LeBron James’ ICONIC Game 6 Performance - 2012 Eastern Conference Finals | NBA Exclusive

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Commenti 824
ARNIS GEEK 8 mesi fa
That's what we call entering "The Zone"!!!. Nothing can stop him.
samraiz shoaib
samraiz shoaib 3 giorni fa
@Carter Bilbro Jordan has the 4th, 7th, 24th and 25th best playoff games for a total of 4 of the top 25 playoff performances. His average ranking would thus be 15. Lebron has number 18 and 20. His average would be 19.
king Quan
king Quan 6 giorni fa
Kuroko basketball the zone
Jerome Fabol
Jerome Fabol 2 mesi fa
@CitsVariants You are such a fool to say that this era had weaker defense. Curry while not having the ball was already guarded. Who is guarding LeBron in opposing team? Wait I'm wrong the question is who are guarding LeBron on opposing team? Not 1,not 2,not 3 not 4 but almost everyone is guarding him. Even parker guarding him parker just let him pass cause Duncan is waiting at the rim. That's how LeBron should be guarded. Small player on perimeter and just let him pass and contest at the rim.
Kesaven Elayapallavan
Those were regular season games lmaooo
Carter Bilbro
Carter Bilbro 3 mesi fa
@CitsVariants now do the playoffs. Their percentages of top 100 games by gamescore are damn near equal even when equating for games played
Randy G
Randy G 8 mesi fa
Legit one of the greatest playoff performances ever, especially under those circumstances, game 6 on the road in a must win game against a really good Boston Celtics squad that beat LeBron two years before. This man was determined to win by any means necessary and get that first 🏆
Somregularguy 4 giorni fa
@Brent Tenoriothey weren’t in their prime yes, but they definitely weren’t a bad team, they had a nack for playing bad our not as good as they could early in the playoffs especially against bad teams but always had a switch they flip, everyone including Rondo had a lot of experience at that point including Rondo, they were a deep team with 15 deep useful players. Saying it shouldn’t have gone to 7 games isn’t completely right Paul Pierce’s age wasn’t really a big deal in terms of playing now at the time, he always had an old man game and was still moving pretty good, KG was still playing like he was 5 years younger, Ray Allen was pretty much pushed into a spot up shooter/pick and pop shooter, Rondo was obviously in his peak as well posting the playoff high in game 2 of that series with 44 and still his career high, obviously before LeBron’s 45.
Gangsta🥷🏾 3 mesi fa
@Brent Tenorio lebron mopped the floor with Boston in 2011.
Gangsta🥷🏾 3 mesi fa
lebron mopped the floor with Boston in 2011.
Sean Bruck
Sean Bruck 3 mesi fa
Theylovelies 4 mesi fa
@Juwan Taylor you must be a bot….I swear I can’t stop laughing…it’s krazy
RNAC 2 mesi fa
this was the opening flood gates of a legendary NBA career alongside Jordan's playoff arrival vs prime bird Kobe's 81 point game Steph's vs OKC that made him the MVP
Somregularguy 12 giorni fa
Yea Steph’s game was a great watch but not even in the same tier as the rest
Tony Sanchez
Tony Sanchez 23 giorni fa
Lebron first legendary game is game 5 vs Piston in the 2007 ECF, 48 pts, scored the last 25 and 29 of the last 30 of his team, most clutch performance i’ve ever seen .
Lunkanga Solochi
Lunkanga Solochi 29 giorni fa
Also game 6 klay against OKC
Adnan Mese fa
I like Steph, but the OKC game wasn't on the same level as this. It was a regular season game after all.
Woah Clan
Woah Clan 8 mesi fa
His composure in this game was astonishing! Emotionless , Locked in !! 🔒 GOAT JAMES!!
Dat Dude
Dat Dude 3 mesi fa
LeBron James is the greatest basketball player of all time 🐐
Lionel Sheja
Lionel Sheja 3 mesi fa
Except for the GOAT comment, otherwise you're spot on.
