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Machine Gun Kelly "Rap Devil" (Eminem Diss) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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Watch the official music video for "Rap Devil" by Machine Gun Kelly.
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3 set 2018

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Commenti 613 502
Jake McGuinness
Jake McGuinness 10 minuti fa
But so is Eminem so
Jake McGuinness
Jake McGuinness 11 minuti fa
This guy is THE biggest gimp
A,M Gamer
A,M Gamer 19 minuti fa
Compared to Eminem Eminem is the best ( KILLSHOT)
BoyBabyWipe baby
BoyBabyWipe baby 21 minuto fa
So why is there so many? DISLIKES
BlaineYeBoi 24 minuti fa
I can see his machine gun belly
KuSeBe ツ
KuSeBe ツ 27 minuti fa
If you like Towelie from South Park you should def check out the rap I made on my channel !
Scratch ER
Scratch ER 29 minuti fa
W!F is this, this even a diss or is he talking about himself because if it's a diss he is getting rekt by EMINEM #KILLSHOT. Make sure to leave a thumbs down on rap devil XD
channelbrutaldark DT
ya mama
Tammy Mathena
Tammy Mathena 31 minuto fa
Iove eminem music he is a Legion.... But MGK killed it. Time to step down OG ..WE Both from detroit. But u always got my respect for taken the only thing black people gad and took it over. W hite boys moven up. THIS. CHICO COME HALLA
Hunter Reyering
Hunter Reyering 31 minuto fa
Dam 😊😊😊
Roso maha
Roso maha 40 minuti fa
This diss is quite catchy and the beat hits hard but I still enjoyed Eminem's diss more.
Shimple Ghuy
Shimple Ghuy 45 minuti fa
It wasn't bad but he lacked the punch that eminem had.
Affan Akela
Affan Akela 52 minuti fa
One thing I would say- Kuchh v keh lo, launde me dum hai!!! 😂
Paivren 53 minuti fa
Watchey Risenhero
Watchey Risenhero 53 minuti fa
Everyone asking whether MGK going hard over Eminem or Eminem going harder But what if I liked both of their diss tracks
Ann kaimon
Ann kaimon 55 minuti fa
well he stared from like nothing and helps ppl through ppls hard time SO FUCKIN' HELLLL
DåtBoi TõØGøDLY 56 minuti fa
Beat goes hard
cf182 57 minuti fa
This guy actually brags about being taller than eminem and that he's named after "a real gangster" while em is named after "candy". Wow. This guy needs help
xd Windy
xd Windy 58 minuti fa
MGK just destroyed him
Ayy Lmao
Ayy Lmao Ora fa
I think he wanted to be black but hes too white so he used tattoos lmao
Bored Af
Bored Af Ora fa
Doesnt he know god stronger than the devil
Orkide Kiris
Hello marshall my name is colsen you should go back to recovery, reminds me of the old eminem.
Cayden Waddell
Brian Devvers
Is he wanting to talk about it?
Bracey Turner
I think so but legend has it they still haven't
Muhammad Arafat
You like a shit
Timmytuner Ora fa
I'm finna parody this
Nishad Govekar
How you feeling after getting fucked up by Killshot?
Izzat Irfan
why the fcuk is the camera roll like that lmfao
Beast 77
Beast 77 Ora fa
Eminem is better
Hachu Pranav
Killer bee raps better than you boi
Daniel Araujo
*_Even Eminem's Venom has more views and likes than this suicide note_*
Daniel Araujo
*_MGK's suicide note_* Is he alive after this??
JOKER jr Ora fa
bro youputed down a spoon instead of a pen nother fucka
Eminem inspired me to start rapping - I aspire to make a song with him some day. Mark my words!
