LBJ Captures First NBA Championship | 2012 Finals Mini-Movie 

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Relive the 2012 NBA Finals as LeBron James captures his first NBA championship!
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5 mag 2020




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Zeke Kasichiro-Smith
Year 17. Still writing his history 🔥👑
david cone jr
david cone jr 3 anni fa
lmao ok 3 - 6 mafia
Big 3
Big 3 3 anni fa
Introvert World of Ana 😂😂 bih said TRANSBRONSEXUAL
Big 3
Big 3 3 anni fa
Jorge Ramos fax
HaStA Ar
HaStA Ar 3 anni fa
This is legendary, I don't know why people hate on LeBron so much.
yslmole 3 anni fa
Jorge Ramos oh no we got a warriors fan haha
Zeke Kasichiro-Smith
They're just jealous of LeBron. Cause if they don't like LeBron they won't waste any time to him, but they always react on whatever post about him.
Tae .-.
Tae .-. 3 anni fa
I'm a lebron hater
Dylan Podunavac
Dylan Podunavac 3 anni fa
He is cocky. Did u see him in the all star game 2020? That's one reason i dislike him and james harden, because of how they acted during that game.
Dylan Podunavac
Dylan Podunavac 3 anni fa
Neo Gaming Channel yes i understand that, but was it really necessary for james harden to charge at kyle lowery and act like nothing happened when the refs called a foul
Lightning Jimmy Joe Johnson
21:37 “No one has comeback from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals” Only if you knew
kabagema yannick
Brian Johnson With a little help from the Commissioner
Women's Faces Are The Definition Of Beauty
Won a controvertial finals after the suspension of Draymond Green, the ejection of Stephen Curry, injuries to Bogut and Iguodala. The league gave two games to the Cavs that series. Game 5 by suspending Green. Game 6 by putting Curry in fool trouble in 1st quarter and ejection. Warriors had to overcome injuries and the league to win.
megatron 3 anni fa
@Women's Faces Are The Definition Of Beauty all I read are excuses
EganTheMan 3 anni fa
@Women's Faces Are The Definition Of Beauty Yeah that's why Curry bricked 4 straight shots to end game 7
Abdalla ElAdl
Abdalla ElAdl 3 anni fa
The irony is that Chris Mullen is a warrior legend
Antonio_11 3 anni fa
This makes me think that KD leaving in 2016 to GS was becuz he felt that it was easier to beat Bron in the Finals with Steph and Klay rather than Russ. And looking back at history, think about Lebron snatched his first title against young KD, Russ, Harden, and Ibaka. This OKC team was legendary, and it's sad they broke it up early. Lebron's 3 rings is definitely better than KD's 2.
Mason Combs
Mason Combs 2 anni fa
4 rings now
Crosby9277 2 anni fa
4 rings to 2. Lebron is better than KD but maybe KD can pass him one day
Shane🦦 2 anni fa
@Crosby9277 bron gettin old and kd 32 and he got a superteam so most def
Crosby9277 2 anni fa
@Shane🦦 Ye let’s see how his legacy pans out. Maybe when Kd retires he will have passed bron
Safiullah Qureshi
@Crosby9277 kd bout to overtake LeBron
Austin Cruz
Austin Cruz 2 anni fa
That series was competitive despite Miami winning in 5 games
CorsairGamingYT 2 anni fa
Miami's 3s saved them. Westbrook straight up choked.
Zoro’s Drip
Zoro’s Drip 2 anni fa
@CorsairGamingYT don’t blame it on Westbrook. He shot terrible from 3 but he still put up 27 ppg, 7 rebounds and 7 assists in that series. Harden was the one who played trash. He was playing 33 minutes a game and only shot 37% in those 5 games
Javier Ignacio Fernandez
It's so ridiculous that Dirk Nowitzki defeated both of these teams in one playoff run!
