Man Digs a Hole in a Mountain and Turns it Into an Amazing Apartment

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Big cities have many amenities and attractions, but it doesn't compare to the calm of the countryside. This man grew tired of living in the big city and returned to his hometown, where he now uses all his knowledge and resourcefulness to dig a house in the mountains. Could you build something like this? Leave your answer in the comments

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9 giu 2021




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Commenti 0
MrBakedDaily 5 ore fa
Should have had a diamond pickaxe
오형민 5 ore fa
폐수는 그냥 자연으로?
윤선희 5 ore fa
자연경관을 해치는일
Henry Tejeda
Henry Tejeda 5 ore fa
Flintstones home
Babak Rad
Babak Rad 5 ore fa
When you have no value for nature and make a mess wherever you go!!!
Donm3ga 5 ore fa
just 1 thing missing : airco
Nourah Nielson
Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Technically it is absolutely fantastic, but I would rather have people leaving nature alone.
Masnurwahid sang pemula
Hadir boskuuu
smackedout98 5 ore fa
Best video I've seen on ITvid in a very long time
*Is this safe?* 😩
Damita1968 5 ore fa
A Minecraft home. 😁
Troy Davis
Troy Davis 5 ore fa
Were is the bathroom 😎😎
Marcelo Araújo
Leslie Warnell
He asked the mountain for permission and the mountain finally caved.
Ostades Turland
Babasını yeri mi orası
It's a Real Life Minecraft Cave home build, baby! ;З
Th' Osbornes
Th' Osbornes 5 ore fa
He is a fast worker
Infinity Musix
Very Nice. Ha Haa Haaa. 😂😂😂 2500 Years from now. Good morning. This is breaking news. Ancient civilization housing unit found. It's said that they used to use some primitive technology which still cannot be explained today standards. Why they lived in stone carved caves? They didn't know how to build a roof? It seems they had kind of sanitary facilities though 😂 Archeological finding still being done. Hand crafted drilling & boring method could have been available in the previous era. Fortunately one male body found inside the cave & no significant information about female inhabited that revealed later female must have left before the cave door shut from the earth quake. But it is foiled that all the things bellowed the woman have been retrieved prior the disaster happen. Prof. Mr. Archeology said it could be some sort of electrical usage that era but still not sure what the source was. Anyway government says no need to be feared as those primitive human beings were all destroyed half from Corona Virus of 2020 & other half got killed almost from the ################tion in 2030 or 2032. How ever finally biological experts said it was the era that humanoid monkeys first came to the house living culture but they couldn't figure out how to build a structure for house using materials & still lived in naturally created caves with some primitive hand crafted methods used to have some luxury. Found male body was transferred to the museum. It was very well preserved due to no O² inside which caused totally shut from outside by fallen rocks & soils. That's all for now. Two days later. New findings on stone age cave home. Actually cave was not closed by earthquake. As archeological experts believed the occupant female partner is foiled to be the reason who made house destroyed using something called Dynamites. After considering whole case information were sealed by the government. Ancient earth civilization was very mad & lunatic kind. If we get earlier knowledge we also will be doomed soon like did. 😂😂😂 P.S. Ancient Found rock carved house site closed permanently.
gege motaro
gege motaro 5 ore fa
Bad , destroy the nature
hackbodies 5 ore fa
Rock seems pretty soft, hope he's got a way to keep it from collapsing eventually
Izhar Junian
Izhar Junian 6 ore fa
What are the odds of these caves collapsing?
Jamal Rey
Jamal Rey 6 ore fa
This guy is one son of a bitch innovator, carpenter, mason and overall designer. My hats off to him.
Liam Powell
Liam Powell 6 ore fa
anyone else sketched out by the roof; the use of cement and it being tilted towards the mountain/house?!
The Great Nicocchi
its all the parts they dont show you in those handmade underground houses
What it is What it was
If I don't need a TEAM was a person
Limsa Mlisa
Limsa Mlisa 6 ore fa
I think this is an advertisement for the tools he is using
Любовь Бондарук
John Jeremy
John Jeremy 6 ore fa
All in scandals, Boss!
Scott 6 ore fa
마데인차이나 공산주의 공중분해되라
김경태 6 ore fa
중국놈들만 할수있는 뻘짓이다
승수 서
승수 서 6 ore fa
caveira viva
caveira viva 6 ore fa
Deu só um pouquinho de trabalho
Luiz Antonio
Luiz Antonio 6 ore fa
robinrwanda 6 ore fa
Impressed with the huge variety of things he knows how to do and how hard he works!!!
Dash Hound
Dash Hound 6 ore fa
Interesting, but if you know about collapses and no reinforced barriers in a tunnel it's a ticking time bomb.
J P J 6 ore fa
Hyung Hwa Jang
볼수록 이기적이라는 생각밖에 안듬
that antisocial jetta
Bet he's deaf af
Wong Ndesa
Wong Ndesa 6 ore fa
Amazing friend
