Make anyone angry in 10.38 seconds

I am MoBo
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Had to pull out some classic tactics to baffle the enlightened one

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speedrun to make anyone angry in 10.38 seconds


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22 nov 2021




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Commenti 4 022
I am MoBo
I am MoBo Mese fa
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mack 19 giorni fa
@KrisTheKat idk seeing his face after what he did makes me mad ✌
KrisTheKat 19 giorni fa
@mack But it wouldn't have made the teacher mad
Sasquatch Soup
Sasquatch Soup 20 giorni fa
This teacher of yours has a very dirty mind, I say… xD
Jungkook Bts army
Jungkook Bts army 23 giorni fa
It's easy to mock bhudist religion ,in next video pls mock Islam lemme say advance RIP you'll be remembered ☺️
ELBROWNO 24 giorni fa
What’s the music at 00:29
"I never get angry because I have inner peace" Then gets Rick rolled
Cruise ship
Cruise ship 6 giorni fa
Ligma bal
ILikeTasks 15 giorni fa
It's at 0:35 if you want it
The Ultimate Cancer Cell
Except of course if he happens to like the song a lot that he wouldn’t care anymore
Ice_Swallow_Come 23 giorni fa
@Vxyles get an adblock
Techno Spyform1
Techno Spyform1 23 giorni fa
Ray Mak
Ray Mak Mese fa
I've achieved enlightenment
{Afsiir} 8 giorni fa
You here you there :O
A Random Guy
A Random Guy 12 giorni fa
He had achieved enlightenment
ILikeTasks 15 giorni fa
@Tony K achieved enlightenment I have
James 20 giorni fa
@AnotherInternetUser be
Achilles's Aspect
Achilles's Aspect 23 giorni fa
@MyeNamjoni e hey bts army, i am a namjoon fan too
Sam Mese fa
Sensei didnt get angry. He was gonna say *"fu-nny"*
Nko Baker
Nko Baker 12 giorni fa
You knew exactly what he was gonna say.
Nko Baker
Nko Baker 12 giorni fa
{Mu.shr^oo¢m} 19 giorni fa
KrisTheKat 19 giorni fa
@Miles Doyle Tf-
A Random Guy
A Random Guy 20 giorni fa
@Miles Doyle hey stop it ur palms might b hurting rn... lmao
VAAR Mese fa
I remember in one episode of Monk, Adrian literally annoyed a monk to the point that he broke his 9 years worth vow of silence
Lilith Bloodnight
Lilith Bloodnight 20 giorni fa
I love Adrian Monk hes amazing and crazy
GalacticAna 24 giorni fa
oh yeah that was hilarious! It’s my favourite show
@G-Forces idk just being dumb
G-Forces 25 giorni fa
Derptzy Mese fa
I’m not surprised about the fact he got angry, i’m more surprised on the fact that he knew what a rickroll is
ILikeTasks 15 giorni fa
I think he got the knowledge from enlightenment
Eriza Misora #fujoshi
Me too Lol
Danny Pipe Wrench
Danny Pipe Wrench 26 giorni fa
Everyone knows Rick Astley.
RozaFrenzy 27 giorni fa
And also how did he know about ligma?😂
Bribe Mese fa
I.D.K 27 giorni fa
@Kaedynp123 !! that's the truth
Kaedynp123 !!
Kaedynp123 !! 27 giorni fa
@I.D.K bruh
Kaedynp123 !!
Kaedynp123 !! 27 giorni fa
I.D.K 29 giorni fa
I even don't know what rick roll is
•teddy• 29 giorni fa
@XIAO same 😭
Negan0106 29 giorni fa
“When your parents dropped you off a temple, they got a fine for littering” “It’s true “ I was brushing my teeth and I bursted out with laugher!
Safwaan 20 giorni fa
"Off a temple" you didn't even quote it right
CG AYAN 21 giorno fa
Ken Newton
Ken Newton 26 giorni fa
*throws up bubbles*
chae 27 giorni fa
*drinks bubbles*
Daniel Awesome
Daniel Awesome 28 giorni fa
*chokes on bubbles*
NoirUndead Mese fa
Everyone has inner peace until they get rickrolled to the face - Tsun Zu the art of wars
@An Average PvPer "but noone asced" Sun tzu, Tha art of a bad speling
Yxles ツ
Yxles ツ 20 giorni fa
MysteryDuckMan 22 giorni fa
isn't it sun tzu?
