LeBron James 2nd Championship, Full Series Highlights vs Spurs (2013 NBA Finals) - Finals MVP! HD 

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LeBron James Back to Back Championship Ring, Full Highlights | Miami Heat vs San Antonio Spurs - All Games | 2013 NBA Finals in 720p HD
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@wc8561 5 anni fa
2013 and 2016 finals were epic as hell.... Thanks LeBron for coming through in those game 7's, I'll remember them forever.
@razkable 3 anni fa
lebron has not played poorly in a game 7 since 2006 at age 21 in his first one and first playoffs and has not lost one since 2008....
Enjoy the memories especially what happened next year lmao
@dezz8598 2 anni fa
@@safroulahbanto5808 he still won titles after that year did he not?
@mcgrady1389 Anno fa
@@safroulahbanto5808 lebron gets 1 more ring and he'll have same amount of rings as shitty spurs franchise
Every time I hear "OH! BLOCKED BY JAMES!!!" it's music to my ears.
@unt1tled274 2 anni fa
@MrAlvarez23 Anno fa
For real same for Igualada ufff
@23jakesmith23 4 anni fa
Nobody acknowledges the fact that Lebron was the only player to hand the Spurs and Warriors dynasties their one L.
@MrAlvarez23 3 anni fa
Wow never thought of that good 1
@23jakesmith23 3 anni fa
@Thomas Sankara His was nothing like Lebron's. Kawhi wasn't even facing a full strength Warriors, and Kawhi didnt end that series leading all players in every statistical category like Lebron did.
@arkoudiou 3 anni fa
SAS weren't a dynasty, by that point they were getting old, but still one of the greatest teams ever. 73-9 gsw were a different animal.
@arkoudiou 3 anni fa
@MANCHESTER UNITED football is for stupid people. Most people on earth are stupid so it makes sense. Keep watching bullshit and corrupt sports.
@@arkoudioustop. this team was really really good
@koasdoray7237 4 anni fa
How do they say this mans not clutch lol shot after shot and free throws
Because they know this is the only guy that’s on mj’s level and they’re scared.
@rightway1210 4 anni fa
Skip Bayless lies
@ianwilson4483 3 anni fa
Kristopher Rice someone else will come along after LeBron. They always do.
@gottideez646 3 anni fa
@MAN UTD who tf cares weirdo
@bbgbannoud2270 5 anni fa
If you wonder why Kevin durant is hated. It's because he made sure that we never have competitive epic series like this.
@MC-bi4vk 5 anni fa
Fr. GS-CLE could've been one of the greatest sporting rivalries
@azureangel8217 5 anni fa
@@MC-bi4vk YES. I keep stressing this to the basketball community. They clearly dont understand what could've been
@ThatGuy-313 5 anni fa
bbg bannoud it’s all karma for Lebron. He wanted to be the unstoppable super team in the league but instead now he’s the one who can’t get past the warriors.
@MC-bi4vk 5 anni fa
@SK cavs won in 2016..
@AllucB 5 anni fa
SK you honestly believe ANDREW BOGUT is the difference between a 73 win team sweeping an opponent and losing three games straight? How were they on their way to sweeping the cavs when they lost game 3 with everyone on the warriors healthy?
that mid range shot by lebron with like 30 sum second left should be more iconic. he literally sealed the game with that
@kloud014 Anno fa
This version of LeBron is the scariest to play against. Fast, strong, can score inside out and can guard all 5 positions. He definitely deserved that Finals MVP more than anyone else.
Obviously he deserved fmvp he was robbed of dpoy
@LIT616 11 mesi fa
And ppl this day don't know how good LeBron in this erra.
This was one of the best finals ever
@jayguy223 4 anni fa
this and 2016
Donna Dunbar stfu no they didn’t 🤦🏾‍♂️
IVORIAN KING 2005 Finals, 2013 Finals, 2016 Finals
Donna Dunbar no they didn’t 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Donna Dunbar how did kyrie saved LeBron??
@blovett0814 5 anni fa
Basketball is a team sport. Everyone must contribute in order to win. Ray Allen didn't save LeBron's legacy LeBron saved his own by stepping up when needed to. Ray Allen was in the right position to tie the game but without LeBron going off in the 4th quarter the Spurs win Game 6 and take the title. So cut the "saved legacy" crap and just respect LeBron for being clutch. The definition of clutch is contributing in the crucial moment of the game. BASKETBALL IS A TEAM SPORT DON'T EVER FORGET THAT!!!
