LeBron James 1st Championship, Full Series Highlights vs Thunder (2012 NBA Finals) - Finals MVP! HD

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LeBron James 1st Championship Ring, Full Highlights | Miami Heat vs Oklahoma City Thunder - All Games | 2012 NBA Finals in 720p HD
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Commenti 2 076
NBA GodFather
NBA GodFather 4 anni fa
I low-key miss LeBron on the Heat. Dude really fought hard as shit for his 1st championship. The Pacers and Celtics really did give Miami a run for their money that year.
mark fish
mark fish 8 mesi fa
@Tim Ahn Kobe was only relevant before 2011. Afterwards players like Durant (Taller and better midrange 49% FG like Jordan), Curry (Insane 3 pt shot), Lebron (Insane Athleticism and all rounder) pretty much destroyed his chances. Kobe skillset was made obsolete and he don't have advantage in terms athleticism. In my opinion Kobe is closer to top 20 list than GOAT list.
Showbiz Gwoponese
@Lay Mapper fr
Esteban Aquino
Esteban Aquino 10 mesi fa
​@Lay Mapper ⁰
Albert Capoquian
Albert Capoquian 10 mesi fa
@NBA GodFather ggggggggggggggggggggggggggghhggggggg na 0
Zeus 10 mesi fa
and dpoy tyson chandler
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 3 anni fa
It’s actually insane how often he got to the rim, and how many times he double clutched and still finished at the rim.
Hiskill Killee
@Sham what do you expect thats what happens when you become 38 you slow down but you can’t deny he still a huge problem and top 5
Geordie Jones
Geordie Jones 9 mesi fa
He' s the greatest driver of all time. Tied with Jordan as the greatest finishers. And in transition as scorer, passer and defender there's no one better.
Sham 9 mesi fa
@Michael Hackette to a lesser degree now tho unfortunately
Michael Hackette
The funny thing is that was true then and its the same now 😆
Looter Anno fa
This was when the NBA peaked for me. The vibe between 2009-2016 was just unbelievable.
D2 Mese fa
The Kobe-Lebron era
owen_sito Mese fa
seriously, not the same now.
Devin Young
Devin Young 2 mesi fa
Luh j
Luh j 3 anni fa
Lebron joined his friends to beat his enemy’s. Durant joined his enemy’s to beat his friends.
S M Mese fa
This is a basketball entertainment league not war between tribes. If we really want to be full on "competitiveness" mode any team is your enemy and if you leave your first team you're disloyal...
Andre Savage
Andre Savage 9 mesi fa
Damn I don’t like what either of them did but Durant is def worst
Steven Reuter
Steven Reuter 9 mesi fa
100 percent
Laying Dragon
Laying Dragon 9 mesi fa
Well, only if you make FRIENDS with pretty much everyone in the leagure!
Yorozuya Gin-Chan
I hate how people forget that the Thunder were the favorites to win this series.
Bangey Boi
Bangey Boi Mese fa
@Super Sonicat this point it is normal
Super Sonic
Super Sonic Mese fa
They sure were & Harden was the big reason why and he absolutely did not show up this series
Bangey Boi
Bangey Boi 3 mesi fa
@Judah Mourneth tf lebron > kd russ > wade ibaka > bosh that series its just role players like shane battier game 2 mario chalmers game 3 mike miller game 4 its not lebrons fault the role players turned into all stars that series
FettyyWRLD 7 mesi fa
People forget bc they didn’t win the series.
JRStewart5 4 anni fa
People always talk about the 90s being rough, did y'all see how many contact layups this man was finishing lol
Willthathrill15 2 mesi fa
@hulkyouup you believe that ?? 😂😂
Luis 7 mesi fa
The same guys arguing here that the old era had Bill Laimbeer, Rick Mahorn, Karl Malone etc. are the same guys that will say Jordan or Bird played against a bunch of plumbers and firefighters lol. They can't appreciate greatness and they'll stay like that for the rest of their life being a "basketball fan" smh.