A mysterious person in top hat
@An Average PvPer i know i m just joking lighten up kiddo :D
An Average PvPer
An Average PvPer 27 giorni fa
@A mysterious person in top hat yea but they typed Tsun Zu the art of wars tho it is meant to be Tsun Zu Art Of War
Izzy Batiz
Izzy Batiz Mese fa
“So begins my journey as the avatar” Me: WATER, EAR-
Sailesh Agr
Sailesh Agr 25 giorni fa
@zec plays no
zec plays
zec plays 25 giorni fa
@Sailesh Agr tiktok nation* This is just a joke no hate
Nijhum Biswas (◍•ᴗ•◍)
@Carl Before he can save us all, But I believe that Aang can save the world *faded Agni Kai soundtrack for 3 seconds
Carl 26 giorni fa
@Nijhum Biswas (◍•ᴗ•◍) He had great airbending skills, but he still has a lot to learn.
Nijhum Biswas (◍•ᴗ•◍)
One day my brother and I discovered the new avatar, an airbender named Aang.
Dr. Misery
Dr. Misery Mese fa
Me if I was the sensei: "Jokes on your, I like this song!"
Lucyna Malik
Lucyna Malik 15 giorni fa
@pancakeshark fuck
pancakeshark 20 giorni fa
@Lucyna Malik what
Lucyna Malik
Lucyna Malik 27 giorni fa
You arę all wrong Gucio IT gous likr thie: funny song magic man
ironboot shinobi
ironboot shinobi 28 giorni fa
That doesn’t work on rickroll
Tycho Snow
Tycho Snow 28 giorni fa
@Scepter's Stuff lol good one
Him: if my face looked like yours I would sue my parents. Sensei: we litterly have the same face!
BaconDream 18 giorni fa
And same voice
K.K Gacha
K.K Gacha Mese fa
"So begins my journey as the Avatar..." Long ago, the Four Nations lived together in harmony
GobegaRBLX 26 giorni fa
Until the sensei was rickrolled by a student in the academy of earth.
Daniel Não sei o quê
@Antonny anyways my broskys
Antonny Mese fa
But everything changed when the fore nation rick rolled the air monks
Sun Wukong
Sun Wukong 23 giorni fa
Can we respect this guy who sacrifice himself for getting rickrolled by litterly rickroll not only the sensei but also us
I love how the fucking rickroll is what got him, what actually would have happened in that situation is he either just laughed it off or rickrolled him back harder/a different similar meme
Bryan Hawn
Bryan Hawn Mese fa
When the parents got a littering ticket... I died laughing
ILikeTasks 15 giorni fa
0:35 is when I died laughing
Betty Morrales
Betty Morrales 17 giorni fa
Golden Legend
Golden Legend 20 giorni fa
It is an old joke
Abigase 20 giorni fa
It was such a good insult I'd be more impressed than mad 😂
The Living Phantom
The Living Phantom 20 giorni fa
Rest in peace
I love how the sensei got him back by saying Ligma oh MaH LoRd I CaNnOt STop lAUghiNg and went it showed Aang katara and sokka ( the air bender tv show characters) made me laugh out loud😂🤣
DeezNuts 25 giorni fa
Not only did he Rickroll his Sensei, he Rickrolled everyone who watched the video. Absolutely amazing
52flyingbicycles 28 giorni fa
Those with REAL inner peace would enjoy watching Rick Ashley’s masterpiece
Boy'z Cooking
Boy'z Cooking 22 giorni fa
*Plot twist : We all got rick rolled* .. bc I never expected A Sensei know what is rick roll.. I mean as they just stay somewhere outside this digital world and live in peace so they don't know what's going on social media..
