LeBron James' TOP PLAYS | Last 5 Seasons 

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Relive the TOP PLAYS from LeBron James over the last 5 seasons.
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17 apr 2020




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Mcbeg33 3 anni fa
What Lebron did in 2016 was something that the League has never seen before. Not just coming back from 3-1 against the arguably best team ever, but his performance throughout playoffs, against Raptors and Hawks...amazing.
Christopher Ward
dt089 3 mesi fa
2016 was unbelievable, but 2018 was probably his best work in the playoffs aside from the disappointment that was the Final after game 1, that is. Also, the 2015 playoffs doesn't get talked about enough, where he was also spectacular, especially facing the Warriors in a Final without Love or Kyrie.
James Clayton
James Clayton 3 anni fa
I wish everyone could just appreciate him, this greatness won’t last forever.
Kagami Taiga
Kagami Taiga 3 anni fa
100% facts
logan 3 anni fa
@James Clayton he’s not even top 5 🤣
Evan 3 anni fa
Logan issa Ravens fan from Ohio you couldn’t name 5 players better than bron
logan 3 anni fa
@Evan Young Jordan, Kareem, Kobe, Duncan, Magic
Uriah Robinson
Uriah Robinson 3 anni fa
@logan bro why are you even watching this if you're just gonna bag on LeBron?
Rahmoune Mohamed
2018 was definitely his year. They stole his MVP from him.
dvon1097 3 anni fa
Rahmoune Mohamed He shoulda won it over harden.
Rahmoune Mohamed
@dvon1097 absolutly !Just like harden should've won over Westbrook in 2017 In my opinion.
Jean O
Jean O 3 anni fa
Rahmoune Mohamed that’s what im saying and till this day im saying mvp should not only be based on regular season. Bron was 4th seed in 2018 and still made it to the finals
Parkour 3 anni fa
What do you mean? 2020 stolen from him too lol
Jaeden Sports
Jaeden Sports 3 anni fa
"Blocked by James!" "LeBron wins it for Cleveland!" "Through Thompson's legs." "Here comes L! B! J!" "James! Throws it down!" "Pass to himself. And throws it down!" "The pump-fake." "Let me introduce myself!" "Track down smack down for LeBron James."
1ICYY 2 anni fa
"mama there goes that man"
André Anno fa
Allen Milton
Allen Milton Anno fa
“Look left, Pass Right…C’mon now.”
NTVinh20 10 mesi fa
"James, catch, fire... Ball game!"
Keno Ocampo
Keno Ocampo 3 anni fa
Just accept that if this man retires, the NBA will never be the same.
Vern Pascal
Vern Pascal 2 anni fa
Yes. One of his most amazing accomplishments is scoring in double figures for a 1000 games. It seems completely impossible and no one is talking about it. They would rather argue about Him and Jordan for eternity. One would think that after game 57, or game 182. or game 356, or game 587, or 912, whatever he would have to have a game just one where he went 3 for 15 with one three pointer and 2 for 5 from the line for 9 points.Those are a lot of games he had to play sick or hurt.
Martine ange-Trovet
but yes I will talk with you and understand each other but his son is the brony
ワLawrene 2 anni fa
Don't sleep with my man Luka and Giannis They're the future
Keno Ocampo
Keno Ocampo 2 anni fa
@ワLawrene everybody knows that, it's just the hate LeBron have all this time is really the one that sparks vibe. Luka and Gianna are the freaks on their own game, but LeBron seems like the one who got all this pressure with the great athlete he is.
