LET'S ARGUE: Danny Brown's Voice Is Annoying 

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Other takes include Super Bowl halftime shows being bad in concept, and "pop" not being a genre.
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1 mar 2023




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Nepe Silva
Nepe Silva 6 mesi fa
LET’S AGREE: the editing and humor of this video series is only getting better and better
Kyle Perkins
Kyle Perkins 6 mesi fa
That’s a Let’s Agree
butt🎉☠️ 6 mesi fa
Anthony Farina
Anthony Farina 6 mesi fa
That’s what I’m sayin!!!
Nepe Silva
Nepe Silva 6 mesi fa
@Kyle Perkins I… AGREE.
Matthew Douglas
Matthew Douglas 6 mesi fa
That is the plan 😉
Dalton Lee
Dalton Lee 6 mesi fa
Danny Brown has the voice of an angel
Westin K
Westin K 6 mesi fa
An angel of death 💀
Jamie Miles
Jamie Miles 6 mesi fa
@Westin K 😭☠️
teej 6 mesi fa
An angel of dust
nocturniquet 6 mesi fa
Angel of blunts
xBreTT 6 mesi fa
@nocturniquet blunt of the angel, crafted by the gods
MF JORDINI 6 mesi fa
I used to think Danny’s voice was annoying, however it slowly grew on me. He also switches it up on songs like Tell Me What I Don’t Know
Callum Lambkin
Callum Lambkin 6 mesi fa
Go listen to some shit off XXX and you'll see he uses his voice like an instrument. The way he uses it on 30 and Bruiser Brigade is so cool
p0lytelis 6 mesi fa
I feel the same way about Kendrick's voice
Martin Torres
Martin Torres 6 mesi fa
I can never forgive him for ruining "The Wozard of Iz" on Wildflower. Im being hyperbolic but his lyrics arent even good on it.
Loren RC
Loren RC 6 mesi fa
Same but I just think it fits better sometimes than others. I love it for the most part but even though he’s one of my favorites it’s still annoying at other times
D S 6 mesi fa
I hated it originally because I thought he was ripping off Cypress Hill… still like both though
ghostware 6 mesi fa
the fact that Danny Brown sounds like "Tell Me What I Don't Know" and then sounds like "Really Doe" is part of what makes him so good
Ivan Palombo
Ivan Palombo 6 mesi fa
And even if it isn't totally related to your point, for an artist making a track as good as "tell me what i don't know" is enough to be considered a goat
ghostware 6 mesi fa
@Ivan Palombo 100%
MCLemonyfresh 6 mesi fa
@Ivan Palombo to be honest I wish he would hang out more in that “tell me what I don’t know” style but I also respect that he leverages a very unique vocal style.
Jazzy Hands
Jazzy Hands 6 mesi fa
@MCLemonyfresh allegedly 9/11 tracks on the new album is that style
Angellaye 6 mesi fa
Danny’s laugh is honestly S tier Can’t wait till next Tuesday for the next pod
Benjamin Hixson
Benjamin Hixson 6 mesi fa
Hi mommy!
homeboyartem 6 mesi fa
sounding like a prospector who struck gold
FortyTwo 6 mesi fa
Fr there's no bad danny brown. Even going back to hybrid and Detroit state of mind. Or Hawaiian Snow w/Yayo (which is slept on mad hard) so is the Bruiser Bridge EP
FannySmasha420 6 mesi fa
@Benjamin Hixson hi jeans
An Account
An Account 6 mesi fa
Danny's voice is the best part because it can instantly turn off anyone who isn't going to enjoy his music anyways.
