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Luis Fonsi, Demi Lovato - Échame La Culpa (Video Oficial)

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“Échame La Culpa” disponible ya en todas las plataformas digitales: umle.lnk.to/ELCFp
”Échame La Culpa” available now on all digital platforms: umle.lnk.to/ELCFp
Music video by Luis Fonsi, Demi Lovato performing Échame La Culpa. (C) 2017 UMG Recordings, Inc.
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17 nov 2017

luis fonsiluis fonsi vevoluis fonsi echame la culpaechame la culpa luis fonsidemi lovatoechame la culpa demi lovatodemi lovato echame la culpaluis fonsi demi lovatoofficial music videovideo oficialvevovevo musicvevo playlistlatin poppop latinoumgumg latino




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Rafael Manuel Panameño
Fuxi fufi
Fuxi fufi 35 minuti fa
Cuando vasas à aser otra musica ??
de vermoorder de vermoorder
Zo mooi demi en Luis Fonsie
Michael Brand 4
Michael Brand 4 44 minuti fa
Cooles lied
kingslayer Zack
rosiely dantas
Endy melissa Castro
[♡_____love Demi Lovato______♡]
I love this song!
Waffaa Alkourdi
Sara MSP Gal
Sara MSP Gal 3 ore fa
Who’s just here to check the views
As irmãs Margarida Margarida
Amo essa música
Victor Cobos
Victor Cobos 3 ore fa
Is this supposed to be despacito 2?
Tabish kazmi
Tabish kazmi 5 ore fa
vitor gamer android
Muito top eu vejo todo dia
sweet girl
sweet girl 6 ore fa
Danilda Dominguez
Chicos\as me encantaria q se pasen por el canal de manny cruz.escuchen su musica es muy buena.por favor escuchenla les a seguro q no se van a arrepentir.
don't subscribe
November 2018 ??
Arshita lakhani
Anyone who speaks English. Here??
Boen Handi
Boen Handi 7 ore fa
Funsi such a perfect guy ever! Complete package man!
Sanjana Singh
Sanjana Singh 7 ore fa
love it
Nossa Que Bosta!
Chelsea Nash
Chelsea Nash 7 ore fa
I remembered watching this last year before 10 million views and I was so proud (I didn’t have a google acc don’t come at me pls)
AniQ Msp
AniQ Msp 7 ore fa
Kto z Polski
Collins Barasa
You finally killed it demi and lonsi
vasu Raj
vasu Raj 8 ore fa
hai fonsi
Ved Singh
Ved Singh 9 ore fa
2020 any one?????
Omphile Ntshitang
Wow this song is nice its on repeat mode Jason,Nicky,David and Willy you did well NICKY MINAJ i like it when you rap
jenish Dobariya
Winnie Amayo
Winnie Amayo 9 ore fa
Love this demi 😍😍😍
Aileen Rivera
Aileen Rivera 10 ore fa
Yes DESPACITO 5,694,000,000
Abhishek Naagel
Abhishek Naagel 10 ore fa
ツSam džmuraツ
2 0 1 8 ?
clash king
clash king 12 ore fa
I love this song
Technical Shasant
i love this song
Lizbeth Esparza
Lizbeth Esparza 13 ore fa
I Love like the signs 🤗🤗🤗
S K 13 ore fa
Age date from mio opposite out of qua yf from experience from strength up top notch
benji alvarez
benji alvarez 14 ore fa
Ahmad Qasem
Ahmad Qasem 14 ore fa
C'est le 12 Novembre 2018 ?
Luciana Buchmann
Hey Fonsi💘 Aaaaaahhh eu te amooo
Azad Hussain
Azad Hussain 15 ore fa
T-Pewdiepie T-Gay
I dont know the language jajajajaja
J Brto
J Brto 15 ore fa
Azul Castillo
Azul Castillo 16 ore fa
Lemi Lovato que te recuperes y salgas adelante denuevo 😥😥😥💔
Unknown User
Unknown User 17 ore fa
Sayda Barahona
Sayda Barahona 18 ore fa
1.659.786.962 visualizaciones 11/11/2018 a las 6:10 pm
Edwin Guzman
Edwin Guzman 18 ore fa
Like si escuchas la musica mientras lees los comentarios
karina lopez fuentes
Que bella musica ☺😊☺😊
Andy | CS:GO
Andy | CS:GO 20 ore fa
xdd xdd
xdd xdd 20 ore fa
Selena Diazdelafuente
Muy exito🙏🏆💪😉
laura tedde
laura tedde 22 ore fa
Leinha Sales
Leinha Sales 22 ore fa
viciada nessa música 😍
Fabiana Castro
Fabiana Castro 22 ore fa
love 😍😍😍
