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Lana Del Rey - Terrence Loves You (Official Audio)

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New album Honeymoon out September 18th. Pre-order now:
iTunes: lanadel.re/WrQNwc
Amazon: lanadel.re/XiYh4J
Official Store: lanadel.re/XWI6ZD
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21 ago 2015

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26-5-2019. 0616
Marinars 13 ore fa
one my fav song
Santhyago Santos
Santhyago Santos 2 giorni fa
my ex boyfriend used to sing this to me, i wish he sang to me every night but now i cry when i realize he doesn't love me like i do.
maoii the meatball
maoii the meatball 4 giorni fa
This song is making me so sad but I can't stop listening to it
Natty GD
Natty GD 6 giorni fa
Mi princesa 😍
Lovely Beth
Lovely Beth 7 giorni fa
This song reminds me of my little bunny, she’s dead right now. I loved her so much, and I still love her.
oof 12 giorni fa
this song is only 5 minutes long but it feels like 15
DamageBehavior 13 giorni fa
"But I still got jazz when I've got those blues" WOW QUEEN
Ευδόξιος Λεονταράς
She is unique! I wish I could meet her under the moonlight and have a dance listening to that song!
vitória pellegrino
vitória pellegrino 19 giorni fa
this song makes me feel like i'm in the summer of the 40's, 50's or 60's
Batool .m
Batool .m 23 giorni fa
Leonardo Silva
Leonardo Silva 29 giorni fa
this is the pain of loosing transformed into a song. i have no words...
Ryan Mulqueen
One of the best song of all time PERIODT!!!!!
Allyna Magno
Allyna Magno Mese fa
Essa música da lana é tão divina!!!!
Mother Russia
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel Mese fa
There was a man named Terrence I knew. I was sweet on him a long time. He never was on me, I thought. But I was way into hip hop and he made his own music and would ask my opinion of it. He tried to let me in. I liked him and I let him in easily. He told me after our friend died that he liked me and didn’t know how to deal with it. I used to believe back then I loved him. I read this song title and it weirds me out.
Noelle Silva
Noelle Silva Mese fa
She looks like my English teacher and I'm feeling really uncomfortable
Laura Mese fa
this whole album is so underrated
Bration Schultz
Sad 😒
oh no, sweetie
Among the best songs from lana
Thomas Hofheinz
You are What you are
Sofia Delgado
I'm literally sobbing my eyes out, laying here at 2 am, just like a baby. This is pure magic! Thank you lana
Martin Lana
Martin Lana Mese fa
Weird, this photo, with tape on the car, a bin behind and a singer strongly resembling Lana Del Rey ...
Fer Nava
Fer Nava 2 mesi fa
Robin Olivia
Robin Olivia 2 mesi fa
Trev Bubbles
Trev Bubbles 2 mesi fa
3 years ago.... Where the f*** have I been. Lana's voice is unreal, captivating, ethereal.
Jacob Weinreich
Jacob Weinreich 2 mesi fa
I love this photo of lana
Jacob Weinreich
Jacob Weinreich 2 mesi fa
This song is so underrated and ughhh it’s beautiful
Robin Olivia
Robin Olivia 2 mesi fa
Netflix - Sex Education
jacque line
jacque line 2 mesi fa
Martin Lana
Martin Lana 2 mesi fa
The bridge ( "ground control to major Tom...) is really amazing, what an emotion !!☺These words were written by David Bowie.
Lindlelover Watterson
Thank you, I never knew and felt dumb asking
Rocklyn Xa
Rocklyn Xa 2 mesi fa
Who else came back here to cry
Wings of Ashes
Wings of Ashes 2 mesi fa
Some insight into the title and theme: David Bowie, a huge influence on Lana, had a brother named Terrence who suffered from schizophrenia. He was permanently institutionalized at a young age, and although he went on to live many years, he could not be the brother that David needed, so he very much lost him while he was still alive. Lana's former fiancee Barry also suffers from schizophrenia. I believe this song is about him. She once described him as 'her twin' which makes sense in regard to the line "I lost myself when I lost you". The Bowie comparison, besides the name 'Terrence' is further confirmed by the 'Space Oddity' reference ("Ground control to Major Tom"). Schizophrenia causes disassociation, or not feeling inside of yourself or your life. Someone experiencing deep disassociation may refer to themselves in the 2nd or 3rd person, for example by saying 'Terrence loves you' when you are in fact speaking to Terrence. The layers of meaning in the title alone are mind-boggling and just go to show how much of a deep soul and brilliant mind Lana truly possesses. Rest in Peace to David Bowie. Thank you Lana for this masterpiece. Thanks for reading.
*-High_ On life-*
3:04-3:25 is what makes me want to _cry_
bm 2 mesi fa
Do you think bowie heard this song?
Abdaljouad Alrifady
wow 1.9K people without taste
Anna Lavigne
Anna Lavigne 2 mesi fa
we need a music video of this masterpiece 😍
Nur Yağmur
Nur Yağmur 2 mesi fa
this song is very relax
Veridiano Dantas
Eu estou tão apaixonado por essa música e tudo o que ela representa
Marlena Sien
Marlena Sien 2 mesi fa
You are from Neptune, L.
Bruce man1
Bruce man1 2 mesi fa
Did David Bowie ever hear this? If so, did he know what it was about? What was his response. I was delighted to find that he didn’t die before this song was released.
