LG Wing Unboxing - This Thing is WILD

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Unboxing the LG Wing. The LG Wing is a very unique smartphone for 2020.
The phone and accessories package shown in this video are a pre-release version provided by LG and may differ from the retail version. The swivel box is not included in the retail version.
This video is sponsored by LG.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 13 giorni fa
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Rabinadr Shah
Rabinadr Shah 2 giorni fa
@Shahin Hasanur Rahman up
Hard Boy
Hard Boy 2 giorni fa
@Kketansa Art Good point but the technology addiction is stronger than meth or crack where people give up their privacy unwillingly because of the need to stay connected
Hard Boy
Hard Boy 2 giorni fa
@HeadCord was thinking about test a game to see how the swivel screen will display it
Van Ny
Van Ny 2 giorni fa
ហៀកៀ ១ រច
Reyes Yanez
Reyes Yanez 4 giorni fa
Lokesh Sathiyamoorthi
Meanwhile, Blackberry - "Finally got my inspiration.!!"
Who came here after SUPERM ONE ?
Palash Siddamsettiwar
Can also be used to repel vampires
Paweł Bojanowski
Paweł Bojanowski 58 minuti fa
Fucking amazing 😍
Rocker Ora fa
This is probably the most innovative smartphone that's been designed since the original iPhone. LG has thought of an idea that will solve 10s of problems with this concept. I hope they have some 1000 patents on them to stop the Chinese copycat companies from coming up with cheap phones using this concept. And yeah, had Apple come up with this, whole world would be going gaga by now.
Ky Colegado
Sir, where do you put all these phones you’ve unboxed? 😂😭
Medicine Expert
Big appluse for LG for new innovation in smartphone 🙏🌷💐🌸❤️🌐🎼🌱👼🏆🏵️✌️
Waseem Meeran
Waseem Meeran 2 ore fa
Tony starks gonna b real....ow boy
ShinzO Gamer
ShinzO Gamer 2 ore fa
Its a dope tech. No one can ignore this
Killer Gaming
Killer Gaming 2 ore fa
Swivel here!!! Jobby Hong fan here
Baby Mochi
Baby Mochi 2 ore fa
This is something I can't imagine.. 😳
Dawn Light
Dawn Light 2 ore fa
In the future priest will use this
Armel '93
Armel '93 3 ore fa
Reminds me of the dead Palm pre, bought after by HP.. Iphone killer at the moment, multitasking, though the system jad no figure being aloe... The comment though... it had a satisfying mechanical swivel to slide up the screen and access the physical keyboard.. Yep, very addictive opening and closing!
Sarah Bierhorst
This seems like overkill🤣😅 but i also wouldn’t hate having it lol
Aldi Saputra
Aldi Saputra 3 ore fa
Gk sabar nungguin rilis di indonesia,smoga bang david unbox pertama👍👍
Is that Google Camera Go but with a bunch of features
Yudhityas Paramita
I need a gamer's pov when they play an rpg game on this phone~
Syun Bi슌비
Syun Bi슌비 4 ore fa
The other reason why i don't want to have lika a phone like this excpet for bring a broke peach is that im afraid i might cut it into half hehe
How munch they for this shit promotion?
Remy LeBeau
Remy LeBeau 4 ore fa
Now they just need to come out with their own AI assistant and call it wingman 😜 lol
Zack Real
Zack Real 4 ore fa
the stupid game of capitalists
Soham Jagtap
Soham Jagtap 5 ore fa
Dual cam shoot mode is there on nokia plus
jamar brando
jamar brando 5 ore fa
LG is getting back it's glory!!! Apple should be shaking right now!!!
Nathan Cross
Nathan Cross 5 ore fa
I need this in my life
Syed Abdul Wahab
When a testing prototype at LG's drank a can of Redbull....
Martin Go
Martin Go 5 ore fa
hopefully people buy it this is pretty cool..