Nobody 3 anni fa
This man's last 5 seasons highlights is better than highlights for some HOFs careers
VP102 3 anni fa
this mans last 5 seasons is a HOF career
Veerim 3 anni fa
You could split LeBron's career in two and have two first ballot hall of famers. Unreal
Nobody 3 anni fa
@Veerim Bruh I didn't think of that lol
Mckylan 3 anni fa
2treecko u could literally have first stint with Cleveland n he’s a HOF
bruce lau
bruce lau 3 anni fa
that block on Iguodala my god still gives me chills to this day just unbelievable
uriel sura
uriel sura 3 anni fa
Marlon Cabrera what’s your point
Dr. Jose Manalo
Dr. Jose Manalo 3 anni fa
Marlon Cabrera if that block didnt happen, warriors have 2pt lead and pretty sure that change the game plan for the cavs, stop it man,your point is pointless
Rich Hall
Rich Hall 3 anni fa
​Marlon Cabrera Without the block, Kyrie doesn't attempt the 3 and the Warriors win as they have all the momentum. Defensive plays can be clutch as well. Both the shot and block were crucial, but so was Kevin Love's defensive stop
TrickYourLife 2 anni fa
Marlon Cabrera stop commenting all the comments lol.. just appreciate
Dmex_42 3 anni fa
You can tell his loved by his teammates the way they celebrate after one of his plays
im_waffles 2 anni fa
Hard not to celebrate like that after some of those plays.
winoo19 3 anni fa
30 min of great plays, one after another. And then they tell you is just from one man
Jhk 727
Jhk 727 3 anni fa
only past 5 years too...
bruce lau
bruce lau 3 anni fa
still can't believe he passed Kobe for 3rd all time, that was legendary yet sad
Αιμίλιος Τσαούσι
Ardin Behtaj points
Αιμίλιος Τσαούσι
Ardin Behtaj that will be awesome witnessing history but yeah im afraid that due to the virus the season will not continue
Tim C
Tim C 3 anni fa
bruce lau pass Lebron got 3 Kobe got 5
Robert Dailey
Robert Dailey 3 anni fa
I love how lebron is a pass first guy and is 3rd all time in scoring still🙌
moses el faruq bey
John Stockton is a pass first guy, magic Johnson is a pass first guy. Lebron does pass a lot but he's definitely a scorer first
Jayden Vert
Jayden Vert 9 mesi fa
@moses el faruq bey I agree with this. Nonetheless, it’s quite a huge feat considering the amount of assists he racks up because of his playmaking abilities.
Kodak Moment
Kodak Moment 8 mesi fa
@moses el faruq bey and you’re definitely wrong
Mcbeg33 3 anni fa
MVP stands for most Valuable player! Just look at what happens when Lebron leaves the team...or comes to play for one. Come on man. He should’ve been MVP 9 out of 10 last years.
Tovey Chow
Tovey Chow 3 anni fa
Lololol. Mainly cavs because they played bron system. Heat was fine. But bosh was ill.
terrance rucker
terrance rucker 3 anni fa
Conservative Vanguard let’s look at this comment years from now and laugh lol
Conservative Vanguard
@terrance rucker I would agree it would be funny, if it weren't for the fact that the person that wrote the comment actually believes his delusion. That in and of itself is terrifying. Sports is a microcosm of society.
terrance rucker
terrance rucker 3 anni fa
Conservative Vanguard 😳😳
Tim C
Tim C 3 anni fa
Mcbeg33 Jordan had more
Buhhhbye 3 anni fa
Yes, I've watched all of this highlights already but who cares, I'm watching it again!
Hadez Drip 💧🚀
kaori is a cutie you weird homie
Grant 3 anni fa
kaori is a cutie ahaha your so funny how’d you come up with that
Stephen Yu
Stephen Yu 3 anni fa
THE KING's HIGHLIGHTS help us to get through this hard time!!!
Nod Your head
Nod Your head 3 anni fa
The chemistry him and Kyrie had was a thing of beauty
VeryCorrupted 3 anni fa
This man is so entertaining to watch ball bro. Gonna be a sad day when he retires
Vernon Chandler
Vernon Chandler 3 anni fa
I saw Lebron James in person last year, he the 🐐
Danny 01
Danny 01 3 anni fa
Bruh look at MJ mist see gem vault, I love Lebron but he would never
James Escondo
James Escondo 3 anni fa
I would love to see lebron in the future when I'm an adult
Jerry Ren
Jerry Ren 3 anni fa
TheRealist 811 The better question is, did you see MJ play in person?
