Live - 2020 UCI MTB Marathon World Championships, Sakarya, Turkey

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Live coverage starts at 10:30 GMT! 📺 Watch the Men and Women races of the 2020 UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships on Oct. 25th. Let us know who you are cheering for in the comments below!
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Official hashtag: #Sakarya2020
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Commenti 95
Susilo Andri
Susilo Andri 4 ore fa
Paket aplikasi relief cycling / strava gambar peta rutenya ??
Evandro Medeiros
Evandro Medeiros 2 giorni fa
Somente 4 na elite masculino ????🤔🤔
Boyd Wiebe
Boyd Wiebe 3 giorni fa
First of all I'd like to thank the UCI for making this footage available. It's really great to see because the marathon event is more like mountain biking used to be before television neutered the sport. Secondly, thanks to Turkey for hosting this event. Such a beautiful country with world class hospitality. It's definitely on my bucket list for a visit once we're out of this pandemic. Thirdly, it's really disappointing to read all the rude comments from fellow enthusiasts regarding the commentary. I'd like to commend the lady for taking on such a difficult job in a language she is unfamiliar with just so we can enjoy the privilege us English speakers all to often take for granted.
Vyacheslav Russia
Vyacheslav Russia 3 giorni fa
Daniele Mancin
Daniele Mancin 4 giorni fa
Worst xcm event ever; last years worlds at Dolomites, Grachen, with suberb courses. This is a gravel race!
jendelar 5 giorni fa
Great race, commentary 🤮
Markus Schreier
Markus Schreier 8 giorni fa
That was the worst coverage so far and I could not digest the "We are/ Turkey is proud of ..." progaganda. The whole event was a disaster for the UCI and the fans.
Tayyare Pilotu
Tayyare Pilotu 8 giorni fa
I am saying as a Turk; the commentary lady was probably forced to praise Turkey. The Erdogan goverment is acting just like the Soviet Union right now. I know this lady is so embarrassing but everything is organized to show the management better, If you oppose you pay the price; like in George Orwell's 1984 book.
Sasquatch MTB
Sasquatch MTB 8 giorni fa
Who is the #19 women's rider?
Daniel Plainview
Daniel Plainview 9 giorni fa
başak hanım tüvinti tüvinti demeyi nerden öğrenmiş acaba
Daniel Plainview
Daniel Plainview 9 giorni fa
commentary utandırdı
görkem dadaş
görkem dadaş 9 giorni fa
Ablacım ne bulaşıyorsun bilmediğin işlere rezil etmişsin
JCL 13 giorni fa
This entire event and coverage was an embarrassment.
Seth Fogle
Seth Fogle 14 giorni fa
Wow! This commentator is tragic. Press mute.
wolfgang spatt
wolfgang spatt 21 giorno fa
women take the control in turkey...very cool...the commentary is ok...she give her best !!! i like it...not professionel but with passion
NWforager 22 giorni fa
i wanna Womens comps please . thanks
Antioxidant 24 giorni fa
kulaklarım parçalandı..gene her işte olduğu gibi bu iştede bişeyler eksik kalmış.
İstanbulls 24 giorni fa
another point of view for this race: itvid.net/video/video-IuUgNX3Dge8.html
Tony21 0
Tony21 0 25 giorni fa
Where is the mtb terrain, this is gravel !!
H P 25 giorni fa
Where is the last sprint for 2nd and 3rd place?... UCI please be more professional!
Mert Dizdar
Mert Dizdar 26 giorni fa
this commentator has no idea what she is talking about... not to mention her poor english, but someone gave her this role anyways. this pretty much explains how turkey is run. facepalm.
Ea Ga
Ea Ga 26 giorni fa
Maja super!!!
Javier Garcia
Javier Garcia 26 giorni fa
Not true mountain biking, but congrats to great Leo Paez.
Teacher Nickoy
Teacher Nickoy 25 giorni fa
How can you say its not true mountain biking?
Wilson Pulido
Wilson Pulido 27 giorni fa
Que poca importancia le dan a este triunfo de colombia es muy dura esta modalidad gracias a mi coterráneo grande Boyacá
Neil Clark
Neil Clark 27 giorni fa
The lady commentator is the niece of the auntie of a friend of President's RT Erdoğan's great cousin's school mate.
