Make The Shot.. I'll Buy You RARE Basketball Shoes!

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This video is sponsored by Sour Patch Kids and Under Armour! You can shop the Sour Patch Kids UA Curry 7s and custom Sour Patch Kid boxes here: bit.ly/JesserSPKCurry7 bit.ly/JesserSourPatchKids
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3 dic 2019




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Commenti 1 562
Kodiak Spaulding
Kodiak Spaulding 3 giorni fa
2:21 smooth criminal
Devin Denny
Devin Denny 3 giorni fa
At 6:55 kris what is that
Devin Denny
Devin Denny 3 giorni fa
At 6:52 kris the new Klay Thompson
Devin Denny
Devin Denny 3 giorni fa
At 4:07 the old mopi is back aka Ben Simmons little brother
Devin Denny
Devin Denny 3 giorni fa
At 3:39 good job mopi aka Isaiah Thomas brother
Lucas Render
Lucas Render 4 giorni fa
Zack missed shots what are those missis his next shot
supremex jeremiah3
supremex jeremiah3 5 giorni fa
Jeese would eat those
cash johnson
cash johnson 7 giorni fa
I really think mopey deserve that
Devin Denny
Devin Denny 3 giorni fa
cash johnson u mean mopi
OG Fuze
OG Fuze 7 giorni fa
Curry box: Miss shots 0% Jesser: misses 4 in a row
William Meyering
William Meyering 8 giorni fa
When Zach had four in King of the court he could have easily posted up Mopi but he shot a deep three to extend the game
Emoneey _
Emoneey _ 11 giorni fa
Skittles Kyries would be 🔥🔥
allyyy•shelbyyy 13 giorni fa
ok but those shoes are absolute 🔥
Spicy Shady
Spicy Shady 15 giorni fa
I️ bet you cash want there was cause of the whole curry thing 🤣😂
Jay The beas
Jay The beas 16 giorni fa
Kris and zack y’all bogus he gave some shoes why do you not let him win anything
saran kanwar
saran kanwar 16 giorni fa
Jesse:this is the most beautiful thing I have seen Emon:am I a joke to you
Frankie Tatum
Frankie Tatum 17 giorni fa
I want those shoes I will die
DOUGLAS ROBERTS 19 giorni fa
Jaidels face when hes on d tho
Jaxon Finley
Jaxon Finley 20 giorni fa
Anyone else notice from jessers videos that zack literally cannot dribble without looking down the entire time😂
D.J.G 20 giorni fa
Bro I bought the green ones for my brother now my wallet is screaming because I spent $160 and then I also got my dad some so they both can mix and match because they’re the same size so about $320 out of the bank account
Spencer W
Spencer W 20 giorni fa
Stop the mopi abuse
Lex_89 22 giorni fa
I got the currys for chrismas they are fire i love them
Lisa Smitherman
Lisa Smitherman 23 giorni fa
Is it just me or do u legit hate sour patch kids
Sylvia Fianko
Sylvia Fianko 25 giorni fa
Curry is the best shooter not free thrower
Panda Dylan
Panda Dylan 26 giorni fa
OMG! I’m getting it soon I can’t wait to use it I love it Jesse. U made me bright 😇
Hayden Frazier
Hayden Frazier 28 giorni fa
And switch the laces
Hayden Frazier
Hayden Frazier 28 giorni fa
You should miss match them
Julie Gonzales
Julie Gonzales 28 giorni fa
Jiedel has loud feet when he shoots
jazzy phillips
my friend on the bus has the neon green ones and they are fire
Pavendeep Kaur
Messed you are the best
Claudia Cardenas
Jesser can I get it can I get a shadow
Erdogan Oztuncman
I really wanna see kris dunking on all of the 2hype members
Enzo Danger
Enzo Danger Mese fa
The music plays and we think he makes it but he misses
“Don’t eat the shoes eat the sour patches” Well the shoe is the bigger version of Sour patch so imma eat them
YungCalise Mese fa
Bruh zach said:I want my green shoes Also zach-ohhhhh the green ones🤣😭
Lil Shooter
Lil Shooter Mese fa
Jessie went try hard on mopi 🤣
Yeet Yuh
Yeet Yuh Mese fa
I coped then for playing
xd__ Scripted
Wear them miss match pink and green
Devins World
Devins World Mese fa
Wanna know something funny, I got those shoes and they were too narrow
Anton Jay De La Rosa
I wish i had that
Lenox Dolin
Lenox Dolin Mese fa
I ordered the orange ones
Alex Brekke
Alex Brekke Mese fa
My brother has one of a kind Chinese basketball shoes and socks
Drewski Brooks
Cash ain’t gonna want you wearing those jezzer😭
Macus Fischer
I want that
Claudia Cardenas
Where the sour patch kids at
C. A. Perez
C. A. Perez Mese fa
Bro I’m 13 and I’m a size 14
Corey Auto Body and Paint
Kris is the best
Reggie McClain
Moochie not slick
Ryan Cunningham
When you glue your pubes to your chin and play it off as a goatee
BDuB Mese fa
I need to cop
Curtis Tisberger
Fucking IDIOTS
Chris6hundo Mese fa
Patrick Lillie
My mom got me both the sour patch kid shoes!!!!
Caitlin Ryan
Caitlin Ryan Mese fa
I want the green ones!!!!!
Mr EEN Mese fa
Mitchel:I’m gonna eat these Jesser should have said don’t eat the shoes eat the kids
シTrippie Mese fa
Jesser aka da goat 🐐 btw) When jesser said “Kenny can we get a montage” I felt that 😓
He gets me tight
futurecash 2050
Ricardo Netzahaul
Nah I got the new kd 12
Leroy Wellings
yes lad
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