LeBron James 2nd Championship, Full Series Highlights vs Spurs (2013 NBA Finals) - Finals MVP! HD

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bbg bannoud
bbg bannoud 4 anni fa
If you wonder why Kevin durant is hated. It's because he made sure that we never have competitive epic series like this.
23jakesmith23 3 anni fa
Nobody acknowledges the fact that Lebron was the only player to hand the Spurs and Warriors dynasties their one L.
W C 3 anni fa
2013 and 2016 finals were epic as hell.... Thanks LeBron for coming through in those game 7's, I'll remember them forever.
This version of LeBron is the scariest to play against. Fast, strong, can score inside out and can guard all 5 positions. He definitely deserved that Finals MVP more than anyone else.
Armin Safavi
Armin Safavi 4 anni fa
16 points, 2 assists, 1 block in the fourth quarter of game 6 and yet ray allen gets all the credit
B Lovett
B Lovett 3 anni fa
Basketball is a team sport. Everyone must contribute in order to win. Ray Allen didn't save LeBron's legacy LeBron saved his own by stepping up when needed to. Ray Allen was in the right position to tie the game but without LeBron going off in the 4th quarter the Spurs win Game 6 and take the title. So cut the "saved legacy" crap and just respect LeBron for being clutch. The definition of clutch is contributing in the crucial moment of the game. BASKETBALL IS A TEAM SPORT DON'T EVER FORGET THAT!!!
BMEKB 4 anni fa
This was one of the best finals ever
Kaya Saunders
Why does nobody talk about LeBrons shot at
NCL_D11 2 anni fa
Lebron’s improvement is amazing he went from shooting 53% FG and 36.2% from 3 in 2011 to 56.6%FG and 40.6% from 3 in 2012 with a deadly midrange jumper too unstoppable
Santiago Trujillo
that mid range shot by lebron with like 30 sum second left should be more iconic. he literally sealed the game with that
MAGBobskie 3 anni fa
cyrus tesaluna
cyrus tesaluna 4 anni fa
Miami Lebron is unstoppable
kingkoua1 4 anni fa
I will never forget watching game 6 at a bdubbs in MN. It was packed with spurs fans and me and 5 other of my friends were heat fans. the whole first half the spurs and the heat kept giving it to each other, then towards the end of the third quarter the spurs were able to increase the lead by ten. the heat looked defeated, you can tell in their body language, except lebron. lebron would end up scoring 20 plus in the fourth quarter including that clutch three. you can tell the way lebron was playing, he was giving hope to his team mates again as they started to play with more tenacity. then ray allen hit that clutch ass shot and the whole bdubbs went up in flames. the crazy thing was ray allen was struggling the whole series with consistently scoring. the whole bdubbs was crazy af in the 4th quarter. i lost my voice the day after because of all the shit talking i did. just glad i got to witness one of the greatest games of the decade by the GOAT.
J Stiles
J Stiles 4 anni fa
Lebron and Wade are one of the greatest duo's ever and imo wade and lebron and bosh are one of the best trio's ever, Great times in Miami but wade is the heat legend period
Granny Gums
Granny Gums 4 anni fa
Lmao I’m a huge Lebron fan and I’m already seeing the huge difference living it and watching it from years later. I can’t imagine how sad the haters gonna feel when there’s no one like this to watch anymore 😂
Crazy how from 2011-18 he’s been in the Finals.
Wellington Padilla Molina
Basketball at its highest. King James, D Wade and Bosh were great together, rest of the team was good too, defense and tenacity.
Dan Luce
Dan Luce 4 anni fa
One of the greatest finals ever
Memories365 4 anni fa
Don't ever underestimate LeBron James in the NBA finals especially a game 7. G.O.A.T👌
Zone_Luck Anno fa
Mann.. this spurs was a legendary powerhouse. They were dominant for more than a decade. Every moment of this series were intense. 1st class organization for sure!
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