Make The Shot.. I'll Buy You RARE Basketball Shoes!

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This video is sponsored by Sour Patch Kids and Under Armour! You can shop the Sour Patch Kids UA Curry 7s and custom Sour Patch Kid boxes here: bit.ly/JesserSPKCurry7 bit.ly/JesserSourPatchKids
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3 dic 2019




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Commenti 100
Canaan Tamaki
Canaan Tamaki 13 ore fa
why does the first part look so scripted lmao
Raiyan Angway
Raiyan Angway 18 ore fa
Im sad tho
Raiyan Angway
Raiyan Angway 18 ore fa
Nvd hehe
Raiyan Angway
Raiyan Angway 19 ore fa
Yo another one MOPI WOWW
FaZe Mongraal
FaZe Mongraal 9 giorni fa
My favorite player in this group is kristopher london
Tomika Williams
Tomika Williams 9 giorni fa
Jesser you actually know how to tie your shoes!!!!
Tomika Williams
Tomika Williams 9 giorni fa
Messed you do know how to tie your shoes right!!!!
NBW_PIXES Gonzalez
NBW_PIXES Gonzalez 13 giorni fa
Moochi stole one in the beginning
The Scooby Doo Brothers
James sucks
Matt Richardson
Matt Richardson 14 giorni fa
Those shoes are crispy
Riley Jordan Shamai
Riley Jordan Shamai 14 giorni fa
I'm not hating on Zack or anything its just when Zack makes 2 shots in king of the court he thinks he's a PRO NBA player
Mark Stephen Sagun
Mark Stephen Sagun 14 giorni fa
sana all
SIMPless 15 giorni fa
6:48 Kris: Curry I love you Flight: *_So you have chose death_*
Dean McWilliams
Dean McWilliams 19 giorni fa
I’d rather have the candy pls
Jase Neel
Jase Neel 20 giorni fa
Fuck Mitchell
JW THE GAMER 28 giorni fa
Shut the fuck up
Zapdite Mese fa
Just watched 6 grown men BRICK shots for 10 minutes
Sam Gruenberg
Moochie gotta join 2 hye
Jesser u should text stephen curry on IG and tell him to do a three point contest with 2hype
TheBeef 123
TheBeef 123 Mese fa
Hey is jesser playing already has the shoes
IcedOutWill _
“Don’t eat the shoes eat the sour patch.” Jesser for President
D.A.N A.F.E Mese fa
we need flight tho
Will Murray
Will Murray Mese fa
Am I the only one who saw Kris airball at 8:58 but they counted it
Abram Alvarez
Kris' jump shot look nice tho
potatogamer142 yay
No one: Literally no one: Zack: Sweet👁👁
Violates Mese fa
You know them kicks were not Kris size 😂😂😂
Shadow 2 mesi fa
They should do one shoe green and one shoe red
Mya Jhendoe
Mya Jhendoe 2 mesi fa
Jesser: Are you ready
Peyton Pica
Peyton Pica 2 mesi fa
Can u buy them
prince dela cruz
That game is bullshit
UpShiftGaming 2 mesi fa
You were much nicer than mark
dae dae
dae dae 3 mesi fa
They should of done one green one and one pink one
Kuya Kurt
Kuya Kurt 3 mesi fa
Zack always travels
My mouth is watery
Kyle Travis
Kyle Travis 3 mesi fa
This compared to markipliers complaint to sour patch kids sponser 💀
Kurt Russell Porlucas
That didn’t went it giraffe man
That guy Brady Bball
It’s funny because after about every shot someone says ohhhh
Luke Davidson
Luke Davidson 3 mesi fa
Who else saw moochie steal a sour patch kid😂😂😂🤣
Fernando Baeza
Fernando Baeza 3 mesi fa
James' jumpshot irritates me 🤦‍♂️🤣
David Cabello
David Cabello 3 mesi fa
2:47 when jesse said curry range shots mopis reaction was so funny
caleb ward
caleb ward 3 mesi fa
So no lane violation on them free throw
TheRealMazin 3 mesi fa
🚫 🧢 ilegit just noticed that they were all wearing under armour at the end of the vid 😂😂😂
Vxlxcity 3 mesi fa
Look at the currys man just so inspirational
A Hafer
A Hafer 3 mesi fa
Lsk kinda has a Magic Johnson jumpshot
Henry Bond
Henry Bond 4 mesi fa
u should’ve worn one green and one orange
Frank Isca
Frank Isca 4 mesi fa
I am sorry I am going to get the peach on May 23 not the coy fish
DarKz Yt
DarKz Yt 4 mesi fa
Frank Isca
Frank Isca 4 mesi fa
I am going to get the curry 6 coy fish on May 23 2020
Nathan Castro
Nathan Castro 4 mesi fa
Mopi jumped in the freetrow
cristian florian
Lmfao mitchell is sneaky
Gam_ Er12
Gam_ Er12 4 mesi fa
I really want mopi to win...
w-key josh
w-key josh 4 mesi fa
Shoe box : Missed Shots Zach : I don’t know what that means
FeAr_ Aqua10
FeAr_ Aqua10 4 mesi fa
Bruh I feel bad for mopi when they do these type of long distance shot challenges for expensive items, as someone that is shorter than 99% people 5yrs younger than me(13btw) I feel for him
Jahsirre Wise
Jahsirre Wise 4 mesi fa
Mix matched them
mrdariussaiyan 4 mesi fa
Kris: I'm a LeBron fan! Kris: 6:48
Jonathan Griffin Jr.
