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Machine Gun Kelly "Rap Devil" (Eminem Diss) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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Watch the official music video for "Rap Devil" by Machine Gun Kelly.
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3 set 2018

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Commenti 655 440
1. Q-
1. Q- 8 secondi fa
*.* 0:18
I N D E S T R U C T I B L E 999999999999999
Nah slim shady is better lol
1000subsnovideos 4 minuti fa
This guy needs to put a shirt on or paint over the graffiti
determination -_-
determination -_- 12 minuti fa
I'm sorry lil pump I still can't understand you
Daisy H
Daisy H 30 minuti fa
In his feelings: facts. Let me make a song about Eminem bc I’m irrelevant: facts.
Carlos Ramos
Carlos Ramos 43 minuti fa
Little white toothpick
Ryan Aubin
Ryan Aubin 55 minuti fa
Not impressed
Gabriel Mejia-Lara
The devil was an angel before God sent him to hell. The devil knows he cant beat God so he tries to take as many souls as he can to hell with him. With 0 luck, God still wins. Fuck mgk!
I guess he likes tatoos, i'm not sure!
Scrumz los
Scrumz los Ora fa
Kelly: hailie is beautiful Eminem: what? Kelly: immediately digs his own grave*
Scrumz los
Scrumz los Ora fa
Dislikes says it all
Toyan Tha OG
Machine gone kelly looks like the white kids who say nigga in every sentence
Poonam Nehra
Poonam Nehra 2 ore fa
MGK be like....Cornflakes the secret for my health.... Eminem-man you Anorexic 😒
Melody Jay
Melody Jay 2 ore fa
LMFAMOTHAFUCKINOOOOO!!!! This boy had some major balls going after Em, OF ALL RAPPERS.. You could have picked anyone Kelly, come tf on now 😂😭 I couldn't even finish the video cause the shit was so cringe worthy. You looked like you were trying way too hard too.. What I really do not understand is why you would even allow the thought of dissing Eminen even cross your mind, I mean did you not get the word on how he literally slaughtered Mariah Carey?? That right there is enough, and Em is basically legendary at this point.. Get it together and never suggest dissing the boss again 😂😭😂😭
ȘtEfĂnUtZ 2 ore fa
u got shovel to burry youself
Plete ish
Plete ish 2 ore fa
Mans got shit on, I feel bad for him
Donald Trump
Donald Trump 3 ore fa
llamallama22 3 ore fa
Good beat everything else is bad
NBA BOI 3 ore fa
He Said" nibbas for security a year" racist
hp 3976
hp 3976 3 ore fa
the big bad bully of the rap game cant take a fucking joke lol mgk should collab with jarule but then all them would be pissed off
Kyler Preston
Kyler Preston 3 ore fa
Atleast he admits eminem is better
JCT 4 ore fa
The only good thing about this track is that it prompted Em to make the greatest diss ever.
marc b12
marc b12 4 ore fa
Lace down mgk... Rules of the game : you just don't mess with the real white boy
SAYwhatIwant 4 ore fa
When you diss your uncle at a family get together.
Jay Dee
Jay Dee 5 ore fa
What's with these macaroni n cheese rappers
Dj Pilot
Dj Pilot 5 ore fa
Mgk didn't write his diss. Eminem did. So the winner is obvious!!
GENJI THAPA 5 ore fa
goog yoh
Mhasi Rai
Mhasi Rai 5 ore fa
I like Rap devil more then Rap God....zzzz but you know you were murdered MGK
Jacob VanFleet
Should I listen to killshot or should I just assume that Eminem should just dig his own grave????
TTV DJ2928
TTV DJ2928 5 ore fa
I need to get this out of my mind... Time for Killshot
Fabian Zidane
Fabian Zidane 5 ore fa
*Calling Me:Its 911? 911:yeah Whats your emergency? Me:There is man Front off my home with shovel and baby food 911:and? Me: He diss EMINEM 911:Coming with swat
Dom Barkanyi
Dom Barkanyi 5 ore fa
good thing he already had the shovel for preparation of killshot
Zuel 5 ore fa
Congrats 1.1m dislike
0 Gemini 0
0 Gemini 0 5 ore fa
Danm MGK you must have legs of steel to carry those big ass balls. Plus this song was fire. I love Em and MGK but I am debating who actually won.