BocPearStudios 8 mesi fa
Lebron wouldve thrived in the 90s and MJ would’ve thrived in the current nba. There’s no stopping generational talent
Steven B. Kashala
2012 LeBron was just bigger, stronger and faster than anybody
Trill x gaming
Trill x gaming 8 mesi fa
You know you the GOAT when people talk about you in phases
SLY Records
SLY Records 9 mesi fa
When he start taking his workouts on his body seriously
Sham 9 mesi fa
@Red Summer he shoulda won that year im still salty
KjThomas 9 mesi fa
​@Eric Jackson 2018 was
Eric Jackson
Eric Jackson 9 mesi fa
2013 best version of lebron
Jacelo Calitis
Jacelo Calitis 3 anni fa
This shows that he is the most unstoppable basketball player in this era...Look how hard he work...
Melo SG
Melo SG Anno fa
@I Play Games lmao he won the championship they didn’t make it cause all of their key players missed a lot of games
AyooCheezy 2 anni fa
I Play Games ya comment didn’t age well
Jordan Cromwell
Jordan Cromwell 3 anni fa
@Chris Butler At that time Rockets were 4th and Clips were 1st so cut the bull shit out
Atharva Milkhe
Atharva Milkhe 3 anni fa
@I Play Games what bout this year huh 1st seed and will win the chip
Christian Roy Lammawin
I missed this version of LeBron.. He's so much explosive and athletic..
Melo SG
Melo SG Anno fa
2018 was the closet we saw to miami lebron
Thekingofball23 2 anni fa
he still is
Meister Igi
Meister Igi 2 anni fa
We all get older man...
Melanie Jones
Melanie Jones 3 anni fa
Maybe bcuz it was 8 years yes ago tf
Doug Pullins
Doug Pullins 3 anni fa
Demba S if anything he plays more bully ball because he's slower. He's bulked up. No one can guard him down low.
Chris Lucero
Chris Lucero 4 anni fa
Most of these plays just show Lebron dominating Durant lmao
Nikolay Davydenko
@Marco Espino nah, Durant is a cry baby nowadays
VONMIC TV 3 mesi fa
Yung idol mo binaboy lng ng boston yn 🤣🤣🤣kaya nga trade sya miami para makapchampion🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bangey Boi
Bangey Boi 5 mesi fa
@Chris Juarez lebron did better in 2007 than him LMFAOOOO
Bangey Boi
Bangey Boi 5 mesi fa
@Ibnziyad Tariq LMFAOOO lebron owned durmickey durmickey couldnt be dominating if he cant defend leking
Bangey Boi
Bangey Boi 5 mesi fa
@Shazayum 2*
OneKanimo 2 anni fa
2020, still LBJ is making an impact at the age 35. Amazing. Let's enjoy him while he still can. ;) Love and respect from the Philippines.
Steven Vargas
Steven Vargas 24 giorni fa
@User Lurk I agree my friend !! He’s the best to ever do it
User Lurk
User Lurk 24 giorni fa
@Steven Vargas Lebron is the Goat now well hes been the Goat 🐐
Steven Vargas
Steven Vargas 25 giorni fa
@User Lurk yes sir 🔥
User Lurk
User Lurk 25 giorni fa
@Steven Vargas and Now hes the all time leading scorer 💯
Steven Vargas
Steven Vargas 2 mesi fa
2023 still the same!! Unbelievable
Malcolm Xavier James Gumbs
4 Years later LeBron James brought his hometown and The City of Cleveland their First Championship in 52 Years.
Shawn Bender
Shawn Bender 6 mesi fa
@Omega Dash facts and won 4 so he def a goat
Why is no one talking about that in 2015 gsw championship it took them 50 years to get a championship
Red88Rex 3 anni fa
and we will love him forever :)
John Russel Daquiado
@Regan Chambers not the greatest
Slim Shady
Slim Shady 3 anni fa
Malcolm Xavier James Gumbs fax’s idk why people hate on this man he is insane
Courtney Collins
The degree of difficulty and strength he uses on these shots and layups are crazy.
M1TCH3LL 4 anni fa
Damn, Lebron really beat a team with 3 MVP’s, and a team with the best record in NBA history down 3-1
Bangey Boi
Bangey Boi 3 mesi fa
@dadillonful with the lebron cavs no he wouldnt
Bangey Boi
Bangey Boi 3 mesi fa
@Yung Ace if dwade and bosh were in their prime vs westbrook and harden in their prime is easy heat in 4 lebron > kd wade > russ harden > bosh but hardens a notorious choker plus look at what happened to brooklyn.