Thank you for sharing this cuz these dumb ass mothasoka don't get it.
@Tobyee 4 anni fa
*You can't be saved by someone when LeBron scored 16 points & assisted 10 points - Lead a 10-point comeback to bring the team back in the first place*
@czar2074 4 anni fa
Big facts
@benscott6344 4 anni fa
@benscott6344 4 anni fa
Lionkingkiller Can’t control anyone
@reactiv61 5 anni fa
back when Lebron looked weird without a headband
Back when LeBron has his hair transplant recently done.
He sell his hair in illuminati so he can be a GOAT
@Alan-ou2id 3 anni fa
@@andrexmalano3431 🙄
@tomcat9761 2 anni fa
and now everytime he wears headband, it looks weird.
Only the real knows this
@ncl_d1124 3 anni fa
Lebron’s improvement is amazing he went from shooting 53% FG and 36.2% from 3 in 2011 to 56.6%FG and 40.6% from 3 in 2012 with a deadly midrange jumper too unstoppable
Miami Lebron is unstoppable
@@donnadunbar5342 Terry is just an ant in front of he
@lethanos3176 4 anni fa
@@donnadunbar5342 Terry didn't stop lebron lebron stopped himself by choking Terry got his but he didn't stop lebron
@toomuch1308 4 anni fa
Donna Dunbar what happened after 2011?
Thicc Squidward clearly didn’t watch the series🤦🏾‍♂️ Do some research he had his most efficient offensive finals series that year
Thicc Squidward He choked.. Dude you are serious acting like you know basketball and you can’t even spell theses players name?
Crazy how from 2011-18 he’s been in the Finals.
@slimware9197 7 mesi fa
07 against spurs
pure dominance
@jstiles1659 5 anni fa
Lebron and Wade are one of the greatest duo's ever and imo wade and lebron and bosh are one of the best trio's ever, Great times in Miami but wade is the heat legend period
@DG-oc7ks 5 anni fa
I think kobe and shaq would like a word with you
@DG-oc7ks 5 anni fa
And Michael Jordan and Scottie pippen won more rings they are greatest duo
@jstiles1659 5 anni fa
@@DG-oc7ks I got MJ and Pippen as the greatest duo ever anyways
@camden6184 5 anni fa
Kobe and Shaq > MJ and Pippen 👀
@jstiles1659 5 anni fa
@@DG-oc7ks they're are top three or so on my list of that
@magbobskie3768 4 anni fa
4:00 Hands down one the top 5 greatest blocks in history.
@JahleelX-xx9wd 4 anni fa
Lebron is on that list at least two or three times
Lol yeah that block and the block on Iguodala were legendary. The year after this finals I went to a regular season game in San Antonio with my Heat jersey on sitting near the court, the Spurs came out of the tunnel and Tiago Splitter stared at me and mad dogged me LMAO, he was still salty about that block
@@stevenscummy1458 fkin lol
Why does nobody talk about LeBrons shot at 20:30 or his final minute of this game. CLUTCH
Because it goes against the “LeBron isn’t clutch” narrative that Haters and Jordan meat riders love to use
@joshc907 7 mesi fa
No one wants to say the C word.. CLUTCH
@kingkoua1 5 anni fa
I will never forget watching game 6 at a bdubbs in MN. It was packed with spurs fans and me and 5 other of my friends were heat fans. the whole first half the spurs and the heat kept giving it to each other, then towards the end of the third quarter the spurs were able to increase the lead by ten. the heat looked defeated, you can tell in their body language, except lebron. lebron would end up scoring 20 plus in the fourth quarter including that clutch three. you can tell the way lebron was playing, he was giving hope to his team mates again as they started to play with more tenacity. then ray allen hit that clutch ass shot and the whole bdubbs went up in flames. the crazy thing was ray allen was struggling the whole series with consistently scoring. the whole bdubbs was crazy af in the 4th quarter. i lost my voice the day after because of all the shit talking i did. just glad i got to witness one of the greatest games of the decade by the GOAT.
