Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody Valentine [Official Video]

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Machine Gun Kelly - "Bloody Valentine"
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Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Bloody Valentine. © 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records


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20 mag 2020




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Cjay Lloyd
Cjay Lloyd 29 minuti fa
i love Colson OMGGG i got a lace-up tat on my arm and im dying to get more merch. if your not listening to kells every day your missing brain cells
marcel dorasamy
marcel dorasamy 44 minuti fa
I love this track for some unknown reason
VoltDynamo 53 minuti fa
Who wrote this, Tom Delonge?
Иван Лисянюк
Какой стрем
Jamie Rubino
😆 Wow. NOW I TRULY KNO THAT 2020. Is DEF DEF the WORST YEAR EVER. And STILL have a MONTH ➕ to go YET. What's NEXT. REALLY. Hmmmmm 😒. EVEN I CAN'T THINK of ANYTHING sicker than THIS. And im a SICK 😷 PUP. OH ✋ WAIT. I got it. The 🃏 JOKER is bangin Martha Stewart. 😆👎💯💯💯💯💯
Alejandro Flores
Jamie Rubino
Jamie Rubino
And don't TRY to hit me WIT THAT retread Megan fox CRAP. 💩. She's on the rebound. EZ 💰 MONEY. 😆
Jamie Rubino
😆 WTF happ to THIS DUDE. Hardcore RAPPER RIGHT❓❓
Jorge Calixto
Kevin Stalking
Núbia Mello
Núbia Mello 3 ore fa
Megan Fox 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Beautiful!
Sahra Tank
Sahra Tank 3 ore fa
Megan is so sweet i kiss you Meg !
Think Smart
Think Smart 4 ore fa
I was surprised this was machine gun Kelly singing this song. It's a dope song. He can rap and he can sing pop rock. That is cool. 👍 Do your thang machine gun Kelly.
Hayley Bell
Hayley Bell 4 ore fa
3:33 .....😈🔥😈😘
Fuel Yourself International
This song just feels so good. Love it
Stuart Holden
Stuart Holden 6 ore fa
It’s cool. A blink song. Down a pitch. Yeaaaaaaaad is a Tom line. Good song though
dany bekheet
dany bekheet 7 ore fa
man this dude is weak. Im glad EM shut his fake rap ass up!!!
Emperor Rancor
Whats that noise at 12 sec? Someone saying "hey"?
McFly 8 ore fa
Who is here for Megan Fox feet ?
skeet skeet
skeet skeet 8 ore fa
Devon Norsworthy
MGK is bomb af at this style of music. I love your music anyways but I think you'd benefit from this style in my honest opinion.
justin jonker
justin jonker 9 ore fa
everyones getting married after a 3minute song and video gets put on youtube
Steve McC
Steve McC 9 ore fa
Honestly, someone find me a more beautiful woman than Megan Fox... I'll wait
Jennifer Wüthrich
Can we appreciate how well Megan is lip-synching?
Not Geks
Not Geks 9 ore fa
Peep these people thinking MGK smashed Megan when she is already married and she had been married since 2010😂😂😂😂
Mike Bunting
Mike Bunting 3 ore fa
No disrespectful but they're definitely together now...she even tatted his nickname on her shoulder
onetime359 9 ore fa
Is this Ashlee Simpson?
platypusboy 9 ore fa
Brian Austin Green: Yeah for sure, this guy's a keeper. He should totally raise my kids. Good choice Megan
tobi loosen
tobi loosen 10 ore fa
red it
red it 10 ore fa
E C 11 ore fa
So I guess it’s the early 2000’s and I’m a teenager all over again. Woo!
I wouldn't kick her out of bed in the morning for farting.
kisha bhana
kisha bhana 11 ore fa
Daniel Wells
Daniel Wells 11 ore fa
Em booted him back to 2005 with Killshot. For real this pretty good though. Talented artist.
Khada's blogs
Khada's blogs 13 ore fa
What are these dislikes for?
Gavin Howitt
Gavin Howitt 13 ore fa
Joseph F
Joseph F 13 ore fa
In some crazy, fucked up way, these two belonged together didn't they?
charlotte syme
charlotte syme 13 ore fa
Chris Nell
Chris Nell 13 ore fa
Lol he even brought back the emo sway
DD Bears36
DD Bears36 13 ore fa
I love how she has a family three kids and then she’s backtracking like she’s going through a midlife crisis and trying to be relevant again. I’m not saying she’s a bad person but this is definitely her trying really really hard to be what she thinks he wants her to be
Mary Winse
Mary Winse 14 ore fa
Love this song and video so much! Great job MGK and Megan!
Little David Republican
Fix the Corruption in America, Back Trump.
Rebecca Sylvester
Megan Fox deserves everything.
Richard LoRusso
Richard LoRusso 15 ore fa
I know the father of Megan's three kids is just loving this video.
Broccoli Greens
Broccoli Greens 16 ore fa
Wow Eminem did ruin you
James Heather
James Heather 16 ore fa
People like this?
P8YT0N !
P8YT0N ! 16 ore fa
this is so good period
•Styles Light•
they two are so cute, let their relationship live sincerely they do not hurt anyone what the fuck with that
•Styles Light•
