LET'S ARGUE: The Hoes Aren't Scared 

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Other topics including cassettes not deserving a comeback, and movie reviews being easier than music reviews.
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15 apr 2023




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mrlevinielsen 5 mesi fa
I like it when Fantano brings the Eric Andre editors on for a let’s argue episode
Taylor Thurlow
Taylor Thurlow 5 mesi fa
Lmao I couldn’t put my finger on it but Eric Andre is exactly it. Hope they keep doing more of it
John Doe
John Doe 5 mesi fa
Bird up
Crazy we're at a point where people don't know ThatIsThePlan. Anthony was doing Eric Andre style videos before Eric Andre was. Like 2008.
mrlevinielsen 5 mesi fa
@THICCTHICCTHICC dawg I fucking know what thatistheplan is. 🤦‍♂️😂
Jon H
Jon H 5 mesi fa
Doug lussenhop, go look em up.
Jake K
Jake K 5 mesi fa
When I first heard about Scaring the Hoes I pictured Danny Brown jumping out from behind a bush or something and yelling "BOO, HOES!!!!!" and I just can't stop laughing at that mental image. The best part is it feels like something Danny would actually do, like if tomorrow someone showed me a video of it really happening I wouldn't even be that stunned.
Dino Spumoni
Dino Spumoni 5 mesi fa
would be tough to do from rehab but yeah
me when the sauce is in the description
This the funniest shit I've read today
Takyon 5 mesi fa
Now imagine his goofy laugh immediately after he does it while he runs away into the night
bricknasty 5 mesi fa
I forcefully vaccinated an aborted foetus this morning against covid 19
J 5 mesi fa
As a spokesperson for the hoe community.. I can verify we are indeed scared. These times have been trying for us hoes and Ronnie Radke is just watching the world burn
Kettle 5 mesi fa
As a spokesperson, would you say that Radke has lost his way?
Owl 5 mesi fa
@TheAmazingClaytor I’d say his life is certainly like a video game, and he’s trying very hard to beat the stage.
Wilo Polis
Wilo Polis 5 mesi fa
Brad Tasters are starting to reach melonhead levels of ruining comments sections everywhere. HOO HAA
clam 5 mesi fa
@TheAmazingClaytor adding to owls comments, i would say that radke has lost his way again through the storm through the wind
Deathakid 5 mesi fa
its been 10 years since "Scaring the hoes" dropped and I still get chills
eric 5 mesi fa
my great grandfather used to play it on the flute during the civil war. one of the greatest times of my life
Deathakid 5 mesi fa
​@eric we lost a lot of good men out there
BETTY 5 mesi fa
9 actually
Voizen 5 mesi fa
I swear I've seen this exact comment by you on like 10 videos, I might just being going insane though
Shrek's brother
Shrek's brother 5 mesi fa
Can a gardening tool really be scared, Anthony?
937 5 mesi fa
Perplexed 5 mesi fa
You watch a melon talk to us almost everyday and this is where you draw the line?
A Feathered Dinosaur
He's talking about bitches dude, and dogs are very scared of loud noise.
Jim Gillespie
Jim Gillespie 5 mesi fa
Holy crap that's such a good joke. How did you think of that impeccable wordplay?
Zach Gerrity
Zach Gerrity 5 mesi fa
I feel like people that collect cassette's know they're shit and that's just part of the fun of it. Having a collection of new music in an outdated format is fun and they look cool.
Knotted Twig
Knotted Twig 5 mesi fa
They're fun to play with! Just another way to enjoy music :)
Presto 5 mesi fa
W I love my cassettes even with the knowledge that they're outdated. I pre-ordered the scaring the Hoes Cassette the other day :0
Berni 5 mesi fa
I work at a radio, someone sent us an ep on a floppy disk, I was more fascinated by the idea of what was inside than of what it would acctuelly sound like (I have no idea where to find a floppy reader).
Justin Reich
Justin Reich 5 mesi fa
exactly!! I know it's not hifi audio but people get real creative with the presentation and that's half the fun. I have just over a dozen tapes now, mostly from local bands, and it's just good fun.
Jinxed 5 mesi fa
Honestly it very much feels like a gimmick that artists go with as both an appeal to nostalgia and as a novelty. This isn't necessarily a condemnation mind you, as I'm a huge synthwave fan where cassette releases are pretty popular (relatively speaking) and makes sense given that the genre inherently plays off of the aesthetics and themes of the 80s, but I do have to wonder how much cassette releases make sense elsewhere.