Davin Productions
*Top 5 James
MajorDude14 7 mesi fa
Straight stone face the entire game !
JB Tiamson
JB Tiamson 8 mesi fa
This is one of the most important games of LeBron's career. He took matters into his own hands and put on a virtuoso performance for the ages. For me, this outweighed his 25 straight points performance back in the 2007 East Finals in terms of the circumstances he and the Heat faced after the 2011 Finals.
D C 3 mesi fa
@JB... That was a literal never happened before in the history of the nba all-time choke by the gsw. And y’all call that his triumph?
Shawn Bender
Shawn Bender 4 mesi fa
Virtuoso performance great description . Masterful
London Jennings
London Jennings 5 mesi fa
This was the most important if he would’ve got knocked off by Boston his whole legacy would’ve been killed and that would’ve broken the big 3 up
jrdb19 7 mesi fa
@Gordon Concepcion I agree excellent point
Gordon Concepcion
@jrdb19 i get all that, however, i don't believe that it is called saving when someone performs on a high level and wins the game. The reason for that is because it's everyone's job to contribute and make sure that the team wins. My point about the championship is you may have all the championship but you will never be considered best just by having those. Yes it will boost the resume but you have to consider as well that you will be define more on your skill, how you play the game, your resiliency and how you are on the court day in and day out. Team accomplishments is a factor but not as big as your overall performance.
Sankalp N B
Sankalp N B 8 mesi fa
In my opinion, the best individual playoff performance ever!! Under high pressure and delivered when it matters.. Shows why many ppl consider him in the GOAT conversation🏆🏆
D C 3 mesi fa
@Sankalp... Not even close bro
Boy gwapo
Boy gwapo 5 mesi fa
In my eyes lebron is the greatest player ever . Jordan is great I'm watch him in highlights ... But lebron is greatest player ever . Until now I'm watch him I'm cry if he retired someday 😭
the legend
the legend 5 mesi fa
Yeah I agree. 2018 Lebron was an animal too. It's just unfortunate that he had to face a GSW with KD.
Rome santana
Rome santana 5 mesi fa
@BrenenFN that when I fell in love with his games and him as a person Labron James the goat
Sidenote 7 mesi fa
@Felipe Fernández def a pretty good one too. I just like to give Dirk his props because I think most people don't realize how difficult his playoffs runs was. Unironically pu the team on his back more than probably any player ever did for the span of multiple games
Dengchiii 8 mesi fa
Before this game, LeBron James has basically achieved every single achievement individually: MVPs, All Star MVPs, All Star Games, All NBA Teams, and many other accolades except for defensive player of the year. The only one missing is the ultimate goal, which is a championship. He went into the NBA Finals with the Cavs in 2007 but he has faced the much more experienced and heavily favored Spurs, which had them swept the Cavs. Since then, LeBron hasn't made back into the NBA Finals. He got close in 2009 but on those last games, he basically disappeared in those games and for that, he was heavily criticized because again, LeBron has achieved so much individually but underachieved in the playoffs. Then in 2010 free agency, LeBron decided to go to Miami in a nationally televised program called The Decision. That move was received negatively by everyone and viewed as “unnecessary” because it was unprofessional, and a punk move on the part of LeBron. It was so bad that some Cavs fans burned his jersey and putting it on camera. LeBron has formed the “Big 3” with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh and was heavily favored to win the championship. LeBron’s first year was basically a year full of media and fan scrutiny and he was also the most disliked athlete because again, his decision to tell that he was going to the Heat in a nationally televised program was uncalled for, and unnecessary. The Miami Heat then went to the NBA Finals facing the Dallas Mavericks, which the Heat were heavily favored. They were up 2-1 games, but LeBron has again disappeared, scoring only 8 points in game 4 and played bad for the rest of the series and the Mavs went on for the biggest upset, winning the championship in 6 games. This is the biggest meltdown that LeBron has faced in his career. After the championship series, the media, former players, and the fans were after on LeBron, heavily criticizing him for disappearing again, especially in the Finals where they were heavily favored, and it was deemed that LeBron will just seemingly disappear if he needs to step up or if he needs to win a big game. Facing the next season, LeBron was determined to get back and redeem himself. He won the MVP in that season (his 3rd), and the Miami place second in the Eastern Conference. In the Eastern Conference Finals, the Heat faced the Boston Celtics, which is a rivalry existed between LeBron and the Celtics. The Heat were up 2-0 games, but the Boston Celtics managed to tie up the series. In game 5, Paul Pierce drained a 3 pointer in LeBron’s face to seal the game, and Boston was now up 3-2 games. Everyone assumed that the Celtics will go to the NBA Finals because game 6 is In Boston and everyone expects that LeBron is not going to show up based on his past games where he didn’t show up. Everyone is heavily criticizing and also questioning LeBron’s legacy coming into this game, and this game answered all of those questions and shutting the criticisms up.