ChaosDTank 5 ore fa
I like this
FACTS OK 5 ore fa
this is the same phone IRON MAN used in iron man 1 movie😎
Stanley Suber
Stanley Suber 6 ore fa
How about make a phone call the Feather and be as thin as the swivel screen and be the lightest on the market.
Chu-Hao YEN
Chu-Hao YEN 6 ore fa
I would get a kick out of playing with someone on twitch and watching their every move while I play on the main screen....
Monique S.
Monique S. 6 ore fa
I love this phone. They thought of different people. The everyday user, the gamer, the content creator. I love it
TY Yukhei
TY Yukhei 7 ore fa
I came from SuperM MV..
Pablo Crvzz
Pablo Crvzz 8 ore fa
I really like this phone an how it incorporate the apps with it's display, damn good job👍🏾🔥☄️🔥this has raised the bar interface, simply the best
Tanner Parks
Tanner Parks 8 ore fa
All I wanted when I was a kid was a T-Mobile Sidekick so this phone is a huge deal for me
Entertainee er
How cool would this be if Blackberry had their hands on it...
Garyboi6 25
Garyboi6 25 9 ore fa
Thats clean af
Manuel Caceros
love it. thanks for the vid
iheb belhaj
iheb belhaj 10 ore fa
great more work now to deliver a responsive website wow tnx LG
Juan Jaimes
Juan Jaimes 10 ore fa
I love that LG always try to bring something different to the table other than just outdo the competition.
Austin Hauck
Austin Hauck 10 ore fa
good luck finding a case for it
Maxine Hussain
Maxine Hussain 10 ore fa
Didn't explained the specs lou
Alvin Chou
Alvin Chou 10 ore fa
hopefully they will have a slimmer version in a year or two.
sajzeduzzaman swapnil
And the price will be?
Andrew 12 ore fa
Dumb af. I'll stick to my iPad.
Ruan Ladeira
Ruan Ladeira 12 ore fa
How I put a protection case?
Alexei Sloniewsky
Wow that 4K 60 FPS sample looks amazing through this 1080 P frame 😂
Buner Vines 2
Buner Vines 2 13 ore fa
Nothing set
Andrew Dignum
Andrew Dignum 13 ore fa
I've had pixels and iPhones... This phone just stole my heart 😍
Endokuken 13 ore fa
6k mad AF iphone sheep
Shivani B
Shivani B 13 ore fa
Far better than fold.
Shawn park
Shawn park 14 ore fa
LG has always been innovating. Even came up with wide-angle lens WAY before apple just released it and made people lose their mind
Michael Ilao
Michael Ilao 14 ore fa
I dont have a phone since march 2020 and can't afford to buy one because im still a student (can't find part time jobs because of pandemic). I hope he read this and help me because my online class will start in October and don't know what to do. Even a 100$ phone will really help me, i just need it so that i can participate in my online class... Sorry for begging please help me 😭😭😭
John Rex Javier
John Rex Javier 15 ore fa
Can you give me a phone. 😢 My phone is heating up fast because of mobile data and drain my battery fast 🙁
Wanderson Diego
Wanderson Diego 15 ore fa
in Brazil it will cost 5 times the amount paid in the USA😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Van Garcia
Van Garcia 15 ore fa
What's the point????
Andrew 12 ore fa
Yeah this piece of junk isn't practical at all.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 15 ore fa
E Reinaldy
E Reinaldy 16 ore fa
camera dual mood looks like Nokia Camera..
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 15 ore fa
It's mechanism looks pretty same as honor magic Which has sliding mechanism
Axon _
Axon _ 16 ore fa
LG wing: *exists* left handed people: bruh
Polycarp Hinga
Polycarp Hinga 16 ore fa
Looks very similar to a Samsung Note 20 ultra. Even the back cameras.
