Lucas The Spider - New Friend

Lucas the Spider
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Just as Lucas the Spider had started to lose all hope for a new friend, his bell started ringing! Who could it be?! Follow Lucas's exciting new adventure to find out!
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10 nov 2018

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Commenti 10 898
garung 10 ore fa
lucas laba2 keren
paneguar k
paneguar k 13 ore fa
imutnya lucas..
Jeroen Kuppens
Jeroen Kuppens 18 ore fa
I just saw one of this little fellas walk to a spider, jump on it and he imidiatly killed the spider He's still a cute little fella though
inquisitive turtle
Am i the only one who has arachnophobia here?😳😳
Victor Martin
Victor Martin Giorno fa
Awww soo cute😆 but allso so sad😢 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🥰🥺😢
Selma Langfjord Mangerud
Boi... Ya forgit me eh? So we arent fwends :c Imma just say ye -.-
Dua Jamil
Dua Jamil 2 giorni fa
Lucas has 3million friends and I am one of them
Seamus Smyth
Seamus Smyth 4 giorni fa
Man I really cant keep up with this incredible storyline
Giosteezz 4 giorni fa
I love you 💕 ❤️ 😻💙🧡💚💝🥰😘 so cute
proShadöwSøul 4 giorni fa
I will be lucas new friend! NO.QUESTIONS.ASK
Empichu 4 giorni fa
It's sad that spiders aren't cute in real life I'm really scared of them
wolfy chan
wolfy chan 5 giorni fa
Who wouldn't want to be friends with lucas 🤷☹️
Galaxy-potato 8 giorni fa
Lucas: Come back I just wanna be your friend! Me: I volunteer!
Eliez Cookie
Eliez Cookie 8 giorni fa
I’ll be your friend Lucas!
YT GVMG 9 giorni fa
All the dislikes are from people who have a black heart
Aww Lucas is cute
Kiera Coleman
Kiera Coleman 10 giorni fa
Mission impssible lucus's new friend
Aaron Bell
Aaron Bell 11 giorni fa
They made a spider cute!
Naief Alromi
Naief Alromi 12 giorni fa
I'm not gonna kill anyyy flies anymore seriously
delia violette
delia violette 12 giorni fa
Okay so I'm just here to say that I have seen the same spider in my desk today and I decided to let it leave only because of this video. ...She didn't leave and I have no idea where she is in my room right now.
Stephanie Cruzado
Stephanie Cruzado 11 giorni fa
Now u have your very own pet
Alpha Eljay Houndoom
cute I want one
Stefen Graham
Stefen Graham 14 giorni fa
best 38 seconds of my day!
Heather Norton
Heather Norton 14 giorni fa
Maybe I'll never find a new friend... :( The whole community: THATS WHERE YOUR WRONG, KIDDO-
Umadbro 15 giorni fa
*Give this spider a new friend*
Anethyst 16 giorni fa
I'll be his friend
pink cat
pink cat 17 giorni fa
I dont like spider cause it’s frightening But in this channel spider is a adorable animal Edit: who’s indonesia please like
Adam C
Adam C 18 giorni fa
0:30 When I make a bad first impression
Frances Marrujo
Frances Marrujo 18 giorni fa
My daughter loves it
red_roses _
red_roses _ 19 giorni fa
The intro made my heart melt 💔💔💔💔
Guesty Boi
Guesty Boi 20 giorni fa
UwU I have been waiting for this
Davie Bean
Davie Bean 20 giorni fa
Beanie Boo Tube
Beanie Boo Tube 20 giorni fa
salami moo
salami moo 21 giorno fa
That is soooo cute
Tay J
Tay J 22 giorni fa
Awwwww u got PLENTY of friends in the comment section ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Galaxy tube
Galaxy tube 23 giorni fa
Pls continue doing animations!💕
Benji Funk
Benji Funk 24 giorni fa
Tath make me cry 😢
Chaty Noir
Chaty Noir 24 giorni fa
You Dont need a New friend we are your Friends😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Burinnu 26 giorni fa
Let this be a lesson to you, Lucas: don’t make fun of someone’s name if you want to be their friend.
Drewniane Koronki
Drewniane Koronki 26 giorni fa
Najlepsza bajka na świecie skakunek rządzi
L to the E
L to the E 28 giorni fa
I'll be your best friend lucas
Dixi Thorne
Dixi Thorne 28 giorni fa
Ill be your friend lucas
William Bowsher
William Bowsher 28 giorni fa
Friends, I have just found a cure for my arachnophobia! And, according to this video, my entomophobia too!
I M 29 giorni fa
The question is, what happened to his old friend?
Zero Izanagi
Zero Izanagi Mese fa
0:31 me
Duc Minh Tran
Did you know what Bzzz mom teach him?
