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Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence (Official Music Video)

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Brand new album 'Lust for Life' out now. Listen: lana.lnk.to/LFLaID
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Commenti 10 854
Василь Бондарчук
imazing... hove I am did not hear this magnificent song ever
Jasmine Sari
Jasmine Sari 4 giorni fa
Taking a hot bath n listening to Lana to soothe my soul 🖤
Jade Ackloo
Jade Ackloo 4 giorni fa
she looks like a greek goddess in this vid, divine
julia egito
julia egito 5 giorni fa
não consigo lidar com essa rainha
Ruben 5 giorni fa
ren b
ren b 5 giorni fa
the album is a gift from heaven
Noctilucent Studios
Actual unretouched footage of GOD herself. Lana is Life, Lana is Queen
Isabel Ramirez
Isabel Ramirez 6 giorni fa
What does the whispear mean ?
White Lines
White Lines 6 giorni fa
2:38 The butterflies with Lana are so Aesthetic
Макс Иванов
сильная баба)
Thai Kitty
Thai Kitty 7 giorni fa
Lolly me trouxe aqui
Diana Sandra
Diana Sandra 7 giorni fa
"He used to call me poison Like I was poison ivy" 💚
flynn vs. the world
Peel me open slowly and awkwardly wit ur long red manis too Lana 🍊
Liziane Raira
Liziane Raira 8 giorni fa
Pleno 2019 e eu estou aqui, escutando esse hinoo amo Demais
Liziane Raira
Liziane Raira 8 giorni fa
Pleno 2019 e eu estou aqui, escutando esse hinoo amo Demais
David Cobra
David Cobra 8 giorni fa
Communism still sucks Lana.
David López
David López 8 giorni fa
How is that possible this girl has not won a Grammy yet?
Aminigos 9 giorni fa
babygirl xoxo
babygirl xoxo 9 giorni fa
I love you forever I love you forever...
Christophe Lamoureux
Luiza Santos
Luiza Santos 9 giorni fa
brasileiro aq dá salveee
julyweek 10 giorni fa
have you watched my edit of skam ?? i think you should, because its beautiful. here go and watch it .@
Hachim Emir
Hachim Emir 10 giorni fa
I wish I could record a video with this quality and have 51 million views.
KAHNUM- MANGLE 10 giorni fa
Chubaka 07
Chubaka 07 13 giorni fa
ого мне нраватся))
Monika Monika
Monika Monika 13 giorni fa
Starless Golightly
Starless Golightly 14 giorni fa
I love Lana Del Rey but I am not a fan of this track. I am a bit of a dummy and I play the white knight far too often but I am not afraid to admit that the Doors kind of piss me off.
jacob marren
jacob marren 14 giorni fa
.....Jesus 😳🔥
Travel With Me
Travel With Me 15 giorni fa
French Montana copied Lana 🙇🏻‍♀️
Redbad 79
Redbad 79 15 giorni fa
Whenever I hear this song, I want to beat up my wife.
sebastian lopez
sebastian lopez 15 giorni fa
most suicide-inducive music ever
Alican 3
Alican 3 16 giorni fa
question is, where the hell is she walking too?
Gabriel  Alexandre
Gabriel Alexandre 16 giorni fa
Essa mulher vai dominar o mundo 💘🔥👸👸👸
Isac Gonçalves
Isac Gonçalves 16 giorni fa
O clipe mais caro da carreira da Lana , kkkk
nilson morais
nilson morais 16 giorni fa
beautiful!!! yes!
01emercado01 17 giorni fa
*cries in nostalgia*
Katelyn Daly
Katelyn Daly 17 giorni fa
Alyssa Puebla
Alyssa Puebla 17 giorni fa
Loving you was really hard
Orlando Jardim
Orlando Jardim 18 giorni fa
and after that she released "honeymoon". she's the coolest honestly..
Mr meryam Mountasir
Mr meryam Mountasir 19 giorni fa
Makrahtch itarjmo liya had lorniya kathama9ni wa5a kanfham manha ri chi kalimat
Laura Caroline
Laura Caroline 19 giorni fa
Amazing song iv loved it always and I always will... she is stunning xx
Luiz Berg
Luiz Berg 23 giorni fa
. Lana, parece uma bonequinha frágil e delicada que pode se desmanchar a qualquer momento, pura magia . 💧
Luiz Berg
Luiz Berg 21 giorno fa
Valeu ! estamos na sensibilidade . 💧
Edel weiss
Edel weiss 25 giorni fa
русские есть?
painlanmel 25 giorni fa
the thumbnail change omfg
I. K.
I. K. 25 giorni fa
How is that our today's idols are Kardashians, Minage, Grande etc? Tell me one thing they are better in than this divine being.
Negédes Katyusa
Negédes Katyusa 25 giorni fa
this one is so iconic ♥
Poneisha Parker
Poneisha Parker 26 giorni fa
I’m not sure on what inspired this song, but DAMMIT it’s beautiful!