@yvngmatic4088 5 anni fa
kingkoua1 same bro I remember watching this live and looking at lebron james and saying this athlete is one the greatest player to ever play. Like I couldn’t deny not thinking this talent is not the greatest. Personally I think he is the GOAT
Same here.. i saw this game live and even think that its over... everything goes wrong with spurs and goes right with Miami on the last seconds.. Just like its a movie and Lebron is the main character... Best year of LBJ... or maybe second during his 3rd ring at Cleveland... 2 rings of LBJ well deserve and earned... He lost to great teams on many occasions... but he always give chance to his team... what could you ask for as basketball fan and as a fan of LBJ??? Only Haters will hate this man... If you are not a fan of LBJ you should be happy when he lost (since your team win)... not try to figure out what he did wrong to emphasize that he is not great...
I was Grade 6 then when I became a fan of LJ. In the Philippines, the final game was aired at 10:30 am and I remember being unfocused and bothered during my last subject that day. It was 11:30 am when our teacher dismissed us and I ran outside the school in hurry just to witness my first love in NBA, Lebron James. I was with my cousin and we were like fools peaking inside the house in front of the gate at the back of our school just to watch the finals. It was already 4th quarter and only last minutes left in the game but I was still so happy to witness even a bit of it. My eyes were focused only on LBJ and I was chanting his name so hard that time. When they won the game, no one could ever explain how happy I was for him. I was, still, and will forever be his number one fan. I am 15 now and I dream of meeting him someday
Ray Allen is the real goat lol
Basketball at its highest. King James, D Wade and Bosh were great together, rest of the team was good too, defense and tenacity.
Loved the Heat era and the 2013 team was the best
@@stevenscummy1458 I wish i coul dgo back to see that era . It was so exicting to watch . Prime bron arguably.
@@Craze_Lifter Yeah it was amazing, watching again now the way he used to sprint up and down the court, I went to a few Heat games back then too, crazy how many guys ended up on that team, James, Wade, Bosh, Ray Allen, Battier, Mike Miller, Birdman, UD. Even more crazy to think about is that everybody on the team but James is retired now
I don’t think people realize how good the thunder and spurs teams where that lebron beat lol
Not the thunder
@@supercooldude1352 3 future mvps and they beat the spurs to get to the finals don’t be a casual
@danluce5995 5 anni fa
One of the greatest finals ever
I was Grade 6 then when I became a fan of LJ. In the Philippines, the final game was aired at 10:30 am and I remember being unfocused and bothered during my last subject that day. It was 11:30 am when our teacher dismissed us and I ran outside the school in hurry just to witness my first love in NBA, Lebron James. I was with my cousin and we were like fools peaking inside the house in front of the gate at the back of our school just to watch the finals. It was already 4th quarter and only last minutes left in the game but I was still so happy to witness even a bit of it. My eyes were focused only on LBJ and I was chanting his name so hard that time. When they won the game, no one could ever explain how happy I was for him. I was, still, and will forever be his number one fan. I am 15 now and I dream of meeting him someday.
Same from Philippines!
@ahlmojen2269 3 anni fa
sana all
Same here i was grade 4 when this happened, we was watching from my teachers cellphone with keypad, it has a app that allows you to watch TV stations, good times.
@mrblue3879 4 anni fa
Folks act like LeBron didn't have to shoot a 3 RIGHT BEFORE Ray Allen shot his
@kalpha4364 2 anni fa
Exactly, if anything chris bosh rebound and assist helped win game 6 not just the ray Allen 3
@mrblue3879 2 anni fa
@@kalpha4364 fax
But LeBron missed THE three and missed one before the one he hit to make it a 2 point game
@grannygums7290 5 anni fa
Lmao I’m a huge Lebron fan and I’m already seeing the huge difference living it and watching it from years later. I can’t imagine how sad the haters gonna feel when there’s no one like this to watch anymore 😂
@zlique Anno fa
@BigSwo2909 Anno fa
Big fucking facts!!!
@themaster804 4 anni fa
It's painful to see the amount of love and respect pop has for LeBron yet he never got to play for the spurs. They would have been the greatest team in history at least 8 rings and that's very realistic.
