LET'S ARGUE: OK Computer Is Overrated 

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Other topics include the Beatles saying bad words, and Gerard Way sounding like a "wailing goat."
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gork 4 mesi fa
LET’S AGREE: anthony should bring back the bass intros 🙂
To quote Jordan Peele, nope.
ayeg1213 4 mesi fa
embrace change
Marco Cardia
Marco Cardia 4 mesi fa
True! We riot!
gork 4 mesi fa
@ayeg1213 i commented on an anthony fantano video within 10 minutes of upload, clearly i’m autistic
Harrison 4 mesi fa
Why, he already played every note
John Petrila
John Petrila 4 mesi fa
Came for the musical hot-takes, stayed for the unexpected gastrointestinal health advice. Amazing pivot.
sampsqwantch 4 mesi fa
lets agree
Back Country Pastimes
Dr. Melon
Raidknight 4 mesi fa
And what’s funny is that I got a Taco Bell ad right before he starting talking about to 😂
Critique Everything
Unsubscribed! /s
BeerDrinker_69 4 mesi fa
One of the absolute best things for stomach aches is ginger ale! Especially a strong spicy one with lots of ginger in it, it's amazing how effective it is at settling your stomach. Even when I've had very painful stomach aches, ginger ale has settled it quickly. Cheers :)
kurtis donnarumma
OK Computer is the best rap album of all time
Sleep 4 mesi fa
Kid A>>>
King Chriss
King Chriss 4 mesi fa
It's 1989 by Taylor swift everyone knows that
Oliver Matthews
Oliver Matthews 4 mesi fa
Kid A better
Obscene Orchestra
Captain Beefheart best trap artist since BIG Will Shatner
BlessedRat_ 4 mesi fa
Is the computer really OK? I feel like we need to check up on the computer and make sure they are doing well.
Gose 4 mesi fa
Just checked my computer, she's not OK, sick with a virus. We need to raise awareness for computer health!
cupuaçu4life 4 mesi fa
its ok cuz it runs haikuOS
Takyon 4 mesi fa
Computer are you ok? Computer are you ok? Are you ok computer?
given when it came out, the computer probably doesn't run anymore.
Scapegoat4 4 mesi fa
Might need to defragment some drives, she's an oldie but probably still chuggin along!
Zonk 4 mesi fa
the tourist is actually my favorite somg off of the album, i just love thom’s distant vocals and the slow build to the guitar solo towards the end-it’s just such a perfect finisher
cupuaçu4life 4 mesi fa
eeeeeyyyy maaaaaaannnn
Kristo Amadeus
Kristo Amadeus 4 mesi fa
I used to overlook this song so hard but lately it’s my favorite off the album it’s atmospheric and beautiful
sogga 4 mesi fa
Kalel Vigil
Kalel Vigil 4 mesi fa
As someone who's autistic and has ADHD, it literally makes me break down crying. It became the soundtrack as I was leaving Greece when I went on a solo vacation
Stratford 4 mesi fa
It’s sad that so many people don’t actually see the brilliance of it and just think of it as a kind of boring closer
Let Down is absolutely one of my favorite Radiohead songs. I love the way it swells.
f4gsforpele 4 mesi fa
It’s sooo beautiful
Rasmus Dahla
Rasmus Dahla 4 mesi fa
It showcases Radiohead's overlooked spiritual side
Just Human
Just Human 4 mesi fa
I've only recently heard about Let Down and i cannot stop playing it on repeat
valeruano 4 mesi fa
I would even say it's kind of, underrated...
Maciej Kiziński
actually its the only bad song on ok computer
Uncle Philly
Uncle Philly 4 mesi fa
If MGK dropped Ok Computer in 2023, Anthony would give a 2/10
Plagues138 4 mesi fa
Why such a high score?
“This mgk new album… NOT GOOD”
mrshaller12 4 mesi fa
uh oh * nerd emoji *
Nikki V
Nikki V 4 mesi fa
Common Time
Common Time 4 mesi fa
@Plagues138 cause he's a genius, could've made donda
firegodmc10 4 mesi fa
I think the reason people put so much stock into replay value is because music is one of the only mediums where a casual consumer will regularly return to a given piece, which in a way gives music its own special place in popular media. Most people won't watch a TV show or movie more than once, or will only rewatch them after a few months or years have gone by. By comparison, its not uncommon to loop the same song many times a day. Obviously replay value shouldn't be the only thing considered when judging music, but its an important part of what makes music unique from other art mediums, so it's worth considering most of the time.