Rafael Alonso Q A
Rafael Alonso Q A 27 giorni fa
felicitaciones campeon gran victoria bendiciones gracias.
Vo-iD Projects
Vo-iD Projects 27 giorni fa
Great to have this event available.
Francisco Zambrano
Francisco Zambrano 27 giorni fa
Me encanta el xcm, espero que se transmita de forma más popular. Creo que nos engancha más que un tour de Francia
Jenny Castiblanco
Jenny Castiblanco 28 giorni fa
Que gane el mejor de la UCI que gane COLMBIA
toufik world
toufik world 28 giorni fa
Manuel Montesinos Alvarez Galisteo
Vamos Valero y Mantecon
Giovanni Cadena
Giovanni Cadena 28 giorni fa
AMAZING performance by Leo Páez! HORRIBLE commentary
Filip Kaczanowski
Filip Kaczanowski 28 giorni fa
Worst commentary ever. :(
Fabrizio Rojas
Fabrizio Rojas 28 giorni fa
Thanks for at least covering the event UCI. But the commentary structure reaches to a point where the lack of English simply makes it unbearable to keep watching the video.
tony lochner
tony lochner 28 giorni fa
Please tel us about the riders, their equipment etc. Gee UCI you failed with the commentary the lady does not know the riders 😞👎👎
tony lochner
tony lochner 28 giorni fa
Wow 😳, I really missed these events this year . MTB is my life 😃⚙️🤞🤞🤞
İsmail Selçuk
İsmail Selçuk 28 giorni fa
ı was there at the left side, writing the numbers ;) 31:20
Héctor Mosquera
Héctor Mosquera 28 giorni fa
Con cuanta holgura de tiempo ganó nuestro representante , que calidad, felicitaciones a él y a su compañero Arias, vamos a seguir por la senda del triunfo.
Leo Rodriguez
Leo Rodriguez 28 giorni fa
Mi Tocayo Campeón!!, Congratulations Champ!!! his second medal and championship.👏👏👏🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🥇🥇
julian mtb
julian mtb 29 giorni fa
Casi llore de alegría grande paez
Chris Frank
Chris Frank 29 giorni fa
Looks more like the Tour de France than a mountain bike race! Amazing athletes though.
Jerzy Horczyk
Jerzy Horczyk 29 giorni fa
Commentary is a joke!!!Need to work on English 🤭and on cycling knowledge 😦
Marco Tinacci
Marco Tinacci 29 giorni fa
Per essere un campionato del mondo, il percorso era veramente brutto.
Livio Sinibaldi
Livio Sinibaldi 29 giorni fa
Sadly we must say the commentary was horrible!
Rodel Lagarde
Rodel Lagarde 29 giorni fa
I watched it muted and it's way better.
KADİR KELLECİ 29 giorni fa
ZRN A 29 giorni fa
The Commentary lady was so poor that became funny to listened. Im laughing till now
cannonbiker 29 giorni fa
It is better to switch off the sound :) You know why ;)
Nicolas Gomez
Shame on the UCI to have such a terrible commentary on a huge event like this one! terrible!!!
Terrible speaker and terrible circuit. It isn't a world championship!
Jeison Sora
Jeison Sora Mese fa
Héctor Leonardo Paez, muchas gracias y felicitaciones por su disciplina y compromiso con la profesión y la Patria 👍
Lou Castillo
Lou Castillo Mese fa
Riccardo Mastronardi
Worst Worlds Course ever and by far the worst commentator ever. Simply unacceptable. It's a shame for UCI. Few heads should fall.
DJPaulSticks Mese fa
Worst commentary ever. Lousy filming. This doesn’t help the sport or the athletes.
sebastian wieczorek
Brawo Maja🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱!!!!!!
Latmos Bisiklet
UCl 's Horrible Greek Commentator.. yazısını seri olarak yoruma ekleyelim .. Yorumcuyu Yunan'a iteliyoruz.
mehmet kaplan
Bu kızı yorumcu yapan acil istifa etmeli.
Recep Demirbas
Kardeş liyakat mı bıraktılar ülkede.
sfer1 Mese fa
Worst commentary ever.
