Luca Stricagnoli - FEEL GOOD INC. (Gorillaz)

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Order here www.candyrat.com/artists/lucastricagnoli/
Listen at: Spotify: tinyurl.com/ydyr2xr9
itunes: tinyurl.com/y7kdhwac
Apple Music: tinyurl.com/y7kdhwac
Amazon: tinyurl.com/y9484czo
LUCA'S FACEBOOK facebook.com/lucastricagnolifanpage/
WORLD TOUR 2017/2018
LUCA'S INSTAGRAM instagram.com/lucastricagnoli/
LUCA'S WEBSITE www.lucastricagnoli.com/
LUCA'S BOOKING lucastricagnoliguitar@gmail.com
"Feel Good Inc." by Gorillaz, arranged and performed by Luca Stricagnoli.
The instrument played in this video is a custom Triple Neck Guitar handmade by Davide Serracini www.serracini.it/wordpress/
Video by Joe Ehrhardt / a2k-media & music www.a2k.de/ / info@a2k.de
Recorded and mixed by Proton Studio
The percussive tool shown in the video is called Multi Clap and it's made by Schlagwerk - www.schlagwerk.com/en/products/cajon/cajon-add-ons/multiclapr/
Capo by Jim Dunlop Products www.jimdunlop.com
Strings by Dunlop Strings www.dunlopstrings.com/


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2 ott 2017

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I see your lips are not moving, please whistle next time while playing this on a treadmill.
Aaron Rowlinson
Aaron Rowlinson 10 ore fa
Just how
Ned Bobby T102
Ned Bobby T102 12 ore fa
This video opens my eyes ! Thank you (y)
Cacarot 13 ore fa
Imagine those fingers getting a fracture from slapping alot
Sarrafauricio -
Sarrafauricio - 20 ore fa
Very impressive, but can you play drums at the same time?
ferral1992 23 ore fa
i'd give thousand likes if could , its amazing!
231231 131231
231231 131231 Giorno fa
How can you coordinate like that u fucking animal you’re crazy i love you
MLG Brony
MLG Brony 2 giorni fa
i came
AlexZeb 2 giorni fa
And Gorillas I am facin Baff Bro!) Thenxs
sofia dewi
sofia dewi 2 giorni fa
GenjiKat 3 giorni fa
Those nails...
Очень хорошо , я бы даже сказал amazing.
el mundo perdido
el mundo perdido 4 giorni fa
oye eres muy genial tocando la guitarra :3
Izza me Casper
Izza me Casper 5 giorni fa
iTz Olie
iTz Olie 5 giorni fa
Acrylic nails for a more pure acoustic sound. I’ve never heard of that but I love the ingenuity
Deus of Gods
Deus of Gods 5 giorni fa
talent made in italia
Smellavision 5 giorni fa
Tabs please?
Javi Oliva
Javi Oliva 6 giorni fa
answer me please men, i can use it that perfect instrumental for one cover of my channel? please I'll give you credits, obviously.I want to put the voice to this great instrumental answer me please
Leo Nieto
Leo Nieto 6 giorni fa
SavageSluggie 6 giorni fa
Is this what boss music looks like?
Mundo Android
Mundo Android 6 giorni fa
Ese tío y su guitarra mutante tiene dos cerebros 😂😂😂
Elijah Valdez
Elijah Valdez 6 giorni fa
I thought it was Crash Bandicoot music
Ryker Quackenbush
Ryker Quackenbush 8 giorni fa
This dude is not nearly famous enough. Like. Is this on the radio?
Đức Hoàng
Đức Hoàng 8 giorni fa
how can he get that low action ?!
IAN PIERR 8 giorni fa
capo 🎸 🎤
Baatdad 71
Baatdad 71 8 giorni fa
marcp antpnio
marcp antpnio 9 giorni fa
Dise mi hermano que tu enseñaste xd
Григорий-Кэнчээри Комиссаров
Dude! it's amazing👍🏻
ziko 17
ziko 17 9 giorni fa
I just realised his nails are long on his right hand but short on his left.
deniz Oz
deniz Oz 10 giorni fa
he deseves money and dignity!
Joshua Benedicto
Joshua Benedicto 10 giorni fa
Will no one talk about how good-looking he is? 😚😚😚
jesiotr andrzej
jesiotr andrzej 10 giorni fa
x.Lexie Jewel.x
x.Lexie Jewel.x 10 giorni fa
1:18 okay that was SICK. Okay this whole video was SICK.
Stone S
Stone S 11 giorni fa
"Which guitar are you using for this song Luca?" -"All 3 at once"
knots nights
knots nights 11 giorni fa
does this guy have a custom built guitar made for each individual cover?
He's simple, he's dumb he's the pilot.
Brilliant cover!
icstriferansecondo 11 giorni fa
Quelle unghie non se ponno vedè
Nazmush Sahadot Safin
Imagine this man has 4 arms!!
Boniface Vlogs
Boniface Vlogs 11 giorni fa
onda Tasboy
onda Tasboy 11 giorni fa
I can't stop listening to this.
RNKV 2.0
RNKV 2.0 12 giorni fa
Your guitar is curved
Magdalene Walski
Magdalene Walski 12 giorni fa
What just Happened?
General Malaise
General Malaise 12 giorni fa
If he picks his nose, he could be charged with assault.
Sean K
Sean K 12 giorni fa
My dude has some absolutely gorgeous nails goddamn
olivia !
olivia ! 11 giorni fa
Sean K bruh i was just thinking the exact same thing
Вадим Латыпов
be a cover band, and make a concert.
J Phillips
J Phillips 13 giorni fa
Glazeatr0n 12345
Glazeatr0n 12345 13 giorni fa
**eats a slice of tortilla**
Karlis Zalite
Karlis Zalite 14 giorni fa
absolute unit
Vedran Urličić
Vedran Urličić 14 giorni fa
From what planet or galaxy are you coming from Luca Stricagnoli? Wow!
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