@dylanlange9235 4 anni fa
Most legendary thing about this series is Mike Miller hitting a clutch three with only one shoe on
@zone_luck5242 2 anni fa
Mann.. this spurs was a legendary powerhouse. They were dominant for more than a decade. Every moment of this series were intense. 1st class organization for sure!
@Mishad8 4 anni fa
He was cooking Kwahi. Kwahi just got good and now we wanna compare him to Bron. It’s crazy!!
@razkable 3 anni fa
kawhi was 22
@worrystone4109 3 anni fa
​@@razkable lmao kawhi was on a veteran spurs team, with duncan, ginobili, parker, etc. carrying his ass. spurs had the better team and lebron was still cooking kawhi.
@wanilimbe 3 anni fa
Lets be honest, at this point, LeBron’s time has come, Kawhi is the best player right now, he’s carrying a Clippers team and George Paul is choking miserably.
@@wanilimbe is that so? lol
@wanilimbe 3 anni fa
Joshua Tagalog fuck
Rebound Bosh back out to Allen three pointer BAAMMMM
@reidos8992 4 anni fa
Crazy bc this finals and 2016 imo are two of the top five finals ever and Bron played in both AND won both.
Bosh got not credit for that block
Matthew Willins he don’t get credit for that rebound either
@emkast8257 4 anni fa
The dope part of miami big 3 is that yes they were dominate but they had flaws. They needed some crazy games from lebron wade and even bosh to win games. It was truly epic to watch. Golden state has no flaw at all. They can win with ease with 20 points from their stars... thats not happening with any other team if i had to think about it.
@razkable 3 anni fa
i can't imagine being a warriors fan winning in 2015 and 2018 due to injuries and in 2017 due to kd with no real struggle ...that must be so boring...the heat were never unbeatable which made it fun to watch cause it was possible for them not to show up one night or get beat twice in a row...easily...
@teresa-oj9rq 3 anni fa
Gsw do have flaws..mainly they're frail
Outside of the 2012-13 regular season, Miami wasn't ever really unfair. And in said 2012-13 regular season, they did go 66-16, but weren't even the best team in the league statistically. Then they got pushed to the brink in their last 2 playoff series.
@combatbeatdown 11 mesi fa
4:03 greatest block of all time. I got this one over the 2016 Finals block. Literally sounded like Thunder struck the arena.
@ASalahSamak 3 anni fa
4:04 the fact not just he blocked, but didn’t even look to see if his teammates got the rock he just knew😱🙃 made me speechless. His greatness is undeniable
who's watching until now Dec 11,2018 Dwyane Wade & Lebron James embrace after their final matchup, LAKERS vs HEAT Dec 11, 2018 #ThankYou_D_Wade 16 year friendship of LBJ the greatest teammates of all time, Friends are for Life🏀👏👬💪💪💪😢😢😢
You can hate him but you cant deny the fact that he is one of the greatest basketball player that ever exist
Lebron without the headband is scarier than masked lebron faxx
Bri6ton Uno that’s what we’ve been seeing for the past 4 Years Homie I’m not impressed
mask lebron was iconic
@dbuckkss3651 5 anni fa
Deano Montano how about u go to the nba and then we’ll all see if we’re impressed by the way u play
Bri6ton Uno u mean with
@GHOST-ke4iy 5 anni fa
Headband lebron wins against timberwolves yesterday 😂
@bensimmons6149 4 anni fa
Peep Tmac on the bench like damn looks like I ain’t getting a ring
@mckaybrown7949 5 anni fa
Lebron has greatly improved his 3 point shooting since 2013
I like how LeBron completely dominates the 4th quarter in game 6 but the only thing people bring up is "Ray Allen saved him" mate that's the only 3 pointer he had in the whole game. James led the charge
@@donnadunbar5342 he wasn't 1 - 5 u made that shit up. Fuck outta here virgin
@christylka1377 5 anni fa
James clearly hit a 3 with 17 seconds to go the fuck are you guys talking about
@cee8774 4 anni fa
the heat really missed mike miller the next year those clutch 3's from would have come in handy to bad they used that amnesty
@razkable 3 anni fa
with miller they win games 1 and 2 in san antonio take care of the nets in 4 and beat the pacers in 5 and probably take 2014 finals to a game 7
@Bikegod1 5 anni fa
Clearly LeBron is an even better play present day than he was in this series, it's honestly like watching two different players. Obviously this was during the last years of his athletic prime, but his mind for the game and ability to dictate pace and spacing has only developed more since his Heat years. Plus he has fully learned what it takes to win a playoff series now.
