LeBron’s 1st Playoff  

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11 years ago today, LeBron James hit his 1st playoff #TissotBuzzerBeater against the Orlando Magic‼️ #NBATogetherLive
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21 mag 2020




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With all due respect to these amazing Cavs professionals and their incredible job - but look at that starting five...
@rodneyhall3991 2 anni fa
Man big facts n they wonder why lebron left 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂 they lucky he gave these bums 7 years
Lol. This is how most teams in the NBA look like during this era. If you were to switch Lebron and Dwight's teammates, you'll still say the same thing.
It’s not that bad, especially if you compare it to the Magic’s team
@jrdb04 2 anni fa
@@chowderchowdown yea but that’s the thing going against top teams this wouldn’t cut it line has a legit second star celtics big 3 and the magic had the best center in the game with sharp shooters vs this cavs squad that’s y bron was always right there but never got over that hump even in 2011 with Miami they had no 3 point shooters oustide of charmers Wade wasn’t great and bosh wasn’t either u have to build a team caterd to ur star with a legit second star which is what all the top teams at this time did
@jrdb04 2 anni fa
@@messishaanika7698 the magic were better dude maybe not name wise but they had the best center in the game with sharp shooters everywhere also if I look at the stats in this series Lebrons team played trash and that’s not trying to protect Lebron that’s a fact mo Williams the next best player and scorer average like 18 points in this series on 37 percent shooting and that’s his next best player not calling the cavs players complete scrubs but they weren’t built to compete with the cream of the crop teams like Orlando Boston or la
@chrisgeorge137 3 anni fa
I really enjoyed NBA games from 07 to 2010. My sister and I used to catch a lot of games and I remember going crazy after this shot 😆 Good times
@grail351 Anno fa
I absolutely love these full game uploads
For real
@kevjd24 3 anni fa
This is one of my favorite shots of all time. It’s just a classic, exactly 1 second left. If I was Orlando I literally would’ve put all 5 guys on Lebron.
@kevinschomisch 2 anni fa
They needed 6 on Bron!
The Rockets use to have this chant from 2006-2013 rip!! 😭
@wixkedwill7011 2 anni fa
Who don’t love watching young Lebron 😂 dude might be the most fun player to watch in nba history
How do I watch more full games like this of young LeBron?
Lol young lebron, the one that chokes away games and leaves his team afterwards 😂
@@JackTheripper911so subjective
@SplaterYT Mese fa
@@JackTheripper911and the man who comes back and redeems himself 😂
@gmdtech8008 3 anni fa
I wanna see the full series for when LeBron came back 3-1 plz 🙏🏽
He didn’t win this series my dude
Kashi Tumbapura guy was talking about the 2016 finals
@gmdtech8008 3 anni fa
Kashi Tumbapura yeah he did the 2016 finals that made him the goat and won the greatest ring in NBA history yeah that series!!!
@jordancromwell 3 anni fa
@@gmdtech8008 Yeah a rigged series with injuries and getting bailed by Kyrie made him the Goat. 3-6 and got outplayed by a bench player he isn't the Goat bronsexual 😂😂😂
@cal8040 3 anni fa
@@jordancromwell ok lebron hater
@JMR2875 Anno fa
People often forget how good Rashard Lewis was back then. He tore Cleveland up in this series and the Boston series.
@theengine 3 anni fa
1:54:26 This game was so stressful for the Cavs that the kid aged like four years over the commercial break...
@coolvania 2 anni fa
That kid is a grown ass man now, probably with a LeBron-esque receding hairline
@@coolvania no he could be a teen
@LIVdaBrand Anno fa
@@blazingexil4003 He’s in his 20’s
@@coolvania it’s been 13 years, 12 at the time of your comment
@ballloversss 3 anni fa
*When LeBron got that on his leg, you know he's gonna take the last shot.*
@bamberz2186 3 anni fa
*just like jordan* 🐐
@quicksilver413 3 anni fa
Ok boomer
@@quicksilver413 ok Sir Widdit
Uno de los partidos k más me a gustado me gustaban mucho esos cavs sobre todo el quinteto y boby Gibson y esos magic molaban mucho
@seananglex2 4 mesi fa
this was probably the only series that i rooted for the cavs to win. i wanted to see that kobe vs lebron matchup so bad.
@TellHerNothing 10 mesi fa
crazy how 9 threes was impressive for an entire team
@viniequinox 3 anni fa
O cara é muito monstro!
@YvngGoat_ 3 anni fa
I’ve hit a buzzer beater like this back in 6th grade in middle school, The problem is... I just didn’t have the cameras on.