Shawn Bender
Shawn Bender 6 mesi fa
dadillonful 9 mesi fa
Mj would have stood no chance against this thunder team
young érudit
young érudit 10 mesi fa
@Sean Dolan kd was literally a three times scoring champ
Gary 3 anni fa
I’ll never forget how he destroyed Boston alone in the first half with 45points that’s when I knew he can pass MJ if he keeps that beast mode on. Momma there goes that man!
Sasha 3 anni fa
Damn, Lebron was 27 years old when he won his first finals. He looks older than 27 like mid thirties. He just always looked grown af.
Ghxst Gaming
Ghxst Gaming Anno fa
He was a grown man in highschool
bg23allday1 Anno fa
Christopher Gonzalez ?
Shasanka Madduri
dudes in the 60s were 20 with hairlines behind their ears and looking like they were 58
Cereal Killer
Cereal Killer 2 anni fa
He’s been looking 30s since High skool
Azul Christian
Azul Christian 2 anni fa
Benjamin Button looks like my grandfather when he was 5 LMAO
Chi-Town King
Chi-Town King 2 anni fa
LeBron has come a long way. No doubt one of the greatest players of all time.
J.R. !?!?!?!
J.R. !?!?!?! 4 anni fa
The moment KD realized he had to ride the wagon of a 73 win team to beat lebron.
Bangey Boi
Bangey Boi 3 mesi fa
no he wasnt ray allen averaged 11 pts in the finals LMFAOOOOO
Bangey Boi
Bangey Boi 5 mesi fa
@Donnell Long bro if lebron went on gsw warriors he might not score as much but he would make sure golden state sweeps the entire conference LMFAOOOO
Donnell Long
Donnell Long 5 mesi fa
@Bangey Boi lebron is all around better player than kd, he does make his teammates better, however Durant is the ultimate closer down the stretch of games, golden state got away with one against Cleveland, injuries, if not for that I believe the cavs would've won back to back chips, Durant playing for gs made it impossible for lebron to beat them again, lebron effect, Durant matches lebron better than any other player in the nba, gs was already a very good team , Durant made them one of the all time greatest, but in fairness lebron has seem to win with lesser talent around him, but kd is a way better bucket getter than lb , but lebron is the goat 🐐 hands down
Bangey Boi
Bangey Boi 5 mesi fa
Bangey Boi
Bangey Boi 5 mesi fa
@Donnell Long LMFAOOOO STOP IT kd isnt near lebrons level kds only better at isolations and 1v1s in a team game lebron >>>>>
LeBeautiful 4 anni fa
Cried watching this....went against all odds to win his first. Would have been nice for KD and his OKC to win, but man...what a team!
Ian Wilson
Ian Wilson 5 mesi fa
@Lakers Fan Since July 1st 2018 And he blew it in 2011.
The Reaper
The Reaper 4 anni fa
@Antonio Bridges u tried tho
Lakers Fan Since July 1st 2018
Antonio Bridges They weren’t actually, Lebron’s only been the favourite in 2011.
Antonio Bridges
Antonio Bridges 4 anni fa
What odds they were the favorites lol
King Baro
King Baro 4 anni fa
This lebron was beast, driving too strong through the basket
Forgiven Sinner
Forgiven Sinner 3 anni fa
Got fouled on most drives to the hoop. Some got called.
EccentricELI 4 anni fa
The most dramatic NBA playoffs of the 2010s! Right there next to 2013 and 16
Eric Dupree
Eric Dupree 4 anni fa
3 MVPs on one team Westbrook PG Harden SG Durant SF
Blazing Exil
Blazing Exil Anno fa
@eazyduzit5150 KD was MVP level at the time. If anything people are underestimating how good this okc team actually was because they were a pretty big deal at the time.
John D
John D Anno fa
I think harden at this time would still be all star level on any other team it was just the minutes restriction. And he proved the following season.