Derle 28 giorni fa
Norman Fucking Rockwell
*_The thumbnail changed!!!!_* ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Unexploring Life
Unexploring Life 4 giorni fa
I think the thumbnail before was 1:28
Jesus Lopez
Jesus Lopez 7 giorni fa
No national anthem is the same, she laid in that tiger
Marie Jeanne
Marie Jeanne 14 giorni fa
+emi And National Anthem too ! ;)
emi 20 giorni fa
Just as the summertime sadness one!
glenn smythe
glenn smythe 28 giorni fa
I wish you were one of the women that scratch my back up it's too late now
crybaby11196 28 giorni fa
so much talent god i love this girl!
Gabriel Goilo
Gabriel Goilo 29 giorni fa
And it felt like a kiss
Saya Miller
Saya Miller Mese fa
Есть тут русские?))))
Shawn Karori
Shawn Karori Mese fa
Yo soy LA princensa comprende did white lines
samuel crespo alzate
"yo soy la princesa"
Samir Samy
Samir Samy Mese fa
🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦i love you my Queen
ssalem. Mese fa
still in my heart
Lemonade Mese fa
My Queen 👑
Fabiana Fabiana
Vc tira meu fôlego quando eu te escuto meu mundo para eu saio do canhão te amo te amo um amor inesplicavel ❤❤❤❤
Fabiana Fabiana
Dona de mim te amo rainha meu coração está partindo
Signora Snrub
@2:03 That smile....
mohamed ezz
mohamed ezz Mese fa
i see you a duck
GypsyFairy85 Mese fa
Now I know who Lana Del Ray reminds me of! Susan Strasberg the actress, the strange dark remote sensuality, with a hint of a little girl.
Uma deusa faz assim
Megan McElroy
living on the edge, and interpreting it, Lana can do it.
Alexandra Daddario
she look sexy af in sat dress
Ricardo Martinez
I am just reading about the Persephone mythology...
adrebriel Burgos
te amo
shosho 00
shosho 00 Mese fa
The instrument kinda reminds me of west coast 😍💕💕
Magic Mike
Magic Mike Mese fa
I don't get it...so many of her great songs are so underrated... maybe nowadays people have bad taste of song choice.. that's why singer like nicki minaj is so fucking famous
Dylan Grant
Dylan Grant Mese fa
Magic Mike Nicki is a good artist.. keep hating. Lana is an alternative queen. Alternative music isn’t for everyone. Keep bringing others down to compliment someone. Shit head
A E M T Mese fa
Her best album
Marcela Serrano
me gusta el estilo vintage
Schizoid boi
Schizoid boi Mese fa
She the goddest who wakes the monster inside me
Nayfin Mese fa
Ashamed to say that i'm subscribed to her, but I only found this through tik tok memes.
Estrella De La Torre
Soy la unica que le entiende no se vale?
Lucas Torreira
"Yo soy la princesa" 💕
Aliona Scherbakova
oh my god, it's wonderful 💔
peg Mese fa
this song reminds me of my abusive 5th husband i've never had.
moonchild 5 ore fa
Fabiana Mayol
Fabiana Mayol 10 giorni fa
peg same
ikxro 11 giorni fa
garota ?
Sudeep Ghogare
Sudeep Ghogare 18 giorni fa
5th you say. huh.
the99exit99channel 18 giorni fa
...if a real intelligent good looking college graduate grown man can go 30 years with no sex at all but form his own dry palm then a grown woman can go 40 years with no sex at all... #amerikaTheWORTHLESSthirtyYearsOIfGayRapistNiggerFreakCountry
Andrew D. Harris
I'm disappointed that she winks, but she's definitely impressive. I bought a few of her albums. It's worth the money compared to a lot of stuff.
Leon Gutierrez
loving him was never enough
Missy Marvin
Missy Marvin Mese fa
Slap me I slap back so then how dare I? Fucking start the slapped scratch what and he did what to me then
Beste Kökdemir
Paramin Bannakit
I like your songs and vids. But I’ve a question, why do you eat the orange in vids? XD
Leon Gutierrez
Lana is my coult leader
Ohmy *Sips tea*
Fabian Harrizon
Kaszalot402 Mese fa
Ekh, em. So certain black Cat brought me here. Anyone else?
Cheerful Hamster
2018?)I love her with all my soul
awkward awkward
Queen 😍
Mirjam Van Dijk
Jimmy Roger gaat over vijf jaar dood
hilsumcrew Mese fa
French Montana brings me here
i finally found an artist that knows the same pain we all know, and makes it relatable.
nay valen
nay valen Mese fa
She looks so fuckin good i can't I'll turn gay for lana any day
Diamond Fountaine
i can see she is very emotionally involved in her music
Matthew Blom
Matthew Blom Mese fa
This song is genius. Lana is bold and dark with her music, sure, but that's what makes it great.
Jaqueline Alves
Geovane Coé
Geovane Coé Mese fa
Cadê os Br? 2018
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