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After finding a dog tied to their fence early in the morning, Mariah and Sydney watch the upsetting CCTV footage of the man who abandoned his dog there.
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18 lug 2019




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Commenti 950
Lúcia Cavalcante
Lúcia Cavalcante 33 minuti fa
Please put subtitles portuguese has many brazilians who loves their planet animal programs thank you very much (subtitles in portuguese) thank you love your channel bye
Oscar Palacios
GREAT People
Madison 11 ore fa
I have a pitbull (baby girl Lucia)with high anxiety. I worked with her for several years, and she was never left home for more than an hour. She also had my other calm dog with her. I finally had to put her on Prozac. She is actually much better, but still a little nervous. I adopted her at 9 months old, and I always wonder what happen to her.
Madison 11 ore fa
This is a prime example as why some people should not have pets until they have the money, time, and patience to be a pet parent.
kawaii waffle
kawaii waffle 17 ore fa
I'm snuggle up with my kittin right now....I'm I'm about to cry😭😭😭
Cathy Cook
Cathy Cook Giorno fa
I don’t like the narrative they’re trying to do here. Saying this is dog is the most anxious dog they have ever seen? He reacted like my dog and other dogs I’ve seen. I would come home from work and Rex (my dog) would be so excited and jump up on me run around the house and he would do this for a few years. As he got older he didn’t do it as much. Younger dogs tend to do that and eventually they calm down. I also didn’t like how they were trying to make the owner a bad guy. He brought his dog to a place that he trusted and knew they would do right by him. ITvid have plenty of videos of dogs that were abandoned, starving and abused. This dog was love and well fed. We don’t know the circumstances on why he left him at the gate. The kiss said, he love his dog and had no choice.
Clarissa Edwards
All the comments saying he did the best thing, no. He could have so easily walked her into the shelter and said “I can’t take care of her anymore and I want the best for her”
Aarohee Giorno fa
Mariah is my fav
The Truth
The Truth Giorno fa
Poor baby
Conrado Garcia
Conrado Garcia 2 giorni fa
No no nooooo hp ,,, omgggg
Becca Black
Becca Black 2 giorni fa
Old girl needs to quit partying so much...shes looking rough and worn out.she needs to stay off of lower Decatur St.
Kelly Richards
Kelly Richards 2 giorni fa
At least the owner left her somehwere he knew she would be cared for. It must be hard but im glad the dog is safe and unharmed that all we can ask for.
Tonniece A
Tonniece A 3 giorni fa
So sad, but overjoyed she’s adopted now ❤️❤️❤️. Hugz
Perfect Home
Perfect Home 3 giorni fa
You guys are AMAZING!!!!!!! Thank you fir your great job all the time. Thank you fir exist and rescue all these beautiful pits.
Am Pm309
Am Pm309 3 giorni fa
I have only contempt for people who abandon their pets no matter what. He was NOT doing the right thing, he was doing what was best for himself. We all have time to find someone to care for a pet or to take them to a shelter. Even that I find awful as they are not disposable like toys! Don’t ever get a pet if you think for half a second you could abandon them when times get tough. This is why we have so many abandoned pets. Many should not own pets, they are not toys!
Tina Mädchen
Tina Mädchen 3 giorni fa
I stop this Video at 1:32 i cant believe what this Man do to this little Pups :( Goosebumps all over my Skin..... i hope so much, that the Dog is still fine?!!!!!!
Chino Rivera
Chino Rivera 4 giorni fa
Owner probably couldn’t keep her ion blame him he clearly loves her bt we don’t know his situation to bash him
MC MP 4 giorni fa
We don’t deserve dogs and this person couldn’t even just put it in a shelter or sell the dog.
Willi Ingulf Ditlefsen
I think he loves his dog. You can see he is holding her head and kissing her before he leaves her the second time. Edit: It's so easy to sit in a comfortable chair, watching YT, passing judgement on others, letting the world know that "I'm sooooo much better".
Hope Constance
Hope Constance 3 giorni fa
Right? I know that man loved his dog. She was taken care of and is a happy dog. Him kissing her goodbye had to have crushed him inside, I hope he sees this and these comments like yours one day and knows that we understand and aren't judging him. He did the best he knew to do. He's only human.
