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In this #NBATogetherLive Classic Game we look back at the 2014 NBA playoffs when LeBron James and Dwyane Wade led the Heat with 12 unanswered PTS to secure a spot in the Eastern Conference Finals
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13 mag 2020




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Arthur Hicks
Arthur Hicks 10 mesi fa
Rewatching this it’s amazing how Joe was in the second especially with Bron as the primary defender
Duane Alvin Casiano
This is a classic match up. The Brooklyn Nets has also a strong line up.
gor9027 Anno fa
KG: “We broke LeBron.” LeBron ends his season 3 times in 4 years.
ಠ_ಠ Anno fa
Curry KD destroyed LeQueen 2 years in a row, 2018 swept LeQueen 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jayden Vert
Jayden Vert Anno fa
@ಠ_ಠ 4 on 1 against a bad roster?? Idk if that seems like a flex to me or to anyone
ಠ_ಠ Anno fa
@Jayden Vert KD swept LeQueen 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
ಠ_ಠ Anno fa
@Jayden Vert Curry owns LeQueen 3-1 in the finals 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
DM.kizzy6411 Anno fa
@ಠ_ಠ Damn homie Lebron hurt you?
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan 2 anni fa
Epic comeback that made Miami Heat strong.
bruce lau
bruce lau 3 anni fa
Unfortunately it was the last dance for that Miami Heat team too , since LeBron had to do most of the work after the East finals , the starting cast didn’t had it enough against San Antonio in that finals rematch
Emmanuel Moses
Emmanuel Moses 3 anni fa
Bosh and Wade were non existent that series..the whole team was clearly gassed
William Baldwin
William Baldwin 3 anni fa
GOAT JAMES was playing 1 on 5 lol. Wade was not hoopin
Ser Fernando Montalvo
Dwyane Wade was drafted into the Miami Heat in 2003 with pre existing existential knee injuries, he had his meniscus removed in COLLEGE. I'm baffled & in awe that he was able to perform in 5 career NBA Finals & win 3 of them to begin with
Dangelo Simpson
Dangelo Simpson 2 anni fa
@Ser Fernando Montalvo finally somebody who knew
KlassicLoL 11 mesi fa
Crazy good defense from Miami not even letting the Nets get a shot off during their last two possessions.
E N 3 anni fa
The best duo ever, no duo faced this much pressure, hate and criticism, yet there were no ego issues between the two. You may have hated the heat or liked them. But one thing you can't deny is how fun the Nba was to watch during the Heatles days, time is flying.
RR RR 3 anni fa
Magic kareem, mj pippen, kobe shaq , shii i dont think so
Wild to think about. Seems like a lifetime ago.
Y G 3 anni fa
Nah They’re top 5 but they faced a lot of that hate criticism and pressure for choking their first year together to that Mavericks team
Y G 3 anni fa
nikosvault my fault I mean lebron*
Ninja Channel
Ninja Channel 6 mesi fa
I love how Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce were still trying to stop LeBron and company in a different uniform after he basically ended their dynasty by eliminating the C's every other year. Like they were mercenaries who agreed to swear fealty to another banner one last time so they could get vengeance lmao
Paulie Pockets
Paulie Pockets 2 anni fa
Doesn't seem that long ago until you realize everyone that started in this game is out the league except Bron
Gseric47 Anno fa
I legit remember *every single roster spot* on every single team. I feel old rn 🤦🏾‍♂️
tech_ninja Mese fa
yooo you can't forget that so many exciting characters on that team . My favourite one till now.
Will Seest
Will Seest 2 anni fa
Joe Johnson was the only dude keeping the Nets in this game cause he was cold af taking tough shots like he's Kobe but Lebron came up clutch with the Defense
who dat?
who dat? 2 mesi fa
That was a foul. Then when Joe did the same exact thing to LeBron on the other end the refs called the foul that time. If he's really so great at something then he shouldn't need special treatment from the refs to gain an advantage. I HATE when certain people are given unfair favoritism, especially in sports which are suppose to be objective
The fact that 2 free throws from Ray Allen ended his former teammates playing together.
KingOfRome 2 anni fa
He broke them.