@snm1260 3 anni fa
@rnsteve2265 3 anni fa
@johanserna356 3 anni fa
@quicksilver413 3 anni fa
Ok boomer
@viramilho 3 anni fa
LOL to you several clutch buzzers here but no buzzer on schooll LOL
The problem have the cavs that year was there was no 2nd fiddle behind lebron james. Yeah we can say mo williams did a good job on being a sidekick to lebron but it was not enough. The cavs signed some average players which they should have gone for a better overall player that can step up defensively and offensively alongside lebron but no didn't. The cavs wasted that year and it all came down.
@narvik9386 Anno fa
They kind of did the same thing the 2001 76ers did with AI. Have an elite offensive talent and then a great defensive team surrounding them. Like in 2007 this Cavaliers team was a beast in the playoffs defensively and that's why they made the finals + the competition was mid in that conference.
@maxdurk4624 Anno fa
That's really easy to say, but who would that player have been? There isn't an unlimited number of second options running around and there were a lot less free agents back then.
@malikdd6499 3 anni fa
This was suppose to be the year of Kobe vs Lebron in the finals 🥺
Well LeBron failed
@malikdd6499 3 anni fa
Ibnziyad Tariq true
@ahnafrahi2073 3 anni fa
@@TheTariqibnziyad Lebron or his team failed?
@@ahnafrahi2073 you guys say he makes everyone better, guess he doesn't.
@gmdtech8008 3 anni fa
Ibnziyad Tariq buddy one guy isn’t gonna make his make his teammates play like Kobe or Jordan and he went to the finals the year prior and he also carried them by himself!!!
This is the first NBA game I ever watched and I watched it with my dad. This is a so special game to me I'm going to cry. Ignore me and keep scrolling, I need this moment to myself. T_T
@kingaustin6985 2 anni fa
Games like this shows me that Lebron James is the greatest basketball player who has ever played basketball and Lebron James is one of the most legendary clutch athletes all time no matter the sport
I remember watching this game and lebron buzzer beater like it was yesterday and I was in the third grade time flys but memories last forever
@quicksilver413 3 anni fa
Ok boomer
I’ll never forgot watching that Live!!!! Shit was epic affffff
@brucelau2023 3 anni fa
Truly 2009 and 2010 were really almost years for a Cavs lakers finals matchup , I wished 2009 was their year for the finals but Orlando won sadly :(
@Xzei 3 anni fa
Why is everyone saying LeBron failed... like this Magic team didn't go from shooting 50% from 3 to 30% from 3 in the Finals? LIke Dwight didn't go ham in the Finals because the Lakers had a competent big man? Yea... must have been LeBron. If he would have averaged 40 instead of just 38...
@danhantheman 2 anni fa
haters: Lebron's teams in 09/10 were 60+ wins with the best defense in the league tho how do u explain they allowed Magic to shoot 50% from 3? haters: Lebum
@brentw0681 Anno fa
Lebron played so fking good this series but the magic over performed and the Cavs roster around lebron was pretty trash
@dusk6159 Anno fa
@@brentw0681 D12 and that stellar role player cast were too much to handle for a team like the Cavs around Lebron. Shame that we could never have even matches between Lebron and Kobe, Dwight, the Celtics etc until the Heat years.
i think with the exception of him missing the playoffs this year with the 2022 lakers, hasn't he been in the playoffs on every year every team he's been on?
@Xzei Anno fa
@@GisherJohn24 Not his first 2 years with the Cavs, but since then yes
@023hw 3 anni fa
My favorite buzzer beater of all time.
@RolexbeatzTV 7 mesi fa
Look at that Cleveland team..... Lebron took THAT team to the finals.
Man, I really don't understand how Dame got in top 75 all time and Dwight did not.
@trevon444 3 mesi fa
Recency bias
Admit it You were searching for that shot at 1:55:11
The idea that people point to these teams not winning a championship as a criticism of lebron is absolutely insane lol
@enock83 Anno fa
Lebron averaged 38 points in that series!
@amirm4287 3 anni fa
Lebron was only 24 years old when he was playing this game. One of the GOATS
@sdude0572 3 anni fa
But lost in 6
@amirm4287 3 anni fa
@@sdude0572 Lmao dude, quit being a Debbie Downer
@brentw0681 Anno fa
@@sdude0572 yea with a garbage team against the magic who played insane
You can blame the Cavs owner that man was trying to sell tickets. Unlike the owner of the Lakers Celtics or Bulls to name a few. It’s just what happens to small-market teams they always do this with great players until they just force their way out.