JertZa 14 minuti fa
Me too
IDK MY NAME 30 minuti fa
Drem big brother
Sobahn Khan
Sobahn Khan 41 minuto fa
You gotta work hard
M Hundiii
M Hundiii 42 minuti fa
All the best
Jonah Marius
Jonah Marius 43 minuti fa
Never doubt yourself
lancelot Ora fa
How tf like is more than disliked?😂😂
lexi #666
lexi #666 Ora fa
Eminem 206 milion views Kelly 174 milinon views Who BERTER HUH
RJN Ora fa
Where's all the MGK fanboys bragging about views now? Also lets take into account that the title of this video has Eminem's name on it and was posted before killshot.
Vrbancic Dorian
Fuck rap devil im rap god
Thomas King
Thomas King 2 ore fa
Sick of that autotone let's talk about it
SnoopyV11 2 ore fa
Don't stop homie. You're the first in a long ass time. You been better than ja rule and all the other bitches
hallvard121 2 ore fa
Im still here!
Curt Tay
Curt Tay 2 ore fa
Is this froggy fresh or Krispy Kreme
gamer kid #12345
this is shit.
mateus castro
mateus castro 2 ore fa
do not mess with the king EMINEM MTFs
Jimmy John
Jimmy John 2 ore fa
Actual shit
James McCloskey
Huge Eminem fan but I gotta admit MGK won this one Em can rhyme all he wants but MGK came out with more of a diss Winner: MGK
Fornite Memories
Muhammad Aleef hasan
Eminem is 100 x better then u
superpaul007 2 ore fa
Worst song ever I hate mgk I love eminem
Elmer Ortiz
Elmer Ortiz 2 ore fa
This track it's awesome, the response from Eminem sound creepy..
Sherdina Calloway
Killed it 2018
Daniel de santos
This guy dead after eminem dissed him😂
Kurt Lucas
Kurt Lucas 2 ore fa
is this fool for real dissing eminem ?... his pain will be legendary even in hell ...
SF SI 2 ore fa
Best diss track ever.... Dr. Dre, ice cube, easy e would be proud of this.. Even eminem too.. Real rap fan know what this track is.. 🙏🙏
Paivren 58 minuti fa
Lol. Half the track was a boring hook. Killshot was spitting bars 3 minutes straight. MGK got owned hard here.
Jay Ghost
Jay Ghost 2 ore fa
He talks shit about turning up too fight eminem alone yet has 5+ dudes too beat up people that put him In his place don't involve family into the shit you already lost
Pradip Tmg
Pradip Tmg 2 ore fa
Nexh Preniqi
Nexh Preniqi 3 ore fa
What about killshot😂
kukuruz lp
kukuruz lp 3 ore fa
HappyMe MSP
HappyMe MSP 3 ore fa
i like eminem but also mgk
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster
He can’t come back at m n m
Kristen Nicole
3:29 is my favorite second of this track.
The.Sleepy .Shadow.
What could you do if you disslike your body ? Machine gun kelly : Cover It with Tattoos
Musta Krackish
nailed it
ethan lambert
ethan lambert 3 ore fa
he talked a little about XXX
le petit con
le petit con 3 ore fa
Fuk you mgk
angga ibrahim
angga ibrahim 3 ore fa
lets see what he gonna be when he's 45 , is he gonna be costumer service, zoo keeper or something, LET'S SEE😁
ThatReporter Man
Wait legend Has been unborn
Kevin Varga
Kevin Varga 3 ore fa
He won....
Nuliax Schwufu
I still think Eminem is better. But it wasn't bad🤔
Tiffany Anderson
I don't see you rapping fast
Adam Brown
Adam Brown 4 ore fa
When you type in the skinny cheat code...
