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LSD - Thunderclouds (Official Video) ft. Sia, Diplo, Labrinth

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Labrinth, Sia & Diplo present LSD - Thunderclouds (Official Music Video)
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Starring: Maddie Ziegler, Labrinth, Sia, Diplo
Director: Ernest Desumbila
Produced by Sauvage.TV
Producers: Eva Laffitte, Bryan Younce
DOP: Daniel Aranyo
Choreography by Ryan Heffington
Post Produced by Sauvage.TV

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All I need is one
One old man is enough
Babe, you got it wrong
Please turn your fears into trust, to trust

Where’d the love go
When all is said and done

Hey now I got your hands in the air
I’mma go through your stuff

Where’d the love go
You put the running into run

You asking me to stay
But I never met a girl I could trust

You’re sayin’ those words
Like you hate me now
Our house is burning
When you’re raised in hell

Here in the ashes your soul cries out
But don’t be afraid of these thunderclouds

These thunderclouds oh no
These thunderclouds oh no no

All I need is love
All I need is a word
All I need is us
You turned nouns into verbs, to verbs

Where’d the love go
When all is said and…

Hey now put your hands in the air
I’mma go through your stuff

Where’d the love go
You put the running into run
You’re asking me to stay
But I never met a man I could trust

You’re sayin’ those words
Like you hate me now
Our house is burning
When you’re raising hell

Here in the ashes your soul cries out
But don’t be afraid of these thunderclouds

These thunderclouds,
Oh noo, these thunderclouds
Ohhh, these thunderclouds

Ohh no, these thunderclouds,
Ohh no, these thunderclouds

These thunderclouds

You’re sayin’ those words
Like you hate me now
Our house is burning
When you’re raising hell