Baconheart 4 mesi fa
It's funny that the two mediums where people do put huge stock into the idea of "replay value" are for completely different reasons. Video games deal with the idea of replay value as a criticism all the time, but there it's more like "I paid $60 for this experience, it better include some artificial reason to experience it multiple times or else I've wasted my money"
trace 3 mesi fa
That part hawmy
Obsolete Elite
Obsolete Elite 20 giorni fa
Also, music is ancient. Film is still a new medium by comparison.
Fugg Diss
Fugg Diss 4 mesi fa
I would argue Radiohead found their “sound” with The Bends, and then proceeded to dismantle and rebuild it for every subsequent album (save for Amnesiac, which was recorded the same time as Kid A)
Cameron Brown
Cameron Brown 3 mesi fa
so true
Apollo XVI
Apollo XVI 4 mesi fa
There was this dude in his late 40s in my college class and we bonded over our love for rock music. He told me he liked radiohead and I told him that the bends was better than ok computer and I never saw him again. So he either dropped the class or he killed himself but either way I broke that man.
Pepe Silvia
Pepe Silvia 4 mesi fa
the bends has catchier songs tho
windows shotguns
He was in his late 40s, probably his wife and kids drove him to su- I mean, regrettable decision.
cheerless marshes
you deserved that tbh
Leon L
Leon L 4 mesi fa
​​@Pepe Silvia nah man
mary freegirl
mary freegirl 4 mesi fa
Death Incarnate
Death Incarnate 4 mesi fa
OK Computer is the most underrated reggae album of all time
Luis Márquez
Luis Márquez 4 mesi fa
Ironically, there is a OKC cover album from Easy Star All-Stars called "Radiodread".
Sippy Tango
Sippy Tango 4 mesi fa
@Luis Márquez It's a banger too.
Henry Mackintosh
@Sippy Tango Their version of Let Down is wonderful
Satellite 4 mesi fa
admittedly, I've never heard someone say OKC is the best reggae album of all time so I do have to agree with this
Camila Gomez
Camila Gomez 16 giorni fa
Finally a good take
Callum Cooke
Callum Cooke 4 mesi fa
Paranoid Android is my favorite Radiohead track. Thanks to Ergo Proxy for having it as the credits theme. One of the best rock songs I've ever heard.
DormRoomLaser 4 mesi fa
It's my most played song on Spotify ever.
Scrapper 4 mesi fa
Pyramid scheme song
cupuaçu4life 4 mesi fa
wait wait, does it really?
Tbhipod 4 mesi fa
I also found paranoid android through ergo proxy
Kash 4 mesi fa
ergo proxy is absolute fire
Outer Galaxy Lounge
"They haven't found their sound" = "they haven't found the sound that I prefer."
Rosebuds A Sled
Rosebuds A Sled 4 mesi fa
I finally just got around to listening to Ok Computer and Kid A, and tbh Ok Computer had me confused why it was so hyped the first listen, every song was just solid and good….and then it stuck with me all day. Every song, stuck with me, and I wanted to listen to it again and again.
Litty Again
Litty Again 4 mesi fa
fax I was like this is good but whats all the hype, but I kept wanting to go back to listen to it and started to really enjoy it. Now it has some of my favorite songs
VB23 4 mesi fa
Radiohead in general is like that.. I used to hate them and found their music mundane and uncanny.. And now they are the Greatest Band of all time imo..
DDM 4 mesi fa
I felt the exact same about In Rainbows
Morto Multiverse
I've read this exact sentence in every review I've seen of OK Computer so far, the "It was pretty solid but I didn't really saw the hype, however one day... everything clicked with me", wich is kinda funny to me, because it kinda sounds like some mass brain-washing scheme made by Tom Yorke himself lol. I've heard it twice already, and it still didn't really clicked with me like In Rainbows did for exampe, but who knows, maybe I will too succumb to the OK Computer reign one day...
Z 4 mesi fa
I will get murdered for this but I feel as if OK Computer is overrated, yet still a pretty good album. I just don’t think it strikes a chord with any of the greatest albums of all time but I would still rate it in the 80 to 90 percent range. There was a point where I absolutely loved the album but with more repeated listens it grew off of me. However, I think that Kid A is fantastic and is one of my all time favourite albums.