Cedric Asdfghjkl
33:04 is one of the all time great moments in Basketball. Seeing LeBron finally get his Ring, damn look at Bron man. He and Curry get so much undeserved hate from fans, although they are nice dudes and didn't ever do something to the haters other than beating their teams. How can you hate them. As a Spurs fan I still ike Kawhi. I appreciate what he gave to us before the fiasco and now we have to move on.
Hiển Long Trần
They deserved respect tbh, even if some don't like them.
Lightning Jimmy Joe Johnson
4:42 “The Thunder defense has been absolutely superb” *Harden in the bench* Must be legit
Ladp Gabby
Ladp Gabby 23 giorni fa
Jimmy Estrella
Jimmy Estrella 11 mesi fa
Hating LeBron in 2022 is just pure jealousy, the guys been a positive role model for kids since 2003. Once in a generation talent with morals and a great example of what hard work can get you in this country.
jakob suriani
You can say KD “ring chased” but the 2 FINALS MVP’s say different in that case, you literally can see 2 of the greatest players to ever play this game in Lebron And KD EVOLVE into what they are now in this one series, 2012 YOU HAD TO BE THERE
Akachi Music
Akachi Music 8 mesi fa
This logic trash
TuEconomia 3 anni fa
I am crying, what could have been... Champions in 2027 let's go Thunder!!!!!
kabagema yannick
max931 2027😂
Alex 2 anni fa
Maybe I mean the thunder have a ton of draft picks so they have a bright future
Xsenina TV
Xsenina TV 2 anni fa
I love Dwyane Wade. My most fav player
Christina Li
Christina Li Anno fa
If I can make 1 wish it'll be Lebron win another championship with my Lakers.
Giannis The OG GOD Antetokounmpo
Almost been 10 years since this nba finals!!!
Jeromy Cooper
Year 19 still making history
tsukinomeh 3 anni fa
I wish Durant would comeback in his fam town before he retires, I love the way he plays in okc, kinda sensational though
Big 3
Big 3 3 anni fa
Russell Westbrook will come back to OKC for his farewell tour
Adam Samuel
Adam Samuel 2 anni fa
He has a better chance to go back to Washington rather than OKC
Ramone_oe 2 anni fa
@Adam Samuel fr
Fingering Things
LBJ straight up got redemption for his performance in 2011
Big 3
Big 3 3 anni fa
Fingering Things ✔️ I think 2016 was really his redemption
2HIGH DJ 3 anni fa
@Big 3 and 2018
Women's Faces Are The Definition Of Beauty
Nothing gonna supress his performance in 2011.
megatron 3 anni fa
@Big 3 2013 was, and 2016 was what made him great, 2018 was what made him the goat
Semion Johnson
Semion Johnson 3 anni fa
“Sotskuo” LeBron will never be the G.O.A.T and he got swept in the finals and quit on his team in 2018 the fact that you say that year made him the G.O.A.T shows how delusional Bron fans really are
Elijah Caling
Elijah Caling 9 mesi fa
This was the first championship and finals MVP for LeBron James
Jimmy Estrella
Jimmy Estrella 11 mesi fa
Even as a longtime Heat fan, I'm glad the little Harden fan was able to see his team win 1 at home. Know he was crying the following week 😪
Isaiah West
Isaiah West 2 anni fa
Miami Heat 2012 Miami Heat 2013 Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 Los Angels Lakers 2020
ricetoss18 10 mesi fa
Los Angeles Lakers 2022
Jayden Vert
Jayden Vert 9 mesi fa
@ricetoss18 No, but they will get them next time tiger 🐯.