Coolio Ash
Coolio Ash 5 mesi fa
The cassette thing is interesting, I think it's making a comeback because people want a more tactile experience in things they do. Everything nowadays is a tap or long press you don't press buttons anymore. Even your phone can wake from tap nowadays.
Evan8506 5 mesi fa
humans like to feel things, same reason vinyl is coming back. its just fun!
aureas 5 mesi fa
mech keyboards
itmeurdad 5 mesi fa
Hipsters. It's making a comeback because hipsters. Don't bother overthinking it. Everything about a cassette is inferior. I would know I have 220+
Platanov 5 mesi fa
This is why I'm more of a videogame nerd than a music nerd. ... and why the motion control fad was such a curse.
stwish 5 mesi fa
@itmeurdad I think you're just thinking very simple lol, he's right in the sense of a tactile experience with your music. I enjoy playing my vinyl through my record player way more than I do streaming. It helps that you actually own the music unlike streaming which I do like as well + its pretty cool to have the album art covers in real life, idk just feels cool and special.
TheImmenseFence 5 mesi fa
I played Scaring the Hoes for my girlfriend and after the song (the title track) she turned to me and said 'okay but you don't actually like this do you?'
BEDEBOP 5 mesi fa
I wouldnt have played the title track for her. Thats a hard one to get into esepcially for a first time listener
ALL- CAPS 5 mesi fa
@BEDEBOP pretty sure this wasn’t meant to be a joke buddy
ALL- CAPS 5 mesi fa
Play he Muddy Waters and then tell her your raw dogging. Great start in my eyes
NateBuildsToys 5 mesi fa
The overlap of 'scared' and 'unimpressed' can be pretty heavy. If I showed you a song that sounded like a construction site, just loud whirring, beeping, and crashing (which is what I assume the album sounded like to the hoes) you'd not only be unimpressed by it, but a little scared of how unhinged I'd have to be to like it.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 5 mesi fa
I think one thing you missed on cassettes is sometimes an intentionally worse medium is desirable, the flaws can add charm depending on the genre and artist.
ictogon 5 mesi fa
i have a cursed queen cassete, shit sound absolutely horrendus idk what happened to that cassette
faye fog
faye fog 5 mesi fa
yeah and its also cool to think about tape degradation as a marker for the passage of time and the ephemeral nature of things. like sure its sad when your favorite tape gets worn out but you can view it as a representation for your devotion to and enjoyment of that album, just like with clothes or books. they get worn in, something that digital downloads or streaming lacks. idk i love magnetic tape its so cool
kylegonewild 5 mesi fa
@faye fog Also if you care enough to still listen to tapes these days you probably know how to find new cassettes and record to them from the old one to extend its lifespan.
Greenleaf 5 mesi fa
While the sound might have a different feel you appreciate you can always get the exact same sound from a cd. if you have a Cassette you like, if you burn it to a cd it will sound the exact same or rip it in FLAC format and listen to your cassette quality more conveniently. If the thing you like about cassettes is the physical aspect then that's fine but you don't actually need to use a cassette for the cassette sound.
Scrapper 5 mesi fa
You can make a track garbage on digital too. Intentionally
theMoporter 5 mesi fa
"Scaring the hoes" is the kind of phrase that 25-year-old men use to describe harassing 13-year-old girls on TikTok
Davie Bananas
Davie Bananas 5 mesi fa
It does, I don’t know why they didn’t use the full line and call it “Stop scaring the hoes”.
bigjdizzle 5 mesi fa
I have never heard it used in that context lmfao what are you even talking about
Alejandro Castillo
13 year old tiktoks girls are actually really cool in real life. Some of them just made a tiktok of me working out and when I gave them a motivational speech they seemed to really click with it
Davie Bananas
Davie Bananas 5 mesi fa
@Alejandro Castillo I can’t even tell if this is satire anymore.
Alejandro Castillo
@Davie Bananas I’m 21 look 18 and I’m a local celebrity
Fellow Traveler
Fellow Traveler 5 mesi fa
Daft Punk did the right thing by retiring after RAM. Absolutely no way anybody can top that record. Truly a legendary career
Prederick 5 mesi fa
There really is something to be said for "Leave em' wanting more." They gave so much, I'm perfectly happy with it ending.
