LET'S ARGUE: Akademiks Is the Worst 

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Other topics include Pusha T getting carried his whole career, and the new slowthai album missing something.
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20 mar 2023




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thenerdykid2001 2 mesi fa
The “Akademiks is the worst” take is not as worth arguing as much as it’s worth agreeing
gremmer 2 mesi fa
hi tnk i'm your biggest fan
Rashotcake 2 mesi fa
honestly, so few of the comments in the let’s argue videos are actual hot takes that i forgot that was the whole point of the segment. It’s cold take after cold take
Maad 2 mesi fa
Frank C
Frank C 2 mesi fa
I’m anti akademiks but the worst thing in music is EASILY promoting gun violence
4GPA 2 mesi fa
ok thenerdykid
I want an actual Melonfest where artists handpicked by Melon perform songs off their highest AND lowest rated records.
Travis Hanes
Travis Hanes 2 mesi fa
halle uwu
halle uwu 2 mesi fa
i want half of it to be cory feldman’s “angelic 2 the core”
MG G 2 mesi fa
Kendrick performs the entirety of TPAB, then Anthony says "TRANSITION" and Chance comes out to perform The Big Day.
rate eightx
rate eightx 2 mesi fa
And of course we need a performance from Cal Chuchesta.
Jude Quinn
Jude Quinn 2 mesi fa
Brockhampton play their first record and then their last record
Williams 2 mesi fa
Akademick has to be the easiest person to make fun off, Dude is clueless
Erik 2 mesi fa
Nodical 2 mesi fa
@Erik 🤓
I'm not Gay you Are
Nah rn that's Sneako
Seven Hunnid
Seven Hunnid 2 mesi fa
I do food reviews while I’m high on my ITvid channel, first mexican to hop on the tube & do This c:
Erik 2 mesi fa
@Nodical thank you
powpowpow5 2 mesi fa
My new favorite thing is Anthony hating doing Let's Argue. It makes each episode much more interesting because he hates us
halle uwu
halle uwu 2 mesi fa
he got a REAL hot take at the end though. he thanked the user and said he loved them :)
Adam 2 mesi fa
He loves his kids so much that he's disappointed by all the idiotic hot takes... and also it reminds him, because God made the kids in his (melon's) image... maybe it was Satan... I can never remember that part of the story
Erykah Badu telling Akademics he looks exactly like Jerry from Tom and Jerry was hilarious. Thats all I think about when I hear about him.
VIK'S TAKE 2 mesi fa
Fr though. He looks like Jerry the Mouse 😂
@VIK'S TAKE Absolutely hilarious, we were all wondering who she was referring to lol and she said the damn mouse!
VIK'S TAKE 2 mesi fa
@youtubeyoutubeyoutube now whenever I see his face I think about Jerry. Lmao. Erykah killed it.
Another great one is when Vic Mensa straight up calls him a bitch and Akademiks says "in what sense"
Fuzion Tony Gaming
DJ Akademiks is the type to get intimidated by a Woman that has a deeper voice than him.
Ikey Koeppen
Ikey Koeppen 2 mesi fa
😂😂😂 I know exatly what you talking bout
SenszR 2 mesi fa
@Ikey Koeppen😂😂😂
Sam Samson
Sam Samson 2 mesi fa
BIG AK IN DA HOUSE - IM DA PRIZE! for some, the internet is the worst thing that happened for them... people who publicly humiliate themselves on camera/stream... HELLO
Daniel Lara Diaz
@Sam Samson bro that was the corniest shit I’ve ever heard, he tried to sound like he was so hard
Miguel 2 mesi fa
"DJ Akademiks is the worst" is a take colder than an iceberg in a restaurant freezer that's been placed in a freezer in the middle of the coldest January in history.
mahamed jmal
mahamed jmal 2 mesi fa
he has his moments but he funny af
The Sinatra
The Sinatra 2 mesi fa
@mahamed jmal akademiks is hilarious
Mr Rockets
Mr Rockets 2 mesi fa
Akademiks a cornball lmao he gets drunk on twitch men just tip him
Denny Ghxst
Denny Ghxst 2 mesi fa
​@mahamed jmal Hamsterdemiks is more cringe than funny, he's only funny to kids.