Steve Williams
Steve Williams 5 giorni fa
Sons of bitches dump cats out in my neighborhood. I don't have the money to take them to the vet, but I feed them. I don't want them to starve. I've been hungry before and I didn't like it.
Those tatoos and piercings on that chick make me want to puke... But, she seemed like a nice person and we need more people like these kind of animal advocates. :)
MGoud15 5 giorni fa
I have two beagles. Our older one has awful separation anxiety. When I leave to go to school or just the mall for less then a day she gets so so sad. Oh, but when I get back. She goes insane. Wagging her tail and jumping on me like we haven’t seen each other in months. I love her so much, the worst part is knowing where her anxiety probably started. They found her in a cold watery ditch on the side of the road attempting to keep 6 puppies from drowning. It was a cold winter day and they say she got down in there to help numb some of her pains. Gizmo (that’s her name) was also obviously abused before. She is scared of absolutely everything other then dogs and good people who she knows. Vrooms, loud noises, sweepers, newspapers, spray bottles, I mean everything scares my poor baby. She at one point had a terrible owner, but at least they took her on drives. We know this Bc whenever she is in a car, even when it’s not moving, she is so so so happy and calm. The shelter believed it was pretty clear she got dumped, which of course is probably what triggered her separation anxiety. Her health was was also pretty terrible when we rescued her 4 years ago, both physically and emotionally. It’s okay tho, Bc we love her so incredibly much and she is getting better every day 💙
Pastor Justin
Pastor Justin 5 giorni fa
Owners in hard times do Not need to be baraged with tons of emotionaly charged judgemental questions. Human babies can be left at some hospitals and/or fire departments without the judgement you people present on this show. Please keep taking care of thes dogs that are victims of hard times. Thanks
Joe Ramirez
Joe Ramirez 5 giorni fa
At least he didn’t dump her out in the woods.
ThisGrl Here
ThisGrl Here 5 giorni fa
Another Wakandian
dez lucas
dez lucas 5 giorni fa
I hate when shows strive to make a negative light out of situations no matter what situation it is .. It’s clear he cared for the dog . He could’ve did ANYTHING with her . But he brought her to a dog rescue .. We don’t know what he was going through & maybe he didn’t have the social skills to come to the door
Vladimer Popov
Vladimer Popov 5 giorni fa
The dog was sweet and he was kind enough to leave the baby at a door step.
Nicholas Alexander Montañez
Stupid hipster bitches crying for clickbait * Go get more tats to hide your insecurities **
GraceGardenRose 6 giorni fa
I cried watching this..dang..
C Hansen
C Hansen 6 giorni fa
I think this guy was doing the right thing and was ashamed of himself and couldnt face you guys! There are circumstances that happen, I mean, what if he was out on bond for something and had been convicted awaiting sentencing and wanted to be sure the dog would be okay, and knew your guys reputation in helping dogs! Damn man, wtf!?
Janette Veronica
Janette Veronica 7 giorni fa
Beautiful people xx just noticed that he is adopted so pleased xxxx
James Burrows
James Burrows 7 giorni fa
Becareful with this wildfire season. Prayers for the dogs.
Josh Molina
Josh Molina 7 giorni fa
Awesome work! Glad she's adopted.
alitzahc 7 giorni fa
when she was freaking out in the car because she thought they were gonna dump her I started crying
JackofAllTJ 7 giorni fa
Mariah looks like a druggy and skinny af. What happened
Meme _lovley
Meme _lovley 7 giorni fa
Pets are lovely and friendly
Meme _lovley
Meme _lovley 7 giorni fa
I wish I have a pet but mom hate animals :(
Chy Chy
Chy Chy 7 giorni fa
Atleast he left her some where safe
Creole Manya
Creole Manya 7 giorni fa
To be honest he didn't abandon her on the side of the road to get hit by a car he brought her to a known animal shelter and his body language kissing her on the head you can tell the turning him to you never know maybe he lost his home maybe he lost his job maybe hes got a baby on the way and he can afford her at least he thought to bring her to someone who would love her it is hard to watch but you have to understand his place
Nican 8 giorni fa
Aww poor dog. We rescued a dog not long ago from people who decided they didn't want her anymore and wanted to get a new designer puppy instead. She was "five" apparently but we've since found out she's ten years old. All she'd known her whole life was little to no love and her old owners. She was a ball of anxiety when we got her and is still an incredibly anxious dog. She used to be terrified of men, wasn't leash trained, wasn't potty trained, didn't know what to do with a toy and jumped and shivered at every single sound. It's now 3 years on and although she's still very anxious she's come on in leaps and bounds and has made amazing progress! Abandoning a dog like that is heartbreaking 💔
jennevaa 8 giorni fa
He did the only thing he could do for her if she was going to have a life. And it hurt him to do it.