Jordan is 18 years old going to nba lebron is 21
LBJ. One bad man God gave this man a amazing gift, can't nobody touch him long live the king ...yes sir
49 points in game one still lost is crazy😭😭😭
Reminders why Howard is a 1st ballot hall of famer, and why Lebron is GOAT.
09 playoff was 🔥
@quicksilver413 3 anni fa
Ok boomer
@dusk6159 Anno fa
Partitissimo di Lebron, e che tiro, questo sì che è un classico
Per me questa è la miglior serie giocata da un giocatore di basket di sempre. 38.5 punti di media, 8 rimbalzi e 8 assist, una banda di morti intorno e una difesa a livelli all time
Wonderful shot
@JoniBrigz19 3 anni fa
I wanna see the full game of 2016 NBA finals
@snm1260 3 anni fa
@pipoyy 3 anni fa
@Nathan Warriors fan plz sub how about 2019 NBA finals?
@far9462 3 anni fa
@Nathan Warriors fan plz sub 2017 and 2018 finals are boring, i mean it wasn't even close
Nathan Warriors fan plz sub those finals were boring
@jordancromwell 3 anni fa
@@far9462 Only boring cuz LeQueen couldn't win 🤣🤣🤣
@XChronicHash 3 anni fa
Lebron carried this roster to 66 wins.
@jordancromwell 3 anni fa
@XChronicHash 3 anni fa
SUCCESSFUL JORDAN stating a fact means you’re a bronsexual? Lol
@jordancromwell 3 anni fa
@@XChronicHash How does a trash team win 66 games?
Damn Hedo Turkoglu is so good he kinda reminds me of Luka Doncic's current playstyle
@tydjayowen6122 3 anni fa
Seeing this comment after watching swishout video hit different
tydjay Owen man what’s the title of the vid? I think I haven’t watched that yet lol
@MertYigitYldrm 2 anni fa
his playstyle is very similar to doncic, he is even better at shooting but doncic is way better at scoring
@gelo7478 Anno fa
1:47:32 In todays game, it is no longer a travel because of what we know now as "the gather step".
@James6923. 3 anni fa
Miss these cavs days.. 😕
@osurocks24 3 anni fa
I do not. Cleveland is obnoxious city when I lived there. Thank God he left. It should be quiet now they stink.
Yea old Lebron before he thought he was the goat
@James6923. 3 anni fa
OSU fan talkin crap about a town in his own state I could imagine.. or are u bandwagon? Anyways, ur glad ur out, & im also glad u left cuz its not for the weak 😬🤷🏼‍♂️
@kaviengoss8791 3 anni fa
James yikes
James lmfao das tuff fr
@ok-eu5nq 3 anni fa
Courtney Lee played really well for them this whole playoffs
@Anno023 2 anni fa
Aside from when he missed a wide open layup with 5 secs left in the finals
@sdude0572 3 anni fa
When u realize if James didn’t make this shot they would’ve been swept
Add this magic team to 2k classics
@cjj208 3 anni fa
Jaden Bediako why they didn’t win any championships and none of them are gonna be in the hall of fame
@@cjj208 Dwight Howard will be a Hall of Famer
@ends15 3 anni fa
@@cjj208 they've added lesser teams.
10:53 absolutely a flagrant foul in 2022 season
I wanna hop in there and tell Dwight and Lebron yall gonna be on the lakers in 2020
G.O.A.T. , clutch, King, Just a kid from Akron. Whatever you call him, he is the best player ever touched the basketball
@TheJuniorD 3 anni fa
That headband was on the 5th floor. God damn.
@shikariss 3 anni fa
atheletism is not even close to anyone's in league...just look how fast this guy is
@khrymez686 3 anni fa
I want to see Lebron vs raptors 2018 when he hit all those fadeaways; not the one with the game winner
Oo u mean game 2 and not game 3 lol
@dako91196 3 anni fa
Post the OT game vs. the Pistons! From ‘07 I believe
@sherwinjay631 2 anni fa
If the Cavaliers trade Varejao early of the season, it might be Lebron vs Kobe in the Finals.
@leotan9405 3 anni fa
Still miss Lebron James man....