Neon Radar
Neon Radar 4 mesi fa
Regarding the 'replay factor' argument, Sinner Get Ready comes to mind. It's probably the most emotionally impactful album listening experience I've ever had but I still wouldn't listen to it again cause it's just too upsetting. Couldn't imagine myself washing dishes to that or just chilling to it after a hard day the way I would to, say, Future Nostalgia.
Arthur 4 mesi fa
which is funny because after mellon’s review I went to listen to the album and had to wash dishes and It was not an enjoyable experience I can tell you that
Querent 4 mesi fa
That's very interesting. I listened to that album virtually on repeat. Though I agree it's very emotional, and certainly requires a certain mood. I was just in that mood a lot when it came out, lol (and I'm from rural PA, so it had an instantly nostalgic quality for me). But, I can't be certain I will EVER listen to A Crow Looked at Me by Mount Eerie ever again, but I would easily rate it in the top 50 albums of all time. It's just emotionally devastating, and if I listen to it I know I'm gonna have a long, ugly cry. That's a tough sell for a listening experience.
kok hoe teh
kok hoe teh 4 mesi fa
@Querent i listen to real death a lot tbh, it's a song that helped me heal when i was younger, so i still listen to it often to remind myself things get better.
Luke Cockburn
Luke Cockburn 4 mesi fa
I was recently surprised when relistening to Radiohead-Ok Computer by how quality it is considering how cliche it’s greatness is It really is fantastic as tight as almost any album I’ve heard Just classic after classic I agree it’s not there best album but I think as far as critical acclaim goes it’s not particularly overrated
Spookster 4 mesi fa
I recall you saying, in regards to whether TPAB or Ok Computer deserves the title of "best album of all time", "Anyone with an alternative rock taste would like OK Computer." OKC isnt particularly hard to listen to but I think thats fucking amazing and a sign of expert musicianship. To get ideas across about the existential dread of computers forever changing society, and actually have the ideas be digestible and not overly cryptic takes so much talent. Rick Beato (a music producer) says in one of his videos that while he was in music college, EVERYONE there was trying to reverse engineer and understand how tf OKC was made. It was so far ahead of its time with its sound and the ideas. Its a fantastic album I'll cherish forever. When listening to Radiohead's discog I usually come back to In Rainbows more, simply because its nice, emotional music you can throw on anytime (and Jigsaw Falling into Place is the best song ive ever heard), but OK is their greatest achievement IMO.
Ant Gon
Ant Gon 4 mesi fa
OkC yeah, tpab??? Mehh.
Spellchec 4 mesi fa
You can hear "fucking hell" in one of The Beatles' biggest hits - Hey Jude. It was number one for weeks, is still one of the best known songs in pop music, and yet a lot of people are still unaware of it.
rabendranath 4 mesi fa
That cursing ban in the 60's was very real, probably one of the most iconic edits was on The Doors's debut, where Jim Morrison shouts "She get high!" But even to this day most people remember the censored version.
Kevin Velasco
Kevin Velasco 4 mesi fa
And even with their argument of Beatles cursing, John was censored because of working class hero, it was just a bad commercial move back then
rabendranath 4 mesi fa
@Kevin Velasco Also the "knickers down" part in Walrus almost got them banned (how they got away with that, I still don't know...)
Austin Heinbuch
Austin Heinbuch 4 mesi fa
@rabendranathat that point nobody could tell the beatles what to do
Thrillhouse 4 mesi fa
Shegit! Shegit! Shegit!
zapotc 4 mesi fa
Can't even get an uncensored Doors Record wtf.
Querent 4 mesi fa
I can't be certain I will EVER listen to A Crow Looked at Me by Mt Eerie ever again, but I would easily rate it in the top 50 albums of all time. It's just emotionally devastating, and if I listen to it I know I'm gonna have a long, ugly cry. That's a tough sell for a listening experience. But I can't think of any single album by any artist that is even half as emotionally charged.
Caleb Black
Caleb Black 4 mesi fa
John saying "He was such a stupid GIT" on "I'm so Tired" said with such vitriol is pretty much just as impactful as any swear would be there. We saw what happened when John had full reign over what words he used in his songs in a very interesting diddy about women.
Billsup burner
Billsup burner 4 mesi fa
Gerard might be the only vocalist during that era that wasn't obnoxious.
Evil Scientist
Evil Scientist 4 mesi fa
Replay value doesn't have to equal to daily rotation. A high replay value can mean that you remember the album and return to it over time and time again, and perhaps it not only delivers the same experience again, but adds to it, you discover new aspects of it over time.
chewybang 4 mesi fa
I did not expect to laugh as hard as I did with "Here comes the BLEEEEEEP". Oh, that was good. Thanks melon!