Azure arcade
Azure arcade Mese fa
These shorts are so entertaining they make my day 😜
Ruhi Patel
Ruhi Patel 25 giorni fa
“If my face looked like yours I’d sue my parents” “That’s funny cause when your parents dropped you off at the temple they got a littering ticket” “It’s true” 😭 caught me off guard and I’m died 💀
T F TAKASHI 29 giorni fa
*"You can't get rickrolled if you don't know what a rickroll is but if you don't know hat a rickroll is , you can still get rickrolled"* - Sun Tzu - Art of rickroll
Charlie Mese fa
The end just killed me 😂
Yajjat Iyer
Yajjat Iyer Mese fa
Man, that akatsuki theme when he says "I was" , gives me nostalgia
Well we can all say his "outer peace" is still soft
🌟A lazyman
Imagine his inner peace make him forget what is a rick roll
Big M Animation√
Big M Animation√ 28 giorni fa
What is with this song? O wait he doesnt know rickro-
A Friendly Otter
A Friendly Otter 19 giorni fa
This was the most perfect thing I've ever had the honor to bear witness to.
rachel miller
To the people who didn't realize...he didn't just rick roll the Sensei, he rick rolled you AND himself
Green Snake ꧄
Green Snake ꧄ 23 giorni fa
@Glitched Blox Wow, aren't you a ray of sunshine...
Glitched Blox
Glitched Blox 23 giorni fa
Who? Cares?
Daimao 28 giorni fa
Nah the comments beforehand warned me
Green Snake ꧄
Green Snake ꧄ 29 giorni fa
I knew it was going to be a rick roll so it absolutely doesn't count!
David Ardelean
Haven't laughed once. Boring
Putra 28 giorni fa
Idk why people dislike Rickroll, it's a good song for me.
G Siya
G Siya 5 ore fa
No you might ot might not like the song but it's a tradition of getting fooled into opening something that wasn't meant to be a rickroll and you get mad cause they fooled you and this is tradition
David C. L.
David C. L. 24 giorni fa
Because it has not enough yitewewoteli.
Daniel Não sei o quê
Well, because it's a Rickroll, duh Everyone gets angry at being trolled in rickroll, not by the song itself.
Knight Enchanter
Knight Enchanter 29 giorni fa
Who even gets angry over being rickrolled. I mean it's fun and that song's a wholeass jam.
iRuisu Mese fa
this is the first time i liked, and subbed a person in their 1st video. Im impressed with his sense of humor
[GD] FVIII Mese fa
At this point I think everyone was expecting the rickroll lmao
Kangkong25 Villena
Kangkong25 Villena 23 giorni fa
Student: Hey...ive kind of jerk lately so i made you an apology video Sensei: Wow that's a very mature of you * watches the apology video * Apology video: Hi sensei sorry for- Me: Rick rolling you
Aditya Garg
Aditya Garg 21 giorno fa
He was kind enough to say sorry for rickrolling him xD
FrogworfKnight 28 giorni fa
Who gets angry with Rick Astley''s singing? You just have to roll with it.
Daniel Não sei o quê
Man it's a Rickroll, didn't u get the premise?
Scp 049
Scp 049 27 giorni fa
Jerome Poles
Jerome Poles 18 giorni fa
That first step will have me laughing to my grave
TimeBucks Mese fa
so impressed with the quality of your humor
dErP bOi
dErP bOi Mese fa
@onevillage You deleted the cure for depression
leave me alone please ;-;
@Juan it was removed
Golden-face My me
Yellow Tomatoo
Captain Artuzo69
"I have inner peace" -Master "I made a apology video for you" -Student "What is that thing?" -Master "its a phone" -Student "what is this,witchcraft?" -Master "I shall be you're student" -Student Meaning- The master never saw a phone before..because he has "inner peace"
Ginnie Gill
Ginnie Gill 27 giorni fa
ΔApothosΔ Mese fa
i wonder if theres someone in this world who is so relaxed and yet could never get rickrolled nor unrickrolled.