John D
John D Anno fa
They should have been started harden. All that 6th man b.s held them back. They was the only team holding back they big 3 smh
Nightmare Anno fa
Now 2 with Westbrook and lebron and 2 with kd and harden 😈
Justin Thurman
They were all 23 year olds that’s all I keep hearing but Bron wasn’t old yet either
arvin rosales
arvin rosales 3 anni fa
This is the time that no one can stop prime LB. 💪💯
Malcolm Xavier James Gumbs
LeBron James Led Teams he beat in The NBA Finals 3 Times against The Western Conference Teams were: The 2012 The Oklahoma City Thunder with 3 MVPS The 2013 San Antonio Spurs Dynasty of Tim Duncan and Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili and Kawhi Leonard and Greatest Head Coach Gregg Popovich The 2016 Golden State Warriors The Team who won 73 Games along with back to back MVP plus Unanimous Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson and Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala and Becoming The First Team to ever come back from 3-1 down to win The NBA Finals.
Bangey Boi
Bangey Boi 8 mesi fa
@Geek Muscle 2012 wade was decent but bosh was washed ibaka better 2013 wade and bosh were both washed 2016 kevin love averaged 8 pts also washed 2015 lebron led 2-1 BY HIMSELF without kyrie and love
AitLin 2 anni fa
@Darth23 you're acting like Dynasties should be in the finals for every year. Why Lakers and Boston didn't played in finals for last 40 years, if they're dynasties? Spurs dominated the league from 2000's to 2014 and still made the play-offs for some years. They beat Kobe with Shaq and without him, they beat "oh my god Dirk is better than LeBron, Wade and Bosh", they beat KD, Russ, Ibaka with 6th man Harden. They beat everyone on the west. Both Wade in his first finals and the entire Miami team in 2013-14 should've played their BEST basketball to win at least 1 game. Wade is HOF not just because he played with LeBron, but because he was an MVP candidate before it and scored unbelievable numbers against Spurs dynasty. Spurs is a dynasty. The reason why they didn't make the finals every year like Boston and Lakers in 80's is because there's a lot of teams that are either had MVP candidates, or had very good luck. Shaq was MVP candidate when he with Kobe beat Spurs. Wade was an MVP candidate. Bron was an MVP. KD is a league's best scorer in stacked team. Spurs is a dynasty, just got the bad luck sometimes.
Darth23 2 anni fa
The Spurs were not a dysasty. They hadn't made the finals in the last six years and two postseasons before, they were bounced in the first round by a eight seed Grizzlies team but I'll give the other two teams.
Daniel Ally
Daniel Ally Anno fa
No one could beat LeBron one-on-one in the 2010's!
Bangey Boi
Bangey Boi 5 mesi fa
@I LOVE THIS GAME kobe cant guard lebron in 2013 prime durant CANT GUARD LEBRON AT ALL kawhi cant stop him jsut slow him lebron has better offense not defense thol
Shawn Bender
Shawn Bender 6 mesi fa
borat bagatov he use to fry Kobe
Shawn Bender
Shawn Bender 6 mesi fa
To much to handle
eureka boi
eureka boi 10 mesi fa
Who still can?
Backup 3 anni fa
I was there for this game. I have to say, this was the most proud I’ve ever been to be from Miami, we celebrated like a mf when this game ended. This was the peak of our team for sure. Also, the way the sportscaster kept saying Bosh’s name had me and my family DYING. CHRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS BUSH.
N H 4 anni fa
Never forget his game 4 dagger 3 w/ a cramp that gave them a 3 point lead and a 3-1 lead to win the championship. And thunder were the favs after beating champs mavs and spurs. It’s too bad kd was hiding behind a great defender in sefolosha while bron ended them with that 3 while injured 🐐🐐
Alain Lamour
Alain Lamour 2 anni fa
KD almost fouled out tryna guard Lebron that’s why. He can’t hold him. And then he also had the responsibility of trying to score 30 a game. Cant even hope to do that while guarding Lebron. Especially 2012 Lebron.... like did you see how physical he was. Dude would drag you from the 3 point line down to the paint and still fight you for the offensive glass IF he missed. If you sagged off his splashed a jump shot in your face WITHOUT HESITATION. 2012 Lebron up there with any iteration of MJ for Greatest. Ever.
edits de todos
edits de todos 3 anni fa
@Galileo Galilei Lebron was hiding behind Shane battier guarding KD but cook broad
Juwan Dunbar
Juwan Dunbar 4 anni fa
3-6 finals record lmao
eazyduzit5150 4 anni fa
Bill 11 Rings Russell Good not better than the Heat, and where did I say otherwise? but I get it though you LBJ dudes always prop up his opposition and discredit his teammates so when he beats them y’all can go “oh wow he’s the goat, no one can do what he did”, and if he loses it’s all “well they’re a great team guys, they were a superteam, MJ wouldn’t have beaten them either.”