Fellow Traveler
Fellow Traveler 5 mesi fa
@Prederick a truly excellent artist knows when it's time to stop.
Spencer White
Spencer White 5 mesi fa
Yeah I mean they'd been active for like 20 years at that point and in that time they won grammies, scores films, released platinum albums and cemented themselves as pop culture icons with the helmets. At a certain point it's like, what more is there to do?
Schadowization Productions
the hoes scaring concept never stops to amaze me it's just too good and funny and so on
Gambit 5 mesi fa
Really love how these are getting more and more shitposty as time marches on
thath09 5 mesi fa
Maybe That is the plan 😎
stop culture
stop culture 5 mesi fa
@thath09 yooooooo old heads rise up
Lawrence Betini
Lawrence Betini 5 mesi fa
my mom is 50 and liked scaring the hoes (granted she's into alt stuff but normally not into rap a lot so it was genuinely surprising)
sammy daas
sammy daas 5 mesi fa
As a hoe, I can confirm I was quite terrified by the record
Inedible Dorito
Inedible Dorito 5 mesi fa
Wow that's crazy. Message me
Tuur200o 5 mesi fa
@Inedible Dorito you message me
BROKENSCAM 5 mesi fa
Wait, you were terrified by The Record by BoyGenius?
HappyCamper DS99
​@BROKENSCAM That actually scares the bros.
BROKENSCAM 5 mesi fa
@HappyCamper DS99 Sis, stop playing The Record by BoyGenius. You’re scaring the Bros.
Ty Juarez
Ty Juarez 5 mesi fa
As a ho myself, the only thing that scared me about that album was almost spraining my neck cause it's a headbanger.
Justin Johnson
Justin Johnson 5 mesi fa
All I know is that when I was 17 I put on parquet courts light up gold at a small party and completely forgot about it until I heard a group of girls looking for the stereo so they could “turn off this weird shit”. Little did they know it was actually coming from my record player 🤣
Lizzy Von Bloom
Lizzy Von Bloom 5 mesi fa
When I played Scaring the Hoes for my fiancé, she said “This hurts my brain.”
Disco Mallard
Disco Mallard 4 mesi fa
My dad passed away around this time last year. I always think of him when I hear scaring the hoes. He was no musician but he knew his way around the the accordion and he would play that song to me to put me to sleep every night. My mother left us when I was 5.
Lambda 4 mesi fa
I actually think reviewing movies is easier than reviewing music because in my opinion it's far easier to pick out an objectively good movie than an objectively good album because If you don't enjoy a movie its probably more likely that it's a bad movie rather than it's just not for you which isn't the case for music so I main point is when it goes to deciding whether music is good or not I feel like it's really hard to give a song or album an objectively great rating if it's not your thong
nenu 4 mesi fa
Personally as a hoe myself I was no scared. you could even say I thoroughly enjoyed the album..
Ian Rohrback
Ian Rohrback 5 mesi fa
The cassette resurgence was caused by some prisons and jails won't allow cd players but will allow Walkmen and casettes, and then other artists followed suit chasing the niche.
Obxsurfcat 5 mesi fa
I played the album for a girl in my car and she confirmed it was scaring her
MrPandamania 5 mesi fa
anthony taking his glasses off made me realize how rich and deep his brown eyes are
Ivan Khudoy
Ivan Khudoy 5 mesi fa
I love the editing in this one. Borderline experimental.
Sebastian Kurzyna
I tried reviewing movies, but I end up repeating myself a lot. Video games are probably the easiest thing for me to review. I focus on how the concept takes form in the artistic expression of the medium, and video games are probably the most straightforward to come to consistent conclusions on.
Brennan Sullivan
Fun fact - part of the reason Cassettes are coming back is because of the vinyl shortage during the pandemic. Pressing plants shutting down, material delays, and major label artists strong-arming vinyl production (*cough* ADELE) forced artists to look into other "nostalgic" mediums. This is why Silk Sonic, for example, had cassette tapes available when the album dropped, but the vinyl took, like, 7 months.
Mcde27 lil
Mcde27 lil 5 mesi fa
I randomly say “stop scaring the hoes” in a Danny brown voice all the time.
James Brown
James Brown 5 mesi fa
Regular or rap voice?
