LeBron James Gets EJECTED After Fight With Pistons' Isaiah Stewart

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LeBron and Isaiah Stewart were both ejected. Russ was given a tech.

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21 nov 2021




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Commenti 16 327
Bill McMillan
Bill McMillan 3 ore fa
Does he have to fight with everyone? What a poor sport..... Basketball players are definitely NOT worth the embarrassing amount of money they get paid...its an obscene waste of money.
Peaceful Civillian
Put him in football
Zaquarvious Gaffney
russ was about to throw hands
omar karoush
omar karoush 4 ore fa
Chill bro
Kirbo Turbo69
Kirbo Turbo69 4 ore fa
I feel like everyone getting between them made it worse LMAO
Dariusz 4 ore fa
But Amok ! 🤣
What happened To freedom of speech
I could care less he's a basketball player but the truth is what he did was assaulted someone with his elbow plain and simple 💯
Lauren Williams
Hell my face looking like that I’m charging too😣
Y N 4 ore fa
But him running over the staff is fair game
Stephen A
Stephen A 4 ore fa
Dude got sensitive skin, that's all
Bryan Thompson
Let’s all be honest lebron is like that one really really good kid on the team whose got all the best equipment and nicest stuff but yells and talks all crazy to his mom, always gettin what he wants. It wouldn’t hurt for him to be knocked down a peg
matthew wareham
should have taken a shot on him as soon as he got up.
Orin Meighan II
Man Russ ass ain’t gon do shit
Rakib Amin
Rakib Amin 5 ore fa
Come on it's Lebron, he can do whatever he likes. People would still simp
Gunit aller
Gunit aller 5 ore fa
LeBron James👎🏼 stop this guy on NBA
Emmitt Smith
Emmitt Smith 5 ore fa
Russ has me so fucking weak😂😂
макис горкий
Хочешь втащить не подовая виду подойти и втащи
chicken wings
chicken wings 6 ore fa
They was bouta have "Malice in the Palace Part ll".
Chris Raj
Chris Raj 6 ore fa
LeBron James pussying away 😂
Jayden S
Jayden S 7 ore fa
Fuckin meatheads always the ones raging on folks🤣like bro it did not need to go that far you gotta be able to check yourself as a man
Poncho Palito
Poncho Palito 7 ore fa
Stewart be like: lebron hit me! Look guy's lebron hit me! Yo! Do the other one come on Bron! Do the one!😆😂🤣💯
lolix_tortilla Nuggets
Lebron 🖕
Loki 7 ore fa
What's it mean LeBron gets ejected, there's nothing about him, at least on camera and there's nothing if I see nothing.
James Edward
James Edward 7 ore fa
Lebron purposely swung back and he actually punched him with a back swing but with the side of his fist, not the knuckle part. It was clearly intentional if you watch it at the highest resolution and at .25 speed.
George davis
George davis 7 ore fa
Lebron sucks always been a cheap shot person
buka frank
buka frank 7 ore fa
The blood got him more upset
skysky sk
skysky sk 7 ore fa
I saw the elbow. It’s a bad angle but it happened
How did an elbow make Stewart bleed so much🤨
marcantonio 8 ore fa
Schiatati pure tu
Venister Tilfas
"Money is the rude of all evil"
even BIGGER african guy
Lol "root"
DeeTwo ThreeTv
Maybe it was a accident maybe it wasnt but in the end peep how he leaning to push lebron prior to the elbow nobody aint peep that huh
Raul Arredondo jr
I'm I the only one that saw LeBron 👀 hit him hard with his elbow 👍 👌 💛
FIFA kid 👦
FIFA kid 👦 8 ore fa
Put a Hispanic announcer there shit would have been funny
reteipdevries 8 ore fa
Every team will want Isaiah Stewart. He learned some boxing as well.
Craig Silver
Craig Silver 9 ore fa
Westbrook cracks me up … he’s always ready to throw down 🤣
Isaiah Baker
Isaiah Baker 9 ore fa
Detroit 💯🔥❤️
Roland Kennedy
I get that he was elbowed by a cry baby. But you had a chance to do something and did nothing. Then you want to delay the game 20 minutes and be selfish to your team when 100% you arent going to get to lebron
John Smith
John Smith 9 ore fa
The commentators said that’s nuts let me punch them
jstop777 9 ore fa
Someone tell that stadium annoucer to shut up
Chino Espejon
Chino Espejon 9 ore fa
Atleast they don’t throw chairs at each other like what happened to fiba lol
Willy Fuedan
Willy Fuedan 10 ore fa
jessy blue
jessy blue 10 ore fa
Hope the young sportsmen learn that assault is a sign of weakness. Anyway, after all they still receive their million dollars, who cares.
JaviianNyB 10 ore fa
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 10 ore fa
loved the new video?
yung sway
yung sway 10 ore fa
He ran through a whole defensive line
Sivas Ellik
