Lionel Messi - The GOAT - Official Movie

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Lionel Messi is for almost every football expert the greatest football of all-time: the GOAT. He has been dominating the world of football for over a decade. He is not just an unreal goalscorer and dribbler, but as well the best playmaker. In this video we go back to the beginning of his professional career and start to relive his full career with all of his magical moments.
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MagicalMessi - as magical as Messi


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11 lug 2019




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MagicalMessi Anno fa
As you probably see, it was a really tough to create such a video. I invested a lot of hard work and time, but it was definitely worth it. With this video I want to say thank you for your unbelievable support over the past years. It has been wonderful to share the greatness of Messi with all of you. Together we can make Messi‘s career even greater! 🐐
Tokio Jet
Tokio Jet 3 ore fa
Messi 🐐🏆🤴
Tokio Jet
Tokio Jet 3 ore fa
m nabeel
m nabeel Giorno fa
0 j Bhyyybbjlm9m6has 7biko plnll çggh
Baba Arts
Baba Arts 2 giorni fa
🎞🎫🎡🧶Thanks all of you for response on Lionel Messi sketch video by me.... which player's sketch videos you wants next??????
Idris Alberto
Idris Alberto 3 giorni fa
@Seth Kellen cool! Took like 15 minutes but it reallyworked!!
ronaldo is better
Ple Reh
Ple Reh 2 ore fa
6:16 - 6:36 its show why messi is the goat😉
AHMED Rahim 3 ore fa
the best
ARAVIND .P.B 4 ore fa
playboi carti
playboi carti 6 ore fa
Nothing is impossible Hard work makes millionaire and billionaire👍
# BEASTSLAYER 6 ore fa
MESSI is unstoppable
Esperanza Pearson
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Ralf Sabbagh
Ralf Sabbagh 7 ore fa
Who’s here after Laporta got re-elected
Majd Mustafa
Majd Mustafa 7 ore fa
what an incredible video. messi level video. thank you!
Keshav Anand
Keshav Anand 7 ore fa
What an amazing video yrr,😍🔥🔥
watching this after Laporta was re-elected!
Zepp Duplan
Zepp Duplan 8 ore fa
Ronaldo says he is the best in the world but, Messi knows he is the best in the world. Feel the difference!
DEXORT 9 ore fa
20M and its my 100th+ time❤️
Beanie 9 ore fa
Who’s here after Joan Laporta was elected president again.
Chrs Crapo
Chrs Crapo 9 ore fa
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Anthony Cimpean
Anthony Cimpean 10 ore fa
Cough...see you didn't mention Bayern vs Barca 2013 semi-final...cough (btw I'm not a Messi hater I'm a Bayern fan)
Hiệp Văn
Hiệp Văn 12 ore fa
I love messi
Omega Level Articuno
Anyone know the song starting in 14:32 ?
iwillget aoneclick6
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racerbranner 13 ore fa
Ridgeback Güido
CR7 jr
CR7 jr 14 ore fa
Messi good jop the way you did
Stan 15 ore fa
fadhil habib
fadhil habib 16 ore fa
I am never see Messi cry, and in here, i the first time see the player can be cry
Añüj Rajopadhyaya
sinan izgi
sinan izgi 18 ore fa
DAMN! Crazy VIDEO i love it !
Ochie Peter
Ochie Peter 18 ore fa
Marcos Linde
Marcos Linde 18 ore fa
Magic Messi
Jack Lambert
Jack Lambert 20 ore fa
0:36 we don't really remember the name
Δημητρης Περιβολαρης
João Rato
João Rato 21 ora fa
NO CAP!!!!!!!
Dani Carvalho
Dani Carvalho 21 ora fa
Dani Carvalho
Dani Carvalho 21 ora fa
Cala te oh gordo
Marco Incatasciato
Grei vilza
Grei vilza 22 ore fa
Messi king 🤴 🙌 👏 😍 💙 ❤ 🤴 🙌
COOL BEAST brawl star
Real madrid started fighting
Sofia Lima
Sofia Lima 23 ore fa
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DerB0Y 06
DerB0Y 06 23 ore fa
Living Joke
Living Joke 23 ore fa
Please make a comeback against PSG! You can do it again, dont lose hope, little man
abdk abdk
abdk abdk Giorno fa
messi he will won the world cup in 2022
Comrade Egg Yolk
Young messi looks like steve irwin lol
Mr Scheisse
Mr Scheisse Giorno fa
Messi is only sometimes good, because of the medicine from his doctors
Mr Scheisse
Mr Scheisse Giorno fa
Messi only scores some goals, but Cristiano Ronaldo scores EVERY goal
Mr Scheisse
Mr Scheisse Giorno fa
Messi is not as good as Cristiano Ronaldo
Mr Scheisse
Mr Scheisse Giorno fa
Messi is a medium good player, but Cristiano Ronaldo is much better
MLP Shawn
MLP Shawn Giorno fa
I have nothing against Messi but c'mon the symbolism in the thumbnail is so freaking out in the public
Phillip Whittan
Phillip Whittan Giorno fa
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Green Plays
Green Plays Giorno fa
My first dream ever made was a international team for my home country ..😭😭
Jacko The best footballer
Naaaa ronaldo is better
絶望 • 69 years ago
I don't know why, but American commentators always sound so out of place for me lol.
Dominic Duffy
Dominic Duffy Giorno fa
I think messi was better when they were younger but now it’s easily cr7
Bryan Gallagher
Bryan Gallagher Giorno fa
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minimifurtzer Giorno fa
Ronaldo has skill But leo has Magic
Muhammad Halim
Muhammad Halim Giorno fa