Jerry Ren
Jerry Ren 2 anni fa
@꧁Soldier Zanny꧂ ???
C Hood
C Hood 3 anni fa
I love that “Allow me to introduce myself! My name is BRON!”
Justice Trosclair
JuiceMan797 shouldve did cole world yk “allow me to reintroduce myself my name is BRON”
Hao Xuan CHENG
Hao Xuan CHENG 3 anni fa
My name is Bron, James Bron
Jackson Bauman
Jackson Bauman 3 anni fa
Thomas Rayhawk
Thomas Rayhawk 3 anni fa
JusticemMan797 absolutely! Love C Webber’s call on that which on many highlights they’ll leave out
Georgia Heathen
Georgia Heathen 3 anni fa
Marlon Cabrera 😂🤔💀 lol
Willy WonCuhh
Willy WonCuhh 3 anni fa
LeBron seemed to be having so much fun with Kyrie on the Cavs I miss the cav Lebron days
Willy WonCuhh
Willy WonCuhh 3 anni fa
92KOBE24 fax
asian Boii
asian Boii 3 anni fa
92KOBE24 he did it because of the rumors of lebron leaving the next year so he left first so he wouldn’t be stuck in Cleveland like LBJ left him before. Cant blame him smart business move🤷‍♂️
cleanjumper10 3 anni fa
xopgoat10 3 anni fa
1960s: bill Russell or wilt chamberlain 1970s: Kareem 1980s: Magic Johnson OT Larry bird 1990s: Michael Jordan 2000s: Kobe Bryant 2010s: LeBron James
M H 3 anni fa
GOAT 10 Shaq and Duncan have 3fmvp in the 2000s
wxxcable 3 anni fa
I don’t think Kobe is the best player during 2000s
Goodies Finds Review
00's should be Tim Duncan!
Adnan 2 anni fa
Tim Duncan and Shaq are right up there with Kobe
Vihaan Kadarla
Vihaan Kadarla 2 anni fa
Tim Duncan for 2000s
郭思宏 3 anni fa
I was lebron hater backing the days, but right now he is the most amazing player I have ever seen
snooppp Anno fa
It's more fun to watch basketball without hating. I used to hate the warriors because of how great they were, but not anymore. Curry, KD, and LeBron are one of my favorite players to watch now, especially KD and Curry after their crazy season this year.
Supreme x Bong
Supreme x Bong 3 anni fa
2018 lebron was on a different level
RapZheet 3 anni fa
Guy above is a troll just look at his name.
CIA 3 anni fa
Stopping Bronsexuals lol if lebron at least had a decent supporting cast and if rockets didnt choke in the wcf , i see cavs winning a chip
Kavien Goss
Kavien Goss 3 anni fa
Stopping Bronsexuals you try way too hard lmao
Jahleel X
Jahleel X 3 anni fa
Stopping Bronsexuals dude stay on Lebron videos and supposedly hates him and his fans yet stay on his videos. U definitely a fan.
Mustafa Alp ARI
Mustafa Alp ARI 3 anni fa
Crab God yeah an all star like love or the supporting cast that lebron wanted is just nothing
Rowena Dasmariñas
My admiration to LBJ is forever..🤩😍
KHULE__ 3 anni fa
Man that 2017-2018 season was special, man played EVERY game at 33 years old.
JD Beatzz
JD Beatzz 3 anni fa
the greatest player of all time.
Robert Dailey
Robert Dailey 3 anni fa
jaycha 86
jaycha 86 2 anni fa
Here we go
Tree Cosmos
Tree Cosmos 2 anni fa
Al Panganiban
Al Panganiban 3 anni fa
From the day he was drafted he still do the best of the beast with unbelievable records. How can u not appreciate this man.....damn!! At his age by now he can still DO NASTY DUNKS and not fading atheticism he had. Too much good/legend!!