@ameroimam4773 4 anni fa
the greatest of all time.....KING JAMES
@demarcusdaddyd 4 anni fa
You sound stupid
@victor-pw9im 4 anni fa
@@demarcusdaddyd everyone has there own opinion …Resepect ok?
you sound very stupid
@mrblue3879 4 anni fa
U are smart LeBron is the 🐐
@mr2cold548 3 anni fa
@JordanJapan 4 anni fa
Greatest finals MVP speech of all time!
@Memories365 5 anni fa
Don't ever underestimate LeBron James in the NBA finals especially a game 7. G.O.A.T👌
@demarcusdaddyd 4 anni fa
Memories365 you sound stupid the true goat didn’t allow a finals series to go to game 7 dumbass
@killadez3511 4 anni fa
3-6 Mafia
@123Mathzak 4 anni fa
demarcusdaddyd LMK when Jordan plays a dynasty in the Finals
@prezian1312 4 anni fa
demarcusdaddyd jordan was the dynasty he never played actually dynasty’s like the greatest power forward all time.Jordan never face a golden state with two mvps and one unanimous mvp who won twice.Then the defensive player of the year with the 2nd greatest shooter of all time.
@reign1594 4 anni fa
@@prezian1312 ikr, if Jordan played people like that he would have 2 rings
@ogchocolate93 4 anni fa
2:55 🤣🤣 "As soon as he caught it Gregg Popovich was upset." Ray Allen was a nightmare for coaches on other teams lol.
the ending quote is gold. poetry in motion. iconic
@fatherof3681 4 anni fa
Lebron has never had & never will have the type of brotherhood as he did in Miami. Watching that team play, you could tell they really had love & Chemistry with each other.
@gh8066 4 anni fa
@@donnadunbar5342 yea he is the goat lmao
@gh8066 4 anni fa
at something other than basketball, maybe
@@gh8066 sus
did mike hit that with 1 sneaker on? what a monster
That Miami heat team was killers straight out the slaughter house
@krislong8647 3 anni fa
Yes he did
Been waiting for this one 🔥
The BasketBall Spot 351 I'm waiting for his 3rd ring highlights, the best one of all.
@@dereckhenson2051 yeah that's the best one. Especially the back to back 41 points 🔥
@orivera23631 5 anni fa
Thank You Ray Allen...hahah trash
The BasketBall Spot 351 can you do lebronjames 1st championship full series vs Oklahoma city thunder 2012
@Tayjohnzson 4 anni fa
@@orivera23631 ray had 0 in game 7 you idiot
@themaster804 4 anni fa
Bron is always playing some juggernaut team in the finals. I can't think of another legend that faced the same odds. With the exception of the 04 pistons every other championship team went in all their series as favorites.
@Mike-rr2iw 4 anni fa
Probably cause the east was a joke and the west was stacked
The 2006 Heat were not favorites
@themaster804 3 anni fa
@@calvinvaughns9336 Facts, the team was limp outside the starting three and the Mavs were deep. They smacked the west.
@ECovYouDug 3 anni fa
Again another schooling here as he molds the young Kawhi Leonard after teaching Durant the year before. Shit is just crazy how Bron is still doing this shit now and expected to still be this great while those guys are entering or playing in their primes barely. Shit is amazing the longevity of greatness by this guy.
@mckaybrown7949 5 anni fa
Lebron in nba finals has played against superior talent compared to what Jordan played against!
@bensimmons6149 4 anni fa
@sosajc15 4 anni fa
what jordan played in the finals is no match for what lebron has faced ill agree. although jordan race superior talent on his way to the finals compared to bron.
@JahleelX-xx9wd 4 anni fa
@@sosajc15 definitely true.
@themaster804 4 anni fa
@@sosajc15 This would be true if he didn't play for Cleveland. At no point while he was a cavalier were they the best team in the east. Go down their roster and the only difference is LeBron. Every year he played for Cleveland if you took him off the roster they have the worst manned team in the east next to the hornets/bobcats. Indiana, miami, Boston, toronto, and the wizards were the best teams in the east for Bron's entire tenure with the Cavs. Take the best starter off all the teams in the east and the Cavs at best were the 10th best roster....at best.
