LeBron James EPIC MOMENTS From The 2018 Playoffs! 🤯🔥

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Lebron James best moments & highlights from the 17-18 Playoffs!

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13 giu 2022




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Commenti 342
Jeremiah Smith
Jeremiah Smith 9 mesi fa
This was the greatest individual playoff run I've seen in my life. He lead the entire playoffs in scoring averaging 34 ppg. He was the literal definition of unstoppable. His mid-range was hitting, he was hitting step-back threes, he perfected that fadeaway, and of course we know he's a vicious rim attacker. 2 Game-winners in the playoffs, he was a damn beast
a namer here
a namer here 4 giorni fa
@Just Nahayo I also don't know the difference between 'to' and 'too". We have some much in common!
Bryce Bobeldyke
Bryce Bobeldyke 11 giorni fa
you were spitting bro 🗣️
MCreed 3 mesi fa
He got swept
MCreed 3 mesi fa
@Just Nahayo got swept
Just Nahayo
Just Nahayo 9 mesi fa
2018 Bron is literally The Greatest Player of All Time👑🐐
Black 14 ore fa
One of and I’m a Kobe fan…
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo 22 giorni fa
​@Juwan Taylor At least Lebron has the ability to carry a team alone in a finals 🤷‍♂️
#GuruBasketballKieroSays 1000% Agree
Lowkeer Mese fa
@Juwan Taylor 😂😂😂😂😂hellll nawwww y’all know y’all lying to y’all selfs
Bigguccidre Jones
SON OF YAH 9 mesi fa
this run was so special, i’m sick he didn’t get a ring this year man! GOAT 🐐
Money Money
Money Money 3 mesi fa
@GlizzyGang Puncho no they had the worst defense with Thomas in the lineup by statistics
GlizzyGang Puncho
@RamboBrazy 💯 they could’ve beat gsw it was too many weapons they just ain’t give that team enough time to establish
RamboBrazy 4 mesi fa
@GlizzyGang Puncho wade was done around that time tho he had one knee
RamboBrazy 4 mesi fa
@GlizzyGang Puncho lowkey yu might be right
Elijah Cunanan
Elijah Cunanan 4 mesi fa
@Juwan Taylor never has been until now
Soldier09 9 mesi fa
One of the biggest carry jobs in NBA history
TJM the Great
@Juwan Taylor bruh no way
@Juwan Taylor AI east was record worst conference all time😂Lebron in 2018 is 100% better in every facet, even his game 1 of the finals is more impressive than AI’s
@Juwan Taylor Hakeem’s team was so much bette than AI and Lebron lmao, and the difference is that the east Lebron year was 10x Better than AI’s, that’s just how bad the east was in the early 2000s lmao u literally had Jason Kidd lead nets teams go to back to back finals😂
Just vibing
Just vibing 2 mesi fa
@Juwan Taylor hater lol
Quandex -
Quandex - 9 mesi fa
If Lebron won a chip this year I think he would undoubtedly be the goat.
@Juwan Taylor he won LA and Cleveland a ring tf
@Juwan Taylor Kobe never shot over 45% in a finals😂Kobe wasn’t remotely close to the best player on the court for 3 of his rings…. Swear Kobe fans make that legend the most overrated player in history
@Juwan Taylor Kevin Durant was injured in 2019 first of all😂, and second of all if Lebron had either Chris Paul or James harden as his second best player he would’ve actually beat them
@Juwan Taylor bron dropped a 51 point Masterclass against Steph and KD😭
hamza2022 Mese fa
@Juwan Taylor remember 2012 NBA finals???
ambitious1 3 mesi fa
I've seen MJ and Kobe, but how LeBron carried this team and clutch shot...game after game. He literally went through 3 rounds and he was probably the only player that averaged over 20ppg on that Cavs team. Idk if MJ or Kobe could do that for each round by themselves, they can put up points all day....but it was methodical how LBJ ran the clock down with each possession...just to make the right pass or shoot it when the clock winds down. And I'm an MJ fan, but we have to appreciate greatness.