Juicy James
Juicy James 4 mesi fa
I have a funny story about the Beatles swearing. A while ago, I visited the O mansion in DC where they have all these fancy rooms decorated like TGI Fridays that could be rented out like a hotel. The owners were avid friends and fans of the Beatles and he had a room dedicated to John Lennon. I walked into it while one of Lennon’s songs was playing in the background and I laughed; in the song he messed up, paused, and cursed a bunched.
Yogkog 4 mesi fa
I hope someday the studio sessions for Baby You're a Rich Man are leaked. iykyk
KorAnos1 4 mesi fa
@Yogkog *consults Wikipedia* hoooooly shit, John
Cole Cline
Cole Cline 4 mesi fa
one of the main things i hear from people who also love lingua ignota is that they can’t listen to her music all the time and i can’t relate, even though her music is incredibly emotionally intense and brings up some rough things for me, the songs get stuck in my head!! i listened to thousands of minutes of lingy last year
Simon Williams
Simon Williams 4 mesi fa
it's underrated because it is not one of the biggest selling albums of all time or one of the most listened to. There will though still be people listening to this in 20 years time, 200 years time and possibly 2000 years time. It's timeless.
Simon Williams
Simon Williams 4 mesi fa
It's still not as good as In Rainbows though
Growskull 4 mesi fa
are you 13 years old
Matty 4 mesi fa
New editing stylings are incredible and bring a lot to the videos!
Zach Gerrity
Zach Gerrity 4 mesi fa
That is the plan
Neu Visean
Neu Visean 4 mesi fa
We want the orange beanie back
immortalx50 4 mesi fa
pretty sure it's unedited footage
On the replay value topic, generally when I hear that term used i think more along the lines of "okay, this song sounded nice, but I don't think its going to give me enough to come back to it ever" as opposed to music that is really good, but you have to listen to it sparingly because its a very involved listen
knifefght 4 mesi fa
Maybe 'longevity' should replace the term replay value as a concept
@knifefght no, cuz even a song that you won't listen to often still has VALUE on the REPLAY, so changing the term doesn't offer any extra clarity
Querent 4 mesi fa
I can't be totally sure I will ever be emotionally willing to listen to A Crow Looked at Me by Mount Eerie ever again. I like music that makes me cry, but not that hard. So for me, there's almost no replay value. But I'd still put it in the top 50 albums ever recorded without hesitation.
Cleve Crudgington
I have to be honest I don't even understand the replay value debate. If I like a song or album I'm going to listen to it more than once. If something is good it automatically has replay value by default.
blarghblargh 4 mesi fa
love when a melon is clearly in a good mood
mrlevinielsen 4 mesi fa
Same, it changes the comment section too
Leo F
Leo F 4 mesi fa
Very much agree on the point about replay value. My first reaction was disagreement, but then after stopping to think I realized that most of my favorite albums in fact do not have high "replay value," in the sense that I need to be in at least a somewhat specific mood/set of circumstances to put them on. For sure, there are plenty of albums I love that I probably could listen to almost any day, but that doesn't mean they are better or that I enjoy them more than an album I listen to on a less frequent basis.
Jose Kech
Jose Kech 4 mesi fa
ok computer have alot replay value
No-man Baugh
No-man Baugh 4 mesi fa
God these intros are always a damn trip, Ryan is a damn gift
Juan José Cortés
The editing in the last couple of Let's Argue videos has been awesome! 10/10 😚👌
Aideen 4 mesi fa
Best episode of let's argue in recent memory, although they're all great. I find myself looking forward more and more to the psychotic openings.
A F 4 mesi fa
From the Basement is their best album. It may not be an album, but its their best performance, and they always composed their music thinking about playing them live. From the Basement is probably the best concert, live, performance, session that any group of humans have ever constructed. You can't judge Radiohead until you listen (and watch) their From the Basement sessions. In Rainbows is the great one, but im just saying, there are two of them.
Matt Unreal
Matt Unreal 4 mesi fa
OK Computer is the prototype, OK Human is the fully realized vision
jeans, apple bottom
Ok Orchestra
Marker Crayon
Marker Crayon 4 mesi fa
Weezer>Radiohead fr
Saltech 3 mesi fa
Really Good Computer.