Aykut 2 anni fa
22:45 Seeing this makes me as a non-Houston Rockets fan want them to win a ring asap
Adam Volk
Adam Volk 3 anni fa
Kinda sad watching old durant knowing how horrible his legacy turns out
The Knick Fan
The Knick Fan 3 anni fa
Adam Volk m.itvid.net/video/video-8C9mM9jFKbE.html
John Johnson
John Johnson 3 anni fa
Like watching Anakin in the Clone Wars
ProjectCristian 3 anni fa
John Johnson thats such a good description because he was suppose to be the “chosen one” for OKC and should’ve brought OKC a chip but instead joined the “dark side” warriors 😭😭😭
Z0mbify 3 anni fa
@John Johnson its too tough to watch the last season of Clone Wars
Adam Volk
Adam Volk 3 anni fa
@John Johnson Yes lmao but Anakin at least had reasons to do what he did like trying to save the last person he loved, durant just ruined everything for some plastic rings
The MI6 Sports Network
Who knew this would be the last time we saw the Thunder in the finals
Nathan Neo
Nathan Neo 3 anni fa
its still crazy to think how lebron was in this situation 8 straight times
Semion Johnson
Semion Johnson 3 anni fa
Goes to show you how weak the East was no way in hell he would have done that if he was playing in the western conference.
Shadow Knight
Shadow Knight 2 anni fa
@Semion Johnson lmao he just got his 4th ring and dont even mentioned about davis.It's a team effort.
Semion Johnson
Semion Johnson 2 anni fa
Nik Amir Faris Nik Amidi man stop it that bubble shit ain’t impressive will see if he can win next year when KD in the mix
Akachi Music
Akachi Music 8 mesi fa
@Semion Johnson kd swept in the first round. Crazy lmao
Kenny Robinson
Kenny Robinson 8 mesi fa
The thunder were favorites to win it all that year, and what makes this more awesome is that the heat won with half of a season, so Lebron now has beat a 73-9 team down 3-1, won a chip while secluded from family and fans for damn near 3 months, goat convo done, it’s actually been done. 🐐
PreAsh26 2 anni fa
King LBJ👑🐐 4th rings👏💪👍 Letz go LAKERS
Rubin Turner
Rubin Turner Anno fa
Always loved Scott Brooks as a coach.
Luc Jan Redulla
Luc Jan Redulla 2 anni fa
Harun Thuo
Harun Thuo 3 anni fa
7:09 and that kid grew up to be Steph Curry. Inspirational
WEEDYBOY 11 mesi fa
Jeff 3 anni fa
“It’s about damn time”
The Knick Fan
The Knick Fan 3 anni fa
Had 3 mvps on one team and no titles the SONICS CURSE LIVES ON #BRINGEMBACK
You know bron is in his own zone, when he ain't event at the captn team's pregame speech
Iron Mike
Iron Mike 2 anni fa
He is the king 💯
wa ge
wa ge Anno fa
34:31 what a great way to compliment a legend, dwade a charismatic dude
C. Moriarty
C. Moriarty Anno fa
And Bill loved it, cackling away haha
dahveh 2 anni fa
Who's here after the heat defeat the Boston again and back again to the NBA finals
legend333 Anno fa
Bron passing and scoring .. Year 17 , can't wait to state what retires with ..
Arda 3 anni fa
Swavyy. Adrian
Swavyy. Adrian 3 anni fa
My thunder I was 7 when this happened 🥺🐐🔥
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass 3 anni fa
and now you're 15? awesome man
nguyễn hiệp
nguyễn hiệp 3 anni fa
time do be flying man
Imie Nazwisko
Imie Nazwisko 3 anni fa
I was 10 in when we won first championship 14 years in #heatnation
Z0mbify 3 anni fa
Same here
ChiefBlue4298 2 anni fa
I was graduating Junior High School when the 2012 NBA Finals happened
tucko11 Anno fa
This was a good series . He should’ve stayed in Miami
Mr.StickToJuan 2 anni fa
When your having a moment of yourself but the media there watching and taking photos of you, I wonder how lebron maintain uninterrupted
Tullock 3 anni fa
Durant just let everyone shoot on him that game and focused on offence.
awillie kevin Paul
Watching this after he broke Kareem’s record yesterday just feels nice!
Sesaldo Lance
Sesaldo Lance 16 giorni fa
After defeating gsw in round 2~~
Bille 3 anni fa
LeBron is the GOAT!!