Ashok Peter
Ashok Peter 8 giorni fa
Oh thats just disheartening... but so lucky girl that she found you people... thanks for doing this kind work...
Wendy M
Wendy M 8 giorni fa
Mamacita ☺️
Watch City
Watch City 8 giorni fa
Abandonment is the ultra cruelty. Alone, confused, and terrified, heartbroken into a million pieces. It's emotionally barbaric.
Michael Boyd
Michael Boyd 8 giorni fa
Everyone assumes he is the owner but it is also possible he found her abandoned and brought her there because he knew he couldn''t take of her. He obviously wanted her to be taken care of otherwise he could have taken her to animal control.
Connie Bee
Connie Bee 9 giorni fa
Bleeding a stream of red blood indicates injury.
T H A N O S 9 giorni fa
This is how big the world is👉: . Compared to my cookie👉: ● I'LL tell you all about it when you see you again
NAKYL LE LOUP 9 giorni fa
Heureusement ilya des humains gentille avec les chiens, mais entre les humains c'est pas assez.
L Ryan
L Ryan 9 giorni fa
I’ve seen people dump dogs in some of the worst places so at least he didn’t do that but still.
suphia 07
suphia 07 9 giorni fa
God bless u girls ❤️
missy rabbit
missy rabbit 10 giorni fa
We have a small animal sanctuary. One day I get a call from a vet clinic. During the night, someone left a cage, partly covered with a small baby blanket. It had a little girl bunny and a note. The note was from a woman who said she was running from an abusive husband. He threatened to throw the rabbit out as he threatened her and her little boy. As soon as she could, she grabbed what she could and ran. She asked that the vet find a good home for the bunny , as she was a good little bunny and her little boy loved her very much. Everyone at clinic was upset for this poor woman, but there was no name, no contact info. I hope if she ever sees this, I hope that she found a safe place for her and her son. Her little bunny came to live with us and 25 other bunnies in a large free-run barn. The vet spayed her for us, no charge. She passed away a few years ago, after a long, happy life, surrounded by all her friends. She is buried under a huge oak tree with all those who have passed on. Please don't judge this man in video too harshly, without knowing his situation. His dog found a good home. I hope he found some peace with that.
Gigi Devoe
Gigi Devoe 10 giorni fa
I don't understand these woman's tattoos.. WHY?? Maybe he just couldn't afford to keep her. His kiss tells a different story! This facility Hilton looks really nice.
Armadillobits 10 giorni fa
My dog was left in a shelter for months before we adopted him. He had so much anxiety and stress that his pancreas was practically destroyed. He couldn’t digest his food properly so he was stick thin. But we made him ours and now he’s part of our family now and we’ll love him forever.
Dino puppet dose tiktok
It is actually the worst thing when a animals have separation exide
j8tdudz 2 idk
j8tdudz 2 idk 10 giorni fa
Hope you find the lil pump wanna be that did that to such a great and happy dog
Vix 30
Vix 30 10 giorni fa
Why are they putting the guy down for taking the dog to a shelter....yeah he didn’t personally surrender her but at least he didn’t kick her out on the street! It’s theses kind of people who put people off surrendering their dogs! Maybe have a out side secured kennel for people to safely leave them at your shelter! At the end of the day the guy tried to leave her in a place he knew she’d be taken care of!!!
Abby Eubanks
Abby Eubanks 10 giorni fa
I truly believe the guy who left her there just couldn’t take care of her anymore and he took her to a place that could.
Hql3y Yeet
Hql3y Yeet 10 giorni fa
i wish i could adopt her but sadly can’t for many reasons
Sonya Hugontranquille
The owner is CURSED FOREVER..
Imogen Owens
Imogen Owens 11 giorni fa
Me: mum Mum: yes Me: I broke my iPad 😬 Mum: HOW ! Me : I smashed the like button to hard
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