Mcde27 lil
Mcde27 lil 5 mesi fa
@James Brown high pitch rap voice
James Brown
James Brown 5 mesi fa
@Mcde27 lil looks like I found a new hobby.
Halonyr 5 mesi fa
I could go my entire life without hearing Fantano’s impression of a Geiger counter
Deficit Stiff Leg Zercher Deadlifts
Reminded me of sound effects in the original Doom games
Doug S
Doug S 5 mesi fa
Cassettes coming back are just a symptom of the streaming. Bands aren't making shit off their Albums from Streaming services. So they gotta milk their fans for a little extra cash.
Ice Kold Killa
Ice Kold Killa 5 mesi fa
I died at the title alone. Me and my girlfriend freaked out seeing the title. Huge fans of SCARING THE HOES. Still on repeat to this day. Every song.
Ashtag Beats
Ashtag Beats 5 mesi fa
Well it’s only been like 2 weeks lol
ID 5 mesi fa
No woman is scared of this album, this is probably both of their most accessible albums
Scrapper 5 mesi fa
​@ID Like you know any women
Grambo Gringus
Grambo Gringus 5 mesi fa
@Ashtag Beats I've listened to this album so much that it feels like it's been like three months. (Usually when I listen to an album six times or more, it's been like a year or two since it came out).
Isaak Welch
Isaak Welch 5 mesi fa
For cassettes, a fresh cassette should sound just as good as it's source media, giving them the potential to sound better than a CD. I have cassettes because I like old cars as well as music.
RandomDude 5 mesi fa
that ending was absolutely vile
Sam Cain
Sam Cain 5 mesi fa
The reviewing movies vs music take sent me spiraling Edit; theirs not yours Like, a good review means analyzing the elements of a production, and there are just objectively more elements to analyze in film. You have to watch twice and take notes. Listening to an album twice is FAR easier and you can do that while cleaning your dishes
Jay R.
Jay R. 5 mesi fa
I'm amused at the implication that I might have a fap that I AM proud of
Vacatio Libertas
6:18 I feel like reviewing movies and reviewing albums are just very different skill sets. They both involve writing about media, but they're just hard to compare due to the fundamentally different ways in which we experience and speak about the mediums. For my part, I find it exceedingly easy to write reviews for films, but damn near impossible to write reviews for albums. I suspect this is because I've just been more exposed to film reviews than music reviews, so I've learned how to think about film in a more refined way.
quiet man
quiet man 3 mesi fa
Same here. I can write a movie review but album reviews are kinda hard for me.
Cary The Snail
Cary The Snail 5 mesi fa
I love these fantano videos where the editing is randomly through the roof like once in every 15 vids
Daniel Hartridge
Played Scaring the Hoes for the gf. Can confirm she was scared. That guy was capping
Daniel Montgomery
Am I gonna have to be the one to point out Melon's higher than average chaos reading today? The chaos-o-meter, much like the hoes-scared-o-meter, is simply off the charts!
iy2 4 mesi fa
as a hoe i can in fact confirm that this record wasnt scary
Just a Random Guy
Reviewing movies is harder than music, you can listen to music while cocking or doing other stuff and not lose much concentration while if you review a movie you have to sit and give it you're whole attention making it much much more time consuming
I agree on the St Anger point you made. The way to fix the album isn't same production and better lyrics. It's better production with the same lyrics
ItheApologist 5 mesi fa
Honestly, I think cassettes making a comeback purly has to do with economics. Though vinyl has always cost a lot more, the massive resurgance in popularity jacking up the price of vinyl has drivin away people with less disposable income. There is also the lack of ability as a smaller band to get a vinyl pressing in time for a release due to the high demand for vinyl pressings. It has created a huge barrer of entry for smaller bands and their fanbase for that format. Thus, tapes have become super attrictive again for the underground. They cost 10 bucks or less for the fan to get a physical format that just about any band can get manufactored for them. Assuming the materials and manufactoring process is more widely available compared to vinyl, it hopefully will sustain a boom in popularity that can likely happen the way vinyl did.
Jobydobe 5 mesi fa
I ain’t readin allat
Bas E.