M 2 anni fa
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Donald Cummings
Donald Cummings 2 anni fa
@M Soccer is boring
Erik Esparza
Erik Esparza 2 anni fa
Donald Cummings I was about to say that😂
Tyras ifran
Tyras ifran Anno fa
Its insane how lebron became SO MUCH better in these past few years. Looking at some plays, you could easily see how he would play differently now. Like so many 3pt opportunities for him, better post moves , even awareness for passes and cutting. It wasnt his best game, but his decision making is on another level in 2020/2021 compared to 2014
QB1 11 mesi fa
He's also not as athletic as he was back in those days! He had to evolve his game to survive.
Garrett Shelton
Garrett Shelton 10 mesi fa
@QB1 he’s simply in his fourth prime
gfresh88 10 mesi fa
It Bron- Definition of another level! Hahahbaheheceeghceeghcoughcough
Ninja Channel
Ninja Channel 6 mesi fa
I agree he plays differently, but this is peak LeBron, so you have to qualify the word "better". His 2012-14 self isn't just the best version of him, it's one of the best versions of any player, ever. This was when he first started dominating in the post, and he didn't really need a bunch of moves because he was faster and stronger and jumped higher than everyone he faced, so he just got to the cup at will. He also shot 40 and 38 from 3 by taking less AND he was an all-world defender. So yeah, he's more skilled, but not remotely 'better' in the past few because the other side of the ball matters and this version of LeBron guarded 1-5 and was a stellar help defender.
K1NGYAW 3 anni fa
I get why KG and Paul Pierce are still mad at Ray Allen lol He played a huge role in them getting an L consecutively 😂
Kh Ravi
Kh Ravi 9 mesi fa
I just watched a full game without skipping a sec that's years old and feels like live
Shiesty 2 anni fa
Miami where insane Lebron and wade and bosh where such a good trio
Lightning Jimmy Joe Johnson
This was also the game Ray Allen showed Pierce and KG he was on the right team
JJ big
JJ big 3 anni fa
Felix Müller
Felix Müller 3 anni fa
@JJ big you truely speaked out of my heart, thx for sharing these inspirational words!
JasonLam 3 anni fa
@Felix Müller yeet
JasonLam 3 anni fa
@Felix Müller as a heat fan i really like Ray allen , he save the heat team and lebron's career. Also i m a hk people
Felix Müller
Felix Müller 3 anni fa
@JasonLam what do think about the heat rn they really good, but i think they are missing one more piece to be contenders?😁
George GiaHanged
Man iso Joe got buckets, always one of my favorite players, just quietly doing his thing
nick 2 anni fa
Southcidal Music how?
George GiaHanged
@nick lol bro you don't even gotta even pretend to acknowledge his presence by asking him this.
BIG DAME TV 2 anni fa
Who would have figured that Shaun Livingston would go on to win three NBA titles
Andrew Ooms
Andrew Ooms 3 anni fa
What I learned is that if LeBron misses its because he got fouled
Jamila Andrews
Jamila Andrews 8 mesi fa
Let's go heat put pressure Dwyane 🔥 😤 💪 🤪 🙌
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia 2 anni fa
Miss seeing teams looks for an open shot instead of chucking up 3's
Big Homie
Big Homie 3 anni fa
Joe Johnson had to carry so bad good lord. Nobody was even an option to score down the stretch beside him. This game pretty much reminiscent of game 5 2011 Conference finals against the Bulls.
Tony Montana
Tony Montana 3 anni fa
jugged dat boy mama
Sir Smoove paul pierce
Sergio De Anda
Sergio De Anda 2 anni fa
1:23:10 "Joe Johnson's upset cause he felt like the same thing happened to him on the possession previous..." He traveled, call it even and move on.
Ken Farlez
Ken Farlez 2 anni fa
You think Joe Johnson had to carry? What about the season before when Deron Williams had to carry the entire team against the bulls?
Crimson Sands
"Deron Williams the franchise point guard of the Brooklyn Nets" well that aged like milk 🤧 hurts my heart Dwill used to kill the league man 😔
ThaSouth Garcon
Me and Kendall must have a mind meld going cause I just tweeted the other day about Thompson being someone the Bulls should target!!!! Rebounding, toughness and championship grit !!!
Enzyme _Select
Enzyme _Select 3 anni fa
This was an important game for Miami
iB Sw4gOut
iB Sw4gOut 2 anni fa
Joe giving em buckets in the gamma 11’s🔥
kelan cameron
kelan cameron 2 anni fa
Livingston after this game: And I took it personally.
