LILI's FILM #4 - LISA Dance Performance Video

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Music by Chris Brown, Young Thug - City Girls
Filmed by Anthony King
Choreography by Cheshir Ha
Performed by Lisa, Cheshir Ha, Vata, Yehwan Kim
Film Assistants Aaron Chan Meinero, Mei Chan, Arthur Zozimo
#BLACKPINK #블랙핑크 #LISA #리사 #Lilifilm_Official


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10 lug 2020




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Commenti 60
Sevil KUNDUZ 4 minuti fa
pim no1
pim no1 11 minuti fa
Blackpink Blink
Blackpink Blink 55 minuti fa
Did you notice the car at the end? (2:05)
제니킴 56 minuti fa
لا لا لا لا لا لا لاليسا
كوكي تاتا
Chontida karn
Tanvisudhir Joshi
Lisa is the best,,, YG got a treasure
Pom Rockhouse
Pom Rockhouse 2 ore fa
ลิซ่ายอดอัจฉริยะนักเต้นตัวจริง แข็งแรง และ ใช้ร่างได้สุดยอดมากจ้า
Jam Jam
Jam Jam 2 ore fa
SHIIIIT 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Sudarut Chaited
Love Lisa
Sudarut Chaited
Sudarut Chaited
Love Lisa
love Milo
love Milo 3 ore fa
love you LISA
Pusa Sense
Pusa Sense 4 ore fa
Lisa is on my thumbnail with my cat ❤️
azooz doss
azooz doss 4 ore fa
this is the best la lisa dance preformance
saida lotfi
saida lotfi 4 ore fa
I wanna be like you some day
Chaminda Dheerasinghe
Fun fact the girl dancing in the 2nd shot with lisa is lisas dancing teacher
Ngân Anh Trần
blue lyrie
blue lyrie 5 ore fa
lisa have everything.she`s good at dancing also singing. i really adore her.wish i could dance like her.
Lapatradha Chaingthong
I like it . I love u lisa!
Silvia Muhaling
Lisaaa ❤❤❤
Niken Zulianty
Daniel Tan
Daniel Tan 5 ore fa
Koumphavanh Naphabang
Vante Lili
Vante Lili 5 ore fa
Güzel kızım
Lisa Rashid
Lisa Rashid 6 ore fa
Omg Lisa !!🥺💕 I love you so much your so talented,kind, beautiful,sweet,!!! Everything ✨❣️ I love youuuuu so much im your biggest fan I'm dead until I found this channel 🥵💕
Anjeng Roy
Anjeng Roy 6 ore fa
Try to watch this on .75x speed damn so hoooot lili!!!
1000 subscribers without videos
@YG I NEED THE SOLO. ASAP! -if you have time, please read my description. thank uu
Văn Tam Chu
Văn Tam Chu 8 ore fa
Chị đẹp quá đi 😍😍😍😍
Lyndi Lyons
Lyndi Lyons 8 ore fa
I love herrrr
#kpopffee 8 ore fa
If Yg doesn't break lisa's dance, lisa gets her own dance break hahaahah 😂 I love lisaaaa unniii
CAVEMAN 8 ore fa
*Tbh for me BP as a group got attention from outside their home base because of Lisa.* *Everybody when reacting to BP for the first time ask about "the girl that is rapping" in the mvs. Like "damnnn who she?".*
Hanna Therese Tubosa
Hello Queen Lisa I hope I can see you collab with other kpop groups dance line like SNSD Hyoyeon, iKon DK Winner HOONY and EXO KAI...hehehe hope you can see this comment
Shawn John
Shawn John 9 ore fa
Chris bout to have another Kareuche
NaTTa Tha
NaTTa Tha 9 ore fa
Jana Ahmedd
Jana Ahmedd 10 ore fa
Can't even imagine Bp or YG without LISAAAA !!!!
Muski 10 ore fa
Her legs look so weird in every video Haha abnormal body
samayra Agarwal
@Muski how cheap u must b to say someone has abnormal body... See urslf in the mirror.. U commented on other lilifilm 3 to say her shameless... I shud let ppl know how abnormal u r.... IF U DON'T LYK, SILENTLY GET LOST... PATHETIC.. as if i am going to give attention to u.. ATTENTION SEEKER
Muski 3 ore fa
@samayra Agarwal that is my personal opinion and u cannot change it. Go ahead and reply. I wont pay attention to you too.
samayra Agarwal
I guess u r abnormal to say shits about her body... SHAMELESS 😒
하종빈 10 ore fa
BlackVelvet 10 ore fa
I'm here again to enjoy Lisa enjoying herself!😂😍
Yunita Dewi
Yunita Dewi 10 ore fa
You're so awsome my Lily,i love your outfit
Lee Hyun Jae
Lee Hyun Jae 11 ore fa
Wew so hot in here
Lee Hyun Jae
Lee Hyun Jae 11 ore fa
Is this even a human all I know she's an angel
Thành hương Nguyễn
Lisa I love you 😘
Archs Angels
Archs Angels 11 ore fa
Ahh my Goddess Lalisa Manoban ITS 14M VIEWS, 1.5M LIKES AND 3.76M SUBSCRIBERS YOU ARE SOO PERFECTLY GORGEOUS AND ADORABLY PERFECT!!! TRULY A GODDESS!!! I LOVE YOU SOO MAX!!! i wish u more blessings a happy and to the fullest life, have fun, take care, plss be safe and be healthy always i
lili_ Lalalisa
lili_ Lalalisa 11 ore fa
เพราว่าคิดถึงจึงตามมาหาาาาา 555 ไอ้ต้าวลิซ
H 8
H 8 11 ore fa
리사는 아름다운 엉덩이와 매우 좁은 허리를 가지고 있습니다
Dan Soy
Dan Soy 12 ore fa
Me: After Lilifilm#4 next is #3,#2,#1 even the Ads I didn't skipped, After that I'm going to watch Lisa Funny moments, Lisa Fancam, Lisa Sad, Lisa on the Airport. This is my Quarantine Routine. Another thing, Before I have only FB, Now I am active with my IG, I've install V Live, Weibo, Choeaedole and Twitter. I love you Lalisa Manoban. -from 🇨🇿🇦🇪
corz infante
corz infante 10 ore fa
Me too
The K
The K 12 ore fa
15M before anniv, can't we?
zxy zzt
zxy zzt 12 ore fa
Do you have a map? I'm getting lost in your eyes.
Karla Laine
Karla Laine 12 ore fa
Love watching her dance up to her full potential❤
Kai tsun Tam
Kai tsun Tam 12 ore fa
she has practice so hard
Ace Yen
Ace Yen 13 ore fa
A non-korean carrying kpop world.
잼잼살자 13 ore fa
Lisa is the best of the best. I 've never seen the girl like her.
Sehar Nisar
Sehar Nisar 44 minuti fa
Set Zero
Set Zero 13 ore fa
😍 love you
Fiona Iklima
Fiona Iklima 13 ore fa
I can't write sweet things to you, I just like woah you're so talented and smtg like everybody know well that you're like that 🙄 iam so boring af but yeah
Vivian Figueiredo
Perfection as always, it will be difficult for someone to dance like her, the choreography is difficult and exclusive. Dancing Queen 👏
Itzy koko
Itzy koko 14 ore fa
dreamy_ days
dreamy_ days 11 ore fa
What’s the point of this comment 👋👁👄👁bai sis someone is going to cancel you soon.
Abegail Medina
Abegail Medina 14 ore fa
Can't wait for her SOLO💕💕💕💕
Life of Pride
Life of Pride 14 ore fa
I preferred this cherography!!! It's my jam
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