Bas E. 4 mesi fa
And because hipsters, maybe?
amehrer1 4 mesi fa
Cassettes: I like that I can just stick a little rectangle in my machine and hear music, instead of having to click and scroll and otherwise summon up sounds from my digital algorithm box
eprepp 5 mesi fa
I've met Anthony and I can attest to his thickness (respectfully)
Red Banner Radio
in regards to the cassette tweet he responds to in the video: cassettes (as antnee said) can sound amazing on a mid to high end deck with freshly cleaned tape heads. especially if you got a type II /chrome tape and a player that has dolby noise reduction (so, any player before the early 00's), cassettes are absolutely a viable and high quality music medium. but, call me when 8-tracks come back.
Nick Seal
Nick Seal 5 mesi fa
im going to be insufferable when this album drops
Robert Henry
Robert Henry 5 mesi fa
As someone that owns entirely too many vaporwave cassette tapes, I feel seen 😭❤📼
Oliver Wijk
Oliver Wijk 5 mesi fa
Editor definitely got a raise
A Can Of VanCamp’s Beanee Weenee
I used to be in a band circa 2017 & the only way to access our music was to either attend live shows or play our demo tape on cassette (I think we made like 50 copies or so), no footage exists online. I’m not sure how many are still out there, but we did have a dedicated few who wanted to listen to the music, so they grabbed the tape & hopefully played the hell out of it.
Rupert 5 mesi fa
The hand washing afterward isn't only about the genitals, you're also touching a toilet
Vishu Prathikanti
I can confirm the hoes I know were scared. HOWEVER I do disagree that this is somehow their most left-field or inaccessible album. In fact, I'd say it's by far Peggy's most accessible album and my favorite for perhaps? that reason
PerkSystem 5 mesi fa
I can safely say that WAS my proudest fap, you don't know me
Mort Mort Mort
Mort Mort Mort 5 mesi fa
The lack of solos in St. Anger is fine. A good friend of mine *loves* the album for it. The snare sound is the main issue. Also not that there's anything wrong with your video quality at all, but you can actually see contacts in people's eyes, not just in real life, but I've seen Markiplier's contacts when his editor shows a reaction shot.
Mike H
Mike H 5 mesi fa
I'd rather no solos, than an arbitrary solo in every song. Metal definitely had a problem with that at one point, where it was like everyone HAD to always include a guitar solo passage in every song... which resulted in droves of filler solos in songs that were already complete without them. It also just takes away the excitement when you can expect it in every song. It gets to a point where you know too much of what's coming and it stops being fun. Nobody out there is just churning out 10 minutes of amazing solo playing to fill-out an album. Some of them are going to be boring. It's not easy to write good, compelling, unique-sounding guitar solos to begin with, even for the best players. If you can't pull it off in such and such song, don't and the song will be better for it!
Mort Mort Mort
Mort Mort Mort 5 mesi fa
@Mike H yeah for sure. I love a good solo, but I understand people who don't like solos a lot better than I used to. AC/DC is one of my favorite bands and every one of their solos is good
Mike H
Mike H 5 mesi fa
@Mort Mort Mort AC/DC's method is all about feel though, nothing too superfluous. This gives them a consistency where you always get the things you expect, and it's always satisfying. Truth be told, I didn't used to think like I do either. I've been playing guitar for 20 years, studied all of the greats, tried to unpack their techniques. Maybe I'm just jaded now, but I know that pressure all guitarists feel to show off. What kind of guitarist doesn't play solos, doesn't emphasize technique? The problem I find is that when an artist focuses too much on displaying technique, the songwriting has to bend to accommodate it, becoming more predictable and less expressive... because the solo has to hit as the most expressive moment. Behind every great solo, is a cleverly-arranged structure that secretly supports it. And many structural elements limit the kind and amount of soloing you can do. Your songwriting basically has to be less diverse. It's why people who can do technicality AND songwriting are so championed. I feel more like Kurt Cobain felt about it in his heyday. Kurt wasn't super-fond of the metal scene he grew up with - it made him want to identify more as a musician than a guitarist, because he saw them as being more interested in competing on guitar, while he was more interested in conveyance/feeling. That's the problem I now have, where I see guitarists including solos that serve little role in the song, because they are guitarists and that's their idea of what guitarists do. It's really deep in the culture because of the shred days, when men (and a few women) became gods at soloing. A good example of this, that I have personally seen, is the lack of range some rock and metal guitarists have outside of soloing... I've met people that can do crazy improvised leads that I can't even comprehend in one go, but can't hold a steady, compelling strum pattern to save their lives. The soloing has a place, but AC/DC understood what that was. All of their solos serve to reinforce the rest of the song. I think people who take after the greats might've missed the fact that a solo is a part of the whole big picture of a song, that good songwriting comes first, and then if a solo makes sense, it can be the icing on the cake. None of the solos that guitarist love would ever have even been noticed by them if they hadn't had a backdrop of compelling music behind them. The solo doesn't make the song - its the other way around.