@The Sinatra Unintentionally hilarious, maybe.
Erick Cartman
Erick Cartman 2 mesi fa
Saying that about Pusha while naming the artists he was ghost writing for and then claiming he’s the one “riding coattails” is f’ing CLASSIC! 😂
OchaTime 2 mesi fa
I need at least 60 minutes of Melonfest, I unironically rewound this video four times
The one who got away
In 5 minutes?
OchaTime 2 mesi fa
@The one who got away Like, the first bit. Not the whole thing :p
Samantha Zimmerman
i rewound it and made my husband watch it, the editor popped tf off today
Jackie Lombardi*💕
Cal was getting down
Mario I. Carrillo
The Pusha take is what happens when you don't pay attention
john butler
john butler 2 mesi fa
That take was insane I've never heard Push get that kinda hate
Luís Barbosa
Luís Barbosa 2 mesi fa
Drake fan. 100%
thadima 2 mesi fa
​@Luís Barbosa easily
Yah Mean
Yah Mean 2 mesi fa
Brandon B
Brandon B 2 mesi fa
Drake Stan's hot take about a guy who's had a near 3-decade long career points to only time of relevancy was when he bodied the Stan's demigod.. bitter much?
Dylan Meskowsky
Dylan Meskowsky 2 mesi fa
Be careful about editing yourself into prison like that, Anthony. That’s where all the AJR records are kept.
AI-senpai 2 mesi fa
As someone who knows nothing about AJR aside from the fact that a lot of people either love or hate them, I’d like to ask if you (or anyone) would be open to explaining the joke.
-Kold 2 mesi fa
​@AI-senpai they made the worlds smallest violin song i can't fuck with them
Weapon 2 mesi fa
@AI-senpai ​ there is no joke. Majority of people in these spaces think they suck REALLY bad and make fun of them for it lol
AI-senpai 2 mesi fa
@Weapon no that much I understand; it was mostly the prison part I was confused over.
Dylan Meskowsky
Dylan Meskowsky 2 mesi fa
On Fantano’s zero out of ten tier list, there’s a part of the video where he edits AJR’s discography into a prison cell
Scoobydood 2 mesi fa
The defense of Push was based. That was the most L take I’ve ever seen
ETK BruZe 2 mesi fa
How so?
daddydabsalot 2 mesi fa
Facts, I was screaming Clipse when he was reading the tweet off lmao
Yeeter 2 mesi fa
@ETK BruZe If you even have to ask then you just got awful opinions lmao
Colin Stevens
Colin Stevens 2 mesi fa
This man really put out two let's argues in 3 days
David Zamarripa
David Zamarripa 2 mesi fa
As he should
halle uwu
halle uwu 2 mesi fa
i am grateful
plantyquinn 2 mesi fa
confrontational melon
Curtis williams
Curtis williams 2 mesi fa
That brotha starving
achiando raymond
Lawyer fees isn't cheap 😭
Valentine eve
Valentine eve 2 mesi fa
nav dissing Akademiks is the best thing he ever did
Reaperpiss 2 mesi fa
When was that?...it's not real is it
Milo S
Milo S 2 mesi fa
Besides releasing all of his incredible flawless perfect music
Mufc_Kenny 2 mesi fa
Nope was dumb on his part. Nav and AK kool.
Diego 2 mesi fa
@Mufc_Kenny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Carlos Henriquez
But was it ? Why apologize then ? LOL
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson 2 mesi fa
Hey Antony, thanks for the entertainment. I know you don’t do as many let’s argue videos because most of the takes you get are garbage but I gotta say it’s one of my favorite segments you do. Keep the grind going and have a good night.
