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Sean Allanson
Sean Allanson Giorno fa
Do a reaction vid to youtube rapper by token and tech 9ine
Vermester 2 giorni fa
I love Eminems take on the mumble rap style flow shit he pulled
Vernon Hardapple
Vernon Hardapple 3 giorni fa
If I Ever Fall In Love????? SHAI!?!?!!!
Silindokuhle Nkambule
They asked me what the fuck happened to hip hop i said i dont have any answers
Ironiic Clipz
Ironiic Clipz 5 giorni fa
Jr Awr
Jr Awr 6 giorni fa
intro song?
Nicoló Danieli
Nicoló Danieli 7 giorni fa
Wexx Gaming
Wexx Gaming 8 giorni fa
Look Like KAT ✌
Angie D
Angie D 8 giorni fa
Yall talk to much at the beginning js. Other than that I love y'all! Keep on killin it.
dudes vlogs
dudes vlogs 8 giorni fa
React to token plz
João vitor
João vitor 9 giorni fa
Red Skull
Red Skull 9 giorni fa
There were 5 bobble heads in this video.
Nick Daunis
Nick Daunis 10 giorni fa
SP Bling Records
SP Bling Records 10 giorni fa
Eminem is rap god
Fred Eval
Fred Eval 12 giorni fa
It's a good time to be alive
Francisco Rivas
Francisco Rivas 12 giorni fa
Eminem da best
Paul OConnor
Paul OConnor 13 giorni fa
Get to the fucking reaction and song quicker!!! 2.52 talking shit!! Get into it quicker!!
Jack Castro
Jack Castro 15 giorni fa
I love this song and this react is my favorite You guys are cool
dark Wolfe gamer
dark Wolfe gamer 16 giorni fa
Just gonna say this now with all the pausing and slowing it down and all your dam blabbering you guys might be the worst youtubers of the year congratulations
Nolol Kiez
Nolol Kiez 19 giorni fa
негры лохи
Jake Kalisik
Jake Kalisik 21 giorno fa
React to Boogie ft. Eminem Rainy Days just dropped tonight
Star Destoyern
Star Destoyern 22 giorni fa
“When I go out as the underdog that never lost hope” that’s brung a tear to my eye
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas 23 giorni fa
You guys are terrible.
Diego Andrés Fernández Badilla
Oye, para ser un video reacción no está mal que tenga casi un millón de vistas
TheOfficial WolffèPack
I love people that react like this lit reactions my dudez
rajafa sullivan
rajafa sullivan 25 giorni fa
Kyre irving is that u wearing a red shirt?
Mcjuggerfat 27 giorni fa
Dude on the left funny af lmao
AJ User Shehulklea
AJ User Shehulklea 27 giorni fa
Bailey Flynn
Bailey Flynn 27 giorni fa
React to upchurch. I think yall will like him. If yall ain't already.
ZaddyOc & Mohamedissavage
How do you guys just react to it perfectly complete, all these other reactors cut the song off every two seconds and they make their videos like 10 minutes and it’s annoying. 😂💀🔥🔥 This Is why I like y’all channel.
acerock421 Giorno fa
ditto that shit
Jay Juan
Jay Juan 28 giorni fa
Yall got Nate Dogg in the house 😂😂😂😂
Quando você ler os comentarios Eu estarei lá
Os caras só balançando a cabeça KKKKK
silence me
silence me Mese fa
I want these guys on more illa beats. He's got the mojo
Susan Mason
Susan Mason Mese fa
They are incredibly fast, but you hear actual words and something being said of importance. Mumble rapper's they say nothing and have nothing to say but Gucci or whatever designer or money or bitches. It's stupid and pointless. So mumble rapper's ya'll gotta move.
Susan Mason
Susan Mason Mese fa
Rewind all you want. Love it.
Avinash Rawat
I wanna say only one thing "Lucky you ,fuck you too"🖕
Robert L
Robert L Mese fa
My favourite part is the way Eminem flows when he mentions a couple of mansions
8:32 when you bust a nut and she keep sucking
Isaac Hernandez
Eminem is the Chuck Norris to rap music Don't fuck with the GOAT
Bo Greene
Bo Greene Mese fa
Joyner Killed the beat bro
Bo Greene
Bo Greene Mese fa
I give Joyner 10/10 Eminem in this song 10/10
Adrian Tesha
Adrian Tesha Mese fa
Introo songg broo ??
Fort Nite
Fort Nite Mese fa
I just notice this dude is dirty in his four head
Danielle Reeder
i been a HUGE @joynerlucas fan since day 1 & Hes local but this actually was Joyner song @Eminem jumped on. TOGETHER FIRE💥🔥🔥🔥
Martin Dowell
When Joyner goes 0 to beast mode 🔥🔥then Em gose straight BYSON.👊
juan ortiz
juan ortiz Mese fa
One of my favorite reactions to this song
ZiiPew Ch
ZiiPew Ch Mese fa
Intro song?