tntcrewEJ 3 mesi fa
20 years from now, people are gonna look back at this season in awe. He was a one man show and he was no spring chicken either.
benn dover
benn dover 9 mesi fa
Greatest man to ever touch a basketball
Sly-Carbiine ™
Curry is the greatest
King Kam
King Kam 9 mesi fa
Besides MJ by an inch
YooAJ 9 mesi fa
The fact that people really comparing curry’s current playoff run to this blow’s my mind
Chris 9805
Chris 9805 2 mesi fa
@Chief Akili if im not mistaken he went to the west during his supposed “decline” bro won the chip in the west and also consistently been putting up crazy averages
K Money
K Money 3 mesi fa
@Chief Akili wdym he won a ring as a 1st seed and Laker lebron gets injured every year
H74dstar 8 mesi fa
@Chief Akili he won a championship in less than 5 years in the west it took this nigga 8 years just to get his first
Akhil Uppu
Akhil Uppu 9 mesi fa
@Juwan Taylor lmao at this point you know you lost. Curry isn’t even top 10. Your just embarrassing yourself at this point
Jeremiah Smith
Jeremiah Smith 9 mesi fa
@Juwan Taylor he wasn't fully healthy. He returned early from his ankle injury. And AD literally got reinjured
AfricanGamer 9 mesi fa
I’ll never forget this season so many analyst didn’t think the cavs were going to be much that year different lineup like every game the wade and bron team up Isaiah Thomas was also on that team before the trade even tho they lost the finals they definitely overachieved everyone said the pacers would take the cavs out round one Victor Oladipo was amazing that season unfortunately his team went out in seven games then Toronto the team everyone said the cavs didn’t stand a chance against the raptors who at the time finished 1st in their conference cavs swept them then to Celtics who at the time were the only team to have a roster capable to take down golden-state Warriors with new edition of Kevin Durant I can’t lie myself I didn’t think the cavs were going to make it out that series, Boston was incredible that season it’s crazy to think Jason Tatum was only a rookie brown in year two at one point of the series Boston had the series lead on the cavs at 2-0 people were already bringing out the brooms for the sweep but then LeBron displayed IMO his best series of his career the man just refused to loose a amazing series and playoff run EDIT- thanks for the likes🖤
DatGuyErik 9 mesi fa
No way he just crushed the Raptors playoff dreams bro 😭
Jose 9 mesi fa
2018 LBJ was insane🙆🏻‍♂️...the best playoffs of he's career 🐐🔥🔥🔥🔥😎
Yajirobe 9 mesi fa
really is a shame it ended in a sweep, really rooted for a win
chowderpowder 2 giorni fa
@Antoni Nicolas lmao If JR Smith didn't lose his focus mid-game, the Cavs had a chance to get Game 1, but there ain't no way, and I mean NO WAY, the Cavs muster three more wins against that loaded Golden State team.
Antoni Nicolas
Antoni Nicolas 2 mesi fa
I really think if Cavs won game 1, they would’ve won the title. You could tell LeBron lost it when he literally did everything he could and they lost that game, he essentially gave up
King Kam
King Kam 9 mesi fa
@Juwan Taylor 🤡
Nicomedes 9 mesi fa
@Juwan Taylor hell nah, stop doin drugs boy
Juwan Taylor
Juwan Taylor 9 mesi fa
Cause kd better than lebron 💯
H2 8 mesi fa
Felt so sorry for him..singular greatest play off performance in history. He clearly deserved a ring and mvp but his team were the worst
J thehoopgod
J thehoopgod 9 mesi fa
I believe heat Lebron was the best Lebron, but this was definitely the best on the offensive side.