Juan De Grazia
Juan De Grazia 2 mesi fa
What makes Guns N Roses so famous is their post-debut era. Whilst the debut carries the most famous songs, Sweet Child O Mine, Welcome to the Jungle and more (and is their best album) it is their stardom during the late 80s as a cultural movement that makes them so famous. Plus, as a now more subtle and mature listener who used to love GNR as a kid, their melodic songs (Civil War, November Rain) still hit like a fucking train when ur ready for them. Idk, dumb band, but one a lot of people cherish for what it meant for them growing up. (Kind of like a hard rock Elton John)
iamuhura 2 mesi fa
Where were people when the extended November Rain music video was released?! That song and video are still great.
Zach Gates
Zach Gates 2 mesi fa
Also Axl was a maniac frontman who felt like a throwback to the dangerous era of rock, and people loved it.
Lincoln Hirschi
Lincoln Hirschi 2 mesi fa
Appetite was one of the best debut albums ever rock or otherwise. The thing about GNR is that they were off the rails even before they started recording. In retrospect it's amazing that they accomplished what they did before completely falling apart, what w the drugs and Axl's megalomaniac psychotic narcissistic madness😅 And then came Chinese Democracy...
@iamuhura 🤦‍♂️man, oh man... that kinda music was not my thing at the time (I grew up mostly on HipHop and alt-rock), and I've never been a big fan of GnR, but that song & video is _undeniable!_ Yes, it's got some laughably corny, pompous rock video cliche going on, but that song - and Slash's final solo - is one of the best musical moments of the 20th Century, imho. Has the ability to bring me to the verge of tears. In fact, I'm gonna go watch it right now! 😁✌🔥
Lucas Guadamuz
Lucas Guadamuz 2 mesi fa
The editing in this video is super dynamic and fun I love the new style. It’s almost hard to go back to the simpler style of the Let’s Argue
Trunja 2 mesi fa
4:23 as an artist who tried discovery mode out on a song while its still in beta, i saw an immediate increase in streams which kept rising and is currently at 10x the daily plays compared to before I opted in, went from 1k to 10k a day on that song, and my monthly listening shot up from about 35k to 76k in 2.5 weeks. A good thing about it is you can opt in on specific songs so its not like they are locking you into the deal once you use it. Another thing is that they are only taking royalties from plays in the geographical areas where discovery mode is in effect, so all in all I think its a good feature at this moment but its heavy usage when it is fully released will probably water down the effect eventually making it obsolete, or even worse it will be a requirement if you want to be heard the same way you were before. Update: went from 76k to 82k monthly listeners yesterday, biggest jump yet 2nd update: song is still improving on numbers with the highest being 20k in a day and im about to reach 200k monthly listeners
Trunja 2 mesi fa
Another thing I forgot to add, due to the algorithmic nature of discovery mode, with the sudden increase in traffic on my song, the quality of my listeners has gone down, less people are returning to the music and my streams/listener went from around 4.5 to 2.5
val x5 [the “AQUARiUM”]
i was thinking of doing that as well & trying it out. that’s all super useful information, thank u!
MaxxVII 2 mesi fa
Counterpoint: Akademics gave us the "my top 5 is drake, drake, drake..." His contribution to comedy is legit
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙄🤦‍♂️ _Fr?!?_ I can't stand dude so I would've never heard him say that, unless it was when Joe Budden was schooling him on Complex... The fact anyone can say that with a straight face, with no sign of shame or embarrassment, says a MEGA-TON about them and about American culture & the culture of _"mainstream"_ HipHop. Saying that when there are so many true MCs, not just mainstream, but particularly in the underground, is just _astonishing!_ Pusha-T, himself, is infinitely better, and a real candidate for the GOAT conversation. I told Ak fans, being unintentionally hilarious is not the same as being funny lol
Travis 2 mesi fa
These past few episodes of Let's Argue are killing it, love the editing and humor
MarsHottentot 2 mesi fa
As a hard rocker back in the 1980s, I can say the Guns N Roses initial success (which took about a year to kick in, btw) was due to being perceived as slightly more serious, gritty and harder than your average sunset strip glam metal band. Their sound was less slick and bubblegum scented than say, Poison, and felt more in line with 70s era Aerosmith - 70s rock in general was starting seep back in (see The Cult "Electric", Jane's Addiction, Danzig 1, Soundgarden, etc.), so it was perfect timing. From there, their lasting appeal is down to clever pop metal songwriting.
