Luca Stricagnoli - CAN’T STOP (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

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Luca's new record is out! Order here www.candyrat.com/artists/lucastricagnoli/whatif/
Listen at: Spotify: tinyurl.com/ydyr2xr9
itunes: tinyurl.com/y7kdhwac
Apple Music: tinyurl.com/y7kdhwac
Amazon: tinyurl.com/y9484czo
LUCA'S INSTAGRAM instagram.com/lucastricagnoli
LUCA'S FACEBOOK facebook.com/lucastricagnolifanpage
WORLD TOUR 2017/2018
LUCA'S WEBSITE www.lucastricagnoli.com/
LUCA'S BOOKING info@lucastricagnoli.com
"Can’t Stop” by Red Hot Chili Peppers, arranged and performed by Luca Stricagnoli.
The instrument played in this video is called Reversed Triple Neck Guitar and it was handmade by Davide Serracini www.serracini.it/wordpress/
Video by Joe Ehrhardt / a2k-media & music www.a2k.de/ / info@a2k.de
Recorded and mixed by Proton Studio
Location: many thanks to “Oldtimer Depot” for letting us shoot the video in their wonderful place
The leather strap for the guitar, featuring the new leg strap was custom made by Richter Straps:
The percussive tool shown in the video is called Multi Clap and it's made by Schlagwerk - www.schlagwerk.com/en/products...
Capos by Jim Dunlop Products www.jimdunlop.com
Strings by Dunlop Strings www.dunlopstrings.com/
Luca uses a Stage Scape M20d by Line 6