Deon van Vuuren
Suggestions that UCI bring professional, experienced cycling commentators... Also more than one person talking.. Was really not great to watch..
Los que graban en bicicleta son eléctricas? , por que van muy relajados
Orli Rodri
Orli Rodri 29 giorni fa
Ciclistas especializados, acompañan a los competidores cada 10 km y otro lo reemplaza hasta meta; allí lo reemplaza otro
Marcelo Villegas
The UCI should prepare the event including the commentators. It is not the commentator to blame, she did the best she could but the UCI should hire former riders to describe what could be happening in the race and the riders. Last year they had commentators who spoke in different languages and didn`t know what was going on in the race (positions). In fact they realized Paez won when they were thinking others were in front. This year appears they didn`t learned from the last year experience. It is a great advance to have cameras in e- bikes and to have an helicopter and drones, but they (UCI) must improve the selection of proper commentators.
ponchoso Mese fa
TERRIBLE commentary
Nuno Bértolo
É bonito ver a prova completa com todos (as) atletas até ao final ....
La esquina del tropel opiniones
Nuno Bértolo
Bom trabalho campeão Ferreira !!!!!
Matheus Bueno
I'm sorry UCI channel, but I would like to say that the commentary lady was really really bad for a event like these one!
A Wolf
A Wolf Mese fa
Wow worst coverage ever. I love that it is in Turkey, but it seems clear this lady has never presented ever for an xc race. Mad respect to her for trying, but what is up with UCI and Redbull, i literally know so many people who can do a better job presenting. Find another xc mtbr who is out on injury or something. Take our sport seriously or pass it on to someone else. This is why mtb isn’t bigger than what is. Covid isnt an excuse , it seems always to be horrible spotty coverage, still cant find xc mens world champs race????? Gunn- Rita , Rob, Claudio and Bart are all amazing presenters they have personality!!!! It is unheard of in any other sport to not have proper coverage. Even table tennis has better coverage. UCI Hire a company to do the proper coverage. If you have a sport presented by Mercedes Benz , you can afford to do so, otherwise someone is just pocketing the money .
A Wolf
A Wolf 29 giorni fa
@Konstantinos Evangeliou I agree... im so used to Rob Warner who can put suspense into a snail crossing the road. Being a presenter is definitely not for everyone. Micayla Gatto is a perfect example of a strong mountain biker with no presentation skills at all, but she was still fun to watch because of her awkwardness and high energy.
Latmos Bisiklet
Latmos Bisiklet 29 giorni fa
konstantin sen dur Erol amcayi da size iteleyecez daha.komşi kusura bakma 🤗
Konstantinos Evangeliou
@Latmos Bisiklet I don't know what your objective is in misleading people... The commentator was most definitely Turkish, that's where the World's took place after all and you can tell by the accent and her pronunciation of the words but that is clearly not the point. She might have been British or American, the problem was her bad knowledge on the sport, the athletes and the race in general.
Latmos Bisiklet
Horrible Greek Commentator..
Hey Biker!
Hey Biker! Mese fa
Pille Palle
Pille Palle Mese fa
My dear what a commentator 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
InSight Show
InSight Show Mese fa
Better this coverage than no coverage :D. Not expecting much from turkey.
M W Mese fa
Great way to offend whole nation...
WORST commentary ever, useless,
Oliver Mittl
Oliver Mittl Mese fa
No infos...blablabla.... UCI???
Ian Tarry
Ian Tarry Mese fa
Why did you bother with this commentator? She just said what you could see in front of you and hardly ever gave any extra information. Was it just to have some sort of noise over the Race rather than total quiet. Pointless.
Ian Tarry
Ian Tarry Mese fa
XCO MTB riders are very like the Monument/Classics one day race Specialists that you have on the road. They have to be able to do a bit of everything well but need that final sprint more often than not.
NeonBike Love
Kadir abimde burda hadi be abi
Jairo Gantiva Martinez
Gracias Leonardo Paez ..por representar bien a Colombia...felicitaciones ....