FabulousResults 2 mesi fa
It's so obvious when someone has no knowledge of music history prior to 2015. How can you say Pusha T was carried through his whole career and not even list HALF of his career?
😆 Fr... Less than half! He's been among the top 10 active rappers for 20 years. It's a Drake-stan projecting the fact his Aubrey demi-god has been carried all his career onto the guy who _slaughtered_ him in a beef, to the point there was no response!
Marcel3 2 mesi fa
​@Jimmy1982*Playlists His sales don't prove that. The coke rappers been played out. He only has his Stan's
RTorb 2 mesi fa
Recently my mom told me how she was friends with Pusha-T in middle school and even went to karate with him. Kinda blew my mind.
Jux Seth
Jux Seth 2 mesi fa
was he selling drugs alongside this or just doing karate?
Malum 2 mesi fa
is pusha ur pops
😆 That's cool! My sister went to jr high & high school with Snoop Dogg in Long Beach and her husband grew up with Tech N9ne in KC, MO.
HARSH 2 mesi fa
If you feel useless then just remember, akademiks still has a following.
ShadowW0lf1 2 mesi fa
You already know Akademiks is going to do a drunk stream after he sees this.
Owen24 2 mesi fa
Definately Fantano should get prepared!!
S. Prince Lewis
S. Prince Lewis 2 mesi fa
He spazzed and it was hilarious
Ria 2 mesi fa
​@S. Prince Lewis He already did it?😂
S. Prince Lewis
S. Prince Lewis 2 mesi fa
@Ria yeah during this stream when he was talking about 69 beating he went off on a tangent bout Anthony. Knew something had to have driven that
Ria 2 mesi fa
@S. Prince Lewis Lol, I gotta see that.
TORN 2 mesi fa
On the spotify deal - it definitely has a significant effect on exposing your music to more listeners, spotify can 100% snap their fingers and send you attention. It's especially beneficial for periods where artists aren't consistently releasing as it keeps music circulating in the algorithm (justifying the royalty cut because you would be getting less streams anyways, w/o releasing in todays landscape). I still think it's somewhat exploitive, but it's also just Spotify supplying the demand for exposure.
Aspirin Damage
Aspirin Damage 2 mesi fa
if pusha got carried through all his beefs. why is his track record SO good with them
Evan 2 mesi fa
You don’t have to hate Akademiks just because he enjoys Drakes cookie recipe more than you
StrangerOf The206
Look at his chipmunk cheeks bro, Ak enjoys EVERY cookie recipe more than most
Ria 2 mesi fa
He does absolutely love gobbling Drake's cookies😶
@Ria 😆 No doubt...
Marioroops 2 mesi fa
I love when bands release the demos. Sometimes the stripped down versions are fire.
Joseph Luis
Joseph Luis 2 mesi fa
beach fossils clash the truth comes to mind
kokohanahana 2 mesi fa
shinsei kamattechan's demos and self-made music videos instantly comes to mind
CitruzGaming 2 mesi fa
Superfood - Superfood (demo)
Malum 2 mesi fa
the demo version of the mother we share is my preferred version
Julio Gonzalez
Julio Gonzalez 2 mesi fa
Because of the Akademiks take we need a new “Let’s Agree” ASAP
YA9 2 mesi fa
Wikipedia considers TVU&N a collaborative album but people generally don't because she only sings on 4 of the 11 songs (1 of which being background vocals), didn't write on it, and was mostly just on it at the behest of Andy Warhol. It's collaborative in that they're both on it, but not in that they worked on it together, she was a late add-on to an already finished batch of songs.