Chris 4 mesi fa
Re: replay value, 100% agree- Carrie and Lowell, Fabulous Muscles, Suicide self-titled, Down Colorful hill, etc have only listened ~5 times and still consider them favs just bc they’re so emotionally devastating
BMHWDY 4 mesi fa
LET'S ARGUE: Everything popular is going to be "overrated" to a certain extent because music is inherently subjective, and there's always gonna be some lesser praised thing in a similar field that people think should be up there instead...but if it was, then they'd be calling that thing overrated too.
Scuttt1 4 mesi fa
these episodes keep getting better and better! keep up the great work daddy melon
ctdjazz 4 mesi fa
i think a productive way to look at "replay value" isn't the frequency you revisit a record. for me, the question is - WHEN i re-listen to a record, do i get anything new from it? is there anything else there i missed? there's some records i've loved, and i DID listen to them every day, that after a while i found i had gotten everything from the album that i was going to get. that's not replay value! this also fits nicely into anthony's take here since not every deep record is possible, or even healthy, to listen to super often.
Hal Kitchen
Hal Kitchen 4 mesi fa
Replay value = longevity, if we’re still coming back to an album like A Crow Looked at Me as a pinnacle of artistic expression in ten-fifty years then it has more replay value than a flavour of the month pop album we wear out in a summer
musicalman1995 4 mesi fa
Absokutely not overrated. Perfectly rated.
no 4 mesi fa
Ok Computer by Radiohead cant be played in the car, Take Care by Drake CAN be played in the car, confirmed, Take Care > Ok Computer
The Real SMALK
The Real SMALK 4 mesi fa
​@no Air conditioning solos Radiohead, confirmed.
no 4 mesi fa
​@The Real SMALK The E.N.D by Black Eyed Peas (2009) solos all Radiohead because "i gotta Feeling" actually plays at clubs and parties unlike RadioMid
The Real SMALK
The Real SMALK 4 mesi fa
@no Black Eyed Peas or air conditioning? This a tough one 💯💯
Shebimuzac 4 mesi fa
Back Country Pastimes
LET’S AGREE: In Rainbows is the best Radiohead album
Alex Spofford
Alex Spofford 4 mesi fa
I a g r e e
Pedro Rian
Pedro Rian 4 mesi fa
we are tired
Kash 4 mesi fa
the guitar parts on jigsaw falling into place ALONE are literally some of the best acoustic riffs ever witten and that's just from one song
Arthur Milano
Arthur Milano 4 mesi fa
Nah NAH son. In Rainbows is their most ACCESSIBLE album. Radiohead has three categories - must be number one, almost perfect, and …wut?
M 4 mesi fa
Hugosaurus 4 mesi fa
Always admire Anthony's repeated refusal to agree with "We should bring x style of music back" takes and instead saying that we should push for new sounds.
Dooder Man
Dooder Man 4 mesi fa
I agree with the replay value take, cause for example if a song is sad or something it could be really good but you’re not always going to be in the mood to listen to it, and as for when there is a song you listen to often it might not be the best lyrical song but it just sounds good in the background, so it can’t really be used when talking about how objectively good something is. But if you’re having a conversation about what you like more, obviously the replay value is one of the more important factors
Bazil 4 mesi fa
0:00 Intro 0:44 "OK Computer isn't Radiohead's best album." 1:58 "The Beatles should have cursed more in their music." 3:08 "Downtempo and boom bap type beats should make a comeback in hip hop." 3:48 "ICP and Odd Future are more alike than people think" 5:01 "How to fix tummy ache." 5:35 "MCR's music is great but Gerard Way is completely intolerable." 6:15 "The Forever Story > TPAB" (featuring lots of pixels) 6:32 "The term "Replay Value" is the worst factor to judge music on." 8:13 "Nicki Minaj is one of the weaker mainstream female rappers." 9:48 "U look beautiful today melon." 9:54 Outro
Brunoide 4 mesi fa
LET'S AGREE: Ok Computer is the best depressive funeral doom drone metal album ever made
iamcode 4 mesi fa
I had the replay conversation with someone a while ago because someone was surprised I didn't listen to my favourite albums that often. For some reason she just couldn't understand that certain things require The Mood™ to be right.