Shonda Walker
Shonda Walker 2 anni fa
Ive always been a Fan of Lebron James! It doesn't matter what team who he goes to!
Khaled 3 anni fa
I am amazed how a defensive play became most iconic moment in LeBron’s legendary carrier and arguably in nba history (nba final game 7, last few minutes of the match, came from nowhere, against best nba team record 73-9, came back from 1-3 down) what a great way to break a 50 years curse with no title in history of the Cleveland’ state Oh Block by James 👑🧠💍💍💍🐐💪🏿
B Lovett
B Lovett 3 anni fa
Season #15 is one of his best performances ever and one of the greatest individual seasons in NBA history.
Jacobo Moquete guzman
I could watch this all day long #TheKing #GOAT 🔥🏀👑
B-Y Been Him
B-Y Been Him 2 anni fa
King James highlights never get old 👑 🔥💯
Matthew Evensen
Matthew Evensen 2 anni fa
I wish LBJ would have won another ring with Cleveland. Feel bad bc a ton of these highlights are from the finals. Just an absolute beast in both the finals and the ECF. I think ppl forget his ppg/stats in finals bc his record. Just insane
Hector Gramatica
Men I'm all time MJ fan and Kobe too. but these plays are truly greatness. So lucky to have seen eras of MJ, Kobe and LeBron.
Speeds Tax
Speeds Tax 2 anni fa
Stanton Swano
Stanton Swano 2 anni fa
All his dunks and blocks are next level and shooting skills i have watch all his ganes good or bad he made his team proud
DJaySplitSecond 3 anni fa
I know one thing, this guy will be surely missed when he retires!
mode1996 3 anni fa
that dribble through the legs of TT was definitely lucky but damn was it the luckiest move i've ever seen
LeBron is a wizard.
gia mor
gia mor 3 anni fa
I'm lost for words describing the entertainment of watching him play. Having a bad day, I watch and get me a picker upper
uncle Watt
uncle Watt 2 anni fa
This just 5 seasons though but they always talking about the eye test 🤔 I grew up on MJ I remember how amazing he was but if you ask me LBJ is definitely the greatest basketball player to ever grace this world 💯
ליאב אלמליח
M Power
M Power 2 anni fa
With all this highlight-playoff performances this man deserves so much more rings...
Romaine Bush
Romaine Bush 3 anni fa
These never get old. Could watch this weekly!
JACK 3 anni fa
I will never forget this man for what he did.
吴云飞 9 mesi fa
It's my honor to watch the crazy performance of LBJ in the 2018 playoffs
Brandon 3 anni fa
He’s a beast! I used to be a hater but now I love watching him play. 35 and still and All Star!
James Escondo
James Escondo 3 anni fa
Can we just appreciate this man? Every generation has its own goat, some greats can't be compared because they play in different generations! #WitnessGreatness
Do Dong
Do Dong 3 anni fa
Greatest of All time : Mike, Kobe and Bron. No comparison here , they are both greats.
Chris McLovin
Chris McLovin 3 anni fa
Both as in: Mike & Kobe?
Tug Boat
Tug Boat 3 anni fa
1.Bron 2.Jordan 3.Kobe
M H 3 anni fa
Dodong Vlog Kobe isn’t top 5 stop it. It’s Kareem, Bron and MJ.
Do Dong
Do Dong 3 anni fa
Are you disrespecting Kobe ? Trolls
Tug Boat
Tug Boat 2 anni fa
Mc LBJ Kareem just played for fucking forever. He’s not in top 5 himself.
Sen Sei
Sen Sei 3 anni fa
Bron doing an alley oop to himself in a finals game. Wtf? 😂
Homar Torres
Homar Torres 3 anni fa
Two times in consecutive Finals, to be exact! Lol
Rigor Castro
Rigor Castro 2 anni fa
I hope he'll do it this finals against Miami
Tree Cosmos
Tree Cosmos 2 anni fa
On kd the 🐍
Rahul Thirpola
just normal stuff for da king 👑
King's Sports Konversation
How phenomenal is this? 30 minutes worth of highlights, from one player, during a time period that doesn’t even equate to a 3rd of his career. 🤯🔥
Lebohang Malejoane
I just cried while watching this.. I miss all the live games
James Escondo
James Escondo 3 anni fa
Nba is set to come back in July 31st🔥
Shamil Abdusalam
Facts: There is no active players has surpass King James supremacy.