MEECH 2 anni fa
Was and will be the closest thing Harden and Westbrick get to getting a ring.
DrewBeSellin Mese fa
Man I miss the Miami Days
Ounn Zamat
Ounn Zamat 10 mesi fa
"this is the last time i look at y'all and y'all not champions" got me
Jairo Bocabo
Jairo Bocabo 2 anni fa
Missin' NBA 😢
WORD vs EM 2 anni fa
I'm here after Bron Chip🏆with Lakers 2020
Sittie Suib
Sittie Suib 2 anni fa
Mullin saying no one comes out with 3-1. After 4 years lebron did it.
Scotti B
Scotti B Anno fa
Watching in 2021 where Russell and LeBron are teammates on the Lakers
Aykut 2 anni fa
Who thinks OKC couldve won 2 or more rings if they kept Harden, KD & Russ together
nelly 2 anni fa
Don’t forget Ibaka
C. Moriarty
C. Moriarty Anno fa
At least one. If the West unfolded as it did, they had a good chance to win a Finals rematch in 2014. Who knows how Western battles vs the Warriors would have been after. Epic, for sure. Warriors surely don't go to five straight
FreeMebruhhhhh 9 mesi fa
Imagine not knowing Eugene💀
Yuvraj Khali
Yuvraj Khali 2 anni fa
Here after the 4th ring
Venrick Arellano
Year 20 for bron ❤
Matt Dog
Matt Dog 3 anni fa
People love saying 3-6 with no context, Lebron first finals in 2007 his second best player was mo Williams facing a veteran spurs team,2011 was the the only time he choked,2014 D Wade and bosh were injured and not 100%,2015 Had no Kyrie or love warriors would’ve lost,2017 Kd joined a 73-9 team which is the same team he choked 3-1 lead to so it made them unbeatable,2018 Lebron had a trash team and j.r. smith against 4 all stars plus against refs, So basically if lebron had better teams who were healthy he would have at least 5 or 6 rings so stop with the 3-6 nonsense.
david cone jr
david cone jr 3 anni fa
@Matt Dog thanks for wasting your time ... mike has more rings ,more finals mvp has a gold medal and your queen is still a failure.... btw ..greatness came into the league in 1984 ...failure came into the league in 2003
Aykut 2 anni fa
Wade is a CHAMPION
Frederik Johansen
Man…LeBron James. Say what you want when it comes to the 🐐 debate. He is an all-time great, and STILL going strong💪🏼 My King, my goat🐐👑
Akosi K3nji
Akosi K3nji 5 mesi fa
they came too early.but look how they became now,with their own respective teams.RUSS(HOU,WAS,LAL) HARDEN(HOU,NETS,PHI) DURANT(GS,NETS) 2xchamp ALL BECAME MVP.
Tae HitDifferent
Imagine if it were Wade and bosh from a few years before 😖🤣
The thing is wade and bosh were 100% in the 2011 finals against the mavs... but lebron blew it, for me the only stain on his career is that series and that 8p game...like come on
Tae HitDifferent
RationalArgumentMan true I’m also a big dirk fan so I actually didn’t mind them losing. But yea that performance by lebron was unacceptable. Had neutral feelings tho afterwards 💀
Tae HitDifferent
RationalArgumentMan but I’d take 2008 d wade
​@Tae HitDifferent yeah 08-09 wade and 11-13 lebron would've been best duo of all time for sure
Women's Faces Are The Definition Of Beauty
@RationalArgumentMan Kareem > LeBron Magic > Wade Not even top 5 duo.
Boom 3 anni fa
Can we get some other players highlights? I've only been watching basketball a few months but feel like i've seen lebron's whole career 8 times already
Rubin Turner
Rubin Turner Anno fa
I don't care if the Thunder lost...I loved watching that team play. Would've loved to have seen how things would've turned out if they had remained together.
