Mahmood & Blanco - Brividi - LIVE - Italy 🇮🇹 - First Semi-Final - Eurovision 2022

Eurovision Song Contest
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Mahmood & Blanco performed Brividi, representing Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy. Find out more: eurovision.tv/participant/mah...


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9 mag 2022




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Commenti 2 741
BRAjo 12 ore fa
it's amazing how the Italian language sounds so musical even without a base, it's one of the most beautiful languages ​​in the world, I'm in love
Poussin. 12 ore fa
For years, Italy has been consistently in my top 3. I can't explain it, but I always get chills listening to this music. Once again, Italy conquered my heart. France loves you. I'm so sorry for all these scandals last year. It wasn't deserved but idiots are often loud. I wish you the best and thank you for this beautiful show. 🇫🇷♥️🇮🇹
Athina V
Athina V 9 ore fa
Italy constantly sending masterpieces make me feel blessed
keblo 9 ore fa
Incredible language, incredible song, incredible choreography, incredible stadium... thank you for existing Italy and Italians ❤️🇮🇹 12 points
Black Star ASMR
Black Star ASMR 14 ore fa
If Italy sends the best song two years in a row, then Italy deserves to win two times in a row. This song is a masterpiece. 12 points with so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ from Germany 🇩🇪 to Italy 🇮🇹!
C DP 14 ore fa
As usual for Italy they deliver very talented and elegant artists, you can easily spot the difference because they don't care at all about ESC pop-trash style.... their songs have very deep lyrics and looking at their faces on the stage you can always clearly see they are feeling 100% of the words they are singing... even if you don't know Italian you can still perceive all the emotions coming from their song. In one word, this is what art is about
Adelphes *
Adelphes * 14 ore fa
It's a shame that they had to cut the song to fit in Esc rules..it was perfect like that sigh, now I feel that something is different! It's still beautiful but I prefer the longer version, I think it's more emotional!
Elona V
Elona V 14 ore fa
Votero per voi dal Albania. Meritate di vincere. Siete meravigliosi!
Jona Keci
Jona Keci 14 ore fa
it feels like special guests everytime they get mentioned or show up...they deserve to win
Ione Goia
Ione Goia 14 ore fa
ciao a tutti gli italiani! dalla Romania con amore <3333 🇷🇴🇮🇹 amo tutta la vostra musica...meraviglioso paese, stupenda gente. un abbraccio!
Gil Loureiro
Gil Loureiro 14 ore fa
From Portugal: WTF?!?! I still get chills!!! Well done, Italy. Top 5 for me. Thank you for the music!!
Simone Abbafati
Simone Abbafati 12 ore fa
"Brividi" have just won Eurostory Best Lyrics Award 🔝✌😍🤍
Neptune 14 ore fa
I actually think Italy has a good chance of winning for a 2nd time in a row!!
Peter Breughel
Peter Breughel 14 ore fa
Mahmood and Blanco deliver beautiful vocals - three minutes is not enough, this performance left me wanting more.
כרמלה ברנר
No fuss a song that hit in your heart. The clothes, loved them. Everything is excellent with the Italians, fashion, music, beauty.
Сабіна 9 ore fa
Мої фаворити. Неймовірно чуттєве виконання❤️ з любов'ю з України 🇮🇹 🤍 🇺🇦
Noelia Rodriguez
Ésta canción tiene algo que las demás no tienen, MAGIA. Esto sumado a las voces de otro planeta hace que sea para mi la ganadora. Desde el principio que la escuché se me pusieron los pelos de punta. Es lo que siento, siendo objetiva 🇪🇦❤️🇮🇹
BlackdragenxD 9 ore fa
I wouldn't be mad if Italy wins a second time. Such a beautifull Song!! Good luck from germany 🇩🇪❤️🇮🇹
A Y 14 ore fa
For the first 12 seconds, the whole world is silent and mahmood is making art.
Alina Skoryna
Alina Skoryna 14 ore fa
The Big five countries are a pleasant surprise this year. I just wrote a laudatory comment for France and I can't get past Italy. In this song, the Italian language is revealed just great, and it sounds so gentle, romantic. Great performance, I don't think that Italy will be given the victory for the second time, and yet I like the performance of France because it is more unusual and bright, but Italy has definitely taken a place in my heart!
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