Lana Del Rey - Wayamaya

Mermaid Motel
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3 lug 2016




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Commenti 88
Lee Linda
Lee Linda 12 giorni fa
If I have a girl, I will name her Lana, if a boy, then ray
tropical tutorials
tropical tutorials 22 giorni fa
Omg for some reason the first verse really made me nostalgic
Mathilde Colom
Mathilde Colom 23 giorni fa
Still hearing her "waikiki cove" turning into a violent "why did he go" in the end...
Morganne angel
Favourite song to put on in the morning whilst doing my routine. Honestly her voice is unreal 💜
Chèri 2 mesi fa
ugh I love her so much😫
Dennis Aguiar
Dennis Aguiar 2 mesi fa
Amo valeu☀️
noahdelrxy 3 mesi fa
Ugh so gorgeous... not one day do I not think about this...
Olivia Petsche
Olivia Petsche 3 mesi fa
I immediately thought of cat powers woman
Andreas Falk
Andreas Falk 4 mesi fa
Working with LIGHT and LOVE www.puramaryam.de
o no
o no 5 mesi fa
I went to Hawaii for spring break last year and I listened to ultraviolence honeymoon and some of her unreleased songs like this one while walking down the beach. Best time of my life
Julie DelRey
Julie DelRey 6 mesi fa
New favorite summer song !
very dumb
very dumb 6 mesi fa
he was a big wave surfer living down by waimea bay we had a few friends never thought it would end i remember an all white day with eight story waves he said "your eyes are grey" we were living on coeur d'alene on carol lane, sun manta ray driving in our mercury down to waimea driving in our mercury driving in our mercury down to waimea driving in our mercury i remember we came in may and we changed our names to lana and ray we'd be up til the sun rose, ay i'm in gold lame, your pink floral haze driving in our mercury down to waimea driving in our mercury driving in our mercury down to waimea driving in our mercury waikiki cove waikiki cove waikiki, waikiki, waikiki cove waikiki cove waikiki cove waikiki, waikiki, waikiki cove
Danny 10 mesi fa
drownsoda 10 mesi fa
That reverb, tremolo-drenched opening chord progression is beyond beautiful
Aubrey Ruth
Aubrey Ruth 11 mesi fa
i love this so much
Ravenclaw Pride
Ravenclaw Pride 11 mesi fa
I honestly believe that Lana is a mermaid. Every single one of her songs makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. I just love her so much because her voice really helps me cope with anxiety throughout the day.
Emily Mclaughlin
Emily Mclaughlin 11 mesi fa
Ravenclaw Pride Same! Her music is medicine.
Last Girl On Pluto
I could die to this song
J.Pablo 11 mesi fa
This makes me wanna die happy by the beach love it 😍
J.Pablo 11 mesi fa
Yes But i wanna die! Haha naah
swift 1989
swift 1989 11 mesi fa
J.Pablo or get high by the beach. if u know what I mean…
julia koperman
This is cute! But isn't it Waimea bay (Hawaii)? Wayamaya doesn't excist, does it?
Julian Echelon
She is performing this in Hawaii
Javier Del Valle Lagar
pico boulevard
this puts me in such a calm place wow 💓
Breidy Maldonado
love this song love the video
Rodrigo Chavezz
Lana se ve tan hermosa así
Daisy B.
Daisy B. Anno fa
Rebecca Zepernick
Why is it spelled differently in the song? Isn’t it Waimea bay?
ruby ;
ruby ; 6 mesi fa
iloveprieto that's iconic lol
françois cavallier
The song is registered as both Wayamaya and Waimea
iloveprieto Anno fa
Rebecca Zepernick she tried to be edgy it’s apart of her aesthetic lol
Aristea Livingston
This song is the best one ever
Mad Magick
Mad Magick Anno fa
so good i cry.
xxxc xxx
xxxc xxx Anno fa
This is g o l d
cesar r
cesar r Anno fa
🌊🌊🌊 this song is currently my mood, so catchy and just makes you wanna sway to the tune.