08-09's and 09-10's Lebron: you feel assured he's gonna make the shot everytime he gets the ball
@sdude0572 3 mesi fa
I would’ve been scared but not like that scared
@sdude0572 3 mesi fa
And I’m a magic fan lol
Starting 5. Magic has the best lineup..
like it was yesterday and I was in the third grade time flys but memories last forever
@LeBeautiful 3 anni fa
The good ol cav days
i love you lebron, i love you NBA
@Rrextrex 6 mesi fa
I loved Lebron during his first cavs stint, then I became a hater after the decision….I think I’m coming back around now 😢
@vargas218 8 mesi fa
Love the fact they didn’t edit anything. Great video.
King LeBron James 👑👑👑👑👑👑
Friday May 22, 2009 was the day I graduated from 5th grade to middle school. Growing up in the 2000s was something else
@quicksilver413 3 anni fa
Ok boomer
@rieldebonk1044 2 anni fa
I was 0 years old
All those who say that that Cav team was trash didn't watch the games.
@cal8040 3 anni fa
Lebron carried hes team
@damien576 3 anni fa
This magic team, is really legit
Yup had a 59-23 record. They were no joke 👍🏽
@quicksilver413 3 anni fa
Ok boomer
Sir Widdit ?
@bige859 Anno fa
Kids today don’t know how cold Hedo was
@orielya5624 3 anni fa
What a goat
I feel sorry for Delonte West. He has just 1.91 meter height but he must defend 2.08 meter height magic forwards Rashard or Hedo
Biggest Buzzer Beater EVER!!!
Big bron fan but If kobe and bron end up battling in the finals i think kobe has the edge by having more experience.
@brentw0681 Anno fa
Eh the Cavs teams were heavily outmatched. Lebron also is 16-6 against Kobe (best record by any player against him for career) if they had the same teams Bron would win he just has more impact on the court.
@PWDMaximum Anno fa
Varejao stealing a ball is outstanding.
over the series lebron had 49-35-41-44-37-25
@sports3117 3 anni fa
Stan Van Gundy knew he should've guarded that last play of the game better
@leotan9405 3 anni fa
Mo Williams was Lebron worse second option ever idc if he was an all star
@LilRondo4CH Anno fa
Watching dis as a kid was crazy
@akidnamedariel 3 anni fa
We need that 25 points score all be lebron in 3 qtrs
That was 4th quarter and OT
@khrymez686 3 anni fa
@maxketchum4523 3 anni fa
They should upload the 2010 semi finals lebron vs Celtics his epic jersey being thrown down.
Factsssss!!! Nba cant risk that one....
@brentw0681 2 anni fa
Cavs* Bron had no team back then
2006 GW layup was with .1 left
@gorrow1990 2 anni fa
I hate that people still hold this series (& the Warriors Finals) against LeBron when evaluating his legacy.
@brentw0681 2 anni fa
He averaged 38 this series lmao and played great against golden state. Only terrible series is 2011
They were the favorite to come Out the east, cavs won more games, top in defense, coty, Lebron won MVP.
@huskeyei 3 anni fa
@noahcricket 3 anni fa
Did MJ change his name ?
@jordancromwell 3 anni fa
Why you put MJ LeBron???
NBA upload his amazing HS games that you haven't upload before.
Lebron is a bad man,show you right yes sir....God has blessed this man nothing but greatness........
@ok-eu5nq 3 anni fa
how about that Rashard Lewis pass and Turkoglu shot to tie it at 93
@Yay4Yay 3 anni fa
I’ve never met a soul that wears a Tissot watch
@AlbrechtAaron 2 anni fa
Prayers for Delonte West
@LUCKYY10P 3 anni fa
Idk man, according to ESPN this guy doesn’t have the “clutch gene” so he’ll probably never win a championship
This guy was blocked and had a travel in 2 straight possession right ahead of that final one lucky shot
@georgetran7460 3 anni fa
@@pavelivanov3888 how was that lucky lmao. If it was Jordan you would say it was all skills
@@georgetran7460 fax
@@georgetran7460 and lebron also has a better 3 point percentage
​@@georgetran7460 he caught the ball, turned around and launched a wide open shot. Every Kyle Korver or Duncan Robinson can do that stuff with covered eyes I believe. Not a reason to proclaim yourself a "Chosen One" and "Better than Jordan" to me.
Go go go Lakers
@lewistee1 Anno fa
Lebron James was essentially Giannis at this stage with a more clogged up paint, probably would have broke through and won 1 if he stayed in Cleveland the whole time.
@Chillboyhaad 10 mesi fa
Yeah if he learned how to shoot outside the paint
Lol didn't remember this game to be this biased. I guess the NBA really did tried to get the Cavs to the Finals but still failed. Mo Williams should've gotten a tech for throwing the ball to Dwight, Delonte clearly flagrant fouled Hedo, the steal by Hedo in the 3rd quarter shouldn't have been a foul. Such terrible officiating.