Allen Manvil
Allen Manvil 11 giorni fa
@Just Some Guy With Bad Directions 😂
Just Some Guy With Bad Directions
I ain’t reading allat
ryan k
ryan k 3 mesi fa
he didn’t disappear in 2009, he disappeared in 2010 ECSF
Andrew Blackop
Andrew Blackop 3 mesi fa
This dude literally wrote an essay to blow LeBron 💀 crazy dickeating
Cesar Lopez
Cesar Lopez 4 mesi fa
@Simon Kanatschnig ppl hate comparing him to Jordan but he’s the only players ever to put up numbers just as good if not better than jordan averaging 35pt triple doubles for multiple series
SS 8 mesi fa
When you take into account all That was at stake … i seriously don’t think there ever will be a greater Lebron game than this one
Status 6 mesi fa
@SS fasho. 51 against arguably one of the greatest teams ever assembled at their house coming off a tough 7 game series with a lackluster supporting cast. even if they still get swept, that 18 G1 wouldve been his best game ever
Markel Scott
Markel Scott 6 mesi fa
@SS that game was crazy man dropped 25 in the 4th in ot vs that insane defensive minded piston team
C A S H M E R E  |  G A M I N G
@Cole Clarkson it was ty lue , and George hill fault before jr
Shawn Nicolo
Shawn Nicolo 7 mesi fa
How bout the 2016 NBA finals game 5?
Hassane 7 mesi fa
Bruh,, 2017-2018 Bron was on another higher level, telling you this as a warrior fan who was scared of battling against him
Online 8 mesi fa
LeBron is a Legendary playoff performer *THIS* is what NBA playoffs should be
Doruk Dodo
Doruk Dodo 5 giorni fa
@scotti pippen That Dallas team was the deepest team in the NBA 2011 season. They were clearly the better team on paper, they swept Kobe's Lakers. Noone gives credit for Dallas' exceptional defense.
Adnan Mese fa
@scotti pippen watch the 2016 Finals and rethink
S M 3 mesi fa
@scotti pippen sound like a hater. Must really hurt
j Joe
j Joe 3 mesi fa
@scotti pippen its 2022 and its so sad that 2011 was the only year lebron made the finals. smh
Wondo XL
Wondo XL 4 mesi fa
@Cesar Lopez that’s my point. That scotti pippen guy was trying to discredit lebron like all players don’t lose in the playoffs
Meesh Neeks
Meesh Neeks 8 mesi fa
One of the best games ever played ever... considering the circumstances and everything.
Syte Jackson
Syte Jackson 13 giorni fa
He definitely should release a shoe for that game exactly
RiruKrypto Tempest
Would have broken up the Heats tbh and KD might have gotten his first ring since OKC was on 🔥 that year.
Tirth Shah
Tirth Shah 8 mesi fa
This man had 1 expression the whole game - lucky to witness this live!
diealect 2 mesi fa
I remember me and my best friends were watching the game and the whole time we were as quiet as he was. He wasn’t even my favorite player at the time. I just wanted him to win. I’m glad we got to witness as well yo
Geordie Jones
Geordie Jones 5 mesi fa
The best part for me is the interview after. Dead serious he says he just wanted another game. He's knows whats on the line for himself and he sees his chance.