What pride gives me Machine gun Kelly seriously, he is a good singer, an excellent actor and a father I will never understand why he is criticized a lot.
Treisy DLCV
Treisy DLCV 17 ore fa
Why did I meet this artist so late..?
oscar salazar
oscar salazar 18 ore fa
2018: mgk is gonna be obliterated after Eminem's diss 2020: mgk clapping megan fox's ass cheeks and dropping dope pop-punk albums
Joseph Lee
Joseph Lee 18 ore fa
This is some of the worst crap i have ever heard, lol do people really like this shit? People truly have no taste in music.
3 18 ore fa
Thank God MGK has moved away from hip hop. That wasn’t his scene imo.
3 18 ore fa
How has she have kids and still look like the bombshell back in the early 2000’s?
Jovica Materic
Jovica Materic 20 ore fa
I thought that MGK liked men... You know cause he got clout for being raped by Eminem.
. 20 ore fa
Megan Fox brazilian Emilly Garciaitvid.net/show-UCoRut3IKlxm3bbiqLt3ibhw
Mel 20 ore fa
This reminds me of the music video by Sugarland - stuck like glue.. it's like very similar like very very similar.
Ryan Hiemstra
Ryan Hiemstra 20 ore fa
why does he keep saying in my ed?
Grim Reefer
Grim Reefer 20 ore fa
This song sucks 😂😂😂
Ryan Hiemstra
Ryan Hiemstra 20 ore fa
wtf happened to rap
kl_vs 21 ora fa
Oh fuck, I’m too old, the girl ain’t a rapper anymore. . . So saaad so saaad
Vawrx 21 ora fa
I didn’t know shit about MGK making this new kind of music until today, but when I heard the drums I immediately thought “huh, that sounds like Travis”. Crazy how iconic he is.
Corna Virus
Corna Virus 22 ore fa
Still the rap devil?
Stefan von der Kleinen Braterei
This hihat.. passion
Guess he's not a rapper anymore...
Bob Blob
Bob Blob 22 ore fa
I disliked mgk but, knowing he hit that. Converted me.
claudia lopez
claudia lopez 23 ore fa
_tobymaster_16 23 ore fa
lot of satanic symbols
Mable Carter
Mable Carter Giorno fa
E- World
E- World Giorno fa
This song reminds me of the 2000’s rock vibe. Best thing I’ve ever heard
Nancy Jackson
Nancy Jackson Giorno fa
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Jade Faciolo
Jade Faciolo Giorno fa
Megan 😍🔥🔥
B Dun
B Dun Giorno fa
Water is a very poor conductor of electricity.
Franco Montenegro
Si mi ex ve esto kiero decirte ke te kiero👉🏽👈🏽
joseph Hernandez
43 an pause for some good stuff
gunlock177 Giorno fa
Eminem destroyed his rap career to rebirth mgk as a punk rocker, god bless
devilkhan8 28 minuti fa
he put out a whole rap album after the diss taking a shot at em again lowkey on the floor 13 track my guy just likes to make music he likes at this point
James Moore
James Moore Giorno fa
I showed this to 2020 and it became 2005
Joseph Daddazio
Joseph Daddazio Giorno fa
I can't wait to kill all the snakes....
mother fucker
mother fucker Giorno fa
Megan fox
juan sebastian
juan sebastian Giorno fa
Megan como siempre eres hermosa la primera ves que te vi dije esa mujer es un angel caído pero como todo humano tienes defectos
Jorge M
Jorge M Giorno fa
Anjelika Anderson
Why is she singing in the whole video. Sometimes I feel like she made him sing this song because she can't sing..
Alex M.
Alex M. Giorno fa
Sounds like horrible pop punk from 2000s sung by an idiot.
Kristof Thibaud
Kristof Thibaud Giorno fa
kinda corny
Da Whip Lady
Da Whip Lady Giorno fa
Omg I love this tune ✌️✌️✌️✌️🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓
Brittany Hart
Brittany Hart Giorno fa
Silvério West
Silvério West Giorno fa
this song is pure gold
Felix 451
Felix 451 Giorno fa
is punk coming back??
yordan dimov
yordan dimov Giorno fa
Кака Меган май е единственото хубаво нещо в таз песен.
albert lopez
albert lopez Giorno fa
Shane McCurdy
Shane McCurdy Giorno fa
Maria Ruszcz
Maria Ruszcz Giorno fa
I refuse to belive this is a new song
Paweł Zieliński
Every fan of Machine Gun Kelly must comment this video: itvid.net/video/video-j00sc6666Dw.html
Venom Giorno fa
Beyoncé is Older then Megan. So is Beyoncé a old lady now?
Darth Richard
Darth Richard Giorno fa
Eminem flamed him so bad he changed genres
Hector Peabody
Hector Peabody Giorno fa
Johnny Martin
Johnny Martin Giorno fa
Est 1990.... letsss.gooooo
Paj Xyooj
Paj Xyooj Giorno fa
Why isn’t anyone talking about her shirt at 0:31. So MF Cute! 😁
Battle Dads
Battle Dads Giorno fa
probably a great dude , however i feel like the industry said you fucked up with EM. So lets check the next route ...........lets just say he is tryuly bringing a bit of punk back ,,,,,,,I kinda dig this shit ....... DO YOU MGK!!!!!
Ant Bizzy 806
Ant Bizzy 806 Giorno fa
This is a better version of him it fits him better I actually like this but not a fan of his rap music
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