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27 mar 2018




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Commenti 2 671
Acebo Houx
Acebo Houx 14 ore fa
ojos cerrado este hombre es un genio. ojala si tuviera medio porciente del talento que tiene Luca.
Lm Dps
Lm Dps Giorno fa
the spin is too fast, makes me dizzy
Milan Petković
Milan Petković Giorno fa
Chameleon have independent eyes ,this guy have independent hands. Amazing!!!
Hold The Bacon
Hold The Bacon 2 giorni fa
Stephen Lee
Stephen Lee 2 giorni fa
It’s like he has ten fingers on each hand
Lorenzo Nievera
Lorenzo Nievera 2 giorni fa
Me when I pet 16 dogs at the same time
Ульзана Леонова
И как каждый уважающий себя каверщик-гитарист Вы обязаны исполнить трек Nirvana- Smels like teen spirit😱
Tiago Myford
Tiago Myford 4 giorni fa
Watching this, late night, and the spinning is making me feel ill... I really wanted to watch him play. 😂
Trevor Granger
Trevor Granger 4 giorni fa
Евгений Прокаев
Он Бог!!!
Gojek Driver Rumput Ijo
🙏 no live...
Daniel Campos
Daniel Campos 5 giorni fa
Ye Nan
Ye Nan 5 giorni fa
It's really awesome
MrMome1612 6 giorni fa
I can't even learn how to play one single guitar!
Pete Lucero
Pete Lucero 6 giorni fa
That instrument is a fucking abomination. But quite a good arrangement. I hate you.
Gavri'el Leonidas
Gavri'el Leonidas 6 giorni fa
Chuck Norris on guitar
Julien Rouche-lestonnat
I knew Bard was an Epic class...
quixiticelixer 7 giorni fa
Как всегда охуэнно
Super Eman
Super Eman 7 giorni fa
What instrument do you play? Luca: YES.
Siddharth Nair
Siddharth Nair 8 giorni fa
I think The audio is prerecorded and the sound is post-processed, probably multiple recordings
marcin galas
marcin galas 6 giorni fa
Yes... defo it is... he can be good but no one is a god you just can't play it like this dont matter how good you are it is just impossible to play like this...
The power of the WEED !
"What instrument do you play?" "It's complicated"
Виктор Аникин
Я В ВОСТОРГЕ !!! Он - КРУТЕНЬ - Luca Stricagnoli !!! :)
Sir Luoyi
Sir Luoyi 10 giorni fa
Pouet giigle
Pouet giigle 10 giorni fa
We have proof ET have made contact!
itzMisterAton 10 giorni fa
sooooo this kinda guitar exist!!! i just died looking at it!
Raditya Ardhie
Raditya Ardhie 10 giorni fa
Angelo Alfonso Tayao
Another video showing me that i suck at the only instrument i know how to play
What Dreams May Come
Marry me
The Ends
The Ends 12 giorni fa
I've listened to this like a billion times now. It's mesmeric. Usually when someone plays a triple necked instrument like this it's just a vehicle to show off their talent and the song's nothing. This is the opposite of that. This is a good heartfelt song played well. A true accomplishment in any medium.
Caleb Dye
Caleb Dye 12 giorni fa
Apart from this being pure talent anyone else reminded of that fight scene in Lion Heart because of the cars circled around him... 😂
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler 13 giorni fa
luis eduardo delgado suarez
when the winter soldier decide to dedicate to music instead of killing people...
Артемий Павлюковский
Круто я тоже эту пэсну играю!!!
Hector Bundles
Hector Bundles 14 giorni fa
Dear guitarists, how do you do the elbow drumming without sending electric shocks across your arms?
IChankaNotChunk 15 giorni fa
without singing its beginner stuff lmao
Janet Figueroa
Janet Figueroa 15 giorni fa
aliuddin dullah
aliuddin dullah 15 giorni fa
when someone ask you what you need on you band you just say,Cemera man.
Kevin S. Logan
Kevin S. Logan 15 giorni fa
Blown away!! So cool man, incredible
Musical Elements
Musical Elements 15 giorni fa
ok now… where did you hide the third hand?
Wilawan Sakyai
Wilawan Sakyai 16 giorni fa
Tony 17 giorni fa
pindiknik 17 giorni fa
Лови подписку! Беспредельно круто играешь! Эму руку!
lmao this isn't a name
This guy is playing three guitars at once and most fools cant even play one.
Hector Bundles
Hector Bundles 14 giorni fa
The other one is a bass. what you just said, sir, is an insult to the bass community.
Federico Jose Kong Klusmeier
fucking Cobra and a 300sl in the background, among other things.
Bruno Dias
Bruno Dias 19 giorni fa
10 million dollars garage!!!! Great Job!
Владимир Бодрый
Как он струны дёргает, я так и не понял
Gallant Abbey
Gallant Abbey 20 giorni fa
Our national treasure, Alip ba ta, with one guitar can play better than this
Quicksilver292 13 giorni fa
They are both great guitarists with drastically different styles. Percussive fingerstyle is a very freeform style, allowing great differences between guitarists. All music is like this.
Johnny walker101
Johnny walker101 21 giorno fa
so the devil went down to Georgia huh lol
Butter 21 giorno fa
Would love to know what the chilli peppers think of him, pretty fuckin amazing to me.
marc 275
marc 275 22 giorni fa
fghjehegh sseggss
fghjehegh sseggss 22 giorni fa
ur skills r killin me *______* but pls could you do some more cinematic videos. they r all very bright and that makes them not very satisfying :*
Raamesh Raamesh
Raamesh Raamesh 22 giorni fa
This guy's is from another world, and by the way nice cars
Magicadi 23 giorni fa
Nevermind the difficulty of playing three instruments at the same time. The real difficult lies in not wanting to move with that sexy beat.
Daniel Kemner
Daniel Kemner 23 giorni fa
Getting dizzy by the spinning action xD
Jacq Du Wak
Jacq Du Wak 24 giorni fa
hi very nice. exceptional. moreover excited to hear some more....
Carlo Dimaandal
Carlo Dimaandal 24 giorni fa
"Which instrument will you play?" "Yes."
Gabriel Fiorotto
Gabriel Fiorotto 25 giorni fa
"I'll be there in a sec, just gotta exchange my strings real quick"
Weeb 25 giorni fa
man needs to cut his nails
emiliano ram
emiliano ram 25 giorni fa
Why people just put him a dislike??
FGC_ Roofer_07
FGC_ Roofer_07 23 giorni fa
Jealousy...hes great
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