Carlos Lucero
Carlos Lucero 16 ore fa
Stupidest idea so far
Vikram Chand
Vikram Chand 16 ore fa
This phone is inspired by iron man's (Tony's) phone
FLAMI0Z 16 ore fa
How would that case work doe
Rafa RPH
Rafa RPH 16 ore fa
Apple crying seeing this
Vishnu Prasad
Vishnu Prasad 16 ore fa
There'll be a guy who makes a tiktok video calling himself the god of thunder
Keren amat yah.. Kapan saya punya ?
Krisnel Bangeles
What an amazing phone, but so sad still have no budget to get those😭🤤 Nice reviews tho💯
DLAROC 17 ore fa
This is one of the dumbest phone gimmicks ive seen. And theyre asking 900+. It has a budget snapdragon! LMFAO WHAT?? LG is smoking rocks now apparently
N Harsh Gupta
N Harsh Gupta 17 ore fa
I m really impressed with this model 🤩
Asmir Zukić
Asmir Zukić 17 ore fa
Honestly i love LG phones. My first smartphone was the LG G2 and i loved that thing. But damn this kinda seems useless for me. I imagine people who buy this thing are gonna have to go out of their way to make the gimmick useful.
Enggar adi nugroho
I need this one
Gamer: HarshitPant
It's mechanism looks pretty same as honor magic Which has sliding mechanism
over9000713 18 ore fa
I'm not one for fancy phones but dang do I want this one... though, I hope cases are a thing with it somehow. Also, I can't find reliable source with a release date... I'm assuming October?
I hate your videos
Silent Drill
Silent Drill 18 ore fa
8:38 ok that's it I want a full ASMR video of him
Beautiful 18 ore fa
Can we talk about that camera quality Bravo 👏👏
digitree 18 ore fa
LOLZ200 18 ore fa
the kind of phone you drop just to see if it can fly
shaolin95 19 ore fa
Still the same tiny useless kikat screen ratio so no comparison in usability to the fold or duo.
TP Channel Ατάκες
All smart phone companies have at least one fold phone, Apple still has a USB C to lightning charging cable!!
Matheus F
Matheus F 19 ore fa
Xbox Series S 👀
It is cool !!
sde sbh
sde sbh 19 ore fa
Who's here after watching SuperM "One" ?
Kazuraba Kouta
Kazuraba Kouta 19 ore fa
so, this is the phone that tony stark used in Iron Man 1?
Chris W
Chris W 19 ore fa
Watched two of your videos just now, and it's obvious you like the tease - the meaningless delay just to prolong the 'suspense'. Yeah, I'm over it. Get to the point.
truth seeker
truth seeker 13 ore fa
Every ITvidr is different. This works for him
Rajiv Agrawal
Rajiv Agrawal 19 ore fa
Tony Stark used this way before the release
Aye Captain
Aye Captain 19 ore fa
Ok the camera game just rocketed
B E N 19 ore fa
Hmmm... This is New generation pokedex
Ronald McFlyer
Ronald McFlyer 19 ore fa
Im more excited to see what the phone case manufacturer will do now...
truth seeker
truth seeker 13 ore fa
The case is only for the back side
Алексей Александрович
LG красавцы не у кого такого нет
Алексей Александрович
Для потребления контента самое то, и ютуб смотреть и на сайтах лазить...
Алексей Александрович
Хороший смартфон мне нравиться, что то новое на рынке смартфонов
When MCU and LG collaboration be like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Echo VD
Echo VD 20 ore fa
Didnt an old LG phone from Japan already do this long before the smartphone era? Either way I'm instantly sold. This is way better
Nwanesiedo Confidence
I wish to have such phone as a gift
Heverton Nascimento
Ansh Atray
Ansh Atray 20 ore fa
Money with wings
Anderson Raj
Anderson Raj 20 ore fa
So what happens when you slide to answer a call? Is it going to open up🤔
Lorenzo Von Matterhorn
200k times is not a lot man... Lol 100 times a day yeah for 5 years but have you seen people today...that shit will breal down in a year..
VegasBoy 20 ore fa
If you take a screenshot how will it look like?
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