Akhil Uppu
Akhil Uppu 9 mesi fa
@Juwan Taylor KD had to jump on a team that was 73-9 just to win 😂 oh and guess what lebron came back down 3-1 to win that. 99% of people know that Lebron is better than KD any day of the week. The only 1% are casual bums in denial like yourself. Stop lying to yourself man just accept the truth. KD was 🗑 this year as well. NETS were supposed to be a super team and they fell apart so hard shameful. When you’re done embarrassing yourself lmk
Akhil Uppu
Akhil Uppu 9 mesi fa
@Juwan Taylor he’s gonna go down as #2 all time and he’s not great 😂 averaged 30.1 this season lmaooo you’re just ignoring all that because you have no argument whatsoever. Bro even you know he’s great you’re just trying to hide it in your denial and insults. Whatever you say is just straight cope at this point
Akhil Uppu
Akhil Uppu 9 mesi fa
@Juwan Taylor state “big facts” when they clearly aren’t. Bro no point in arguing with me you’re embarrassing yourself. Take LBJ out of any of those teams none of them are making it to the finals and that’s fact. That can’t be said for anyone else even KD 😂 truth hurts doesn’t it
Juwan Taylor
Juwan Taylor 9 mesi fa
@Akhil Uppu lbj 8 points vs Jason Terry in the finals 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Miss 4 playoffs in career, lost 6 finals and hes nba all time turnovers leader shoots 65% from. Free throw line. Been getting destroyed by kd,curry and kawhi his whole career 😆 🤣. Curry,kd,giannis,kawhi and jokic are top 5 players in the nba💯💯💯💯
Croix 2timess
Croix 2timess 9 mesi fa
I'm so Grateful to witness this Version of Lebron this is Arguably My top 2 Favorite Version of Lebron but that Version of Lebron was Ridiculously Good
Gotworc Giorno fa
​@Juwan Taylor his defense was insanely good
Akhil Uppu
Akhil Uppu 9 mesi fa
@Juwan Taylor lmao you commented on every post. Must suck crying in every comment section. Lebron owns you, your teams, and your head 😂 keep your sad life out of this. Everyone knows Lebron is undoubtedly top 2 all time
Juwan Taylor
Juwan Taylor 9 mesi fa
This version of lebron Is overrated af and his defense garbage 🗑. I see exactly why lebron got swept in finals
JEZZE4322 Mese fa
I’m not the biggest lebron fan. But this run is one of the few that left me in awe
Ed Mese fa
This version of lebron is the best overall player of all time. Best mix of everything in one player
BigDully 8 mesi fa
He just needed more help and I’m telling you 2018 was his too 👑
nick b
nick b Mese fa
the fact that he kept up with all those teams alone..
Loons FC
Loons FC 6 mesi fa
One can only imagine if he had a half competent squad this playoff
Poly_G 9 mesi fa
These playoffs he was the greatest offensive player ever, even in the clutch. Though I think his 2017 numbers were even crazier which don't get talked about enough he did 33/9/8 on 56% shooting, 41% from 3 and 2 steals per game + 1.3 blocks per game over 18 games straight. That was inhuman efficiency.
Slxyer14 4 mesi fa
@Galileo Galilei the stats you putting up are literally worse than lebrons 2017 and 2018 runs 😂. And Jordan had a super team. Please try to tell me lebron did.
Galileo Galilei
Galileo Galilei 6 mesi fa
@Sportstalkonly MJ doesn’t have a statistical playoff run as good as Lebron’s in 2018 right ? 👀Then comes 89-90 Playoff MJ: 36.7 ppg, 7.2 rebounds, 6.8 assists, 2.8 steals, 0.9 blocks. 51/32/83 shooting splits. You can run but you can’t hide from Michael Jeffery Jordan. 🤭How about regular season? I can go with 89-90 MJ is back averaging 33.6 ppg, 6.9 rebounds, 6.3 assists , 2.8 steals, 0.7 blocks on 52/37/85 shooting splits. This me being nice . 🤫😌🤭I want to be mean , I just go with 87-88 MJ. Scoring title, defensive player of the year, steals title , mvp, all defensive first team, all nba first team, all star game mvp. 35.0 ppg , 5.5 rebounds, 5.5 assists, 3.2 steals, 1.6 blocks on 53/13/84 shooting splits. He wasn’t even shooting the 3 ball yet and they still couldn’t stop him lol.