@JordanJapan 4 anni fa
FACTS, man had to face the Spurs Dynasty 3 times and the Warriors 4 time.. that is insane lol.
Bosh is the player who doesn’t get the touches he wants and doesn’t get to play the role he wants and Is forced to sacrifice his role but he shows up when desperately needed the rebound to Bosh and the block on Danny Green are Prime examples of that
@Dajudge 5 anni fa
Anyone in 2019 here
@fazefucme6694 4 anni fa
Hell yea
@wavefacekillah 5 anni fa
Just waiting for the haters saying he got saved by Ray Allen
Waveface killah Finals record was 1-2 at that point, played below average in 07, choked in 2011, and up to that point in game 6 he was averaging just 21 ppg on 43% shooting. Had Allen missed that shot LBJ would’ve been 1-3 in the finals and would’ve lost two finals with a superteam. He would’ve gotten crucified, as he should. So yea Allen did save his legacy. Just be happy Allen made it.
@wavefacekillah 5 anni fa
eazyduzit5150 I get it he choke in 2011 but bounce back two years later and everybody had some role player making clutch shots to win Kobe got save by horry and Pau plenty of times but there was a game 7 and who do you think was the reason they won and his name is Lebron so it wasn’t just Ray Allen who Peform
Waveface killah At hindsight yes he won but at the time in game 6 he was just averaging 21 ppg 43% that series and LBJ missed a couple a shots late in gm 6 and he had a couple turnovers. Had Allen missed that shot, there wouldn’t be no gm 7 to be played. LBJ would’ve been 1-3 in the finals after that superteam formation. Now add that to his below average 2007 finals and him choking in 2011, and had they lost in 2013, it would’ve look real bad for him especially losing 2 finals with a superteam. Players have hit clutch shots but the thing is none of the great players legacy was never in question that night. You mentioned Kobe but when Horry hit that big shot (I’m assuming you’re talking about vs Kings in WCF) he was already 2-0 in the finals. It would’ve been a real bad look for LBJ had he lost bc he would’ve had a losing finals record so early while playing poorly.
@wavefacekillah 5 anni fa
eazyduzit5150 Lebron scores 16 points to keep the heat in he knocking down jumpshots which haters say he couldn’t do without his scoring down the stretch in the 4th the heat wouldn’t even win at all so just saying Ray Allen save his career off of one shot is low key a diss but I’ll let it slide game 7 he hit dagger jumper to beat the Spurs.
Waveface killah Hits one shot after LBJ couldn’t hit a shot after a few misses and he had a couple of turnovers. As I said this is when he was 1-2 in the finals. Played below avg in 07, choked in 2011 and had a poor series in 2013 leading up to gm 6. All this is why his legacy was in jeopardy. He would’ve gotten bashed like crazy seeing how he just created a superteam a couple of yrs prior and it would’ve been his 2nd loss with that team. He stepped up in gm 7 but again all that doesn’t happen if they don’t win that gm 6 with Allen’s shot.
@ryanschmidt737 4 anni fa
That block on Splitter is fucking insane lol
I love it when the commentators say “BANG” every time someone scored a 3 pointer! 😂😂
What a series two legendary teams
@AD3Basketball 2 anni fa
That game 6 has to be one of the greatest NBA games ever. Wow!!!
@jaytharpe946 2 anni fa
Man LeBron in his Miami days were crazy he was scary 😳
@kevyntavares96 4 anni fa
I wish this heat team stay together a little bit longer they played Phenomenal together
@gunner0479 4 anni fa
Spurs had Duncan, Parker, ginobli and kawhi. And the best coach. MJ never played against this in his era. It would literally be impossible to compete against this with one star. That's why you can't compare this era with the 90s.
@kennyray4458 3 anni fa
Can you believe that at this age of 35 King James is playing at MVP level?
A true specimen. I've seen ball players from my time but this man is truly remarkable!
Best NBA Finals I've ever seen!! ❤️🔥🍟 I want another Finals series like this. 🙏😭
that game 6 sequence is amazing .... its meant to have that game 7 ...
@rjmislo6222 3 anni fa
Damn LeBron is so fast!🔥💪👑
These games are called final two strong teams, great players, I remember the final of Lebron Cavs in 2016, Lebron G.O.A.T.