Thomas Hofheinz
If he did, it probably made his really sad.
i w a n n a b e s t r i p e r i n t h e f u t u r e
One of the saddest songs ever
Fabiana Pozzobon
Lana's music makes you feel nostalgic for love stories you never experienced 💗
Bruna Kinast
Bruna Kinast 3 mesi fa
Lana is a angel
Karyme Licona
Karyme Licona 3 mesi fa
Pure art😍
Yrrdnb Ebdbdb
Yrrdnb Ebdbdb 3 mesi fa
Anyone else get once upon a dream vibes?
Yrrdnb Ebdbdb
Yrrdnb Ebdbdb 3 mesi fa
Frodo Boqueteiro BR
One of her best works
Tomás Parra
Tomás Parra 3 mesi fa
Te amo
Brian May is Hot
Saxophone? HELL YEAH!
Ivan Iraheta
Ivan Iraheta 3 mesi fa
Who is Terrence?
3h34 am
3h34 am 3 mesi fa
3:05 my favorite part
Daniela Sarahí
Daniela Sarahí 3 mesi fa
Richie Tozier
Richie Tozier 3 mesi fa
3:25 ❤️
Ivan Iraheta
Ivan Iraheta 3 mesi fa
4:18 ummmm 💔
TUBO SIDE 3 mesi fa
Anderson Yaquian Vidaurre
2019 🖤
Aggie Barton
Aggie Barton 3 mesi fa
I love Terrence!❤
Jose Diaz
Jose Diaz 3 mesi fa
R023 G0ld
R023 G0ld 4 mesi fa
"Terry loves 'Love'"
Aidan Karnal
Aidan Karnal 4 mesi fa
Than you Lana for this beautiful song.
Brooke _
Brooke _ 4 mesi fa
My ears orgasmed simultaneously
r. xhelili
r. xhelili 4 mesi fa
That bridge is the reason I live!❤️
r. xhelili
r. xhelili 2 mesi fa
+Roodel Regina Thank you.
Roodel Regina
Roodel Regina 2 mesi fa
Love your profile picture :)
Lot 4 mesi fa
"i lost myself and i lost you too" lana, you speak to my soul. & im thankful for that.
Pretty Little Liars
Just here to remind y'all that this is one of her best bridges ever
Вячеслав Малевич
Lol, me too
Pretty Little Liars
+Вячеслав Малевич *I-said-what-I-said.gif*
Вячеслав Малевич
God Knows I Tried and Honeymoon say hello
blue mangoes
blue mangoes 4 mesi fa
pretty when i cry
"... I lost myself, when I lost you..." I'M LOST LANA, LOST!!!!
I Don't Know And There's Power In That
I can't lose YOU
Lucy K
Lucy K 4 mesi fa
listening to this song is getting sad and liking every single comment
Morrita watashi
Morrita watashi 4 mesi fa
Que hermosa es lana 💖
Rachel B
Rachel B 4 mesi fa
I know this song is about losing someone else- but I first listened to this song when I was going through a rough time mentally and the 'I lost myself when I lost you' picked me up and I decided I would be okay.
Sig. Signoe
Sig. Signoe 4 mesi fa
love this pic of her so much
Rennan Poligram
Rennan Poligram 4 mesi fa
Láss 5 mesi fa
25, December 2018
Maria Gillen
Maria Gillen 5 mesi fa
this song just makes you want to close your eyes and sway back and forth
Camila Lemos
Camila Lemos 5 mesi fa
Eu nunca enjoo dessa música.Que música perfeita!
edward rodriguez
♥️ 2018 ♥️
nanda gold
nanda gold 5 mesi fa
i love good
malfunction and the devil
"I lost myself when I lost you" gets a billion times stronger once you know what the song is about
David Salgado
What it is about?
Jaky Mathers
Jaky Mathers 5 mesi fa
Silly Goose
Silly Goose 5 mesi fa
Crying in the club.
Terrence Firly
Terrence Firly 5 mesi fa
cries in junhui biased
"You are what you are" Lestat? 🤔
Sassy Satan
Sassy Satan 6 mesi fa
I found this song while I was high. I could never find the video that I originally found it in but the scenes plus the music created a feeling I've never felt before. Maybe the feeling I felt was strictly due to the weed but nonetheless it was a beautiful experience 😊
Serdar Turgut
Serdar Turgut 6 mesi fa
Aq anlamıyorum ama efsane geliyor kulağa !!
Gime Junior
Gime Junior 6 mesi fa
Love you Lana
Pamela Mabel
Pamela Mabel 6 mesi fa
Kaitlyn Perreault
This is my favorite off her honeymoon album. So beautiful and deep. Still listen to it every day❤️
B B 6 mesi fa
Lana marathon 🌌 this girl makes me feel like I’m in another galaxy
Kata Kálmán
Kata Kálmán 6 mesi fa
Tears in my eyes❤ i love this song (too)
Laryssa 6 mesi fa
me casaría con esta canción
georgie bowie
georgie bowie 6 mesi fa
This song has always been my favorite and always will. I relate to it in a sense because David Bowie is my favorite artist and inspires me to much.
georgie bowie
georgie bowie 6 mesi fa
Rest In Peace Bowie and Terry
Oρμlεɳ૮ε Pɦσεɳเא
♡🕯♡🕯♡🕯♡🕯♡ I don't matter to a n y o n e
Daniel Cardoza
Daniel Cardoza 6 mesi fa
I love the song and my favorite parts starts at 3:25
Christian RHT
Christian RHT 6 mesi fa
I feel like I'm on my own funeral lmao
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