M'vinsu - Harvesting of edible caterpillars in Africa

Skyfood - Edible Insects
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In a unique project around Kilueka in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 200km south of Kinshasa, lost edible caterpillars were reintroduced by habitat reconstruction and import of new colonies. Now M'vinsu, a traditional edible caterpillar of the population and important source of animal protein is back on the trees near the villages. A project supported by the Salvation Army London and Kinshasa, and directed by Augustin Konda.

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Commenti 7
Gino Petrache
Gino Petrache 5 giorni fa
those are itchy caterpillars for sure
Qlasik Films
Qlasik Films 4 mesi fa
Harvesting caterpillars with the Chris Cooley jersey on! Salute! #Skins
Mhonthung Ovung
Mhonthung Ovung 5 mesi fa
Omg how can they touch these things they got hairs eww🤪🤪
Lovely Lashes
Lovely Lashes 6 mesi fa
I wouldn’t even want to go near them lol
free bird
free bird 7 mesi fa
Omg it won't itch?
z 3 anni fa
hey daniel. what happened to the beetle channel? are you quitting beetles?
Skyfood - Edible Insects
No I am just a bit too much involved in other things. But I will come back.
Tim Jung
Tim Jung 3 anni fa
How do they taste?
Ian Philbrick
Ian Philbrick 9 mesi fa
Like chicken!!
lengo davignon
Delicious like crazy!!! Very delicious
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