Yasuh 2 mesi fa
Cleaning those glasses while talking about Akademiks was a power move
Cory Leaver
Cory Leaver 2 mesi fa
I'd buy a 3 day pass to Melonfest
Induratize 2 mesi fa
Waiting for the ringlight reflection to fit perfectly into the Iris of Anthony's eye is like the DVD logo hitting a corner
supersonic118 boi
when akademick went on fresh & fit he passed the point of no return
Brennus 2 mesi fa
Finally we get to talk about the elephant in the room (Akademiks)
Perplexed 2 mesi fa
Elephant is generous
Nicko George
Nicko George 2 mesi fa
Chubby Mouse
Trist in Sox
Trist in Sox 2 mesi fa
We don't need to resort to fatshaming to make fun of him, thats just petty. His content is right there.
*fat chipmunk
May I take your hat sir
The person that said Pusha T has been carried for his entire career definitely has no idea that he was 1/2 of Clipse
Torrin Gooley
Torrin Gooley 2 mesi fa
And in which..Malice was the better rapper lol
Dexenation Gracey
​@Torrin Gooley I know that's a hot take on here but heads really did fuck with Malice more, Push didn't really become his own until the mid to late 2010s.
Jay Sven
Jay Sven 2 mesi fa
Ah yes, academics is hard but worth it! Melon loves knowledge
WippetWzrd 2 mesi fa
I don’t understand how someone couldn’t like Sade. That’s it.
Fr... some artists are just undeniable. Yet some deny them - seemingly just to be contrarian.
Kyle Evers
Kyle Evers Mese fa
Yeah that's crazy. Gotta be a silly individual.
shika 2 mesi fa
These intros keep getting better
Jan Ciganik
Jan Ciganik 2 mesi fa
Melon is a genre defying into creator
J J 2 mesi fa
Slowthai has had the best 3 album run within recent UK hip hop history, possibly within the world
Kevin Bahr
Kevin Bahr 2 mesi fa
Regardless of what you think of Pusha’s solo catalog, that take is what you get when you’ve never heard a second of Clipse.
EpicJake35 2 mesi fa
I can’t imagine anyone outright hating sade wtf
Charles Burekeni
Think about it. If you’re a terminally online forever alone who’s never even been kissed and probably never will be how on earth could you get jiggy to Sade? Her music would probably feel like white noise to a person like that. Like they can’t relate to any aspect of it and probably just want to rock out to some cringe ass neck beard-y death metal shit instead
Tykjpelk 2 mesi fa
The smart way for Spotify to sell exposure would be to improve the algorithm and only apply the improvements to the artists who paid, but keep the number of recommendations the same. I.e. you as the listener will see the same things you see now except a few of those recommendations will be way more relevant for you. And if every artist bought in every recommendation would be gold, and overall people might listen to more music I guess. Plus random promotions like with the ITvid algorithm to show off how artists can get crazy boosts in popularity from data science payola.
King Dead
King Dead 2 mesi fa
deluxe versions are like 12 regular songs, 5 demos, 4 radio mixes, and maybe 3 actual unreleased songs that could possibly get on a regular rotation
Mick Ferguson
Mick Ferguson 2 mesi fa
Show me one deluxe with 5 demo songs. I literally can't think of a single deluxe album with ONE demo. Though I'm sure there are deluxe versions with demos who has 5?
King Dead
King Dead 2 mesi fa
Marillion's clutching at straws has 4 demos. Yes's Going For The One has these "rehearsals" which are basically demos. Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness is full to the tits with demos that i cant imagine anyone having any real interest in. RATM's s/t has the whole album all over again as a demo for their 20th anniversary deluxe. It might depend on genre tho cause i was looking through my albums and hip hop artists tend to be way more generous with actual songs
Jordy Johnathan
Jordy Johnathan 2 mesi fa
What deluxes are you listening to
Jordy Johnathan
Jordy Johnathan 2 mesi fa
Nvm i was thinking of hiphop albums but you talking older albims
Tommy Strickland
I actually disagree on your take about bonus tracks. I think that sometimes it's not necessarily that They Are Not good songs But Maybe they do not fit the theme of the rest of the album and were good songs that the artist still wanted to release in some way
- 2 mesi fa
Hell yeah. Especially now that B-sides are less and less of a thing. I can think of plenty of examples of bonus tracks, outtakes, b-sides, etc being some of my favorite songs in an artist's discography
T Babe
T Babe 2 mesi fa
The editing on this episode was superb
Declan Huber
Declan Huber 2 mesi fa
DJ Akademiks is the Keemstar of hip-hop
Ramen45 2 mesi fa
The man who said pusha T was carried his entire career needs to be sent to twitter jail
BEEG OJEESON 2 mesi fa
I agree to an extent with Deluxe Versions, but I also think a lot of the time it's just "Hey guys, if we save some of these songs, we can sell the album twice"
TheMolt 2 mesi fa
I like when Anthony eats Italian food. I really feel the culture.
