Liquid Sand Hot Tub- Fluidized air bed

Mark Rober
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I don't like sand. It's coarse, and rough, and irritating, and it gets everywhere.
Here is the build info: www.dropbox.com/s/rrt27f71gqjg41v/LiquidSandBedBOM.pdf?dl=0
Here is a video by the King of Random with more details on making one for yourself:
0:17- I've got no info on this song. Sorry.
1:40- Cereal Killa- Blue Wednesday- soundcloud.com/bluewednesday
2:54- Danijel Zambo- Devil in Disguise
3:25- Keep on Trying- Andrew Applepie- andrewapplepie.com/
4:50- Berlin- Andrew Applepie- andrewapplepie.com/
6:20- Cereal Killa- Blue Wednesday- soundcloud.com/bluewednesday
7:20- Pata Pata- Matt Cherne- chernebeats.com
8:45- Q- Blue Wednesday- soundcloud.com/bluewednesdaysoundcloud.com/bluewednesday/
9:37- Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak- soundcloud.com/notebreak/dubstep-too-happy-to-be-cool

Summary: Fluidized beds are used in industry for various reasons. They also happen to be really cool to play with and swim in. I made a liquid sand hot tub by adding air in just the right way.

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cesar vedge
cesar vedge 26 minuti fa
do you see the rainbow in side
Mars Shang
Mars Shang 28 minuti fa
you’re right weirdo3.
Mars Shang
Mars Shang 31 minuto fa
Kym & David Teunis
does anyone else think is is SO FRICKEN COOOOLLL
Nuggets for Life
They have the best uncle..
Destyne White
Destyne White 3 ore fa
1:36 did anyone else see the rainbow on the left
Andrew Nemesis
Andrew Nemesis
TNTMC SQOUD 3 ore fa
Yoo my lawyer told me about u nice channel
GeoWasTad 5 ore fa
If you jump in you would like break your bones on the pipes
Nichelle Ruiz
Nichelle Ruiz 6 ore fa
See if he was my science teacher back in grade school maybe I would have stayed awake during it😂
Eric Coleman
Eric Coleman 7 ore fa
My mom would never let me get sand in my hairc
rat shit
rat shit 7 ore fa
No one gonna talk about the bird just drowning In grain 😭😭😭😭😭😭🖕🏿
Flamingo fake Lol
Or it is like quicksand
Flamingo fake Lol
Is that quicksand
Arsyan Azhima
Arsyan Azhima 8 ore fa
First drown person then solidify the sand, suffocated death
Marquefius Dinkledottom III
Wait is it still that sandy texture?
Human Pain
Human Pain 10 ore fa
Imagine putting someone’s head under there and then turning the air off
Anna Flotron
Anna Flotron 10 ore fa
1:34 there is a rainbow
Almuzzammil Gador
So this is what garaa uses
MrPhotixel 11 ore fa
That looks magical
lost_ xloutz
lost_ xloutz 12 ore fa
I feel like the science is the best part
Max Martinez
Max Martinez 12 ore fa
0:41 Did anyone else see that cartoon hand?
Patrick 15 ore fa
Satisfaction as its finest
Carliza Bataller
This made my brother feel better
annah hewitt
annah hewitt 15 ore fa
Spooky miget25
Spooky miget25 15 ore fa
Lowkey wish mark Rober was my science teacher
Alex5kick 15 ore fa
Soooo.. what is drowning in it like?
The names ViSioN
May be one of the most satisfying thing in the world is that liquid sand
GDAC styles
GDAC styles 16 ore fa
i wish i can touch the sand
leo pugh
leo pugh 17 ore fa
He is not a scientist. He is not clever. I am not a hater. Just saying. Bad videos.
Sharon 17 ore fa
I believe this man can make real life web-shooters.
Crisyboi Boi
Crisyboi Boi 17 ore fa
When they were done he should have put the air all the way up so it would be a giant explosion of sand
padre lamasu
padre lamasu 17 ore fa
i want to have an uncle like that
Astro Fritz
Astro Fritz 18 ore fa
They be using these in the desert
Jade Serra
Jade Serra 20 ore fa
So sAtIsFiYiNg
BEA Berros Amen Student
1:37 sand water rainbow
Crossing Limits
Crossing Limits 21 ora fa
He is the Coolest Uncle Ever !
Craig Playz
Craig Playz 22 ore fa
0:56 SO did that bird just die?
isy rwk
isy rwk 22 ore fa
I want to drink the sand...
E XII Raj Rajeshwari 38
Why this is so satisfying
Here to see Saoirse v
So cool I love u video im only 9
James Ramos
James Ramos Giorno fa
How does it feel like
Bruh you are so underated I love your vids ☺️
jeremy yu
jeremy yu Giorno fa
To be honest the part where he talks about science is one of my favorite parts
Epic life
Epic life Giorno fa
Doggo KitKat bar
Warm sand is the best
Jj W
Jj W Giorno fa
Just great, now we can be Mauled by Science.
C I Giorno fa
If they shut that air off or the system somehow broke.. someone would die.