Triple C
Triple C Anno fa
Looking back at these old heat highlights it's wild af they actually won 2 times in 4 years cause their teams were atrocious offensively. Wade knees was giving out, Bosh was nowhere near the monster he was in Toronto, Bron got so bulky he was scared to shoot at times, no legitimate center, Chalmers was a little brother, Norris Cole was a created character, it was all bad but SUPER fun to watch somehow back then.
jrdb19 Anno fa
that is the most bullshitt statement i ever heard the only year the big 3 heat were bad for there standards was 2014 2011 wade was still flash 7th in mvp voting all nab 2nd team and woulda been finals mvp and bosh his numbers fell cause he was a 3rd option that is what happens when players like that join someone takes a cut in production in 2012 wade declines a bit but is still a top player in the league same with bosh and without bosh miami nearly loss to the pacers and celtics until he came back 2013 miami is in contention with one of the greatest seasons and teams of all time yes did the heat have problems absoulety but they were a top 10 or the best team in the nba every year they were together and there offense was extreme especially in 2013 lebrons best season ever with wade still good bosh still good shooting everywhere with Chalmers miller battier and ray fucking allen come on bro really this was a super team till 2014 dog
Just Jordan
Just Jordan Anno fa
Lebron saw an increase in outside scoring production and efficiency in these Miami seasons as compared to his previous years
R T Anno fa
You just made something up lol
Sul Whale
Sul Whale 11 mesi fa
@jrdb19 to be fair tho most of that 2014 squads were out the league in 2015
Sul Whale
Sul Whale 11 mesi fa
@jrdb19 that’s actually really shocking to think about ngl
KeLese Dearbone
KeLese Dearbone 3 anni fa
I know ppl wasn’t watching the game but the heat cam back from down 26 vs the cavs in like 13 it was epic
Michael Angelo
Michael Angelo 2 anni fa
Only heat nation know about that
tech_ninja Mese fa
that was whhen they went back to cleveland the first time
Kenan Kucukbas
Kenan Kucukbas 7 mesi fa
Adam silver geldikten sonra nba izlenmez bir hale girdi. Hemen degil tabiki. Bu mac 2014 ten izleniyor zevkli. Mucadeleyi goruyorsunuz izlerken. Vücut temasi normal duzeyde. Akil oyunlarini goruyorsunuz . Oyuncular bilincli bir sekilde oynadiklari izlenimini veriyor. Bugun nba bakiyorsunuz. Vucut temasi normal duzeyin altinda. Biraz normal vucut temasi olunca hakemler devreye giriyor. Akil oyunu gormek cok zor gercekten. O kadar cok ezber oyunu yapiyorlarki ne kadar bilincsiz oynadıkları ortada. Adeta robot gibiler insanlari izlemiyoruz sanki. Ornek vereyim hucumlarin cogu hep perdelemeye yonelmis. Butun bunlara bakinca kobe bryant in da dedigi gibi nba gulunc duruma gelmis durumda. Izlenmiyor gercekten . Eski nba umarim geri gelir . Adam silver ve ekibine karsiyiz.
RUBIKS COOBS 3 anni fa
When you don’t want to watch the game so you just skip to see how far they came back...
Advent Society
Advent Society 3 anni fa
i ws trying but it seemed close entire game?
Arbiter 2 anni fa
Crazy because I was at this game JJ was doing wild shit all night
Southcidal Music
Wade guarded Joe Johnson better than LeBron.
Bellamy Blake
You know this game meant a LOT for Ray Allen, gawd
Neka Robinson
Every game is good long as the practice was Worth it...🎉🎉😅❤❤❤😅
Rakan El-արաբական
1:10:25 that’s the start of a dynasty
Jude 3 anni fa
Go Heat!!!
MaD_HaTteR 2 anni fa
This game was in 2014 but it feels like I’m watching something from 2004 damn this decade is really getting to me especially when I’m gonna be 20 in 2025 on November...
alek rodriguez
alek rodriguez 11 mesi fa
You most definitely got that right bro😃😃😃😃😃😊😊😊😊☺☺😅😳😳😳😁😁😁😄😄😄😄😱😱😱😱😇😇😇😇😇😇😎😎😎😎😀😀😀😀🙂🙂😲😲😲😄😄😄 nice big game winner shot for the Miami heat to win the game against the Brooklyn nets in Miami Florida as the host
IGoByCinco 3 anni fa
Holy shit i remember these days lebron, ray, dwayne and bosh on same team
GatCat 9 mesi fa
1:11:11 speaking about the warriors and their tough road ahead to win.