Zane Ro'Butterstick
Zane Ro'Butterstick 26 giorni fa
Me, who thoroughly enjoys getting rickrolled: *You have no power here*
Panzer Mese fa
"when your parents dropped you off a temple, they got a littering ticket" "Its true" I'm dead
Ayam Rudin
Ayam Rudin 27 giorni fa
what's littering? xd
MF Zoom
MF Zoom 28 giorni fa
A fine for littering*
No Name
No Name Mese fa
Then how did you commented on this video
Reflective Plays
@Bazel hi dad, I'm dead
Eternal Alien
Eternal Alien 29 giorni fa
Can we appreciate him that he Rick rolled us to
ms star
ms star 28 giorni fa
imagine, if he was a true enlightened, he would had just vibe to the song
Zachary Pong
Zachary Pong 26 giorni fa
The sensei's evil fave had me dead lol
Kiro San
Kiro San 28 giorni fa
This is creative and funny you deserve all you're fame, being funny is something sometimes hard, actually all the time cuz it needs you to he creative
The Prodigal Knight
Secret is, when he rickrolls his sensei, he rickrolls us.
Prodigyy Mese fa
He rickrolled all of us in a way.
Gabriel The Magolor Main 👁
This man is the best counter card in YuGiOh
RoseLeaf Mese fa
With the last one he was ten parrallel universes ahead of us, he rickrolled the sensei and everyone here
Volxyz Mese fa
This guy never fails to make me laigh i want him in my live
Levin L.
Levin L. 29 giorni fa
"You may have outsmarted me, but I outsmarted your outsmarting."
G-Spot Gabe 2.0
G-Spot Gabe 2.0 26 giorni fa
The ALTA cropout at the end killed me 😂😂🤣💀
Jeian Amir
Jeian Amir 21 giorno fa
Fun fact:he rickrolled everyone watching
Luna Mese fa
LOL by rickrolling his sensei he just rickrolled all of us XDD
Sanslol 29 giorni fa
These mortals don't care me
Kamui Mese fa
Pancakes are awesome
Thank you for giving me the heads up. I’m not watching this anymore
Comrade Katyusha
even after getting rickrolled i didn't realize i was also getting rickrolled
I. Love. This. Bro the sensei's "inner peace" killed me-
When sensei said " Lig ma bal-" I literally started Laughing🤣
Cora Cuts
Cora Cuts 22 giorni fa
A kid in my class once Rick rolled the whole class and the teacher was like “Who’s playing that music?”. We all pointed at the kid and the teacher is like “I didn’t know that you knew Rick Astley, keep playing the song.” That my friends was the beginning of whole class karaoke.
TaurusTraveler2580 26 giorni fa
Sensei: I have inner peace Me: *becomes Rick Astley* Sensei: it was at this moment he knew
sidh likes penguins
Me with short temper: *Look what he's doing to imitate a fragment of my power*
CobiePal Mese fa
Also me
@morphine same-
Indian Toast
Indian Toast Mese fa
That's not s good thing
Blank Blank
Blank Blank Mese fa
*fraction 👀
@morphine same
Astra Ben
Astra Ben 25 giorni fa
I've never in my life been shown something as thoroughly unfunny as this, congratulations
JP de la Torre
JP de la Torre 26 giorni fa
that's why I love a good rickroll, it makes me immune to malding
_xXMidnight Mese fa
i love this and just because of this i am subbing. *more please.*
Dr. Markus - Level 3 researcher
Then his parents got a littering ticket, funniest shit I've ever seen.
kulas Oniraug
apprentice: what's *ligma*?? sensei: "smirks" also sensei: ligma *BA-*
namjoon's lost airpod
We. Can. Hear.
Siddika Sultana
Its funny to me we saw the same video
An Average PvPer
unfunny didnt laugh
Gandalf Mese fa
Yes We have eyes and ears
Teo the Dan: Corona Edition
It’s almost like we just saw that exact exchange happen, and you didn’t alter it in any way to make a joke or have any other motive
Bryn Matthews
Bryn Matthews 27 giorni fa
Student: "Hey 'Madara' Sensei are you planning something?" Uchiha Madara: "Planning? Nothing ever goes as planned in this world"
LogeyPerogi Mese fa
“That’s funny because when your parents dropped you off at the temple they got a fine for littering” Jesus Christ that’s such a good burn
Tucker The Cat
When he gave him the phone I knew he was gonna rickroll him
egg 23 giorni fa
or you could’ve told him, “I put milk before the cereal”
Dos kun
Dos kun Mese fa
Sensei: I find nothing annoying because I have inner peace *gets rickrolled* Inner Peace: Ight imma head out
literally taki
@Priyanshu Biswal no lol
Pronini-Kun Mese fa
I send my likes because onion
I saw you somewhere
jack Mese fa
@Saranya Toleti :D correct what
MĪNTY :] Mese fa
@JELLY Cherry The Cat “Never gonna me you cry”
“Make anyone angry in 10.38 seconds” “Make your teacher angry in 10.38 seconds”
Jelly_løst 20 giorni fa
I was SURE he was going to rick roll
Keegan USSR
Keegan USSR 26 giorni fa
Fun fact : he also rick rolled all of us as well
Abraham Anikwe
It is truly sad that the master couldn't see the Rick Role coming, but at least he got rid of a student who fantasized about being an Avatar. But you have to respect it, he never gave it up, he never let it down, never turned around and deserted it.