Gorka Perdido
aaaaay ay ay esto es solo soportable por muuuy yonkis del ciclismo 🙄, vaya m de imágenes y comentarista 🤯
Gorka Perdido
Gorka Perdido 28 giorni fa
@Martin Marin sí, porqué lo preguntas? tienes algo que decir al respecto?
Martin Marin
Martin Marin Mese fa
Y tu crees que tu español es muy bueno. ?
keivin yepes torres
Colombia nuevamente campeón por segundo año consecutivo Páez nuevamente dejando el nombre de nuestro pais en alto
Evandro Medeiros
Evandro Medeiros 2 giorni fa
Apenas 4 atletas da elite?????🤔
Evandro Medeiros
Evandro Medeiros 2 giorni fa
2019 O CAMPEÃO foi Henrique Avancini do BRASIL 😜
Cup & Cone
Cup & Cone Mese fa
We must retake Constantinople.
J caks
J caks 22 giorni fa
@Latmos Bisiklet :D
Latmos Bisiklet
Latmos Bisiklet 28 giorni fa
İstanbul'u alamazsın da size Erol amcayi verelim 🤭
Latmos Bisiklet
Latmos Bisiklet 28 giorni fa
What a rubbish Greek Commentator..worst ever.
bektaş kılıç
Dear commenter, Constantinople does not exist, do you mean Istanbul? THE NEWS!!! Constantinople has found Aegean Sea, please go swim there and take. You are good at about swimming
Kerem F.
Kerem F. Mese fa
@Mert Ak kanka ne demiş anlamadım ben açıklarmısın
Millones De aguacates
Participó Dan Noyola🇲🇽?
Daniel Damian Monsalvo UV
Dijo en sus estados que si
Turkey sakarya❤❤
Konstantinos Evangeliou
No offense but the commentary was just unacceptable... All the lady was doing is talking about Sakarya, Sakarya, Sakarya. She didn't know the riders, she wasn't keeping us informed on who is in the lead at first and when we found out, no mention of those behind, time gaps or anything valuable. Her English was really mediocre for a commentator. Not to mention that the cameran was showing irrelevant footage at the finish area instead of the riders getting to the line... Definitely not World Championship quality...
Deuterated Dad
Deuterated Dad 20 giorni fa
Press the 'm' key.
Neil MacPherson
Neil MacPherson 28 giorni fa
@mehmet söylemez at least last years track had some MTB terrain!
mehmet söylemez
mehmet söylemez 28 giorni fa
last year was worse
Héctor Mosquera
Héctor Mosquera 28 giorni fa
Puede que no sea el mejor inglés pero, a quienes hablamos español se nos facilitó la comprensión.
Lou Castillo
Lou Castillo Mese fa
Konstantinos, YES VERY BAD!
mauro broseghini
Grande campione Leo Paez!!!!
Dumar Salazar Mendez
Felicitaciones, que humildad la que tiene el campeon, eso lo hace mucho mas grande. Ojala los medios de comunicación le den la importancia que se merece.
Gustavo Ramirez
Que deficiente el circuito de este aÑo para un mundial de XCM. Y en un país que no hay trayectoria para este deporte. Debe ser las concecuencias del Covid. malo malo malo!
Martin Marin
Martin Marin Mese fa
Y que querías..?. Yo lo veo bastante difícil...como debe de ser...ciclismo de montaña..
César Andrés Mozo
Vamos Colombia Grande!!!
dinho dino
dinho dino Mese fa
Pierce Wasmund
Holy list reading.
Sybren Boi
Sybren Boi Mese fa
What was this commentary 🤣🤣🤣
Wilton Leonardo Olarte Gil
Grande Leonardo. Pydiendo lucir la camisa blanca de campeón defensor, vistió la camisa de Colombia para dejar mas en grande la bandera de Colombia. Ejemplo de humildad.
alejandro galvez
alejandro galvez 26 giorni fa
Leonardo Paez , grande entre los grandes una vez mas, saludos de Chile
sander todd
sander todd 29 giorni fa
No podía lucir la camiseta de campeón defensor
Leonardo Páez, Colombia Campeón
Edinson Mauricio Campo Vivas
Michael Miller
0:13 virtual-chat-girls.online
David Coleman
This live coverage is terrible
Toprak Efe Kalemci
the commentator... ugh
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