Dagna Moros
Dagna Moros 4 mesi fa
The "ok computer" is a masterpiece of sound engineering, and when I first listened to as a teenager, it reminded me of Pink Floyd's 1967 album: "The Piper at the gates of dawn", which made an equally amazing impression on me. Still, I liked more"Kid A" - it is more neurotic, sounding like the sonic reverse of the previous one. I appreciate the music of the "radioheads", even though there was an incident during one of their last concerts in my country, which I remember, when one of the band members saw me staring in the crowd, impressed by spoting the legend, and just said: retard. Well, maybe God didn't give everyone the opportunity to look like McLuhan or a hot chick, but he did give radiohead albums xD.
rate eightx
rate eightx 4 mesi fa
Replay value can be a factor in quality, If I want to listen to an album again and again then I probably quite like it, But there are equally some songs I love with very little replay value, Like Gotye's "State Of The Art" or Suicide's "Frankie Teardrop", Both excellent songs that I probably wouldn't listen to more than once or twice a year at most.
Dylan Glover
Dylan Glover 2 mesi fa
Ok Computer is the best Radiohead album to me by a wide, wide margin. It’s the perfect marriage of everything that makes them a great band. Kid A is great no doubt, but they were always best as a rock band, and this was the furthest they pushed that.
Scott Levine
Scott Levine 4 mesi fa
The "replay value" tweet reminded me of when Steven Hyden (one of the only other music critics I follow) had Sunbather by Deafheaven as his best album of 2013. He only listened to it a couple times overall because it's a lot.
Joel Wanner
Joel Wanner 4 mesi fa
Love the editing on this one. keeping it fresh! 🔥🫶🏻
Starlight Glowing in Harmony
Saw this right away and OK Computer is revolutionary. If not one of the best albums ever made. All the songs hit so perfectly.
Nicholas Chryssis
so real
Sleep 4 mesi fa
I agree but I still kinda prefer Kid A...
Bradleyl04 4 mesi fa
@Sleep probably more to do with kid a being slightly underrated than okc
Diego Sabillon
Diego Sabillon 4 mesi fa
F Howl
F Howl 4 mesi fa
Agree...but Kid A > Ok Computer
JP 11
JP 11 4 mesi fa
Its one of the greatest albums in the history of recorded music and it is still 100% underrated.
Mason Parkin
Mason Parkin Mese fa
In terms of replay value I feel as though it’s unfair to say that that shouldn’t be a factor because for some people being able to return to a song often is the determining factor of how much they enjoy it
Nathaniel Zaccagnini
Let's AGREE. fantano’s editor has gotten ALOT better over the years
Alex Rostran
Alex Rostran 4 mesi fa
Thanks, Fantano! Your tummyache advice helped me greatly!
Elegy 4 mesi fa
I would argue that Ok Computer is where Radiohead found “their sound”. If you compare it to The Bends the difference is really obvious, and if I listen closely to tracks on Ok Computer I can still pick up new details that I haven’t heard before. I think that Ok Computer is Radiohead through the lens of 90 Alt Rock and Kid A is Radiohead through the lens of Electronica. Also Lucky and especially The Tourist are great tracks.
Paranoid Android
Here are my takes 1. OK Computer isn't overrated, and especially not just because they were still finding their sound. 2. The Beatles shouldn't have sworn more. In fact, I'd argue that swearing would've made their music more awkward. 3. Honestly, I wouldn't be against it. I'd appreciate a little boom bap in rap. 4. I have no say in bands/artists I have never heard 5. Try some Pepto Bismol. 6. Uhhh, My Chemical Romance? Never heard them before. 7. Man, I dunno at this point. 8. Yeah, but what if we want to hear it again? Didn't think about that one. 9. I have no opinion on this subject matter. 10. I agree.
bstn lxdr
bstn lxdr 4 mesi fa
here are my takes: 1.- didn't ask 2.- don't care 3.- shut up 4.- L 5.- + ratio
Mihir B
Mihir B 4 mesi fa
​@bstn lxdr i agree with your take
bstn lxdr
bstn lxdr 4 mesi fa
@Mihir B thank you i shall continue my path of being based like mr based god
Rule Of Apollo
Rule Of Apollo 4 mesi fa
Gerards vocals are incredible wtf 💀
Alexander Ortiz
Alexander Ortiz 4 mesi fa
Ok Computer it's still one if the best alternative albums of all time.
YogiCentralYT 4 mesi fa
one of best albums in general
Captain Moondog
Captain Moondog 4 mesi fa
alternative? what's next? indie? .__ . OK Computer IS alternative rock with art rock
immortalx50 4 mesi fa
alternative to what, though..