Christian del Valle
I’d probably enjoy his music were it not for his voice
XAVisOnline 6 mesi fa
@Christian del Valle same
Gabriel Diaz
Gabriel Diaz 4 mesi fa
His production is good its the voice tho
MadGhost 6 mesi fa
Danny Brown's laugh adds a day to your lifespan and that is a scientific fact
shika 6 mesi fa
Danny brown's voice is similar to westside gunn's voice. They are super unique and instantly stand out on a track they are featured on. I for sure would have not liked them back then due to their voices but i like them a lot now
kaibr 6 mesi fa
Back then
Liam 6 mesi fa
dannys flow is way better though
Dr. StayLit
Dr. StayLit 6 mesi fa
@Liam doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
ben 6 mesi fa
​@Liam sold crack to a pine tree, barbecue and a swimming pool. i walk around with my shoes tied - westside gunn
KingInYellow 6 mesi fa
I have never been more attracted to Anthony than when he was explaining blackened death metal
Scott S
Scott S 6 mesi fa
Fire-Toolz 6 mesi fa
Danny Danumba
Danny Danumba 6 mesi fa
Yeah but those boulder shoulders tho 😫
Cinemaspire 6 mesi fa
Guys, guys, look, they listen to death metal 😮
Backseatpotato 6 mesi fa
No fuckin wayyy man. Danny has a few different voices he uses in his songs. 1) Aggressive (Blunt After Blunt) 2) Obnoxious/joking (Shouldn't Of) 3) Soft spoken (Party All the Time) I could see someone hearing a couple of his songs, maybe listening to his podcast and thinking his voice was annoying... But ya gotta give the man some credit. His voice is more versatile than a lot of rappers out there imo.
POPOFF RotMG 6 mesi fa
I very much agree that Danny Brown's voice is not annoying... BUT I can definitely 100% see where they're coming from. I mean, people love J.I.D. but I personally don't like his voice and can't get into his music, and I can easily see how people would feel the same with Danny, especially if they only listened to a few songs (and Atrocity Exhibition opening with Downward Spiral which is definitely on the more nasal-y end of the Danny Brown spectrum doesn't exactly help first impressions, even if i love the track)
hollow soul
hollow soul 6 mesi fa
Party all the time is slept on
Reece Hatton
Reece Hatton 6 mesi fa
The first time I heard danny browns voice I couldnt decide on laughing or hating it. Think it was his verse on Hey Kids. But the more I listened to him the more I got used to it and the more I realised hes crafted his own unique sound. Love the guy now, his internet presence has only made me appreciate him more
The Void Market
The Void Market 6 mesi fa
Danny’s voice was annoying for one to two tracks when I first listened and then it immediately grew on me. So unique and cool
Beats By Aryeh
Beats By Aryeh 6 mesi fa
What's crazy to me is that Danny Brown's low-pitch voice is so good too.
Thesepretzelssuckass 2
His delivery on Tell me what I don’t know is good, he needs to do more low-key stuff
MC Ride
MC Ride 6 mesi fa
that one bar in 1train where he goes from his normal, funny voice and then for like 5 words goes into his low register and shouting legitimately scares me everytime
kuppakassi 6 mesi fa
That's his best voice imo
No-man Baugh
No-man Baugh 6 mesi fa
I can see the comparison between Snoh Aalegra and MJ to an extent, Aalegra has certain vocal inflections in her mid range similar to Jackson's midrange. but the overall timbre even in that midrange is hardly mistakable (yes, even with your eyes closed)
This Guy Likes Movies
2:26 Big props to the editors. That was the hardest laugh I had all week
A Cheez-It
A Cheez-It 6 mesi fa
Danny Brown’s voice is so soothing and delicate, his soft voice is comforting to the ear
Roger Atwell
Roger Atwell 6 mesi fa
Danny browns voice used to turn me away from enjoying his music when I was younger, but now that I'm older and have expanded my musical horizon even more, I appreciate the uniqueness and creativity he has alot more than I used to. Danny is dope.
RO-B. Z.
RO-B. Z. 6 mesi fa
2:35 the funniest part about this take is that the co-producer of Watch The World Burn (Tyler Smyth) has literally made music for the soundtrack of several recent Sonic games, including Infinite’s theme and Find Your Flame. Just saying, maybe this take is way more accurate that you think 😂
Greg 6 mesi fa
Prince's halftime show was incredible. Still a medley but he brought a furiously fun energy that stole the spotlight of the whole event. Plus dude did an unforgettable cover of the foo fighters that NO ONE saw coming
Raiu 6 mesi fa
i can tell anthony had a lot of fun making this episode. love the energy on this one :)
Zavarski The Novakid
6:08 The Cyber Grind is an endless wave shooter set in a modular, highly-configurable arena. Most enemies from the main game also appear in the Cyber Grind, including some bosses Come on, Anthony, it's common knowledge!