Mxk Rvgr
Mxk Rvgr 8 mesi fa
I remembered watching this, just in shock and happy! LBJ really showed us why he earned the name KING 👑🔥 This game will always be remembered and legendary!
the truth
the truth 8 mesi fa
LeBron’s greatest game ever. What a masterpiece.
Marcos Reyes
Marcos Reyes 8 mesi fa
The greatest game i watched live. Scared as hell since the first second of this game. LETS GO HEAT!!!
Datturtl3 8 mesi fa
One of the best playoff performances ever
shammy 8 mesi fa
MajorDude14 7 mesi fa
Crazy thing is with that being said, he got even better the next season !
Sipho 8 mesi fa
This was definitely his greatest game ever in terms of survival🔥🐐
Juwan Taylor
Juwan Taylor 4 mesi fa
@Johnny Buchanan Jr no not at all
Sipho 6 mesi fa
@JB Tiamson that's literally the only finals loss i hold him accountable for because he performed badly after Game 1...the other 5 isn't his fault. You're right👏🏾
Johnny Buchanan Jr
I would say game 5 of2016 finals
JB Tiamson
JB Tiamson 8 mesi fa
And circumstances after all the scrutiny he and the Heat had faced after losing to the Mavs in 2011.
dflowers30 8 mesi fa
When Lebron is not in his head and just plays the game, he's virtually unstoppable
Inexpugnabilis 8 mesi fa
If anyone ever doubt LeBron for being clutch, this should proof you wrong. When it most mattered he delivered with such an all-time great performance and on top of that, this was during a time, in which he was even more hated, scrutinized (also by media) and where he hadn‘t won his first ring yet. 10 years later we can all agree his legacy will never fade away
j Joe
j Joe 3 mesi fa
@Love Peace MJ needed pippen and the greatest coach of all time in phil jackson :(. got swept twice in the first round L. lets just say he got swept 3 times cuz 1-9 , 0-9 same thing IMO.
@Love Peace mj couldn’t win a ring without pippen kept getting blown out in the playoffs year after year while bron brought his team to the finals at 22 years old by himself get real brons the goat
Inexpugnabilis 8 mesi fa
@TYYRREEKK exactly 👍🏼
TYYRREEKK 8 mesi fa
@Love Peace Be real you can't win a championship on your own not even MJ
Love Peace
Love Peace 8 mesi fa
He need Wade and Bosh..🤣🤡
RiruKrypto Tempest
This is how legends are made, you can talk about his finals record but 2012 and 2016 playoffs are his most defining years. I mentioned those playoff runs because that’s is where he was down the series and put his team on his back.
Kapitan Tiago
Kapitan Tiago 8 mesi fa
No wonder Pierce hates LeBron, and will forever be beyond his death. LeBron stopped the Celtics era after Kobe's Lakers collapse by forming the superteam Heat. LeBron conquered East for almost a decade while in Heat and Cavs. LeBron crushed his and KG's old Nets. LeBron defeated the young excellent Celtics roster headed by Tatum and Brown. Lastly, LeBron humiliated him in his jersey retirement night. That's cold.
JerichoJ1 8 mesi fa
One of my all time favorite performances from LBJ ALL TIME. The pressure in this game was insane but he remained cool, calm and collected the entire game. Now that is impressive.
GAYTHORAID 8 mesi fa
Not even a Lebron fan, heck I was even rooting for the Celtics to close this out lol. But this game is the greatest performance by a single player i have ever seen. The way he carried the Heat from start to finish despite all the pressure is crazy.
Alessandro Firmino
Doesnt matter how you feel about lebron this is one of the greatest performances of all time. So much on the line and he came out on a completely different level and was near perfect
nolimitomo 7 mesi fa
as a Celtics fan i admire his performance this game. It hurt me but this is a game Lebron must win. He delivered, it was his magnum opus.