YogiCentralYT 4 mesi fa
@immortalx50 Pop
immortalx50 4 mesi fa
@YogiCentralYT Goes the Weasel
Chris Sherren
Chris Sherren 3 mesi fa
I agree completely with the opinion on the replays. The best music needs time to really sink in!
wiseguy100 4 mesi fa
Their performance of Paranoid Android on Jools Holland is probably the greatest live performance of a track, ever.
Andrew Ward
Andrew Ward 4 mesi fa
Best album I can think of for the "replay value" argument is A Crow Looked at Me. I will always struggle to listen to it, does not mean it is a horrible album by any stretch of the mind.
Ben Carlson
Ben Carlson 4 mesi fa
The thing with swearing in music and art in general is that if it accomplishes something meaningful it should be there, but oftentimes is just unnecessary filler. It also alienates people who don’t want to hear that stuff. My dad apologized to me after taking me to Moneyball because there were 2 f-words in the whole movie and he has constantly complained about that every time he watches it. Even if people who are unbothered by swearing don’t see an issue, there are still people who are deeply offended by swearing in general, and their opinions do matter to some extent.
Bernardo Mateus
Bernardo Mateus 4 mesi fa
That John Lennon leak might be one of the greatest bits of music ever
Savage Antelope
Savage Antelope 4 mesi fa
7:18 Exactly how I feel you don’t play some of those best albums all the time but you can love them the most for how impactful and good they are and streaming services don’t show this
Thomas Frank
Thomas Frank 4 mesi fa
It's interesting to consider how that 'replay value' comment compares to other media. For example: While Grave of the Fireflies is one of the most beautiful, sad, touching and impactful movies I've ever seen, was an extraordinary rollercoaster of emotions, my life is better for having seen it, told all my friends they NEED to watch it, and my memory of that viewing is still very vivid in my mind even after more than 20 years; I never want to experience that movie ever again. On the other hand, I could watch Aliens once a week and not get bored of it for a long time. I consider Aliens to be a lesser movie than Grave of the Fireflies. There are a couple of albums that I consider to be outstanding, monumental, eternal but I can't really listen to them more than once a year (for example RYSFLATH).
13StJimmy 4 mesi fa
Fun fact the Beatles would slip in “naughty” words for instance in “girl” the background harmonies sing “tit,tit,tit ect” and there are several others Not overt cursing but more “obscene” references for the time than most pop groups
Corncake 4 mesi fa
There’s technically a swear in Hey Jude when Paul Mccartney misses a chord. You can audibly hear it in the official version. Its amazing
Jet the Judge
Jet the Judge 4 mesi fa
every time I run OK Computer back I'm reminded of how many tracks I love on it not my favorite by them by any means either but it's there as far as songwriting is concerned also Cedric's (ATDI/The Mara Volta) vocals are beautiful regarding that MCR take...Claudio from Coheed as well
Blank Blank
Blank Blank 3 mesi fa
LET’S AGREE: Anthony is indeed a beautiful melon boi
Riku Rodrigues Neto
I recently thought of Radiohead's career as kind of taking off from the plateau of Pablo Honey onto Bends and OK Computer being the highest part of that soaring motion (I agree it's not a complete album, there are a couple songs on it I don't like.. but as far as efforts go, pretty good! [comparable to something like Revollver from the Beatles[).. Kid A is perfect. Hail to the Thief follows the weightlessness of Kid A with a plunge into the depths.. and now they've kind of settled into a serene (as serene as you can be in this world without blinkers on)-ish mood... heyy fucking juudee
Noah Kahan
Noah Kahan 4 mesi fa
The idea that they fully found their sound with Kid A and then adventured away to other sounds mean they didn’t find their sound in Kid A 🤣
Priest Trash
Priest Trash 4 mesi fa
Let down from Ok Computer is definitely a top 3 example for a Radiohead sound
I’m honestly scared of what music looks like after trap beats.
Alex Mannings
Alex Mannings 4 mesi fa
voigto 4 mesi fa
It's all just clowncore.
Gose 4 mesi fa
All these takes boil down to "this thing many people like is overrated, whereas this thing that was overrated after or before is not overrated because I like it"
Nathan Hovey
Nathan Hovey 4 mesi fa
6:08 Billy Talent and Smashing Pumpkins are also solid examples of shrill voices that still compliment their music.
Szymon Dudziński
I kinda agree about the "replay value" thing, I've noticed that the most emotional songs/albums I know, I just can't listen to often.
