малевич
God Knows I Tried and Honeymoon say hello
blue mangoes
blue mangoes Mese fa
moonlight Mese fa
"... I lost myself, when I lost you..." I'M LOST LANA, LOST!!!!
Lucy K
Lucy K Mese fa
listening to this song is getting sad and liking every single comment
Ya no me gusta BTS
Que hermosa es lana 💖
Rachel B
Rachel B Mese fa
I know this song is about losing someone else- but I first listened to this song when I was going through a rough time mentally and the 'I lost myself when I lost you' picked me up and I decided I would be okay.
Sig. Signoe
Sig. Signoe Mese fa
love this pic of her so much
Rennan Poligram
Láss Mese fa
25, December 2018
Maria Gillen
Maria Gillen Mese fa
this song just makes you want to close your eyes and sway back and forth
Camila Lemos
Camila Lemos 2 mesi fa
Eu nunca enjoo dessa música.Que música perfeita!
edward rodriguez
♥️ 2018 ♥️
nanda gold
nanda gold 2 mesi fa
i love good
malfunction and the devil
"I lost myself when I lost you" gets a billion times stronger once you know what the song is about
Jaky Mathers
Jaky Mathers 2 mesi fa
Silly Goose
Silly Goose 2 mesi fa
Crying in the club.
Terrence Firly
Terrence Firly 2 mesi fa
Ten Hatter
Ten Hatter 2 mesi fa
"You are what you are" Lestat? 🤔
The Real Satan
The Real Satan 2 mesi fa
I found this song while I was high. I could never find the video that I originally found it in but the scenes plus the music created a feeling I've never felt before. Maybe the feeling I felt was strictly due to the weed but nonetheless it was a beautiful experience 😊
Serdar Turgut
Serdar Turgut 2 mesi fa
Aq anlamıyorum ama efsane geliyor kulağa !!
Gime Junior
Gime Junior 2 mesi fa
Love you Lana
Pamela Mabel
Pamela Mabel 3 mesi fa
Kaitlyn Perreault
This is my favorite off her honeymoon album. So beautiful and deep. Still listen to it every day❤️
B B 3 mesi fa
Lana marathon 🌌 this girl makes me feel like I’m in another galaxy
Kata K.
Kata K. 3 mesi fa
Tears in my eyes❤ i love this song (too)
Laryssa 3 mesi fa
me casaría con esta canción
georgie bowie
georgie bowie 3 mesi fa
This song has always been my favorite and always will. I relate to it in a sense because David Bowie is my favorite artist and inspires me to much.
georgie bowie
georgie bowie 3 mesi fa
Rest In Peace Bowie and Terry
Oρμlεɳ૮ε Pɦσεɳเא
♡🕯♡🕯♡🕯♡🕯♡ I don't matter to a n y o n e
Daniel Cardoza
Daniel Cardoza 3 mesi fa
I love the song and my favorite parts starts at 3:25
Christian RHT
Christian RHT 3 mesi fa
I feel like I'm on my own funeral lmao
ImBreezyBoi 3 mesi fa
My names Terrance does she love me? 🙃
Midget 17
Midget 17 3 mesi fa
Lana’s voice transports me to places I’ve never been to and into ages I’ve never been born in. That’s called magic and Lana is a magician!
joy joy
joy joy 3 mesi fa
2018 and still listening to it
Stefano4791 3 mesi fa
I'm speachless
Talise Snyder
Talise Snyder 4 mesi fa
when i first found Lana, I was only 10 or so. I liked Born to Die a lot, but I did not like Ultraviolence. Now the opposite is true- I love Ultraviolence, Honeymoon, and Lust for Life, but not Born to Die as much. As her style has changed, my music style has changed with it.
Marty Koraco
Marty Koraco 4 mesi fa
Wait so is this a cover since it was written by Terry Burns? People are thanking Lana for the song though... Im confused
Simon 4 mesi fa
This song gives me chills
Soli Romero
Soli Romero 4 mesi fa
eris hah
eris hah 4 mesi fa
I think Lana is my soulmate
Raunaq Nambiar
Raunaq Nambiar 4 mesi fa
ground control to major tom
Paulina Cygora
Paulina Cygora 4 mesi fa
After 3 years I am still here and nothing has changed. I am feeling like I hear this song for the very first time again and again...