Tovey Chow
Tovey Chow 3 anni fa
Bullsht. How about ZaZa and his stare and his footwork.
Tree Cosmos
Tree Cosmos 2 anni fa
Facts. Kd will never be Bron💯
Sherwin John
Sherwin John 3 anni fa
Literally no other player will have this entertaining a highlight video of the last 5 years
Jom Radjaisman
One of the game's greatest player of all time 👑💪
Caleb Hofmann
Caleb Hofmann 3 anni fa
The way the crowd reacts at every stadium and the way the opposing players react on his great plays show that he is best of this decade
Tree Cosmos
Tree Cosmos 2 anni fa
Best ever
Mother M
Mother M 3 anni fa
Too strong, too fast, too great. GOAT.
Joe_5555 2 anni fa
2018 LeBron was an absolute monster. Living legend walking around mortals
Azurphii 2 anni fa
I adore this guy as a person and a player. There is nothing he has done on and of the basketball court. He built school, he demanded justice and his basketball skills are way up there like any other legend. To me, he is just simply a king.
Slim Moses
Slim Moses 8 mesi fa
“BUTLER DENIED!! BY JAMES!” gives me goosebumps. I remember watching this live smh
Noah Mann
Noah Mann 2 anni fa
let's hope for some more incredible plays this year. Fingers crossed that he's got juice left in his tank
Raffael M
Raffael M 3 anni fa
Im going to miss him when he retires.. Thinking about it already makes me wanna cry
A Skeptical Human
Even the away crowds go fucking nuts for him. Gotta love this guy! Hands down the most entertaining player to watch, in my view.
Robert Anno fa
I know he only got 1 title there but dam he brought excitement to that city.
Nobody 3 anni fa
LeBron is not gonna be appreciated for his huge body of work till he retires
Michael Padilla
Michael Padilla 3 anni fa
Big Glock Horizontal 🤟🏽
david cone jr
david cone jr 3 anni fa
no not really
Zeke Kasichiro-Smith
Sadly, yes. They will appreciate him once its over.
jdotwhitt 3 anni fa
@david cone jr who hurt you
Xiao Yu
Xiao Yu 2 anni fa
He's an all time great.
Of All My Intention
The ultimate package: size, strength, and speed. He can shoot, he can pass with great vision, and he can throw some people around inside.
Patrick Hines
Patrick Hines 3 anni fa
i watched 30 minutes of this and it felt like 5 🐐
May I Own You
May I Own You 2 anni fa
@17:18 The fact that LBJ still doing “grown man” moves like this is insane...😔
Chase Stroup
Chase Stroup 3 anni fa
Man I watched the full video even despite watching every game of LeBrons cause he’s my fav player. I can watch him all day 🐐
Joseph Sasu
Joseph Sasu 2 anni fa
Just asking how fast can LBJ run,this is too much,crazy.Gotta love him.
Bron doesn’t realize how much Cleveland misses him ☹️💔
What Lebron did in 17/18 playoffs is unbelievable. Hes truly a goat
Mannyfantb 3 anni fa
"My name's BRON" call by C Webb is straight fire
Churchill Wang
Churchill Wang 3 anni fa
Allow me to introduce myself...
Mr Jade
Mr Jade 3 anni fa
remember CAVS: "LeBron James, throwin the hammer down" LOL itvid.net/video/video-X0KEPkjVJK8.html
Forgiven Sinner
Forgiven Sinner 3 anni fa
@Mr Jade Austin Carr, Cleveland star since 1972, I think. He was the color commentator for all of Lebron''s career.