Jek Jek
Jek Jek 8 mesi fa
Greatest playoff performance ever. Not even close.
Jeremiah B. 🗸
if lebron played like this in his whole career he will be the greatest no doubt, not even MJ can surpass him
B Real
B Real 2 mesi fa
He did play like this his whole career, he went to 8 straight finals… Nobody can surpass him
Edchel Stephen Nini
oh beastin
oh beastin 8 mesi fa
Such a great game!!!
Daniyal Khan
Daniyal Khan 7 mesi fa
I don't know if everyone has appreciated the whole journey. This man has made his teammates better throughout his career and still become individually better. Appreciate these last few years. We won't ever see a King James like this again once he hangs it up.
Manicci Luxury Auto Styling
This was the greatest games in sports history knowing what was on the line. Career was on the line here not just the series. Not only did he deliver but he delivered in a game of perfection.
jd 7 mesi fa
Love that smile at the end as he’s walking into the tunnel. Finally got out of the zone for a sec and enjoyed the dub.
tom11zz884 8 mesi fa
He cemented his GOAT status here.
Michael L
Michael L 2 mesi fa
😆 😆 😆
MUSLIM MADE 3 mesi fa
@Love Peace MJ never beat the Boston Celtics with Larry bird lol 6-0 …
sunnyboy8644 5 mesi fa
Love Peace
Love Peace 7 mesi fa
@Kevyn Battle ..nah Lebron ringless on that time.
Kevyn Battle
Kevyn Battle 7 mesi fa
Lol no he didn't He only had one ring during this time Lmaaao
Brandy Halabi
Brandy Halabi 8 mesi fa
100% iconic!! Ya knew when ya saw LBJ face n them eyes looking like that, this game was his fr 💯… Dude didn’t let a thing phase him for anything.. He wasn’t smiling, jus watching his god given talent n how he took that to tha next next level, made a lot smile fr.. Legit one of tha best playoff performances by this man I’ve ever ever seen 🎯Dubbed as tha unselfish 👑, he is…… To everyone everywhere, stay safe stay blessed 🙏🏽❤️✝️
You reap What you Sow
This was so well made. LeBron is like a superhero in this.
Skylar Forrest
Skylar Forrest 7 mesi fa
This is arguably the greatest playoff performance ever considering everything what was at stake for Lebron and his legacy
Jordan Arias
Jordan Arias 7 mesi fa
have never seen a game like this one from any other player. it's ridiculous how he shows the advantage he has over the other players in the court. never forget
Chan 8 mesi fa
One of the best, if not the best Game 6 performance in the history of the NBA.
Eric 8 mesi fa
At this point in time (2012), LeBron was a 3x league MVP with zero championships. The Heat were also up 2-0 in this series before the Celtics took three straight including Game 5 at Miami. With the Cs up 3-2 ready to close it out at home in Boston for Game 6, all the noise was directed towards the Heat. The critics and fans were ready to celebrate the end of this failed superteam, and there were serious rumors of breaking up this James-Wade-Bosh trio (2011 Finals loss plus potentially losing in ECF in G6). Bron had 30 points in the first half and was easily on pace to drop 55+ if the game was close in the second half (fourth quarter). The only sign that told me he was human was him going 5-9 from the line for the game (all FTAs in first half). This game goes beyond the 45-15-5 stat line. It marked a turning point in his career before he won his first chip.
DuhJayJo 8 mesi fa
Watched this entire game and it left me speechless how insane he played. My GOAT.
Monirob 8 mesi fa
I was born In 2000 so I never seen any of MJs games live on tv but this is probably the best playoffs performance I’ve seen by far. The fact that people were building crazy narratives after game 5 and he came out next game like it was his last game shit was crazy! That crowd was quiet asf the whole game.
gor9027 8 mesi fa
Considering all the pressure he faced that season and playing in that hostile environment, this feels like the greatest elimination game performance ever.