AUSHTEEN 5 mesi fa
You can tell the thatistheplan in him is dying to come out. He's been held back for too long.
Knockoff 5 mesi fa
Fantano, you did really get funnier
kvlt slime
kvlt slime 5 mesi fa
the thing on cassettes is spot on for black metal bands who still put out cassettes
Ben 5 mesi fa
I played scaring the hoes for my gf and she is very into music and when i asked did you like that? She responded "i dont even know what i am listening to i cant like or dislike it" i think her brain didnt recognize it as music
kwhyland 5 mesi fa
But was she SCARED? The Internet needs to judge your relationship’s integrity, man! Get us the details pronto, amigo 🧏🏻‍♀️👻❓
Ben 5 mesi fa
@kwhyland she was apathetic
Peter LaCombe
Peter LaCombe 5 mesi fa
That was honestly a great explanation of why we like tapes
fightergirl 4 mesi fa
as I hoe, personally, I was scared. 10/10, in my top 5 albums.
Mohammed al hallak
i played scaring the hoes to my friends who are normal people and the silence was as loud as peggys production.
Douglas Smithe
Douglas Smithe 5 mesi fa
Let's agree: you need to review the new Sleep Token album when it drops next month
Jo-L G.
Jo-L G. 5 mesi fa
Awesome edits on this one Anthony! Props to you for doubling the editors pay to $4 an hour!.
dee al
dee al 5 mesi fa
Would Melon do an interview with Max and Chad on Cold Ones? Has he already said no?
Tobin Petersen
Tobin Petersen 5 mesi fa
Peggy and Danny didn't scare the hoes but I sure did😂😭(I will forever be lonely)
Kenan Hacılı
Kenan Hacılı 5 mesi fa
Perplexed 5 mesi fa
The intros keep getting more and more majestic with every video
ChrisJ Fox
ChrisJ Fox 5 mesi fa
The most majestic one was when he showed his thighs for the first time
Falling Snow
Falling Snow 5 mesi fa
Anthony was on something different this episode
Sander Skogen
Sander Skogen 5 mesi fa
Like the first 3 seconds of this one got me thinking it was another ad that hadn’t been skipped but the player bar showed otherwise lmao
I know
Hellbach 5 mesi fa
Damn it's actually crazy y'all got Arca to produce the patreon special thanks music
Not the real ChickenJoe
"Scaring the hoes"scared my brother (or at least he didnt enjoy the it because it was "too wild") so idk what that says about either 🤔
Oona Lily Moon
Oona Lily Moon 5 mesi fa
The intro on this was perfect, also I generally enjoyed the format/background update. I also remember liking the video where you were like an EDM DJ 😂 & of course enjoy your (density🤤) how are they even questioning that literal FACT? The hoes aren’t scared of that big boy back. Glasses are cute too. Pretty sure contacts are bad for you. Hoes aren’t scared, we’re literally paralyzed by the magnitude of your talent and adorable face and attitude. Okay, I think I’ve embarrassed myself enough now. Love you! Muah! 😘💋😻
azalago 5 mesi fa
How the hell could anyone say the only problem with St. Anger is the lyrics.
frail void
frail void 5 mesi fa
Not gonna lie, when 'tano took his glasses off he looked kinda pretty, his eyes look well moisturized
Ice Kold Killa
Ice Kold Killa 5 mesi fa
Mid albums from artists, from their perspective, can sometimes be amazing though. Sometimes artists are too harsh on themselves. But if it doesn't make them happy then I understand not doing it.
Seb Ko
Seb Ko 5 mesi fa
if danny brown didn’t scare the hoes enough the final line of this video should do the trick
Антон Черенков
It is literally an album ABOUT scaring the hoes, its not designed to actually scare the hoes
katisdreaming 5 mesi fa
speaking as one of the hoes, i was in fact not scared
Sean V
Sean V 5 mesi fa
The meme value of these videos is insane
Gonzalo 5 mesi fa
It'd be interesting to see your opinion in movies and other mediums like games and stuff. Cause i think we already know your music taste pretty well at this point.