etzee 6 mesi fa
Jinxed 6 mesi fa
To be fair, the whole point of musical genres is to broadly group together songs that have a similar sound or a similar composition (like the guitar bass drums of rock) and when you go back 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, etc. years the only similarities that hold up across the pop genre was it being music that appealed to the lowest common denominator
Matthew Dunphy
Matthew Dunphy 6 mesi fa
A Cybergrind is the bonus arena mode in Ultrakill. But generally yea, I'm firmly in the camp of "genres are stupid" . As the internet has opened up musical spaces to diversify but letting riskier more experimental stuff to get to the surface they become progressively smaller in the range of artists they catch.
ShapeyFiend 6 mesi fa
I liked Danny's vocals a lot in The Hybrid and XXX era cos he was flipping in and out of his yelping stylings on the same track. When he brought out Old he sort of separated out the two styles into front and back halves. He also changed his flow up completely as he moved away from more 00's punchstyle rapping. I think while he got more 'technical' he sort of lost some of the flexibility and expressiveness in his delivery post 2013. When I saw him live his vocals were completely blown out as well because he was trying to rap in that turnt to 11 tone the whole way through the set. His music is still good but it's not as wildly brilliant as it was 2009 to 2012 or whatever.
GYSATZU! 6 mesi fa
Dannys voice and especially his laugh is angelic i love it makes his music even better
Wambario 6 mesi fa
I love his voice actually. It feels almost nostalgic for some weird reason
cloudbloom 6 mesi fa
Danny is similar to Cypress Hill in terms of timbre of his vocal rapping style on most of his music, I get that it's a love or hate type of sound but his skill is undeniable. Also he's absolutely hilarious, check out his podcast The Danny Brown Show it's great
That was a pretty funny cavity joke Anthony. Feeling a strong 10 to light 11.
寂び侘び 6 mesi fa
Danny Brown is an acquired taste worth acquiring. Much like Death Grips, you probably won’t like it at first, but after a while it clicks, and then you’ll know...
Ty_teynium 6 mesi fa
Nothing is wrong with Danny Browns voice.if anything I miss rappers who's voice in this case quite unique who I can actually hear. Also it helps alot with blocking outside noise with the noise canceling headphones. Also I heard songs on his album and he doesn't sound that way you think he does in ALL his songs.
vpres67 6 mesi fa
I can see how people think his voice is annoying, but I love it I find it cool af. I used to kinda feel that way years ago, but now I LOVE it.
GavinEsch 6 mesi fa
The editing absolutely killed in this video
Philip Vargas
Philip Vargas 6 mesi fa
As a fellow Metal lover, i just appreciated the break down on "Blackened Death Metal" Thanks Anthony! Can you tell me what "Post Metal" or "Post Punk" is?
Mitchell MacDonald
imagine publicly outing yourself like that. DANNY THE GOAT
May I take your hat sir
At a time I thought Danny's voice was annoying, it's an acquired taste that becomes part of the appeal because mf is one of my favorite artists now
joeshoeuhh 6 mesi fa
that last one really resonated with me. I'm going back and listening to old rap rn, and i've piled up so much stuff from videos or my friends and i dont have a lot of time to listen and focus on an album properly
rubby mc rub rub
You don't actually disagree with the PhD guy. He was just presumably tired of pop music not being ascribed specific categories and people being unaware of how broad a term "pop" actually is
Deckles 6 mesi fa
I just think it’s funny he referred to it as a style when I think it’s more of style than a genre at this point
SplendidCoffee0 6 mesi fa
Let’s argue: Danny trolling Chance Wilkins, aka Cyraxx, is his finest work in years.
