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Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence (Official Music Video)

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Brand new album 'Lust for Life' out now. Listen: lana.lnk.to/LFLaID
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Commenti 11 157
thais hudson
thais hudson 3 ore fa
Still iconic
mika aissou
mika aissou 8 ore fa
when ever i feel deprassed i listen to lana like almost everyday though 😢
Frank Espinoza
I love u for ever ....
Melinda Leanu
Melinda Leanu Giorno fa
i leave my soul to this song
Mary Elizabeth
Mary Elizabeth Giorno fa
Cult leader
Paul Grant
Paul Grant 2 giorni fa
the best album to listen to while having a dramatic meltdown in your teenage bedroom
end me
end me 2 giorni fa
this music video is so pretty and vintage i-
Rosa Lima
Rosa Lima 2 giorni fa
A voz dela é sensacional😍virei fã
G Pletch
G Pletch 2 giorni fa
Closed eyes, heart not beating, but a living love. Some people are going to leave, but that's not the end your story. That's the end of their part in your story. Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.
Amanda Rodrigues de Araújo
give me all of that ultraviolence
Cassie Blake
Cassie Blake 3 giorni fa
am i the only jamaican girl obsessed with Lana? i loooooooooovvvee her songs!!
White Lines
White Lines 2 ore fa
Good Taste
Michele Machado
Michele Machado 3 giorni fa
Vale A pena ler? Vale A pena ler?
Queen of the America
Captiiva 3 giorni fa
Me: How could this women get anymore beautiful Lana: Let me put this on... and pick this up right here...
Rafael 4 giorni fa
Hehehehehehe 1:52 BRBRBRBR
Peap 4 giorni fa
Who’s Jim
StrawberryNinja Nibbles
Her cheeks look different here
fernando flores
fernando flores 6 giorni fa
winogirlll 6 giorni fa
I was reading about the cult leader Jim Jones on Wikipedia and this song was listed as a song about him.
Brian May is Hot
Brian May is Hot 6 giorni fa
Her best music video?
Brian May is Hot
Brian May is Hot 6 giorni fa
1:54 *HOT*
Эмили Джордж
Lukas Akasuna
Lukas Akasuna 6 giorni fa
BRs ouvindo Lana em 2019 apareçam!!
BIA 7 giorni fa
Ala que gata
pussy keeper
pussy keeper 8 giorni fa
There was me, that is Alex, and my three droogs, that is Pete, Georgie, and Dim, and we sat in the Korova Milkbar trying to make up our rassoodocks what to do with the evening.The Korova milkbar sold milk-plus, milk plus vellocet or synthemesc or drencrom, which is what we were drinking. This would sharpen you up and make you ready for a bit of the old ultraviolence
CdonaldOdumpDplays 9 giorni fa
iced from chill pills listening to this song
vivi 9 giorni fa
does anyone else hear enchiladas instead of ultraviolence ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Jeremy Alexander
Jeremy Alexander 7 giorni fa
No, but now I'm hungry, asshole. Thanks ;)
Wendy Bond
Wendy Bond 9 giorni fa
I like this song 😁🤣🤣🤣🤣
haydar boubou
haydar boubou 9 giorni fa
Deadly nightshade
Pikachenle 9 giorni fa
This is how I know the GRAMMYS are a JOKE. Lana has never won. Only when Lana wins repeatedly will I give those awards acknowledgement.
Shayb 2828
Shayb 2828 10 giorni fa
Lady Resistence
Lady Resistence 10 giorni fa
Resumiendo, apología al maltrato y a la oscuridad Lana...que mal camino has tomado mujer!!!! Amate un poquito mas, hazte ese favor guapa!
Cydney Saltkill
Cydney Saltkill 11 giorni fa
She Is Perfection
Rafid Risun
Rafid Risun 11 giorni fa
somebody help me finish my homework
Steven 12 giorni fa
That right there is my Queen. She is very Beautiful, yes?
m a y
m a y 12 giorni fa
Steven yes.