ReezyVibe 3 mesi fa
Added this video to my likes and my favorites immediately, I remember watching this game live, I was so nervous but then I realized who the King IS. Top 5 favorite game from the GOAT
Vlad Acoustic
Vlad Acoustic 8 mesi fa
It is Mandatory to watch this video every year, what a legend. King james👑👑👑
Juwan Taylor
Juwan Taylor 4 mesi fa
Kd better than lebron
Carter Bilbro
Carter Bilbro 3 mesi fa
This is some legendary shit right here. The best player ever at the peak of his powers. Completely unstoppable
DaytimeSnake369 8 mesi fa
I love LeBron he’s always been my favorite
Charles Saxton
Charles Saxton 8 mesi fa
LeBron is just the MAN on and off the court. What a role model for being the Adult MAN in the room. God Bless him!!!
A Philomath
A Philomath 8 mesi fa
I will never forget this game. He was stone faced that day
KR P Mese fa
Whoever edited this video....THANK YOU!! This had me in tears. Brilliant stuff. Greatest basketball performance I ever seen!!
Jeremy King
Jeremy King 8 mesi fa
As a Celtics fan we all thought the series was over... but after watching this LBJ performance we knew we didn't stand a chance in game7.
Juwan Taylor
Juwan Taylor 3 mesi fa
@Instantramengod Paul pierce celtics kick Cleveland lebron ass. Made lebron quit on his own hometown team 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
@Juwan Taylor young Cleveland bron his second stint with the cavs Celtics couldn’t hang w him and kyrie
Juwan Taylor
Juwan Taylor 4 mesi fa
Celtics was kicking Cleveland lebron ass
E. Beez
E. Beez 7 mesi fa
Man I love going back and watching this game...such a wild game from LeBron.
@Chid-ma 8 mesi fa
Micheal Jordan is the Goat 🐐 Kobe Bryant is the Mamba 🐍 LeBron James is the King👑
wallover alvarez
Tremendous God given ability 🔥 I'm so blessed to watch the whole nba career of this man
David_DeForte 7 mesi fa
This game and game 1 of the 2018 finals were the two greatest performances I've ever watched. so upsetting that Cavs team let him down that game, I was screaming at JR through the tv lol, but george hill did just have to hit that free throw too. If they win that game the whole series changes, all that momentum goes to them. Anyways, appreciate the greatness while you can. Also idk when he was better, This Lebron back in 2012 or that 2018 playoff run Lebron.
Razer 8 mesi fa
This is the best one man show performance I've seen in from the last decade since MJ when he had 45 points against Utah in Game 6 of the Finals in 1998. Lebron was wrecking everybody in this game especially Paul Pierce. Lebron literally shut down the whole Boston Arena, the Haters and the doubters
Buhhhbye 8 mesi fa
Wade's reaction at 8:54 is all of us watching that shot go inside.
Simon Kanatschnig
This was the most clutch performance in NBA history! Everything was on the line that night for LeBron, that was a diciding game in his legacy and he more than just delivered everybody counted them out and sad the big 3 was over and lebron went in there ij Boston and outscored their whole starting five and never let them a chance from start to finish the crowd was silent for 90 percent of the game. Remember watching it live it was unbelievable to watch i am blessed that I saw it at about 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning where I live but more than worth it 🙏🏼 the king 🤴🏿
Dominic Bonarrigo
Lebron right here, was the PERFECT blend of youth, experience, hunger, strength, athleticism, and straight up god given basketball abilities. This is what I mean when I say this version of lebron is the very best basketball player ever. MJ just was not this good, his teams were.
RiruKrypto Tempest
Even Michael Jordan never been down a series and had this type of adversity. He maybe 6-0 in the finals but he never got to experience being down 2-3 elimination games and see how much pressure it will be for them.
Andrei Esteban
Andrei Esteban 6 mesi fa
Can't wait for LBJ do something like this this season.