Gaming Facts Real Life Stories
When you gotta slow it down and really listen from those light speed verses
Jack-O Squad
Jack-O Squad Mese fa
Fast Parts [Joyner] They’ve invented a level up in the ghetto to ghetto lookin’ for somethin’ i prolly can never find now, Shit get relevant until the beef die down, In truth a nigga just really want me tied down, I’ve been alone and i never needed nobody just only me and my shotty, I’ll tell these niggas to lie down, Keep all the money i never wanted the lifestyle, I just pray to god that my son’ll be alright now [Em] But i think it’s inevitable they know what button to press or what lever to pull they give me the snap though, And if i’m payin’ attention i’m probably makin’ it bigger but you’ve been takin’ the dicks in the fuckin’ back hoe?, And on the brink in a minute got me thinkin’ of finishing everything with acetaminophen then reapin’ the benefits, I’m asleep at the wheel again as i peak into thinkin’ about an evil intent of another beat i’ma kill again, ‘Cause even if i gotta end up eating a pill again, Even ketamine or methamphetamine with the minithin, It better be at least 70 to 300 milligram and i might as well ‘cause i’ma end up bein’ a villain again, Levels to this shit i got an elevator, You could never say to me i’m not a fuckin’ record breaker, I sound like a broken record everytime i break a record nobody could take away the legacy i made a navigator motherfucker, Know i got a right to be this way, I got spite inside my DNA, But i wrote till the wheels fall off i’m workin’ tirelessly, Ayy
Arnold zen
Arnold zen Mese fa
is that joe budden in the left side?
11:51 lmao he had to check if it was sped up
tgood ogedod
tgood ogedod Mese fa
Yo you guys are great. Please react to bill burr I'm subscribed and notified since Joyner
Izza Boi
Izza Boi Mese fa
Starts at 2:52, thank me later
Ambarish Bose
12:30 🤣🤣🤣
You guys are not catching bars🤔
Emmanuel Martinez
6:15 “i thought he was already rapping fast” 😂😂😂
grace ampararado
shelby14 sweet
I love that y’all play the whole song and not skip through like everybody else . Props
Daniel Hall
Daniel Hall Mese fa
see what had happened was em had to remind u guys he still rap god facts
Magistrical Beats
When they actually slow it down....
kamarul adam
kamarul adam Mese fa
Dont pause it when its on fire bro
Treny5000 Mese fa
Marcus Mariner
Sometimes i think eminem doesnt have lungs
Ердаулет Сайлаубек
Я русский
Solsist __
Solsist __ Mese fa
Am I the only one who can understand what ems saying when he spits fast?
what your intro music bro??
KTP Mese fa
eminem raps faster than GTR
IdivideBY00 Mese fa
I always make that face when i hear that line :)
NightRogue Mese fa
Dude the guy on the far left when Em goes into his mumble rap diss line = fucking priceless lmao 😂
Mihai Alex
Mihai Alex Mese fa
Love you boys
Young E
Young E Mese fa
I was speechless too after hearing Lucky You
Hyper Gamer
Hyper Gamer Mese fa
Man this is my 6th time watching this video XD.... great reaction guys keep it up
Jack Medlock
Jack Medlock Mese fa
5:16 Had me dying 😂
emmanuel juma
Bad meets Evil
vvs projects
vvs projects Mese fa
itvid.net/video/video-5QrnLD5jo1M.html lucky you indian refix, indian fastest underground rapper🔥🔥🔥
JayW2457 Mese fa
I want a Joyner, Eminem, and iamtherealAK track
elaine pezet
elaine pezet Mese fa
Welcome back the true Hip-hop/rap. We missed you. The Rap God is killing it again
larry tips
larry tips Mese fa
The ringer reaction
Ghost In the shadows
My Boi Joyner and EM got mofuckas Havin orgasms
Kyle Wardner
Kyle Wardner Mese fa
I can’t fukn catch up what Eminem raps the Tasmanian devil
Frank Woods
Frank Woods Mese fa
Eminem is a legend ♥️
Victor Johnson
"if you ain't making this face..." lmao - great reaction guys.
kmstx2 Mese fa
I'm subscribing simply because we all Texas and more importantly y'all had the good sense to use the speed adjustment to be able to catch them bars(first and only reaction video I've seen do that 👏🥇👏
42link0x Mese fa
Rumor is em broke a record talking about breaking records..real talk
Al Grabar
Al Grabar Mese fa
Straight flames. You guys r so funny
Al Grabar
Al Grabar Mese fa
Lmao, I thought Ross tag was chose none 🤣😂
Cypruss Tk
Cypruss Tk Mese fa
You need better speakers or a better mic, I am guessing mic. Do some google and I am sure there's a cheap but good one on Amazon. My only advice, keep up the vids fam
Alex I
Alex I 2 mesi fa
Eminem just rides the beat so well
Sriracha Sora
Sriracha Sora 2 mesi fa
Fst boy in the middle NEEDS TO ORDER BIG SMOKES ORDER in gta San Andreas
Sabre Miller
Sabre Miller 2 mesi fa
Yo don't this remind you of the fastest Eminem has ever went rap god
All time Low
All time Low 2 mesi fa
Eminem is always the best.🔥
xK4rBoN 2 mesi fa
@dubtheg you remind me of a friend of mine. Exact replica lol shits hilarious
Tommy Hallum
Tommy Hallum 2 mesi fa
Joyner held his own and that is crazy respectable.
Tommy Hallum
Tommy Hallum 2 mesi fa
The only thing this song is missing is twista.
liez 2 mesi fa
they get mind blown by only this song, i think we all get kamikaze'd by this album 🤣🤣🤣
Pain 2 mesi fa
When that beat dropped, Joyner goin off sayin ya’ll gotta move, i was movin to it like you guys
Kunal Forlan
Kunal Forlan 2 mesi fa
5:17 you drunk bruh!???
Brian Nock
Brian Nock 2 mesi fa
Congratulations! You've actually found the worst room on the planet to do a video with 4 loud ass dudes! LOL
Cloud Lucis Caelum CXV
I feel like you should react to the ringer by eminem
InTheClutch Ent
InTheClutch Ent 2 mesi fa
Wow...tell us how you REALLY feel 😂
patrick price
patrick price 2 mesi fa
8:31 when the lyrics are too hype but you are stuck in the corner
Elijah Russell
Elijah Russell 2 mesi fa
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