Little d
Little d 6 mesi fa
You right
August October
August October 6 mesi fa
No we agree
We takin bout the same curse here
Hermit 6 mesi fa
What's going on with Danny and cyraxx? I keep hearing about it
TSian7 6 mesi fa
brrreak 5 mesi fa
Danny Brown’s voice is so enjoyable, i can’t imagine Burfict without it
Vorusen 6 mesi fa
Danny brown is a national treasure!! His podcast is also fucking hilarious
Tim Gehrsitz
Tim Gehrsitz 6 mesi fa
Anthony I know you dismissed it, but I tried the Snoh Aalegra thing and if you close your eyes and picture Michael Jackson singing, it legit kinda works
Abiodun Sulaiman
LETS ARGUE: Anthony should start putting lets argue on the community tab.
Nicholas Hayes
Nicholas Hayes 6 mesi fa
You attempting to "explain" death metal just proves the guy's point.
2006PontiacVibe 6 mesi fa
Closing your eye’s definitely changing how things sound and vice versa. Ever been driving with someone who needs to turn the music down when they’re looking for a house or a turn that’s coming up?
Shapetheft 6 mesi fa
They say the annoying voice thing about so many vocalists I like - Björk, Billy Corgan, Alanis Morissette, Courtney Love, Geddy Lee to name a few lol. Often times they just don't like the style of music or the tone of their voice and they equate that with being a "bad singer" which just isn't true.
WhiteRussianBC 6 mesi fa
Bob Dylan as well
Shapetheft 6 mesi fa
@WhiteRussianBC Yeah, good point. I have never been a major fan of him, but I totally think his voice is cool and distinctive.
NevadaNate 6 mesi fa
I honestly think having an interesting voice is way better than just being a good singer. Everyone on Glee was pretty talented at singing. I rest my case lmao
Kale 6 mesi fa
This is not like a criticism and I don't mean to come off as someone who is looking for things to be mad at but the guy at 8:00 has some pretty serious sexual allegations against him right now, just a heads up.
Prateek Balani
Prateek Balani 6 mesi fa
Yeah I just saw that and I was like?????
Chocolate Sorbet Red
Fantano gave daughters and death grips a 10 so lol
HamazuraGOD 6 mesi fa
_KWITE_ does???
Iron_Dub 6 mesi fa
The creator of Laziness
​​​@Chocolate Sorbet Red Well at that point the daughters alligattions weren't known and death grips wasn't sexual abuse. It was emotional abuse
KassiusOH 6 mesi fa
Danny browns voice has put me to sleep, made me stop crying, made me crying, made me laugh, and so much. Thank you Danny browns voice 🥲
Nick Bilske
Nick Bilske 6 mesi fa
I’ve been falling asleep to his podcast
Adrian Merriweather
You get used to it very fast and realize he has good raps. Its not anonying just different lol I like his deep voice raps are cool too
Abyss 6 mesi fa
I feel like you either love Danny Browns voice or hate it. I would play Danny Brown all the time in college and my roommate couldn’t stand it. Also have a friend that hates Lil Wayne because of his voice. 😂 Rappers with really unique voices can be very polarizing.
Bpinator 6 mesi fa
Westside Gunn is another example. And wouldn’t you know, all three of them are goated
Abyss 6 mesi fa
@Bpinator truuuu 🔥
BOOKWYRM 6 mesi fa
LET'S AGREE: Melon should start putting timestamps on his lets argue/agree vids.
I like it and when he switches to his "normal" voice it sounds so dope. In The return ft Freddie Gibbs his flow is smooth as hell
Ryleigh Elizabeth
He also uses the normal voice really smoothly in Tell Me What I Don’t Know.
H 6 mesi fa
I’m not a big fan of Danny brown’s atrocity exhibition because his voice gets really grating for me but I do like his voice when he does features with other artists because of how unique it is, I also enjoy xxx and haven’t heard his other albums yet
Apolloツ 6 mesi fa
I always enjoyed Danny Brown’s voice. Especially when featured in a song with multiple artists (for example 1train) he’s one of those artists who has such a unique voice where you KNOW it’s him. Can’t be replicated.
Sleep 6 mesi fa
Danny Brown's voice is very flavorful. Work on your palette if you can't stomach it. You're missing out otherwise
hohloyumor 6 mesi fa
It's true. His OLD album was mixed properly to hide the annoying moments, that's how it always must be done.
archiewall16 6 mesi fa
For just being carbon monoxide poisoning, he’s pretty good at rapping.