Barbie 4 mesi fa
One period in my life is...this song. The best💕
Ma JHoulla
Ma JHoulla 4 mesi fa
This is just one of the best
j u g h e a d '
j u g h e a d ' 4 mesi fa
one of the best songs of lana del rey
Ember Rose
Ember Rose 4 mesi fa
Favorite song from honeymoon 🖤
Selvi Novrianti
Selvi Novrianti 4 mesi fa
September 2018?
Little Dragon
Little Dragon 4 mesi fa
Ground Control to Major Tom! Ground Control to Major Tom! Your circuit's dead, there's something wrong!
peachy 4 mesi fa
*crying in the corner*
underrated track on this album
erika paul
erika paul 5 mesi fa
shes so pretty
Farzana Dipti
Farzana Dipti 5 mesi fa
Queen of lyrics!! 😍😍 It's just perfect. 💕
Rabia Wajid
Rabia Wajid 5 mesi fa
I lost myself when i lost you.. :)
Del Rey's.
Del Rey's. 5 mesi fa
I played this album while I was washing the dishes, my mom came in and told me: “turn off that depressing and boring music” That hurt me a lot. I don't know why people don't love her like I do. Is like... I feel like I'm living in the 60s. Waiting for my lover and doing the dinner, reading a novel, going to see the handsome of John Kennedy was, and etcetera.
David Salgado
David Salgado 5 mesi fa
Not everyone can appreciate art.
Karyme Licona
Karyme Licona 5 mesi fa
😍 best singer
sae sae
sae sae 5 mesi fa
To be honest, thinking about how much i love lana brought tears to my eyes. Words cannot describe my love for her.
Josh 5 mesi fa
Intro is a copy of "you only live twice" by Nancy Sinatra. The opening part has the same melody, but slowed down.
Josh 5 mesi fa
go on...
Edward Rogan
Edward Rogan 5 mesi fa
I don't think it does?
Sasha D
Sasha D 5 mesi fa
This has always been my favorite.
Gabriel Silva
Gabriel Silva 5 mesi fa
RIP Major Tom
Jon Hardy
Jon Hardy 5 mesi fa
For all the people who are opressed for being who you are. And for Jamel Myles, nine years old, who took his life because he was bullied for being gay.
LDR songs
LDR songs 5 mesi fa
2018? 😍
CCColton 5 mesi fa
If anyone was wondering this cover photo was taken at 761 Bel air Rd, Bel Air.
Azize Üstüner
Azize Üstüner 5 mesi fa
Ağlamamak için direniyorumSEGLÖWELGLŞWE
Adrinescence C
Adrinescence C 5 mesi fa
Forever my favourite album of Lana 💖😢
ya вoι
ya вoι 5 mesi fa
I don’t need drugs when I’ve got Lana
Eli -fox
Eli -fox 5 mesi fa
Lala Girl
Lala Girl 5 mesi fa
Sad beauty..♡
Angel Luis Lantigua
Honeymoon is her most beautiful album
John & POP
John & POP 5 mesi fa
Ευδόξιος Λεονταράς
In my opinion her best performance ever!
Lucas Rockwell
Lucas Rockwell 6 mesi fa
Suanne Maria
Suanne Maria 6 mesi fa
Rabia Wajid
Rabia Wajid 6 mesi fa
I lost myself when i lost you
Junior Napoles
Junior Napoles 6 mesi fa
I love you, eu estou em lágrimas agora □
Michaela Caleb
Michaela Caleb 6 mesi fa
The little “hmm’s” at the end break my heart and soul.... 😩
Angmer Sub
Angmer Sub 6 mesi fa
¿2018? ❤️
Rifky Rizmanda
Rifky Rizmanda 6 mesi fa
3:40 you're welcome :)
Salexyh Hadj
Salexyh Hadj 6 mesi fa
❤10.8.2018 ❤
Rory Neville
Rory Neville 6 mesi fa
this song deserved more
Roberta Avola
Roberta Avola 6 mesi fa
“Isn’t strange that you’re not here with me?” I cry so much in this part
Felipe 6 mesi fa
um hino de VERDADE
_ nriniffh
_ nriniffh 6 mesi fa
Terrence definitely did not love that. P.S he's my boyfriend.
moon blue
moon blue 6 mesi fa
pure art thats all
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