Rob C
Rob C 13 giorni fa
I love you the first time, I love you the last time Yo soy la princesa, comprende mis white lines 'Cause I'm your jazz singer and you're my cult leader I love you forever, I love you forever Chills. This is everything.
The Mendigado's
The Mendigado's 13 giorni fa
Música perfeita pra AHS
Juju Verdadeira
Juju Verdadeira 13 giorni fa
As músicas da Lana da uma vontade de transar n sei porque kkkk amo Diva maravilhosa
Natalia X
Natalia X 13 giorni fa
This song is underrated
Ari M.
Ari M. 14 giorni fa
her best song lyrically
sahil singh
sahil singh 14 giorni fa
Dan Valentine
Dan Valentine 15 giorni fa
What's with all the mental breakdowns? Is no one capable of just listening to a song?
Dan Valentine
Dan Valentine 8 giorni fa
+Jose .A So true. My older son got a Lady Gaga tattoo, posted it on facebook, then actually tried to hide it from me.
Jose .A
Jose .A 8 giorni fa
That’s how a lot of fans of artists are sadly.
Dan Valentine
Dan Valentine 12 giorni fa
+m a y It affects anyone within range of their lunacy. You hear about people going on killing sprees because of politics, religion, even Catcher in the rye. I don't want to see some poor bastard fall victim to some Lana Del Rey induced mental case. If you insist on coming at me, please use whole words.
m a y
m a y 12 giorni fa
Dan Valentine let hem have it tf how does that affect u
Dan Valentine
Dan Valentine 14 giorni fa
+Joaquin A I know, right!? I mean, I like Lana Del Rey. But some of these fans take their admiration of her music to a level of narcissistic delusion; as though she is the personal soundtrack to their inner turmoil.
Sofiya Safarova
Sofiya Safarova 15 giorni fa
Fingers at 1:23 tho 🤣
Mr. Gold
Mr. Gold 15 giorni fa
Basically, what you see on mainstream music playlists is just pornstar material garbage, and then you have occasional moments of true art like this.
llahmitswr 16 giorni fa
I think the third or fourth time I listened to this song and paid attention to it, it made me cry.
mehmet raid
mehmet raid 16 giorni fa
That's what i be write to final tomorrow🤑
Michal Klementik
Michal Klementik 16 giorni fa
lana ,toto je najvac popiči pesnička..len tak ďalej👌
amir sedighi
amir sedighi 17 giorni fa
Du bist angel 😇
Diego Pisfil
Diego Pisfil 17 giorni fa
¡Mil veces mejor que el reggaetón!
Ben Nowak
Ben Nowak 17 giorni fa
Jim is shaking somewhere.
Josiane Primaz
Josiane Primaz 17 giorni fa
"he hit me and it feel like a kiss" courtney ❤
B Melian
B Melian 17 giorni fa
I hate that she romanticises domestic violence. It's gross.
B Melian
B Melian 11 giorni fa
+Shinigami Kitsune For anyone who doesn't know that story is definitely sounds like it's about domestic violence.
B Melian
B Melian 11 giorni fa
+Shinigami Kitsune Ah intresting. And this Jim used to hit people, or is that metaphorical?
m a y
m a y 12 giorni fa
Honey no
Shinigami Kitsune
Shinigami Kitsune 17 giorni fa
actually, it's about the cult-like mentality within Atlantic Group, a group within Alcoholics Anonymous and their notoriously poor treatment of young women and older men. "Jim" refers to a man of the same name who partly led the Pacific Group. She isn't romanticizing, she's addressing the issue and how hard it was to leave. source here: genius.com/Lana-del-rey-ultraviolence-lyrics
Mz Lee
Mz Lee 18 giorni fa
3:00-3:09 I have been eating oranges the wrong way my entire life...