Orion227 6 mesi fa
let's argue: anthony fantano is actually the mustache and he took control of this poor guy's body
Seth In June
Seth In June 6 mesi fa
Metal subgenres are pretty easy to understand even for a newcomer. I mean if I said "industrial death grind" you can easily break that down into "death metal with a more industrial sounds and some Grindcore influence" and that's not that hard to understand
Per Lundgren
Per Lundgren 6 mesi fa
I wouldn't assume that a newcomer, or metalheads on the "normier" side of the spectrum overall, could even tell you the difference between death metal and grindcore.
Seth In June
Seth In June 6 mesi fa
​@Per Lundgren death metal-fast, growls and gurgles, blast beats Grindcore-super fast, big shouty, punk style
themonsteraddict MMXVI
Danny's voice is awesome. It's unhinged
Yahya Bouderbala
Pop isn't a genre, it encompasses certain genres throughout eras.
GrandPseudonym 6 mesi fa
This is the closest we have gotten to a thatistheplan video in quite some time. Thank you melon.
Abel Ramirez
Abel Ramirez 6 mesi fa
I always thought Danny's voice is really funny. I enjoy his music and I think sometimes having to chuckle at his voice along with some of the absurd lyrics just adds to the enjoyment. That doesn't count the more deeper songs he has where he really tones it down.
Shane Corcoran
Shane Corcoran 6 mesi fa
Danny Brown’s voice is perfectly fine imo. I’ve always enjoyed it and how he can switch it up on songs like Clean it Up or Tell me what I don’t know. He also has an amazing discography so
Tables 6 mesi fa
Let's Go by Danny Brown is underrated as fuck
Shane Corcoran
Shane Corcoran 6 mesi fa
@Tables I think Gremlins or Dope Fiend Rental are my picks for most underrated
Tables 6 mesi fa
@shanecorcoran2542 true though
BovineBloodline 6 mesi fa
When I first heard Danny I wasn’t a fan of the voice but now I love it lol
white mamba008
white mamba008 6 mesi fa
Yea it's definitely super rare for someone to like it on the first time hearing him
Nuri Magen
Nuri Magen 6 mesi fa
I've been forcing myself to listen to his albums again and again in the last few days so I could get used to the voice and enjoy the peggy album😭😭
Goodels 6 mesi fa
Danny Brown's voice *should* be annoying, but he pulls it off well. His voice reminds me of blue cheese.
TIGERI$LAND 6 mesi fa
it's what makes him original.Dannys voice is great
F Howl
F Howl 5 mesi fa
"...smellin' like cool ranch Doritoooooos!" Danny Brown is a dulcet toned poet.
Cody Smith
Cody Smith 6 mesi fa
Re: French electronica, I'm waiting for Melon to talk about L'Imperatrice. Their album Tako Tsubo is a masterpiece from start to finish.
Jose da big brain
i think his voice is what makes atrocity exhibition so good
e o
e o 6 mesi fa
Wasn’t expecting so much praise from Fanthony Antano for the new “Falling in Reverse” song by the GOAT Ronnie Radke who made such bangers like “My life is like a video game” and “why do good girls like bad guys” but he was spitting straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
beeli 6 mesi fa
i love the danny brown party bangers, Dip? Dubstep? Smokin and Drinkin? Kush Coma? but low key songs like Lonely and Clean Up where he uses a very subdued ‘normal’ voice are some of my favorites
Justin Ours
Justin Ours 5 mesi fa
Danny has the most nasally, shrill voice ever and it's awesome.
Leroytirebiter 6 mesi fa
Almost any song can be improved by envisioning it as a theme song for Shadow the Hedgehog
YA9 6 mesi fa
Pop music and popular music are completely different things. Pop music, in my attempt to define it, is music made with the intention to be catchy, widely accessible and generally (but not always) unchallenging, almost always in verse-chorus-verse structure, while popular music is basically every genre that started since the widespread popularity of recorded music that you don't need formal musical training to make, including Pop, Rock, Dance music, Hip Hop, Metal, r&b, etc.
Lazar Naskov
Lazar Naskov 6 mesi fa
The fact that we talked about the French saving Electronica and there was no mentions of Jean-Michel Jarre, like bruh they've saved us THREE times!