Galileo Galilei
Galileo Galilei 6 mesi fa
@Sportstalkonly 🤭Why lead both teams in every major statistical category when you can average 41 ppg , 8.5 rebounds, 6.3 assists and 1.7 steals on 51/40/69 shooting splits. A rare bad free free throw shooting series for MJ. Not a 40 point game in 1 or 2 of the Finals game. 41 ppg AVERAGE for the series. MJ IS JUST A SCORER…. 1991 Finals stats :31.2 ppg. 11.4 assure, 6.6 rebounds, 2.8 steals, 1.4 blocks on 56/55/85 shooting splits. I’m not sure why you brought up Lebron’s 2017 finals stats when his matchup Kevin Durant torched him out that entire series. We don’t post garbage time numbers in losses over here 😉
Sportstalkonly 6 mesi fa
@Galileo Galilei 2017 finals. 33 12 and 10. 56 percent fg. 38 percent from 3. 2016 finals. 29 11 and 8. Leads both teams in everything. 2015 finals 35 13 and 8 leads both teams in points rebounds and assists. 2013 finals leads his team in everything but blocks. And over the 4 finals vs the warriors he averaged 33.2 ppg, 11.27 rpg, and 9.42 apg on 53 percent fg. U tried it tho.
Sportstalkonly 6 mesi fa
@Galileo Galilei lebron james 2018 playoffs. 34 9 and 9 the entire playoffs. Nothing Jordan ever did is more impressive than that. Better luck next time.
YurAvgPlaya Mese fa
Damn Bron 30’s is really remarkable
Julian Davis
Julian Davis 3 mesi fa
He knew he was leaving, and he gave is a show. #Ohio #2018 Thank You
kidfrm_700 9 mesi fa
only if he won the finals that year (still the best player of all time)
mista_4x 2 mesi fa
@Juwan Taylor bro how
Juwan Taylor
Juwan Taylor 8 mesi fa
@Luca Iacovella the guy that won 2017 and 2018 finals mvp. #35 the one Dat destroyed lebron
Juwan Taylor
Juwan Taylor 9 mesi fa
Kevin durant better than lebron 💯
NBA PBA Update
NBA PBA Update 9 mesi fa
Bron 2018 playoffs unstoppable 🔥🔥🔥
J 9 mesi fa
While MJ might be the GOAT, LeBron definitely feels like he’s had higher highs and lower lows than MJ. LeBron singular peak moments might be higher than MJ but unfortunately there’ll always be people that bring up the finals record.
Joshua Aninyei
Joshua Aninyei 2 mesi fa
True 100%
Slxpvz 9 mesi fa
@Chief Akili what are you saying ?? if lebron had jordan’s team with the cavs a few years after he got drafted why would he go to the heat if lebron had scottie and rodman why would he team hop only one of those losses where his fault which was in 2011 and you could debate 2014 … straight casual
ptralx 9 mesi fa
lets be real here, lebron is better than MJ. im not a lebron fan but the league is way harder than the 80s/90s
trigger trey
trigger trey 9 mesi fa
@Chief Akili Jordansexual only watch basketball in the 80s and 90s
trigger trey
trigger trey 9 mesi fa
@J fax
Ayeee UGuys
Ayeee UGuys 9 mesi fa
The 🐐
seyahtan24 9 mesi fa
Man, game 1 of that finals was winnable if only Hill did not choke the FT and JR did not forget they had a timeout. lol. Literal carry season by LeBron.
Edis Delgado
Edis Delgado 9 mesi fa
35 8 8 playoff run. Imagine if he didn't punch a wall after game 1 of the finals. He would have more points in the rest of those games
Minge 9 mesi fa
Can’t wait to watch this lbj was crazy
CharlesMiguel Salalila
The best version of LeBron we've see
Money Money
Money Money 3 mesi fa
Of any player.
Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson 9 mesi fa
OL'🐐👑JAMES#23 ..
Mark Pangilinan
Mark Pangilinan 2 mesi fa
LeBron knows when to pass the ball when he's in double team but sometimes he'll attack even if there are 3 or more defenders. 😭
Amitoz Jatana
Amitoz Jatana 2 mesi fa
Mia Chan
Mia Chan 9 mesi fa
Kyrie Irving 20-21 season highlights pls 50,40,90 = 180 Club 🙏🙏🙏
LoganPlays 24 giorni fa
Still sad to this day bron didn’t win that game 1 in the finals
Quan Smith
Quan Smith 7 mesi fa
My boi king James tha 💯🐐
He is the only person who can be compared to jordan
M2K NBA 9 mesi fa
Juwan Taylor
Juwan Taylor 9 mesi fa
Kobe better than lebron and kobe is te closest thing to mj 💯
Angel LWJ
Angel LWJ 9 mesi fa
@Chief Akili what?😂
victor dela Cruz
@Chief Akili no not enough accolades
Danny Anfernee
Danny Anfernee 9 mesi fa
The scariest version of Lebron
Tovy Vallar
Tovy Vallar 2 mesi fa
If Chris Paul didn't get injured this season and beat the warriors lebron could've win it all
YurAvgPlaya Mese fa
Or them 27 shots missed in a row
Sakkboyy 24 giorni fa
Game winner vs pacers I would love to Fred McLeod call it
Cold Wolf
Cold Wolf 8 mesi fa
Lebron either pissing off Drake or Drake having a good time 😂
DuhJayJo 7 mesi fa
KD literally ruined the greatest basketball rivalry in NBA history smh
ddp540 2 mesi fa
Robbed us man...
Akzipoloy 8 mesi fa
Probably his the one"👑🦁
Master Vain
Master Vain 5 giorni fa
I always say this, LBJ’s greatest accomplishment in his career wasn’t any of his championships or scoring records, it was dragging the 2018 Cavs to the finals
Impact 5 giorni fa
No dragging the 2007 cavs to the finals in his 4th year in the nba was crazy asf
Master Vain
Master Vain 9 mesi fa
say what u want but i strongly believe 2018 playoff bron is the best player of all time
mista_4x 2 mesi fa
@TheLebronJamesOfMasturbating kareem comes next but it’s a massive gap between lebron and Kareem
Absolutely, i doubt we'll ever see someone become that unstoppable over any stretch ever again. Jordan may be the GOAT, but the gap between jordan and lebron is so much smaller than lebron and whoever comes next
Sportstalkonly 6 mesi fa
Clearly is. And I saw Jordan play. The closest I ever seen to that in the playoffs is 93 finals Jordan but that wasn't the entire playoffs.
younes emani
younes emani 9 mesi fa
King LeBron James 👑👑👑👑👑👑 best NBA player
Lucas Battles
Lucas Battles 3 mesi fa
i always wonder what could’ve been if jr smith didn’t make that bone headed ass play game 1 man… imagine he throws it out to LeBron and he hits that game winning 3, whole series could’ve been different
Anjaylo Robinson
2018 Bron was scary
ASMR Fed 4 mesi fa
if JR Smith doesn’t ruin LeBrons momentum with that damn play he probably gets a game 7 with GS or even the ring
Gotworc Giorno fa
Nah no way i wanted them to win so bad but their second best player was kevin love averaging like 12ppg. The warriors were stacked and way too good
Randy Bobandy
Man Cle wasted 2 years of lebrons peak smh. Imo, Bron would have 7 rings right now if not for GS NEEDING to add KD, love & kyrie going down in 2014. Think about that, GS knew they couldnt stop Bron and he was bout to reel off 3 straight if they didnt add KD. I know its a tired argument but it still pisses me off to this day lol
Mehmet Tan
Mehmet Tan 2 mesi fa
chowderpowder 2 giorni fa
I really don't get why people think that the Cavaliers could've come out victorious against the Golden State Warriors in the Finals, had JR Smith stayed focused for Game 1. Like, get real, best case scenario, the Cavs win the first game just to get gentleman sweeped.