JosiahLight 2 mesi fa
Akademiks is a grown ass man saying "I'm the prize" and meat riding drake💀
Jake Freas
Jake Freas 2 mesi fa
The energy from the lets argue this time around got me feeling all kinds of good chaotic
Gerge 2 mesi fa
Ryan from Downhill Media's editing ties the whole thing together
Jason Bordine
Jason Bordine 2 mesi fa
That Pusha T take had me fuming
yx rAckman
yx rAckman 2 mesi fa
Bro stepping on needles with this one 😭😭can’t wait to see how this beef goes
fadethechannel 2 mesi fa
This is going to be good 😂
Worldview 2 mesi fa
@fadethechannel i already know AK is going to make a 30 minute rant about this and put melon on his hit list from a one minute opinion lol
Mufc_Kenny 2 mesi fa
@Worldview talking about it now
Hecatrice 2 mesi fa
Fantano has been throwing subliminals and straight up parodying AK ever since the Freddie Gibbs VS Akademiks beef. AK also knows that he’s considered a clown so he’ll prolly do a stream drunk off henny to spew incoherent insults. And then we will all laugh at him and wait for the cycle to repeat.
Euan Clarke
Euan Clarke 2 mesi fa
YOU GAVE ME THE KISS OF LIFE (absolutely fire)
Cj 2 mesi fa
Drakes wildin’ with his hot take about Pusha……. we see through you 😂
Brandbusters 2 mesi fa
Honestly hearing Starfox64 music in a Fantano Video is something I never expected to hear and also made me feel happy existential dread for some reason.
Rose Pedal Goldie 2
It's time for another "Let's Agree" Anthony
RAER 2 mesi fa
Akademics is not the worst, he's just nonfactor in hip-hop and should stay that way.
He's a non-factor... _AND_ he's the worst! The fact anyone even takes Drake seriously - especially now, when there are so many _true_ MCs in the game - is ridiculous. People just worship celebrity and massive wealth.
ginger_fever 2 mesi fa
The "Welcome to the JUNGLE BABY!!!" edits were fantastically hilarious
The editing on this episode is nuts.
Joshua Pittman
Joshua Pittman 2 mesi fa
The velvet underground and Nico one is bc Nico was technically a part of the velvet underground at the time but left before their sophomore record. So you could call it a collaboration album but it’s technically wrong. I honestly don’t even know why her name is on the cover considering that she was a part of the band…
Grushdeva 2 mesi fa
If Pusha T was carried by anyone, it was by the Neptunes
Basic_Chain 2 mesi fa
That pusha take has GOT to be bait 💀💀💀
Nathan Obral
Nathan Obral 2 mesi fa
I could watch footage of MelonFest 2070 for ten hours straight
ThatDomino 2 mesi fa
It's good that fantanos now doing more lets argues again
Datsunn 2 mesi fa
That intro was fully Oscar worthy
Tom Perry
Tom Perry Mese fa
All I know is that the best way to turn introverts into extroverts is to make them listen to giving bad people good ideas for 48 hours
Wenderson Paulo
Wenderson Paulo 2 mesi fa
Never saw Melon this much upset about Pusha T
plastic14407 2 mesi fa
How can we call Akademiks the worst when Adam 22 exists
StrangerOf The206
ARGUE?!? No. Let’s AGREE.
