Logic - No Pressure Freestyle

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See Logic on tour with JID and YBN Cordae

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Commenti 80
scaramanzia 13 ore fa
STML 15 ore fa
Anyone know if the baby here yet?
Malik Murphy
Malik Murphy 5 ore fa
STML that’s what I’m sayin 😂
GT AddiDix_
GT AddiDix_ 19 ore fa
This is so fuckin lit pl&p
MarkyMarkMarker Giorno fa
Take your time Bobby, we already know this album gonna slap. PLP #RATTPACK
Lucas Andrade
Lucas Andrade 2 giorni fa
idk who da fuck that producer is, but he´s fucking insane!
Aloha Erick
Aloha Erick 3 giorni fa
“People scared to change you find them deep in the cushion” People who are scared to change :couch potato. Pocket change are always found under the couch cushion 🔥🔥🔥
xFlowzy 3 giorni fa
watching this hoping we get the album this year :)
Max Patenaude
Max Patenaude 3 giorni fa
this is the same beat as the song runnin
Charlotte Hooker
Charlotte Hooker 3 giorni fa
Omg it’s a boy he’s gonna be 🥵 🥵 🥵
Konstantin Mahner
Konstantin Mahner 3 giorni fa
He's one of the best Rapper in the world
Dylan Bailey
Dylan Bailey 5 giorni fa
well it’s 9 months where is his kid
Massi Hadd
Massi Hadd 5 giorni fa
Logic is 🔥 The mumble fan rapper don't understand this style So they kepp talking shiit about him Logic a big ❤️ from a true fan of true hip hop
WhitnAle01 6 giorni fa
Another day, more waiting for No Pressure.
Eury D. Bautista
Eury D. Bautista 5 giorni fa
Shrenik Haran
Shrenik Haran 8 giorni fa
he is the only person who can turn elevator music to rap!!!!
joje6828 9 giorni fa
a bar that went over everyone head is that "diacritical lifestyle, im always over seas" is that diacritical essentially means the accent on letters (ć) always over c's ;)
Ivan 8 giorni fa
I caught that one since I'm from europe and here we use diacritics much more often in letters than in US, but it's a very good bar.
JVXCIX 9 giorni fa
No pressure might be logics most versatile album, logic young Sinatra and Bobby tarantino combined.
Jordan Baker
Jordan Baker 10 giorni fa
Quick snippet from the song No pressure on his new album. Aye no pressure, never graduated but I school them like professors. Growing up the world always told me I was lesser, growing up the world always told me I cannot addresser. Gangsters put the heat to your head like a hair dresser, if you press the issue on their block. Not giving anymore away but it's a banger 👌🔥
Prengelz 10 giorni fa
god damn i like when he does old school
lou wenzel
lou wenzel 10 giorni fa
Yes Logic is one of the Best Rappers Alive !! Much love always from canada ❤💕💞💖😘
chodeinator 11 giorni fa
reported that 100% for sure
Jack Driver
Jack Driver 11 giorni fa
Anyone heard logics feature on quinns track (snippet) "Tracklist done yeah the tracklist done but i might just wait till 2021 cause i want to love every single day with my son" lets hope he doesnt leave it that late im way too exited i mean he can do what he wants but 2021 doesnt sound right. If you know what i mean
Nostalgia 11 giorni fa
Guys I’m from the future, Logic - HOC ft. Andre 3000 is a fucking banger
Crispy Beats
Crispy Beats 11 giorni fa
This is Uploaded on my Birthday Im Happy Thanks Logic!
Crispy Beats
Crispy Beats 7 giorni fa
@Pizza Champignon Never noticed it before.
Crispy Beats
Crispy Beats 7 giorni fa
@Pizza Champignon Yeah I know and that's my Birthday 😂
Pizza Champignon
Pizza Champignon 7 giorni fa
It was uploaded 9 months ago
Tyler Weller
Tyler Weller 12 giorni fa
Logic is now recognized as a top 5 by other top 5s.... Just stop at this point with the hating and ignorance.
HyperSh0t 12 giorni fa
Everyone’s hating on him, yet literally there’s fire songs on all of his albums, okay maybe CODAM wasn’t everyones favorite but he’s just using creativity. He’s using different flows and I think it’s awesome!