Isaiah _.25
Isaiah _.25 2 anni fa
Who’s here after he won his 4th championship
I’m not blind but I love blindfolds
I’m here after Steph won his 4th lol
Calvin Ibarra
Calvin Ibarra 2 anni fa
Year is 2020 and this video still gives me the goosebumps. That 2012 Miami Heat atmosphere hit differently.
DCHardaway 2 anni fa
Seeing Lebron and Bill Russell shake hands in 2012 is one of the coolest NBA moments for me.
evolution71 4 anni fa
Idiots who like to hate forget the bulls has the number one seed, pacers Gad size and match up advantage and the Celtics were nearly equal to them, the Celtics pushed them harder than the thunder did who beat the spurs and mavs and lakers. Yet okc was favored to beat Miami and people were already claiming Durant was better than lebron. Yet 6 years later lebron is still the best in be league.
T Mac
T Mac 2 anni fa
Keerat Parhar you cant read because I clearly said we would’ve beaten Miami. You’re the one who said the Bulls wouldn’t
Keerat Parhar
Keerat Parhar 2 anni fa
Tyler McGee u just explained y they couldn’t of beaten the Heat, then u explained y they would of. Make up ur mind
T Mac
T Mac 2 anni fa
Keerat Parhar you’re wrong because the Bulls has a chance. Jimmy Butler was the missing piece but Rose got hurt
Keerat Parhar
Keerat Parhar 2 anni fa
Tyler McGee ik, I said bulls wouldn’t of beaten the Heat.
T Mac
T Mac 2 anni fa
Keerat Parhar so in 2014, Derrick Rose in his prime, all Star Jimmy Butler, DPOY Joakim Noah can beat the Heat with Wade knees degenerating and the rest of Miami not showing up
JordanJapan 3 anni fa
This version of LeBron is the GOAT, what a career.. and he is still going strong. Remarkable
Emmanuel Salinas
My role model on and off the court!
I'm sure kababayan kita
Smaller On The Outside
Forever the King. As hard as these years were to watch, at the time - as a Cavs fan, I truly appreciate the player LeBron became in Miami. Without those Heat years, we may have never had our 2016 'ship.
Stephen A Smith
Stephen A Smith 9 mesi fa
Actually incredible how bron has adapted his game over the past 10 years. Not many players could do what he had to do in a career
Joaquin Breedlove
Just here to say that it’s so dope to see Stuart Scott up there. R.I.P to a legend.
Krishna Suhrut
Man after seeing the Lakers get bounced the first round, I miss this king 👑
He played with such a high sense of urgency in that series. That was a man who refused to lose
A. raaaks
A. raaaks 2 anni fa
Now he's fighting the heat for his 4th ring damn greatness!
ekiru 7 mesi fa
and he did it
CodeBreaker 10 mesi fa
Most aggressive version of LeBron. Really wanted that first ring so bad!
Josh 2000
Josh 2000 2 anni fa
Bron won today to make 4 rings just rewatching all his championship series.... 🐐
Aaquib Bhat
Aaquib Bhat Anno fa
The day he learnt to drive in the lane like he does, he became unstoppable
Alan Kuo
Alan Kuo 3 anni fa
KD: I’m tired of being 2nd best. Also KD: imma join the 72 win team and always be considered the 2nd best.
Bangey Boi
Bangey Boi 5 mesi fa
@BRODCAST wade is a superstar bosh isnt hes the ULTIMATE ROLE PLAYER
Shawn Bender
Shawn Bender 6 mesi fa
Fact .... now he not even top 50 anymore
Squad Anno fa
@BRODCAST lol bruh it’s different lebron built a team and kd joined the best team with the best record every that just won a ring last year and they the ones that made him go home crying
@Rari2xx idm if the stats declined or not that don’t have shi to do with anything Bosh & Wade were still superstars on the heat therefore it was a super team it ain’t debatable lmao
Rari2xx Anno fa
@BRODCAST the miami heat were not a superteam if both of their stats declined dramatically 😂😂😂
J Taco
J Taco 10 mesi fa
I hadn't watched basketball in a decade but this series got me watching again.
