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Rima Bipulprasad
Franciny Oliveira
Se a Lana lambesse/chupasse meu dedo eu nunca mais lavava
Marja Järv
Marja Järv 21 ora fa
2:37 I think that Lana is literal genius of making those bridges! You know these are always my favourite parts of her songs(some of my favourites are ofc uv, high by the beach, terrence loves you and pretty when u cry) agghhh so freakin beautifuuul. Lana really is a QUEEN💖😍
Florence Lacombe
Absolute Queenie
Absolute Queenie 2 giorni fa
I wanna know who’s fingers she’s sucking on...
Bayan S
Bayan S 2 giorni fa
Invented sadism
kyokogodai 2 giorni fa
Lana Del Rey....Satan worshiper.
Lobo Hombre Yt
Lobo Hombre Yt 3 giorni fa
Tardé un par de años en encontrar esta canción...un par de años...pasa tan rápido el tiempo, verdad?
Lilly Jasmine
Lilly Jasmine 3 giorni fa
Lana Del Rey - 🎶Ultraviolence🎶. Lana Del Rey you are simple woman, strong woman, soft woman, beautiful, sweet, mature, forgiveness, patient, nothing to loose..... Simple and beauty! 🤗🤗👍
aqilla fhh
aqilla fhh 4 giorni fa
*Lana Del Rey : breathes* *me : I stan her for a reason*
Raffa Dc
Raffa Dc 4 giorni fa
_I love you Lana, I send you my heart and a hug from Peru ❤️🤗🇵🇪_
Lana G
Lana G 5 giorni fa
I agree with ypu Carla Barcelo.Lana Del Rey isnt a name ,its an emotion.Reliving our memories with her music.Het music is just beautiful and i love her. Be blessed always .💖💖
Paulo B
Paulo B 6 giorni fa
5 años de este himno 🖤
Paulo B
Paulo B 6 giorni fa
Una de mis favoritas ❤🖤❤
Himaryous 6 giorni fa
This song reminds me of Campbell and Elle (I think that's her name) on The Society.
memoranda1 7 giorni fa
Lana Del Rey...is a fucking goddess .....She is a troubled woman in her songs....the kind of woman that would drive a man crazy but the sex would be so passionate that you cannot wait to bring her dark side over and over.
Hope 8 giorni fa
This is random but Abel (The Weeknd) said that they’ve known each other for so long and the “boy” in her songs is him and the “girl” in his song is her-but Unintentionally. When you listen to his songs and see it that way it becomes even more beautiful.
Hope 8 giorni fa
This is random but Abel (The Weeknd) said that they’ve known each other for so long and the “boy” in her songs is him and the “girl” in his song is her-but Unintentionally. When you listen to his songs and see it that way it becomes even more beautiful.
Andromeda Frangipane
Raquel Wright
Raquel Wright 9 giorni fa
She's lovely.
Bob Johnson
Bob Johnson 10 giorni fa
Wait a minute....this isn't Doom
aryaz ਊ cc
aryaz ਊ cc 10 giorni fa
I like that song cause she said yo soy la princesa it's for cocaína lol it's amazing
سامي ابراهيم
2019 ??
Ingrid Marin
Ingrid Marin 11 giorni fa
É por isso que eu falo “ eu nunca vou me casar “ só para não passar por isso, aff
Rosamund Schmidt
Rosamund Schmidt 11 giorni fa
*Lanas Gucci ad is the only ad I wanna see*
Ozo Kawai
Ozo Kawai 14 giorni fa
Kate 51
Kate 51 15 giorni fa
Paulo Miguel
Paulo Miguel 17 giorni fa
The seed popped, there will be war, isn t there always, except this time it will be by youth from beginning to end as in masterminded by youth... against the old, for a change
меланхоличный эльф
2:55 OooOoOOoOOoOoOoOrange
simay vurgun
simay vurgun 17 giorni fa
Soler Dö
Soler Dö 18 giorni fa
Little Black Dress
Little Black Dress 19 giorni fa
Eu sei que essa musica romantiza o relacionamento abusivo mas como ñ amar?
Little Black Dress
Little Black Dress 17 giorni fa
+Kim Yoongi TaeGi KKKKKK será?
Kim Yoongi TaeGi
Kim Yoongi TaeGi 17 giorni fa
Não romantiza, é justamente uma crítica ao relacionamento abusivo.
Mckenzie Wax
Mckenzie Wax 19 giorni fa
This will always be one of my favorite songs by lana
A basic chubby Lemon
Jim Morrison
Laura A
Laura A 20 giorni fa
This song is clearly about toxic and abusive relationships
James Geyer
James Geyer 18 giorni fa
Yeah...an MK ultra reference...the abuse she reseves from her handeler..
Wont Dorry
Wont Dorry 20 giorni fa
Хай из 2019
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith 21 giorno fa
I didn’t know you could eat an orange in a very sexy way. Hahaha
Gytis Jagminas
Gytis Jagminas 21 giorno fa
Alboricah Rathupetsane
One of the few artists that can make me cry just from the song alone
Vladimir Lex
Vladimir Lex 23 giorni fa
..''Come my lady Come come my lady You're my butterfly, sugar baby''..
Şwəęť Mąŕśhməļłøw
Lana Del Rey is ASMR.
Benevolent 24 giorni fa
Lana del Rey gives a glimpse of what music could have been like, if it took a different path. I heard so much of the modern music is becoming trivial and similar. She's different. Just different.