Exile Island
Exile Island 6 mesi fa
danny brown has the voice of an angel.
Jakejackson6 6 mesi fa
Lets argue, you need to upload these way more often
Quenten Riddle
Quenten Riddle 6 mesi fa
I would like to know your take on Japanese OBI strips & how artists charge more for records packaged with them
CMD 6 mesi fa
I have always found Danny's voice a bit abrasive on the beat, and it made me not ever want to look into his music all that much, but his voice is perfect for comedic riffing and I would recommend everybody to go check out The Danny Brown Show!!
Jada Alvarez
Jada Alvarez 6 mesi fa
Definitely wasnt expecting Anthony to be almost a foot taller than me when I met in IRL a couple of years back
Olivier Verrette
As a french canadian, I take this as a call to action. Tous ensemble, vers l’avant!
Deckles 6 mesi fa
You already did it! Go listen to kaytranada!
Ðavy 6 mesi fa
You completely forgot to mention that the French saved electronic music a third time with David Guetta!
bobsterapper 6 mesi fa
Danny Brown could Rap over my Alarm clock and it will still Sound dope. He can Rap in every beat, which is a talent in its own.
Jack Wilt
Jack Wilt 6 mesi fa
I need that alarm clock type beat Danny verse now
lucas wood
lucas wood 6 mesi fa
Daveed already rapped over an alarm clock better than anyone could, however I would like to hear this
Thomas Nelson
Thomas Nelson 6 mesi fa
3:03 Taylor Swift does this everytime with every release and it's just pandering to her wild cultish stanbase, there are entire video essays and articles about how she's affecting vinyl production and distribution with her shenanigans. And then we get surprised why she carpet bombs the charts with every album
Platanov 6 mesi fa
Danny Brown's weird-ass voice on the Gorillaz track 'Submission' is how I got into rap.
zRunes 6 mesi fa
I'll even take a French Canadian at this point had me rolling
Butterfly 3000
Butterfly 3000 6 mesi fa
Anthony said the word “anal” twice in this video
Jacub White
Jacub White 2 mesi fa
I love Danny Brown's voice. Reminds me of Adult Swim for some reason.
HistorySkate 6 mesi fa
Danny browns feature on submission from humanz is one of my favorite songs from the album. But I can’t act like it isn’t an annoying voice lmao.
Eric Woodard
Eric Woodard 6 mesi fa
A lot of my friends say the same shit about Danny brown and it bothers me so much 😂
metalmiguel16 6 mesi fa
Danny Brown is the songbird of my generation.
Zoda 6 mesi fa
that last question was really thought provoking i wonder who asked it
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith 6 mesi fa
Danny’s voice is one of the best in hip hop
Fusei 6 mesi fa
I'm not a fan of Danny Brown's voice, but I don't think that it makes his music worse. People just confuse "I don't like this" for "it's objectively bad."
Turbos Hazed
Turbos Hazed 6 mesi fa
The idiots say "well um it actually is the same thing am I wrong though". Yes. Yes you are. Wish people wouldn't lump everything that isn't total praise as being a hater.
metaturnal 6 mesi fa
Danny has one of the best laughs in the world.
J. Solano
J. Solano 6 mesi fa
Danny Brown is the Karen Carpenter of our generation.
Don't Panic
Don't Panic 6 mesi fa
I can't even tell if this is an insult or a compliment
Breadmoney 6 mesi fa
Will someone smarter than me explain why I think this makes sense? I am a fan of both Danny Brown and Karen Carpenter and there is a connection to be made but I don’t have the words for it.
totempolejoe 6 mesi fa
"Just like me, they long to be close to you" "Flow sick, n----, call it pneumonia, I'm on ya" Basically the same songs tbh
Konehead Cokehead
I'm pretty sure Danny Brown sang at Fozzie Bear's birthday party last week so i'm pretty sure that makes him a good singer
Dank Meme Wannabe
7:27 hasn’t this already been happening with L’Imperatrice (tbh I still think they need to touch more international listeners for this to be better known)
camesaveme 6 mesi fa
The halftime show is nothing more then a break to go on a beer run.
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