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Watch the exciting trailer of 'LUCA', a Malayalam romantic thriller starring Tovino Thomas and Ahaana Krishna. Directed by Arun Bose, written by Mridul George & Arun Bose, Cinematography by Nimish Ravi, Edited by Nikhil Venu, Music by Sooraj S Kurup, Produced by Linto Thomas and Prince Hussain under the banner of Stories & Thoughts Productions. Muzik247 is the official music partner.
Directed by : Arun Bose
Produced by : Linto Thomas & Prince Hussain
Co Producers : Sneha Nair, Celish Davis & Jinson Devassy
Executive Producer : Gokulnath G
Associate Producer : Junaid K J
Music Director : Sooraj S Kurup
Writers : Mridul George & Arun Bose
Equipment Partner : Balu S Naralasetty
Cinematography : Nimish Ravi
Art Director : Anees Nadodi
Editor : Nikhil Venu
Sound Design : Sony Thomas & Prasanth P Menon
Associate Director : Praveen Chandran
Creative Director : Senthil Kumar
Lyrics : Shabareesh, Harinarayanan BK, Vinayak Sasikumar, Manu Manjith
Makeup : Anjay Raj
Costume Design : Remya Suresh
Production Controller : Job George
Finance Controller : Justin Tony Thomas
VFX : Coconut Bunch
Stills : Hasif Hakkim
Design : Old Monks
Music Label : Muzik247
Stream And Listen to LUCA Songs On:
Apple Music: apple.co/2X9riJR
JioSaavn: bit.ly/2XBMy84
Gaana: bit.ly/2wPq5Zm
Wynk: bit.ly/2R6HgPn
Amazon: amzn.to/2FuafrR
Spotify: spoti.fi/2X6E8bL
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17 giu 2019

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Commenti 1 870
shilpa ann
shilpa ann 2 ore fa
I really liked the movie. Ahana has acted very well. And I loved the climax :)
Anish Kumar
Anish Kumar Giorno fa
Mohan george what role are you playing..look is macho...
അബ്ദുൽ അസീബ്
rinsha shanu
rinsha shanu Giorno fa
tovino fans likeee
Muhammad Nishmal
Meeran Moideen
Meeran Moideen 3 giorni fa
Super moviya ❣️💔
asnamol mehboob
asnamol mehboob 3 giorni fa
Chrly scnd part pola und😂😂
Lijo John
Lijo John 3 giorni fa
Charlie remake cheidhoo gadigale
Manisha S K
Manisha S K 3 giorni fa
the mood set by the presence of rain throughout is beautiful.loved the art installations, kakkas artisans kudos. odukatha energy n mood between luca and niharika.
Manisha S K
Manisha S K 3 giorni fa
trailer kandu vere endokeyo vijarich poi..but the movie is very different.initially thought i wouldnt like it, but ended up loving it. niharika mwuthane acting.
Hemalatha Latha
Hemalatha Latha 5 giorni fa
Trailer kandappol movie kollilla enn thanneya vijarichath...but onnum parayan illa....movie adipwoli aa👌👌👌
Unique and fabulous
Ahaana and Tovino superb acting ... magical combination
Tresa Eva
Tresa Eva 6 giorni fa
Charli mayam...trailer il maathram aanu makkaleee....padam vera level aanuuu....kandu noku.....ningalku ishtakummm....suree....dont mis this wonderful movie...innum manasil prenayam sookshikunavarkum,nalla movies na encourage cheyunavarkum oke e padam ishtaaakummm
FIRDHOUSE A K 6 giorni fa
Awesome .. Great creation.