Michael green
Michael green 25 giorni fa
Here I am once again.
Barbara Jackson
Barbara Jackson 26 giorni fa
Lana creates music to take drugs with. The music is almost a drug itself and she portrays emotion brilliantly. Ultra talented girl with a great vocal range. A few years ago I would have said she's America's answer to Amy Winehouse but she's better than Amy could ever have dreamed to be!
Olivia Gl
Olivia Gl 26 giorni fa
"Loving him was never enough ". I feel this deep in my heart ,because everything I do for him is never enough..
oh no, sweetie
oh no, sweetie 26 giorni fa
Yo soy la princesa, comprende mis withe lines.
Katáthlipsi 27 giorni fa
wth i was looking for doom not this
James Chandler
James Chandler 27 giorni fa
5 years in and I'm still afraid that one day I'll have listened to it too many times and not enjoy it anymore.
Valentina C. M.
Valentina C. M. 27 giorni fa
This explains why Eminem said "I would hit lana del rey in the face twice". He wasn't dissing her, it was just a reference to this song!
Haifa Gheribi
Haifa Gheribi 29 giorni fa
I love you forever.
There’s hidden drum beat that starts @3:13 and you can hear it only with headphones. It makes that part much better..
Vladimir Lex
Vladimir Lex Mese fa
..''I love you the first time, I love you the last time Yo soy la princesa, comprende mis white lines ‘Cause I'm your jazz singer and you're my cult leader I love you forever, I love you forever''..
Rosie Starling
I just realized thats the same white dress she wore in the ride music video. Wow strange but awesome.🤔
Janita Kanu
Janita Kanu Mese fa
"Loving him was never enough"
Joaquin Mendoza
Lana is a feeling
Neeraj vibez
Neeraj vibez Mese fa
I love that humming at the end 😍
Abush Shebo
Abush Shebo Mese fa
who else can hear the sirens?
Wanda Ubilla
Wanda Ubilla Mese fa
yo soy la princesa
Mark Chappell
If I can recover the 7000 MIAs that is all the time I can spare. They get to the back and stay low.
Mark Chappell
January January.
Natalia Cristine
was this filmed in Italy?
John Triplow
John Triplow Mese fa
The music with this video is unbelievably good. The combination of the two is completely heartbreaking to behold.
Mark Chappell
Is all we got without declaring war.
TheFallen Mese fa
I'm just here for Doom Slayerd
stephene owuor
just like Jack London
thais vasconcelos
Crazy Funny Cats
Ultra 🎻 🎻🎻
I know what it means, but it sounds like abuse too
Small forest dweller
Ugh she's just too beautiful! Why can't I have nice hair like Lana :(
Mark Chappell
I so cruel.
Mark Chappell
Say please and hybrids disobey.
Mark Chappell
I really happy some one hears me.
Mark Chappell
You got the message, sis off line at time.
Mark Chappell
If I say please, hibrids disobey.
baycan gunes
baycan gunes Mese fa
Vita : I love you the first time i love you the last time . I love you forever i love you forever !
Doll Face
Doll Face Mese fa
I adore Lana Del Rey's choices in aesthetics and creative direction.
Michael Leon
Michael Leon Mese fa
She's just so beautiful
Teali Johnson
I like you more then lady gaga ! she is amazing
Eneko Larrakoetxea
Sonja Savic
Sonja Savic Mese fa
Pam destroyed Jim.Just read what she did after he died in Paris..no brain in that woman
Ana Vasconcelos
Aun hum hum aun
Marcelo Wiccan
Clipes tão simples , porem profundos e nostálgicos , te amo Lana
Marcos Vinicius
Lana é a melhor ❤️
Ana Flavia Borges
bêbada chorando e amando lana
Lm J
Lm J Mese fa
Youre a fucking icon. Youre unique. Theres no one like you. You invented your own style. A style a lot of us needed. I will forever love you Lana🖤
Mriganko Saha
Will always love this. So tranquilizing.
Alice Belmont
Lana é a mulher da minha vida.
Adriana Nováková
It's toooooo perfect for listening. 💔
Sara 1
Sara 1 Mese fa
2019 ?
Debora Rayele
Debora Rayele
+Marcos Vinicius Como é?
Marcos Vinicius
+Debora Rayele ter eu até tenho, mas nem uso muito
Debora Rayele
+Marcos Vinicius tem Instagram?
Marcos Vinicius
Eu também 🇧🇷😍
Mauricio Björk
Kelly Pineda
Kelly Pineda Mese fa
God beats me to this
p e a c h y k i t t e n
gun Lana is watching for any hate
01emercado01 Mese fa
Her repetition of the word ultraviolence sends me to places I've never even been to
Carla Barcelo
Lana Del Rey isn't a name. It's an emotion.
Big Brother TV
Big Brother TV 3 giorni fa
Sí, sí, claro
christopher910226 12 giorni fa
And perfection
Is there somewhere
Is there somewhere 13 giorni fa
And a name
Narcissistic Bird
Narcissistic Bird 21 giorno fa
honestly the best comment/description of lana del rey
Terry Nama
Terry Nama Mese fa
i loved you the first time / i loved you the last time
skrrr cc
skrrr cc Mese fa
Alan Araneda R.
Thise two butterflies flying together at 2:38 while Lana sings about going back together... little details that engage
Shelby Thompson.
Work with nick cave please
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