GM Godlove
GM Godlove 2 anni fa
I love that dance and celebration from James. So happy to see that dude happy.
BTS 3 anni fa
A role model on & off court. Best wishes bron.
jamal shannon
jamal shannon 4 anni fa
ppl forget how bron cooked kd this finals😂
Bangey Boi
Bangey Boi 8 mesi fa
@Eduardo Duran how many was scored on lebron??? lebron torched him 1v1
Marcus Torres
Marcus Torres 2 anni fa
yes hahaha and kd joined a stack up team that already dominant team in the nba in order to beat lbj curry thompson iggy plus kd 4allstar
Rozayvon 3 anni fa
@PRE WZZO how you feel now?
Carter Bilbro
Carter Bilbro 3 anni fa
Eduardo Duran rebounds? Assists?
Terry Chimaobi
Terry Chimaobi 4 anni fa
I hope he wins another championship this year
young savage98
young savage98 2 anni fa
💯 he got 4 now, but beat my team in the process 😂🤦‍♂️
Waffles 2 anni fa
@Nismo Kali welp brother your wish just got real
Jov Licerio
Jov Licerio 2 anni fa
Your wish is my command La vs miami nba finals 2020
Keerat Parhar
Keerat Parhar 2 anni fa
He will
Sheeve Daily
Sheeve Daily 3 anni fa
I guess we could say LeBron outdid himself this season. Major props King James!!!!
Udopia Records
One things for sure, Bron has adapted his playstyle so much, thats when you know you are truly great. Back here when he was younger he was way more aggressive, he would drive down the lane through multiple defenders from the 3pt line. Now you dont see this as much, but he still manages to win chips through assists, his 3 pt shot (which has gotten alot better) and the much more calculated drives. goat
Alex Starboy GL
Alex Starboy GL 4 anni fa
el rey james es imparable, para mi solo existen dos, el y MJ......GRANDES....vamos por el campeonato ahora con los laker!!!
-LiuKang Anno fa
Lebron couldn't be stopped in the paint 🐐
JaedynMops 3 anni fa
dude this shows how unstoppable lebron is i hope he plays like this in the playoffs i miss this bron
Carolina Vegas
That turnaround at 6:32is insanely fast 🤯
Alleann Rrhoey
Alleann Rrhoey 3 anni fa
2019, he is still dominating...
Lewi Yonas
Lewi Yonas Anno fa
I’m glad I started really getting into basketball round this time What a great time this was to be alive
Caoimhín YT
Caoimhín YT 11 mesi fa
I've been watching Lebron since 2006 and followed him. This finals was the scariest for me. I wasn't afraid of Durant going off because I already know what he's going to do. It was Russ that I was afraid of because of he plays. he is always playing so hard and will do anything to win. I just hoped he doesn't outplay DWade in this series. lmao
pepsi cola
pepsi cola 3 anni fa
Wont ever forget the jumping, the smile, the arms flappn at 9:01 12:50
Josh Densford
Josh Densford 3 anni fa
I love how almost all his shots are at the rim. LeBron non stop attacking can’t be stopped
dj 2 anni fa
The fact that he’s producing the same numbers damn near 10 years later is insane
Swusty 3 anni fa
when miami won 2012, i felt so happy for bron. easily 2nd best all time in my eyes 💯💯
Tkemp 79
Tkemp 79 Anno fa
Me too I was so happy for him been a fan of him since 2004
GM Godlove
GM Godlove 2 anni fa
Wow, the guy took matters into his own hands. This was phenomenal
Lawrence O'Brien
The difference in intensity for lebron between this series and 2011 is amazing. It’s a shame that he couldn’t turn it on then
Motor ni Labz
Thats King James. I loved him from the bottom of my heart. He is my GOAT
Staalstraal 2 anni fa
As a heat fan it took me some time to really appreciate Lebron. Struggled initially with the fact that our boy Wade had to take a step back - no pun intended - to hand Lebron the controls. But when he did this group of players gradually became a team. The struggle of the first year made this win all the more worthwhile. It also really opened up my eyes to what a fantastic player Lebron was, and as the narrative around him got less and less clouded with dislike I think the rest of the world started to see it too in this year.