Sivas Ellik 10 ore fa
Hättest du ihn hauen wollen könntest du ihm schon vorher gehauen zu Schauspieler.
Dan SIVA 10 ore fa
Lol I got a LeBron ad
EN Lockhart
EN Lockhart 10 ore fa
this is great!!! go hockey!!!
chump 39
chump 39 10 ore fa
That didn't show LeBron get EJECTED? If it's in CAPS you'd think SHOW IT!
Algedi Barrios
Algedi Barrios 11 ore fa
LeBron #6???
ernest w
ernest w 11 ore fa
Scrub LeBron is just jealous he's got natural hair lol
mc mc
mc mc 11 ore fa
lebron what a coward. not surprised
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 10 ore fa
I love how 10 men can't hold him back and then some 4'11 girl runs over to try to help.
Lil.d got the Juice
He fr turned him to a nfl player
Flash Dust
Flash Dust 11 ore fa
LMFAOOO What'd he think he'd Do Against Lebron, I mean I feel bad it was a mistake but my guy its fucking lebron
Christy Mizelle
Christy Mizelle 11 ore fa
He was bout to fuck Lebron up...he snuck em
R3D 11 ore fa
West was ready to throw hands lmaooooo damn
Prince Kevin Anibo
George Floyd Space Shuttle Program
I don't think LeBron's gonna intentionally punch anyone anymore. He clearly got in over his head there. He was looking for protection even behind Westbrook
Sky 11 ore fa
Westbrook was in there quick lol
anonymous youtuber
LeBron likes men
ButterBall 11 ore fa
I love how 10 men can't hold him back and then some 4'11 girl runs over to try to help.
Geralt of Rivia
Geralt of Rivia 12 ore fa
I love how the whole time deandre was just literally standing there like a wall waiting on him to break through lol
David 12 ore fa
Where's Metta World Peace when you need him?
Ms . Anne Toombs
Been a Fan of LBJ but this some dumb shi right here fr. Homie have all right to be PTFO! Big Ups to Cunningham. Look how LBJ step away
NidgeOCE 12 ore fa
seems pretty intentional what lebron did, if you slow it down you can see he threw the elbow as he is looking 0:13 I wouldn't blame Stewart for being pissed off. LeBron is a coward.
Alberto Gomes
Alberto Gomes 13 ore fa
Lebron James needs to grow up and stop acting immature..he thinks he is above the law …you are wrong man …being humble goes a long way Mr. lebron
Thug Vision
Thug Vision 13 ore fa
Blood, Sweat and Tears put to the test. 💯
Stacey Phillips
Stacey Phillips 13 ore fa
Did yall see Lebron push dude down when he was bending over during the free throw line...It wasnt about the hit...it started at the free throw line...go back n watch it...he pushed the guy down after the last shot when it was time go for the ball...i think thats why dude was angry and Lebron didnt try to help him up which makes it loom like he did everything intentional
Robert Bennett
Robert Bennett 13 ore fa
Notice only one side of the fight had to be restrained? 😂
Билл Тёрнер
Mick 13 ore fa
Bunch of spoiled $millionaires.....
blue- T
blue- T 13 ore fa
Sad, Stewart's face is banged up, most are defending Lebron because he is King Lebron, a star player, but LeBron shouldn't get special treatment, that was unnecessary, LeBron is a dirty player, remember his flops to the floor so it would seem opposing team knock him to the floor.
David tinch
David tinch 13 ore fa
Control your emotions big fellow. You've been fouled many times in your career. Don't let this ruin your career.
DiscGolf Casados
I hate it when anyone tries to compare this dude to Michael, he's as useful as a sack of potatoes when you hypothetically put him next to the legend. No wonder they cast him for Space Jam, he's a loony tune irl.
John Yen
John Yen 13 ore fa
We're literally hunted EVERYDAY
Jack&Samantha Shots
If he ever got suspended he would do wonders in the WWE
michael fox
michael fox 14 ore fa
America's new Hero!
john sillings
john sillings 14 ore fa
Lebron is a c nt.
Chingi chonga
Chingi chonga 14 ore fa
Westbrook lowkey trynna scrap 😭
Roy Crite
Roy Crite 14 ore fa
Jeez I yearn for 90's basketball!
HHH 14 ore fa
Russel pumped Lol
Don B
Don B 14 ore fa
Homie went the hulk! 😂
He playing football on the basketball court 🤣🤣🤣
Mary Oaks
Mary Oaks 15 ore fa
It doesn’t look intentional
Antuan Hobbs
Antuan Hobbs 15 ore fa
LBJ Smooth Criminal 😎
Shawn Smith
Shawn Smith 15 ore fa
This clown needs to be thrown out the NBA what a pos
Jared Matthew
Jared Matthew 15 ore fa
Isaiah Stewart great fight
That elbow to the head was no accident! KARMA always comes back to collect its debts from 👹💩🤡
Captain Bigot
Captain Bigot 15 ore fa
LeBron is a China puppet.
john sillings
john sillings 14 ore fa
Totally bends over for ccp
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