sub if you hate twitter
I love how we indirectly got Rick rolled
NoNamePlays Mese fa
@JṳṧтṧтᾰԻṧ✺ḟḟ!ḉ!ᾰℓ no we didn't.
Foobigg Mese fa
Why u hate twitter lol
We didn't we knew that it was gonna happen lol
Spear240 Mese fa
Fox Tron
Fox Tron Mese fa
Thou hath been trolled
0:22 he delivered that line like D’angelo Wallace
Ariel Ortíz
Ariel Ortíz 26 giorni fa
The amount of chaos in this video is just supreme 😂😂😂😂
Ol.Iv. Mese fa
Mobo:drops out cuz he rickrolled his sensei and prepares for adventure with his friends His barber:damn you messed up we gotta go bald
Shalom Jonas
Shalom Jonas 29 giorni fa
The thing is I can imagine aang doing that to one of the monks 💀
Angelo ANN
Angelo ANN Mese fa
Looks like Beluga's strategies really work. I'mma have to get on it too
Rudra Kumar Singh
Rudra Kumar Singh 27 giorni fa
Mogo:- make teacher angry in 10 sec The video:- 44 sec
7amody_Gamez 29 giorni fa
the fact that 500% knew he was goin to rickroll him
DC comics Sans
I knew what was coming and I still watched it 😂
Iqiyi 1
Iqiyi 1 Mese fa
The rickroll has been around for ages. Poor sensei hit inner piece got challenged
KichikaNetwork 29 giorni fa
He rickrolled himself and the viewers 🗿
Rng_gamer69 Mese fa
It all has to end with a Rick roll
Opnilix Mese fa
Imagine falling for a rickroll, could always be me.
Alia Natra
Alia Natra 28 giorni fa
Admit it, we all predicted the rickroll
-月の光- Mese fa
"Ligmaba-" Got me 😭
Shuvi 27 giorni fa
Now I realized the more I come back to this video the more I'm gonna get rick rolls at the end
TG001 27 giorni fa
Sensei : never get angry bc he have inner peace Also sensei : 0:38
Viraaj The Great
Viraaj The Great 29 giorni fa
Ive used the littering joke sooo many times ahahahhaahha and I once rickrolled my whole grade back in the day
Boba & BL
Boba & BL Mese fa
Mobo: "Hi sensei, I made an apology video" Me : Yup that's going to be a Rick Roll
Sneha mehta
Sneha mehta Mese fa
@Emerald Eyes it's a beautiful explanation just for u. I worked hard :(
Sneha mehta
Sneha mehta Mese fa
@Emerald Eyes what smily face?
Price R
Price R Mese fa
Same 😂
يوسف ابراهيم
I think everyone knew that LMAO it was still funny af
Emerald Eyes
Emerald Eyes Mese fa
@Sneha mehta I ain’t gonna click that the smiley means no good
Jordan Dunn
Jordan Dunn 17 giorni fa
I can't stop laughing 🤣😂🤣
Just a Raptor
This is some of the most relatable content i've seen
NATE the real goat Yessir
levero sefo
levero sefo Mese fa
When he said ligma back I started laughing so hard
Holy pancakes
I will look back at this video ten years later and say "Ah, the good old days when peoples' humour was actually good"
Ben Baut
Ben Baut Mese fa
Nah jit that was 2015 and 2016
MilesLikesJELLY 20 giorni fa
"So I made you an apology video." Speak no further, I know your kind.
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