Rome santana
Rome santana 5 mesi fa
I’m saying though he’s incredible God I love this man the real goat 🐐
Sathwik Reddy
Sathwik Reddy 8 mesi fa
Man was serious the whole 3 hours. Didnt see him smirk atleast.😤😤
Cosmic Darkman88
Sipho 8 mesi fa
he was on his way to his 1st championship. Gotta be super serious🐐😭
Damian Tanks
Damian Tanks 6 ore fa
LBJ was in a zone when LBJ was focus, aggressive this was the LBJ I love he played a masterful game one of my favorite moments.
Somregularguy 5 mesi fa
I love the music choice, makes me feel exactly how I felt while watching this game, as a heat fan I was feeling the pressure especially towards the 2nd quarter, so many people forget that that big 3 Boston had a habit of going down I. The 1st half even to teams that weren’t great and then turning it up in the half, I’ve watched so many games but this still ranks as the best game I’ve ever watched I can only imagine how it felt in person
Ultra Chadstinct Goku
This is the beat NBA video I've ever seen. It's like a documentary with epic camera work and great musical timing. I truly felt the tension even though I don't know the full history of LeBron. However, I feel his determination to win
TEAM WRLD 8 mesi fa
Greatest game of all time
VinRoc Jean
VinRoc Jean 5 mesi fa
Greatest game by human circumstances the pressure
jeebs9 8 mesi fa
Props to who editing and created this video. I've watched this game so many times. By far the best video of this game!!
Ninja Channel
Ninja Channel 7 mesi fa
I remember watching this game live and saying "what's up with LeBron?" beforehand. It's cliche', but he had a look that was borderline evil. But players posture all the time like that. What was weird is that he wasn't talking to his teammates or anybody, and everyone who has watched him knows he is always talking. Also, check D.Wade @ 8:42. The face of a guy who sees momentum slipping but refuses to let anyone see it because he knows it can swing right back. lol Oh, and LeBron had 31 and 12 in game 7, in case you wondered.
Skywalker 26
Skywalker 26 8 mesi fa
Bron said “I’m vengeance” with this performance 🔥🔥
ⁱ'ᵐ ᵗⁱʳᵉᵈ
Damn can't believe how fast time passes by now he's turning 38 and not healthy anymore and I can say that the LeBron era is about to end it was a phenomenal career and I'm proud I did not take him for granted because we may not see another player like him One of the greatest player to ever touch a ball, King James 👑🔥🏀
Abdulrahman Alsultan
What a performance what a player... too good to be true, made Kevin Garnett eat his words and ended their era, then LeBrons era started!
Jon Salazar
Jon Salazar 4 mesi fa
This wasn't 45/15/5 against a scrub team. This was against a team full of all stars, defensive greats, offensive sensations and he basically took them on single handedly in the first half. This man was a monster that night.
KELK 8 mesi fa
I know he has a 4/10 record in the finals, but making the finals 10/20 times is crazy. He is in almost every top-5 category of the playoffs. Also one of the most clutch players ever, GOAT. Gotta appreciate the greatness till it lasts
AAO TREY 7 mesi fa
@Jan Camacho 4 wins in 10 tries is the same as 4-6 dummy 😂😂
KELK 8 mesi fa
@Jan Camacho you get the point pussy cat
Jan Camacho
Jan Camacho 8 mesi fa
4-6 dummy
Alex Schwarz
Alex Schwarz 7 mesi fa
Will always remember where I was watching this game. Truly a career performance by one of the best to ever do it!
Don Rav
Don Rav 7 mesi fa
Greatest performance of all time
Hoodie Pen
Hoodie Pen 6 mesi fa
This man owned the Celtics when he was the King of the East when he entered his prime. From the era of Garnett and Pierce to the era of Tatum and Brown, it is often sure that LeBron would reach the NBA Finals. Superteam or not, he is definitely a bus driver during his prime.