Juju Razo
Juju Razo Giorno fa
1:26 oddly satisfying
Kendall Lilac
Kendall Lilac Giorno fa
Is it like wet and sticky like adding water?! I’m so satisfied and confused I love it!
Elizabeth Tan
Elizabeth Tan Giorno fa
This is so cool! The sand looks so creamy!
paw Nation
paw Nation Giorno fa
When you did the big splash in the small one I saw a rainbow wow
JSC Giorno fa
Bro. Don't underrate our interest in the science. I'm sure I speak for most that it's cool asf videos but the science behind it (whether I can comprehend or not) makes it much cooler!
I hate soar Dylan
Everybody gangsta until Mark turns off the air with the kids inside...
Joshua Martinez
Joshua Martinez Giorno fa
I saw a rainbow in the video
Carter Kinslow
Carter Kinslow Giorno fa
That’s awesome
DarkMatter5565 Giorno fa
This was already invented, it's called quicksand
Conner Matson
Conner Matson Giorno fa
This video rea;;y helped me on a science test so it obviously deserves a like.
chiknkein nugeget
Dude I didn't find the link to the kids you used in your video
I hate soar Dylan
Angellie 24
Angellie 24 Giorno fa
It's sooo satisfyinggg. I wanna play with them😫😫
Anthony Spencer
Anthony Spencer Giorno fa
I don't think that bird is fine
Moritz Lust
Moritz Lust Giorno fa
Cartman2k brah
Cartman2k brah Giorno fa
It looks fun
Lindamargaret Harvey
Omg that looks so cool 😃 Comment if you liked it😎!!!!
Aman Karassayev
Aman Karassayev Giorno fa
I would love to see the buoyancy force of a mountain
VIPs warehouse
VIPs warehouse Giorno fa
1:33 did anyone else see that rainbow or is it just me?
The Camera Guy
The Camera Guy Giorno fa
The part of the video that got me most excited was the Studio C sticker on the door
Major Murphy
Major Murphy Giorno fa
I love
The BeWare
The BeWare 2 giorni fa
I just come for fun science I wish that my school taught like this
Al Baraa
Al Baraa 2 giorni fa
Yeah SCIENCE - Jesse Pinkman.
Obed gallegos
Obed gallegos 2 giorni fa
nbc nightly news
Ocean Life
Ocean Life 2 giorni fa
Imagine having a dad like that
KuLe bOi
KuLe bOi 2 giorni fa
It’s liquid not liquid?
m e
m e 2 giorni fa
why are slow mos so satisfying
AJ T-1000
AJ T-1000 2 giorni fa
Like just imagine interrogating someone with that
꧁ChopStix꧂ 2 giorni fa
*A liquified soup* Me: wait isn’t soup always liquified?
Olivia Ahn
Olivia Ahn 2 giorni fa
2 bros chilling in a liquid sand hot tub, five feet apart
MJ MCcord
MJ MCcord 2 giorni fa
Now do this beach
Billy Breakaho
Billy Breakaho 2 giorni fa
Hi, my hot tub stopped working... I filled it up sand then me and my nephews threw bowling balls, bricks, and barrels into it. What do you mean I voided the manufacturer's warranty!
Emily Kozak
Emily Kozak 2 giorni fa
I Would Want to be a His Nephews When the Science Fair Comes Along
tarriertreee 2 giorni fa
Lemme eat it
Captain Speedbird
Captain Speedbird 2 giorni fa
So this was were Nemo was all along
Natalie Dagres
Natalie Dagres 2 giorni fa
So cool!!!!😀
Zach Rozhon
Zach Rozhon 2 giorni fa
I’m here for the science
Thesaurus Rex
Thesaurus Rex 2 giorni fa
If Mark ever got robbed, he could throw them in there and turn the air off.
Dinda mutia Agustin
dry water
Sandra Tran
Sandra Tran 2 giorni fa
Captain Snickerz
Captain Snickerz 2 giorni fa
Should I even ask how long you were getting sand out of creases for after? Lol beach is bad enough
Aria Mukherjee
Aria Mukherjee 2 giorni fa
He is so cool😎 I wish he was my uncle
Unseen Ender
Unseen Ender 2 giorni fa
His laugh is so cute lol
LIM ZHONG JUN Moe 2 giorni fa
And even though i dont like science but i like watching your vids
LIM ZHONG JUN Moe 2 giorni fa
Now this is what i call having fun
Rick Plays
Rick Plays 2 giorni fa
This is better than school
Lemon was not the imposter
My science teacher is making me watch this in class.
•Alexis •
•Alexis • 2 giorni fa
1:33 I SAW A RAINBOW what an absolute beauty
Test Test
Test Test 2 giorni fa
That first kid doesn’t even hesitate to jump right in
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez 2 giorni fa
Most awesome uncle you are mark!
paul kingston
paul kingston 3 giorni fa
I'm feeling jealous
TheNoobGamer 3 giorni fa
“In my ongoing quest to become the favorite uncle” We gotta find the uncle that is better than him
Yalina Phill
Yalina Phill 3 giorni fa
Science seems jo fun but it's hard to study 😁😟😟
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