ZwennTV 6 ore fa
Krank, was ne Maloche :) Respekt
Marck Spirit
Marck Spirit 7 ore fa
Ecco un Barbaro che ha distrutto una parte di Natura.
emanuele bolognesi
tutto questo sempre con le ciabatte ai piedi..
JoJo Taslim
JoJo Taslim 7 ore fa
Hes taking "the mountain is my home" seriously
Foxain Rust
Foxain Rust 7 ore fa
I envy this mans time and effort
amjed anything
But where he is gonna take a shit
Joseph Phua
Joseph Phua 7 ore fa
Maricel Tan 12
Wow amazing 😮
Justin Cummings
This man is amazing!
BEASTHEX 7 ore fa
The last thing we need is a earthquake
caravaggio31 7 ore fa
I'm phisically exausted only watching this...
Sgsg Shsg
Sgsg Shsg 7 ore fa
Alexandru Lupu
Better talk to the government to give him a house, before you ran out of woods and mountains. Others will think they can do the same.
alex lano
alex lano 7 ore fa
Comment que les gens peuvent noter négatif ??
Carlos Mann
Carlos Mann 7 ore fa
The mountain wasn’t going to stand in his way. We can create anything. Simply Amazing. Thank you!!
Alexandru T
Alexandru T 7 ore fa
That home will be there even in 10.000 years. Shoud be called "Forever home". Briliant idea and exquisite devotion!
청정수 7 ore fa
청정수 7 ore fa
Syler Knight
Syler Knight 7 ore fa
He will most likely be deaf by the time he finished this.
Natural World
Natural World 7 ore fa
Dream house😍
AXMRDR 7 ore fa
This dude is the Chuck Norris of carpenters.
Azathoth Hastur
3:50 whats with the bars? was this an ancient dungeon?
patty stordahl
Oh Wilma I'm home
Azathoth Hastur
ban towns and cities from making building codes and cancel case law including alimony n baby payment and enforce baby permit
Azathoth Hastur
what does drill plug into?
Azathoth Hastur
dude is a human anti wasp making cool nest ! wasps just build shit from chewed up wood and spit
Azathoth Hastur
usury and overpriced housing are why world is hell not chilling paraside bbq 24/7/365
Azathoth Hastur
pussy supply is main problem outside city esp when you can't just steal chix and enslave them such a pain
patty stordahl
Taking full advantage of covid down time. Truest man cave ever.
Sweet pea 3
Sweet pea 3 7 ore fa
wow and i can’t even get him to put a bed together
chevychase pa
chevychase pa 7 ore fa
Dis nigg@ doing this wit no $ imagine if he had $ what am i doing wit my life i have no right to complain anymore 😃
Jayson Rothenberg
У этого парня есть талант и руки выросли откуда надо 💪💪💪👍👍👍😆😅 подписка однозначно.
Mshtaba 8 ore fa
First time?
Сергей Кочнев
Молодец мужик 👍. На все руки мастер.
كلام ربي شفاء
Hunter Webber
Hunter Webber 8 ore fa
Kept waiting for him to be wearing boots at some point. Nope, sandals 😂
Ирина Белая
Столько трудов.........,а потом его попросят на выход.......🤭
amazing effort
Alan Goede
Alan Goede 8 ore fa
This man is a true craftsman of his trade nice place mabey little fire pit out frount so you can cook a huge pice of cow meat and some corn. Then enjoy the stars. Then hop in that wonderful looking bed and work that big dinner off. I could go for that every day, I know the wife would eat stars bed exercise wake up nice walk and do it all over again might just haft to show he it’s. She is the fuck it let’s go for it type why not right and when it gets old jump across the world and find a new exercise spot lol. People think they need these huge houses and 15 bedrooms and 4 houses At a time no way one nice place good bed nice view not many neighbors and your golden in our book. It’s fun moving around and pushing the limits of were you can exercise and I don’t men a Jim or running around a park I think you get my drift life is to short people go have fun make the world your bedroom lol just watch out for kids and a good level or respect for people. Any way party on my earthlings, just try not to make any more lol just kidding. Great work to the gentleman who made this video keep up the great work buddy love it keeps people like us motivated 🇺🇸😘❤️💪👍🍺💗🏠🥰😍✌️👩‍❤️‍👨🍄
GOYM DRİİ 8 ore fa
türkiyede olsa tapusu yok diye mühürlerler .d
Serg 36224
Serg 36224 8 ore fa
Молодец парень!
50 shades of yellow , rape dungeon
Vic Die
Vic Die 8 ore fa
That's not normal, he must be a reptilian.
Naddy Show
Naddy Show 8 ore fa
ADAM UYAP 8 ore fa
Devinisi orang gabut
kaptan nemo
kaptan nemo 8 ore fa
I think it is a kind of a soft rock not granite
ИННА Н и моё птицеводство
*_Супер👍👍👍. Золотые 💥💥💥руки🖐🖐_*
LOL he could have sold those stone 'logs' from that massive hole saw as garden brick..
Pikachu 8 ore fa
И тут приходит жкх и говорит: У вас задолженность 5 млн рублей!
Nandi Nasbahtiar
kalau di indonesia penunggu nya udh pasti ngamuk.."mahluk halus" 😆
aungmyint Swe
aungmyint Swe 8 ore fa
Where electric
oxford kamini
oxford kamini 8 ore fa
ثمود ؟؟!!
Veri Antoni
Veri Antoni 8 ore fa
Itu kalo hujan gmn?
Spyros Konofaos
What making a minecraft house inside a mountain feels like
RichRootz 8 ore fa
🏃🏾‍♀️ Revamping my husband qualifications 😜👍🏾✌🏾
Uri Hmur1961
Uri Hmur1961 8 ore fa
Is this what the burial cave of Christ was like?
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