D RICH 2 anni fa
That layup at 8:31 is underrated
gor9027 3 anni fa
Even the LeBron haters can’t think of a lame excuse (I.e. Allen/Irving saving him) for him winning this series.
Miggy Byte
Miggy Byte 3 anni fa
I’d never forget this moment when LBJ & Chris got their 1st ring. Bron would always be the MVP but I would never forget the sacrifice D Wade had to make in order to make room for his friends.
Hygiene Technician
Faster than the strongest Strongest than the fastest Damn, I'm so lucky I witnessed his greatness.
Dan Han
Dan Han 4 anni fa
this must be the discovery channel because I just see a goat abusing a snake for 13 min straight
Bangey Boi
Bangey Boi 5 mesi fa
Bangey Boi
Bangey Boi 5 mesi fa
@Juwan Dunbar LMFAOOOOOOO wat do u want him to do? sleep in a sht team
Bangey Boi
Bangey Boi 8 mesi fa
@Juwan Dunbar nah the only snake is durmickey
The Call
The Call Anno fa
yoni boboshov
@Juwan Dunbar ok so after 8 years lebron got no help from the front office so he decided to take matters into his own hands. He knew that by leaving Cleveland for Miami they’ll go right back to lottery, forcing them to draft kyrie and then he came back with some help and won for his city. What else you want him to do with that sorry ass franchise. And don’t you dare compare it to Kobe’s and Jordan’s loyalty because they were drafted into a team with help already so they saw success early in their career which compelled them to stay and win more
Evan Hager
Evan Hager 4 anni fa
wow. what's scary is he's even better now.
I Play Games
I Play Games 3 anni fa
Quewon Anderson yet he didn’t make the playoffs he’s ass not even top ten in this era
King 20A
King 20A 3 anni fa
@jerry james faunillan 2-4 with heats, the rest is Cav, Cav is a very weak team okay ? Lebron & Kryie made 1 champion for them.
Jesus Alvarez
Jesus Alvarez 4 anni fa
No Definitely Not Better Now This Man Waa On A Mission That Year He Was More Driven Not Saying He Still Isnt He Just Was More Then Because He Had A Chip On His Shoulder And Shut Down Doubters
Deans Kingdom
Deans Kingdom 4 anni fa
Offensively probably yes Defensively Hell no!
swizzle 4 anni fa
Imo it's better here, smarter now
APEXx Anno fa
Literally got to the hole with Ease this finals 💪🏾🔥
Nyfancam01 3 anni fa
Tom Derrick Bacalso
Some things to appreciate with this Big Three's stint in Miami; -Coach Spo really did a good job handling three of the brightest stars in the league, keeping them egos in check. -LeBron's post game is powerful. His hopstep is dangerous. -He just looked genuinely happy winning his first chip.
Stephen A Smith
Stephen A Smith 9 mesi fa
Giannis could learn a thing or two from this version of bron. He was so agile. Amazing body control. You don’t have to run people over everytime
Peke Cellphone
Peke Cellphone 9 mesi fa
Giannis needs to know how to shoot CONSISTENTLY . If he is not a fonsistent mid range or a average 3 point shooter he will end up being westbrook who declined early because he lose some of his athleticism.
Emmanuel Medina
Emmanuel Medina 4 anni fa
Watch the goat get his first ring Love was probably the greatest moments in my life
Juwan Dunbar
Juwan Dunbar 4 anni fa
it took Lebron to join a superteam to get a silly ring lmfao n u calling that a goat? hahaha
Yogi Valentino Simaremare
the beginning of the real G.O.A.T 🐐👑
BLEACHBABY 2 anni fa
To think Thunder had Durant, Westbrook, and Harden all at the same time is mind blowing. This was before Harden became the offensive juggernaut he is now. If he would’ve found that part of his game at this time, it’s hard to imagine anyone beating them. Leaving to be the Star Player on another team was the opportunity he needed to find that, no doubt, but still fun to think about!
ngua saya
ngua saya Anno fa
u forget ibaka
Paolo Oropiso
Paolo Oropiso 2 anni fa
wade and lebron connection ftw! one of the best duo in NBA!