cynthia flores
cynthia flores 18 giorni fa
Á D R I A_ZzZ 18 giorni fa
2019 algum brasileiro aqui mano? amo vocesss
Jacqueline Liza
Jacqueline Liza 19 giorni fa
Veridiano Dantas
Veridiano Dantas 19 giorni fa
Essa música vicia demais, credo
Erick Matheus
Erick Matheus 19 giorni fa
FDGOOD 20 giorni fa
Fuck You
Fuck You 20 giorni fa
My life👼🏼❤
Sra. Chantéll's
Sra. Chantéll's 23 giorni fa
*The Hymn of my life*
Swidish House Muffin Top BAM
I don't say this much but I'm sorry. I really mean that
Oficial Vó Dolores
Oficial Vó Dolores 23 giorni fa
Gabrielle Ferreira
Gabrielle Ferreira 23 giorni fa
Love herrrr By BR
Raquel Lobo
Raquel Lobo 24 giorni fa
Best song ever
MSCruz 24 giorni fa
How can the groom handle such a hot piece of wife?
Lucas Martins
Lucas Martins 25 giorni fa
Deserved so much better, one of the best songs of Ultraviolence
ChaliblueTails 25 giorni fa
Wait this isn't doom
Niuman Sepúlveda
Niuman Sepúlveda 25 giorni fa
"Yo soy la princesa" tú eres la princesa Lana, the queen and much more, Te amamos mucho Lana, the queen of our hearts.
Kerrieanne bounday
Kerrieanne bounday 26 giorni fa
This is on repeat
Brooklyn Baby
Brooklyn Baby 26 giorni fa
Yo soy la princesa.
Valentina Plasaj
Valentina Plasaj 26 giorni fa
Haunt me some more. This women’s essence is absolutely timeless, and beautiful.
Venus dreams
Venus dreams 26 giorni fa
Katy Cando
Katy Cando 27 giorni fa
Anyone in 2019 ???
SwAggy BaGgy HiGh
SwAggy BaGgy HiGh 27 giorni fa
Kerrieanne bounday
Kerrieanne bounday 27 giorni fa
Love this
Malena betancur
Malena betancur 28 giorni fa
Nesrine Ranouch
Nesrine Ranouch 28 giorni fa
Im a guy and fun realy mooving sensationnelle
Carola Cristina
Carola Cristina 28 giorni fa
Simplesmente espetacular 😍
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute 28 giorni fa
Came here partly for the music, mostly for the "bit of the old ultraviolence" ACO references.
Mich 28 giorni fa
Love u forever
Jarrett Smith
Jarrett Smith 29 giorni fa
Her best song on her best album. Periodt!
Musicmann1022 29 giorni fa
Love her confessional style of singing. Lana is always interesting.
dM Mese fa
Lana Del Rey perfectly embodies the innocent, misguided, lost and abused American youth; abused by ideology, envy and greed. I feel like that's the origin of her hauntingly beautifully sound, that pain.
1002anna 23 giorni fa
Depeche Mode fan here I guess
pipipipopopo beu
nunca achei que uma pessoa podia ser tão sexy descascando uma tangerina
Camila Soares
comendo tangerina kkkkkkk
isla !
isla ! Mese fa
all of lanas music will forever remind me of the first boy i ever loved. he’d put it on in his car for me because he knew i loved it. i miss him so much and it’s hard but lanas music somehow heals it and i love her with all my heart.
Jesus Diaz
3h34 am
3h34 am Mese fa
Can I be that orange?
Bir Potterhead
When i was 13-17(I am 19)I've been going through a lot and Lana's music was like the best friend i never had
drrocxsoo Mese fa
coke head madonna is a heavy metal angel
Duda Gaio
Duda Gaio Mese fa
music is cool!
Joao Victor
Joao Victor Mese fa
Eu amo essa música 😍😍😍😍
vasiliki mp
vasiliki mp Mese fa
1:52 HI IT'S 2AM:))))
Kristin Piña
I'm getting apollonia from the god father vibes
Kobe Hindrex
Kobe Hindrex Mese fa
2019 bitches
BlahBlah Blah
I remember this song..
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