Bong Productions
Bong Productions 11 mesi fa
Kevin durmickey had to cry
Bong Productions
Bong Productions 11 mesi fa
I wished kevin durcant stayed in okc he wouldve had my respect there instead of ruining the best rivalry ever joining gsw curry forever > durcant STEPH AND LEBRON ARE BETTER THAN KD
Angus Johnson
Angus Johnson 3 anni fa
I bet a lot of Supersonics fans were Heat fans during this series
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 2 anni fa
I honestly forget that Kevin Durant has a ring lol
Isaiah West
Isaiah West 2 anni fa
2 rings
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 2 anni fa
@Isaiah West Damn lmao even Luol Deng would have two rings playing for the warriors at that time .. smh forgettable
Teresa Wicks
Teresa Wicks Anno fa
U almost forgot cuz they're made of zirconium 😂😂😂
Sin Overlord
Sin Overlord 24 giorni fa
It's crazy to think if Durant wins this finals. Does he ever join the Warriors?
Official Darich
Official Darich 6 mesi fa
Greatest intro if all time
Mowgli Son
Mowgli Son 3 anni fa
Thunder had that roster though
James Yamashita
James Yamashita 3 anni fa
Chris Mullen: no one comes back in 3-1 deficit in the nba finals history 4 years later.. Lebron: wutt?
Isaiah 3 anni fa
Jorge Ramos that’s your excuse bron hater?
Isaiah 3 anni fa
Jorge Ramos ok bud
Francis Paden
Francis Paden 2 anni fa
@ElSacamostroPR u still salty
鬼灯 2 anni fa
@ElSacamostroPR what about curry's 3 pointer in the game 7 finals 4th quarter?? Bricks lol
Myla Reyno
Myla Reyno 2 anni fa
@ElSacamostroPR that is not rigged if you will realise it better bud
QWERTY 8 mesi fa
Love how they older and don’t wear glasses now lmao
Necrochill 2 anni fa
Who's here after Harden trade?
xtrippinagain 3 anni fa
thunder might have lost but they were a young core that worked their ass off
Ty Dawson
Ty Dawson 9 mesi fa
Damn 25:28 was crazy
Jeff 3 anni fa
Bron on heat was tuff
Kh Ravi
Kh Ravi 9 mesi fa
If this okc didn't broke up , they would have won a ring atleast. They had it in them . Sad that things turns out sideways
TonyWaka29 3 anni fa
When u forget that d wade got a ring before king James
OTFCV12 2 anni fa
The fact that OKC could’ve probably won the series if they started James Harden lol
Christopher Vasquez
The sweetest chip that lebron had.
Justin Reyes
Justin Reyes Anno fa
The 2016 is better
Jayden Vert
Jayden Vert 9 mesi fa
@Justin Reyes Yes, 2016 is the best. Never seen that happen before, they were down 3-1.
Vixter Mono
Vixter Mono 2 anni fa
Little did Bill know 4 years later, he had LeBron would be acting in a movie as friends.
MKK (Mga Kakarampot na Kaalaman)
"No one has come 3-1 deficit in NBA finals history". Damn. In 4 years time, Cavs Lebron will do it.
PreAsh26 2 anni fa
Vaggelis Karavolos
Russ and harden should win a chip. And also kd but by his own not with super teams. Cause his the best
KLR 3 anni fa
Zeldon Singh
Zeldon Singh Anno fa
Duan Jetishi
Duan Jetishi 3 anni fa
Im sorry but i need to say it :Lebron lost all of his prime years in Clevelend Cavaliers
hello world
hello world 2 anni fa
Ikr. I just wished he never came back to that cursed team. He would've gotten more championships if he stayed.
Joey Skywalker
@hello world When Kyrie left him in Cleveland it was over but his days in Miami was over in 2014
Dread Walker
Dread Walker Anno fa
If you were 37 with 4 rings im pretty sure you're prime years would be somewhere where his were. He had to have had prime years by default of his consistent success , simple math really
HB JuJu Anno fa
Russ had a great final
Iarin Buzgaru
Iarin Buzgaru 3 anni fa
I would love to see these two teams playing again in NBA! ⬇️⬇️ Like if do you want to see the same think!