David Martin
David Martin 2 anni fa
13 minutes of defense not talking, not reacting, not being able to stop one of the most dominant and athletic players ever in basketball in his prime
KEEM 4 anni fa
Arguably his greatest season for bad or good
Alieu Camara
Alieu Camara 3 anni fa
I really wish we could go back to this time
Doc Central Station
This is how it is when Lebron and KD are matched up with equally talented teams...KD can't fuck with Lebron!!
salma taute
salma taute 2 anni fa
8 Years Later LBJ Face Heat at NBA Finals LBJ is Legend
Malcolm Xavier James Gumbs
My favorite moment of 2012 for LeBron James was The Game 6 in a Elimination Game at TD Garden in Boston and LeBron James Beat The Celtics by himself and snitched their hearts out of their chest and he beat them down for good and it's almost like Michael Jordan getting past The Bad Boy Pistons in 1991 the year when Michael Jordan won his First Championship.
Shawn Bender
Shawn Bender 6 mesi fa
Cold blooded
lethanos 4 anni fa
I think that was the best playoff game of his career
Nina Catherine Willmon
Not only that, but he also busted up the Celtics' big 3 and Ray Allen ended up in Miami a year later.
NiranjanM 3 anni fa
I think during these Finals LeBron scored from every angle, distance, body position with every muscle, joint, tendon with strength, power and finesse. He truly gave everything he had in his mind, body and spirit. And then repeated it in '16 Finals. 4 years on and still the best player in the NBA at 34.
Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar 2 anni fa
Damn i noticed every time lebron drives its always a bank layup..GOAT!!
Young Money Entertainment
Better than joining a 73-9 team
Shawn Bender
Shawn Bender 6 mesi fa
He joined a team that ain’t make the finals since 06 and DWade wasn’t half the player he was early on. He had a strong 10 .. the rest was dog time
2k Michael Jordan
You’re a hypocrite if you defend Snake or Lebum
Keerat Parhar
Keerat Parhar 2 anni fa
Women's Faces Are The Definition Of Beauty nope
sirena Miw
sirena Miw 2 anni fa
@HaYnTurboman23 Cavs also benefited from suspension and injuries in 2016 to beat best team ever Warriors. Warriors owned the Cavs 3 out of 4 finals.
Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill 7 mesi fa
Just imagine how different things might be if this finals went the thunders way
Nick s
Nick s 3 anni fa
We need more of these videos more than ever right now‼️
Paul Bagnoli
Paul Bagnoli 4 anni fa
durant was like a deer in headlights this whole series
Dexter Recto
Dexter Recto 2 anni fa
Watching this before the finals. 8 years later, James is in the Lakers. Go for the gold LBJ!🏀💪🔥
FlowwG 2 anni fa
the lebron james that we need in this finals!
blackmarlin 2 anni fa
Looking back at it now it's crazy too see how fast and explosive he is. Now he's more on low post and passing the ball tho he's still athletic but nowhere near as this.
Holy cow lebron was actually so clutch this series
One Piece
One Piece 4 anni fa
🐐 🐐. Much needed WIN .
Assassinx 14
Assassinx 14 2 anni fa
@Christopher Lucero Yes. Your point?
Christopher Lucero
Hes the goat but joined a super team to win his 1st championship?
Fateh Fini
Fateh Fini 4 anni fa
losing 2011 finals made lebron a better player
Haus James
Haus James Anno fa
@I Play Games made playoffs? Ar u start watching lebron 2011?
Shasanka Madduri
@sirena Miw 2015 no teammates and a back injury, 2017 and 18 he went up against an all-time team with a bad team in 2018
sirena Miw
sirena Miw 2 anni fa
@Ritwik Jaipuriar LeBron ain't shit without a superteam. Why do you think he was ringless before the Heat? He could only beat teams with losing records before that.
sirena Miw
sirena Miw 2 anni fa
@Ritwik Jaipuriar LeBron got handled 3 out of 4 finals by the Warriors. How does it feel to see the true? Remember LeBron benefited from suspensions, ejections and injuries in 2016 finals to Draymond, Bogut, Iguodala, Curry.
floflorian 3 anni fa
Lebron was so much stronger and quicker in those years. I read that he was getting some "booster" substances but no one can deny what a monster he was back then.
Black Anno fa
sturdy Anno fa
u can really see the difference between him then and now
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