Jimmmyyy 9 mesi fa
Ik why you did this max😂😂
João Vollet leal Azevedo
this video is literally why lebron is the goat! The man carried this bunch npcs into an nba final
C.K.888 8 mesi fa
LeBron’s 2018 playoff run was a big waste of our time. All this just to basically give us a boring finals rerun Cleveland would have been bette off losing to indiana and saving us the inevitability of a Fourth straight rerun. But hey, at least Cleveland got extra playoff revenue
Elias Jackson
Elias Jackson 9 mesi fa
Possibly the 3rd greatest player behind Jordan and Curry
Aint no way
Hexx 4 mesi fa
2018 lebron ultimate king 👑
MOE 9 mesi fa
I can’t wait for leclown to retire so the league will be fun to watch again
2020Lakers 8 mesi fa
Have fun waiting the next 3 years for that :)
Stephen Riffel
Stephen Riffel 9 mesi fa
Have fun waiting a few more years
Joe Jones
Joe Jones 9 mesi fa
@Kibaba lefobaki he also has more accolades and better stats than their god Kobe 😂😂😂
Kibaba lefobaki
Kibaba lefobaki 9 mesi fa
Of course coming from a Kobesexual. Leclown is a 4 time finals mvp, 4 times mvp, 16-6 vs the guy on your pfp, a billionaire! Pretty good for a clown!
Warn 4 mesi fa
Felix2389 9 mesi fa
2009 vs 2018 Lebron Playoffs!?
Sportstalkonly 9 mesi fa
Nba Basketball
Nba Basketball 4 mesi fa
King james
Eksquiz 9 mesi fa
G H Mese fa
9:02 look at kevin bro
DaveDott Mese fa
6:45 what was that guy thinking?
mia2000 Giorno fa
s1im.ki11a 9 mesi fa
bros competing with golden hoops lmaoo
TJM the Great
Shoulda been mvp
Lee 9 mesi fa
Can we have a linsanity highlights video?
Lee 9 mesi fa
True haha. But would it be possible to have a Jeremy lin highlights video for the three four weeks he had that streak just like how you did Goat Szn. You uploaded those highlights 10 years ago and it would be so cool just to remind people how special he was during that time 🔥🔥just my opinion
MaxaMillion711 9 mesi fa
I did some when it was happening years ago
Mallo Mese fa
Bad choice of music but fire highlights 😑
Chicha 9 mesi fa
what kind of music is in the background 7:24?
dragonboy141 Mese fa
This dude carried injuried Kevin love and some make a wish kids to the finals.
Ryan Marchand
Ryan Marchand 9 mesi fa
LeBronto baby
NoLimitsJames 25 giorni fa
If the cavs win game 1 in that finals. I think it goes 6-7 games. Lebron gave you 51 and lost. Deflated that whole cavs team.
Logan Roca
Logan Roca Mese fa
He’s top 2 but not 2
Young Dr. Seuss
J TV 2 mesi fa
Nope miami lebron was epic
Marble Mese fa
sauce 9 mesi fa
i believe that year lebron james would have beaten the warriors if kd wasn’t there.kd literally ruin the nba.fck if klay wasn’t injured against the raptors they would have won without kd
MOE 9 mesi fa
MJ > lebron
2020Lakers 8 mesi fa
Only thing Jordan got over bron is rings
Sportstalkonly 9 mesi fa
Maybe in another universe but not this one
Joe Jones
Joe Jones 9 mesi fa
Yea only mj is better and not that dude on your profile pic😂😂😂
CK REACTS 16 ore fa
Jaco Groenewald
Who’s better than 2018 Lebron? No one
CodeBreaker Mese fa
2012 Game 6 Lebron in Boston
Kenny Robinson
Kenny Robinson 9 mesi fa
Gotworc Giorno fa
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