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan 2 anni fa
Wade and James comeback in this 2014 match reminds me of Liverpool 2005.
Charlie 2 anni fa
Different ball game
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan 2 anni fa
@Charlie yes. Although its different but the comeback is just as epic.
Justyn with a Y
Justyn with a Y 3 anni fa
1:10:21 wiiiild to hear them talk about this now.
Nico Prisco
Nico Prisco 3 anni fa
Zip J yea
G Fleury
G Fleury 3 anni fa
The guy who unlocked Golden State's potential
YGT Podcasts
YGT Podcasts 3 anni fa
he took over from the garbage of Mark Jackson who just had a first round exit and make an immediate NBA champion with the same squad, but media (especially Stephen A) trying to put some black coaches on some team so they are disrespecting Steve Kerr's success
Brandon Hicks
Brandon Hicks 3 anni fa
"You're not gonna all of a sudden be a contender" - Greg Anthony. They won the title the very next season lol.
YGT Podcasts
YGT Podcasts 3 anni fa
@Brandon Hicks exactly the point! Greg Anthony and Mark Jackson are friends they played together for the Knicks...
Anonymous Prime
Anonymous Prime 3 anni fa
And the Best bench reaction goes to MICHAEL BEASLEY
Khalil's Art
Khalil's Art 3 anni fa
Man i missed this miami team
suwqp fkxks
suwqp fkxks 2 anni fa
Man i missed this miami team
Marc Mañosa
Marc Mañosa Anno fa
Man I missed this Miami team
Tourist Info
Tourist Info 3 anni fa
Ray Allen.Cold blooded 3 pts man.
Neil Joysey
Neil Joysey 10 mesi fa
The crowd having Giant Beasley heads is the weirdest thing in NBA history...
Ramon Anzures
Ramon Anzures 2 anni fa
This is the game pierce knew he hated lebron
Caio Leal
Caio Leal 3 anni fa
Joe Johnson was a beast!
Bluefurby 3 anni fa
man i noticed they were talking about steve kerr getting hired by the warriors and saying they were not gonna become a contender overnight while young teams like okc and houston were in the west then the warriors win next year lmao
B2BClutchYuh 2 anni fa
1:10:20 and so the dynasty began
David Savian
David Savian 2 anni fa
To me Livingston and the tall white center the Nets had were the weak points in this series. I cringed every time those two touched the ball. Also, Piece and Garnett were too old at this point even though they did make the Celtics champions previously.
Sports311 3 anni fa
This was the last dance for the Miami Heat
flyforce16 3 anni fa
Unfortunately LeBron's supporting cast was running on fumes this year and especially postseason. Most looked downright decrepit by the time of the Finals.
lionel sancha
lionel sancha 3 anni fa
@flyforce16 I mean 4 finals appearance in 4 years can do that to a person
K B 3 anni fa
@ElSacamostroPR Are you surprised?
tyrone parker
tyrone parker 3 anni fa
@ElSacamostroPR I hate Bron fans dmh
YGT Podcasts
YGT Podcasts 3 anni fa
@flyforce16 oh yeah all guys got cramped finals game 1
Van Excel Ronquillo
Man iso joe is a walking bucket!!! 🔥
Kabeer Sheikh
Crazy that Steve kerr accepted his job at gsw and changed the course of history.
Помню эту игру. Тор play
cf 9 mesi fa
The title says “HUGE comeback” and I understand that this is an elimination game so it’s important but I was expecting heat to came back from like 25 points or something 😂
William Baldwin
William Baldwin 3 anni fa
Jordan Orick
Jordan Orick Anno fa
Man you’re not kidding. Bron and I-Joe would’ve been nasty! Instead of MJ and Scottie, that would be MJ (Joe) and MJ+Scottie-in-1(Bron).
younes emani
younes emani Anno fa
King LeBron James 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
Sergio Fabrietti
Iso Joe. What a player.
