Latto Suprises Fans With Mariah Carey At Her BET Performance | BET Awards '22

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Watch Latto Perform the remix to her hit song on the 2022 BET Awards stage alongside the ICONIC Mariah Carey, Champagne & Young Dirty Bastard!
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25 giu 2022




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Commenti 2 043
Jzon Azari
Jzon Azari 16 ore fa
Latto had the biggest moment of the night. She's worked hard for this. Mariah was the cherry on top. A legend that doesn't just co-sign just anyone either.
kittydreamz86 11 ore fa
Smiling so hard when Mariah came out. She deserves everything and more.
G NG8 5 ore fa
Mariah is back! 🥳🤩Vocally, she was on point, and sounded healthy with a full bodied vocal . “Loved her tone” she sounds like she’s been practicing even more than she did after the baby’s and marriage.
Tay G
Tay G 14 ore fa
I don't really watch Latto much, but this was a good performance and her literally giving Mariah her flowers was such a wonderful gesture. Also, Mariah's entrance (and the fact that the all the mics were ON) was everything!
Regis Talk Music
This performance has just currently become the most watched performance of the BET Awards on ITvid! Congrats to Latto and the legendary Mariah Carey for stealing the show tonight. 111k and counting because we going to go trending soon. WAKE IT UP! Buy & stream Big Energy Remix.
David Robinson
Mariah Carey coming to a BET Awards was the surprise!! Her voice is still awesome!
Sassy Diva
Sassy Diva 16 ore fa
Latto and Chloe’s performances were my fav ☺️ It gave what it was supposed to give!! And who won Best Female Hip Hop artist? 😩 They sure skipped that category this year
Melissa Tercero
Lotto and queen Mariah did that think And the fact that Ol’ dirty bastard son was there too that was amazing this was one of my favorite performance at the BET awards and lotto giving Mariah Carey flowers at the end made me cry And the fact that the audience all Clap cheer when Mariah came out that was beautiful Mariah look like an angel and she sounded amazing them vocals and high notes wow!!😍❤️💕🦋
Jjong 8 ore fa
Mariah is currently one of the last living legends we have and she deserves all the flowers in the world for all the things she did for the music industry.
nubia beckford
Makes me appreciate good music more now that it's hardly any left.. almost dropped a tear watching Mariah receive her flowers 🌻🌹💐🌼
StevenLee 13 ore fa
That was EPIC. She’s literally living her dream 🥰
Spot Sevigne
Spot Sevigne 9 ore fa
Mariah's longevity and relevance in the industry after all these years is just fcking incredible. this woman is a legend!!!
Sherlene A
Sherlene A 16 ore fa
The fact that she literally gave Mariah her flowers, BIG respect for Latto! It was a great performance!
Caryl Browngirl
I remember when Mariah came on the scene. Whitney was everybody's babe back then and many thought that she was trying to take something from Whitney, but Mariah immediately solidified her place among the great music icons with her musical talents. Mariah is a living legend!
Travónne Eady
Travónne Eady 14 ore fa
Joemari Felarca
Joemari Felarca 11 ore fa
So happy for Latto, but seeing Mariah Carey and finally getting all the recognition she DESERVES makes me emotional! I grew up listening to her, and she’s a huge inspiration. She is the QUEEN OF MUSIC, IMO 👸🎶
Marissa Mayhem
Marissa Mayhem 14 ore fa
Mariah & Latto stole the show. Took up the whole budget as they should 🔥🔥🔥
Cynthia Hall
Cynthia Hall 17 ore fa
Love they had Old Dirty Bastard’s son come out to rep his dad, Mariah’s original song is a classic. I’m glad Latto gave her her flowers and respect, epic performance ♥️
Merjay Merman Ph
Latto respects and loves Mariah so much….. she deserves this night.. Mariah is such a wonderful amazing artist of all time!! We love you MImi and latto
Ferdee Gonzales
Simply amazing! Mariah will always be timeless! A legendary proof that she is not only for the holidays! Get the chills and goosebumps!
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