LBJ Captures First NBA Championship | 2012 Finals Mini-Movie

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5 mag 2020




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Zeke Kasichiro-Smith
Year 17. Still writing his history 🔥👑
HaStA Ar
HaStA Ar 2 anni fa
This is legendary, I don't know why people hate on LeBron so much.
Akosi K3nji
they came too early.but look how they became now,with their own respective teams.RUSS(HOU,WAS,LAL)
Antonio_11 2 anni fa
This makes me think that KD leaving in 2016 to GS was becuz he felt that it was easier to beat Bron in the Finals with Steph and Klay rather than Russ. And looking back at history, think about Lebron snatched his first title against young KD, Russ, Harden, and Ibaka. This OKC team was legendary, and it's sad they broke it up early. Lebron's 3 rings is definitely better than KD's 2.
Jimmy Estrella
Hating LeBron in 2022 is just pure jealousy, the guys been a positive role model for kids since 2003. Once in a generation talent with morals and a great example of what hard work can get you in this country.
Cedric Asdfghjkl
Christina Li
Christina Li Anno fa
If I can make 1 wish it'll be Lebron win another championship with my Lakers.
Austin Cruz
Austin Cruz 2 anni fa
That series was competitive despite Miami winning in 5 games
jakob suriani
You can say KD “ring chased” but the 2 FINALS MVP’s say different in that case, you literally can see 2 of the greatest players to ever play this game in Lebron And KD EVOLVE into what they are now in this one series, 2012 YOU HAD TO BE THERE
Javier Ignacio Fernandez
It's so ridiculous that Dirk Nowitzki defeated both of these teams in one playoff run!
maxytleten 2 anni fa
I am crying, what could have been... Champions in 2027 let's go Thunder!!!!!
Xsenina TV
Xsenina TV 2 anni fa
I love Dwyane Wade. My most fav player
Nathan Neo
Nathan Neo 2 anni fa
its still crazy to think how lebron was in this situation 8 straight times
Fingering Things
LBJ straight up got redemption for his performance in 2011
dflowers30 2 anni fa
After losing to The Mavs, Lebron called Hakeem snd asked him to help him with his post game. It paid off in 2012
Jeromy Cooper
Year 19 still making history
Kenny Robinson
The thunder were favorites to win it all that year, and what makes this more awesome is that the heat won with half of a season, so Lebron now has beat a 73-9 team down 3-1, won a chip while secluded from family and fans for damn near 3 months, goat convo done, it’s actually been done. 🐐
Jimmy Estrella
Even as a longtime Heat fan, I'm glad the little Harden fan was able to see his team win 1 at home. Know he was crying the following week 😪
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