TE5T5UBJECT1 13 giorni fa
Y’all notice he filmed this in a factory like the Under Pressure (Deluxe Version) album cover maybe it’s just a coincidence but the album is called no pressure so it wouldn’t surprise me
Josh Hendra
Josh Hendra 14 giorni fa
Just listened to the leaked album...been a fan since the mixtapes... seen live a couple times... Basically this “freestyle” is a collection of the best rhymes from the album. Super disappointed, recycled rhymes x9999
Josh Hendra
Josh Hendra 10 giorni fa
Nostalgia lmao you were able to find it? It’s terrible right like worse than COADM
Nostalgia 11 giorni fa
Josh Hendra bro it sounds like shit
Nostalgia 12 giorni fa
Josh Hendra I did that. I looked through numerous pages. And so I ask you one more time, “PRIVATELY” DM me the link if you really got it. I wouldn’t leak something Like that considering I have Kanye’s first version of Jesus is king or “Yandhi” and it’s never seen the light of day
Josh Hendra
Josh Hendra 12 giorni fa
Last thing ima say is Logic can’t challenge himself to rap at his best like he did on his best album under pressure. He is never gonna top that album. He even said it’s his diamond in the rough. “All this new shit seems like leftover residue.” Logic’s little stunt double is trash on ptsd... and logic coming in rapping in all syllables and alien “experimental” flows is hot garbage. All the songs are mediocre at best plus they all have a HUGE chunk that is apart of no pressure “freestyle”
Josh Hendra
Josh Hendra 12 giorni fa
Bro just look up: logics leaked album no pressure. Scroll thru 2-3 pages and don’t be afraid to download from a backdoor site. There is no specific link. They move it around so it can’t be traced.
MG 15 giorni fa
"Money ain't the key to happiness," he says as the camera points to his Yeezy Red Octobers. They may not bring happiness but they do bring Red Octobers.
Cant Keep Runnin Away
Astro Snipezz
Astro Snipezz 15 giorni fa
almost a year since this released THIS ALBUM BETTER BE GREAT!!
Deandryx 16 giorni fa
Holy shit I listened to this when it came out and been listening since i beg this be on an album,is this on music platforms?
John Kang
John Kang 16 giorni fa
I really hope this is just as good as under pressure
frankie sarabia
frankie sarabia 17 giorni fa
I bet Rhetorik's foreplay game go stupid
Jake Barry
Jake Barry 18 giorni fa
“I’m close the Cliff, like Rick Dalton in the booth”. Cheeky “once upon a time...in Hollywood” reference
Commander1SUV 18 giorni fa
Why is this the best rap Logic has made in the last 4 years
willmatic 84
willmatic 84 18 giorni fa
Who's listing to this 2020 during tha pandemic goddamn 😄👍🏼
tdmilky 19 giorni fa
Its been 8 months, where is Logics kid?
Joey Flower
Joey Flower 17 giorni fa
Since Logic started his break from social media his management team have confirmed on his behalf little Bobby boy has been born and is healthy. Think that was like a month ago now
michaelkoutr 336
michaelkoutr 336 19 giorni fa
Still here
Eric Thorpe
Eric Thorpe 19 giorni fa
That fuckin beat flip to Runnin'...
Kaito H
Kaito H 19 giorni fa
This proves Logic still has it. He just has to try.
Sene Simelane
Sene Simelane 20 giorni fa
The DJ is killing the beat
Revision Reviewer
Revision Reviewer 21 giorno fa
Cuz you came from my balls NIGGA
Double AA
Double AA 22 giorni fa
Oh shit it’s Raquel , she’s a fucking thot! Inglorious Basterd👀
JoKeRAbe Z
JoKeRAbe Z 20 giorni fa
Eury D. Bautista He snaps on reasonable doubt 🔥
Double AA
Double AA 22 giorni fa
Eury D. Bautista yes it is and vibe with me 🥵
Eury D. Bautista
Eury D. Bautista 22 giorni fa
@Double AA HOC is great.
Eury D. Bautista
Eury D. Bautista 22 giorni fa
@Double AA i didn't download them, but i listened to them a few times. Reasonable doubt and griptape might be my favorite songs.
Double AA
Double AA 22 giorni fa
Eury D. Bautista but HOC is fire 🙅🏽‍♂️
Dexter 22 giorni fa
“Surprise! It’s a little baby boy! Fuck TMZ they can’t get the scoop on that shit.” Hell yeah! Oh and Happy Mothers Day to all mothers and to single fathers who have to be both parents!
Better Tomorrow
Better Tomorrow 24 giorni fa
Get it on spotify😩
chris sprenger
chris sprenger 24 giorni fa
Congrats on the baby 👶!!
Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson 25 giorni fa
return of the young sinatra
William McCormick
William McCormick 25 giorni fa
does any1 know the sample for this, love you bro
Ben Sawyer
Ben Sawyer 25 giorni fa
We need No Pressure soon!
ImDrewZy 24 giorni fa
Ben Sawyer yeah most of it
Ben Sawyer
Ben Sawyer 24 giorni fa
@ImDrewZy the whole album?