Jordan Anno fa
He was a big wave surfer ✨🏝🏝🌊🌊🏄🏾🌊🌊🏝🏝 Living down by wayamaya bay 🌴🌴🏡🏃🏾🏘..🌴🏡🌴✨ We had a few friends 🌴🎢🎡🌴🚶🏼‍♀️🚶🏿🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏾🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏻🌴🌴 Never thought it would end 🌴💃🏾🕺🏻💃🏼🕺🏽💃🏻🕺 🌴 🙍🏾‍♂️
Jessica Andrade
From this to Lust For Life. Lana is pure talent
Jorge Luis Melin
what a tipe of segurity are you usin becosus do nfpdn eh ruku ur wudfh ofir pdif eocjd pefkvii wodcwp eurgiaguorjg wif pcjepwweijfpspdspddppdjf efjwpefjwodpojfpowj Estupid yesenia,, hakkers are stolen us, are ripping you accounts and estolen your data, seriously, lost like a 2 million of dolars, yes thas fells like that, donkey kong, stupid.
joseph moreno
Wow.. I love this so much! 😭😍
Sophie Grace
Sophie Grace Anno fa
this song makes me sad but also happy
sadie Anno fa
this honestly is so much more better than 90% of music videos nowadays.....this is pure, not like the trash we see everyday.....beautiful, elegant, hypnotic, seductive music/video ILYSFM
De VILLIERS Grobler 14 giorni fa
+Kit Cat Go away fowl infidel
Amelia Cal
Amelia Cal 9 mesi fa
go back to your bieber
spookybanana 9 mesi fa
omg there's no 'honesty' in music, why can no one get that, it's subjective and also varied for a reason, her comment was like saying 'chocolate cake is honestly just so better than sausage and beans' like ?? she didn't specify enough... i guess she was coming for the rap and hip hop and pop in the charts? lana doesn't compete with them
Jalex Seva
Jalex Seva 10 mesi fa
Kit Cat why?!???
Aileen Styles Payne Malik Horan Tomlison
+Kit Cat she ain't wrong.
Maria Rita
Maria Rita Anno fa
my fav unreleased in moment
Hannah Gwen
Hannah Gwen Anno fa
wish it was longer!
Mariam Nita
Mariam Nita Anno fa
heaven 🌼
Señor Robot
Señor Robot Anno fa
Waikiki Cove... waikiki cove waikiki Waikiki Waikiki... cove. ❤🎵🎵❤❤❤❤❤
Zak Zaharick
Zak Zaharick 2 anni fa
This is great.
Darling Guerra
Darling Guerra 2 anni fa
Lana & Rey
Curl Headed
Curl Headed 11 mesi fa
Lana & Ray
Stefano Campanella
darling guerra <3
Firro Delacourt
Firro Delacourt 2 anni fa
Wakihkih kah , wakihkih kah , wakihkih wakihkih wakih kih kah !
Amy Anno fa
Sorry to burst your bubble but I’m pretty sure it’s Waikiki cove
Milagros Roncoroni
Julien Leroy love that part
Gustavo Mendieta
Si bajara dios mañana te aseguró que las cosas seguirían igual "el mundo no se detiene"
gothkendall 2 anni fa
This makes my heart ache for summer
Nani Dean
Nani Dean 3 mesi fa
Ugh same
Misturcia Anno fa
kendall f i love alice on your profil pic!
Kyle Woolridge Grant
This makes my heart ache for more music like this.
Gelson Goldstein
I love só mush❤❤
Darling Guerra
Darling Guerra 2 anni fa
absolute love it😍💗🌌🌌
Araceli Reyes
Araceli Reyes 2 anni fa
que hermosa cancion! y el video aun mas!!! saludos desde Argentina!!!
Black Diamond Euphoria
What videoclip is the sunny beach wallpaper + umbrella from?
Francesca 2 anni fa
How do you edit all these clips together it's dreamy
Francesca Anno fa
Wow a year ago I hardly remember commenting still love your videos
KryscyRose 2 anni fa
all of lana's unreleased are slowly being taken down by youtube..if only ive downloaded all of it
Electra Heart
Electra Heart 3 mesi fa
cheese is real and your god is just an illusion
Why are they being taken down??
hurtsorbleed Anno fa
This tumblr lanadelreypost.tumblr.com/ has a lot of her unreleased songs up for download :)
Bae Angel
Bae Angel Anno fa
you can find all of her songs in picosong.com you just need to know the names of the songs
Izzy Hansen
Izzy Hansen 2 anni fa
I watch your videos religiously-- they are beautiful
Mermaid Motel
Mermaid Motel 2 anni fa
thank you so much! <3
Mara Musictube
Mara Musictube 2 anni fa
God, I love your videos
Mermaid Motel
Mermaid Motel 2 anni fa
Thank you angel <33
Öylesine Böylesine
Ohhh thank you honey!
Manouela Jota
Öylesine Böylesine fez ula me kengen jam e shume keq
livx 2 anni fa
this is so beautiful
Đorđe Skorupan
you are pretty awesome, keep it up.
Kata Kispál
Kata Kispál 2 anni fa
I'm the happiest person in the world now that you're back❤ you are the best😘
Manouela Jota
Mermaid Motel arjolatosk
Mermaid Motel
Mermaid Motel 2 anni fa
Thanks angel, this msg makes me very happy ♥️
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