Here in the ashes your soul cries out
But don’t be afraid of these thunderclouds

These thunderclouds,
Oh noo, these thunderclouds
Ohhh, these thunderclouds

Ohh no, these thunderclouds,
Ohh no no, these thunderclouds

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Commenti 99 345
Mohd Jamil
Mohd Jamil 6 minuti fa
Justin Jordan
Justin Jordan 15 minuti fa
Look at the illuminati eye in the clouds
when they get in the storm if anyone is wondering it starts at 2:00
why so serious
2019 anyone 🔥🔥🔥👅💖
El Dae
El Dae Ora fa
0:40 ET
MRY barbosa macedo
19 now...
Niña Urielle Navares
i badly need to have a drum cover with this song.
Samuel Pearce
Samuel Pearce 2 ore fa
Lirio Sandro
Lirio Sandro 2 ore fa
This song is very lit! i like.
Delong Tsway
Delong Tsway 2 ore fa
I've been trying to find the name of this song for a long time finally found it last week.
Ed Spence
Ed Spence 3 ore fa
Video sucks rather hear the lyrics video other than that song is good
Francisca Catrian
Like si crees que sia se droga
Sandra Villa
Sandra Villa 3 ore fa
Y love sia❤️
Logan Williams
Her voice is so unique, I love it.
Ginette Blanchard
K Hi
Ruang Jahit X Rahmad Hidayat
Sia and billie eilish 💜💛💚💙❤
0:41-1:14 best part of this song 😍😍😍Labrinth ft. Sia
Travis Burchell
They need to make more music to be honest
axpei grace
axpei grace 5 ore fa
who is that girl dancing up in the bus???
axpei grace
axpei grace 5 ore fa
ok thats mmaaadddddiiiiieeee
Martina Rodriguez
Like for Maddie
James Ye
James Ye 6 ore fa
Fortnite 2 looks great
Ammar afifi kamaruzaman
idk if anyone realises this but sia is the puppet because at early music vid the puppet sings, and at min 0.41, they touch hands and maddie become sia-maddie with blue cloth .
Jayden Games
Jayden Games 6 ore fa
The amount of times I was looking for this song and finally found it I screamed yes
The Assassin Boy
Im glad Maddie Zeigler found something besides Abbys dance school and I think shes doing better than what she was when she was with abby.
Erika Serrano
Erika Serrano 6 ore fa
Sia you are the best I singer have ever heard I love your singing
Robert Peterson
Me when winters over
Laurent laurent
Jubilatoire avec quelques succédanés de Bjork dans les voix
DaianeXD 7 ore fa
Debería a ver salido Sia
D B 7 ore fa
Thais Balatore
Vício 😍
Avakin Variedades
💖Como faço pra parar de ouvir?💕
FSRC 8 ore fa
Introducing The new Samsung Galaxy S9
Ana Maria
Ana Maria 8 ore fa
You are marvelous i love YOU. Lana Machova :)
B-A-B-A -P-R-O
sia love you
Anna Müller
Anna Müller 8 ore fa
Роман Краснов
Кто с России
LO- OL 9 ore fa
Eu amo essa música Vey♥️🍷
aisha hisham
aisha hisham 9 ore fa
I love sia's songs because it is from heart ❤😍💓
Pluginer TR
Pluginer TR 9 ore fa
Arsenal Game/Of/Thrones
Love this song
Thomster 9 ore fa
Im on loop :P
Battle Bus’s New Appearance Candy World 🤣
_Frantanas_ 10 ore fa
L = Labrinth D = Diplo S = Sia
ovi 69
ovi 69 10 ore fa
1:24 3:16
Marilene Moreira
I'love you Sia
Android Fan - Soft
in This music is always combined with the clip.certain like !
Livey Pyle
Livey Pyle 10 ore fa
Legit listened to this 9 or 10 times yesterday
Tanisha Ferdous
Tanisha Ferdous 10 ore fa
A aga
Cobretti GT
Cobretti GT 10 ore fa
Samsung galaxy note 9 brought me here
Gaming TCN
Gaming TCN 11 ore fa
việt nam.
Princess Obanamen o se no ro ke
This is lovely
team chenel
team chenel 11 ore fa
cloudofmind X
cloudofmind X 12 ore fa
can’t stop listening to this. Why’s dat so underrated .-.
Roger Luz
Roger Luz 13 ore fa
The Real Nïggä
Play at 1.25x. Thank me later (^^)
WYOMAT YT 5 ore fa
FSRC 8 ore fa
It sounds better
Munir Hussain
Munir Hussain 13 ore fa
This is maddie omg i love her she looks beautfull and sings amazing i wish i can meet her its my dream and i want to meet Mackenzie there the best i just wanna play with then and do a video with her!
Ahmet Zuku
Ahmet Zuku 13 ore fa
ToastedPickles 13 ore fa
but did she thank the bus driver
Karen Urdiales
Karen Urdiales 14 ore fa
Anyone here from the Samsung Galaxy 9 add😂😂😂😂😂
Hải đăng Nguyễn hoàng
This is my 27th time watching it , and it still so interesting to watch
Melhor musica❤️ cadê os brasileirosssss emmmm 🇧🇷
David GLM
David GLM 15 ore fa
Team Bipo ?
Markokaty cat
Markokaty cat 15 ore fa
If you sick Amy
silva Silvi
silva Silvi 15 ore fa
Feel happy every time i hear this song
pocinki بوجنكي
Is Music Galaxy note 9
Surender Mohan Mangal
This song is in the ad of Samsung Galaxy note 9
chien chung Y
chien chung Y 16 ore fa
So I heard this is where the fortnite storm came from...
소나카 16 ore fa
이걸 본다면 번역해서 봐주길.. 늦었지만. 시아를 좋아하는 1인이 됫다 좋아하는 이유는 모든걸 읽었다는거다 이나라에서는 당신의 정보를 알수없다 다만 당신은 모든걸 잃었데... 근데 노래만 들어보면 점점희망이 찹니다. 희망은 좋은거지.. 난 읽어가지만 넌 찾기를... 니가 이해하는 그아픔 아무도 이해 못할거야. 왜냐면 넌 감정을 표현하면 안되는 입장이 되었거든
소나카 16 ore fa
읽었다가 아니라 잃인데....
Akash Rajak
Akash Rajak 17 ore fa
Anyone in 2019
Kuberin 17 ore fa
I know this because of samsung ads
Gooddy 17 ore fa
wow! it the anazing! Tnanks )
xacbxacb1 18 ore fa
я не знаю слов, но мне нравятся все ее песни =)))))
Supa 18 ore fa
sia having a mentle break down 2:04
Matti Layth
Matti Layth 19 ore fa
Note 9 ad music
youtube usuario
youtube usuario 19 ore fa
Alguien en español2019
Eres la mejor sía así de simple
Poldi 22 ore fa
Music for the new generation of psychos !!!
Hino's KuN Awomi
N Here I still dunno Abt that name of that lil girl dancing🤦
Brian Casanova
Brian Casanova 23 ore fa
May GOD bless you SIA you hepled me recovered into my depression
Renaldi Elvada
Renaldi Elvada 23 ore fa
Lezter Crew
Lezter Crew 23 ore fa
Who here is a fan of SIA
SundayAssault Giorno fa
Fortnite EVERYWHERE??????
Demons Neko editz harukasworld
Aaron Greer
Aaron Greer Giorno fa
That's one smart ass cloud.
Binti Asharia
Binti Asharia Giorno fa
still waiting for your new song
DAXO el pro
DAXO el pro Giorno fa
Like si hablas latino :v
Cristian Rueda
Cristian Rueda Giorno fa
Le A.r.m.y
Le A.r.m.y Giorno fa
If this were a movie, I’d watch it. Anyone else?
Hayley Lai
Hayley Lai Giorno fa
According to what Miranda suggested Maddie really brushed her teeth
Anime Waifu Hunter
Illuminati confirm
Derek Jamison
Derek Jamison Giorno fa
It is weird i can sing the vocals perfectly?
Rakesh kashyap
Rakesh kashyap Giorno fa
2019 feb ! 🔥💯
The Secret Simmer
The Secret Simmer
I just know before I read the comments people are gonna be saying SOMETHING in reference to the battle bus from FN
Luis Hueyopa
Luis Hueyopa Giorno fa
Tiene mucho sentimiento que buena rola
A.R.M.Y Trouxa
A.R.M.Y Trouxa Giorno fa
*Essa mina tem sérios problemas...* Leve isso cm um elogio rsrs
Amanda Ribeiro
Amanda Ribeiro Giorno fa
Mary Moroles Oficial
I love sia
France Iro
France Iro Giorno fa
💜.💜 I love it!! 🎶_🎶 and the story is very entertaining. I love LSD!!!!🙌💜🎤
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