Grishnackh 5 ore fa
Where did you keep the flow?
Vincent Van
Vincent Van 6 ore fa
EMINEM kill with a pencil like John Wick
Cooper 93forlife
Mgk mad luv but ummmm hell no against Em!
Chris Gabrielson
This guy woke up the beast
CodeZ BTW 6 ore fa
I looked up dead people MGK popped up
CodeZ BTW 6 ore fa
Man ITvids is weird it took me from top ten biggest failures to this
Ryan Howard
Ryan Howard 6 ore fa
Mgk is a nobody
Omar Ayman
Omar Ayman 6 ore fa
Eminem won on dr dre and snoopdog and 50cent and you eminem will fuck you too
hollow points bullets
He had old guy body.
Gabs Overdrive
Iggy pops mad y’all.
Demira Fisher
Demira Fisher 6 ore fa
Me in the morning when i listen to im not racist
Gabs Overdrive
This is like watching screech yell at Zach and trying To throw shade for being a nerd. Someone give this guy a whataburger before he comes at the GOAT
TokinToph 7 ore fa
Good damn he sucks
Shifty Monkey
Shifty Monkey 7 ore fa
He dug his grave with that shovel
The19pumas 7 ore fa
Dylan Schnaible
5’8” im 6’4”
Hank Threlkeld
M Diesel
M Diesel 7 ore fa
Mgk was mad real on this. He won this. Fuck kill shot. It was descent but this rap beef, MGK won.... easily
Burtis Bleminz
M Diesel His song was more catchier and better, but lyrically killshots was better and Eminem made better points.
Bill Taylor
Bill Taylor 7 ore fa
Get rid of the man bun. Master your rhymes. Maybe get a label.find a producer who will take your raps serious. You dis a guy who will.destroy all day, you must be dumb. Wait you are. You chose the wrong battle.
astoria sameer
Can’t lie this song is way more catchy then Killshot.
Aka Lasushe
Aka Lasushe 7 ore fa
1 Word for this:TRASH Good that he brought his own shovel.
VacRdx 8 ore fa
Who's watching this in 2019 just to diss the shit lyrics ?
Rena Anderson
Rena Anderson 8 ore fa
You are very good you will go to hell
Rena Anderson
Rena Anderson 8 ore fa
Fuck you you saying bla bla let's talk about it that's shit MOTHER fucker
Ew, you will never be saved! I bet you really do pray to who ever will do whatever! Whoever wrote this song is trailer park as shit. Probably rushing to bully anybody cooler looking than him. MGK look like a Nancy boy in this video, hurry up kid all lazy and all talk because weak bone problems. Racist looking video, I bet it was filmed in Alabama, fucking related to people who were raped. MGK, looks like he got booty problems pirate ass rush fan. I wonder how many people died to this song for smoking methamphetamines and being gay like MGK the shit. Probably stolen lines, MGK can't write for anyone.
Steve From Blues Clues
chicken nugget
This was what made eminem snap the infinity gauntlet
Magani 8 ore fa
This song is the equivalent of killing John Wick's dog.
Diana Waring
Diana Waring 8 ore fa
I'd honestly be named after a candy and not a virgin white girl 😂 I mean like who name's them self Kelly
Robert Bowers
Robert Bowers 8 ore fa
Make America Great Again
Karen Sabella
Karen Sabella 9 ore fa
Hey MGK long as you support trump or amazing president then you got my vote but if not then fuck you n em.
James Kinsella
Everybody always hated me , now we know why .....