Mateja 5 mesi fa
If your hoe is scared, consider upgrading to a netherite one.
Texas Madrone
Texas Madrone 5 mesi fa
It really looks like Melon is standing in this one.
Blakeapher 5 mesi fa
My partner likes some of the scaring the hoes but some tracks are too scary
Justin Brantley
Justin Brantley 5 mesi fa
I think reviewing movies is easier if you're reviewing a bad movie with a dumb story. It's a lot easier to pull apart plot holes and characters with dumb motivations than it is to articulate why music sounds good or bad. Even if an album is horrible, it's still harder to articulate why it sounds bad than pointing out that in Prometheus they could have just ran to the side to avoid the spaceship falling rather than running in the direction it's falling. However, if you're going to properly review a movie and go into the way it's shot, scored, edited, etc, it is just as hard, if not harder than reviewing music.
JK HGGNS 5 mesi fa
The snare isn’t the worst part of St Anger, frankly I think James’s vocals and how samey the music is are easily the worst things about St Anger, it’s just the snare is the most obviously bad part of it. To paraphrase TITS, it’s like Jar Jar in Phantom Menace. It’s the one aspect every hates, arguably too much so, because getting rid of it won’t magically make everything else about it good. But it’s ALWAYS there, and anytime it looks like the album is about to be good, *DONK*, now it sucks again.
halcifer 5 mesi fa
I'm 25% Native Hoe and was a bit frightened by the whole ordeal.
Uncracked Egg
Uncracked Egg 5 mesi fa
I dunno what that guy saying movies are easier to review than music. I love music personally more as a medium but I'd have to admit that movies just have so much more that's going on. There's a reason you can make an album with a few people vs movies which take at minimum dozens unless your looking at really artsy indie stuff. Literally music makes up just one of the facets of movie making and a good review has all of those facets in mind. From makeup to cinematography to composing to editing to directing to set design and much more every single thing moves in a coordinated effort over years to make one few hour piece of media. Don't get me wrong music can take just as long and require as much work but movies are just so much more dynamic, there's so much more to consider. I mean just in senses required to consume it one is audio and the other is audio plus visual
Nuts N. Bolts
Nuts N. Bolts 5 mesi fa
7:36 Good advice, but you should know your target audience better, Anthony
Jack Strickland
Jack Strickland 5 mesi fa
i think that DENSITY may be the hardest laugh tony has gotten from me
Young Lanec
Young Lanec 5 mesi fa
1:09 to 1:40 Anthony sounds so much like an AI here. That's how AI talks. Saying a lot of unnecessary information and making it as lengthy as possible
Sayam Montes Reyes
film reviewing is *way* harder than music reviewing.
00verflow 5 mesi fa
Loving the editing on this one lol
Chango 5 mesi fa
Im a hoe and i was pretty scared tbh
Ducaso 5 mesi fa
The track suit looking fresh as hell.
La_ants 5 mesi fa
This one was extra spicy. Keep it up!
Soul Adrift2.0
Soul Adrift2.0 5 mesi fa
Anthony flirting with his audience for 8 minutes
Danny Danumba
Danny Danumba 5 mesi fa
Yeah but that back tho 😩
djsolegit 5 mesi fa
Wow antnee, another video timed for my birthday and my album of the year. You're the best
Nikhil Senan
Nikhil Senan 5 mesi fa
Honestly, elite content.
Misha Mondrian
Misha Mondrian 4 mesi fa
When Anthony took off his glasses, I finally realized that he looks like a thicc Artie Bucco. True Eyetalian.
Apollo 5 mesi fa
Movies are way harder to review. Almost all of them involve some form of music as just one attribute of the rating among hundreds of others
OZLAH 5 mesi fa
Anthony, could you perhaps do the thug shaker?
Jake R
Jake R 5 mesi fa
Can't wait to hear that new Thomas Bangalter record, dude's a genius
iskandertime747 5 mesi fa
I agree with the cassette guy. I'm 53 years old and I always hated them. Edit. I mean I bought them and listened to them, but I always felt a little ripped off, ok?.
Vanilla 5 mesi fa
I’m 35, but same, but back in the late 90’s they were the jam for making recordings with my boom box making voice dubs and shit
iskandertime747 5 mesi fa
@Vanilla yeah, making mix tapes was cool, but I never expected them to last more then a year before snapping. Then it was time for major surgery.
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