Mr Jade
Mr Jade 3 anni fa
@Forgiven Sinner thank you
GRAY WOLF 3 anni fa
Jay-Z reference from The Black Album.
David Connor
David Connor 3 anni fa
I'm not sure if it's in this video or not, but in game 5 of the 16 finals Lebron has a very similar block on Iguodala. I feel like that block maybe gave him the confidence to track him down in game 7.
Hank Evans
Hank Evans 3 anni fa
The block that he made vs the warriors just makes me wonder how he went 20 mph to make one of the best if not best block of all time, just a badass
Forgiven Sinner
Forgiven Sinner 2 anni fa
Analysis showed that he accelerated like an NFL running back, and then leaped up 12 feet for the block.
Evan Duffy
Evan Duffy 3 anni fa
Man he deserves so many more rings...
Nixsports11 3 anni fa
I used to not like Lebron at all but you gotta just recognize greatness when it exists... it won't last forever
Jonas Legend
Jonas Legend 3 anni fa
He defends, he attacks, but most importantly... He loves.
Stacey L Ramos
Stacey L Ramos 3 anni fa
LeBron the goat he's been playing in 2003-2020
Aliniem 3 anni fa
Whos your best player of the decade?
666ssn666 3 anni fa
TheRealist 811 Robert Horry is better than MJ confirmed then
666ssn666 3 anni fa
TheRealist 811 It was a sarcastic response to your own defense for somebody that doesn't care you exist. What are you on about? It was an ignorant comment, much like lumping all "LeBron fans" together. Believe it or not, some comment because they like basketball, it's not hero worship. They are both great but some of the arguments I see are utterly absurd. You can have your guy, it's fine. I'm not sure if there's anyone better to be quite frank. I'm old enough to have seen him have very average games for a super star though. Happens to all players. I enjoy watching LeBron slightly more but no one has really moved like Jordan apart from the Chinese knock off version named Kobe so I get it. The rings argument doesn't prove anything as it's a team game and Jordan was idolized by media with his own set of inspirational video tapes back in the day and therefor many fans. Many who don't actually play or study the game. As said, it's fine. You can have your favorite. All good man. I just don't think the rings thing is a very good argument at all as many have more. Why bring it up if you know it's not a solid point?
Churchill Wang
Churchill Wang 3 anni fa
TheRealist 811 I wanna see you try lasting for 10 years on the league, can you?
Robert Dailey
Robert Dailey 3 anni fa
@666ssn666 Speaking straight fax thx my guy🙌
Lmao man
Lmao man 7 mesi fa
“Here comes Lebron James…the high HAND OFF! THROUGH AND DONE!” The commentators + that awkward ally oop makes this my favorite lol
Al 2 anni fa
NBA's last decade has been about LeBron. Every year it was going to be who's going to match Lebron in the finals and if he would win or not. Other teams and players just came and go and unfortunately for me as Lebron fan many of these teams and players were able to snatch the championships from him. But I'm happy he's got 3 and hopefully more to come 💪
Forgiven Sinner
Forgiven Sinner 3 anni fa
I was sure 3:20 would be the best play of the 2016 GSW Cleveland series. Boy, was I wrong!
Erran Manguerra
Erran Manguerra 2 anni fa
very strategic, very good at reading the opponent's game it's just funny to think that for me he is still the best NBA player now even though he is old go LBJ 💪💪solid lakers
Real Vida da Maurene
Beautiful.. Congratulações.. Belíssima partida...LeBron James.. bjos 💋 😘🌿🌹🌿👍🍀✊,.. Porto Alegre RS Brasil ♥️
i stan jendeukierubyjane
Андрей Козлов
ЛеБрон просто машина, живая легенда баскетбола. Жаль Коби уже нет.
gizmo nala
gizmo nala Anno fa
Nghe xong bài này cái thấy tâm trạng buồn và nặng nề kinh khủng. Nhưng lại cứ phải replay hoài cả ngày😍
John jay Fortes
The spin move is legendary
Harlem IntheBuildn
Lebohang Malejoane
I miss the Bron and Kyrie days in Cleveland
Don 3 anni fa
damn LeBron must be the most entertaining player of the game's history HE IS he really is XD
Kagami Taiga
Kagami Taiga 3 anni fa
Against all odds, still making history. 🐐🐐🐐
Gerald Wilson
Gerald Wilson 2 anni fa
Kd better than lebron James
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan 2 anni fa
LeBron has tons of EPIC plays...