Kingofspads374 [SPADES]
It's funny cuz the devil used to be a angle and tried to overtake god but failed missribly hahahahahahah
PuNk HaNdSoMe
PuNk HaNdSoMe 9 ore fa
MgK Is The ßeSt💗💗
Kingofspads374 [SPADES]
No bars and his raps don't rime or make scenes
H311KAT 9 ore fa
Did you freestyle this? No! Did you go faster then Eminem? No! Do u have 5+ dictionaries memorized? No! You don’t deserve the name “rap devil”
Dustin Kern
Dustin Kern 9 ore fa
why is tommy lee so mad at eminem
Francisco Arce
Niggas mad but this is next day delivery... Lace up
Ric Stewart
Ric Stewart 9 ore fa
Get the strap
Chicken Biscuit
Chicken Biscuit 10 ore fa
Is a diss track just saying his scandals
NICKY DUSE 10 ore fa
iwillybilly 10 ore fa
MGK IMO (MY OPINION AND IT IS MINE MINE MINE) killed EM’s Killshot! Flame me all you want I don’t care honestly, MGK SHOT FIRST AND KILLED EM WITH THIS. EM is just a puppet anyway and says what he is told to say.....
Mert Kaplan
Mert Kaplan 10 ore fa
Hidra sikmiş
Wesley Miranda
Wesley Miranda 10 ore fa
Mano bodor fé 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
Lynn Minch
Lynn Minch 11 ore fa
We love u
Lynn Minch
Lynn Minch 11 ore fa
I'm a fan
Lynn Minch
Lynn Minch 11 ore fa
I love u
Saitama 11 ore fa
The shovel in this video is symbolism for MGK digging his own grave.
S K U L L 11 ore fa
Ok Eminem won this but still that knees weak of old age the real slim shady can’t stand up was fire asf
Mr. ZigZag's Video Game Guides
You want a death wish? You insulted the god.
Bart Boerboom
Bart Boerboom 12 ore fa
Wahahahahahahaga The beefs still on Looks like its gonna be real bad for you Thanks to joyner and logic Hahahaha you are soo screwed now After killshot you shouldnt make songs antmote Now there just beating you up I almost start feeling sorry but when i think if it i mind myself why i schould and just feel jusice 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻
Bart Boerboom
Bart Boerboom 12 ore fa
Hahahahaha Mgk putting all his energy in rap devil Eminem just finishing him in the intro of killshot😂
Secoya Gabriel
Secoya Gabriel 12 ore fa
hes 5'8 hes seven inches taller then me
Some Blue Dude
Some Blue Dude 12 ore fa
Looking back at this diss track, my opinion remains the same. It's really just MGK making fun of Eminem's appearance/age. Eminem literally summoned up this song in the first 20 seconds of his Killshot song. Eminem won and it wasn't even close tbh.
majd abass
majd abass 12 ore fa
Who the fuck made this disgusting 808...
Elizaveta Lyons
Elizaveta Lyons 12 ore fa
Fahr In Height Hot! #RapDevil #Fire
سامى الشيخى
انت شاب غبي انت تتكلام علي امينيم قتلك بلكلام ايمينيم وانا معجب بي توباك
Thube Family
Thube Family 12 ore fa
Lol tbh this is wayy Better than killshot, but em is the lord
Brittany Renea
Brittany Renea 13 ore fa
Machine gun kelly sucks ass
Connor Skalsky
Connor Skalsky 13 ore fa
you think you can actually fuck with slim shady 😂😂 you stupid
sakura0055 13 ore fa
*Seinfeld music starts*
Jason Stanley
Jason Stanley 13 ore fa
I am sorry all you fair weather faggots this was the best dis from either side. Get off em dick
Kenneth Geiger
Kenneth Geiger 13 ore fa
Jake Goodsin
Jake Goodsin 13 ore fa
Rap god or rap devil
sebastian vargas
After all the devil is God's son.
It’s Amazingcoffee
Why the hell does make have a shovel what is he going to do dig a hole and Barrie him self because how bad this diss is. Mgk fans be like triggered.
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