@Tayjohnzson 4 anni fa
@@donnadunbar5342 the only thing pathetic is your stupid ass he averages 34 11 and 9 in those finals L's. Do your research you dumbass Bron hater
@mr.thomas5489 3 anni fa
You can see a difference in competition between the bron 1st championship and his 2nd against the spurs the driving lanes were closed really fast and lebron had to rely on teammates against the thunder he could bully those kids
Watched every game . Greatest finals I’ve ever seen, but I’m 23 . Lebron had a great game 7 but before that game I don’t remember him just straight up DOMINATING, the spurs were NOT scared of him . Not because he isn’t great but because playing off the ball is not his game . He playing mostly in the post and at the elbow this series
@DwadeFL4SHMV3 4 anni fa
Bro he’s even better in the 2018 playoff run. Shouldn’t be humanly possible
@DrRhilTV Anno fa
It’s crazy watching ray allen hit 3s from that same spot over and over again during this video knowing what’s gonna happen game 6
@diesel2568 4 anni fa
Who watching after the Raptors beat the Warriors
@manaide6071 5 anni fa
I miss this LeBron 😢
What’s not being shown is Kawahi was playing the best possible defense on Lebron during these games. You can’t stop Lebron but you try your best to contain him from scoring 50. He was holding Lebron 1 on 1 most of the time
This was the best finals from both teams I’ve seen in my life. And the second best was 2016 3-1. Thank you Lebron for an amazing child hood 😭
Look at this game alone...extraordinary effort and hustle by James! Without him there would never even be a game 6!
@tumzyy2100 4 anni fa
Best finals ever. Also the warriors v. Cavs was good too.
@n.r6094 5 mesi fa
Beast mode! Best player to plau the game
@Tony-kh1jp 5 anni fa
Lebron should have stayed in either Miami or Cleveland in my opinion.
Anthony Joseph Miami
@Mckylan 4 anni fa
No. LA was the perfect move.
LeBron was so strong on his drive. You really couldn’t mess with him.
@budski1366 2 anni fa
Lebron in his prime idc what anyone says this is the best lebron hands down he was so aggressive and didn't regret any shot every shot count!
Chalmers traveled at the end of game 7
@yka373 4 anni fa
Dylan Walker 😂😂I said the same thing
LeBron did it all series
Generic Username you must be a fuckin warriors fan. Foh
@@emanresUcireneG did he
@tomugetsu5947 4 anni fa
From 2014 Finals looking back to 2013 Finals, Kawhi really did improve a LOT defensively. Scary how much a year can change somebody. He really is a different breed.
@jinsonglei3185 5 anni fa
Why can't haters just appreciate the greatness rather than keep hating?
@Achu931 Anno fa
Ray Allen buried the clutch shot but man LeBron was fire in the 4th quarter he singlehandedly brought heat back into winning situation in that game
thank you for making my childhood awesome legoat
Best athlete of all time
@arkoudiou 3 anni fa
20:53 hof defense and switch
@dcjay4722 3 anni fa
Don’t know why Greg Popovich just let him shoot the whole game, bad game plan. This isn’t 2007 anymore he has a jumpshot
To this day, I can't believe timmy missed that hook and put back. As a Mavs fan, it hurt to see him slap that court in frustration. This was a dramatic series/finals.
Look at Miami bench when Ray Allen puts up the 3 pointer that tied the game, Norris Cole so funny jumping like a little kid
So blessed to be a Heat fan
@djnosleeves85 4 anni fa
love seeing the Claw vs The King in this series.
I wish lebron would have stayed on the heat longer. however I don't care how many teams he goes to. he can go through all of them if he wants in my opinion. he earned it.
@zayarce5619 4 anni fa
Who’s here after LeBron ain’t wearing #23 anymore?
He'll be wearing 23 for a year, thanks to Nike
@tony tonyt true
@vixtermono5901 3 anni fa
So about that.....
Watching this after the swept of denver. The one in only 👑 we love💛
I still ❤️ this Miami team
Bron prime UNSTOPPABLE 🔥🔥🔥 still watching 💪 💪 💪 August 15, 2022
@haider1997 Anno fa
Year 20, this guy still got not words.
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