Uday Chandra
Uday Chandra 6 giorni fa
Add English subtitles pls
Soumya Raj
Soumya Raj 6 giorni fa
Nalla kidukkaachi padam Ahanayude acting kollilla ennu songsil comment boxil kandu theatre pooyi padam kaanumpol ath theernnolum becoz kinnankaachi performance.....pinne Ichayan super alleee.... Ichayante chaattam engott aanenn manasil aavunnd♥♥♥♥😘 (lukha oru kidukkachi fresh movie)
aswathy achu
aswathy achu 8 giorni fa
No charly feeling only luca feeling
Del m
Del m 8 giorni fa
Manassum kannum niranjuuu... .. adipoli movie
Shwetha Anna
Shwetha Anna 8 giorni fa
Why the fuck did they dub Tovino's voice ? Kashtam.
rinu george
rinu george 8 giorni fa
Nasriya ne imitate cheyunna acting anu ahanna nte
Vivek vaikkattil
Vivek vaikkattil 8 giorni fa
Kallu kanjavu communism....
vaavachi 9 giorni fa
innale aanu film poyi kandath...oru different story line.. orupad orupad ishtaya film.. such a beautiful thriller and romantic movie😍😍
Febseena M
Febseena M 9 giorni fa
Bad pairing with ahaaana
mooris media
mooris media 9 giorni fa
superb love story kariyilayum mannankattayum 😍😍😍
Happy Life
Happy Life 9 giorni fa
Evanu allaghilum, verum prithvirajum dq copiez alaaanu
Ratheesh Nair Pola
Ratheesh Nair Pola 10 giorni fa
പടം കണ്ടവരുടെ അഭിപ്രയം എന്താ , എങ്ങനുണ്ട് ??
Vaibhav 10 giorni fa
Trailer gives away nothing. Movie surprised me. That's impressive. 😃
Athul Pvr
Athul Pvr 10 giorni fa
😍😍😍😍, ഇച്ചായൻ
Priyanka Harikumar
Priyanka Harikumar 10 giorni fa
0:20 il play aakunna paatu ethaanennu parayuo
Suleef Aboobacker
Suleef Aboobacker 11 giorni fa
Ith charlie re make ano
Chandra Prasad
Chandra Prasad 11 giorni fa
Praveen Damodaran
Praveen Damodaran 11 giorni fa
Tovino immale chunkan bro anu .... 😘😘😘
jayesh j om
jayesh j om 11 giorni fa
Why is his look like Charlie's dulquer?
Rejeev Kadasseril
Rejeev Kadasseril 11 giorni fa
Ichayan kalakki
Flying Dragon
Flying Dragon 11 giorni fa
Ahaana is missing something as an actress,not interesting as an actress even though she is beautiful
RAHUL VP 11 giorni fa
How is art dirction?
Jaya krishnan.s
Jaya krishnan.s 10 giorni fa
Aneesh nadoodi
Kranthi Kiran
Kranthi Kiran 12 giorni fa
Release in telugu
Shakhir 777 Achu
Shakhir 777 Achu 12 giorni fa
coffee is cafien. cafien is creativity
aadhil naushad
aadhil naushad 8 giorni fa
sachid abraham
sachid abraham 12 giorni fa
Superb movie
sakkeer huzain
sakkeer huzain 12 giorni fa
Niharika nashipich
visak chandran
visak chandran 12 giorni fa
1:22sec song kittan valla vazhi undo
Cool Yak
Cool Yak 11 giorni fa
Bro njanum kore divasayi try cheyyane aa patt kittan but release avaathe no vazhi😭
Alston Albert
Alston Albert 12 giorni fa
Nice movie
Bibin Sam George
Bibin Sam George 13 giorni fa
0:55 eee Pennine njan mathram sredhichullo😂😂😂
Hanna Fathima
Hanna Fathima 13 giorni fa
What is that music at the beginning of the trailer? Could anyone tell me?
MOVIE STUDIO 13 giorni fa
i think it's like a charle model
Goutham R
Goutham R 13 giorni fa
Pwoli film😍😍
Nouras Muhammed
Nouras Muhammed 13 giorni fa
Padam pwoli item aaan machanmare
LALU MC 13 giorni fa
Superb movie... 👌👌 Not a fantasy as like Charlie... It's real life... Should watch everyone....👍👍👍 Tovino & Ahana made an excellent chemistry.
Jeny 13 giorni fa
Ahaanaku pakaram aiswarya ayirunakil pwolichene . Ahaanyude abhinayam oru reality thoniyila and emotions didnt workout well . Tovino marana mass ayirunu as always ❤
jishna sasi
jishna sasi 13 giorni fa
Charlie mayam
Del m
Del m 8 giorni fa
Olakka padam kanu. ..... Charlie enth ithenthh ....
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