ImDrewZy 25 giorni fa
it got leaked
Conor McKay
Conor McKay 26 giorni fa
Bring Castro back for the album. Please.
xKurikku 26 giorni fa
nobody: 2020: 1:15
10_.ionathan o
10_.ionathan o 26 giorni fa
where’s my favorite rapper @, you just went ghost, hope you doing good doe !!
Toasty Sofa
Toasty Sofa 27 giorni fa
no pressure so no need to make good music anymore
Hunter Green
Hunter Green 27 giorni fa
I literally cannot help but smile while listening to Logic
TSM_EYAN 27 giorni fa
J dilla
Mat Hebert
Mat Hebert 27 giorni fa
We need a feat of him with J.Cole
Itz_Mekhi_ Duh24
Itz_Mekhi_ Duh24 28 giorni fa
I gonna admit logic is like one of the top 5 best rappers When he’s not talking about sucking dicks
John Ramirez
John Ramirez 29 giorni fa
No pressure is on DatPiff Now
Eury D. Bautista
Eury D. Bautista 27 giorni fa
@John Ramirez yep, but I'm not going to kerp listening and i will wait for the album to come out.
John Ramirez
John Ramirez 28 giorni fa
Eury D. Bautista have you heard it
Eury D. Bautista
Eury D. Bautista 28 giorni fa
No longer there and it wasn't the full album. Some songs are scraped or from a different future project (Bobby tarantino 3).
xtg- 29 giorni fa
Yo this does not feel like 8 months ago
ootter Baker
ootter Baker 29 giorni fa
dude please tell me you decided the watch would be an heirloom because of pulp fiction lol fuckin' love you homie
Hurricane Irma
Hurricane Irma 29 giorni fa
I have to be honest this is one of the best pieces ive heard in years
Reverb Music
Reverb Music Mese fa
Why is nobody talking about his Red Octobers
Jake Reid
Jake Reid 27 giorni fa
those are fire af
JUZON Mese fa
teli Mese fa
Funny how my friends say he can't rap and has nothing to do w/ hip hop Then I show them this and they shut up Also he should do a freestyle like this every month and upload it Sounds amazing everytime
We need more young Sinatra. Please begging
Lalo Aguirre
Lalo Aguirre Mese fa
Under Pressure, The Incredible True Story, Bobby Tarantino, The Young Sinatra Saga. Long ago, these 4 projects lived in harmony... but everything changed when Everybody attacked. Only Logic, the master of all lyrics had the power to stop Everybody, but when the world needed him most, he vanished. 5 years passed and my brother and I discovered a new Logic; a great rapper named Bobby. And although Bobby had great lyrical skill, he has a lot to learn before perfecting his next album. But i believe, No Pressure can save the world.
Gio A.
Gio A. 16 giorni fa
Avatar hit different 🔥🔥🔥
Incog 0
Incog 0 18 giorni fa
This Logic guy is ripping off Young Sinatra and Bobby Tarantino
MatheDeath 22 giorni fa
Damn, this is actually cool.
Lalo Aguirre
Lalo Aguirre Mese fa
Wizington hahaha! i mean am i right? 😂
Lalo Aguirre took me on a whole journey 😂
Austin WVU-_-
did anyone else instantly get the " industry rule number four thousand and eighty... one" line? THE TRIBE LINE WAS INSANE!!! omg old logic is back man. I'm loving this
Egg Man guy
Egg Man guy Mese fa
Can someone tell me what shoes those are
Hector Magana
@Egg Man guy yeah they clean but expensive af
Egg Man guy
Egg Man guy Mese fa
😐 those expensive thanks for telling me though
Egg Man guy
Egg Man guy Mese fa
Hector Magana
Red Octobers
El Chicano Boy
This is better than all the Rappers who made it to XXL lol
João Braga
João Braga Mese fa
1:37 keeping the tarantino references on point
Aaron Duarte
Aaron Duarte 6 giorni fa
João Braga facts brother
TehAdzman Mese fa
This is so litt
hasbullah latiff
Oh2...this sound like swum n jinsang...drifting...i can deduct that logic is also a lofi fam...is mentioned nujabes before..yeah..
YourSpectre Mese fa
I think he got pressure from COADM
Ronald Sorto
Ronald Sorto Mese fa
Where we living is , is fucked
Mario Perez
Mario Perez Mese fa
Logic Greatest MC
Haris MOV
Haris MOV Mese fa
yessss this logic is the one we need
skate Central
That sounds narly
Salvador Diazdeleon
Logic had his baby!!
Jakey Mese fa
God damn this cut is so underrated.
Blake Storbakken
I can’t wait
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