Jermo G Official
Lebron in his absolute prime 💯🔥
Juwan Taylor
Juwan Taylor 4 mesi fa
He lost 6 finals
AitLin 8 mesi fa
Looking back at what lebron said about his teammates knocking their shots down - he doesn't actually needs a lot of 3pt shooters. He just needs somebody who he can give the ball and who can make a shot. Don't care if you drive, pull up, or catch and shoot. You can even throw an assist if needed. Just make sure you're not a sellout for the team
Deon Morrison
Deon Morrison 5 mesi fa
I remember watching this game, screaming at the TV! “Do this every game and nobody could stop you!” This man could’ve literally played this way and had 50 every night back then but chose not to.
noah najjar
noah najjar 5 mesi fa
As a Heat fan, I remember this game like it was yesterday. Before it started I was nervous and I was thinking that this was the end. The entire game, I didn't say a single word because of how worried I was. Then after game, I spoke by saying "Thank God."
After Boston lost this game & seeing how locked in Lebron was in this game 6 I knew Miami had this series and I'm a Celtics fan! It hurt witnessing this, the end of the Boston big 3 but this was bound to happen, Lebron really breaking through and becoming a champion. It was inevitable!
Gg 7 mesi fa
His legacy was never more at risk than this game. I’m glad it was remembered as such
H.N. I.C.
H.N. I.C. 5 mesi fa
This was art in basketball form
Κωνσταντίνος Κεκεμπάνος
That's the best basketball player to ever step foot on this planet right there.
Flexer MC
Flexer MC 8 mesi fa
His best game ever.
Nehemiah Obie
Nehemiah Obie 6 mesi fa
Lebron carried the whole team on his shoulders, DOMINATING PERFORMANCE!🔥mannn incredible game. He played outstanding ball like it was his last game of career.
Andrés Reyes Glez
LeLEGEND ! What a performance by Bron :O under pressure he showed why he was about to take the throne of the NBA :D what an amazing game by the KING
Manan wani
Manan wani 5 mesi fa
Up there with the Flu Game as one of the most legendary performances ever!
Aria1993 2 giorni fa
THIS was prime LeBron. Backs against the wall. Villain mode. Greatest playoff performance ever.
mohd noor
mohd noor 8 mesi fa
It's not just hus best game its his most consequencial. He became a champion that day
Steven-34 8 mesi fa
You know it’s weird that this game is so iconic but none of his 2018 playoff games are. I was more impressed what he was able to do with the cavaliers that year. Game 6 ecf he had 46 pts. It’s like nobody remembers that year cause he didn’t win a chip.
KaptinKid 8 mesi fa
One of the best games I ever watched
HolidayHelm 7 mesi fa
LeBron's and arguably Miami's most important playoff game ever - unbelievable that Jimmy Butler put up 47 in a similar though much lower stakes situation 10 years later also at TD Garden in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals
its your boy tadszkie
King never gets old 👑💪🔥🔥🔥
kvothedo Mese fa
Jordan was my hero growing up as a kid in the early 90s. LeBron became my idol as an adult. Never seen such composure, discipline, skill and longevity in any other person I've ever seen.
Ian Dimas
Ian Dimas 5 mesi fa
The way he locked in, the look in his eye after every shot, he told himself he wasn’t going home. Just wish he had more performances like this. Should have more chips
Vlado 2 mesi fa
I remember telling all my friends this was gonna be an iconic performance. they didn't believe me
Chase 7 mesi fa
The best playoff performance ever ‼️ The most pressure anyone has ever faced in a playoff game I don’t think it’s even close. If he loses this game the NBA wouldn’t be the same today.
Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith 6 mesi fa
Yeah, he was other-worldly. But he still managed to notice the kids and signed his autograph for them. He consistently treats fans well from what I've seen of him.
Freakzy雞 7 mesi fa
I love how bron got emotional at 8:29 even though he was still up 13. Just shows how much he cared about this win
London Jennings
London Jennings 5 mesi fa
Greatest playoff game ever🤷🏾‍♂️💯the game with his whole legacy on the line he wasn’t going out wish he played like this every game he’d be the undisputed goat
The Blue Chip City
Lebron is special he’s a once in generation type of player.
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