I love ronaldo. Man Utd fan. But if im being honest i rather have messi then ronaldo in my team when both are in their prime. Purely because of his dribbling and creativity. But 2021 manutd id rather have ronaldo because messi struggles when his team mates are crap. I love football
Saikat Bose
Saikat Bose Giorno fa
Our ancestor may have seen super natural power of Leonardo da Vinci’s hand, we are fortunate by seeing super natural power of LM10 leg.
lubega derrick
lubega derrick Giorno fa
give this guy his roses while he is still on his feet
Susan Trout
Susan Trout Giorno fa
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DragieULTRA Giorno fa
weird world we live in...... u love him more than ur family when hez winning and hate him more than animals when he losses..... u never did love him in the first place
DBG GAMING 36 Giorno fa
Good luck for your future😌
DBG GAMING 36 Giorno fa
Such a amazing video🔥🔥🔥
DBG GAMING 36 Giorno fa
I respect messi and this video creator
Paras Patil
Paras Patil Giorno fa
In 2005- 0:36 ..Remember the Name Lionel Messi Now : That name Rules many hearts ♥
Davidson augusto
o melhor da historia do futibol nao ha comparacao
Mystics Giorno fa
Everything was better when it was Messi prime and the goated commentators
blood_believer Giorno fa
Only one like button :(
EXWACE Giorno fa
Joker Giorno fa
If people still question whos better Ronaldo or Messi i tell them to watch this video ...
Devansh Arya
Devansh Arya Giorno fa
Dont compare anyone with another, just enjoy the era of two of the greatest footballer of all time. There will be a time when everyone will say there is nothing anymore in REAL MADRID VS BARCELONA.
Sparsh Pandey
Sparsh Pandey Giorno fa
The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be, The 🐐, Leo Messi
nitr0 Giorno fa
and here i am who still thinks ronaldo is better
This is lie Mbappe and a lot of them does not like Messi
Un- Employed
Un- Employed 2 giorni fa
Soon... nyemar
Steven Boyle
Steven Boyle 2 giorni fa
Rip maradona the best ever👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Бодя Піскун
Urdu Teacher
Urdu Teacher 2 giorni fa
commentator saying leonell messi meanwhile youtube subtitles:LITTLE MESSY....
Parzi 2 giorni fa
Ah the one sad thing to see is how in 2022 Messi will be out of his prime and likely will not be able to take home a world cup trophy
Mohamed Shahubaan Abdulla
Best player is Lionel Andre's messi
Ernestine Well
Ernestine Well 2 giorni fa
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Brandson Kadeh
Brandson Kadeh 2 giorni fa
I like how ferguson was pumping his fingers
Kimi Midas
Kimi Midas 2 giorni fa
Messi the best olayer in the world not because his skill but his attitude and his kindness in his fan.
Jakub Zawieska
Jakub Zawieska 2 giorni fa
MBAPPE is fan of Ronaldo 😂🤣
Sohon Mondal
Sohon Mondal 2 giorni fa
God has gifted him a skilly leg to lead the ball into the net...
Ezra Garcia
Ezra Garcia 2 giorni fa
So happy to be alive and enjoy his performance
Hilda Mamabolo
Hilda Mamabolo 2 giorni fa
Fuck Messi 🖕🖕
Thomassist Müller
Who cares about you🤢
reza pratama
reza pratama 2 giorni fa
Everybody Says Barcelona 2009 is the greatest team ever , But lets talk About Barcelona 2015 Overall Defeat English Champions - City Defeat France Champion - Paris Defeat Germany Champion - Bayern Defeat Italian Champion - Juventus How Great This Team , But Talk About Prime Messi , Every Years Is Prime Messi He Just Lose his Speed Cause Of The Age , Every Years He is Improve Playmaking , Passing , Free Kick , Now in 2020-2021 his Penalty Getting Better , He Is The Greatest No Doubt About That Even My Grandpa Who Watch Pele,Cruyff,Best , Garrincha , Beckenbauer And Maradona, Say Messi Is The Best Among All Of Them He Is The Most Complete Player Ever
sumoti345banu ksob345khan
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KENNETH James 2 giorni fa
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The Commenter
The Commenter 2 giorni fa
I can’t imagine how will people feel when he end his football carrier.🥺❤️
Axelox 2 giorni fa
Amazing, And true
Sanyam Sahu
Sanyam Sahu 2 giorni fa
Neymar, Messi, Suarez BEST TRIOS tf is ronaldo ??
Mix Vid
Mix Vid 2 giorni fa
ronaldo the robot note: 2k susbcriber bisa kali ya:)
B C 2 giorni fa
Never! Messi is brilliant but Ronaldo has done it at 4 clubs AND country AND is a Leader, Messi has never done it outside Barcelona
Matvei Jekimov
Matvei Jekimov 2 giorni fa
He is amazing,but my opinion,that is Cristiano Ronaldo better,he is my idol
Blaze Ballers
Blaze Ballers 2 giorni fa
Christiono Ronaldo is the goat
Quentin 2 giorni fa
The oceanic interviewer invariably queue because road predominantly wash despite a sore tractor. lively, well-made bagel
M Wybourn
M Wybourn 2 giorni fa
I though the guys kissing at 2:00 were a couple
Muhammad Riyaan Khan
as a Ronaldo fan i respect this video alot
Moophas 2 giorni fa
JUNIOR SENSEI 2 giorni fa
Ronaldo its better
Baba Arts
Baba Arts 2 giorni fa
Thanks all of you for response on Lionel Messi sketch video by me....🎭🎞🎨🖼 which player's sketch videos you wants next??????
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