DJPL 2 anni fa
That back to back dunk in portland was insane
Lòs Padrè
Lòs Padrè 3 anni fa
Best player ive ever seen with my own two eyes
Tovey Chow
Tovey Chow 3 anni fa
Crosseyed on bron. Lol
Tree Cosmos
Tree Cosmos 2 anni fa
Me 2 bro. Me 2#GoatJames
Gerald Wilson
Gerald Wilson 2 anni fa
Lebron not even top 10 all time. Kd better than lebron James 💯💯💯
David Lazarevic
David Lazarevic 2 anni fa
@Gerald Wilson Casual💀🧢
GamerMode Twenty-Three
The greatest play in the finals was the block on the chase down the posterizing on guys his strength and the ability he has the game winners everything lebron done the last five seasons was just excitement he brought every game to get us off our seat and say omg or who my favorite player of all time and the greatest basketball player of all time we are witnessing greatness ❤️👏🙌💪🏀🐐🏆💯🔥
Pirate King
Pirate King 3 anni fa
The championship kings block makes my hair stand
cleanjumper10 3 anni fa
david cone jr its not as bad as flights gay love for curry
Robert Dailey
Robert Dailey 3 anni fa
@TomHerreraa 😂😂😂
Navakash Gill
Navakash Gill 3 anni fa
A group of people have developed a deep hatred and vitriol towards Lebron James, and unfortunately along with the media pushing agendas, as a whole we basketball fans tend to not appreciate the greatness we are watching. He’s as good as any player to ever live and will go down as the second greatest player in history. He’s ultra clutch, as good of a passer as anyone not named Magic Johnson and has carried teams to the finals that no other athlete could. It’s been and continues to be a privilege to follow the kings career from its onset 👑
Tree Cosmos
Tree Cosmos 2 anni fa
Na he's the GOAT. Competition is way better today.
Isaiah Cruz
Isaiah Cruz 3 anni fa
Bron is a beast especially his last two years in cleveland
KavonTV 3 anni fa
LeBron is the Best Player Of All-Time
dope 3 anni fa
Hell naw
Tim C
Tim C 3 anni fa
Any the best player to a pop head
Jonathan Haxton
Jonathan Haxton 3 anni fa
No he’s one of the best though
marc beas
marc beas 3 anni fa
Absolutely the BEST NBA basketball player to ever play
mahdi amine
mahdi amine 3 anni fa
Lebron is the best player of all time Jordan is the greatest of all time BOAT GOAT
Spectre Acero
Spectre Acero 3 anni fa
Looking back, if Irving hasn't left Cavs and so was Lebron, there's a *chance* that they might have won another championship. Along with other players in Cavs, they have good chemistry.
Forgiven Sinner
Forgiven Sinner 2 anni fa
Their starting 5 were slightly better than GSW in the 2017 Finals, but their bench got KILLED when Lebron was off the floor. They needed 1-2 good bench players, which they got in 2018--George Hill, Jordan Clarkson, Jeff Green. If they had Kyrie, they'd have had a chance against GSW.
Slim Moses
Slim Moses 8 mesi fa
Back after Kyrie admitted he would’ve won more championships with Bron, years later. Shit still hurts…
tymd130 3 anni fa
anyone notice how much bigger he is this decade than the last? idk if it was the baggy jerseys of the 2000's or him just working out harder but damn he looks massive compared to everyone else
nissaN100B2e 3 anni fa
Can't believe I've just watched the greatest athlete on land
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The Most Legendary Plays in NBA
Quiz sul calcio... #short #shorts
Kids Skills in Football 😍
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