Titan war Dimension
I wanna be your friend forever
Ma'kai Haggins
So cute
Alexander Arnold
"Spider"shaped-Corporate and National "meta-hostage taking" Sabotage targeting nonviolent "terrorists" like "military strike sexing", all funded by Olympic Women's Soccer, "Greek Loans", Lake Orion Community High School, and faked Aerospace.
A. Zelene
A. Zelene Mese fa
I am disgusted by flies but not THIS fly
Benjat Isufi
Benjat Isufi Mese fa
Too much cuteness. Arghhhh....
Melina Gamez
Melina Gamez Mese fa
Can you make longer ones?
naruto Gacha person
Who disliked this and why
Joanna Morales
Emily Au
Emily Au Mese fa
Me in college
Phone Guy/Vincent
Mah hearrttt
KillAll LanternfliesPlease
I hate spiders but I love lucas!! Hes so cute n_n but i see in the comments its very disliked, why is this??????
HighImpact 444
This Spider is freakingly cute
Jax Reynolds
Jax Reynolds Mese fa
I will be your friend Lucas
Eric VandenAvond
*B E L L*
NO JOKE! When the fly said buzz I heard a mostqiuo by my ear!
DaPugKing 3
DaPugKing 3 Mese fa
who disliked this
Aiden boi
Aiden boi Mese fa
Angel Nicole Melencio Castro
I just wanna be your friend... I'm here Lucas 😂😍😍❣
Lael Wildgoose
0:06-0:22 mission impossible
Jayden Payne
Jayden Payne Mese fa
Did he call the dog his dad
Sam Xia
Sam Xia Mese fa
Oh, no! Its too Cute!
Pi Chu
Pi Chu Mese fa
Lucas can I be your friend, I’m a bit too big to fit in your web sadly ( I know it’s a dream catcher )
Handy Kusuma
Handy Kusuma Mese fa
buddy.. when you get older soon, please don't be capture. you better don't bring yourself to a lab. because if that happen, you'll make superhero with red spandex suit. trust me that's not funny. STAY AWAY FROM LAB
Lightning Mese fa
aren't they already friends from the first episode.
I never knew spiders were cute❤
Laldinthara Khiangte
Next make a snake please
Nightmare Freddy
I think they should make a movie about Lucas the spider
Rahimah Pikachu
Pls can u save the poor scary insect in the world
Leo Baftirovski
Is it just me or when Lucas ran past the dog did he say “I’ll boop you later”
Apollo Middleton
Apollo Middleton 3 giorni fa
Its not a dog its a POLAR BEAR😂
Gavo7 Mese fa
Yeah beacause in one of the episodes he thought the dog was a polar bear and he booped him which is touching his nose
Asia di Maria del Castillo
So cute😍❤️
Kevin Luo
Kevin Luo Mese fa
0:15 he said "BOOP later" and he booped the butterfly cocoon.
ck 3502
ck 3502 Mese fa
They tryna make flies cute now, too?! Well, it worked.
Icy Land xø
Icy Land xø Mese fa
This cured my fear of spiders.
Vosje FariasTorres
Wow i am comenting a lot
Vosje FariasTorres
0:36 wat i say after every episode
Vosje FariasTorres
Agent 007 acá Lucas Bond
Vosje FariasTorres
0:08 callback from an other episode
Vosje FariasTorres
0:00 i will be your friend 😍
Oreo the Doge
Lucas the spider series 2
lil Mighten
lil Mighten Mese fa
Omg I love love looooove lucas the spider he is adorable😊
Awh don’t worry Lucas I’ll be ur friend
Zhaskk Mese fa
People: "OMG that spider is soo cute!" Also people: "Mom there's a spider! Eww *proceeds to smash it*
ferda dorul
ferda dorul Mese fa
So cute ı love lucas
Braydon The Gorilla
I want to be your friend
42nd Blaze
42nd Blaze Mese fa
Oooooooh Jesus that is one ugly spider. Compared to real life spiders this is certainly up there as being the most grotesque and it even has a terrible kid voice actor so I’m disgusted and annoyed
XxLittlePencilDragonxX ;3
This is just too cute I'm going to die X.x
GG on the new friend :D
SP Aime
SP Aime Mese fa
I don’t like real spiders but this one is cute
I wanna be his friend
Jamie Raisbeck
i hope they make a Bzzzt plushie to go with my Lucas plushie
LpsSprinkleBrownie ._.
I’m your friend :3
joem joem
joem joem Mese fa
so cute
Braden Tyrell
Were all your friends
Тима Даунов
А потом он его сожрал
Beth line Studios
I hate spider and I freak out when I see one and then try to kill it Now I see this I like it tho my freak out of spiders are still but better now
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