Jovan Reid
Jovan Reid 4 mesi fa
You know what? As a huge Radiohead fan, I agree. (And here I was thinking I was the only one in the whole wide world). OK Computer remains to be my keast favorite or revisited album of theirs. No matter what, "Karma Police" "Airbag" and a few other tracks aside, I just don't get down with the record like that. That said, In Rainbows, to me, is their crowning achievement, their magnum opus, if you will, because, to me, that record is the most omniscient projection of their overall "sound", idiom, and mission statement as a band.
Cayden Taylor
Cayden Taylor 4 mesi fa
For the argument at 6:40 ish of this video, I’d also argue alongside Melon that David Bowie’s final album ‘Blackstar’ is an almost perfect album that deals with Bowies impending death (for those that are unaware, Bowie was in the final stages of cancer during the making of this album). It’s a perfect send off, but it’s hard to replay songs like Lazarus even though they’re perfect.
Jimmy Buckets
Jimmy Buckets 4 mesi fa
Let’s stop arguing about Radiohead. We get it. Some of you think they’re the greatest band ever, and some of you can’t stand them and don’t understand what the hype is about.
poke mongo
poke mongo 4 mesi fa
OKC is my favorite album. Every so often, I'll go a month or two between listens. I'll think, "Is it really as good as I remember?" Then I put it on, and about 2 seconds into Airbag, I'm reminded of how stupid I am for thinking that.
Flameclaw123 4 mesi fa
The "replay value" take definitely applies to games and movies too. Like, there are plenty of games that offer an INCREDIBLE experience your first time through but have almost no replay value. I don't think this devalues how amazing that original playthrough is, and I've always found that judging media by its replay value isn't the most helpful metric when the media in question wasn't designed to be replayed.
Dave Bryan
Dave Bryan 4 mesi fa
OK Computer is the perfect balance between what they were during The Bends and what they would become with Kid A.
imsoggybread 4 mesi fa
Is it the best Radiohead album? No. Is it the most accessible Radiohead album? Yes. Goddamn. .
Rock 4 mesi fa
Ok computer is still one of the best techno funk records of all time
Darlington Atuba
Gerard Way has an amazing voice, how dare you?!?!
d  :)
d :) 4 mesi fa
To OK a Computer is definitely the greatest hyperpop album of all time
Garchomp2007 4 mesi fa
Easily best Radiohead album after the bends it’s a 10/10 for me and idk how in rainbows and okc are that highly regarded even though they’re still really really good
Bjørn Brynemo
Bjørn Brynemo 4 mesi fa
OK Computer is not overrated imo. Half the songs of the album they still play live. The Tourist is not formulaic. It's has a strange interrupted time signature going for it. Lucky is the oldest song of the albums, and its sound and temperament, led the way and inspired the rest of the album (I think I heard them say somewhere).
the editing of this let's argue is amazing
If I ever run into that guy who insulted Gerard Way's singing, it's ON SIGHT.
Drewnobyl 4 mesi fa
I can finally have an opinion on OK Computer, thanks Anthony!
Ethan Rummel
Ethan Rummel 4 mesi fa
The replay value discussion is actually really interesting. To step outside of music: The Last Duel is a truly great movie (IMO) that I never want to see again. It packed an emotional punch that just about any other piece of media I have ever consumed has not managed to match. For that, and the quality of craft involved int he film, I would consider it a great piece of art. However, the subject matter of the film is unsuitable to many people and truly disturbing by any metric. I never want to watch it again as I know the difficult elements take me to an emotional place that it is not healthy to regularly visit. But for the sole instance of my watching it, I would consider that experience well worth it.
Non-relational There
2:05 In 1967, when The Doors played their song Light My Fire on the Ed Sullivan Show, they were asked to change a line in the lyrics from "girl, we couldn't get much higher" to "girl, we couldn't get much better" because sponsors of the show were uncomfortable with a possible reference to drugs. Jim Morrison sang the original lyrics and Ed Sullivan did not shake his hand after the performance and they were never invited back on the show. 60s pop culture, TV and radio was a hell of a lot more conservative. Like, I still remember radio edits of American Idiot where they just muted the vocals for swear words 😂 sounded terrible. Radio edits were not that long ago. Ofc there's also Rage Against the Machine's BBC 2009 performance of "Killing in the Name Of which cut broadcast half way thru cuz Zack de la Rocha started swearing 😂
SLI Biz 4 mesi fa
This the funniest “Let’s Argue” in awhile. 😂
Goctagon Recovery
Gerard Way and Cedric Zavala are some of my favorite vocalists. Their voices are beautiful to me however, I can understand someone not being into it lol
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