Javier Bañuelos
Finally, someone with a decent take on g'n'r.
Ji 2 mesi fa
The fact that fantano took his glasses off for the AK take is crazy
Hiatt Purcell
Hiatt Purcell 2 mesi fa
my favorite takes are the ones like "pusha t was carried his whole career" because theyre really like just telling on themselves
SCO Tv 2 mesi fa
Pusha started the beef by spilling the tea to the world, his an icon for that right😂😂😂
Jonas Ahrentorp
Jonas Ahrentorp 2 mesi fa
I don't want to argue forever. I want to be friends.
Katlego Mehlape
Katlego Mehlape 2 mesi fa
Say that Pusha T is good because he had friends in big places, Is a stupid reasoning tbh
MayorOfEarth79 2 mesi fa
3:00 - Biggest laugh I've ever had during a "LETS ARGUE"
na crisp
na crisp 2 mesi fa
j balvin and bad bunny (especially jbalvin) being the representation of latin music is my villain origin story
“Did the man who invented college go to college”
Paul Maloney
Paul Maloney 2 mesi fa
That footage of actual, real, legitimate, actual people at Melonfest was awesome
thadima 2 mesi fa
That Sade take😂😂😂😂
Cole Mc
Cole Mc 2 mesi fa
We just got 16 whole seconds of MelonPop, I love it here
Luke Kraus
Luke Kraus 2 mesi fa
As a GnR die hard fan I can understand people not liking them but I’m glad Anthony gives them some credit where credit is due lol
RichED Mixed
RichED Mixed 2 mesi fa
2 let's argue episodes in the last 3 days? This is nice
Spectria Official
0:28 Melon trying to tell us he feels trapped in his content series 2:11 The Death discography has done this 3:27 at least this guy has a From Mars to Sirius pfp
Psydrone 2 mesi fa
"I AM THE TABLE" is the best lyric of all time
Sam Nassiri
Sam Nassiri 2 mesi fa
we got blessed with two Let’s Argue in a week!!
Brian S.
Brian S. 2 mesi fa
Can we get the Lil Pump 2 NOT GOOD review already?
Chi Simpson
Chi Simpson Mese fa
Everything he said about akademiks is facts! Dude just yells behind a keyboard now. Miss the old days when it was about music. Also people never point out how akademiks has a habit of aligning himself with the worst people in the industry I.e. 6ixnine, Charleston white, Andrew Tate, fresh and fit podcast, and wack 100!
Friendly Bane
Friendly Bane 2 mesi fa
I have NEVER watched a single Akademics video or piece of content. He's successful/relevant because people watch him, even those who think "he's the worst thing in music."
The Beast Within
Something bad always happens when Akademiks comes out of his basement
M. C.
M. C. 2 mesi fa
i always look forward to mac demarco‘s demo albums that he releases along his studio albums. they feel warm and cozy and come with little variations that stand out and show macs creative process. plus he throws in a lot of unreleased tracks. hard disagree on the demo album take
Mikebromley43 2 mesi fa
Akademiks never talked about music he had a page called”war in chiraq” which was catered to street beef of artists in Chicago like chief keef, king von, fbg duck etc.
Ben O’Dell
Ben O’Dell 2 mesi fa
You’re describing Motley Crue when you talk about GnR. They actually have musical substance. Listen to the guitars, they’re almost NEVER playing the same thing at once. And their first record sounds a lot better than the typical over produced glam record because they could really play tf outta their parts and they had great pocket and energy as a band. Also slash made Les Pauls cool again.
Jared Brinkman
Jared Brinkman 2 mesi fa
appetite is a truly great album
Egor Rose
Egor Rose 2 mesi fa
I don't trust people who listen to anything Akademics says 😂
ozymandias ___
ozymandias ___ 2 mesi fa
Hell hath no fury is a masterpiece.
mariokarter13 2 mesi fa
The problem with demo version on deluxe albums is that they're barely different from the actual song. You're marketing it as a "look behind the scenes at the creative process" but it's literally just the final song before the studio polish.
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