TOP 3 22 ore fa
November 2018???
Sasa Cvetojevic
Sasa Cvetojevic 22 ore fa
King music ;)
evens Desulma
evens Desulma 23 ore fa
November 2018
Pulita and Cats
Pulita and Cats 23 ore fa
La cancion es hermosa pero el video no tanto
Lisa Jannach Kreiter
fonsi ist cool😎✌✌
2 0 1 8 ?
Tyna Gustavo
Tyna Gustavo Giorno fa
Erê tchu erê tchu ere tchu soi yo ... Kkkkk
Lisbeth Vasquez
Lisbeth Vasquez Giorno fa
Hermosa canción
João Paulo De Jesus
Awesome! Demi Lovato is so gorgeous!!
Manuel Arroyo
Manuel Arroyo Giorno fa
Lo mejor de lo mejor, sino fuera por "despacito"
bianca ksks De Oliveira
la mejor de todas 😍❤👏
Franco Alvarez
Franco Alvarez Giorno fa
luis fonsi vale verga
Mmirely Myrelu
Mmirely Myrelu Giorno fa
Z.O.V.EDC Giorno fa
ErikaL Lopez
ErikaL Lopez Giorno fa
Erika lopez luis fonsi demi Lovato my sister her name is sandy moiera she is having baby shower
Amit bhadana
Amit bhadana Giorno fa
*November 2018!!*
Ana Carolina
Ana Carolina Giorno fa
Já passou Outobro o e mentira
Raman Deep
Raman Deep Giorno fa
Zen Giorno fa
despacito 2
Da villafuerte
Da villafuerte Giorno fa
Robert Ssekijjoba
In fact this guy is musically talented, watching from Uganda Kampala Pearl of Africa. Good music
Robert Ssekijjoba
In fact this guy is musically talented, watching from Uganda Kampala Pearl of Africa. Good music
zulfikar adilla
zulfikar adilla Giorno fa
I love this beat especially latin song, but is anyone dont mind explaining what does this mean?
TheGreatest Giorno fa
November ? Yes=1 subscribe
Thao Vy Walker
Thao Vy Walker Giorno fa
Soy yo:)
Dile Subba
Dile Subba Giorno fa
Meerab Asghar
Meerab Asghar Giorno fa
wow demi and Luis
Rusty Shackleford
Demi’s Spanish 😩👏❤️❤️❤️❤️
mem chik
mem chik Giorno fa
Aileen Rivera
Aileen Rivera Giorno fa
Demi Lovato Tu Tienes La Culpa Por Drogadista ,
Marcelo Ciarro
Marcelo Ciarro 47 minuti fa
Sos mala y además se dice drogadicta.Si ella fuera drogadicta ,eso es una enfermedad q hace mucho daño a quien la padece y a sus familiares.
Unique Media
Unique Media Giorno fa
MELLO GANG 13 ore fa
Unique Media 😀😀😀
Fatima Shaha
Fatima Shaha Giorno fa
Fonsi plzzz come INDIA 😘😘😘😘
Fatima Shaha
+Malik Basit for event
Malik Basit
Malik Basit 2 ore fa
emilia okupna
emilia okupna 5 ore fa
Sk Dada
Sk Dada Giorno fa
not bad
Baddy Gamer It Ch
Very good
Akg Home
Akg Home Giorno fa
Good song boy
kunal rathor
kunal rathor Giorno fa
denisse lopez
denisse lopez Giorno fa
Shriya Thakur
Shriya Thakur Giorno fa
Have u seen the spelling of official in the song title............ 😂😂😂😂😂#lol...
Jie Lv
Jie Lv Giorno fa
December 2018 ?🤣
beby cekmoey
beby cekmoey Giorno fa
Te amo demi lovato
Real Nitishkumar
Super super ☝️☝️😎😎💕💕🤪🤪🤪
dosogas dosogas
dosogas dosogas Giorno fa
Jodelin Celeus
Jodelin Celeus Giorno fa
Qué buenas música bonita mucho
Papyrus Senpai
Papyrus Senpai Giorno fa
Can an American become an artist in Latina music or do you have to be Latina?
Papyrus Senpai
Papyrus Senpai 15 ore fa
It’s good to know that I could make it big too. I love that he is making a difference and I want to make one too!
Raymond O'Mara
Raymond O'Mara 16 ore fa
You just need to be talented. Fonsi was born in Puerto Rico, but moved to Miami when he was young. Demi was born in Texas. Puerto Rican’s are Americans.We, The USA, is supposed to be supportive, but since the hurricanes they have been in big trouble. Fonsi, has worked for 10 years with Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Now he’s joined others helping to rebuild Puerto Rico. Just one more reason to love him.
The Caffeinated Gamer
Echame la culpa
amar thapa
amar thapa Giorno fa
1.6 billion views and i swear 100+ is mine..
Prossimi video