Luca Stricagnoli - CAN’T STOP (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

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Luca's new record is out! Order here www.candyrat.com/artists/lucastricagnoli/whatif/
Listen at: Spotify: tinyurl.com/ydyr2xr9
itunes: tinyurl.com/y7kdhwac
Apple Music: tinyurl.com/y7kdhwac
Amazon: tinyurl.com/y9484czo
LUCA'S INSTAGRAM instagram.com/lucastricagnoli
LUCA'S FACEBOOK facebook.com/lucastricagnolifanpage
WORLD TOUR 2017/2018
LUCA'S WEBSITE www.lucastricagnoli.com/
LUCA'S BOOKING info@lucastricagnoli.com
"Can’t Stop” by Red Hot Chili Peppers, arranged and performed by Luca Stricagnoli.
The instrument played in this video is called Reversed Triple Neck Guitar and it was handmade by Davide Serracini www.serracini.it/wordpress/
Video by Joe Ehrhardt / a2k-media & music www.a2k.de/ / info@a2k.de
Recorded and mixed by Proton Studio
Location: many thanks to “Oldtimer Depot” for letting us shoot the video in their wonderful place
The leather strap for the guitar, featuring the new leg strap was custom made by Richter Straps:
The percussive tool shown in the video is called Multi Clap and it's made by Schlagwerk - www.schlagwerk.com/en/products...
Capos by Jim Dunlop Products www.jimdunlop.com
Strings by Dunlop Strings www.dunlopstrings.com/
Luca uses a Stage Scape M20d by Line 6


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27 mar 2018




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Commenti 2 246
HASHKIT 12 ore fa
AlexZeb Giorno fa
xax you rily)
AlexZeb Giorno fa
AlexZeb Giorno fa
Chilli stojat v storonke i tiho kurjat!!))
AlexZeb Giorno fa
No way sorry! You garage no way bro)
AlexZeb Giorno fa
WOW your Garage is cool)
Tao Nel
Tao Nel 3 giorni fa
"Can't stop" watching this 😎
Caifabe 4 giorni fa
Been looking for this for months. Found it.
Stick-It Productions.
God: What if we turned one of my Miracles, into a man? Jesus: *Cracks Knuckles.* Say no more, Dad.
Jeruel Barot
Jeruel Barot 4 giorni fa
How much is this robo musician? Damn!!!
IP 4 giorni fa
Luca Guitar-Walker
Altan Gurel
Altan Gurel 5 giorni fa
I'm not going to say that he is the best guitar player but this guy plays the most difficult and most complex arrangements of these songs. A loop pedal would probably make it sound the same but this just showing off on another level.
Manos Myritzis
Manos Myritzis 6 giorni fa
But you DID stop...so you can stop
don 6 giorni fa
Anyone else notice the fuckin gorgeous collection of cars in the background?!
don 6 giorni fa
1:03 Playing just 1 guitar is too easy for him lol
Matt Gardner
Matt Gardner 6 giorni fa
I'm prolly the only one who drooled over the cars while watching this bad ass axe hammer.
Кирилл Фомичёв
Да он - чёртов гений!) Я восхищён!
Nogueira 7 giorni fa
Obrigado viniccius13 por me apresentar essa versão de can't stop
Daluna13 7 giorni fa
We are in the presence of a 20th level Bard
Jorge Edson Castellon
Alguien que parle castellano
mapar70 7 giorni fa
J Martin
J Martin 8 giorni fa
love you like a sunflower on electric sunshine....
keith centeno
keith centeno 9 giorni fa
i just realized that he is doing all of this... while spinning...
Ashish Lugun
Ashish Lugun 9 giorni fa
Bob : What is the name of your band Luca ? Luca : Yes !
Tyler Roberts
Tyler Roberts 9 giorni fa
Imagine how easy he pulls😂😂
dovlaBass 9 giorni fa
ha XD it says turd on one of the cars XD
Jaiden Stark
Jaiden Stark 9 giorni fa
So I Want To Sign Up For Music Lessons. "Ok, What Instrument Do You Want To Learn?" All Of Them. I Downloaded This And Now Listen To It On Loop :D
Miller Fisherman
Miller Fisherman 9 giorni fa
Is the playing or the camera giving me vertigo....either way....don't stop!
KoudeZuurkool 9 giorni fa
This song is hard enough to even TRY play on one instrument, and this guy is just like "meh, this is how it's done, mate".
MrForrestcl 10 giorni fa
I feel like the Chapman stick would be a perfect instrument for him.
Marquez Von hinten
Marquez Von hinten 11 giorni fa
Can't stop..... Awesome Great work
Patriot 12 giorni fa
Red Hot Chili who???
CupCakeArmy1 12 giorni fa
oly fudge! Perfect for karaoke!
Vincent Venturella
Vincent Venturella 12 giorni fa
Luca have you ever learned how to play a number of musical instruments ? Yeah, just a couple, but I am not very good......yet ! Hmm. K. This is playing on a different level. He invented his own genre.
Илья Руденко
Да ну нахуй.. Огонь))
TD18 13 giorni fa
Stupid people: Writing same joke "hod mo peer" 10000 times. Talented people: Creating art "Fuck you people." R.I.P. George Carlin.
Lauren scalici
Lauren scalici 14 giorni fa
Very cool!!!🙂
Пал Палыч К
epic coordination!!!)))
Chandrawati The Musical World Academy And BAND
gretest guitarist........sir
ArtChangelll 14 giorni fa
Брат Зураба Матуа?
Reid 15 giorni fa
My favorite rhcp song.. loved it man. You're incredible on that
Kirby’s Curio
Kirby’s Curio 15 giorni fa
I love this so much!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🖤🖤🖤🔥🔥🔥
Steamed Meatball
Steamed Meatball 15 giorni fa
ok why tf aren't I subscribed to this dude? I watched quite a few vids of him but I never subscribed? wtf is wrong with me?
ALFRED 15 giorni fa
his opulence makes me want to hit him in the face ... but I can´t stop listening to that guitar
Bikash Mangrati
Bikash Mangrati 15 giorni fa
God or Devil
Slic Clic
Slic Clic 15 giorni fa
I see you have acquired many cars from many ladies husbands
Ромашка В чаю
Ебать я охуел когда увидел, ты огромный молодец, успехов тебе
Kieron Reilly
Kieron Reilly 15 giorni fa
Here I am thinking two cappos.. why? Then boom this guy is amazing. Excellent song
Yuvraj Behere
Yuvraj Behere 15 giorni fa
0:41 Eternity
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