Ang Wen
Ang Wen Anno fa
i love this basketball team they are so cool hehehehe
Noah Hattrup
Noah Hattrup Mese fa
The nets would have been all time if those players came together in 2008 or 09
ATalkingBadger 3 anni fa
1:23:10 "Joe Johnson's upset cause he felt like the same thing happened to him on the possession previous..." He traveled, call it even and move on.
YGT Podcasts
YGT Podcasts 3 anni fa
1:22:40 you can compare it with 1:23:02 (your timestamp has the bs replay from TNT)
Jan Novák
Jan Novák 3 anni fa
Cmon, but that was a superstar roster that Brooklyn Nets had this year... Rotation like Garnett-Kirilenko-Pierce-JJohnson-D.Williams? Wtf? How I didnt even notice that? 😶
Erpan Pardon
Erpan Pardon 10 mesi fa
They were old af
kian_23 2 anni fa
i miss these low scoring games
J GamerUAV34
J GamerUAV34 2 anni fa
Please Find & Upload - Cavaliers vs Bulls March 19 2010 - Full Game Please!!! That game Was LeBron James Great Day!!!!
Moses Of Elgin
Moses Of Elgin 2 anni fa
The bk late game strategy confused me. Joe Johnson scorching the heat all game. Then they give the ball to pierce. And livingston. Why not give it to the guy who no one had an answer for...
Jon Moist
Jon Moist 3 mesi fa
joe johnson doesnt get the credit he deserves as one of the true stars of the league during his era
Victor Livingston
wow... I just saw the step back jumper ... So i wonder if Paul pierce started that!!!?
Rosemond Louissaint
Look at ray allen all over iso joe legs last play😂🤣
A Eazy
A Eazy 2 anni fa
Brooklyn loaded up in 2021 2nd attempt @ trying to take down LBJ 😂
Jordan Orick
Jordan Orick Anno fa
The story of his career: the superest-super teams we’ve ever seen coming together all because they know that that’s what it takes to overcome him.
Ptahhotep Tmu
Ptahhotep Tmu 7 mesi fa
Same LBJ who missed the playoffs in 2021? 😂
tech_ninja Mese fa
@Ptahhotep Tmu lol not happening again
Justin Manuel Pahuyo
This is the reason why KG and Pierce are so mad at Ray Allen🤣
Aathi Guna
Aathi Guna Anno fa
why ?
Krishiv04 Anno fa
@Aathi Guna they felt that ray allen betrayed them after 2012 when he left to join the heat after the celtics lost in the ecf
tech_ninja Mese fa
@Krishiv04 after they never voiced wanting him in boston and involving in 3 trade packages every year after 2009 ?
Jhay De Los Santos
ray deserves the credit here the most. clutch 3 pointer, clutch free throws and great help on lebron to defend joe in that final possession
Johny Kilroy
Johny Kilroy 2 anni fa
@1:20 Nets 91 Heat 83...Heat finish last 3 minutes of game on 13-3 run
Jocab 3 anni fa
look at curry man, so inspirational
Mariame Kaba
Mariame Kaba 2 anni fa
Chef 2 anni fa
joe johnson was straight cooking lebron in the 2nd half
LenGod 223
LenGod 223 3 anni fa
Wade knee trouble began here and would ultimately derail the heat from a 3 peat
Bo Fall hi haj
Bo Fall hi haj 10 mesi fa
LenGod 223
LenGod 223 10 mesi fa
@Bo Fall hi haj yah
Bo Fall hi haj
Bo Fall hi haj 10 mesi fa
@LenGod 223 nah
tech_ninja Mese fa
@Bo Fall hi haj smd lil b
Joshua Byaruhanga
@NBA Bless us with a pierce in the celtics game. A 40 ball or something.
Ryan Reynog
Ryan Reynog Mese fa
We Missyou Birdman 🔥❤️🥺
qwertyuiop 25 giorni fa
2:06 ❤😂🎉😢😮😅😊dfghjkok
Velodus Anno fa
People thought these Nets teams were disappointing, but they overachieved compared to the '22 Lakers. The Nets at least made the playoffs and got to the second round.
Launza Barnes
Where can we find that Red Heat jersey when they went on that winning streak
flight23jordan 3 anni fa
This is now the 8th LeBron game of #nbatogetherlive but we have only had one Michael Jordan game so far. I understand that the NBA wants to feature its current players but with all the hype over the Last Dance at the moment, it would be great to see more rare Jordan games in high quality
Felix Müller
Felix Müller 3 anni fa
Yeah youre right! Maybe it has something to do with the rights but im not sure. But these old games never have a good quality even if they show it on HD...