Bethany England
one word 💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦gush
katy mighty
katy mighty 4 ore fa
Every time after this I listen to killshot because I love to hear how eminem beat him with killshot😂😂
Luqman _312
Luqman _312 4 ore fa
hazel L
hazel L 4 ore fa
sameeeeeee... literally why I'm here
Racism is SEXY
Krypto Knight
Krypto Knight 4 ore fa
Water Pistol Stan
Dawut Adam
Dawut Adam 4 ore fa
This is wild
GroovyPotter TV
Hmmmm ok let’s talk about you using auto tone, Eminem doesn’t. Eminem is legend , you is trash can. Who agrees LEAVE A LIKE TO SHOW THAT BICH THAT SLIM SHADY IS A LEGEND
yash channel
yash channel 4 ore fa
I hate eminem song(bullshit)
Emrah Uncu
Emrah Uncu 4 ore fa
To this day I'm still disturbed about that white car disappearing behind MGK.
Luqman _312
Luqman _312 3 ore fa
+Emrah Uncu uh he edited the car out.. well he tried
Emrah Uncu
Emrah Uncu 4 ore fa
+Luqman _312 4:10 - 4:12
Luqman _312
Luqman _312 4 ore fa
MiREK 4 ore fa
Alright, fellas. Time to bring out the memes.
Brandon Granada
how many of these views are people watching this just to compare it to the immeasurably better killshot?
Jinu Mary Manoj
SuperRelek 4 ore fa
Sorry bud but shady killed you!!!!!
Ruta Mazeikaite
Piece of shit.
Evelina Faina
Evelina Faina 3 ore fa
I agree, its a real crap
Ruta Mazeikaite
+Tia M why should i get offended? Its my opinion. Oldies these days.. :))) not doing this just so you could have something to do during the day, so have a nice evening woman ✌️ debile.
Tia M
Tia M 4 ore fa
Ruta Mazeikaite Says the one who feels like it's necessary to write a comment on a video, just because you get offended doesn't mean you are right. Children these days.
Jodex Gazo
Jodex Gazo 5 ore fa
Colin McNeil
Colin McNeil 5 ore fa
Omg..lmao..you got killed..shot
Lui gamesXD
Lui gamesXD 5 ore fa
Can somone get this dead man walking but this shit fire
David Cardona Diaz
Best Rapers Marshal Matters ,Slim Shady, EMINEM
•4AEJI• 5 ore fa
Little white toothpick
Bunny Lang
Bunny Lang 5 ore fa
Commercial-ism - feel sorry for you, but don't feel sorry for you. Your decision. Dissin' for some record company bullshit-ism. Ain't no white rapper commercialism gonna blast what is for real. I shove that pitch fork up this record company's ass, for real. And metaphorically so, cause I don't need some po-po comin' after me for my reason to speak my mind cause I believe in, the greatest mother fucker I ever heard. Without a doubt, you can shout it out. You on drugs now? They used you up without a doubt? Fuck those commercial ass mother fuckers who surround you now. Find your place and diss 'em, cause, without the truth, you won't even miss 'em. (Okay, I try, but it just comes out this way. I fucking Love Eminem. So if you're some commercial ass scamming pussy ass bitch, hey, they gonna use you up and spit you up, but ... You know what, I stand, I fucking stand. Fucking Love You, Eminem.
lawrence dsilva
u suck machine gun lol not kellly eminem is the best
Tia M
Tia M 5 ore fa
lawrence dsilva it's funny how you have to come here and feel like you needed too write that comment. Shows em isn't the best if you have too write a little comment now 😂🤦🏽‍♀️
Eleanna Morozov
When MGK listened to Eminem’s track, all of his ammo fell out lol
superdewper man
He upset em wont talk to him. Probably waits by his phone for him to call thinkin he's special.lol. Then wrote a dis track about it. What a name dropper. Hate it when people try to attach themselves to big names for attention. Lame.....
Luqman _312
Luqman _312 4 ore fa
lol yupp
Im The Shin
Im The Shin 6 ore fa
I need the lyrics :XD
pnyolo 0
pnyolo 0 6 ore fa
Baifnf Hajgng
Baifnf Hajgng 6 ore fa
Jajajaja se lo violo eminem
Lindani Dyani
Lindani Dyani 6 ore fa
Eminem will destroy you
Damian_Playz 6 ore fa
I still think rap god is better (like if you agree)
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