And Gortat actually drew 2 charges in a row but was called for a blocking foul instead
@mvp249 3 anni fa
J:I take every game as my last.
I remember seeing this game with my cousin
orlando could have won the if they form a freakin wall🤣
King James 👑👑👑👑👑👑
@RedE4NBA2K 11 mesi fa
I miss the old TV presentation.
@batubark5256 3 anni fa
Türkoğlu çok iyi oynamış
@jrdb04 2 anni fa
This game and series sums up y LeBron left cleavland if u wanna say he's not the goat cause he played with superteams or didn't win as much as mj that's fine but don't say it's because he quit on Cleveland because the reality is had he stayed in Cleveland he woulda never won a title because 1 lebron said himself he done plenty of recruiting to Cleveland but no one wanted to go there and cavs management was shit from letting boozer go who was a restricted free agent to not trading for amari stoudemire in 2010 who was still a top player 2 the east was a very tough conference back then it fizzled out around the 2013 year but from 09 to 2012 u have Boston Chicago the magic the Knicks who while not a championship team were still a good roster same with ATL and it's safe to say Bosh and wade still join Miami considering Bosh sighed before bron so that's still a great duo and with more money they can fill out a better roster and even when we get to years like 2014-15 the east still had the bulls with Butler breaking out and they added gasol the pacers were a good squad who challenge the big 3 heat aswell and the raptors while pretnders were still compared to this cavs team a tough team to beat and even if lebron some how got outa the east who would run into the Lakers Mavs who beat the heat OKC the spurs and then golden state lebron 1 lost to these 3 expect okc and la in the finals with a better team and 2 the cavs can't hang with any of these squads expect maybe the Mavs who again beat Miami so yea also because the cavs woulda continue to be a playoff team they don't get food draft picks which means they don't draft Kyrie Tristan Thompson or Andrew Wiggins to trade for love so lebron really had no choice it was either do what he did and become a winner or take the high road and lose most likely for the rest of his career
@zaydbhatti8587 3 anni fa
Man Hedo Turkalu was a baller
@JaedenSports 3 anni fa
What a shot! Also 1:52:00 why are they playing Star Wars music? But hey that's the good stuff
@rohan_3128 3 anni fa
they just playing music for entertainment
The cavs ought to be ashamed of themselves easily the worst team he had 😂
@davido.9527 3 anni fa
03-11 are the only years Jordan stans can say he wasn't the GOAT. From 2012 to now = GOAT.
nope lol XD
@elijahruderman 3 anni fa
Javier Landaverde LeBron 2012 - 2018 is just as good as Jordan. Jordan would be 4 - 5 in LeBron’s finals anyway.
@@elijahruderman Lebron hasn't conquered 2012-2018 and why skipped the trash ass 2011 16 ppg Lebron. Jordan WOULD NEVER ever play like that in a final..
Elijah Ruderman nah Jordan would’ve won against the mavs but would’ve either lost to the spurs or the warriors
@CC-zs1zl 3 anni fa
Elijah Ruderman hahaha🙆🏼‍♂️
@Jokeryz 3 anni fa
1:55:13 is what you came for
🤦🏾‍♂️ the '09 cavs were great. 66-16 in the regular season. However, they swept Detroit, who were only 39-43 in the 1st round, and Atlanta, who were 47-35, in the 2nd round. As soon as they met a plus +50 win team, The Magic (59-23) you seen their struggles. The cavs blew their leads all their home games in both games 1 and 2... AND even in game 5. Coudnt even win a game in Orlando 😔 I remember Rashard Lewis and Hedo Turkoglu was coming up big all series long. Lebron put the hit in so he wudnt have to face Kobe... lol.
Bro what the fuck are you talking about LeBron averaged fucking THIRTY-NINE points per game for the series. He was the best player in the game and in the world all series long.
@@aarongallinger9622 He couldn't close games out cuz his jumpshot failed him late-game and son was missing freethrows 🤦🏾‍♂️
@@bobbyvalentino6773 Bro lebron the only player that could average 40 for a series and still get hated on
@@aarongallinger9622 The ball is his hands 70% of the time. 40 ppg? Thats 10 points per quarter Thats 12 mins to make 5 layups. Not hard at all. Idc of he scored TWO points if he won the game. Win the game. That's what being great is all about.
This man kid is like 24 yrs old right here !
Il prossimo
When LeBron Took Trash To The Finals
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