Warren Villanueva
Woah just got realised this nets roster was quite solid *sheesh*
smithsfan425 3 anni fa
They gave away all their draft picks to Boston for that roster. Shit deal.
Warren Villanueva
Yeah for a couple of playoff appearances. 🤦‍♂️
squadup22 3 anni fa
Brook Lopez was out for the year also.
B 3 anni fa
Looked good on paper but they were too old. Joe Johnson was legit, Deron Williams was solid, even being 36 Pierce was solid just on a more limited role. Garnett was solid even though he was 37yo at that point, but that was the year he had a big decline in his game. He could still make an impact on defense, but not like he used to, and he just wasn’t the offensive threat he used to be. Losing Brook Lopez also really hurt them big time that season. He was an all star the year prior then got hurt like 17 games in to the season. They weren’t deep enough to lose someone like that, he was like a 19/7 guy who also averaged two blocks. Also they just didn’t have that true two-way wing who could guard multiple positions and be a big impact on offense. Iso Joe was a killer on offense, and Deron Williams was a solid PG who could shoot 3s and give you like 15pts/6assts and a steal, but he was starting to decline that year too. They just really needed a lock down defender who could guard big wings and be able to still make an impact on offense. If they were able to get someone like that instead of Pierce or Garnett they would’ve been a lot better off. But so it goes, and that’s why the Nets were known as a joke looking back to give up all those picks and pieces for people who were soooo old. Father Time always wins. Hats off to KG & Pierce for playing so long though, definitely two very deserving hall of famers.
squadup22 3 anni fa
BcB all they needed was DWill to step up and play to his potential. He was a massive let down against MIA in that playoff. That series should have went 7 games easy and they wouldn’t have went 7 with Toronto if DWill had a similar impact that Joe Johnson had during the 2014 playoffs.
younes emani
younes emani Anno fa
King James 👑👑👑👑👑👑
Wesley Harrell
Every player is either retired or out of the league ... except king James in this video......And that's why he's king 👑...
yassine lassri
yassine lassri 3 anni fa
We need all star game
Theodore Roosevelt
This is why Paul Pierce filled up with his jealousy
major leagues
major leagues 3 anni fa
Triple C
Triple C Anno fa
Ppl forget how clutch he used to be though because of his ANALYSIS but I remember him as a dog on NBA LIVE back in the day.
Ok Ay
Ok Ay 3 anni fa
Finaly a Joe Johnson game
Ok Ay
Ok Ay 3 anni fa
squadup22 3 anni fa
I’m with you bruh, Been waiting!
Ok Ay
Ok Ay 3 anni fa
@squadup22 yaa lets wait for it.. cant be to long
Gametime Np
Gametime Np 3 anni fa
🤣🤣🤣🤣 and paul got screwed on that play the end but oh well 🤣🤣🤣🤣
GatCat 9 mesi fa
Had Kidd put on a Jersey in the 4th, they'd have won.
blasian64 7 mesi fa
wade the goat
Veer Chasm
Veer Chasm 2 anni fa
Looks like Brooklyn is running a 1 on 5 offense in the 3rd quarter...
the fact that Brooklyn did New York super thug Dirty selling kg at almost 40 Paul was mid 30's Jason Terry was super done 🤣 Thats a super Hustle please show me NBA Whoooooo
Ozzy Akhtar
Ozzy Akhtar 9 mesi fa
Ray Allen so clutch
Arya Dewangga
Arya Dewangga 3 anni fa
Nets roster is deep yo
YourPage Anno fa
if only you could challenge a call back then
jugged dat boy mama
this nets team was actually good it’s just all of the players was leaving there career peak the timing was awful
Asmosis Jones
Asmosis Jones 2 anni fa
i mean brook lopez was out too..that did not help....and their coach was a rookie in kidd….the issue was they did not fit together well on offense...defense they were fine
Sir Trips
Sir Trips 2 anni fa
No no no it’s called LEBRON JAMES
Harold R. Bettencourt III
look at curry man, so inspirational
Batman KING
Batman KING 2 anni fa
@1:41:07...Allen did it again Llf
Jonathan Livngston
Joe Johnson a killa
Il prossimo