Gie 2 anni fa
The Okc is the favorite to win this Finals i remember
PAC 3 anni fa
Just a daily reminder that James Harden has made more free throws than field goals in his entire career and his fans and supporters actually think that's a good thing.
The Knick Fan
The Knick Fan 3 anni fa
That’s what’s got him the scoring title 3 years in a row!
Champagne Popdat
It's a blessing and a curse. Look at Dwight Howard
Dylan 3 anni fa
how is that his fault
Joseph Chandler
Joseph Chandler 3 anni fa
That is a good thing, what the fuck they’re points
Wilmar John Abellido
Hoping dat the 3 guys will cameback to okc
carl kash
carl kash Anno fa
If only KD didn’t go to gsw he could possibly chase that goat title
ngua saya
ngua saya Anno fa
fr bro, okc franchise was good
Antoine Alvarez
34:39 lmao look at that small ass cellphone Westbrook had lmao those were the days lol
Guelord Ethan
Guelord Ethan 8 mesi fa
James is my Gold i love this guys
Doggo Woof
Doggo Woof 8 mesi fa
about KD: “unselfish superstar who only cares about winning” well, at least half of that is true
d' pog's
d' pog's 2 anni fa
imagine okc has already a big3 durant westbrook harden
Low Distortion
Low Distortion 3 anni fa
I wonder how does LeBron feel about being the most hated NBA player of all time I'd love to ask him what he feels...
Zeke Kasichiro-Smith
It's very depressing to be in his position.
Champagne Popdat
I don't think he feels like that or cares about an opinion...just saying
Zeke Kasichiro-Smith
@Champagne Popdat Yeah and that's the way you handle toxic people.
Elonkelon 3 anni fa
Kevin Durant is literally in this video. And people like Laimbeer or Thomas exist too. Are you just throwing these words out of your mouth without thinking about them?
Big 3
Big 3 3 anni fa
Elonkelon everybody knows LeBron James is the most scrutinized player in the history of the game.
Vau Anno fa
NGL the head coach of the thunder didn’t seem too motivating
1:19 even back then LeBron will only read the first page of a book
Jayden Vert
Jayden Vert 9 mesi fa
Better than me, I won’t even look at the cover 😂
qui$arr Anno fa
Its funny that Bron got his first ring against kd with his Miami super team and he got no hate for doing so but after kd gave the thunder 10 years and goes to the warriors to beat Bron in the finals he's a villain and kd gave the thunder more years than Bron gave the Cavs before leaving but kd always gets all the hate
Brandon Mason
Clearly you missed the fact that kd joined a team he had up 3-1 then decided to join them and they had already broken the record for most wins in a season without him. Kd doesn’t get hate for doing what bron did because he never did what bron did. Bron never joined a team he had down 3-1 in the finals and lost only kd. Are you 12 and don’t know the history
Albert Grigorjan
Albert Grigorjan 11 mesi fa
@Brandon Mason even that i think is way to harsh, its just a decision.. let the man live his life why the nba world gotta act like that decision and that 1 bad series should define his entire legacy, thats way to harsh yall haters for real for real
Brandon Mason
Brandon Mason 11 mesi fa
@Albert Grigorjan where was the hate? Other then facts, clearly you’ll miss the fact that it’s a difference between truth and hate. It’s no hate kd is a great player, but tyour decisions have consequences and what he did can’t go I unnoticed.
Albert Grigorjan
Albert Grigorjan 11 mesi fa
@Brandon Mason not unnoticed but it should not effect him that much, he would beat any player head to head
Brandon Mason
Brandon Mason 11 mesi fa
@Albert Grigorjan really? Is that what you think? Any player?? In there prime?? Don’t make me laugh. Kd is great, but not the 🐐
Yesenia Rodríguez
What a Finals
Asiel MILIAN 3 anni fa
I remember this.
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