Because I tried to do that
Jonathan Griffin Jr.
How did the 2hype put three earned faces in the game and be on the team for 2hpye?
MARKO MARKO 4 mesi fa
Can you do a giveaway of them
Estuardo Moran
Estuardo Moran 4 mesi fa
Molbie congragulation with you win
TheGamingGirl 4 mesi fa
btw uuuh is that shoes for kids?
TheGamingGirl 4 mesi fa
where did you got the shoes jesser?
Brad Manick
Brad Manick 4 mesi fa
F Mitchell
Konnor Leary
Konnor Leary 4 mesi fa
I wear size 6 1/2
Xtur Frostyzz
Xtur Frostyzz 4 mesi fa
What is mopi’s jumpshot
Robert Louderback
mitchel steels a sour patch kid
Judiel An
Judiel An 4 mesi fa
Beat name please
Young Thug
Young Thug 4 mesi fa
Young Thug
Young Thug 4 mesi fa
Lsk = range extender hall of fam
Noah Damen
Noah Damen 4 mesi fa
The only one who wears the crurry's loses everything Lol
Rohan Rana
Rohan Rana 4 mesi fa
SWAGKING 4 mesi fa
That’s my name
Madix Preast
Madix Preast 4 mesi fa
Mopi’s jumper is lowkey better then James’s
It’s Loyalty
It’s Loyalty 4 mesi fa
For the shoes you should have done a red one on one foot a green on the other
Rebecca Sawyer
Rebecca Sawyer 4 mesi fa
Where the green ones and the red ones at the same time
Nicholas Pierce
Nicholas Pierce 4 mesi fa
can you give me a pair
Chris Cuccio
Chris Cuccio 4 mesi fa
Jesser I will said you are nba player
Grant Albright
Grant Albright 4 mesi fa
Mopi with the best jumper in the game
Kaze Ogork
Kaze Ogork 4 mesi fa
Hey anyone else noticed when jesser said we don’t miss out there but he missed some shots so they are humans. 🤨
Sara Kenney
Sara Kenney 4 mesi fa
mitchel just sneaks as our patch
Sugondese 4 mesi fa
Did anyone else notice they’re all wearing under armour shirts
Rodney Diggs
Rodney Diggs 4 mesi fa
Moochie stole a sour pach kid
Tacko Fall
Tacko Fall 4 mesi fa
Goataloppolous aka mopi
Landon Abernathy
Those are dope can i have one
Paxton Gerhart
Paxton Gerhart 4 mesi fa
I love how everyone got in Jessers head after he was bullying mopi😂
Evan Steeves
Evan Steeves 4 mesi fa
I have the green curry 7’s
Ann Collum
Ann Collum 4 mesi fa
Mitchel 2:21
Peter Gonzales
Peter Gonzales 4 mesi fa
Why does James shoot above his head
Ella Flowers
Ella Flowers 5 mesi fa
Zach nice shot shot
Kari Lowman
Kari Lowman 5 mesi fa
Of shoes
Kari Lowman
Kari Lowman 5 mesi fa
Jesse should do a give away
Trey Madrid
Trey Madrid 5 mesi fa
Every body was wearing under armor shirts when Jesse said the under armor curry 7
scaballer_12 33
scaballer_12 33 5 mesi fa
You should’ve mix the green and the orange
NBA AFL Highlights
Wouldn’t Jesse Be winning and going to blue first cause he has curry shoes on 😂😂
Nasir Johannes
Nasir Johannes 5 mesi fa
How do they have a Nike sign
Micheal Justus
Micheal Justus 5 mesi fa
Jesse literally getting free expensive shoes. "YoU DOnt HaVE to bE JeALOu, yOU CaN bUY yOUr OwN"!! Me: 🙄🙄🙄 fucking asshole
Michael Rezendes
Ian Mitchell
Ian Mitchell 5 mesi fa
It’s kinda sad that I already wear a bigger shoe than Mitchell and I’m in the 7th grade
Wize_p3rcent 5 mesi fa
SirWeebel BF2
SirWeebel BF2 5 mesi fa
He forgot the tropical purple sour patch kids
Aarons pizza Gaming
I got these shoes they are soooo awesome
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